The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1937
Page 3
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I''Hl>AY, NOVKMlSKll li). Whal Mailer p • /•'•; him. '!(';% vv " ; , i , <• > S ! S } Brnulv Vff (AUK.) COUU1KU N14W3 p i •><"•• Sue* t hind Is Apportioned T Be Raised Among Communities OSCKOLA, Ark.. Nov. 19. -A to- till of S4.I90 will be- llJl-ded if Mis- sissimii /rounly is tc obtain Its cownly library, it was dedeie:! at a meeting or the newly appoint eiitmiy library board Tinny-lay -it Osceolu. An effort will be- m'.uli- („ raise- this sum within the n'-xt fe • weeks bv chives lo be hc!;i in all of the communities. Mississippi county is to rce-c-iv ' S13.000 worth of books, to li? ..[,.•_ chased by the state from the appropriation made liy the las', legislature for comity librar;»5. ,..,!,!'. the county provides a nbu-e for the library lo be headquartered. MID- plies. a truck to ue uso.1 in distr b- minej tthc bonks ami money for ihi; salaries of a librarian and a-i n-sj.- tant. In mnpning plans to i-;.is» inojiev. members of the board apportioneel the amount needed amon-j tlv communities, with amounts b.isei on the -last census of whits chil (Iron. Committees, which will lie ii charge of the campaign »-il! b' announced within the next, fev weeks. The aniotmt to be raised has beer apportioned as follows: Osceola, $500; lilytheville, S750 Liixora. $250; Rosa. $35; Huffman S35; Shawnee, S185; Manila. S100 Whilton. Slid: Lone Oak, 540; Bur- eiette, S200; Shady drove. $25; Hal.' Moon. S25; Brown. $25: Rocky. S25: Wilson. S225; Clear Lake. $30; Milligan Ridge. $100; Pecan point. $25; N'oriena. S50; Yarbro. Slid- Promised Land, $40. Hatcher. $150; Lcachville. $100; Hickman, S3">: Little River, $75; Stillman. $50; Dell. S150; Keiser' S250; Gosnell. $30; Avmorel, $75; Carson, S75; Boyiiton. $25; Box Elder, $25; Number Nine. $50; Ekron S25; Pawheen. S60; Flat Lake. S35: Blackwater, $50; anei Dyess, S1CO The amount is funned on th basis of one fourth cent for eaeri rural white child in the comih in ascertaining the sum the slat is to provide. According to Alfred Raa-linsoti executive secretary of the Arkan sus Library Commission. LHtl Reck, who met with the board ;i a recent mcctin?. the history ef the county library moveiue.; which has been operating ii northern and eastern states .and five southern 'slates for'"many years, is that' when a • library functions nnd renders valuable service to its constituency UK- first year, revenue for succeeding years i.s always provided for by the county government. "The public library movement ot this nation must continue with th? help of all civic ami ganizations brinps to mare and more people all this land— not to n fraction brt to all the population— shelves books in which are embodied the ideas, philosophy. Icanifiisr. W fs- elcm. of the great men of all countries and all nr, es ;' said Mr Rawlinson. Members of the board are- Mrs W. B. Burkett of Bassett. George user m Osccoln-. M,- s . Thomas R Ivy of Blytheville. j. w. Sebaush of Hatcher and Edgar Carney of Elo- Mr. and Mrs. Kurncsl ,\rk. jnncin liU'ir Illlll •lit A'.;:, .,,• n[ i>.i r j, I . ' " : - — ' <>! HII-. olll:"i;ii I III!; minuter, (lie li.'v. Tirni ll|...tli-, •'« >-'<mny ('aim «n ",-t <jtii. only intimate i,i,., u i -• iiuit Holt flM'i-li •hinx-li in .sir-'lc I/ !i was In-for .,-,. Miss E™ Mae .•:H>!I",VV; ivi'iv Mi-.s \ :'i'.'l Mrs. Waller Wilson, - T"li>!cll. Lucill 'i Iwvo nr.iv , i.' iiirth ,-,{ an H ]Mm( \ K , m i .lark Murtin. In Mr. unil M/^ .i,-/i their hiniie In M ,r. k. Tlicv formi'rlvliv Sidney Miller >, v as ! n!id:iv |/;ir(y in IUHHH- of i unnivci-Kirv or her son. 'S'liiv i!ftevno;:n, (iumcs 3s served sum w:cluv; hoi .,-lioroIute. dr" wMs were .rlinmio Komiy Aslitraft. Maxim. ilurlile Mlllei Illllle ferry. i'adclison Heads Board 01 RJsthodist Church All!s:m propi'rty nn Wulnnl her lie re at this' dm liev. and" Mrs iri-ns'urer. v.'cre i'«, : " ''iii!ince--J. T[:ei:rr A. n Grci-n ami U. w. Mc-ie: clun'ehj I : :-.iH:n,'n>r. u. S. Bniiuon. it -Sl:v,art, ami Uaii Dnn- iu-1: BMiIp. E:u-l Jock Fink-y Robinsun and Al.inis; Music. Wilson! W. Al. BKrns and I?!'n--.(-ii;:in mid Lav ac-' 1). rev^uson. is. f. H U . PAGE THRJSE iss I>arkl(Vlo Husband C t 4 > I i I , "• • , \\ •> , * ' > f, i s < • , ' • ' * ,r , *'< % , < X-. «^ i -, r< f i. 'f • * t * V '')' , ' ''x'VV ' '•' ^ •' ' f A <^, <v ,,, 1 *J',t' ,'*•', ' ^* ^'V'it'z '**' l<KtvSA ' A" ' * l ^«. }<•)***> " " ''" •i 4 n ., i f \ fl > ,* j ' , *$W '( ^**' * t *^ ' t s ^ ^ 1 j ' I '*' \' 5 ' • '« ' >v' ' 'i ,•• , 1 ^/iUr ^ , i ' ' V Sv * >»• »- V; •***. », >\\ * ' ^*>; •>on, GllbcM, have moved to C;i- rathc-t-svllle. His school nl No 8 li is been taken by Mr. Jim Miller 'i imer lendicr of (he Gib.son school In the Slcelc district. Mr. anil MM. Miller moved Into the house vacated by Mr. auel Mrs. EiinLt - ' Mrs. n:-ss|(. oatcs and sou, Joe, of Holland, uccompanle;! her son J Allen o-ilus, to his home in Owassa,' j Mlelr., lo spend (he v/lntor, i At the Hospitals Kill- Hoot. undi-TVc 4 mi otiera- jtl'm fn- nppendicitis lasi nlal'ii ot. • tl'.<- lilylhrvtlln hospital. Jfw. l.utlii'i- Utirioii, of ireimon- • < «!<!. Mo., has been ellsmlMed ' •' i .m l-'e Hlythrvllle hospital. " " , Jafcc Hiewi'r of I'orlagoviller, : '<> . wliUM: was injured ivhen ' luxi In whlrh he was riding was '' nii'l: l-.v inioihi'i- cur, was di'i- i i '•'••ii Imm the nivllii'vJIle jios-- i I'll d>'l;iy. <'. <>. Hire's, who has been (piite ' 11 '"i in, day. from n slims C0 in- i y * fi-,, j n« ''mi!!., wus removi'd to the ' >t j, <. j- <«»¥• ',1 'H'l'lil; Il;,|iti:,t hospital yester- /Vn , -^ r /»!-^ * v ** w-V* y ; , * A**V«_ i - < l o ' t > - ' ^-4 - A- : "* ^4* X « ' \ i f V^. 1 * \' • - 4>' l-c.'illu Cirillln, eif osccnln. i.s in' "' Hi'' Mcinphln Jjiiptlst hospital. • 1 H. ./. l.ync-h. of iiuyti, ( s ft patient ' in ihe Memphis iinpllst hospital. '- 'lorn We-athei's, of liurdcttc, has. ' "•' «'ii iKlniltteel to (lie JCipljst hos- •lillul in Memphis. I'amiiomit f,ir; : , Philadelphia, L , , ; , i' t 'j "»»im.'> J'VJI acres, exlsuttlnj. '' " v , V '\ b 1 ' !ll "i; both tanks ot the. Kcliuyl- w v , > Ve,./ f t •_• ,-, - 1 , '*i < I K i v f^; VV ,f ft •) '*,.«. v j VsiV ^* vt ) M "- ' ' ** / S*J{% ' ' v"v N '< J > "!.»<< ft \K V * JpV A /v H "V, N»v,^ ^g ^|" -* A— ^ ' $,» *, J M U«ijU^i Ej^l^ , " "'•<•>. U is the largest park In .. (he United Slates to b f cltv-o'.vneel, .". maimijjKl and operated. ^ A I \ in. nbrtve, in;; a che'imiit" tlfiirr -il IH mlniit lirlilenronin reins!';, t,, nill lu'r anyth ng en -Misii lliiikley." insisiln,; thai he can't rtimciuber <• cleiiKincnt. th»l ninili' the Moi-nnlon. N. C.. bruti- ts .-worn out nfli-i- RHw »«rl;lcy's nietri iui;p focused luct she \viis ttuj niothi-r of nnothi'r man's nave i""'"" '" "•"•n'n'-ilon, D, C. lalivi-s lici-f this III., nif "(.nests «[ Mr. 'and ' Mrs. i-ilivy of \\ r . - m ,\ Ml , Sp nil | 1)h En| ,, H fln(1 ' DR. BLACK'S MA. EVE WATER / Lri] -- i rf^^ "|Mi,f|Ny \ FOR PEOPLE, I ffliiJBi} ' HORSES, DOGS, \ lOi) AND POULTRY NSXS^iT r i - MD- ^S w'* ^^ IfAiniLKSS AND 1'AIXfiKSS \VIHimtljijui-e. Itellevesniilclch-. -. Use it tor lulluninmlion of the Kycs, T^r mirnlni;, Strained, or Aching Eves, and Pink ' Uycs. ' For Sale "at Uriig ' Storca Shawnee School Meeting Attended By 40 Last Night Despite bad weather approximately 40 superintendents and principals of Mississippi C oimtv schools attended their regular meel- m? at. t.j Shawnee school last nishl. MiM Louise Phillips. \vil-=or teacher, spoke about "An Experiment in Integration of English anr Social science'; L. H. Aulry, super- mtendent of the Burdette schools talked on • The Origin of the Rura' School Division in the 4rka»sn' Education Association' 1 . Members of the Shawnee home economic-, class, under the iiislruc- Lucy Oummim's pre- lion of }_ ^ parcel and served'a two co'iirse dinner in the home economics cottage to the group at 6:30 o'clock. Announcement was made that schools in the county will receive a limited number of dictionaries as a part of the free text, hook program. The next meeting of this group will be held in Dlytheville early in December. Al Ihnt time a itiee'tlnp will he hcH earlier than ths regular one when plans will be made re- schedules. A snab ;>S its head. Ihe county basketball r.Tn s.v,i]3o;v. \vhole. nn • egg that is four times the size of Tlie 21 different (ypcs of cliee-c known to mankind are marlc tip of 450 different varieties. Half-dimes, or silver five-cent Pieces, first were coined in America in 1794. The last issue of these coin.' was in 1873. ,,,„ , o , i • i the sail? tiiat tuIs-.K /ilbiiny. :;. y., in 1'J'M, pirturerl atove court, arc fleeing bc-lcre police pcs-:-.i Jame.svillc penitentiary near Syracuse , , . . ("Baby Face") Geory, left; Joiin J. Oley. center, and Karolci (-Kc-cV. 1 Cro-.vley. They ex-aped after hoidii-.:; vrp r\ e-rll uuard and alnlucling another suavcl avrivuvj at th; iiri.-'on in iiis Schools «-h!ch were supposed tei I ...... . i f; l'c-» on Kept. 7 did noi i;o into i eei .liiini ,i. OConr.'Jli. .Jr., in; terston until Oct. 25. as tl;c-y jippcarrcl in fccteral | • after r, eianii" o.'-cape from] Rural free delivery of mail in th N. V. The men an- Percy j ™^ {l SUlos (l ' ltes from Decring News Mr. and Mrs. Roland Russ .spent Sunday with Mrs. Russ' mother in Mais leu. Mrs. Kelsie MiOruthy. of Sandy "<idf?e. spent tr.e v.'ee!; end with 'cr sister. Mrs. W. F. O'Neal o[ -•his city. Mr. an : i Mrs. John Sehrlmslicr Lsitrd relatives in Denton Sun- ;t 5'. Mrs. M. A. 1'iiddleton v.ent in Jtowa Monday to teach school. Mrs. Elvis Kenley is siuk this vc'ck. A seven pound daughter, who •ns been nuincrt Barbara Junnita, ••BS horn to J5r. ,in ; l Mrs. Ernest lillhouse Sunday. Nov. 7. The Ijcaver at one lime w;is found in the northern jj.irjs cf oo-Ji heenisplieres. It was rommnn in High School Teacher 'Rotarian Guest Speaker! Mis; Mary Until. \'r.i< rily j'i^h :-f]llH) to membeis ot the Rotary chibj y.-su-r; ! ,uy at their luncheon meet n>« at the- Jfnif-i Nulile. She told i .',... .. r i -. i . . . ' I , Knlil in Hlyllievillo a menibfi- of j Stewarl-UobtnKon Drttu t":ic'i;lty. spoke i= Europe, an;] even mp.eic its home in [ Dese'rt r.ow have I'e^nlar inotor Ihe Thamrs rivrr. Todnv it is o.\-- ' '' : " in Europe, except (or a few animals picn-rvwi in Scandinavia nnd Poland. N'incty-(c:ur per cent of r:cord::d f-arthquakes occur in two narrow. clearly denned belts -one railed the Mcditcvrjncan. with 53 n?r ce-nt, nn<i (he other the Cirrnm-Pacifio, 'Vitli •:•! ))<-;• cnii. The rest of the world has only ti per rent. \,-J1oiy distributed. Firs! of the animated cartoons made from a comic Mrip was by j', Windsor McCav. Audience;; doubled ;; 'hnt the pictures weiv hnnrldruwn. ! '• so McCay produced -('rertic ;iic tniful Dino.^uir'' anei teitii'cd tiie^ nation with it. lecturing. The Church of Enalin:! had an 'ncomV of move than Slti.WOOOO j 1031. California's name comes from a Spanish word meaning "hot furnace". suffer hcadaciic, or sidcaclic, nerv- OU--IK-.SS ai:el irril.v bi::Vv- a ssnc eii with fu!lctLnr-;i! ([i : ,- li:rl!i«:rci. T h I with a sr when he finds out about Chesterfields Smokers like /hat Chesterfield TASTE and sure as shootin* they're MILDER i,;tdics' Small Heel Caps 15c Ruhhcr Heels For Men, Women. & Children 25c \Vh.:n Better Lfnther Is Tanned. Smith Will Buy It SMITH SHOE SHOP Olencoe BldK. Hemorrhoids-Piles CU«l'',n WITHOUT SIJRRKRY & GUAHANTICIil) Safe, sure .ind wilh less discomfort. All diseases and conditions of nervous origin, foot ailments and skin cancers treated and cured at our clinic. t)RS. NIES & NIES Osleop.-ilhle. Physicians 514 M;li " rll< »ic 08 niylhrvlllc, Ark.

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