Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1896
Page 8
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The Triumph of Low Prices And Truly Marvelous Value Giving-, makes this the busiestf store m town. It has made us the leading Dry Goods Furnishers for eco- Bomical buyers in Logansport. This week will be long remembered io Economical Pay Day Buyers tor will offer special Bargains in Wool and Wash Dress Goods, Parasols and Umbrellas. Table Linens and Toweling, Duck Suits, Shirt Waists, Domestics of all Sorts. and in many otherglines. Price Wonders never cease heare we don't'.let them. [Just give us a, look and you will be convinced that this is th'e place to buy. A BAD BREAK THE GOLDEN RULE. MORTON OR REED will riot accept seeond'placo. Same way with our shpOi. They are first in everything—Style, Pit, Durability and Prices. "V7o don't want to carry over any tuns and will let 'ein go at these ' give away" prices. Ladies' tan walking shoes $1 to $1 50 Men'a tau from $1.00 to §3.48 HUMANE HEETINQ The New Society is Permanently Established. See our Hue just received of Ladiefl button a.nd lace boots fine as human bands can make them. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind-Blows Show -that it must have blown a tre- 'mcndous gale towards Fisher's, for they have straws of all the new shapes aud sizes, straws in straw color and uuy other co-lor you wish piled ou their shelves aud waiting to be called "tlie last straw' 1 in the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logaasport, Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are wihat we have a big run on now. HORRIS FISHER THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. ITS NAME .^ GUARANTEED iThougli tie punctured his tiro twice, So K, Broadbent brought down the -&nrfcalcan 100 '*toUa road record to .5:35:00, breaking the Australian record «JxHrte«z) minutes. The American re- aorst- is 4:40:00, held by A. B. McDon- a&, iif Toledo, World's recprd Is 4:21:45 ZkSfi "by A. E. Walters of England. •'• -To-diet Kodaks at the Burgman U/cCe Co. KiT tandem ruos'hard wlru one's best jjirf on tlie front scat. -TJie Fleetwing for ladies. There are artmr of these wheels used in this city •Sfemi all other makes of wheels. X*re ,Tn<? -toll-gate keepers differ 3WB«wTiat. Love never nsks for pay In advance. Have your bicycle insured against •fheft. Burg-roan Cycle Co., will do It. There is a general impression that i will not pay to have old buggies n. paired on account of. the exceedingli hnv price of new ojics. An liivo.stigatioi of the facts will prove to you that this ii a ivroug opinion. A rea-SOJiably gooc buggy caimcit be pnrchiiscd foi 1 less tliau sixty-live dollars; it is true that you cau buy cheap buggies for from thi-rl.y-fivc (o forty-five doUaiv:, and lihcy are well worth :ill you pay t'oi I'liuin auU H.O more. You will ahvay.s TUAMl'S AT TTPTON.'-./,; 'i'ipton Tribune: Tipton has been ovomm with tra.mps and Ivejrgars of avcry dcserlplton. Today a man w.is "oire ta-j-inj; to raise a sufficleat donation io T>ny a horse and wagon. He had a ^written endorsement of lite good character, and perhaps the statement did •cot stretch the truth, but any man can STCt a rocuintiiendallnii for 2? cents, and iliose of our people who have alms to fijvo need not besloiv I hem on strangers, Theri; are needy ones at homo. ' lliul Unit any goods yon buy will bo.no liDtler 'than the price. An old buggy properly .repaired at a reasonable price Ls much cheaper than to buy a new one for tiho reason 'tihat if you trade your old one as part pay on a new buggy ft will be, well—just such a trade 1 as you would -make in bra ding an old sowing: jiKielu'no ou- a. lien- one—the man would bo selling you the uc\v machine ;aul taking The old one off your hands, Xow, if you will notice the following lirk-es you will ll.nd that t:ho old buggy nt the present ttme Ls oC uo value to you can be made as good as new, :lt least as good as a new cheap buggy. The parts tlia.t usually wear out arc the wheels,'Hue top, and the painting, which we cau fmiiLvli 5~ou at the folio wing ijrf-cos aud gilvc you ;i.<s good goods as you would t'ot in a sixty-five dollar At the meeting yesiunlay a-l'ternoou a.t t.h.o Ji'imlock hor.cl. the Logansport Hitnunie .society was perinnneuily es- ('ablisliL'd. Jlir. E. S. l!ice, temporas-y president, called ilu; meeting to order. The secretary wa.< abseut, and the Rev. .T. C. Kaliftman took 'his place. The coiu.ujitlee on liy-.'a.ws rcportetl, and liio .rciKirt, with several minor amendments, wast .1(104)(w], A letter to the. s-ociety from the Hon. Horace T. Middle \v,-is orrlered noted in the iniuutes :i,s ^i-eatiy iippreclnicd by tlie meniiliers. A resolution from tho Peru society, congratulating tlie new orgnnixarkiii was preseutod Ijy Mr#. Oause, tlie orgiliiizor. A boanl of directors was chosen as follows: 13. S. nice, president; J. C. Had.ley, K. C. Coollmugh, vice prcsi- ' deiKs; George B. Vot-fy, svci-et-iryr.T. J. Hiidobraudt. IroiLsiirer; Dr. Parker Jus- rice. Isaiah A, Adamis, .^frs, W, D. Pratt and Mrs. J. N. Xelf, A specl-il co-inmi-tree composed of E. S. Rice. W. T. Wilson and I. A. Adams, xv.-is ap-.ioi'ntcd to receive applications I'o-r the position of special humane officer, and to recommend an appointment. A resolution vf. thanks was tendered tlie Logauspoi.-t J-,lotel company for the use of f'ho Hotel JlTi-rdock parlors. ' The Hoard was in/structed to meet Mor.day al'teriioon at 4 o'clock at the office-of Ash <fc Hadluy. TIio societ to meet at fjie call of the Board. A bi-r of prominent citizens have been enrolled with flic society, which starts out with every promise of usefulness. Bringing of Tilman Into 5tate a Mistake. SILVERITES REGRET IT Tilman Says Foreigners Could Coin Two for One Under His Policy. Indianapolis, Juiie 17, 'U(i. The tree silver Democrats are beginning- to admit that It was a mis-hike to bring Tilman ill/to the State. While Governor Matthews called an him at Che G-raml hoa-1 iu tliis city Saturday his .foitowers are not so during ami many oC them are open-ly criticising his uction. Very fc-w really believe that the Populist vote wui bo captured by the Democracy. Iu tact the Populists m more likely to absorb t.ho Matthew vi-ng of the pnirty, even over the eft'or o do some purchasing, for llicre seen o lnvno doubt-that two or three o,f ll 'optilist: lenders have sold out But'the whole Matthews scheme is s raji.spaj'cm: uh.it it eaiuiot deceive t: :asses of the Populisms. His preside] Lial boom was launched by Si Sheer!i Tom Tag-ga.Pt, Sterling Holt aud oUio sound money Jiion who gave assurane 'Klia-t uheir caixlidaite was sound on th money question. When, free silve seemed to gain ground these ailvi were cast a^ide and Dave Alien o Fnriikfont, who inaniuVurttircs wheels wiiitli convict la.lxir nt Midiign.n City was called in. The Ooveruor thwi wrote the Atlanta, letter containi.ug his flop to free silver. Tiilmau spoke si: Lebanon Sal.ui-d.-iy. During his speech he was interrupted by J. Ty. Pierce who asked "Why u it, if it is a fact. slunt I can take au American silver dollar in Mexico ami buy two Mexican stiver dollars, each of which contains nio.ro .silver th,-ui RESOLUTIONS. On the Death of Mrs. Anna Kaufman. , HE W.KXT TO TAIL. TJicy arc liaving ;ill kinds of fun at AhdcrsoiJ. Attorney Cnll is bcii;g madi: •jTru.-t.lm of disbariue.ilt proceedings O'.v- .rag to alleged croaki'd I ni illicit ions. Tcsterday Guy Hallard, an attorney, •w.'is called UJXHI to testify in I lie case. Hut refuwil. He was fined StO ami s?m in jail over uiglit. As ilro I rial progivs'ies othc-r sonfeitions arc'looked •dr. Hall.'inl and CalJ arc contending ynwllilafos for the Democratic i ~,toii for stale's attorney. •M'o will do a first-class job of wheels fur .• «! o.OO \\'e will jnit on a top for $0,50, SS.OO, or in.OO Wi; will da a fir-aL-elass job of l>a'tiitliig fov s.OO We will do painting «ooi.l enough fw a i-epaired buggy for C.OO Ou this basis, for S1S.OO or 920.00 your bugpry \\-Ul bo made ns good as a new sixf-y-flve dollar biig-y, and the '•'Id buggy at the present time is worth Untie or uothiug <\o you. I am well er nipped for repairing old buggies and building new ones, and if you will call at my faei-oiy, CJ.7-C23 Brondwaj,,! will j-alisfy you that it irtll pay and be to your advantage to let wo sell you a new buggy or re-pair yow old oue, as I have ;:wcuty J rands at work on this class of work, and can furnish .you anything yon wau-t. Je i\'ill not cost you any, '.'biiis: to calJ and examiaie what I have to offer, aud if I e.wnot do you ;uiy good, you will uo-t lose anything. GEO. HAREISOX. The funeral of Mrs. Anna Kaufman, •C Washington township, Cass county, who ilieil at the hospital at Indianapolis vaw ht.'Jd from die ui.d home of the dc•cased at Day ton, Ohio, Tuesday. June 10. Tihe services were conducted by tevs. Bake find Miller, of Dayton, and iitcrmenr iva.s made in Woodluww ccjne cry. Many relatives and friend* fol- owed the rcunain-s w tLeir last resting l.-ict'. T!ie following resolutions of respect •ere presented .for publiicatlou by the onjjrogatitm of the Union Presbytcr- ij cliiirch, Caiis cuonfy, Ind.; o" which ev. Gilbert Small is pastor: Whereas, God moves iu mystorioas ays, has in a-ecorCkmce with, liis own ill, been p-lcnsed 4o send His jnesson- •>r, Death, to call Mrs. Anna Kaufman am lior earthly, to her heavenly home, by His call has taken her away fmiu a loved and loving liusbaud,. and removed JUT from a congregation to whom She had become endeared by ninny ties, it Is a fitting tribute to her memory, that we, oflicially, ou behalf of Che church in \vjiteh for years she worked so faitlrfully that the works will follow lior, do express our grief at her departure, while yet we bow iu snb- nitesLcxn to the will (if our Hoavciily Father. That, also, we tender our heartfelt sympathy ixrw-ai-d 'tl>o bereaved hus- baml, om- brothicr, Lewis Kaufman, who has lost au attectionate wU'e and fal.thCul oompaiiiou. NEW CAMPAIGN SONGS, There will be a ratification'meeting at Hie 1-i.nk Saturday night, and Mr. Rryor, tlie veteran arranger of campaign songs, is at work arranging some rousing jrood songs for the occasion, which will bo random] by a good quartette. "Because M!* American dolkir is ro- iloemsiblc in gold," was the reply. "T'lien," C04iti-iiued Pierce "what is to | prevent me, if we have free coinage, from going with one doiHa.r, buying two Mcxitan silver dollars and have them raraiod -iinito .two ajid onor.half dollars o:' our own money?" "Beeani.se the Mexican could do ft lul'inscl-f and wouldn't be fool enough, to sell k to you." was Tainan's reply. Jusc why Tilinaii should advocal such a hosianxa for the Mexicans wa iii/t u.vi>l:iln«i. but lihfe proposition, a. Htjitcd by liiniBL'tC, was -that he atlvo caired a policy thmt would ciuiblc foi figuerji to bri-n-g cheap silver to thi coini'try and make A-uwrica-n dollar out of each fifty cents worth of it. I he Ls tyiw.hful in a-d-mLlting tlnis the sil vur.m.ine owners of the West, who do nnt have to go to Mexican mines foi irliein- sidvor, <-o»W cosnc in foi 1 a nea rtii'ng under a Ti.huau adinijiistraticni. Acuordijig to life st.-i.temout, they \vonliJ «et one hundred cents for each lifty eettUi woilh of silver a-t Uie present value. It fa not surprising that the silver State* arc for free silver. A.«d lit would not be surprising if many farmers favored the free coinage of wood, if wood instead c-f silver was uji for discussion. The plan o-f having the 'Government order the rrco coinage o-f iron, copper, tin, coal, beeswax or any old tiling- would naturally follow until money goit so cheap that evciy man could get all he wanted without parting with .•inytliii'ii.g of re,-il value for it. In fact iron would be a good tiling be- c.'imse -most ovoiy man has some old iron lying airouud his place he conlr] liave i.-oinod into dollars. Just what a man would be willing to part w-ith to KOt cheap money of this kind does not appear and it is not likely that a farmer would give up liis good wheat to get this money-when ho could get all he wanted of lit for uotMug. The cheaper tlie money the less it buys of course. Should wage camera whose wages iu- crcase slowly be paid in this sort of coim 'there womld be a, howl all along the Hue. But the talk of the free silver men would by no meanis indicate the real senttmenn; of the cowniti-y. Ex-Governor Hoard of Wisconsin tells a good sl.o.iy illilu&tra'tJaig tills: A oouatryinnjj wanted to.sell a hotel keeper three carloads of frogs. The hocel keeper h«d 110 use for three carloads?, but saM he would take throe dozen. The connifiry man.- returrnec will-ill a dozcm only. "I thought you wanted to sell me three carloads," said the hotel keeper. "Well," answered the seller, "I tlwu^bt there wais three car ioads by the noise they made." W. S. W. Sarvclou7and¥atcliless Will Be Our PRICES THIS WEEK. Tremendous Reductions and ^Great Bargains Guaranteed to^Everybody. This sale is not an ordinary happening—not a reduction in a few leading'articles—but an emphatic bid to close out our entire stock. It is an undisputed fact that times are harder and money scarcer than has been known for years, therefore our remarkable low prices must be a blessing these bard times to buy. $2. Worth of Goods For $l. Cash! To sell $20,000 in a few weeks demands Immense Sacrifices, but the Big Store of HARRY FRANK is equal to the emergency and can do wonders when it must. Will you all share in this public pudding. Respectfully, HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. hat is going on in the liaU, though I iave attended all the sessions. The rodcutials committee has just reported .ml the report is 'disposed of. There vore majo-rilty and minority reports, 'he previous Question was ordered on ils report, a.ud adopted by a vote of GO, tliSK being ;a one .sense, regarded s the McKioloy strengHi ou the floor, ho convention (ihen adjourned to 10 in., Thursday, when 'the committee on evolutions will report, but it is coc- eded tlwt there is practical unanimity i a gold standard, except iu the ex- eme silver state, and :t is expected tlwt they will kick, but not iu sufficient strength of numbers to do ina- ferirtl harm. Their-bolt Is-uot expce'tefa--even lo (May action very long. Tie way it now looks, the nominations may be made Thursday afternoon. Every thing 1 pointe to McKiuley, and it seems t.lia.t uotJiing- c:m ston the McKujJey tide. It seems lo be a foregone conclusion that he w.Ml bo the nominee. And there b not enough opposition to make it-exciting or interesting. There is not half tihe excitement about the hotels, anal siireets Hint there usually is at a Xa.f-Jou.Tl convention. Cy Powell and John. Saucrs are rhe only I/ogausport representatives that l halve seen liere except Stuart France who is a door keeper at Uie convention hall. Hotels are crowded and I had to go out to a private house -for lodging at 1307 Morgan street I miight writo you ojno.tli.iiig for publication but you can ret a bettor report from the associated iress than I can give because I cannot "et within gun shot of the stand al- ns'h iisinj; u press ticket. Will be .t home nither Thursday or Friday. Choice of Men's Tan Shoes, Worth $5.00 to $7.00, )?3.48, And Shines Free of Charge. Also a big reduction on all summer shoes for ruea and women at Paling's shoe house. You know Line Pilling don't believe in keeping- slock until it TOWS old and out of siyle. This season's goods are out of style next season, and will not sell, consequently this special sale. Everything must be paid for before leaving the house. Any goods charged will, be sold at regular prices. Pill ing's sales always draw a crowd, for the trade knows that he does as he advertises. REDUCTION IN PRICE OF ITAKTFORD BICrCLES. -May 21, lS06.-Ou and after this date the prices of Hartford Bicycles arc as follows: Patterns 1 and 2 ,«!Gj Patterns 3 and -i 50 Patterns 5 and C 43 Columbia Bicycles—Standard of the . World—a,ro in a class by themselves. The Columbia standard price, $100, is absolutely fixed for the season of 1S9C, and is the same to aJl alike.—Line PJI- liug, Agent Pope MTg Co. tithcr lliiJik .-tihe convention will not complete its work until Friday fore- oou or possibly ai'teraoon. Yours truly, J. Z. POWELL VERDICT FOR THE PLAINTIFF In the Case of the Commissioners Ezra T. Lee. vs. BRIDAL PAIR RETURNS. .Harry Hoed'and bride arrfvcU yesterday from PitLsburg. Pa., ana have gone to housekeeping a ,t Xo. 3.515 High street. Jlr. Reed is employed set Wilson & Hum phreys' printing estahHsli'iaent. HiUTwuo-C'ks ait your own price.—Trade Palace. . ON THE SPOT. Letter From Dr. J. Z. Powell at the Convention. St. Louis, Juno 17, 6 p. m. . I depend'on Hie press reports for the details'of the convention, work, for I amr-nat in heairiug distance of the platform, and.can, .is a rule, hear nothing Huntiugton Herald: .Tudge Cox this morning rendered a decision in the case of the Board of County Commissioners TO. Ezra T. Lee. The suit is one to recover allowances made to Mr. Lee while .auditor of the county. According to- Judge Cox he is indebted to the county in the sum of £1,000. Koccnt decisionis in tlie Supreme court, iu the case of the Board vs. Hoa-ston, in whicli it was decided that amounts of a similar nature ai- loAved to Mr. Heaston were illegal, made the attorneys for Lee concede that a verdict of between ?1,300 and .$1,400 would be returned. The court holds tha.t he was not entitled to the gravel road fees as .charged ana rendered 1ihe decision as started. The original amount sought' in filing the ease was ?n,000. The'defendant's attorneys have not yet decided whether au appeal will! be taken to the Supreme court. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work ot house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little depends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-npcurtalnispoll the effect of a well-furnished home quicker thaa anything else. We have experienced help tn this class of work who do nothing else and w« Know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making: a specialty this year of laundering- shirt waists, belniy the only firm In the city using- machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. THEj FIRST NATIONAL BANK -ov- LOGANSPORT. . , INDIANA. CAPITAL S25O.OOO. A. J. Murdock. Pres. W. W. Rosa, Cash. J. F. Brookmeycr, Asst. Cash. DIRECTORS: . J. JIor'docK, . If. Yantls, - Dennis UM. IT. If. Hnrwood, . T. IVUson. Bankins- in ai: its Dopart.ncnts promptly iiTid carcfui.ly done. Safety to Customers aud StocWiolders Boug-ht for. Strong- Rc3or\-c Fund maintained. A COHRECTIOX. Supreme Secrefciiy Linn and Grand Councillor Camj5l)C-ll of the Order of Chosen Fj-kiKls additessoil Mie' local councils in the clay Wed-iiosd.-iy night. Thronjplii a-n error it was s-tated that th>- emiipent speakers, ."poke to the Odd Fellows. Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks in the city. NIKE CENT S. S. SIXGIXG BOOK. We have just received from S. W. Stroub & Co., Auditorium Buildin?, Clticapro, the Abridged Edition- of "Bright Li£ht." Its ninety-six pages are filled with beautiful soujs (music and words) (hat will last' a Sunday School a Ions time. Price, only Oc. Send stamps for a saiiiplc as it is a marvelous combination of quality, quautily and lowuess of price. ,

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