The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1937
Page 5
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l''UJJ)AY, NOVKRJHliii 19, 1937 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS (by a shade) LIIiiEtll 10 Chicks Rank As Decided Favorites In Game On Jonesboro Field Rated ns outstanding favorites, the Blithcvlll; hljli school chlch- asaw.s. one of Arkansas' two major undefeated and untied football teams, meet the unpredictable Jonesboro Hurricane at Joncsljoro tonight. The clash will bring together tn-c ancient, rivals for northeast Arkansas supremacy. While the odds are decidedly on the Chicks to trim the lilack and Gold clad team, it I: generally admilt«! that the Hurricane will slagc its .strongest Ijatlls of Hie season against the hi»hl' touted Chickasavvs. now roaring tiloii" toward their fourth undefeated season, except for an out- of-statc post season loss last year. Before, hostilities got under "way ibis fall (he Hurricane was tagjeti one of the outstanding lavcrlte.s in li •; nut. Then Coach Lowell Manning's tenin surprised everybody by losing to an admittedly weak May- lield. Ky.. eleven. It, was a blow from svhich the formidable appearing Hurricane never recovered, the .Jonesbors grfdders suffering still Uirtlier defeats, climaxed by a thor- ouzh walloping by a'aout. 40 points at tlie hands of the Ultle Rock Tigers. ( However Jonesboro fans will be willing to term the Hurricane season successful if the Chicks are stopped lonighl. Inclement weather will likely cut down a crowd Hint otherwise would probably be the largest to attend a gair.c in northeast. Arkansas Ihis season although a special train will carry hundreds of Blylhenlle sup- 1- - .^ u_ii^sboro and others will molcr over. It may act- also, to slow c'lwn the running game ,oj Hie Chickasawi;. though, boasting a heavier team, it is hard to see "now a wet, field would damage the Chicks more than it would the Hurricane. Blytheville's starting linc-un will likely include Roberts ami Wamng- ton at the \vii:gs, Wise mid Justice at the tackles, Moody and Burton at guards. Godwin at "center, Meredith at quarterback. Bosharsn and Mosley at the halves and Brown at fullback. The Hurricane will take the field with Black and Earringer at the end post.?, Drcher and Pemberton at tackles, Rhea'and Mccarty ill guards. Whidden at center, Carey at •quarterback. Pjaris and Osment at the halves and Durham at, fullback. Duquesnc over . . Navy to slnfc Urlnccton . . . Plltshirijli cn n llse reserves over Penn. state . , . California Is due lo beat Stanford . . . There may be an upset . . . 6MO ever U.C.UA ..... Temple and villanova clash for the Quaker • ' ..... '" mil Poi» Warner will be sad another week . , . Syracuse lo beat Colgate? . . . Auburn over Georgia . . . Notre Dame to beat Northwestern . . . Ohio state over Michigan . . . Centenary over T— 'nr, Toeli (Hugh Haibcrt won't agree there . . . He's for (he Matadors as strong as horse liniment.) * * t Down in the Texas Tech territory they refer lo HO pound I'ete Caivthon as a second KinUe nockne . . . Hard bitten. Iron fisted, with a voice like a fog horn, t'etc is a disciple of the old school , . . Ue- niands tha{ his learn nlay the hard way . . . Adopted many of the late Knute's methods . . . Moulded Ihem inlo his own . . . Here are a few of his "musts" . . . Giidstcrs clothe in khaki shirts and trousers . . . Hair clipped short . . . Bans use of soap in shower rooms as being not conductive to a tou<di- ening process . . . At the beginning; of each Iraining season is said to cart boys out len miles . . . Dumps Diem out and they waik back . . . in their bare feet . . . Whatever methods he employs he nets results . . . Year after year his teams arc rough and lough nnd hard to down . . . Beat Duquesne, 13-0 this season . . . Have already captured Border championship. i C -. The majority picked for star team in 1936 are now playing pro football . . . They're planning a medal for Harry Struldrshv at Wisconsin . . . Came out. with announcement that his team was in the pink of condition, and free of injuries . . . Three boys from this neck of the woods played a prominent role in the LSU Baby Bengal 20-0 win over Ole Miss Fresh . . . Dallas Sharp and Everett Bollon cx-Jonesboro stars . . . Bill Crab- trec. Cape Girardeau . . . Sharp is a. blocking back and Bclton is regular end . . . cape a flash is a triple threaler . . . Passed for one touchdown and ran for another . . . Five former Columbus stars clash today in Ole Miss-Miss. Stale frosh game . . . Lcs Dotlsan anc! Jack Hardy, for Ole Miss versus Sonny Bruce, the kicking expert, Red Campbell and Guv McDowell . . . Northeast Arknnsas League will probably be an eight dub nffair in '38 ... Batesville has already accepted ... Is ru- mcrcd. though, that Osceola will be among those missing , . , Indications are that the Giants will be hack here . . . Bill Terry, however, will insist on a different setup. Telegraphy Expert HOK1KONTAI, ], G Pioneer in field of telegraphy. 11 In the style of. 12 Downward. 13 Grain. 15 Prophet. IGTo excavate 17 At Ihis time. JO Senior: 20 Km Ih America. 22 Mother. 23 Armadillo 2S Ever. 27I'';ibuloii.s. 32 To pxchiinijc. 3-1 Spectral im- ;isc;-. 35 Implement 37 Ncwspupc-r |)iir.-i;;:-,-tiih. SBFMiinr. bafii. •lOIioi.kT. •12 tS'j.^ll Ix'fOJT n Gre.xc. Answer lo Previous Puzzle •10 Within. 50 One. •>2 Ono time. •H Ho was ii);o an . 50' Ho won fame 1 Stepped t>5 TIcnn. CDS 1 Thp Morsi 1 code is tised in —--. also. 2 ivlollier. :t Hubhei tree, •1 J.Te^surL's of olotlv 0 Went to one's Jaiv. li l.oadslo:::.'. V Alleged force. 3 »Vand. 0 Kot lo si nil. lOUetiothal. 14 l.assoed. Hi Vehicle, 21 Pertaining to air. 24 To rent again. 2GTo value. 28 Prrlaiiiing lo a nallon. 29 Preposition. 30 To 5 Seal. 31 Long ngo. 33 Receivers ot iniicrllonccs.' 3ii Italian coin. 30 Dispatched. •il Grape refuse •M Marble, '1C Scolchmiui. 48 To poke a fire. 51 Ipecac lit :'b. 53 Sins. . 56 Distinctive theory, 5R French roil). 02 Doctor. 04 Northeast. The Dope Bucket liy J. P. Friend The nndefp.iicj a iul untieci Ciiicks play Ihcir old rivals, the Gcldcn ifurricane. In Jonesboro tonight . . . The game holds mors than just another contest interest . . . An unblemished stale record I hut h:ss turvivotl almost four sea- feus of poimriiui; ... A current unbeaten record ... A Northeast Arkansas chaniiiioiuhiji . . . And tiie game itself, are nt stake There isn't n too on the Tribal list thai attracts lik c this meeting . . . H has color . . . drama . . . comedy . . . and often tragedy . . . The record books rev=al tha't since 1024 they liare clashed yearly thirteen times . . . Jonesboro holds a ii-5 ctl^c . . . TV.O have re- Milted in tics—G-c kiii'j . . . The Chicks need this one ... It will init them en even terms. Will Crown. Queen At Game Tonight OSCF.OLA. Ark..'Nov. IB (UP)An added atlraclion of the Homecoming football game lo Iw played hsrc tonight between the Osceola -T'-a'pc f>Dd the Barle teanr will be the ciowninc of the football queen, Ruth Edringtort. by Billy Ayres, captain of the leatn. The ceremony will take place promptly at the onening of the game at eight o'clock. Attending Ihe queen as maids rvlll be: Virginia Crcmcr. Ann Barbicrs, Marie Mayo. Jackie Little. Betty Ann Whitworth, Josephine Frazier, Fi'ances Driver, Jiianita smith. Escorts nre lo be: Charles Green, Pal Moseley, Charles Boles. Tyrone Bradley, Jiinmie Chiles, Billie sil- verblatt. Jleury Swift. Jim Bunn, David Laney jr. The queen and her court \vili form the central feature of a parade through tile downtown business section immediately titter school this afternoon. I.ort Keys Embarrassing YOUNG3TOWN. O. iOP> — Edward KEcly. of New Caslie. P.I.. who left his keys in "another coat", .spent several horns in jail here because mechanics he called to cross 'ho icnit:on <:n his automobile plion:;! police and he coul:l nol produce his registration card. KV HAURY GKAYSON Sports Keillor, NBA Service That much ado about nothing much at the University of Michigan only Indicates that proselyting alumni should know their schools. Before hustling a good football ! team, old grads, unable to tnke it | ! and Iris impatient, to permit nature tn take it.s course, first ought to make sure that their dear old alma maters want a first-rate club ob- ' tained in that fashion. i Certainly, young football players ' should not be humiliated after being rushed by enthusiastic alumni to colleges not Iheir natural choice. Tom Hnnnon of Gary, Ind., and two or three boys from Kiski Prep School were so outstanding among Michigan freshmen that their presence slatted reports of subsidization. Tills may have been' due to Ibe scarcity ot topnotch prospects at Michigan for the last four seasons. *ny* ay, it seems that young Harmon took exception lo the rumors, and sought to make it char that Michigan wasn't the only j place where he could have obtained his higher education. • Harmon flashed a telegram from Bill Bcvan. former Al!-American Biiiird at Minnesota now coaching the Tulaue line, advising him thai "our offer still sltinds," and tha 1 "vour helrj nt n simcn-pure schoo! always will be subject to criticism." There Was Considerable Shopping tor Harmon The Michigan Daily printed n nhotonwrnvlng cf the message, and quoted -Harmon as saying that be fore entering the university la* 1 fall he had "offers" from five Bis T?n schools and several other leading colleges. The paper named Purdue, Illinois. Indiana, Chicago, Northwestern, Alabama, Louisiana State, Yale, Princeton, Southern California, Pittsburgh. 0 o r n c 11, Washington, nnd Michigan State. There undoubtedly was considerable shopping, bul Harmon landed at Michigan. A four-sport man at Gary, Ind., Harmon a year ngo was described by Fielding H. Yost, veteran Wolverine athletic dircclot. Harvey Stewart Dr. F. A. Robinson STEWART-RORINSON Succeeds Cily Druj Store We Specialize in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 20M W. Main Phone 20 Ijiirinn the World War. tlic Mlics actually considered dropping potato bp^lles oti German potato tields. wilh a view lo damaging the rrop. lies-pile the fact tint Blvlhcvillc is a heavy favorite . . . The dope based on past performances during the year will avail nothing . . . Outcome will depend on how much ' light they put up and the motive j behind it ... Jonc.sboro has been beaten by MayfieUt. Ky. . . catholic Hi?"' of L. R. . . . Little Uock . . - Hopr< . . . The chicks arc boasting a perfect :,roic in 8 tries . . . Even that fact won't help . . . 'Jliey will have lo scrap for CVCIT- IhiiiS they can gel ... Heaven help,'cm it they try to ridn on past performances . . . Joiiesboro was !!:,-; la-st lo beat Blytbevillc in Ihi state .• . . Wen 27-7 in 1933 . . . j Can't figure cut. anything they i would feast better on than bn th» full to break the ti-innin? streak! thnI has reached 35 straight. . 1-n-in-T n in f n, nc .;,(, jiaroan I Maulers have scorer! !.:',33 points i to 148 by the otipositicn , . . \Vh2ii ! Clucks failed to sccre a^ Co- ' lurnbii;. it was the first lime in •tf> consecutive games (hat they have failed io Lilly . . . No record lo be ashamed of. I'd say. ' * : l Rirhnr; Ih 1 of a Mi~rrssf;il ' ))ick last week, am goinj to venture -, liitio fnriuer in (his licxt-(o-the- 1 la;,l Riicfsiiii; contest . . . Loyalty! nnd confidence cause me ID choo.v, urn- Chick^ over .lenc.sboi'o with at least a couple o' T. D.'s lo spare ... Kindu Icok for about Ihe I .stinc score as in Ihe Ilspr atTair ! ~ " "» ^ . . . Tlio others: Arkansas over i n tr m I ft A GCOVKB Wathii!!;tou . . . Baylor! B K fich^fiiff tuft has done mo wroiic twice in n row. "•» M* «<58iwlflll %*W». but the third, time's Ibe chavm . . . Will beat Loyolu . . , Dartmouth ever Columbia . - Fordham to continue at si Mary's rx|icn:,c . . . '.liif Vale Buiidoj.':' 'tJiat't ;uy team' to tear Harvard apart , . ". Carnegie Tech over Holy Cross KENTUCKY BfjllflBOH WHI5KEV-90 FBOOr is "the nation's outslnndiiis hlfih school nthleto," Now. there was nothing wrong »'llli Harmon hopping from anry, Inri., to Ann Avuor, Mich., lo attend -ollese. '1'hcrc is nothing wrong- with boys tifivelhij. icco miles or more lo go lo ccllege. Many college boys llko l o get nwny fi-om home, They wish to se« somctliin« different tliun Ihe school lu Ihc old home lown or 100 miles ilc'.vn slate. H possibly mlcht be Hint their parents nilended the school they pick, or Hint friends I)ii|i|!on to be sjoing Iherc, Jlieh school conches often like lo si'o (heir stars pack off to the school they attended, nnd hluh school boys usually nre easv mnrks ' ihcir cofchc.s. They ilslen lo Ihem. O'il firiik ami Srlinoli Khouhl «ct Together '"'"' """'" Is Ihe question of hiiuiccs. llundve<ls of eastern nlh- letes go to southern, mid-western. <»' lor western schools becnuse it is so much cheaper for Ihem lo do so. Tuition Is cosily nl Ihc big majority, of eastern Institutions. It rims as high ns $400 n year In some cases, whereas boys can attend Inrse mid-western schools, for ex- ani|ile. for us little ns $100 n year, 3i:<! living expenses In most cases M'e -^hra]ier, It's ivjifcctly okch for nUinml, In- tcnsr-lv interested In ihcir school's football fortunes, to try to scnf oittslandfiv.; 'high school talent tr O!:l Slwaish, but Orsl they should nsceitnin Old siwash's nliUude or .subildlKjitir. Old grnds arp dear wrong when they make vasli prom Ises which (hey cannot hope U fulfill. That certainly is unfiilr t/- the boy who eoiihl huvc made somt other anjj tetter choice. There also 1s nothing wrona wit] a bey being helped through college as long ns he meets scholastic requirements. Bul why hhotild u school In It' quest for purity put a youngsle like Hnrmon on the spot. The tlmt for a school to nnd out' ...lumii is when they enter. Old gratis and their schools Imr' issl get together. PACE FIVi Mental strain, nlghl clute, th cocktail habit and excessive sinok Ing nrc lour of the reasons give) for (lie Increase in (he number o persons suffering froin heart (Us ensc. Papoose Grid Squad Given Dinner Party Coach James "Ace" puckott, men- lor of Iho Blythcvllle Junior High football Icain, nnil twenty eight ot Ills 1'npooses were entertained Wednesday evening at the Women's Club building on W«st Mnhi slroct will) n dinner pnrly Icmlcivd by Mr. nnd Mrs. Marcus Evrard, The maroon nnd while colors ol the Dlylhevlllo high school were used for decoration, nnd the dinners were served nt n long table which hail been covered with green ci'Cix.- paper, crossed nt intervals wllli vhlto strips representing the ten-yard murks of the regulation football Held. At ouch- end of tho table miniature goul posts were elected nml dccor&lcd with the lilylhevllle school colors. A rcgultt- llon size while football adorned Hie center ot the tnbte. After the men). v«riau« RH.IMS such an table tonuls nnd Indoor baseball were pluycd until about l o'clock. A mlnlnlure footbnll was jlven lo cnch guest as n fnvor. Xeiser Athletes Must Undergo Examinations CKCECLA. Ark.. Nov. 10.—All Indents tukltiu part. In school .ilhlrllcti la ICekcr high school (his -in- will be compelled lo undergo' physical cxaiuinnlton lo rtctcv- •nine their DIIICS.S' for Mich activities. Tills Important step was .dccld- nl upon at an executive meeting if the p. T. A. In thq Home EC- iiomlcs building yesterday nfler- •con, which was conducted l>y Mrs. J. T. Polk, president. The nsHJclnllou will bear Hie ^M'tliic ol these examinations where pareuls do not wish to do so. The dclalls of (he plan are to l>e worked out by w. E. Plgg. upcriiilendcnt, and Coach Jnmes WcsUrfleld. 'Ihc adoption of n budget tor 'ie you- constituted Hie rest of '10 business eessbn. "Athletics and •cnllh." will bo Ihc subject of be next p. T. l\. meelliiK on Dc- -mbcr 2. at which lime tnlks .'III be mndc by a player, u par- nt, it pbyslclnn mxl (lit coach. town's Pridt At Over Giant 2-Year-Old PHILADELPHIA (IJP)-A battle of chambers of commerce may rage over the heads—big for their tge —of Jnmen Donald Arwood of'Phil- adelphia and Molvln Balllnjcr of Los Angeles. Jftmes and Melvlu both claim the title of "bl&gest 2-year-old." James was well known In Ills nWghbor. hood but his parent* clamored for national recognition after-' Mclvln of his 42 pounds and 8 ounces. Jj J»mt« weighs in even so pouiii* and lift* chain and rides a blcycl*. parents said. Ladies' & Men'. Tailorinf Fur Coat Alterations. Ladies' Custom Tailored Suits ;( , Alterations of all types ' Phone,53 ; HUDSON'S * Cireat Britain owns about onc- ourlh of nil the land on earth. BROADWAY SALES Inc. Phone 111 IMPORTANT For Paving District* ewer Districts RUTHBLYTHE City Improvement Collector THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING ON WHEELS /<^M//VOIITVALUKS THEM AU THE LATEST AND GREATEST FEATURES OF AMERICA'S FINEST HOW-PflKfD CAR KIW SIWER STRfAK STYUNO » NEW ClUTCH PtOAl «OOSTtR NEW SAFHV-SmED INTWIORS . NIW BAniST lOCAriON PIUfKTtOKNES-ACTIONSIDE . IMi>«OV£OCllm!I.POINT STR- ING . ftOJUSTAaU,TltTINC3.pASBtNOt» FRONT SIAI . IXIRA- tARGE IUOGA6E COMPARTMENT . 010.CAR WHEILBASI () 17" «n Six, 1J2" on ClghtJ « niPU.SE/iUD HYDBAUlIC MAKB UNISTESL RorlES Bt flSKER t FISHER NO.PRAff VENTllAnON COMPUTJlYfEAlED CHASSIS . SAfmMUlTt-SEAM HEAOllOHrs PROPUCT OF ClNEMl MOTORS, BETTER LOOKING ••JEITIR 8UIIT • A BITtIR N IF the 393S Silver Streak Isckcd thcdistinc- live styling, the. crtra roomings, the peak economy, and nil -around quality that set it apart from other cars; the Safety Shift Gear Control' would still make you prefer "the most beautiful thing on wheels." For this great feature is <ho finest improvement in handling case in tho /aa--pr/ce fold. Safety Shift clears the front floor completely, speeds up gear- shifting, lc! 3 you drive with both hands near the Wheel. It's a sign nnd symbol of the r.mnring plus value built into America's finest low-priced car— value which, n ride will tell you, fops them a!!. PON'TIAC MOTOR DIVISION, PONTIAC, MICHIQAK Ce/tefn/ Afo<eri Satoa Cornoidtion TWO GREAT RADIO PROGRAMS: "A'cns Thtnutt, a jvoman', £y«" crcry Mon.. Wca., anil Fri. at } p.m., E.S.T.. Columbia iVpfivorlf. "Vnrsity Show"— direct {torn tho le&dinQ collego campuses livery Friday nitfit. NSC Blue > Nctvork at ) p.m., E.S.T.-S p.m., C.S.T.— 7l>.ix.,N,'S.T.~Sp.Ki..t'.S.T. TUNB Ittl , J-BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Blytheville Oscsola

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