The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1935
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Served by fKe United Press ECrTHEVIEEE COURIER NEWS . THE BOM.NANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND S OUT* S T^±>T ^ * M ^ 4 " " kj VOL. XXXU—NO. I Seville Courier Blythcvllle Dully News SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS neralrt Mississippi Valley Leader HIA THEVILI, 10, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH 18 10'tf ITLER ARMS Charges for Water and Telephone Service Will Also Be Investigated A sweeping move for lower utility rates here was launched this morning when the city coiin- fil, called into special session by Mayor Cecil Shane, passed a resolution directed to oiriciols of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company Ordering thc company to show rause by March 25 why power i rales should not be substantially reduced, nnri concurred with Mayor Shane In ihe appointment, of rommittees to probe Die possibil- ii.v of reductions In water am! ' l^cohonc rales. The resolution ordering Ihe pov:- <T company to show cnusc v;hy! '•itps should not be reduced. pre-| liminary lo probable council ac-1 lion lowerlni! rates, \vas prepared! !iv Mayor Shane and introduced l-.v R. D. Huohes. first ward alderman. It recited a general im- i-ravement in business conditions, an increase in consumption of flwtrlcUv and reports that towns :md cities in adjacent territory •--•ore lo receive rale cuts in the near future. Savs Rales Lower Elsewhere Mayor Shane [old the council lp had been investigating the rate situation himself and. believed voles were too high here in comparison with rates in other places, •'cclarimr that lower itilr-s existed in n Ittmiuer of towns and cili?s. "ntably .Parnsould. ire said he '•ad been relinblv Informed thai Kennett, Cnruthersville and other -cutheasl Missouri towns, served litre gli'thevllle by the Arkansas^.Missouri -Power 'company. 'ivere '(o 'receive cuts in a short time, nrob- "I'lv this week and he telic-ved lhal Ihe lime to act, lo secure reductions here was present. After Shane's power rate resolution had been passed^ samcfma ".sketl If the iiiovetnefit/'slJo'iiW liot' be extended to water rates and Shane agreed, naming as a eom- ii'itiee to study wafer 'rates here and elsewhere the following: 'w. M. Williams, first ward "alderman, chairman; Harold stcrnbcre. sec-' onil ward alderman; Sam Maiiait. city attorney: E. D. Ferguson, lumber company official, and G <".. Hubbard, furniture store proprietor. Estes Lunsforci. third ward alderman, then suggested that, the Sunnily also be extended to tele'-' rhone rates, declaring tliere were a "lot of kicks" about telephon" rntes. He added hastily, however, (bat he was not personollv con- rerned. nol having a telephone in his residence. Oi-cr his protest Mayor Shane aciiointed Lunsford lo head a committee to report on telephone r.iies and named ns Ihe other members of the committee W. J Wunderllch, president of the r-liamter of Commerce. R. D Hiiehcs. first ward alderman, and Jack Aiwlebnum, merchant. To Prepare Liquor Ordinance Ivy W. Crawford. Mississippi county representative, recently returned from the legislative" session at Little Rock, ending Thursday, was asked by Mayor Shane lo assist the mayor and city at- lorney in preparation of n city liquor license ordinance and agreed 10 do so. Preoarallon of a liquor license ordinance for submission fcout next Monday was indicated. Shane said h c hoped that the city^ and county might reach an rioreemcnt on a similar license fee. Dr. A. M. Wnshburn of (he coun- ' V 'if,"'"' ,"'»' "I""''*' the recent n-adln* of Blythcvillc's milk. I>o- l.ce Chief Ed Rice was instructed to arrest dairymen sellln^ m ju; net labeled in accordance with fivides announced by Dr. Wash- hum and Doss Beavers, city clerk was Instructed not to issue dairy' licenses until permits had been clven dairymen by Dr. Wash- turn. Dr.' Wnshburn told the council [lint only dairies he had listed in his grade announcement were now leeniiv entitled to sell milk in Blvthevllle but that grades of two more dairies probably would be announced in the near future. ,>, . yor sl| ine told Ihe council n«t despite "rumors" all the city's bills were paid and (hat no money was owed "(h e bank" Lone Oak Schoolhouse Destroyed by Flames The Lone Oak school, four miles west of here, was destroyed | by fire this morning, 9 o'clock. None of the pupils were injured as the teachers had Ihem uulrt-ly toivc Hie building .,fij> r the lire 1 1 mused from n defective Hue. wi>s discovered. Practically all of thc books ami othr-r equipment wore saved. The three-loom frame building was partly covered by Insurance. Pending u meeting of the school board no plans have been made tor carrying on classes. C. S. Bagged, MIS. nat'gett and Miss Lois Field are teaehera there. Zffl BUT IMS Six Mississippi County Districts Fail (o Vote Full 18-Mill Tax. Six of the 25 school districts m Mississippi county who have nied their Saturday election returns voted less (ban 18 mills school tax. The voting wa.s reported unusually light in all of the 41 districts, with few contests. Number Nine, Shady Grove 40 and a and Ekron each voted 12 mills, while in mills was vo'ed .try Stillman and Huffman. fu Blytheville C. W. Afllick was re-elected and Dr. Hunter C. Sims elecied (o the school board with =7 voles casl. Bill Thompson and Epl\r Davis won over Ely Childrres al Manila' where G2 voted. At Half Mcon Henrv Bud-' •'reelected, and M, P. Poff fore-victorious over Ed Spain and H. D feluuipyfelt. with 71 voting. J. W. McCiaughcy nnrt. D. W t II. a. „. V»" . ^ . - ' "•- .*'- -^.tJion at Promised Land, where 35 voted in the Burdette election S. Gaff ?•','••.{?• F ' Sm ' llc defeated Smith Whittle |, v the 47 voles cast Al Huffman George Cassidy won over Lot, virkeiT There •were 2C-votes cast...,,,/ ,,„,,. At Wjlton the i"4f'ai'li Sla R e Will Pass 249 »| Crest This Week But No Break Is Expected One hundred nmj fifty men were at work today, .sandbagging weak-spots In the Dig Lake-Little River levee system In a light to avert a break which would inundate thousands of acres of rich and thickly populated cotton land. While some observers were less confident, J. W. Meyer, engineer for Drainage District. 17, who is directing o|K-ral!oiu nt the Hood scene, and a G. Rsdmnn, in charge t>f the district's office hero declared lliat there wa.i every prospect the levees would hold. " The gauge in, Highway 18 brtd»e showed 248.2 today, a rise of eight lentlis of a foot in 24 hours. H will probably go above 249 before Ihe crest, expected Wednesday night or Thursday. The Frisco railroad bridge, is under water. The rise is slowing up. The level at the head of the lake, at Hornersville, Mo,, this morning was only three lentils of a foot above that of yesterday morning. Crews at work on the levees today include about 100 PEBA relief workers and about 50 men on Drainage District 17'.'; payroll. Expecf No More Breaks l!y United Press Maj. W .M. Hogue; U s tlls- rict engineer at Memphis, believed today no additional levees would be broken by the overflowed. St. Francis river, which today had cracked Us artificial walls nl 13 places in southeastern Missouri find,-northeastern Arkansas Major Hogc said engineers and other levee workers were concentrating their efforts on. Hip Lake *-.*• ni-.iL. . >•• " ** MIi ^t .fames.Gwallney and fi. C. Lane- ston'.were elected at Lu.vora. whore ^2 : , voted. 'At- Armorel J. H. Smollicrnian was elected by the 19 who voted In tfte Yarbro election John W.dncr. Charles Sanders and F B. Quarles were elected by the 12 vho voted. Gertie IJkcs Ifer Peanuts \VTLSON, N. C. (UP) - Genie lie cow who wa.s expected to fur- ilsh milk for „ high school box- ng team here, has uonc high hnt nd .insists on ealing peanuts' jertic'nte a nickel's wort of salted eanuts. Since then, siie manifests omplete disgust and dissatisfaction 'Mil hay. Fights Pollen With Ice Ticks ST. CLTIRSVILLE. O. (UP>_ John J. Cimimlns, of Beltaire O attacked members of his fainllv barricaded himself in his hoirii and fought officers with ice pick: before ho was taken to a stafi asylum at Columbus, New York Cotton NEW YORK. March is (UP)- :olton closed easy. open high low close • Iai ' 1000 1060 1029 1029 *>V 1006 106G 1030 1030 llllv 1000 1060 1030 1042 001 1025 1028 1005 lOOfi Dcc 1022 t'030 1010 1012 f »n 1020 1033 1010 1016 _ Spots closed quiet at 10GS. off '5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March IS (UP) -Cotton closed quiet, open high low close far 1062 1002 1022 1015 May 1060 1064 1020 1030 July 1007 10G7 1025 1035 Oct 1018 102S S99 1005 Dec 1021 1029 1009 1013 Jan 1030 1030 1015 1015 NRA Inquiry Called Whitewash by Darrow WASHINGTON, Mar. 1(1 (UP»- Clarencc Harrow, noted Chicago criminal law.vcr ami lour: time foe of NrtA. i!rc-lliu>tl to appear today Morn the wnnlo finance : Vom- inlller invcMlEnllii;; the i-.'covery agency. " \ narrow, who hr-ndod lhr> imle-. pendent twunl which charged last, year linn NRA discriminated a'lulml the smnll Im.slne.v; man. asserted the Inquiry was Intended us a "white wash" and a "build up" of NRA. "Thc committee now is merely building up n case for tlm NRA," lie .said. "They tiro calling only NRA official/; to get ar. Impartial report of (he agency's usefulness." F.xnecl Relieved of Promise to . Sign Measures LITTLE HOCK, Mar. 18 (UP) — Members of the slate's $155,000.000 bond refunding board were more hopeful today that cov. ,1 M. Fuli-ell, after continued conferences with state delegations, would veto linen measures they consider dangerous for ihe refimd- ''ip program. Close friends of the governor oi'Hsvod IIP would lie relieved from ,a promise he made not to veto the riowell bridge bill If II passed the legislature. bill would Tom Mendenall, ,of Huffman, on Way to Recovery al Hospital An attempt to take hts life by swallowing wrtolic add proved unsuccessful for Tom Mendcnal), 30 of Huffman, who will recover, it was learned at the Blythevllle hospital , this morning. Mendenall attempted to gulp down the contents of a bottle of the acid during a drinking spree, while in a depressed mood 111? brother told an officer. Another man. In the room with Mendenall,saw him raise the bottle to hli month and knocked It out of his 'innds after be had succeeded In swallowing only a. small amount The man was brought to thc Slyllicvlllc hospital last night and hospital physicians administered a %|itraU7jnt> potion. He was burn- tft' about the. mouth-but .his-cou- litlon wa.s not regarded us serious today although his Injuries are e here lotlny said they did not see how- Ihe Rowell hill WOU ] ( | i, 0 ] p them even it it were enacted since ,lhe appropriation bill for the measure .was "defeated In the sen- west of Dlylhcville, and at Gih- Wlllte lira ' '» insurance Premium Tax Spots closed at 1055, off 51.' Closing Stock Prices T. and T 69 1-1 Anaconda Copper 81-2 Bethlehem Steel 22 1-2 Chrysler 32 3-4 Cities Service 7-8 Coca cola 179 1-2 Oeu. American Tank .... 33 CU-neral Electric 21 1-8 General Motors 27 1-2 'liternattonal Harvester .. 34 7-8 McKesson-Robbins 65-8 Montgomery Ward 225-8 New York Central 12 3-1 Packard 3 1-2 Phillips Petroleum ".'.'.'.".'. u 5-8 Radio Corp 4 ,.g s t- Louis S. P. . ] ].jj Simmons Bed ".. '" s 3-1 Standard of N. J 35 3.4 Texas Company 17 i- 2 S. Smelting na 1-2 S. steel no Engineers, after tons of' sand- bags.ha<j bolstered 'the ; levws believed the water co'nld be held-at both places, tarring the. unexpect- At Big Lake the Little River had risen to 248.2 a rise of 8 In 23 hours, it was expected to go to 249.5 or 250 by Thursday. Crews of relief workers and others continued lo patrol the endangered levees tu (he affected areas as continued threals were made to dynamite nt some points. The bursting of levees near Cardwell, Mo., helped to flood thc vicinity of -Monette, Ark which was practically surrounded by water. The now also covered" rich farm lands near Black Oak and Macy. At St, Francis lake, above Marked Tree, the stage was 25.5 today It is expected to rise to 277 to 58.7 by next Saturday. The lake levee Is expected to hold. The stage at Clarendon, on the White river, was 2ff.3, a rise of 1.6. Court Refuses Order Rescinding Seed Sale MEMPHIS, Tenn.-A motion by :he Lee-Coppedge Oin company of Blythcvllle. Ark., lo have its sale of 14,000 pounds of seed to the National Cottonseed Products cor- porntion rescinded was denied by Federal Judge Anderson here Saturday but the court instructed the cottonseed company's trustees to withhold distribution o f their funds until the rights of the gin company could IK determined. The petition was the latest to be filed In the tangled affairs' of the National Cottonseed Products corporation which has filed for a corporate reorganization under the bankduptcy act. Judgment Is Ailirmed LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 18 (UP)— The Central States Life Insurance company must pay the smte $28,340 In back premium taxes and interest, the Arkansas supreme court held today in affirming a Pulaski county chancery court de- ., . -- constitutionality of the act levying a 2H per cent tax on gross premium receipts of foreign companies operating in Ihe'slalc. Insurance' Hatchery Will Open Second Street Office The Marilyn Hatchery Li establishing a do\Vn town office in addition to its hatchery on South Broadway. Thn new sales room is to uc located on North Second St., nest to the W. M. Williams Insurance agency. It will be open In about week. Chicago Wheat open high | 0 ; V doje May 01 91 1-2 no 1-2 fll July 87 5-8 88 7-8 87 5-S 88 1-2 Corn open high -. low close . 76 1-2'77 3-8 70 1-8 765-8 (July 72 1-8 73 1-8 71 1-2 12 3-8 cision. The ruling upheld the •J • *"- irni \\U\ll\l take over bonds of certain bridge districts. Confer willi Oovrrnor j Several representatives of bridge ^lisa-lets conferred ydlh Ihe governor today. fncluded 'in thc proiitw were W. W. -fYulock, of Pmc Bluff, one O f the group to vhicli the governor allegedly made his promise, and fioj>. John Rye and Circuit Judge A. 11. Prlddy of Russellvllle, where there as another bridge district. . !?ep. Hendrlx lioweli. of Pine Bluff, author of Ihe bill, has maintained Ihc governor did not promise him Individually, but several Pine Bluff citizens, not to veto Ihe bill. Rowcll has shown no indication lie was willing lo assume Uic. responsibility of releasing the eov- ernor from his promise. Some Bluff residents who came Fine ate. ta Veto Others Commtssloivr tl. stltiited the suit lax on receipts and 1833. piil" A. Gentry lo collect for IDS], to Ihe Central Ihe 1932 States " Life Insurance company by the Home Life Insurance company on a "reinsurance" agreement. fore the house tomorrow and as- Governor Swears Out Warrant for Arrest of Harry Hopkins WASHINGTON, Mar. 18 (HI 1 )— liellef Administrator Harry L. IJcuklns mot libel clmi'Kes filed iiuiilnst him by Cov. Martin L. Davev of Ohio with silence today. "1 have no Immediate comment to innke on thc fiuoKntlons," Hopkins said. "I may have something lo say Inter on." The governor swore out a warrant, at Newark. 30 miles : from here, .for arrest of Hopkins, then telearaphed the administrator to "come out lo Ohio If you dare and show Ihat you are a man, or turn and r,un like a coward." fJnvcv was motivated by Hopkins' charges that the Democratic cmunalEn committee ol Ihc governor had solicited funds from firms and men doine business with the state relief administration. Close behind ihe opening lion- kins salvo nnd Ihc Davey return fire came the following moves: Insfallnllon of C. C. Slillman ns Honklns' - neenl for Ohio unemployment relief management. Calls I.edsf.ilure A cull from Ihe governor for a lolnt session of the Icslsliiure tn- ntslil, not .Inter than 8:30 P. M.. "so lhal Ohio and Ihe nation mnv know (he truth." Davey will address the houses. A Ihrcul of Impcnciuncnl hnnes over Davey, Ihe Ircc surgeon who became governor only nine weeks ago. , ' . Republican .Attorney, general Jnlui w. Brlcker stood'ready lo take before n r/rand lurv Informn- 1 Mon Mint. Federal Relief-Admln- I'iti'ator^irarry L. Honklns ji.werl- cd was "Incontrovertible evidence" (hit the governor's'-' mlttee 'eneaRed In a "siuikeddyfii" of men and business firms who sold eoocts to the Ohio relief administration. >j v. • p > I.1ITI.E ROCIC, |AHt.-HcAssoss- nent of all real estate and nr-r- sonnl property In I'olnsclt county completed by a special Board ol Assessors appointed by the Arkansas Corporation Commission af- er the Woodmen of. the World holder of several hundred thousand dollars In county • bonds jw- :loned for a reasscssmenti ir.siiH- 'd In approximately $3.000000 be- nj; added to the property vnlim- on In that county, It was an- unced Satimlay by the commission. The original Increase was reduced about *10,OOQ us (lie result •if errors In property description vhen approximately 200 property owners.appeared before llui special board ut. Itnirlsbwg. The assessed valuation fixed by the board and approved by the connnfxsloji Is $1,0.10,000. Tho Increase will result In approximately $2«,000 additional stale taxes, If all taxes arc collected this year. The county general fund will receive $33,000 additional ana the county school fund, $54,000. IMliB governor is released from his promise on (he measure It Is understood' that he will,have no qualms In vetoing the other two ;bilb along, with It. . ,1,' \ > The Bother bills are- Ihe' Warfield bid to,give counties a share of (he gasoline turnback monies should Ihe highway income exceed $10,000,000 annually nnd Hie bill exeni]\li(j ,so-called "black gasoline" intended for' agricultural purposes, from taxation. Bonus Inflation Will Come Before Congress /™ l o«o' tt TUP,- WASHINGTON. Mar. 18 (UP)- h] 10 ),^ .COLUMBUS,-O., Mar.. 18 (UP)- Developmcnts. ciinic with .machine gun suddenness in Ohio's relief war today after Oov: Miirtln I,. Davey fired a .booming challenge to Federal Relief Administrator Harry I,. Hopkins'to come to the state and face charges of criminal libel, . . _ s The house rules committee favor- struck bv a state See n ably reported today a rule which was fined $25 i , , coinl for driving to ngs the soldier bonus te ue be- rx, as to enaa er a n L " to enaa ger a nd emt proper iwsal. "greenback" pro-. while seeking aid thc police car i crushed Into H. MR.MOSS HAS BEEN A RESIDENT OF BLYTHEVILLE FOR TWE PAST TEN YEARS. / "^ '* /, MR,MOSS'S MOTHER \S THE LAOV \ . "^sC^it' ATTEMDENT IM CHARGE. . BELIEVES IN BLYTO- VILL f\WO IS ALWAYS BEHIND IT. CASKETS OWE * FEELING op ORGAT 'SATISFACTION TO TVIE ONES LEFT 8EHIMO THEY ARE NOT" TOO FOR THE PJ THE -il Poinsett County Valuationl Increased by $3,000,000 flPPf FIlEfl Supreme Court Will Review. Trial of C. A. Martin's Slayer Here- Bin Barnes, convicted of the murder of o. A. Martin by n Jury in criminal court here , In January luid sentenced to die In iho electric, choir at Tucker Prison farm, perfected his appeal to (he state supreme court Saturday. Sanies' father, Prank Barnes, was electrocuted. March 1 for his part-In. the.'rmirdorl of Marltn Archie Barnes, brother of ni'll Is In /all here awaldng trial on a similar charge. ' IJi his appeal, filed through Roy Nelson and Satn Manatl, loco! at- (onieya appointed to represent him/ Bill Barnes 'alleges a- niifn- Iw :oOierrflrs',lu' Ihe (rial; of his case, j • ' . "v He charges (hit circuit crlmlna. coiirl WHS not. legally In session here at the tlnie he was tried nml that the couii erred In admitting his confession .to the crime, purported lo have been made to Major PItcock of the Little RoeJ- detectlve bureau soon after ' the slaying, which occurred near Manila Inst summer. A number of other alleged errors ore nlso Included In the bill of exceptions Southeast Missourians Facing Liquor Charges CAPE OfRAfiDEAU, Mo. — Assuring n heavy criminal docket for the term of federal court to be convened In Cape Glrartleau April B, « indictments returned by i U. S. grand Jury at St. Lotil have been transferred ixere. All hut three arc for violation of liquor laws. Among those indicted are: Amos Allison, near Cardwell possession of untaxcd spirits Billy Barlinm. Portagcvllle, ITOS- sesslon of untaxcd whisky and sale of liquor without a license Ocorgc Q. Jnckson and Louis C. ifciHlnger, east of Haytl, possession of mash and still. Jesse T. Wilson, Carulhersvillc os-session of whisky for sale. Jasper J. Ccwtngton and Ruby Smith, Carulhersvltle, possession of spirits for sale. James Hern and Charles Dillard, northwest of Hnyti, possessing mash and still. Clarence McCnnles, west of Holland, possessing mash and still. Ed Majors, southeast of Braggadocio, possessing masli nnd still. Rice Processing Tax Signed by President WASHINGTON. Mnr. 18 (UP)President Roosevelt today signed a bill amending the agricultural act lo provide for a processing Sax at the rate of one cent a pound on rice, effective April l. The amendment also provided Ihat tax payment warrants shall he Issued which may be used In laying this tax on rice produced In 1933 and 193|. lliese wan-ante 'were to eouat- ze the income of rice growers who have not sold their product uj) to this time ivith that of rice growers who sold at thc levels specified in marketing agreements and licenses, which will be tcr- ulnatcd at thc effective date of he tax. The amendment nlso provided for elimination of thc fiour stocks tax. Bl IREfill DEH IS Peace Time Ariny of 600,000 Men Is Germany's First Objective LONDON. Mar. 18 (UP)-Cirat nrlluln formally protested (o Germany today against creation of a nclch conscript army nn<t Indicated she would seek tho advlco of Die United stales as well as of oilier imwers on means of prc- "•:nllng war. A strong note vvas drafted by the cabinet and forwarded (o Berlin '"here It was delivered nt 0 p m v Sir Eric- Pliipps, British n m - bns.'-adoc, "Ills majesty's government, of the United Kingdom," the note informed Hitler, ."feel bound ( 0 convey to the Oerman government their protest against, the an- ncuncement made by the lattev on tile sixteenth of March ct their decision to ndopl conscription nnd Increase the peace lime bnsls of 'he German nrmy to 36 dli-blojis." The note expressed the view that Germany's floulInG:' of the Versailles treaty is "calculated seriously to Increase the uneasiness of Europe." It plainly reflected the British government's anxiety and itesl're that Germany should cooperate with Ihc other powers for peace PARIS, Mar; 18 (TIP)—France has addressed telegrams 'to allied government* outlining' French views on German rearmament a foreign office spokesman said today. Government circles said that trance and her allies would mo\s to conclusion of security picts with or without Ger'rtViiny" . s BERLIN, Mar. 18 (UP) — The new, German war machine, already bulH on paper arid already con- flucllng k "research" on land, sea <MXd : ,, In ,v Uie.O n if'; ?, may " i each a toltil'of 800,000-riglitliiy ,„(>„ the United Press was Informed todav Oernifliiy . .will retain freedom to rebuild her'.'fleet, It was siiu, although reconstruction of the naval fighting machine must necessarily lag behind the creatlmi of a great land nrmy. The" Imi-e expense of building a navy comparable to France's or England's would preclude ttie probability of early action by the Charges Drunken Driver Deliberately Ran Her Down JONESBORO, Art-Struck by a nl-and-nm driver, M rs . Lula Austin, ngod 38, of Lcachvillc Is in St. Bernard's hospital here suffering from a fractured left leg and cuts and bruises. One d lie? eyas was destroyed. The accident cccur- hfc ™day. OUtSkirtS ° f Hamsl)Urg iVfrs. Austin said she was deliberately run down by Frank HB-gar of near Hnrrlsburg, who n short lime previously had asked her and her companion, Mrs Grace Hooten, to ride with hlni to Harrisburg, where the women, were walking. She said Haggar returned from own and ran his automobile over her near the railroad crossing. Mrs Woolen managed to avoid belne struck. The women said Haggar was drunk and was drlvin" recklessly. Mrs. Austin was dragged several feet along the gravel road. One of the wheels of the machine passed over her body. She Is expected to recover, however. Legal Five Per Cent Beer Arrives In City Legal five per cent beer arrived in Blythcvjlie over the week-end and was for sale at many places here today. Unofficially the more potent drink replaced the 3.2 .beer here two or throe weeks ago and hcis cf course, been bootlegged for a number of months, WEATHER ARKANSAS—Rain, warmer to- itshl. Tuesday clotitiy, occasional rains. Memphis and Vicir.ity—Occas- onal rains with rising temperature ;onlght, . • '• - The maximum temperature here •esltrday was 51,- minimum 33, •Icar, according to Samuel P. S'orrls, official weather observer.

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