The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1935
Page 3
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jfARCFI 18, 1985 55 Miles Per Hour Across Trestle Traveler Sedan fins 133 Inch Wheelbasc; More ..Space (nsicle ;.'|1ie Chrysler Sales Corporation announces the uddiliou of the Traveler Redan on a wheetbnse ol Wl inches fo its Airslream Elu,ht | ItiiK This body style was created | in; respond lo an insistent demand I fW'<; a ear wiih a hullt-in trunk iltfl would combine (ho luxury of! cji.'jiom-buiU inli-rlor with the eoiti- i 1|M of <>x(;c'ptlimu! spaeiousm s 1 T1W Ti-nvi'to- .Sedan lists at 51 ~"> I f..-o. h. nt-tvoii. H is Hie lan't L lii't-j both in «'hecl'r):i:-i' and spa- cio\isnos.s of the inlMior, 10 bo rp:i)|id within KOVOI-.II hundred do)- la)^j of its class. ;.T)ie )it",v ear is powered with the All-stream Elgin engine of 105 horsepower. Riving It a perform- jlUce comparable to that of the UWH expensive- cars. All of the "typical Chrysler features of MI j p,inf, chassis and body rtesiisn arc i retailed. | • i.Cloth trim or mohair me op- I tiqnat for both front and leu scats. Atuon.f Die flue interior fea- tui'es arc: Ann rests in tear compartments fitted with individual lUih receivers; f.vo rending lights lophled in (he curved ceiling be- t^qc-n tho rear rpiarter window and hjicl; window; convenient "earn ail? compartments in the bottom o(;th<; two lear doors large cnougli for., small iiaekaycs. Assist coids n(jU' foot, rests round out the n n ebWiparlment. Thc appointments of,, the front compartment -ue| iqetitlcal with those used iu otlKi | body styles of thc All-stream Eisht. I • One of the mast valuable fca-' tiirc-s of (lie new Traveler Sedan Is thc extreme width of the doors. The front door measures 42 inches at tho bottom and I he bact dooj- 25-Si Inches at tho bottom, The floor of the rear compartment measures vi\t, inches from thc I front of (he back seat io the rear t of the n-oiif. scat in the middle position. With the foot rests in normal position, there is ample room to carry Without inconvenience lo passenger, such pieces of megasc as cannot be accommodated In the bin built-in trunk The Traveler Redan comes in eight siniidnrd color combinations and of.course, can be furnished hi anv othM^at extra cost, - Chryslcf dealers have .?)io«ii a lively inicrcsl in the previews of I this oxtremelv handsome ami spa- ' cious car niul rapr-cl, il. to | )c mic } 1 £-*- , K n ^ os t- ..uopulal- In the line I •y^-y vcjard it as tim ideal An abandoned intc-i urban trestle neir Bun u &|iiu" Mich if fords a critical "ride test" for a motor car and il has become a i no i ( hiiii) of StitcUnln ic tarch engineers. Above you sec the new 1935 SUKiebakcr cctulpped «'ilh [he .sensational Studebaker planar front wheel suspension, which traveled ovcr the tier at 35 miles an hour. Although the going is extremely rough the occupants of the car had a boulevard-smooth ride. Many incredulous automobile editors have tal-en the ride and been Ihoroiwhly convinced of the unusually smooth perfoi mancc, given bv the new Sliidebahc-r development. Shipmonis This Year liuli- I'licw shiimicnl.s, to lull', ulreaily exceed Ihn tola] for bolh l!)a-J and ift:W iui<i are «|unl tf) nearly Imlf of [],<, u , ta | fori'i«n T-senilily shijimeuls m u <| e 'in 4.H1 per cent. 11.18 prr cent '-"'^ .... 1.83 per cent 1033 2.12 per cent 1M4 ii.00 nor cent 1035 .... 1.r> ])(. r t .,, n |. (to dntet Ne\v Ford Trflck Features Forward Load Balance F °" olrcrlll|f " " CW i hll ™ (lut ' s •"'«' exceptional roominess n t a modi erate price. Because of Us io, 1P wheelbase and the W nerallv i m v and rak-Mi lines of the Airstream ( it has the anocarance of hem? even lamer than it is The comfort (o be had .clusr.e truck devplopmenl.s. The new r ull , u,,,:,.,, as iiinvaru load cnsirimuion. This is obtained by momiliug the front spring four inches ahead of the front axle and moving the engine forward nearly nine inches. This toother W'th th- spncc-.sF.vine V type eioue permits more of: the load (o be placed ahead of thc rear axle more weight on the front end. Denlers claim mor: uniform lire ami brake «'e«r, more -stable ride B reata-' protection for fragile leads and the ability lo make acute !llis ie tmn, pulling full width semi-trailers in entering or' this country _alone. This means » . fl .....'.lui-i I,. , •l I • r:lr hv " lc wiclc doors [that the complete service facili- ft obvious. This is n feature Ilia!. |i!ra of one of thc world's laiRest ' W i^.!!! 1 ''" 1 .!'! 1l ' lici " Inrl - v lo persons jtfi.stribiitiiK- organr/Alions are at 'Ihc disposal of owners of more Ihan a.COO.OOO Chevrolet cars now in operation in every stale in the Chevrolet Dealers Stress !" nln ' u io been ' ant ' always will A i n ' llns been ' ant ' always will AUtO UwnerSi 1)(; - the constant aim of Chevrolet JitcKlcrs to serve car owners with "Never forRet a enstomcr— Mever i coml '' l -' tc maintainance facilities," let him foyitct you." Orlginated by William E. Holler ' - , said Mr. Holler. "The service ren- <Icl ' crt to c| wvrolet owners is not qcuera] sales manager of Chcvro' only tnol ' ( » | B | i nn d comprehensive, let ^fotor Company, this now fam-i llut sci ™tinc and meticulous. We oils slogan is placed above the 1 ) ' lsist " iat rn ' cl ' J ' dealer's service desks of Chevrolet dealers thi-ou°h \ mn " l)e il specialist in lih line" mil- the mintry. and il. L, a,guide L, ~ ~ . Regisirations dealer of to;lav." said Mr. Holler In commenting on this subject "is determine largely by the ability of the dealer t, cars in the state during tlie year. This compares with 131-1 curs in 1033. Plymouth rei;islralion.s nationally, n.s well as in Arkansas, .show a marked increase for the twelvemonth period. Mr. Moock stated in the report that Plymouth reg- David Olson,.engineer at the Hofors factory in Stockholm, has constructed a clock which tells the time, gives the course and rising and setting positions of the sun and moon, .shows dusk and dawn, phases of the moon, the year month, week, dale and day of the istercd a total of 302.857 cars! 1 ™*- movements of the nrnm- in the United States in 193-i. an |'«ciH, e.xacl, hour in different parts increase of 21.2 per cent over the of tllc world, and even registers LHO.OB? cars registered during the " 10 dianges caused by leap year. Registrations of Plymouth in Arkansas for 193-1 show a ga'a\ of 7(i,24 per cent over tlie preced- . released by u. G. Moocfc, vicc-m-esideut of the Pi- Today Chevrolet is iu the hands otor corixjration of approximately 10.000 dealers in that Plymouth registered 2310 neii for SMART PEOPLE from a I] over tl, c South Us suporbly appolntcli' previous year. Plymouth gained in registrations in •['/ of the -18 states. "Prodticfion and shipment of the ncv/ l!)35 models started earlier than usual this year," Mr. Moock said, "and on tlie basi'5 ( of sales in January and Febrn- • ary to dale, the year promises i to bf> even heller Ihnn last ycnr. netail deliveries for .lanuary wcre nenrly three' timer, those of the same month a year ago. Dealer orders already have passed tin- HO.OOO mark, a new all-time record for tills early in thc year." Approximately 160,000.000.000 cig- i arcis are consumed annually. "'STICK TO STANDARD! 5 The 01 tl Reliable Gasoline 8 1 ;i'ii d ;i r <1 -. Ensolcnc: -Gas,; ^ :.' l)oiiRfht;at '(liis.'-st'aCion'wrici\e^' : :-': : :Hie price is lower' than ;il most Ai'kanwis stations, is thc best "buy". for your money. Wo pive free road .service. GOODYEAR AND MANSFIKLD TIRKS Business (or 1935 Is Higher than for Similar Period Year Ago r>KTROJT. — Retail deliveries of passcnt'.cr cars and trucks so fur reported for the week cndlnc March 0 cojitlmit! the rkiiif; tcn- ileucy thai lias marked Ihem lor the past two and a half nionllis. The week's analysis of sales activities, made by the. office of A. vaiiDcrtee. general sales manager of Dotlcc Division of Chrysler Motors, .slates thai Dodge dealers retail deliveries of new vehicles ir thc c-rtay period amounteit to G.aca; of these, 5,977 were Dodge and Plymouth pa.sscnRCv cars and 9fl!i were Dodge commercial cars and trucks. Thc week's increas ovcr the turnover of thc preceding week is 233 unils or 'i5%. by Dodge dealers ii the firet tcnweeks of 1935 wcr< 44,OT.f DodKc and' Plymouth pas senger cars and 7.955 Dodge corn, luercinl 'care and trucks—making a total of S2.749 retail sales. TIV|, loliil. e.veecdlni; the record of the first ;lcu v;ecks of 1034 by 22.RBII vehicles, indicates a uain In favor of Ufe present year's business of The sales volume of Dod«c dcal- r's new car nnd truck deliveries for thc week ending; Miirch 3 to- tiiltnir O.flco. units, is closely par- mieled by n.uco used-vehicle sales made during the some jwioct. During the week covered by the latest Dodge delivery report, the factory reached n daily output of 1.300 passenger cars and trucks and passed an Important produc- lion milestone Iry btiiklinp thc 3- inilllontli Dodge." OUR BOARDING HOUSE Jff^T PAGE A ,i3y Aliei-h GOOb SMOKE W)G } '6IJT U\KE WHEN \ WAS f\N SN\OK& "RlHfo "BUOVs/EiR « N tfs^u^MO! —THAT WAS "PTOOR TO THE Tl rAt 1 WAS •BITTEN 'BY THE. UP-'BtF-TLE: OT-ZOcbO ^ PARALYZING THE NEKVES OF- MY LIPS - urA-M-xKNjOW WHAT I COUfD t>O*2 G6AJ3, 1 UStO TO 'BLOW OUT ' / TOUR SfAOKt -R\NGS —TWtV } A PAiR 01= B6YATS -cmtH Tl-f- / TWO EI6HTS WOULD 'Bl-EHD "V) TOGETHER AMD'At5t> UP INTO rfe^r IT \N TH~ TEACH ftp. SAVDi "NOT TO CHKN&t TH 1 SUBJECT, ALV1N—-V i WAS USED TO USE OP (^ SAIT3,"VAOT ALSO IS THE BESTTHUMB Riding Comfort Is Feature of New Fords Three major eiiglncerinn principles combine to |;ive the new Ford V-8 for is:)5 what. Kurd ciiKlnecra U-rin the "rentcrpoise" ride. These principles are: Correct .spring suspension, involving eriuality of front and rear api-lnff flexibility. 1'roper car weight balance nnd pa«x>ii|;t:r \vel[;ht tlistrlbutioii, Location of passengers to the center of the car. In I be new Ford V-D car the well-known Ford transverse spring suspension has been newly applied. llotli the front, and rear sprliiffs urn lonuer and more llcxlbtc. The ivlricr front sprint; Is now mounted ahead of the fronl uxlo, cor- respondliiK, wltli the moiintlni! of l))i; rail- s.urfni; Irack of (he rear le. This i?lvc.s Hie ear a "sprlnu" of man: Hum m inches compared with Its lyheelb.ixe of 112 Inches. Sprinit leaf ends are GET THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE FOR POWER-SPEED AND PICK-UP . M. McCALL Dislriliutur ORE CHIEF GAS TERRY SERVICE STATION Vrfc-Mo Stale Line On Hie Arkansas Side News Want Ads Pays Head COLDS the U. s. Government requires for its emergency equipment. ' ' .IOYNER& HON1FIBU) ' Tcviro EJiMrihulors - Drive in liere for your lankful of; the new 1'cxBc^^thyl Gasoline..' . .pnun has been added to i"lie sensaiiomi! Texaco Fire-Chief Gasoline. The result is a smoother-running, lar more powerful gasoline than was ever before thought possible. It's here. We have it. Come in end try Ihc quickest-shirting, spcediesi, iveliest rfusoline sold anywhere. (npcrcd, elvinif, smoother action ovcr i-miBh roads mid softening llielr motion over highway.*. As a further aid to Improved cushioning of the my, lanjcr tries, with ereat- er air capacity and added road contact are used. Hydraulic double ncllni: shock absorbers control spring action In either dlrcclion. Read Courier News Want Ails. ilcs of with HUBBAUDTIHE £*. BATTERY GO: She: "Are wr..t lie: "Wr.'ru r,u If (hi- >.i(;ii>. .-u,. r n ib ( . r\ K \,l mud? 1 Ihr, rl s hl roa.l In a lot of -lll. „,-•!,. BTftll)r ,„,, , f ,,, r ill) ilrar irr Hrons; You're on (he ri ff hi road loi dtpcnd il)l c i! rt ,md ii vT>^ V «f?'' vlcI " M wl>«"i'.v(iu hend for (he HUBIHKD ,V, R l WAI ,''; iCOlM1>ANY We hl >» the iqmpmtnl • e alnily (o do Ihc job KIGHI—.ind we'll a riKlil ])rice. '•ASH "EAR HUBBAliO HOWErCO.'' Here Is ttie SPanioiis FARMALL Family F*rmill 13 etowSlia Qualified to Provide Any Farm ivith Economical Poiver . ' ' , 'V^Y g° od things come in threes and among 'the very best from the, fgirin pomt : of'view i FAIW ALL -R»yer^|ii^|RJ|g^pX>He5rcvthe -- " EXACO-ETHYL ^TEXACO FIRE-CHIEF .GASOLINE PLUS ETHYL BILL WUNDERLICH Phone 711 •- . . Corner Main & Fifth "F -12-r-cach df\a4i rekily not only lo plow but to plant, ciiitivnta, run belt machines, nnd handle all row-crop nnd general- purpose needs. All of them have these exclusive patented Farmnll features — quick-dodging ahility, forward location of gangs, and hraking either rear wheel through thc steering gear for square turns. Cull us and we will come out and demonstrate any ot all of the Fanmlls. Delta Implements, Inc. L. G. NASH, Manager Phone 802 Next (o Armory

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