Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 23, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 3
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^P^fss.™^;??!^^ w«f ; ':/™^ T :-''..-.. ••.••:.:•••>:?•:-*. -.;..-••.••••.•••: F. W KINNEY, ' E 513 BKO.linVAY. V I>KAI,KK IX j Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs| and Game, UB-We dress oar owu Poultry an J therefore have everything fresh. ot SDHM s FBOH CHAFFlXtt BEN FISHER'S DRUG STOR OR. F. M. BOZ-R'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wnttvl UtitMpCottiiK-.s Fiirdiilo. ^a'it'<l ij"C^ iiti I \cr^^ v .»r a il& W«nt« I -ini ill Farms Fur -Mo. Wiui."il Bii.<ln»*« HIO'tM F.T -iiilw. Wdiit-"! in Kxoliiiiirn -iirms fo 1 City 1'ropcrty. WntitHil \f«reli-irulHi n Tr dn tor Farms. B.tl«ri n. .n.«01ll»lM, ^irif Bunk , 0,'U SP'Tt, llJlllllllil. I YOUR iNUJiVlE! _^ . • r < dolnu It why nctyon? tnv«st JiO.iX) ^In Deuninuor whKit, Our systtMii IniiUKiiriitocl tor tteDtfiHlltormnull tro.ior", rters yua an «.xcol ent •upTtiinltyto try It. Wrltn us toil y for full mrormntlon. PEttKlNS ft CO., »•! KliUto BMK. CMaigo. l\l_ NOTICE FARMERS. Mwnori ^r•;frlIlro ,t riilvron will bo nt .1. W I* 's HVwl -t'OM on Nortti .street feii'nrUayfl to «xhib.t>i Wlr-l«jfl OliwK Koivrr on wtilcli tboy have brim ullowcd n piitent. H. E. TKUAX, M. D. SpscliU ntlpntlon elvsn to Nose, tang, Liver •ndCnronlc DI.Ht«isi», Olllw and Re.i|du!ico Ovor State N.itlonnl Bank. Hoars Mi t > 12 u in., '-' to -1 p. m., and 1 to S p. ra. All ealls promytly iittonUdl. ELMEK TIUVELED. & S Undertakers and Embalmers, €.1.3 BroiKhvay. ^_^ B|M ^M«MWM^^MH«««BWV^^H M * M ^ l ^^^ aBWBIlMM ^^ nM ?* "DAILY JOURNAL WT.UNESDAY MO UN ING. JAN. 23 Barillas In all kinds of ahocs nt Brown's firo a:Ue. To Mr. and Mrs. Guorfjo Hooch of. Ent M'irlcot street — it >on. To Mr. and Mrs. 1) ID lltoo ot VVtisb™ lotion tov,-n.<hlp — aci»ughtor. Meu's iind bo\s' rubiors, boots aad ehooB chor.p, at Urowu'a tiro sale. Flvo buodrod no- 1 / ombroldorles ftt « oiv prices at U:o Trade PtUaco. Soo hem! Tho order of Chosen Friends give a banquet ucd dance nt tholr hall this evening- Tho Rev. PHtonjror ia oonduotlnpr a bijr revival at tho MathodUt churob In Wi-l'OQ. Miss Kiito Van Homo ot the West Sldt) w oonflnod to . her borne with luopr fever. Brown's fira sale o( hla entire stock of dhoes and rubbers, la attractlogf larco crowds. MU* Carrlo Mlohaol of Decatur, IM., a slator of John Elpors of this city, is reported dead. The Journal haa a fo p ,v blrdseyo viowi> of Lofjaos JOrt loft. They cr.n bo had la pasteboard tub-3s.for mailio/ or prosorvaiion for fifty cants. j j0 cit — Gold rimmed spectacles on Monday, beiwoaa B*rroa aod Linden avenue and Front aod 'West Market streets. Finder please leave at this •office- St. Bridget's CouocU will plve an •entertainment Wednesday evening-, •entitled "Bonder's Travels." Re'resh- inents served free. Everybody invited. Tbo "Tennessee Warblers'" gave an •entertainment at the hospital at Long Cliff l»Jt nlRht. Sheridan Davis, formerly of Loganaport, Is with the company. An experiment is beinp tried on lorty bead of catt e al the oil mill. A preparation of oil cike and crushed corn is biiag fed them and tbe results .watchtd. S. M. Closson has a few hundred •dollars private local funds, also E<tst ern monev in any amount to loan OD mortgage sacurisy. Office No. 319 Fcarl atreeU ThnPareuU «fElm«r Hank* of P«Tii Wero WoiTioa Wh«n K'lWr LrTi II»me— Ki.m.o If 1m litre. Tharoday Eimer tl'iuko of P^ru, a sev«otBOti year.oid young man, ••tramp- d off' 1 without telling: bio mottier or- anyone els-i tnst he was CDmlng lo ibis direction. la f-tct no did not leavb his probaile (joen-fflua address or talepnone uumber, and bis food pureots ware lufo ia the shadow as to bU luteiitloua E'ooer'a fa'ber Is Chris Hunks, and Saturday be found the yoii'itr man at tbo homo of a family named Allen, living south of ibis city. The bov baa returned dome aicce he ea.w bis parent Saturday, and It is thought tbal Mr HankV visit bad Borne con nectloci with Eirner'd hurried departure from Cast* counsy. LUuo Elmer tried als n.'St. to g«t out of the woods, but he was taken right back to Peru. While ho was gone there wag a great deal of emoitoa wasted at Peru by bis pironts who fe.ired that ha had been- murdered from, the fact that he disappeared while on the wav to school and that his school books were found scaaered along the way side. It Is to ba hoped that Elmer is again attendlc^ cchool, Drukennoss hub no comparison in evil effaet to las opium or morphine habit, when firmly tixed on ihu bap- loss victim. Mothers should be careful in usa of aa simply a thing as a cough cure with tbe<r children. M^ny so-culled cough citrus depend upon iho stupefy lug cllVct of ibo ojluin they contain 10 hu.ili tho cough. B:'ant 1 o Balsam Is ouo which uui givo your children with pu, fi.ci uoutiU-inoo that it Is untlrcly froo from opUttus, as well us a Tollable euro, not only lo slop Uio cough, but 11.1=0 purfecilv beal tne diseased purls L-irca 25 cent bottles at Ben Fisher's drug sture. _____ JLU-i-iiHiMl t,j Wed Edward M. \V^:drig und Mollie C. Deck Chas. McKoe and Delia Chamber. lain. Francis A. O'Brien and Sarah Cab.Ul. John R. Glossor and Bsrtha Attention, C. A K. AllmemoaMof Jb gaosport Post N"o 1-1 tr. A R , arc requodted to be present at a special meeting Ot the Post Wednesday evoaloz. Jinuury 23, 1SD5, A good allendauce of membjrs i» 1m portant as the business of the year must be settled up A J ROHIXSON'. Cocomander. J. N. WATKIXS. idj't. The ii»«t Rites. The funeral of Heioo, the two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dunwoody, will ba held at 2 p. in. today from tho residence on MUuii street, the West S.ido. Tee Rov. M. A Harlan will conduct the services and burial will bo made in Mt. Hope cemetery. BacklcnV Arnica Sulve, •fhe bent salve la the world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum (ever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup.-; tlons, and positively cures piles, or no j pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Ju»t Received, Ftro car load* of sleighs from the celebrated Fuller Buggy & Sleigh Co., j Jackson, Michigan. Come one. como I all, come everybody; we have sleighs for the millions. Prices below the lowest. Call at GEOKGE HARBISON'S, 617 Broadway. EAST BOCND SBIt'MENTS ElSl 1 UUll O'DUl'il. I.-, I in I W0bk Hnmuuied H) 43 688 tuat, siK/.i isl 41, • ?46 lend lor ibe ui.rre.-pnrinin« Keck of • the last year. Tno nmds carried lonoage as folloivt-: Mioh Ul-ni Cdutrttl. 3 444; Wiba..-h, 3 9uG; L^n -bore 5 1)99; Fun Wa.\ne. 3 8.i9; Pin H.uOiu, < S90; bii'im-re & <;nio. 5 890; Grunrt i'runtt. 3.387; N ckel Piiic 35-il; Erie 4 C7U; B'c Four, 3 loO Snipcu- nis were mtfle of ihn following artiulti' la too-: Fl'Mir 2 048; S-T'ilo aod mill piuff-i, 14 125; pmviplon- laro, eic.. 10 147; dredM-d b^cf. B 4V5; H-i-i-ei-d. 1 151; bu ier, 1.378; bides 1 3i'7; lumber, 3801; miacellaoeios. 920. The Increase In tne Htniiuni of to^nas-- carried is set do*o by tne roads to the cut in the rate of gr«ln. P*n Handle conductor Jns Finn will cive away a watch at John Aherls 1 saloon on Twelfth street Saturday ovei<iQi; An tiempt was made in Chicago Severn! nights auo to bold up G' orge I. It 1 binder the Pan Handle engineer. He drove tne men away, however, and they secured ao^ioa, Supt G L. Peck, trainmaster H. S. May. district freight Hgxnt (J. W. Davis and road foreman of ent'iaes E R. Beatty all ol ihb R chmond divl. »ioo were ID the city yesterday. Railroad men s»y that Monday nlehi was tho worst nignt for many year- for their calling-. OA'lng'totbe high wiaris it w-ts impossible to stand ou tbe uip of a oar and signalling with n, lantern WHS out of tbe question. 1'bohUnai hud to b* given to tbe engineer b.y word of mouth owing to wblch I' took sometimes bilf an hour to mako a switch. The men were heartily glad when they arrived at their de-tlcatlons. Extern lines are experlroeoting whh an appliance to avoid head end collision* In ct.se of accident. It is a nlmpleCH-rriage to look back on tht> mils, the motive power being a rocket which can ha exploded In any kind of weather. Tae currl-gs holds a quantity of Greek 'Sre, which is lighted with the rocket, tbe propulsive power of ihe Utter being sufE'siect • r, > eeno the ca-rUge bacir 3 000 feel The most dangerous acoldnnis are re«r end collisions, and this device will almost certainly obviate the danger of such accidents Jle Could--''' Diiv N'ltl*. Jonus- S.,itr.z tl irtville, Onto, re latuti an e.xpertenca all the more wonderful nac*use bo is no*- nurtrly seventy. He s-uys: ' I «ou'dn't uk« $l()0 fur thn good Dr Wbeeier'a Nerve Vimr/er has dotio mo. I always worki-d hisrd and was careless ubi>ui a llltle stomich trouble I bad a-nd S eep- lessness, which I snppO-e accouois for tho nsrvou, trouble which ett'uck mu about four years seo. Lltnbr, of my riiihtstdu got so I couldn't; control them; at times I coulda't hold a cup In ray bund to drink from it, and in a crowd would unconsciously hit people with my jorklng right arm. The doc tors called it nervous paralysis and Sild that at my agu. 1 couldn'i be cured I saw Dr Wheeler's JSarve Vttalizer advertised io the Repository and got a sample bo'.tle of it, which I thought helped me, i-o bought a bottle. Totok I have used three bullies, and they have mide a steady man of me. I have not felt as wdi in four years and am Siill improving. \Vcy, for two years t coulda't drive a nail." Mr. G-didlingtir, in whose store tbe interview loot place, fnlly corroboia- led Mr S*ariz' riiai«ment. saying his cure was a sarprl-e to nil who knew of the- case. Wu are authorized to s:iy, ibis medicine foruootrol and cure of nerve troubles, is sold by Ben Fisher and by a; I d THh WOtS OF \\OMN. AKE THKV XECE-SARV. AXD CAS TIIfcY UK HfcLfKt»» \A SUKPJSlNlr STATE. Some Wry VjinuU'le Advice to the Oue.» \Vi:o Feel Life Has Bttii So l*JeaMU>t ns it Sliuiiid. "It is a. hard life! ' Too 8 jB.-jkar wii3 a prominent medical man of isle City, wciou p-acuco is d vuied exclusively 10 *OOICD nod the treti mem of toair peculiar ailmf.Qia Ha *as Handing at me ectrance uf a down 10*0 uffi;e bailoiug at an eurlj dour in tbe .morning. watcilBg Vhe passers b>, wQen he made ihe Jorev remark. Turulng 10 the writer, the doctor continued: "I have always felt a deep sympathy for loose women who are obliged to tediously earn a llv-cli- DO-jd In eomj branob of ibe -industries i.f ihe dav. I see upon the.streets in the early morning-, tbe ihiol clad iu an aiies of life burryicg to ibe various snop.-; as. for Instance, the laundries, th« CIOIQIOK bouses, ihe bo* f«ciorte«. ibt priming- houses, the stures of Different grades, any and all of woUb have but, little occupation St for ibis frail class of our society to do No occupation is more likely to bring OL uterine diseases than the pusitioce lilled by ibe worklnu clues of women as clerks In our fasbioo'able atorss ana seeing shops, or wno operate tjpe- writero ia buslnens offices. I belSeve, could the truth bo koo*n, out » fema e clerk *bo stands at ihe cou:.- ter all day or Ihe women who run seeing machine)' from em-ly morning uutll tbe shades Of night, are free f rum some of tbe diseases incident tu Dfcr S--X Women's work, unfortunately, Is » nticerSity of tbe ajje. Women work loo ( ard and the majority be^in their workltg life too youujr. Toe renult 1? tbat nearly all sufferers from the distressing ailments peculiar 10 their sex, • These -veaunesces darken their dn,i8. steal away thsir bright looks, acd make them gro-v old even In their early youth, "t cannot worktoduv!" is a sad complaint i.oo often heard in bu-ine&s es-abllsbment^. wbeu sotue suffering woman is obliged 10 leave her work, which generally means a serious loss to her • On. IT I only knew of (OxoreHa bo remedy for this trouble, 1 would give anything!" some pile weary woman is frequently hearo to cxclaita And there is iudeed an enormous demand for such a thing. But bow very few iruly reliable remedies there re-alli are! In fact, iheru is only one that has e'er receivtd the endorsement of physicians throughout tbe world and has stood the less of many yef.re. Tbat remedy is Warner's Sifo Cure, which experience baa shown can be fully depended upoa nt all times It has yet never failed to i?iva relief aod e'lent a cure oven in 1bs most critical cases. .That's why 80 many tnous^nds of globing testlmo- ntais have been given by women whom Warner's Sife Ouro has restored from sickness to health. DEMOCRATIC FOLLY. "For Charity Suffereth Long.*' •JVhat tlie Clcvclnnil Administration I« t'o-itlii;j the Country. j fVe ere beginning to realize the dis- : nstrous consequences of tbe imposition ; in the Gorir.au tariff bill of a ditoriin- innt.i:ipr duty upon tbe boot-roc! sujrar of Oermany, corresponding to the bounty paid upon that product by the • goverament. This discriminating- duty j was imposed in the hilt-rest of the ! su.cpi- trust, whoso profits it will nutf- • ment by many milli^i'S of doilars. i There was no justification whatever, in I consideration of public policy, for this enactment. For a long period our | diplomatic representatives ;n flernjany j wi-re engaged iu an effort to secure tho j admisMon of our agricultural products i into that empire. Tlu: result was finally accomplished in the reciprocity treaty of ISO], and under tbat treaty our exports to Germany steadily increased, so that for ibe Vast, fiscal year they amounted to SM,:iJ7,000. Of tnis amount, our exports ir> cotton, cottonseed oil ind its products, live cattle, canned beef and pork products aud tobacco aggregated sixty-six million dollars. Now, as a result of our tin wise policy, the German £OvcrnmcBt, by way of retaliation, has practically shut out all these products from its markets. It threatens also to exclude refined petroleum, of which our exports to that country last year reached five million dollars". Amfall this, in order that the sugar monopoly, which has been declared to be iii violation of the laws, may be compensated for its contributions to the democratic campaign fund. It is to be rjmembered that at Mie time this discriminating legislation was proposed by Secretary Carlisle it had not .been asked fo>- by ii single coraiuerei.il or industrial body. It was enacted in the face of the fact that it would not inure to the advantage of the people of the country in any way whatever, but on the contrary must result, inevitably in advancing tho price of one of the necessaries of life. At that time Secretary Oresham was represented as swing 1 thru the German government hnd made nn protest a^'.inst this legislation. This statement is now denied, but whatever the fact may bo, it is certain that the president and his secretary have hnd tlieir cyos opened to the great mistake they committed. The secretary, it is said, has advised the president that the dis- criminntinfr duty is in direct violation oj (,h<! treaty mado between the United States and Prussia in 1S7S, and they now ask uonpross to repeal the offensive clause of the new tariff. But it is quite obvious that this recommendation will not be carried out, the trust having- secured so strong- a prip upon the controlling- democrats of the senate as to make the defeat of any assault upon it certain. Whether a persistence in the present policy will be followed by a demand from Germany for a repayment of the duty tendered under the discriminating 1 tax is yet to be seen. Some lawyers and treasury officials are of the opinion that till the duty paid can be recovered if the importers enter protest at the lime of payment—1>08- lie's Weekly. Tri'F. newest canvas,for working 1 cross- stitch upon is Turkey twill and cream color, with a broad band of red and white material, exactly like Turkish toweling, running down the center. SCH'ICE TO TAX PAYERS. Trra'tirws 1 Oftim City of Lojinspirt, Ind. J-'oilCf i»'li'Ti-l)v glvpn In tl'p tux piyc's of tlio cln 01 LIWIII port.' :i^s(J unity, lmli:i"!i. iftatthn i*xii-i>!li'iili'lor 1.S9-1 is ri-w vud nt I Ills I'lMi', ;iii'l thai 1 wih ttui.il :it the City Tn-iSTer's ofll f as tlio liiw diiccts fur tli» purpo^-or r. colvlt'E tli(> ttixi's iiiiw <lu^. fno rulowni^ vibe will slum- tlif iminbi" or ci-nts l-vlt-il "ii e eh one liuiulrnl UoilHiS Uixubus and r:icli poll and doi.'. „, C^iionil ptirno>"ps ^J Si'ikltm tuncl "I Intarpsttmi'i "'>» S eclalolpcttlcllrfljt. piirpj>t!( *J Mrs. Laura C. Ptaocntx. nilvi-sukcc, WI*. "Matron of a Benevolent »nd knowing tho pood Dr. Miles' Nervine has dona too, my trlsh to help oihers, overcomes my dislike for thn publicity, this letter icav civo mo. In N.n', :i-''^ Ekx:., 1S33, Hie. ininatcs Jiati t^a - i-aOrippe," and I wasono of the first, Ee-suming duty too soon, with the care ot so xuaay sick. I did not rcpxin my health, and in a month Ilteramc HO dfbilitated. anA nertroti* from sioupliissncss and tho drafts in.ioo on my vitality, tbat, it w:us :i qucsiion if 1 could go on. A dear friend advised mo to trj Dr. 3Zne#' Kfxtoratire. XcnXnc. I took 2 bottles and am happy to say, I mn in better beall li thun over. I still continue /fa occaxioiinl twie, an •» nfrvc. food, as my work is very trying. A letter addressed to Milwaukee, Wls., will reach rao." Juno C, ISM. Mi:s. LACKA C. PIIOESIS. Dr. Miles' Ncrvirso is soiil on a positive cuaranwo that, the llrst botUo will benont AlldniK"ifiissollIt,at,S1.6 bottles forS3, or Itwill tioscuu prepaid, on receipt, of price by tlio Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkbart. Ind. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health JOSEPH GILIOTT'S STEEL PENS .N BXT.U HXK. HA,0 A^mJOAD POWTS THE MOST PEEPECX OF PENS. GODEY'S MAGAZINE. Twu well KUO.VJ ynung people of LogaO'purt were j nned in marriage ni S: Vincuat de Paul's cburch yes- lorda.y morntnj at S o'clock by tbe R-v. Father M E Campion. James Moaahan and Miss Delia Byrnes were tho contracting parties. They at once began hou-ekeepiog at No. 1228 Wright street. S1O'» II- W •'*. SI 00. Tlie readers of tnis ixtper will be plea'Pd to lear'i that tn c^ is at I* ist one dre tdful dls-<a.H6 tbat science has Been able 1 1 erne Inall Us staws and tbcit is Cacin s. Hall's CauirrB Care Is the only uiwltlre cure now Snown to the tmedlEal fruwrn'ty. Cacarrb bdru; a ..-on^Ututlonal dU- eas«. reflulres a coiistltatl >n J treatmen'. Halt's Catarrh Cun? Is taSen laternalty, «wtmg directly, upon '.tie ,-)lo.>d and mu^in * surfaces of chf system tnereby descr 'Sing ttie f anndadon of tiie ol.-*»se ano KMoetne patient strength bv bolldl nt up th« oustl' ution (uiil assisting n»tar« In dolnrlcs wort Tbe proprietors navs 3" much talttt in lt» curative powers, that tne) offer One aajdred D»liars for any casw that It tails .to core. Send for list ot testimonials. Address K J. CHBM6Y ± CO, Toledo Hr-Sold by Dragguit*. 75c, Potiowanonn- Social. Thursday evening, 7:80. Cards and dancing. Let every member come with bla wife and lady friendi. - The IMHcnvcry Siiv<><l Hi* ti'-ff. Mr b- Oallouotm, Druggist, Beav. errvillu, III., says: "To Dr. Klne'a Ne* Discovery I owo my llfo W»s tsken with lagrlppa and tried all tbe physicians for miles abjut, but ol no avail and was given up and told I could not live. Having- Dr. Kine's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and bigan to get better, ncd nfier using tbree bottles was up and about again. It is worth It weight in gold. We won't keep store or bouse without it " Got a free trial bottle at B F K-3esliag's drutr-tore. T«kea to the County E".irm. J. M. McAllman, who bad a leg i broken Monday in a full oa ihe sido- waik on one of ou." puolic streets, has been taken to the county poor farm, where bis injuries, which arc very serious on account of his age, can ba attended to. A Suit Beiwcrn Farmers. VintonF. Merry man's cattle have been charged with damaging- the corn crop of Wm W. VYdlch to the extent of fSO, and yesterday tbe case in which Mr. Welch asks for that amount of damages, came up In the circuit court. •Care For JIe«d»che. As & remedy for all forma of headache, Eleciric Bittera has proved to be tbe very best. It effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urpe all who are afflicted to procure a bottle, and five this remedy a fair trial. I ca*es of hnitual constipation Electric Bitters cures' by siring the needed tone to the bowels, aod a- few cases long resist the use of this .medicine. Try-it once. Large bottles only 5C centi at B. F. Keesling'e drug •tore. Library fund Tuition Special wa'ct wo.-ks 1'nnd Total amount of levy on rc.,1 and personal GciiHrai i urposeo on each poll 1 2S 00 vinii fomale dog — ......................... " On ttich raal- cos . - llu iic pcrsnn nrtsixp'ort c\"irs*l with tax's nifij' pay tm» tuli aniouut;»f nwh t-ixi-s on or tx'fore HiHthlid Jfondiiy In Ajirll. IS'.S. IT may htnli op'lon pay tin* April lun'alnii nt til" i-nf on or brfiire t e silii tlilrd > ond.-iy In \prll tind th« or November iii.tiiiliii^nt on orbef>ir«iDi>Jlrst3rond!iy In N.>\vru-itr tbp-aiue in«nner pri>S'ir!t)R'l liy la*. wnon ihe llrsr in^rjillinnnt Is not paid on or before th« : «•'«! i bird vlomlity In April the lax-s ' Volume CXXX begins Jan. 1895 Durliie 1805 GonKT's MAflAZiMS will cotituln » aprie.i of nrttdo.9 entitled 'FAIR WOMEN.' will ill Kill co-itiH )i!i!r-t'"i« '•! turna nt lull imxii. licwui fill « ''in'tl if tQ.' world —of .im-rl -a. Kn :Uitul. "'ran -c, Austria, Si il.i iiiidiittn'r countries. WOMEN ARTISTS OFTHKHAY- am; tlit-lr work. IMH itiriil Itlnstratixt THE FA MO US .WOMEN SERIES In w 1 Icli "111 Im ili-scrll)wl tin- fuinoui «-niii" i ot 'ti" w Tld, particularly tnone «li luiVf i»:i']« liintorv. TluTw win also 01- lilu«t afi'd artlcloi on Art. and rmvcl; oKi'tcin'.s: bfiort Storlrs; wrWs, 1'oetrj, Bojfc Uavews, pic. THE FASHION DEPARTMENT whle.li for ji-'irs li isn'vn thi latest tid lunl f istUons, ts ot particular Inwrest t» wointn. s will not nero-miin.- ble for til and cliiirg-s en delinquent tuxes resulting from nny I'mi.-slon of tlw jj-rsons pu'lne tu suitn deilnlHy on «lidt projieny ijtid In whuse name It w;is assessed. PA3TICUL1R NOTICK. Tax piijvs slioul'I 'Xavnl'i* tlielr !>• fore leaving tho y:ii ;e ii'id kno.v tli-y e c root. GEOHGEE BAR -ETT. City Treasurer. Go'cy's Is -llsunctly ••» woman'* ziTi> j-i-t Its fi-atnws are such .-ut to ap- iVal to all ineintxTn "f 1)1- tunly, and tli«iowpdc-brinK,sItw,tliiii lUe rejicH of nil Subscription ,«l ayoar. Ten cent- a uumb«*r, Ssirt tlircfl two-cent stamps to to* PubJslicri ;or a sample copy, The Godey Co,, 32-3 1 Lafayette Place >'JEW VOKK. See The Specialists For cnronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Disease* of Women treated by the new electrical method that hag given wonderful resalr-s. Daa't forge-' tb.at their vaptr treatmeat for all Oaronic L,ana: Troubles tets the remedios to 'he diseased suot? and cures when everything else fails. Call acd investigatt anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. r Drs. ChristopHer & Longenecker, At T&e Medical and Surgical Institute. 417 Market Sf, Logansport. Ind.

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