The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1933
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER HBW8 PAGE NVbiB TUESDAY. OCTOBER 31 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rajc per line ror consccu- ilvc insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line- "j •jfv/o times per line per day .. Ufi 1 nree times per lino per day .. Ot blx times per line per day .... 0. Month rate per line tit Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or si limes and stopped before expiia lion v.ill be charged for the limn tcr of times tie ad appeared an adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cop tulinittcd by persoiw residing ou cide of the city must be accon 1 anted by cash. Ratw may easily computed from above tabl Ho responsibility will be take for more Hum one incorrect i scition of anv classified ad. Advertising crdercd for irreg lar insertions lake the one m rate. Phone 306 or 307 HONK 101 " 100 Phones 1-3 No I'rtce Advance Yel On ••AMUUS SAHAKA COAL "llul A.S till) UCseri. SMIKIS 0. UOU1NSOM LUMHIiK CO. Fordham Stems Alabama's Crimson iiclc BUCHANAN "Our Coal is lilacii Bui We Tieal ¥uu Winic." SIC Kll-U u BALI; AUSTIN COUI'l-:. ix-rfi-oL rumimi; condltiun. O. M. Jtor^m. I'r.mie . Mt kll-'if 029 Fo:d coupe. 1030 Chevrolet Coup:. both good condition, ai- rartive prices, I'^l Holly SI. 31pk3 'ure bred Stoneville number -1 Cotton Seed $18 ton. Sec McDermolt or Black at Blytheville Gin. 2 °1 : " PIANOS, small slK, bargain F. W. cai-lcck, Phone 33. 30p M CHEAP—1931 Chevrolet Coach. In- jiiiye al 117 b. Bru.uhvay. 3l>p M K10AL KSTATE Come In, list your real estate Sec what we liavc I" sell Rogers' Camp Nearly KHNOSUA, wm. (UP)--The Will Rojeis Shan 1'ark Camp for bay* nnd glrh Is under construction nt Camp Kike, 20 miles soulliwesi of Kenoshu nnd will IK dedicated in the siirlng. The actor and numorlst, who endowed llie Ciimp lor tho Halvn- i fireplace In the main hall. I 'tlic fillip will consist, of a main liull nml eight loy cabins to Iw ii>.ctl as dormitories nnd will iic- conmiodule liiJO boys, or girls, at a time. Nearly 5.WO men will have received wngrx by the time ilic camp Is completed in Ueci'mbev. The Sal- vallrm Army brings up 100 unem- l)0('h VUrll Endci OREAT FALLS, Mont. (UP) -'?{ Klnj, falliiful German" police Jo?,'r haB ended Ills four-year vigil at' the church door through which his .'master's, body, was carried. -.Sincc- 1023 King had appeared at Ui •clnirch door cacli Sunday, ho)ft;fut~ " ly looking lor on n'TiifSday early r- He di '-'"" 1 "' icil . J I'lidcwed llie camp lor tho Halvn- ployed men from uhkiiso every 10 British-made 111ms are showing-' (Ion Army. Is expected to nllcnil days nud by rotating the work iriesj n profit of two to three limes morf.' tlir exorcioos. A likeness ol Koters i the c.uiip as an unemployment re-J man Amerlcun-made films' In.' will be caived in Mono over the' lu'i project. Great lirltnjn. ..\\ fcl.jjl'jp /\ni» o/-v A "oTviTW rim TCI? "~ r>J. AK/^J. BOARDING HOUSE By~Aheni E. AL Terry Licensed llralcr Terry-Wortbinslim Title Co. ' UMlieiille KUS1NESS DIRECTORY •i I'hane Oil. 23ckll-23. Mic powerful Furdl.rm team In Ch:i|icll. Alnbimin 1'iilfback, inn Eie Us ior Boiler and General Blacksmith Work by John Wade, •lorn liowarci'.i Machine Shop. 30c kQ New and Ubed Furniture Bought and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Hov. the "Crimson Tide" of Alabama vainly tried to rush over York's Polo Grounds is depleted in (ills first quarter pli'.y as n stonewall of Fordham (ackleir. With a '2 to u triumph over tl:c Southerners, wdcfealcd Fordlmm now points to fames wltn wraleru rivals, Orecon Slate and St. Mary's of Cnlllornia. FOU RENT FURNISHED 01 Unfurnished room apartment with heat. Phone Alvin Ilatdy 517 W. Ash. 20pkll-20 107 or 571. __ 1' dern - 3 rara furnished or un- iurnished apartments, newly dec- •aicd, over K'rby Driii; Co. Also ore buildins; adjoining Roxy heatrc 1'. Simon, 1->0 W. Davis i'XPERT Typewriting and Adding Machine Repairing. 0. S. Blankenship, 116 E. Hose. !„ G. Muss Bljthcvillc's Cut Kale Undertaker 10p-kll-10 Flues Cleaned, repaired, insiacled Work guaranteed. W. W. Book- r, Call 100. 1 3 P kll-ia Wagon ana Truck Covers made to order, any size, ffVxlV S1.10 up 9'4"jcl5' $550 up. Carney Awnm; Co. 113 S. First St, Blythcvlllc, Ark 23pkll-2 CLEANERS, TAILORS ctx Quality Cleaning rnone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners :nl 7U4. 1'EHSONAL invention Good OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Margaret S. dataller, I'lainlift vs. No. 5583 John C. Gallalier, Defendant. WARNING ORDER Ths defendant, John C. Gallalier. ' son h;is (lie lights In the show inslanlly are tinned on iln allahl until the per LEIPZIG, oc-i-many _t_" ' Harrier Sets New Record v,r,,', ,,f i HAMPriKN PARK. Cilasgow (UP) :—Krnesl Il.u-per, a member of tin; ui-sar . , -me movement of a human body ; inilamiililrc Harriers, ' set is"wanTed"to ap'pear in"the Chan- j Is recorded by an extremely sens!-! r,ew_Uo-tiour_ running record here eery Court for the C!iickasawb:i , live arrnngeincnl of iL'iii ui'lenses, whii-lilon Sept. IB. He covered 20 an alarm signal by ! IOT4 yards two feet nnd six inche: ACCOUNTANT cpen to take care sets of too'.c Installation of yiteni for any business a special- Box 132, BKIhcvlllc. . 21p k31 WHO'S WHO In the Supreme Court Xo. 3_Goorj«c Sullu'i'lr.ud DHL-let of Mississippi Count*. Ar- m turn Give n -. kansns, within thirty clavs and an- i turniiiB on an electric li B ht. The, The previous record lor two-hours. swcr the complaint of fnc plaintiir, I device may be placed at the hide limning wns esnbUshcd by I Margaret S. OaHaHer. device may e pace a of a doorway, where it will be quiu- Green «t Stamford lir dRt in 1913 cnn be ', v, hen he vtirds. covered 20 miles nnd Witness my hand as Clerk of sa:d , invisible, and the alarm Court, and the seal thereof, on thin . irnnsniUlcd any distance. 9 day of October, 1033. The device, which was ; R L GAINES, Clerk. Pirated at the Leipzig Fair, may | I.ouis Best won 17 medals am 10-n-24-31ibe put to a great variety of uses. , the tide of "ace of the French In ! u ] S placed before shop window:;, I lautry" for bis heroic exploits h Read Courier News Waul Ads. iso that when anyone approaches I llie World War. \VNOW WUCT I'rA GQHNNTiO, r<i'D < ?-~'' 5 INC&'T*V MfvSOR LOOKS L \KE*Mt,WITH HIS . SWAVETD OFF, 1'fA 6ONN/X &RQW ONE;SO T.Yu UOOK LIKE HE USED -TO ?—-VEI-\ , I'LL e.tT EVEM A NUISANCt OF ^^651-^ AN' TH" CROWS WILL TLY 'B^CK^O "ROOST ON HIM ?—-SUPFOS1N" HE <3ETS IN /\ 3AM,NOW, LOOK\N' LIKE Mt! WHV, MYJREPUTATION W % <SOOD r NAME W W"3 TH-Ui HW lM ....' A MOUSTACUE, • F2 \OUT3 BE A CARBON ^ COPV OF HIM—-\N OR OUT OF ^AIV_?—<-— — EXCEPT THAT YOU^RE T3AWD -^-BUT VOU | COULT) EXPLAIN THAT, JAKE -<—3JJST SAY 11 Pavs 10 Look Nice Send Your Wocicn Dresses to Unicme CU suing Service • ... Phone' 171 .. .... ' ' 20c kll-M AUTOMOTIVE Day~& Night Service atation Complete Lino Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Sternbcrg Call ~W*~- Red's Place-US K. Main For Auto I'ainlins Body at-d Fi'inlcr Service Formerly with SIluusc-Littlc (,». 2ljc kll-2U ST^OK USED BcUvccn Memphis nr.d St. Also Auto filass - Phone 01) JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We inslall glass'in your cur while you wait. Call us lor better service Phone 633. Shousc-Lilllc Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 Prepare Your Car fur W'inlrr Willard Battcrios-Kvervady 1'rcslonc Arvlr lleawrs - A. C. Sp^rk I'lugs HtlBBARD HAUDWAHE CO. Automotive Dcpt. 17c Amo Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Sio Lumber Co. kii-io WRECKF.R SERVICE Call us when you need a \vreckcr, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Shonst-Littlc Crevrolct Co. IJATl'KRIKS Batter; & Radiator Service We guarantee you belter battery or radiator work lor Any make radiator r corcd. Get onr prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. ShonK-Liltle Chevrolet Co. New Ford Batteries Hcntal - Rccliarjins - nep-iirirg 771 TIRE A: BATTEflY STATION 25c kll-25 For Prompt Battery Scrvicr. Phone 8 B«n Clunc THK DOi'K ON UNCLK IRA! Wt W5>-i KlU^O W N HMV; (\&0 !\ DQW Ht IS *. QW.COMt TO OV VT i TWtTOS. VOOHEO- MUCH V.\VE 6UESS WttKV. 80VS KiCK? H6CK K0» f\HD THE PRICES AT TllfJ PftREE QEM'U STORC- CO." - O EAT AWD SLEEP AT THE LEADWQ HOTEL COSTS hMOTO FEEDAOOO (5 EVEU MOPE. Potatoe €GG ir—iH«=- TEMpF'SPHUKt: DROPS TO "SO B£LOW, AMD PRICES |ll SOAR SKW-HIGH? ft MOUTH OLD WE.VJSPAPER IS A B BAR&niU PT i2, AtJD PIE 15 SALESMAN SAM TUou&KT IT o?we. (ORRppeo iiP a, oiu'T THftT TH' To SERVe SUB-&Ufll &T CHWV; 3 0 iur TP,R>;CO\ WISH OJOUUD Vft EVP£ C T TA IT T- sTep OM tr U;ITU A corporation lawyer for many years, a lock-bound Constitution, alist. George Sutherland of asrociatc justice of the Unitet States supreme court, is :m ex treme conservative. Invariably he found on tlie sicic opposing views of Brandcls, Cardozo, Justice Sutherland, in a photo, has stood firnil benefit to the cause grant any state control of uusi .-?. Hr wrote the opinion in >h minimum wage case in 1923. hcl 3 tc one of the greatest blow coui'i-ry's working men i inny years. Justice Buthe; laud was a clo< friend'of the lale President War FUECKLKS AND HIS KRIKNDS ME PLAVISJ' OM PRIWSLE L.«T YEAR, AM' mxniM 1 /u- TUSIP. TRICES, YOU SWD TVESE ASK SUCH A QUESTION '-! DOM IBS SIU.'.' \viHATA FLASHY I SEE CRASH ? 15 FALL~ WCJ2E \!.TT>! DO VoO THIHVC CO.V.E OUT PCIHSLE, CRASH? THIS-'X WE'LL TA!<:e BVASIGdE-R SCORE THAN) WE DIP LAST YEAR ? rcn O. Hardlnp. by whom he P! THE BOYS l-OOK tTBEAT !! GETTIKi' TrIEM OoyJW To TEAM WORK. ALL SET FOR PRIMGUE 1 . WE HAVE A LOT O? COS. SWTS iROWED CUT, COACH 11 . appointed to this supreme beuc In 19i2. OF A CHAWSE : OF H&AQT, : EH? DOGS, I'ETS Fur Healthy Digs feed Miller's Ration A Quick I.uncli HUBBARD HARDWARB CO. llckll-11 SPORTING GOODS You will flnrt a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES al Ilubbard Hardware Company. IGckU-lG COAL & WOO!) \Vc are o.xjhisivc acents fnr oric- Gcnninr Mnnlrvalln Coal and Slpsy. Arkan^is Anthracite and Kentucky Coals. Jhrmf fn F,. r. Fry Wonder City Coal Company Oc kll-0 Harvard Students Earn Was as Entertainei CAMBRIDGE. M8SS. (UP)— Man Harvard students are helping •arn their way through college rrclcuionol cii'.citalners, ac'coi !ng to the Harvard Uniycrelty En plcyincnt Biii-eau. ,,• . A "Stiidculs 1 KntoTtfllnmcnt Sc \ : ce" lias b:c:i established, nud i uiasician. vrniriiiwinlsl. tap dancer and luuiK'iiici'- ulaj-cr arc - amonsr t''--' talent . available. other fcalurc 'ilc show, a f:o"l> ol lecturers. r;:d levcra) cc/.'.'trl and dar.fc or-

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