The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OV NORTHEA SV ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 307 lilytlievllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald, lllyUievlllfl Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. HI.VTliF.VII.LK. ARKANSAS, K1UDAY, .MARCH l:», SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS. Winter Queen Commissioners Sub mil: Preliminary Report at j Special Council Meeting' Tin; Blyllicvillc city council met twice hist night. The second se.s- siijn was n.?cesfary hi order to of- lielslly accept tin 1 picllmhinry re-' pert «f wcnmbsioncTS of Sower! I:fipn>vrmciit distilci n'mibcr three. • an:! ai>i>3lnt n board of assessors j for the district. The first session j •.va:. t'.?vi:trJ to routine business i but was ihoroT/hly enlivened by a| clis'ju.-s'on of t!ie city prisoners' • iVcil" bill, resulting in Hie conn-> c:l nrtl ainy -.1 20 per cent dLsL'omil j i" thi- hill l'j~ the (J .ij,i month ,submitted by a lucul cafe. L'ocause the council did meet on the second Tue.sdny Capt. Ivy W.| Crr.u'frtrd, city attorney, advised' Ihr four meinb'.-rs of the council | ;v L-!-ent at the tirst session last • night tint only routine business 'tmi np^rc'.a! cf bills should be: •ilvn u]> al the meeting. Later In' ll:c night the complete council was r.s.sembled when the two missing aldermen arrived. All the aldermen .v.?ned a waiver of notification f "r un official meeting list night. The first meeting was adjourned and o. regular meeting convened especially for the purpose of rc- r ; vim; the report of the commissioner:; of the new sewer district. Assessors Named E. F Fry. Addsson Smi'.h and Leonard Taylor, commissioners ol th" ri;s-:-ir:. submitted th-?ir report n:i t*j« i>ro|i:feil sewer system to the council. The commissioners rc- Congressman Freed On Liquor Charge WASHINGTON, March 13. lUPI —Former Congressman Edward E. Denisan, Illinois, toilny was ucquil- ted of charges o( possessing liquor. IFc was brought ro trial h?ie Wednesday, accused of havim; liquor in • his olficcs at the hutise ollke building. Held as Husband's Slayer McCabe Lxpcrimcnt Station Divcc- Tlie title of Queen of Utah snow I sports brought this crown 10 Dora-1 thy L. Larson, 17. at Brigham City,! Utah. She's 17. a high s?ti- j ior. and a winter E]xms onthisslast. • .^j-'i t-0\. inill.1 Y t inv-vujJt r i , .-,. , Sported Better Today! | or Urges June 1 laiiting for Most of Cro]). LITTLE HOCK. Match 13. (Ul'l i — W. U. MeC-.ibe, Baxter county OSCEOLA, Ark.. Mmeh 13. — representative in the Arkansas • Mississippi County farmers should legislature who was seriously! Slow more corn and should le.nn | wounded In n liolel here yc-s'mlny. |° |5«iv it che.ip. according to K. was imported Improving today. | Nearly 1,000,000 Vets •• Have Applied for Loans i Slonat SeT at \\-nson last j lllslll. WASHINGTON. March V. <OP)| Corn varieties originated or bred —Nearly 1,000.000 applications for j upaver a period o ly. ars In this government loans to veterans in the j Mate are the safest for Arkansas relief progiam were received with- . farmers to plant. Mr. \VhltlaXct in the first week of the operation ' said, and the tendency to plant • of the liew loans. Brigadier-Gen- j corn tc-o early is to be deplored. . eral Frank T. nines, administrate-! Mr. Whlttaker' siid that Noll's of veteran's ailairs, today reported : Paymaster. Delia Prolific. Cox Proto President Hoover. Thc bureau j "<lc "»d Hutting's Prolific, Brown mailed 105.166 checks. en the experiment farm last, year . aicrap,rd ifi bushels to the acre im- Wll U L"l J I acr "^ llrolll h conditions which Will DC rliecl i prcvnlbil. These arc all Arkansas I). Whlttnki'r. director in clnirue ol the cotton branch exin-riment sca- tio]i at Marinnua. who addresf^d farmers at a merlins conducts! ' ll ™' • Aoainet Mavnr Walkpr ' "''aP'ed strain';, he said. Against mayor naiKer, Jutlc j (lm nnle Experiment station te'.t.s indicate NEW YORK. Maich 13. (UPi— j j mle i s i r t i,e best date to plant Definite charges of incompetent}'. C0 m in this locality and in order inefliciency and neglect of official | to sccmo evvu distribution of croi> duties such as those already nicd j labor and avoid Ihe hazard of un- agolnst District Attorney Thomas | favorable season fov nn entire crop.: C. T. Grain will probably be fileJ | Mr. whit taker siisecslcd planting against Mnyor James J. Walker by j 25 per cent of Ihe corn crop on Now "FJon Bon" lla^ Some Real Trouble Aliead CHICAOO. March 13. (UP)— Michael "lion Him" AHeBrtttl fins I brit.slu'd with "the law" before, ac ccpllng these Incidents In n B'»'B- Mor's life with an nil 1 of superiority am! IndllTerence, but wheu federal prohibition nBC-iit.s walked In or. lilin al the Metropolis hotel lasi night he quivered with fear. . With the Hiiniislcr. who \tnvi, "Kcarfate" Al Capone a start by persuading him to leave Urooklyn lor the vji'caler oppDrlunltles o. Chicago, the agents found a woman Idcnltncd only n.s "iietty June." : "lloiVt tell the newspapers about It," the rou^h, tongli ex-manar;cr o* Halph Capone's Cotton Club begged. "My wife Is Irish and fih?'li kill me if she finds out." nut. the agents did (ell the newspapers mid yniiKstcrs arc >'tii>ei5tl- tlous. Tcday Is l-'rlilny the 13th am it lucks bad (or "tlon Hon." J. KILLED Bf FILL Armorel School Boy Thrown from Pony's Back Suffers Broken \v T rvmvilm Ir u w<ir ill f a., o( Mr and M\s W T Crow ™ of Armorel \vns killed ll the city affairs committee ;nrly ' Mny 15th, 5fi percent, of it on June Here arc two sliiking photos of Mrs. Fred G. Nlxon-Nirdllnger, lor-! juilanllv about T'tO o'clo-k till next WL-ek, John Haynw liolmts, | 1st Rnd the remaining 25 per cent merlv chsrtotlo Nash. 1923 Atlantic City bathing beauty winner,'iuornlna when he was thrown fron and a leadeiof the"commUtce "aid 1 be sown in 'the corn, however, it' Vil '° ls lirld by |JO " CC M Nlce > Fl ' n » cc . charged with having shot and I the back of a pony he was rlrttn i-ovt shaved tint the plans for the] p nn |,,. Rl f{ H™,.!,, district had been apjirr.vd by stale ' ' /' - 111 " *-"-"-Ul) I today. j will have to be planted earlier than kl 'led her husband. The latter a wealthy theatrical promoter, met health officer engineers. They estimated that the maximum cost of installing the sewerage system in the district, which embraces ranch of Hie reiiftntial section of the fli-st ward, would be 510.000. This c rtimate. Ihe commissioners reported, would civer all engineer's costs, surveys and installation of the system roady for operation. Missouri Bank Bandit His Dro !i th Own Brother. Reached $12,0^0,000 I June is'.. The Virginia variety ol; Miss Nash during the beauty contest. | boy t.'an is nil exception to this : iuh and may be planted as !ate i as June 1st, or later, -and pcas- 1 iinv be lanted safely at Inter doles . than the majority of soy bean var- They were married In 192-1. at (he Armorel school Ground. gun battle near hero which resulted i riculture H> ' cle armounced toda S' \Vhittaker said, and as part of a: in both the bandit and his com- ulxm lettvi "3 a cabinet meeting at [W o year crop rotation, where cot-; ui n.-;iu\ iui .jjjiii.nvji,. ui UIKII uic uauaii ana ms con The commlssiouers^rEcommendedl nnnion beim; shot and captured. _r IT-_ •»»„„.,.-. Qre brother.- Thaddeus Owens, 21. and his companion John Mar 'he appointment of Harvey Morris, Marion Williams and W. G. Maxwell to compose the board of as- st-i:3rs for the district. The recom- rccndation was approved by the tor.ncil and the board appointed as the White House. More than halt this sum has \>'f.: distributed by the Memphis office T"iu? council agreed n to hear the report on.-- of the bandits. Deputy Owens' Jorces emerged unhurt from the fight but his brother did not fare so well. Thad- o'eus was shot through the left arm to of the tiF-essors. probably within ten chtv.s or two weeks. The quality and quantity of ra-^ ticns furnished prisoners in thej;vj| e y Owens knoVhis brother was ri'y h'.l by Tom's Cafe provoked the bluest dUcussion in the initial meeting of the night. A ticket on the cafe's monthly boavd bill showing 29 meals rerved in one day at 35 cents per meal, the maximum allowance per meal for city prisoners, started the"frod" tUl controversy. Mayor Keill Reed called in the d»5h FcrjTs-Mil on duty. Allen Pos- ev. and Posey tabulated meals for ;hc ninvor showh'.j that 29 meals at 35 cents per meal amounted to £10.15 as shown on the cafe's tick• t. Deny Receiving Orders The mayo.- and ccuncilmen said tha' iiiFiiictions had been irfiied to allow a maximum 35 cent meal ton follows tlie corn and bean crops, experiment station results' _. .show an increased yield of 41 per; dell were held here today on ot ' no department which handles' cent in cotton over Jhe yield of charges of holding up the Bank' loans for the- Arkansas area. Met'.. cotton on land not planted the' of Hfl^viell and stealing S500 after i °i the loans issued are between I previous year to the corn and soy binding and gaggine Miss VernicilSlSO and S200. Gatl:n.-/assistant cashier,-•-. Owens did no* know his brother Wiley wss fading the posse when the gim battle began near the state • line !ate - yesterdav. Neither i'riday, 13th, Brings I 13 Pound Set of Twins bean crops. . , __Mr.. Whittaker. stated that-. l«j: looked forward to the commercial i Tr production of soy beans in Miss-| is'lppi County for oil mill con-' lumption 'nuii extended a particular Invitation to Mississippi County j farmers to visit the experiment | station, where 83 varieties of soy! ; beans are underlest. He urged farmers to grow food well as feed and stated that INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., March 13. CUP)—Twins whose weights totaled 13 pounds were born today to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Herbst, three minutes after midnight. "There Is no bad luck In that,' Papa Herbst beamed. "I think we'll name them Josephine and John, those names total 13 letters.'.' oeus was snot tnrougn me- leit arm r n ' r> ' W/ 1 " s we " as tcc " nnn stiu ea tnat and Murdetl was wounded so sev-[tS-l I'lSOIiei' Dl'ingS Word f cou crops for home consumption erely !n the right srm amputation! t F<- r - ln r n f Twn Tnrtav : """'d b = Brown profitably, which 111 \Voulfj Reduce Capital was necessary. After his capture! u ' l^UiJJt Ul 1\\O lOUd), : , rown fQr tnc mzr - fs i wou i<i U n-1 . pi r Report Unconfirmed. j dnubtediy result in a loss, for an, American Lxchange Thaddctts admilted to Wiley his part in thc robbery. He said his only regret was that he was captured by his own broth-1 er and would have to fac? his Unconfirmed ed here this i $1,000,000*0 $200,000 falher in court. The father. Wiley convicts escaped from the Mi?s:<- Owcns. sr.. is a former county. S1 PP 1 county prison farm near Lux- j U( ] 7e . |ora this morninz. ' The sheriff's offices here and at •Osceola had no report of the break 1 at 3 o'clock this afternoon. The report of the escape was brought her. Confident Legislature Immediate source of both food and' feed he advocated ' the planting j April 1st, of an acreage cf <Dta 13 Corn.'which he said would j LITTLE ROCK, March 13. (UP) be t^ady lo eat by Jur.e 15th. I —A new plan to reorganize thc Mr. Wh:ttaker called attention to American Exchange Trust company, lists with different kinds of pas- formerly Arkansas' largest bank • lures belli? conducted on the sta- nas been submitted to Governor ' ticu and to the 360 cotton varie- Harvey Parnell by Horace Cham i res undei :cst. as well as fcrtil- berlln. Little Rock attorney. A schoolmate of the Crowder' boy had ridden thc |»ny to school. School for the day had not commenced and thc Crowder boy wn:; riding the pony about t'nc school ground. Only n few schoolmates of the boy were actual eye witnesses ^o thc tragedy. Apparently the pony ! swerved approaching a playground ladder, throwing the boy from his back. The youth was carried Ito the school office and aid summoned but an examination revealed thai death had resullcd almost instantly from C t j _ | . a broken neck. •Jiaiemem, Tnc ^ ^ surv tved by his parents, three brothers, Charles, Wal-W. C. Lawler, local merchonl whc.! tcr -Wl-Billy, and two has filed his candidacy for mayor j llss mcl Imogeno. of Blylhcvllie, subject, to tits muni- Funeral arrangements are incom- School Code and County Audit law Olhcv Major Achievements cf Session LITTLE ROCK, March 13. 1UP) —A review of the work of the 43th cnenil Assembly which tidjourncrl l neon yesterday discloses a vwlei sforlmeni. o !lCBtslallon was en- cted during the (10-'(lay sessloti. An examination of the laks en- ,ctrd reveals flvo new tax measure! an the legislative gauntlet, somo of which became effective immi- llatcly upon approval by Uie'gov- rnor and ethers to become operative 90 days alter the dooms "s- ilon. New tax niMsurra a\e: Increass of thc present five cent gasoline ax to six cents psr gallon; Increase ot 50 cents per thousand on cigarette tax (to flv^ cents per pick- age): tax on slot and vending machines; Incrcve from two to t\vo and one half per cent In tho tax on life Insurance premiums: a halt mill properly lax securing $1,500.- | 000 in state bonds to be issue-J f> finance drouth relief leans. Thh lax will not be levied unless othor means of redeeming Ihe.bonds fall. Divorce jLrtw Mollified The legislature's treatment of tax. matters has met with mlxwl opinion In legislative circles. Snmo aro inclined to commend the solor.s for keeping the tax program within. reason whle other point to early session promises macic by both houses to "not increase taxes." The school recodilicaUon law ami OFCpTERS Lawlev, Announcing Candidacy for Mayor, Issues cipal election, April 7. - today Issued plete, according lo the Cobb Una public sltcment telling of his dertaklng company. Services will qualifications for the office and j probably be held tomorrow. pledging himself to "fair and 1m-1 partial enforcement ol the law and' r)_-4..,_' n_ u IT to a businesslike handling of city j l '°CtOr 5 Jog Has HlS Own Charge Account affairs. Mr. Lttwlcr, who Is a native of Mississippi, came to Blythcvllie 12 KELSO w , ( up>_Kclso has ^r^l,ro-y%trmeTb^ • *•* ~t at a 1I1CS5- . drug store. , I The faithful dog of Dr. A. F. V. His announcement, addressed to Dnvls ])as R , vcakness for , cc crcilin Iho citizens and voters of D!ythe-. bul dMSn . t cnrry nls ,, k , I1R (0 n vll.e. follows: .1 point which v.-ould become distasie- "In submitting myself as a can- f u i Dr. Davis often takes the dos didate for Mayor of thc city of n .j( n | lun wncll f,D visits the store Blytheville. I feel that I should tell nl|[i „ alsh of ice creftm is servc j those of you who arc not person- [ 0 cacn ally acnualmed with me something whenever the, dog's sweet loot'.: about yourself. cr ,i] s nnd thc physician isn't avail- a native of Sunflower O b!e, he trots Into the drug s and withdraws assessments against had not received thc^e m- tlieville twelve years Jim Harrell. robbery suspect, who will be arranged by Mr. Fitch action of a special session of the he act providing for statewide an- Itlng of county and township rcc- jrds are generally considered th.2 iost constructive pieces of leglsla- lon passed during the session. The school law, sponsored by the ad- ntnlstration, encountered bitter opposition In the lower house and/; was passed nftcr hours of sharp debate. The "Reno" bill for divorce act .' probably attracted the most inter- cat. It revised the state dlvorco laws, reducing the residence requirements from one y.eav to 90 days. ' - . - . • Three horse racing bills designed I lo legalize be,Hlr& on races in tho I ftnle were defenf;'.! . .. . -I "'Tlie' Mc"Ca1ie'.Wl : tf> call p. '&A? T s'itutional convention n;::t October was passed during.the last hours of the session. Special ScssJcn Ncc3id. Numerous bills offering financial relief for state educational institutions were left to die in the hoppers. It Is almost certain that Governor Parnell will call a special session late in the summer to untangle the school problems and It was this belief that led legislators to sidsUacI: highly controversial school measures. 'During the CO-day session 1,193 bills were Introduced, more than half of which wsre never called for a third reading and final passage. The oiiief executive Is a!lo*vcrl 20 days following adjournment of the assembly to veto or approve legislation passed by the two houses. rivKvr am! desk told the been | -— . iujLiyji yi u ftjj c i.itii acooiuii v/i nit -••• " j ......^^i, ,..,_ tlilLC mji uv utiouat" "j -..,.. ..... I . .- ... T . structiom. being on rc.icf riu, 5 and , p( , !s]nt , lre wllich he says tnc Gov . escaped from the county jail here' ?r .d Cciinty Agent S. D. Carpenter : stockholders. i ccmin? to BlytlwMllc. I HUM: , Kyle Recce, a regular fire _tnick crnor , irtll cal | to ac t upon lha re- last week, has not been appre- of Osceola and a Mississippi Coun-i The chief executive is expected j conducting a grocery store and. port of a special educational in ' Makes "Overcoats" I'cv Hot Dogs and Sausage CHICAGO. (UP) — Chemically ,, IT i i i • i , treate<1 "overcoats" for sausags Unce Used by LmCOin ranging In size from the smallest _______ "hot dog" to the largest bolojna, FARMER CITY. III. (UP)— - no;v arc manufactured in a spaeial o[ textile mill at the Union p!an today ana meat market. ty day at the sltion will be urged to consider the • anrinj crop -:S3O:i probably will place Eleven Huvt as Reds moon of the movies—was anythin? Ciash Wilh Fascists tioned concern!]!-; the retail value. but romantic to Mrs. Hazel Gilbert to curl themselves ? a nval he had been asked to Mincr .,i, c testified In her still for . room for their feet has made it inspect by Sergeant Recce while i divorcc , rom Hugh Miller. .necessary to buy new heds. each Burrs was on the force. Burns! F1i by doy aad mosquitoes by s»vcn feet Icn? according to W. L. toM the cour.cilmen that at the j n |g ht made life miscragle on their , Grant, principal ot the college. outside the meal was worth 12 or; i . orc . rnr)on ln t - ne Adirondacks. she. IS rents Cliill an'i Cnffee S5 tents der also removes tho age limit o' 35 with respect to such clerks. i . orcy . rnr)on ln . . _ 5ald -n^i,. tempers became short, . Officer 05 Tennessee i thev -mo-fied. they reUirncd to' Sergeant Recce said he had not . .. Civ : ui2al i on " and there they sepa- • wanted to "get into this" but since! , , ; i._ _____ u i..ii *L_ _«..,,nn ^r- '**Lvu. I l\ew Coffon he was he would tell thc council of) -,r. incident when the prisoners! _. . ...,,. were fed one time. He said that :i LhlCHgO MnllOnaire catc employe brought a boxvl of t chili, a pot of colfee and a fewj to a prisoner for a 35 cent i Bank Commits Suicide NEW ORLEANS. March u <LV> -- —Cotton closed steady. :ed to ss? ' the picture. \ The disturbances occurred when ' the negroes applauded particular : scenes in the picture. White per' sons seated on the lower floor took exceplion lo the and pro- '•""" tested Ci SANTK KE, N. T.I.. •"nrked reaction to attempting tighten the state's prohibition laws i has resulted in proposed leglsla- (UP) - A 1 Anonymous Fund mpting to] • to Aid College Art ticn to let down the dry barriers; MONMOUTH, 111 (UP)—A fund ! entirely In the New >.fexico leelsla- of 52 00.00fl has oecti given to Mon- , KXOXV1LLE, Tenn. March 13. ! (UP)—Hugh McClung Tnomas. vies Mar. president o! the Bank of London May which' closed three weeks a?o. airi July :who hid business Interests in Lou- Oct. i Hi?h Low Clcs? 1060 10GO IfKO 10SO 1100 1104 1080 1080 112l> 1128 1105 1100 1153 1159 1135 1136 mouth College for the endowment j For the first time since 1917. of a department of the Apprecia- Lab"r p! D' 1 A I «n.. - I lllcrc nas bcen "° leB 1 ^ 11011 lll- tfon of Pine Arts on condition that i-,..;/... rinUS AfKanSaS | troduced as a new attempt to make the donor remain anonymous. "iun,sis RanUprc flntimi<iir '• Prohibition prohibit. From 19211 The fund was accompanied by i Banners Uplimisnc • down (0 _ 1nd lnrlud!lls the !920 ^ fo i! 0 w1n g stalement: BERLIN, March 13. (UP)-EIcv- „ " ling ^ , r -, , ,7 ^ -, f I s - sslon ' a11 Prohibition legislation « r wo . jld )lke to be sure tnat [nl3 B. A. Lynch, acting president of 0 f/ orc(J [ n c it ncr house has been to t , jn(1 wlll no . reach studen!s who Ants gent-, ally live in Serge col- o!Uca>oae of the Arkansas Bankers association. D n" ROW L-I un tut; jeivv nw.1%. __ called h::n back to the prison sev- . The body crashed on lop of O fire LJeSuOyS llOUSe r-ral times to examine thc fcod. marine dining room on the lake 1 o v iL <(C • Mayer necci s.i'd he didn't recall side of the hotel where it wa= found Ufl l.Ortn iSpBin havir.n bc:n asked back to the !ai! by hotel attendants. Revell w?s • -- May [>y.d firr departtncnt by E-eeee but head of a large loop whoU-sale fur- : A house at the north end cf July c-v.e Iha.^ and t' about another nllnre firm cf thc same. name. ."Spain ro',v" on North Rallroi;! Oct. matter. i Early police reports did not state ' street was destroyed by fire p.Soti! Dec. Chief M. &• Goodwin, In whom whether .the fall was an accident 1 o'clock Isst night. The origin of. Jan. (Continued on Pags Three) | 0 r a suicide. Cotton closed barely steady. Open Hl?h Low clc=e 10SO 1031 1053 1M3 1101 1103 1031 1032 1126 1121 11CS HOS 1153 1160 1137 l»l 1117 1178 1151 1100 1182 1183 1166 1167 | Ihe fire »as not determined. j Spots quiet at 1075. of! 5. part and later went to Hot Springs i and Calico Rock. • At all the meetings the spirit of ' optimism was predominant and . resolutions were adopted in «"Vii"h ' : it was voiced that thc banks of Arkansas aro lorgin^ to t;t:' iro - spite the recent economic depres- , slon. a million inha'o- p.n tighten up the dry laws. expect to beconie artists of ar.y! But radical legislation has been kind, but the general student body' introduced Into this legislative ses- who will become professional or s!on to overthrow prohibition- The business people or educators who ' ln WEATHER establishment of liquor dispensar- aberal educa ion." iti no" hw=;^rt^ tcrl^t 11" les from which the state could sell' ' u f?" clou""" £lth -lo'ver!"K e»s- liquor for "non-beverage purposes."; S U1T FH.ED FOR DAMAGES i^tton and co'de- The bill would permit the state ; LOS ANGELES. (UP)—A tum-i to make 33 1-3 per cent profit on. ble from a "bucking horse" on a According to weather observer the liquor and provides an appro- • merry go round nt i beach amuse- Ciiarles Phillips yesterday's max- prlaticn of JiO.OOO lo establish a ment park at Venice resulted in temperature was 69 . state brewery. Two quarts of liiji:rlcs for which Miss Marie R. minimum temperature was 59 de- ft'hisky. eight quarts of wine and Knnnp. 20. wants S23.2C1. She filed gr.^s, Minimum 45. with clear 24 quarts of beer are allowed to a suit for that amount here against .'kles. O^e ye;tr age 72 decrees was. ?ach person a month for "non- the California Racing Derby, a thc maximum, 34 degrees mnimum, beverage purposes." | Venice conccsaiotsMre. - partly cloudy.

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