Buffalo Emporium and General Advertiser from Buffalo, New York on July 29, 1826 · 4
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Buffalo Emporium and General Advertiser from Buffalo, New York · 4

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1826
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POETRY. FOR THE ENrORIUM. MY WOUDbAM HOME. On Earth there is one spot, one place, Adorn' J with every native grace ; Which decks the wild bower of the wood, That there in verdant beauty stood ; A place where jangling discord dread, Ne'er dares to show liis hydra heud. Where woe and sorrow never come : That lonely spot, my Woodland Home ! Though here rich palaces may rise, And seem to mingle with the skies ; The prospects spread around tbem wide, - But show their owners' thoughtless pride; Where not an arbour, not a bower, ' Contains a lovely blushing flower ; To deck theproud, the mighty dome, Oh ! bow ufilike my Woodland Home ! There's not a place on earth so dear ; The groves, though every leaf were scar, Are more delightful far to me, Than here, the fairest bower can be ! And what to me are bovvers and groves, To those dear objects of my loves ! Which, when I thoughtless, aimless roam, Invite me to my Woodland Home ! : ' ; AGRICOLA. tor thc KMroiuux. When this heart is cold, Let'nobell betoll'd, But when I die, There lot me lie, On some lone shore Where the billow's rosr, And sea Bird's cry, Shall be my Lullaby, And around my tomb, Let no flowers bloom, No stone be there, Nor aught declare Where rests this form, Free from each storm, Oi wo or care, ,, Or love, orwati despair. When my bones arc scar. Let i vild midnight's tear. Reflect more bright, Tim stellar liglit, While spirits roam. O'er Ocean's foam, Then lost to sight Sail o'er the viewless height. Yes, above this head Let the stranger tread, While o'er my grave Dark Birches wave. And 'nealh them twin, The fern and vine, That scatheless brave The storms thai round thern rave. ALBERTA9. Wm. Kay, Esq. who has often favoured the public with bis poetic productions, is ai present in ill health at Auburn. The following affecting lines are the last w e have ecu from his pen : My harp is on the willows hung My minstrelsy is o'er: Its trembling chords arc all unstrung, For palsied is the tuneless tongue, And with despair my heart is wrung, And I can sing no more 'Till Heaven the gift restore : And should that moment never be, Ah, who will ever think of me I g . .j . . ii. i.... iitl fjtOUS. Singular Case. At a recent meeting of the London Hibernian Society, the Rev. E. Irving, Minister of the Caledonian Churci, after some observations on the nature of the Society, concluded thus : "To use the language of the Apostle, silver and gold have 1 none, but all that 1 have, I give unto thee. My Lord, I beg to present you with a valuable relic, a gold watch, w hich belonged to my late brother.andlbeg yon will keep it in pledge ; and whenever the sale ol a work 1 have lately published shall put me in possession of the means, 1 will certainly redeem it." He then laid on the table a handsome gold watch. The Chairman requested he would take it back again, and repeatedly offered it to him, but he refused, and said that so great an interest did he feel in the welfare of the Society, that no powtr on earth should induce him to accept it. This extraordinary scene excited a considerable sensation in the meeting. A. F. Spectator. West-Indies The following extract of a letter, dated Larbadoes, February, 13, 1&26, will sufficiently evince the enmity of the Planters, or ut least certain of them, against the cause of missions. "Accounts were received yesterday, of Mr. Rayiner, a Methodist, I believe, arriving at St. Vincent's upon his way to this island. It is said he brings with him credentials and protection from Lord Bathui st, and that the government here, is instructed to a fiord him security, civil and military, upon his landing, his rebuilding the chapel, and during his residence, and the performance of his duties here. On the other hand, if expressions are indications of the temper, there appears a determined and obstinnte intention of the inhabitants to prevent it. It is therefore to be. supposed that there will be a great deal of disturbance ; the inhabitants seem determined Ihatno missionary, especially of the class mentioned, shall be allowed to remain q'iiely." THE pu;.r. rbers. under the firm of S. A' GPOSVEXOlt Co. offer fur sale in the Nov Brick Stoi c, two doors north of the Franklin House, a general assortment of GROCERIES, AMONG WHICH ARE Old Hyson, Young Hyson, ) Hyson Skin and '3?EA3t Gunpowder ) Cognac lirandv, J.-r'iiii and St Croix Rum. Holland Gin, lr;.i. .,nir, and Lisbon Winks, A few d,tz. OJd Madeira in Bottles. Box Rum us, Herring, Connecticut Shad, in half bbls. C (Tee, Pepper, Alspice, Ceasia. Ac. &it. t ILTTavern Keepers will find it for their S. K.GROSVENOR, ' C. T. GROSVENOR. Buffalo, July 1. 200 Bushels Yellow Com, TOR SALE. BY JOS. BULL & CO. 4)7 JulyS. VALUABLE MEDICINES. FOR - COCGHS AND CONSUMPTIONS. T'he uneommon virtue-that ANDER-1 SON'S COUGH DROPS and PECTORAL POWDERS are weH known to posses for the cure of Colds, Coughs, and other affections of the breast and lungs leading lo Consumptions is sufficiently proved from the fact that they have now been in use for sev en years and that the demand for them ii still rapidly increasing. Thousands have experienced the happy effects of this healing balsam and great numbers have voluntarily given Certificates of the benefits received in Consumptive Complaints of longstanding, e ven where their cases were almost hopeless and where they had been given up by their physicians as incurable. A reference to the Certificates accompanying each Bottle given by those of the first respectability, will satisfy every unprejudiced mind of the wonderful cures performed by this Valuable Medicine. Thousands have shortened their days by neglecting Coughs when first attacked, which have soon terminated in a seated Consumption, and proved fatal. Scarcely a case of Colds, Coughs, Pain in the side, dilli-culty off realhiiig, want ofslecpnrising from debility, or even consumptions but may be relieved by a timely use of this Healing Balsam. Each Dollar Bottle of this medicine contains about 40 doses, which proves them to be a cheap medicine, considering their virtues. For the further satisfaction of thc public, the following Certificates are offored for perusal. NEW CERTIFICATES. 1 hereby certify, that in the autumn of 1823, in consequence of faking a violent cold which fell upon my Lungs I was reduced by a hurassing cough and raising blood to what was considered by my Physicians an incurable state. In March 1H24, by advice I procured a bottle of Anderson's Cough Drops, the use of which produced the most friendly effects, my cough daily became less, my appetite and strength returned and I have since May last enjoyed my usual stale of health, and am able and constantly attend to my agricultural pursuits, and it is with pleasure I recommend these drops to the public as in my opinion a most valuable medicine in complaints of the Lungs. NATHAN PARKS. Red-Hook, Dutchess County, November 27, 1824. This is to certify that the subscriber wns brought very low by splitting blood, attended with a cough catarrh, ami that nothing afforded me real relief until i commenced ta king Anderson's Cough Drops, the nse of which were the means in tiieliuiut ot i.od ol restoring me again to a comfortable state of health. And I do further certify that the wife of Mr. Nathan Huntington, living in the same place was afflicted with a very bad cough r a number of years, and that in ifci't she was reduced so low that it w hs thought she must soon be in her grave, nsshe wns scarcely able lo walk from her bed to the fire, when she commenced taking Andcrson'sCough Drops, the use of w hich, in a short lime so far restored her. that she was soon able to do a good duy's work. lean c lieorfully reuoin mend this medicine to the public. PHILO JUDSON, Tastor of the Church in Ashi'ord, (Conn.) Ash ford, Sept. 25, 1824. OT For sale Wholesale and Ri tail, by J. & W.WILLIAMS. Buffalo. li Grocery & Provision store. T. VANVMST, MAIN STItELT.opposile L. Dycr'sStone Tavern, has just received, and oilers for sale uu assortment of GROCERIES, Confectionaries, fyc. Anions which are the following : BRANDY, GIN and WINE ; JAMAICA, ST. CROIX, and BOSTON RIM ; WHISKEY, and CORDIALS ; loung Hyson. Hyson Skin, and Bohea TEAS ; Loas, Lump and Brown SUGARS ; Ginger, Pepper, Snicc.Niitniecs and Cinnamon ; Cofl'ee, Chocolate, Rice, and Poland Starch ; Figs, Keg and Box Raisins ; Bar and Windsor Soap ; Mould and dipped Candles ; Ping, pi tail and cut Tobacco ; Spanish, New-Orleans and American . Segars; Maecabaand Scotch SnnfT; Peanuts, Filberts. Madeira Nuts ; Maekarel, Codfish and Herring ; Double refined table Salt; Van Dyke's Genuine Mustard; Staimhton's Bittcis ; GLASS WARE such as lettered Decanters, Tumblers of various sorts and sizes, &c. Fresh LEMONS and ORANGES ; Also, FRESH GAR DEN SEEDS, H' of the Shaker's most careful procuring ; And a variety of other articles, all of wlncli arc ottered as cfioiip, it not cheaper, than at mi v other store in this place. Buffalo; May d. 89tf ISO JC . rT'HE Partnership existing between John Cole and the subscriber, under the firm of F. T Kclloss if Co. was dissolved on the 20th of May last. 0 THE PA IS TIMS BUSINESS. in all its branches will be continued at the old stand, by the undersigned, who respectfully solicits a coutinuance of public patronage. F. T. KELLOGG.. Bnffalo,J'ily 20, 1826. ".! PO TRAITS. Kit JHCniatttuc, on Ktoonj. M. LAED. (LATE uF BOSTON,) MOST Respectfully informs thc Ladies and Gentlemen of this place, that he intends to remain here a short time, and would be happy to devote his professional services to those who mny want LIKENESSES. Mr.L. flatters himself, from his successful experience, he shall be enabled togive satisfaction, to such as may favour him with their patronage. , . N.B. The sick and infirm, can be waited on at their places of residence. ETSpccimcns of his art, can be seen at the Mansion House, new Buildin. His terms are reasonable. 3 Buffalo, June, 23, 1826. 95 HI DRY GOODS, WHOLESALE !f RETAIL. PHE subscribers are now opening, direct from the importers, in New-York, and offer to sell, as general, as fashionable, a good, as cheap, and aswei scUctcdaa assortment of GOODS as was ever offered in this market. Also, Domestic Goods. SHOES, Grocery & Glassware. The above Goods, in addition to many others, were purchased at the late Auction Sales, in New-York, and will be sol J, wholesale or retail, at prises which cannot fail to please, and on the most liberal terms ; and having make such arrangements as to be in constant receipt of New Goods, from the New-York Auction Rooms, their assortment will at all times be found extensive and complete. , The Farmer will find his interest in calling, as Domestic Flannel, Fulled Cloth, Tow Cloth, Bags, Geese Feathers, Butter Cheese, Oafs, White Beans, Rags, and the produce of the Farmer generally, will be received the same as Cash, and the higliesjt price will at all times be paid. LYMAN RATH BUN & CO. Buffalo, Oct. 22, 1825. 60. PAPER HANGINGS. "I nO(i PIECES of Paper Hangings j fi ff just received by the subscribers which added to their former stock, makes their assortment of paper hangings large and complete, ALSO A large and complete assortment of Fire-board Papers, OF ELEGANT PATTERNS. LYMAN RATHBUN iit'o. Buffalo, April 21. 86 NOTICE. IN compliance with the provisionsof "An act concerning the Erie and Cluunplain Canals," passed April 20, 120, and of "An Act relative to thc Canals," passed April 18, S2(i,thn surplus water of the Black Rock Haibor will bo sold in one or more privileges, at public auction, to the highest bidder, on Tuesday thc 27th day of June next, at ten o'clock, A. M, at thcRlack Rock House, kept by William Smith, in the Village of Black Rock. Further particulars will be made known on tho day of sale. By order of the Canal Hoard, WM. C. BOI CK. May 8, 182G. Cw 8!) THE sale of the surplus waters of Blink Rock harbor is postponed until the22dAug. next, at the hour and place mentioned in the notice of sale. WM. L. BOUCK, Canal Commissioner. June 1. 9C DR. LhDLEY, HAVING recently settled in this Village, proposes euteiing into the practice of Physic, Surgery, and Midwifery : particularly the latter. N. B. A certain disease in its first attack, or in its more aggravated nnd protracted forms, cured with great certainty, andsafety to the constitution. No particular diet, or suspension from business w ill he required, nor any confidence betrayed. He will also cure deep seated sinuous ulcers, (notattacking the joiuls,)havinginstru-menls adapted to that purpose. Agues in the breasts of lactant women, and Felons, orWbitlowson the extremities, (if timely application be made,) cured without fail and without subjecting the patient to any pain. From 25 years experience, ten of which have been spent in different Infirmaries, together with certificates from thc ablest Physicians, he flatters himself that he will be a- ble to satisfy the most sanguine expectations of thoie who may patronize him. UTPIease call at the South end of Canal Street, near thc Hotel. January 14. 27tf RECOMMENDATIONS OK TUB Columbian Spelling-Rook. Gentlemen The new Spelling-Book which you have sent me, I have given a cur sory perusal, and I assure you, that the plan meets my approbation, having frequently la mented the want of agreement between the pronunciation in our Spelling-Books, and Walker's Dictionary, which seems to be ev ery where adopted as a standard ol pronun ciation. ERNEST L. HAZELIL'S.S. T. P Principal of Hartwick Seminary. Hartwick January 5, 1S20. AS Mr. Walker's Dictionary is now gen erally received as a standard book in the English Language, it is highly desirable that elementary books should correspond with it, and particularly Spelling-Books. This is evidently the design of Mr. Crandull in the following work, in winch he has done much towards accomplishing tho desired object. His plan is judicious, and directly calculated to produce a conformity with the most approved English Lexicographers- As such, I do cheerfully recommend it to the public patronage. JOHN SMITH, A.M. Pastor of the Presbyterian Church Coopers- toicn. 1 HAVEpartially examined Mr. Crandall's Spelling-Book, and think it well adapted to the use of Common Schools. The insertion of the Scripture proper names is a valuable accession to a work of thrkind. ldothesefore most cordially recomend it to the public. ANDREW OLIVER. Springfield, October 1, 1819. WE have hastily examined the following work originality can hardly be expected its plan is simple, and we think judicious, and its execution such that wc presume it will be a valuable acquisition to Common schools. We do therefore most cheerfully recommend it to the patronage of the pub lic. Dated at Springfield, Otsego County, October 1, 1810. llfcNKY BKOWN. DAV1DL1TTLE. Thc above work is for sale at wholesale and retail by I.AZELL & FRANCIS. FROM the subscribers, in Buffalo, on Monday hist, one dark bay horse, about 12 years old, had a brand on his left shoulder, and a star in his forehead ; and one white mare, about 10 years old, short switch tail, and a little lame, having a bono spavin on her right hind leg Any person who will give information where they, or either of them, may be found shall be well paid foi their trouble. ' SAMUEL FERR1N. MOSES C. MCKERSON. Jnly,7182fi. 97 MAPLE SUGAR. FOR sale by the Subscribers a quantity of the first rate MAPLE SUGAR. FLAUG&BURR. Buffalo, May 19. 88 WRITING INK. THE subscribers have received a large supply of Maynard & Noyes' incompar-ble WRITING INK in Bottles, and a large quantity of INK POWDER. Also RED fcAZEHfc FRANCIS AN ORDINANCE In addition to an Ordinance entitled ' An Ordinance in addition to an Ordinance to prevent the running at large of Swine, in the streets and highway s or unenclosed lands within the village of Buffalo Passed July 10,1823.' Passed July 13, 1826. TE IT ORDAINED by the Trustees of MJ the Village of Bujjalo, at a regmar meeting assimlikd, That if any swine shall be found running at large in any of the streets or highways of said village, it shall be lawful for any person or persons to impound any or all of them in the common pound of said village, and it shall be the du ty ot the keeper ot said pound, to receive and therein safely keep all swine to him delivered which shall have been found running at large as aforesaid And in c&se any per son or persons shall within three days from the time of impounding such swine, claim any one or more ol them as his property, and shall prove the rightful ownership thereof to the satisfaction of the said keeper, it shall be his duty to deliver them to such claiment on his paying twenty-five cents per day for keeping each of the swine by him claimed, and fifty cents per head for the benefit of the person or persons taking up and causing any one or more of them to be impounded. And be it further ordained bu the authori ty aforesaid, That if any swine impounded by virtue of this ordinance, shall not be claimed within three days thereafter, it shall be the duty of the village constable to sell the same at auction, after public notice given of such sale, and the proceeds thereof to pay to the clerk of said village, after deducting five per cent for his charges ; and further, it shall be his duty to make a return to the said clerk of the num ber of swine sold, and the price obtained for each one. By order of the board of Trustees, 99 H. E. DAV1ES, Clerk. (LTRESOLUTION. AT a meeting of the Board of Trustees of thc village of Buffalo, July 13, 1826 Resolved, That the streets in the village of Buffalo shall hereafter be known and distinguished by the following names, to wit: North and South Oneida street to be called Ellicott street ; North and South Onondaga street to be called Washington street; Wil-link avenue and Van Stitphorst avenue to be called Main street ; -North and South Cayuga street to be called Pearl street ; Tuscarorn street to be called Franklin street ; Delaware street to be called Delaware street ; Mississippi street to be called Morgan street; Vollenhovcn avenue to be called Erie street; Schimmi'lpennick avenue to be called Niagara street; Busti avenue to be called Genesee street; Chippewa street to be called Chippewa street ; Huron street to be called Huron street ; Mohawk street to be called Mohawk street; Cazenovi,iryims to be called Court street ; Eagle Shinto lwilled Eagle street j Stadnitski avenue to be et'Jed Church street; Swan street to be.caHed Swan street ; Seneca street to be calli3Sejjj cca street; Crow street to be called Crow street. The street leading from the Terrace across the canal along Little Buffalo Creek to Big Buffalo Creek to be called Canal street ; thc street on the margin of Big Buf falo Creek from the Little Bunalo Creek west to the Lake to be called Dock street ; the street leading from Canal westerly on the southern bounds of lots No. 1 and 2 to be called Harbor street ; the street on the margin of Big Buffalo creek from the foot of Main street easterly to be called Ohio street; the street leading from the court-house to Bataviato be called Batavia street; the street on the south side of the court-house square to be called Clinton street ; and that on the north side to be called r ayette street A copy. V; H. E. DAV1ES, Clerk. -. ' FdShionWfle Millinery, 'ft Fashionable iUwPtess Maker, infLliMC.1f-faly andits vTcmfcy,-!!! she has commenced Dusi-' ncss in the urieK oiock adjoining the Franklin House, where she will be happy at all times to wait upon her friends in the lino of her profession She has just received the latest fashions, from New-York, and will execute all orders entrusted to her, in a neat and fashionable manner. She will keep constantly on hand an assortment of Millinery,made of the best mateiials. ILTTwo ort brec appientices will be taku to the above business. Mrs. Day also Manufactures artificial tflotoers, in all their vaiicty, which she will furnish to the dealers on very advantageous tetms. She will instruct young Ladies in the art of manufacturing them, at her shop. soaaoiiva. A number of genteel boarders can be accommodated with board by the week. Mr. Day continues to paint Miniature Likenesses on Ivory, cut Profiles, &c. A portion of the public patronage is requested, which, by unremitted endeavors to please, it is hoped will be deserved. July 7, 1826 BOOT & SHOE MANUFACTORY. riIHE subscriber respectfully informs the JL citizens of Buffalo and its vicinity, that he has taken a shop at the foot of the hill in Main-street, at the sign of the er,r:2L ?lsc where he intends carrying on the business of Manufacturing HOOTS and SHOES, of every description. He pledges himself that Ins work shall be made substantial and fashionable, of the best eastern manufactur ed stock and by the first rate workmen, (and which is not common in his line of business) work done punctually at the time promised, Those w ho wish to purchase are solicited to call and examine bis work. On hand a good assortment of turned LASTS, 4- BOOT-TREES, of every description. ALSO Thc real Japan Varnish Blacking, wholesale a;td retail. N. B Particular attention paid to the Manufacture of LADIES' Morocco and Leather BOOTS and SHOES. WM. CONGDON. Buffalo, Dec. 17. 68tf WANTED, 6000 BUSH Iaple C0AL apply at LINSLEy g Blacksmith's shop on the flat. 80 Buffalo, Marcfc 10, 1626. MARBLE TOMB STONES. THE subscriber informs the public tha he has for sale on reasonable terms, an BUSHEL apply at ssortmentof MARBLE TOMB STONES, of good quality and fashionable patterns. LUK1NU FLiKCE. Buffalo, May 5, 1826. 89 Storage. Forwarding and TIIE firm of Pratt & Meech, was dissolved on ei" ' -v. " , b age, Forwarding and Commission Business, wdl be continued at tins place, ny A. B. MEECH & CO. wh, are prepared to receive, on the opening of navigation Produce of every ripUon, andforwaPrdtbe s ameto Albany, New-York or KjM b. Al-Tbey will also engage to receive Goods and Merchandize in Uie city oi. ban, and forward the same to any point on the Canal, or any port on LikM . urna . or Michigan, at specified rates. Their connection with a 'iZ that Boats oh the Canal, and Vessels on the Lakes, will 1 enable J0 Onne. may be entrusted to them, withas little delay - as anj ,o he. house enga ed (, e proceeds promptly applied to order. "Buffalo, ApriU7, 1820. TO SPORTSMEN. "UIE subscribers respectfully inform the il.nt thov Imve recentlv estab- lished the Gun Smithing business, in this i W 1 . fT w tillage nearlv opposite tne r.agie ..i,,, .Lo ,J;il imike and renair GUNS, of every description, in the best manner and on short notice. They will supply merchants and others with on as eood terms as they can be afforded in . i rl' l . . A.tta - tltomcnli'HB any other place. mej that rr.r. t Lr lnni exDcrience in the busi ness, they shall be'able'to give entire satis taction to those who may nuuau ...t..., them. Their rifles, in particular, will be found first rate. They also manufacture per cussion locks of every description. -. . ... . . . . . y c n - I'iJ'IEK T. AL.L.1SWJ.H OL, i. Buffalo, May 11,1825. tl37 LOOKING GLASESS. HEsubscriber has now on hand,(man- nfftctnraft hv bimcelf mnt pprant assortment ol uit' ana mauogany frameu -GLASESS, which he will sell on as srood terms as thev can be procured in Albany or New-York Merchants and ott:ers wishing to purchase are invited to call ana examine lor them selves. ' . He has also for sale, PrinLvGold Leaf and Gilt Paper. CP All kinds of Framing dont,' short notice. B. WILCOX Buffalo, May 27. $1 WANTED, rpHREE Apprentices to the Blacksmith's i Dusiness; those irom tne country would he nreferrpft For further particulars,enquire at the New Bright Red, right angled triangular shop on llip Fl.it n littln North-west nt the new Hn tel (now' building,) near the south end of Main-street, Buffalo ; where all kinds of work in the Blacksmith's Line, will be executed on the shortest notice, and ill the first style. 5 jj!. B. Those who wan ttbeirllorses shod inthehest manner, are requested to (only ea-ll arilfeu ButFafo?rW 1. tf57 NEW ESTABLISHMENT. CHARLES & HENRY NORTON are now offering for salc; at thc store late ly occupied by s. VtMPIJr y -jLjt . a gencr al and extensive assortment of s. . . GROCERIES at Wholesale and Retail among which are a few dozen London Porter. ALSO-Fivc tons of Iron. S Buffalro , May 8, 182C. JUST RECEIVED, 0JV CONSIGNMENT, -g ff DOZ. Superior HAIR COMBS, I which will be sold wholesale or retail, cheap for cash, by A. BEERS. Buffalo, Feb. 4, 1826. 75tf HAS for sale at his shop in Buffalo, Warranted Caststeel, Narrow and Broad Axes, Addzes and framing Chisels LathingHatch-ets, nail Hammers, and Shaves Masons', Stone Cutters', and Cooper's Tools Fire Shovels and Tongs, Gridirons nnd Toasting Irons Ploush Shares, Iron Wedges, and Neckyokcs Bells for Cattle, and Lumber W aggons. ALSO repairs edges at short notice and does oth er kinds of blacksmith's work that may be called for. Buffalo, April 20. 87 TAILORING. R. SHANNON, HAS taken the new shop, nearly opposite Dyer's Tavern, where he carries on the Tailoring business. His work shall be done in the best manner, and most fashionable stvle, and on the best terms. Buffalo, Feb. 10, 1826. 7G HENRY W HITE, and PHILANDER BENNETT, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law and Solicitors in Chancery, HAVE removed to the new building, one door north of the Eagle Tavern, op posite the Court-House. R. II. HEY VOOD. Has for Sale at the Green Store, 10 POTASH Kettles, 10 Caldron do. 100 Kettles assoi ted sizes, 25 Tea Kettles, 50 Pots, 50 Spiders, 40 Bake Pans. AND 1 TON Fire dogs. Buffalo Sept. 24th I825 66 Commission Business. A. i..e.v -c c-of.nt.trs last. The Stor- 85tf rOLADELPHIS-.M.tf EXTRACT. - - . . ..rnti-i r ma A MOST VALUABLE lisr-isun ' THE CCP.E OF RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, &X, Extract of a letter from the Rev. James En-glisb,datcd Bengal, to his friend in London. "Dear Sir Agreeably to vour request, I have procured and now send you by tha ship Jason, Capt. Robertson, a few pounda of the Poladelphis, or what generally coey by the name of India Extract, a Medicine universally esteemed among the people of India, for the cure of Rheumatism. Were I to inform you of thc number of people .1 : i . . ,,! ; .. ,1 nnA n nt-n d nv this Willi UIU UOIIJ iciiucw auu ' ' " ; valuable remedy, it would require morctime than I am able to bestow. Indeed,the effect of this Medicine is so immediate, that in Kheumatism you wouiu m sume suppose it acted almost like a charm in removing that painful disease. That difficulty, however, in procuring thc Extract, will for many years retard its general circulation. It being obtained from a Shrub growing in, the mountains of Tibet, in the Burman Empire of India, and held in so much repute by the Natives, that to part with it is like parting with their existence . The usual mode of taking it is in the form of Pills. 1 shall use all my endeavours to send you a constant supply." Since the Proprietor has received the a-bove Medicine, he has put it up in Boxes made for the purpose, containing sixty Pills, with a bill of Directions and a certificate of its being Genuine, signed in his own hand writing and in order to show its vast importance, has thought proper to submit for public inspection, a few out of avast number of Certificates from people who have been cured by it in Europe and America, Letter to Mr. Bcdwell, dated Liverpool, Jan. 7,1823. Dear Doctor I have been violently affected with the Rheumatic complaint for many years ; even my fingers were so contracted I could neither dress nor undress myself, orgive the least assistance to my family , I have only used two boxes of the Extract and 1 am perfectly restored. Yours truly, R. RALSTON, London, April 19th, 1824. Doctor Bcdwell Dear Sir, I beg leave to inform you that 1 have been for these several months so affected with such violent pains in my hips, thighs and legs, and swelling of the joints, that 1 could not rest day or night ; nothing that was applied gave any relief, until a neighbour of mine informed me of the -India Extract having performed many cures ; I sent for a box, which gave wonderful re- ijef, and "by using two boxes and a half, I . j-tun. as well as ever Iwas in wy lifev- "i Sb't. servant, . J.WELSH.: From Tcjbias Jennin, Steward of St Thorn-' .as'.Hospital. - tMfMfcb,i0th, 1823. - Dear Sir I tiring rtiiutx to inform you, that after trying every remedy . panted out by the most respectabeklprijsiians for the relief of my son, without anjreuccessV'x who you know, has for many years fjeeh la- j booting under severe Rhumatism,Rhuift- '-. , . , ic Gout, Fever, fyc I made trial jf tlej !..! ' 3 dia Extract accor.ing to your instructi&fls; ( ; . andl am rejoiced to say, it has proved? s proveiK fl.. , h , vrvvJ near- V'-i!) 2d,1824.V',f perfect cure Letter to my agent in America Riebmond. Virginia. Mav 2d. Dear Sir It becomes me'at this time, to '-a- express to God my gratitude tor the meaps no has made use oi, in restoring my ion; health, by the use of a medicine called adelphis or India extract, a or the vnaiu I linirA liApn ttnffriAvmislv nQftnttn Rheumatism, that I have for times almost 1 ..... .L . ' J . H l.j wished for death to relieve me from my suf-i rioMU i last Ate ? faring seeing this medicine advertised 1 V sent mt a box, and J do declare, that p-nco j. ; have- biun tn-use it I have never felt a pain and am ure that by continuing to use it for" a short; time" I halj againenjoy my usua. ' health, and be able to support my family, a , , heretofore.1 . Inclosed 4 sgM you three dols ;;'! lers, for two boxes, whichyo wiU please to pack up carefully, ana nr. tiernempworing itj s ; itsafe to mo. lou may tell the Iria. ... ( my opinion, that the'Poladelphis is "JinjjfV'J'fiS medicine in the world, mat will cure. -the ? Rheumatism. With joy and glaadfiesa. ft .V: i Yours forever, WM, U. MEYER 4 I Extract of a letter from a respectabli PHysi theA cian, in Bedford County, Penn. t gent of thc Proprietor..' 4 , There is in my neighborhood a g whohasbeen heavily afflicted with htlejmin ItH-uroa tisui for many years. He has been af ing the Panacea, to the amount ol six or seven i)ot. ties without any effect ; on seeing tfje PoiaJ delphis advertised, he got a friend to rail 'si-Mr. Desilver's Book-store, in Market-strert . t for a box of the pills which he is Usinirnjd, ,t receiving much benefit from it ; and lam pf " an opinion that one or two boxeB mere immi '. produce a radical cure. I belieje.tjT; to c a valuable medicine. . , 'V'jL-V :.' ' i-l i Certificate of the Proprietor." This is to certify that I have appiifatl Doctor Robert Harris Jr. of PennsjlviJii,' my only agent in the United States, to (fiepiif'jj -of that valuable medicine, called tbo,Pdli)el- phis, India Extract, with full power tbtppofnt ' agents where he may think proper' ; nnd. ao the great demand may induce unprincipled' ? persons tofabricate the medicine to theinfu- ry of the public, I have thought proper Ipfic-company this certificate signed in rmvtjjfn ' hand writing, with the directions round each -oux ; nnd the more effectually to detect counterfeits, tha public will observe the sig- nature of my agent Robert Harris, Jr. on tho - outside of every box. To counterfeit which is felony. Signed at my Office, No. 23, Greek -street London. F.BEDWELL. . JN. B. Agreeable to the authority given by me to Dr. Harris, he has appointed Shot well & Haydock, No. 405, Pear); street, New-York, nrtacinal wholesale Venders for the Northern aud Eastern States. F. B. J. W. WILLIAMS, having been appointed Agents for Shotwell & Havdock for vtndintr the Poladehhisa sun- ply will always be be keptat thtirutiveeisx Store, Bvjjgio. o ( JAMES SHELDON. H AS removed his office next south of D. Burt's new brick store on Cheapside. Nov. 12. 36 ' "'A f

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