The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31. 1933 BLYTHfeVrLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE John Pelcv Zcngcv Defied Law of His Day to Win Right to Write Truth. Nan*.] THE New-York Weekly JOURNAL^ tl* , t»l Dtjtjlul. HUH DAT NowrnVru, nv PAUL . NKA SorvUe Staff C'urresriomleiil NFAV YORK.—<\s a newspaperman. John Wlsr Zenger wasn't much of a vrl'.sr. His nev.-j stones had syntax trouble, his phras- c's'ti sdlu-d awkwardness no-, even minmon to the times, lib: iXJor li'.-.lo p:ip.T '.vru SHHSOSM! by fanny q»:llii>i: .and worso typography. But I'-PIT never was any doubt about what the hard-boiled little tditor v.a? ;irivin? at. and his sheet sold like r«l-lifli extras of a Lir.tlbergh kiciiaiiing. Few ]wop!o tnday know inc. story of the falhi-r of the free press in Aiutrica. Sonre of the history books fail even M) mciHMin his. name. Vet liiis ncwspai:'r, and every other pu)>liro:iun in the ivi- lion which enjoys lh? right of 1111- liarmiivlr-d, honest cxpiession, is tdiving themselves into printed defiance of a corrupt Colonial government's despotic assaults on the lilxirlies of its citizens. He, perhaps as much as any other man of tlrcil pcricd. fanned the spark lhat finally was to flare into united revolt ai:d the Declaration of Independence. This was the situation leading up to the drama: In 1132. King George ffnl a shyster politician named William Cosby to be governor of New York. Cosby's previous administrative experience, ns governor of ihe island of Minorca, hud been voluntarily terminated when scrne citizens had caught him looting the tiensurv. Pending arrival -of the King's avaricious appointee, Rip V'ait Dam. a solid Dutch merchant, h?.d served Mr. 7.i»itr. ihitir Sovtnip, .rtie (bit Ciprnm Mi* jinritf;• for there being no I.iw inL ;K«tt't^i ( ' foUoTips in your next, ihofeMonirchio^but ilic\Villbfi)rS^ i acJ you'll oblige yoorFiltnJ, I'rinte, it rrak« it ««ir«y fee lii«'' CATO. Minifim to ccnfult his.Plrjfurf, before any ThiilT-JnT tw unJeiulcn : t Yrt.'.'ltrifcnim fr'iritjl rt^i fti\t!i "'"' ° '~ Tacit. k HE Liberty'of ihePrcfs is i S-jbjrcl of ihe SICH- rll hupoHiLkr, and in u-Titch every in ai much'd as -t'U in any u:h" 1'art of Libcriy ^'ifhfc it vill mi btf iniprt • jur.urio'c to ilir I'ublkV ihe .•r.:io^ a.hie excellent Wriiee H-.h Pc-ii»-. fich is tHr Kl(;anc-i '••'c:'.-:ro ; iy of Ins Wiitirn*, f-C in!nti-ib!e Kotce of his R« ii v.M be difficult 10 Tjy jMdees of the law nnd the fncls, and to bu guided by their own Is survived by . four sons. Paul, of tiirle. GIOVIT, of Wilson, and Lone Pilot Carried Winter Food Supply to Fort EDMONTON, Altn. (UP)—Work- Ing against n rtvpldly appronchln? — - —j. „.-., ..._ r - i - - . . . freeze-up, \V. Lclah Brlntcll.norlh- fere freedom to a life of slavery | of Mrs. Kelly's succumbed to ac- i cm n(c has cvcalc d „ new record tlnomycosls, rare fungus Infection, (or cxpMS . flylng n> the north. knowledge of what hnil been going! Claude nnd Tom, of Memphis, nnd on In Ihe city. Hamilton couclud-1 two daughters, Mrs, Hiram Kyle of «d: "I have no doubl, gentlemen i Memphis and Mrj, Roy Grcon- of the jury, of your upright con-1 well of B:i£*cll. duct this day. Every man who prc- Esuctly a year ngo a flflli son will bless and honor you, as men who have battled tyranny. By n» Impartial and uncoinipt verdict you will have laid a noble foundation for security 10 ourselves, our posterity and our neighbors, that to which nature and the laws of our country have given us a right —ll>e liberty of exposing ami opposing arbt'.rary power by speaking and writing truth." . . . Th? Jury said not guilty. of the blood. The Rev, t:. K: Scwell of Mnv- lon conihu-ti-d the services null burial was nuule al Hassr-U cemL'- tay. The Editor'. Letter Box Farm Union Secretary Will Speak in County E. Roy Keller of Jonesboro, scc- ii l-.ny-lrcaMiviT of Ihu Arkunsus Siati> Viinni'ni Union, will iiddross :wu iiHvihiBs ot MLssisslppt county Small Amount of Public Land Available in Mont. South Dakota, MC.G80 acees, and ; J Wnslilngloji, 709,(MO acres. With a single machine, nrliUcll moved 100.0C4 pounds of frplglH frcm roil Noimnn to Foil Frunk Hi) In eleven clays. conditions cnmo on quickly ilils year, iiml river boa Is imnWo lo Imnillc llic til-lulu, mast of which was llu- winter fond supply for miners of lilt' Client Ilcnr 'l.nkp IMA. In Un> fnco ol poor flying con- cllllons, Hie lillol Miiitllwl Unck Only on one dny wns to "sll down" by bad GREAT FALLS, Mont. (UP)- Mijiiinir.1, third luigi-it slate In the Union, hns me lourtii umallcst Ainoiinl of avnllnblc public land ot n •' stern states. Federal land office records show tlwl July 1 tlit-re were C,nc,D3l ncres of unappropriated Innds In the stale, compared with 13,aM,- il(K) In Arizona; 10,575,403 In California; 7.6-lfi.ra In Colorudo. 10,- SlO.l'il In Idaho, S1.270,211 in Nev- udai rj,078.285 III New Mexico; ia,- 01-2.16S In Ulnli, and MmtM In Wyoming. Kluliw with Icivs imnppi'0|u-ln(c(l than Montiiiin In the west Nurlh Diikotn H8.301 ncivs; 'rhiirsdiiy. Nuvctubcr, 2. at 7:45 |pm.. lie will s]K-ak at the Kel.scr ( school. an:l l-Yiday, Noveuibor 3, at i tin 1 same hour, he will spi-uk al Ihe | Iti'd I.tiio selioi;]. Ills subject al Loth mi'ctiniis will be, "Some 1'rob- Mi ms ot t!u- Ktr:iK ¥ rs anil llo\v to I Solve Them." Mr. Ki-lk'r eslcnded an es- (luod Trratmfnt I'I'o the edllor:' It Isn't every lown that can boast of an A-l merchant who will settle n qitcs- [ lipnable obligation, at leiwt from | mvll;U | 0 ,, ,„ teachers, mlnls- hls ]x)inl of view, to the complete ' piirty. sallsfactlon of the other Saturday nlr/hl I had the fis- foruine of colliding with a wagon owned by Mr. Leslie Moore, of lilytheville. This accident occurred cut on Highway 18 and was I hi' result, in my opinion, o[ inadequate light on Mr. Moore's livni'j iniinuiucnl lo his courage J Wncn in n73. the New York Weekly Gazelle wouldn't print Join Nlnely-nine out i^ luindred^woukl nnd ideals. ' -....,.-- .,-- t _ ^.. n It v:as exactly Iwo hundred years :IH<) lhat Zunger's ideab were re- .'•rs ami ncws|).i|K'rmrn. as well as in farmers and Liielr \Uvcs. to Ix 1 at thcsi- iiu'ollnss. Memphis Motorcycle Club Visits Manila W. A. Morris Dies W. A. Morris, 4:i, succunilwtl last nlehl ;U his home near l.uxom. His death was attributed (0 complication.'. iL'.sultlng trom n fever. I'-niii'i-al pervkcs will bo held this afternoon and Inlermenl will be made at I.uxorn cemetery. The I..] ti. Moss Undertaking company Isi In chartio of funeral nrianfiemenl.'i. | 'Hie deceased Is survived by his vldow. Mrs. Pearl, three ilnuglilcrs nut Iwo sons. Missouri Teim Oeti Bid COLUMBIA, Nfo. (UP) — The University of Missouri- bisehilfl Icom has been Invited to Mexico City next summer for a series of' gomes with the. National Unlver-'-" slty. The Mexican Institution also I Invited Missouri to send several , track men along If the invitation j Cardui for Young Women ; J Showing how Btrongly tlwy be- ' lieve In CAHDUI because of the benefit It has' been to them, many niothers (five It to their growing-lip daughters on their reaching maturity. 11 relieves women's palrir. by building up reslslance. Try Cartlul I ss?JK«^^^ That was the New York Weekly Journal, and above you see save me a check. In full for t | •->,"» av 'or m. pt ther ton. :at,c copy ot a portion of , he front page of ,hc ^ond Issue, Umage ^^my ^ r ™'^l,^ r ^^^*- fully-defended^enger asainsl ,ibe, charts brought by the tyrannical U S' 1 "^'^r&^iS T^teev^x'l'. T/^'ff Governor William Cosby-and theieby liberated American newspaper- \^*°^\ p" v half "he bin I il.e,n at Mauik lie fc ° A Trnvdhvj Man. [ houm. from ChiMjto .where- lie. n: : . I ii.uled t.He lulr.. do m. had been ]»rmittcd to do so at previous elections. This time, however, a'.l 138 men of that faith were disfranchised. 7/enger, the Gazette reporter, saw all these things, ami so reported Oic-m in his account of the election. Eul the Cosby-dom'inatcd Gazette rcfu.'ed to print the story. Zenger put on his tattered hat, and wenl cut to find a new job. He mentioned even for -letters to his friends, and! Ihere was one did not appe ItiKul "Minn's" fiu-f Klni'S XIOSTON (UP)—Under ti rcconl- ly enacted Massachusetts .l.nv. road o]>es"—-these who ^tiniH^essavlly l-.old up truffle—nro subject to n (2 flue, and n $20 fine for a subsequent ofTensc.- ... . •' (W ne week when his paper Services at BaSSfitt pear. Thereafter, how- • - •ever, he whispered his instructions through his cell door to his wife, who was allowed to visit him, and I she and several unnamed volunteers ] carried on the publication. others here vcre: Olis.Gntim. C L). Uichard, (i. L. Dowktn^ Elmer l-Seenan, Mr. and Mrs. T. II. for Mrs. J. E. Kelly, .iemey. Miss Evnlyn Tracy, Mr. : lai'il'Mrs. n. N. Harm-Id, Miss Ade- BASSETT. -Ark. — Funeral scrv--lin» Van Court, ..I. II. Jlnll nnd Ices for Mrs. J. E. Kelly. 12. wcre'R. p. McDonald, I held lust'Thursday afternoon ' al 1 '• . | the residence of her daughU'r, • It hns been found that seven-! i. i.k .» ,1.1. r,«l The trial, in August. 1135, began! Mrs. Hoy" Orecnwcll, of Dassctl. loniMhonsundllu; of 1 per. cent in I K mr<J " tr neaitn »' inn crnirai When Your Daughter Comes toWomanhood Give Her Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Moat fttrb in their teeiu need • <onlc and regulator. Gift your daughter Lydlp E. Plnkham't Vegetable Compound for the ncit lew. months. Teach her how to Mrs. Kelly lia<l been an Invalid , imi.slnrtl sued will grow npproxl-1 tlme - When»heUnhappy,healthy ZciiKcr's two attorneys were sum-1 tor two years and had suffered mutely 10.MO muslard plants In n "-|fe and mother nho will thank - ' - - - - — _-„..-. L you. as a typical mockery ot justice. would publish a paper himself. The bricking was quickly found, and on November 5 Zengcr. who also was a governor pro Icmpora. He re-j printer, turned out the first issue linqiiishcd his office readily enough, | ot the New York Weekly Journal. but hn dally refused lo surrender It contained a true account of the tj some friends that If he only coti'.d I niar ( iy disbarred for' contempt of I.several slight paralytic strokes. She 50-aere field, icrapc together a few pounds_he | ccu[t when tl)ey Uai . C( , qucst i on the ' CHANGE OIL Before Winter Summer tfrmlc oil should he i1r:iinci1 from your irankciisc NOW. 1'hone 711 :iml we'll call for ;tml deliver your ear, refilled wilh Texaco winter ({nidi! oil. Main Service Station Main lit Fifth Streets to Cart; 's demand for half the sal- nry he had received. Cosby decided lo sue in the provincial Supreme Court, but was told that the body had no jurisdiction in a case o! equity. He ordered L?wis Morris, Chief Justice, to "dcc:dc" that llu- court did have such power. Morris ruled otherwise, and as punishment for his honesty was removed from the twitch by the new governor. The former Chief Jus- ;:cctlon he had witnessed at East- chcster. • * * Tiic second issue carried a contributed editorial on the freedom of the press, and from that time on the Journal was hailed as a crusading exponent of freedom. The editor's own writings were no models of literary style, but he did receive and publish regularly mans a bold contribution from some o legality of the appointment of the I presiding Chief Justice. Then, when I things looked blackest, in talked— I or rather, hobbled—Philadelphia's Andrew Hamilton, greatest of Ihc olonies' lawyers. Hamilton was 1 early 80 years old, and afflicted with gout. But. there was no Impairment of his brilliance or ccur- | age. lice then bcca?hfc aV candidate '.for.j;tho' most ^rUli&nt liberals of tha the colonial came^ a ASe'm .hly. His oppa- day. Tiie -Journal buckled down to erally understood, had purchased his coEinnipsion from Cosby for the sum of S-100. The election was held on the vil- laee green at Easichcster on October 29, 1733. Several hundred members of the liberal electorate, knowing that the Cosby faction \\ould attempt, sonic sort cf scul- dungery, were on Hie scene all the previous night, and around bon- tirei expressed their feelings in seeches abotit tyrants and grafL- <-rs. There alro was John Pele Zcncer, a reporter for (he New- York Weekly Gazette, only newspaper of the province and an a;l• ministration ovgan. ncnt wns one William rosier, a jus-1 opposition of the Cosby regime will tice ot the pence who. it was gen- j satire and verse and unsigned let . ---, tcrs lvn j ch soon drove Cosby to re ply in the columns of his Gazette The governor made threats, the posted rewards for the identifica ;ion of the writers of certain "scan dalous and scurrilous" articles ah songs. Next he ordered his handpicked Chief Juslice to demand a Grand Jury iitdiclmeat of the edt- ror. The Grand Jury refused to acl. Ccsby then sent a message to the Provincial Assembly, but with no better results. Finally he had his Attorney General arrest, Zenger on a charge of libel. That was November 17. I'm. Having no money for the excessive bail that was set. he was held in prison for nine months. At first hi was refused writing materials. His appearance stunned the >rosecution, and the Judge as well, fere was a man almost as famous n England as in America, a man not to be intimidated or cheated of his legal rights. His procedure was even more stunning. He made no denial of the deliberate publication of the articles which were alleged lo be "false, malicious and sedi- I llcnis." He admitted the publication, but not the falsity. He declared that the statements made in tlie Journal were absoluely true, and announced that he was ready, at his peril, to submit, a vast array of | proof that they were true. Tlie attorney general shouted: I "The greater Ihe tnith, the great- Forget all the creaming when you make cakes with CRISCO Nicholas Cooper, High Sheriff ot ' Wtslrhester County, finally arrived j ' lo conduct the election. Voting was j done in day by vacal acclaim. ,but j the sheriff delayed for several hour., j and finally insisted en a written | poll. Thirty-eight Quakers had come to supfxjrt Morris, but wh?n Ihr first of them stepped forward to vote he was challenged by the shcrilT as nol being a tax-payer. ! Everybody laughed, because this I Qusiker wns known to own one o! j tho largest and fiu"s; estates in the | district. The sherilt. who himself: owned no land at all. -'aid the Q;ia- j ker woti'd have to swear to his olig'i- | Mliiy. Quakers, of course, didn't i .v.vrar; they affirmed, and always', the libel!" Confirmed the Chief Justice, In accordance with that ancient and vicious star-chamber tradition: "Mr. Hamilton, the greater the truth the greater the Hbcl—it is the law." Hamilton whirled toward the jury. "Then, gentlemen, it is to you I must appeal—." His address was as eloquent as it was daring. He called upon tlie jurymen themselves to be HERESWHYIHAVE FEWER COLDS ..VICKS NOSE DROPS HERE'S WHY WE HAVE SHORTER COLDS ...VICKS VAPC-RUB (Full d«tma« of Vlcka Colifa-Coauol Plm in "ch V'cta p*cli«ge) VICKS "^ FOR « TTE « CONTROL OF COLDS Out of Town Loan Compam/JB CLOSING OUT Their REAL ESTATE at prices that enable you to purchase an improved Blythevillc home at one-third" of its present value It wouldn't tire a child to make a cake with Crisco. Crisco is.already creamed, you see, so naturally it's the perfect shortening for speedy cakes t Here's how Crisco helps you save 5 minutes and a lot of hard arm-work— First, put Crisco into the mixing bowl. Then pour in all the sugar. And if it's a whole-egg cake, break in the eggs, too. Then beat heartily. It's easy because Crisco is the creamy, velvety shortening. In 3 minutes you'll get a fluffy, well-blended mixture. (It takes 8 minutes with a stiff hard shortcningl) And you'll love the feathery cake that you'll get! Crisco protects digestion, too Before you French-fry another potato or make another pie—think this over: Crr'sco digests quickly. Crisco is the creamy, digestible shortening. Crisco gives you crispy fried foods good to cat—and good for you! Crisco pastry is light and flaky— digestible! Why? Because Crisco's secret process turns pure digestible oils into fluffy, digestible. Crisco. And it stays digestible for months 1 Crisco is not sold loose or in bulk When you buy, look for the vacuum-sealed can with the familiar bluc-and-white Crisco label. It's your health protection against dust and contamination. And it's the only way you can get genuine Crisco—the pure, wholesome fat that digests quickly. For Crisco is not sold loose or in bulk. CRISCO is already creamed Ueat Crisco; sugar, and egg yolks hrisVly. (No creaming nccJecl with Crisco, the creamy shortening!) Adtl chocolate, melted. Add sifloil dry ingredients alternately with sour milk. Mix well. Adtl vanilla. Pour into square (1Yt inch) or olilons; cake par, mimed with Crisco. Bake in moderate, oven (350'F.) 50 to 60 minutes. Cool. Ensji Frostini}: Put 1J/ cups granulated sugar, 2 unbeaten egg whiles anil Ji cup water to cook CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT CAKE Th> delj'ci'ovi cote exhibited al Ihe Cocking S<hool lulf w..k - ^ cup Criaco 1 cup sugar 2 egg yolks 2 squares unsweetened chocolita \\'> cups Hour Yi tciuspoun salt 1 Icuspoon soda 1 cup sour milk ' 1 teaspoon vanilla over lioilinp; water. Beat -1 minutes with Dover 1 >f:ilIT. Add '/< teaspoon peppermint flavoring (or y* cup crushed after-dinner mints or patties), lieat until tliick. Hemovo from boiling water. Continue hculine until frosting will spread. Cover top mid sides of cake. Melt 2 squares uiwvcelenccl chocolate. Dleiid with t teaspoon Crisco. I'our over cake; letting; chocolate run down t'icloii. TOASTED SPICE CAKE int. CCrL.o, A,H n-ilV '" . Bully prisrr. »'ilh furir end rint.i.Cris(:o«l .::.! llu-. 1 teaspoon hiktnf 1 t^a'poon J( tro."pocii Mlt 1 tcuiioon van ilia f lK y^^ 3 * ' n ^*^ trisl? ) hlvolYp roda tn sour ',1 nhallaw flan IS' X V2'), ) until thoy . »l .Irx. Slu»lj- ra.'<-^ U l... »!<.-4tc OYtn t3M'R) IS U 10 mouto. . n 1 r-ip >ittf,l Itehl hrown sugar. - cup ot broien Alt .ir«MM»«i(J ZxKl-nccipei UrtH «R<1 approvnl by Good Housckocpine ItutUule. Crhco is lS« ICRH- terrrf tride-rairk of a ihorLtnlrj; Jnanufwlured by tb« Procter i Gamble Co, J. C. CONNER Room 228 Noble Hotel For heaven's soke. Sue — having a parly? No, I'm making a chocolate coke for the coke contest. 1 could spend that $5 prize! J OUT TO GET Says who? Watch me beat up the Crisco, sugar and egg yolks—all at once! Crisco is already creamed when you buy it. But you II never get a decent cake unless you cream the shortening first— Racipe diove for prize-Mnning Chocolate Peppermint Cake! Why, it's a Crisco recipe, Mrs. Parker. And so easy la make because you never have to cream Crisco! Sue, your Chocolate Peppermint Coke gets the prize. The texture was lovely. We all want your recipe! Al the Courier News Cooking School, last week, Mrs. George Thiirn used and rccommendel CU1SCO, t h e modern, quick-digesting shortening. ^

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