The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on June 17, 1955 · 21
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 21

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1955
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- - :Tf" , i i FRIDAY, JUNE ADVERTISER SEVEN B . a: tup MnNTr.nMFRY 17 ' I I W AAA IJ III v - I I ... Vatiean Takes Drastic Step And Ousts Leaders Of Argentina In Historic Move wATTPiv rrrv .lunp 16 un .that in the past struck Napoleon: recognition of the Catholic church i.iL.i:. rki.rk av. TTanrv TV Fmiwrnr rif (rermanV! I V! rrVif vaara aiin in " inl'mn Trr0 xvoman iauiuut vimi m tA-iin-nj 1 - - i v. - communicated the rulers of Argen- and, more recently, the Communist audience, he received Mrs. Eva una today in a Historic action i ruiei s u uus'j ix-muu. jiB gave c ya nuai ouickly followed by revolution There were unconfirmed reports lor her services to tne cnurcn ana there. the Pope might call an exiraora- awaraea reron me rwn mcu-u Growing friction between church inary consistory to express him- he Vatican s thira nignesi aecora-. . . j u. i. - L.i rini., aiokf viirc mm thi Pam tion for his services to the ana state enmaxea dv vi.ijr -- - priests and expulsion of a bishop gave pontifical wards both to Pe-' church. At that Ume there were pnesis au I -p.,- rumors here that Peron was not preceded the drastic step. . m uu ma iaic ----- .. , Ir . e. -nneutnrv Fph pleased with the decoration. Some The excommunication mentioned He called such a consistory t eb. v expected a higher bo names, but the Vatican made 14. 1949, after Josef Cardinal Mind- said at Had expected a mgner It clear that President Jsn v. szemy, cauioiic j. nuii- -."", . Person and many perhaps all-or gary, naa Deen ssmencea 10 uie , ; V " L" f j-eisuu iiu j v r !;er,f t cninmn 9cumh v that one cause of friction betwen the nemDers or n 8 e .Vr": .J77f th. Peron and the church was the re- were cut ou irom ine sacranmtia r . -k- - - - . . . ntVlit;ao 5n I teiwsriin nf the church. action against tne uaramai: iua. '-a i I ... . I i.lnx . nnia fn- hatiFirarmn voM. m.rrp said th xcom- "It is a most grave crime that l - 0UV.U1I WMVW 1 I m MM mm I u I munication in effect broke diplo- strikes very severely not only your matic relations between the ,Vati- sacred college, not only the univer- can and predominantly Catholic sal (Catholic) church, but also of- Argentina and that this situation fends all those who serve human would prevail so long as Peron is dignity and liberty." in power. J Broad Sense v nrnMai rnmmont The excommunication declared viffStins' hrnke out in Argentina that all who had a hand in the . .. .. I 4 r:,-i. frt .nA m Vimirc otrr ina pxrnmmuu i aciiuus axaiiiat uuuuu iav iiau 0 icn wvu;d w.w I . lcation. Neither the secretariat of at the time of their action auto- -f Vat ran authorities maticauy taiien unaer excommun- would comment officially. ication in the Zlatae setentiae. r;. vtt waa nnH His- or Droaa sense, inis is reservea . , --jj j i i in a sDecial manner to the iurfs turoea ana sauueneu L-y uic - against the church which led up diction of the Pope himself, which to today's strong step. . Th Vatican's declaration was Is- t .,... . . . . . , r. niusi come imuu&u xiuu. gued by the Consistonal Congrega- - . - T.,n him; F i I luc liiuiitruiaic Ul prefect. It was published in the mumcatioa must com through I The immediate effects of excom- i i - . i .. v.j mumcauon are loss or me tacra Tha iatin text saia au who nu . ... . 1 . T . . f " a ments. public services and prayers raised ir nana aga ns, the church, ecclesiastical burial, Emannuel Tato. auxiliary bishop ra,hni; f Buenos Aires, impeaea nis wor .. ..." . course In the Middle Ages, the penalty in Eva Peron's behalf. This, how ever, could not be confirmed. The President's wife died July 26, 1952. Predominantly Catholic Despit its predominantly Catholic character, Argentina has had trouble with the church several times in the past. Under Gov. Gen. Rodriguez, later president (1826-27), the church's goods were confiscated. Under President-Gen. Julio Roca (1880-86) antireligous laws were enacted. Again, serious trouble developed during the presidency of Dr. Mar-celo de Alvear (1922-28) when the Vatican refused to ratify the gov ernment's choice of a candidate for the archbishopric of Buenos Aires. - Argentina is one of the few countries in j the world which has the privilege of participating in selection of its bishops and archbishops. Argentine Official Says Still Catholic SANTIAGO, Chile, June 16 WV-Argentine Foreign Minister Jero-nimo Remorino passed through Santiago today en route to the U. N. 10th anniversary meeting at San Francisco. At a news conference the foreign minister was asked for comment on the Vatican announcement that Argentine government leaders had been excommunicated because of the exiling of two bishops. "I am a Catholic as always' he replied. "I do not believe that spiritual values rise or fall like quotations on the stock market." He said Argentina still main tains diplomatic relations with the Vatican. As for the expulsion of the bishops, Remorino said the decision was based on information supplied by the Ministry of In terior and the police. Virginia Detectives Claim Suspect Here v Two Arlington, Va., detectives, Russell L. Runyon and Elmer L. Redmon. arrived here yesterday to returSi Floyd Keith Flakely to Arlington county to face charges of grand larceny for the theft of an automobile. Blakely was being held at the county jail. Comparative Costs ROSWELL. N.M. WV-Officials of the Chaves County Cancer Crusade are pointing out that the county goal of $11,000 is less than what will be spent in the county during the next year for ladies' fingernail polish. TV Newscaster ExchangeSpeaker . Frank McGee, WSFA-TV tele vision newscaster, spoke to tx-changites yesterday at the Whitley Hotel on "Development of TV aj a jfews Medium. - McGee, who came to Montgomery from Oklahoma, participated in the first televising of a criminal trial, and the first televising of a state political convention. , , -Speaking informally, McGee told the Exchange Club members of advance, behind-the-scenes techniques that enable TV newscaster to report news only minutes after it actually happens. - . T7r Otrfca Cc'lSp Gd Qfcoo . . po c ::2:'Jocl c anrf narticipated in his expulsion. had fallen under excommunication. The bishop, together with his as- p, together with his as- invoked freauentlv. sometimes s i s t a n t. Msgr. Ramon Pablo oa basi Tod onlv Novoa, passed through Lisbon late today by plane. They were to ar rive in Rome sometime after mid night. Sam Church Rulinf Today's pronouncement was un a. l 1 on a minor major excommunication remains in force. Drorirrd Of Rifhta If we consider only its nature. says the authoritative Catholic Encyclopedia, "excommunication has awwoj mm r- I J wf--"- LSI VVVUWWv IMMT VV, f W V - 4 b mAtrJ l " " J that it struck Catholic rulers of an clerics and laymen of all their almost . aoiiuiT uiuou nsnis m ennsuan society. country. Among canon laws cited in the With the pronouncement, Peron declaration today was Code 2334, and members of his government which proclaims "All those who fall nnof th cama church penalty I am if against tne ireaom ana ngnts ot t it . xr?,;.M ifaa the church are struck by excom- .Robbery V ictim Moans mun;c.t,on .. Thfl Same 'd de- JUanle flnt 'Swme Uut clares that those who "impede di- Mciai t Th Advrtir jurisdiction also incur excommun- fTRESTVIEW. Fla.. June 16 iratinn. TTKa Pitril DofADCA hlrV Oil L tSt I TUa VNrvAiinMAmArif ft f U0 VA I AUC & k 11 U U At V, t 111 in Crestvkw Thursday night was firmed that the persons who acted " - Ak. . 4K!sr1r mit" tnr I t:u t ... UKUV lAiaiA A w.w I ddllOk UtlLlUf A ALU illtuticu V. A Ia. D. Richbourg. Negro cafe communication automatically at operator. the time of their action. .Richboure said he left his care Even before the excommunica 'to go to the Bank of -trestview tion, sources here said the Vatican buildine. where he is employed and Argentina's rulers were head ; as lanitor. to see that the lights ins for a diplomatic break. worn turned off promptly lor tne I Argentina s ambassador to the Whan ha rtitrTid he said I Vnfiran Parlrt Maria Olivia Velez. - he found the front and side door3 1 left Rome more than a month ago . .. . m a l 1 . a a 1 ! tT.I!- locked, the Dacs aoor open, tne to return to Argentina, v aucan cash register open, Laomia Marb- sources had said this was a regular ely. 22, waitress, gone along wiia vacation after a tnree-year tour ar. $60 in cash." I the Vatican, XNonetneiess, mere Richbourg stated h was charg- w as doubt here whether he would in the woman with eetting the even attempt to resume his post money and he said, "I don't like The Vatican's apostolic nuncio them black out thiegs, it was a (ambassador) to Argentina is 'swipe out." I Archbishop Mario zanin. i is in , . i tsuenos Aires. a naii- nt hifrvals hplieved to be I . Solemn Audienco ino vars old was discovered re- Pope Pius was said to be es horvpnth 20 inches of Deciallv saddened because the I . . . nn. I' a i? dirt, near Marion, Ind. They were constitution 01 uamouc Argentina fn nerfect condition. ' calls for a Cathohc ruler and state t - - 1 t",v: ' i-- 1 .'f ' - i I "ii. .... . .. . tiii - I k. ii ti U - 11 - v V A.J -, 1 ' x - - 5 QlorDtrt combinaJica ttwt takes oft the work t of vosh doy Sus-erb "SPEED- QUEN" 6fiw K tport tho.nail Wf ywhr . . . Of Kt nW low , c1J Ai too h Pn trai Kd you . . tt twin tub mool oiswhwf . v V H to Rio, 160 . . oil ot o atio" Vo And whert yo flflffidlai vf) to btg woo H f ftwr rotiy .4nAA: . mnlfti -ttm ;:JN1 :nr iKfA' vlmtt ::;tfV: : 0: OtOtlftf : : of wirwjtw hembf thof $5 down ti?ive?l iKe campfete qrwp; torn in on oy Htr't pny 3f 1 ale, "i7c:2c:2 Gmrdno nact:: SAUE OH THIS C-PC. SOFA DED GROUP! ill- wm 4 V I VAX U 'Ur s ' ' Yjh 4H S 77C L DOWN 1' v. 1 rrp... -"a Scsne are few of a kindi some in big iclection; all the biggest slipcover bargains you ever uwl You'll find Klid, florals, Iwilli, in a choice of colon and combination!. All are color fast, with, telf - piped seami and kirted baei. Fresh, new beauty for your living room for just $7.77. Better come early Jfor best choice I 3 7 Your Choice SOFA BED, CHAIR OR REG. SOFA 77 c $"7777 Down ILAWIHIIEMCIE'S COAAMERCI I I 0- -'IT i REG239 7 SPECIAL BUY! v. world's finest value! 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