The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1952
Page 10
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I FACE EIGHT BLYTHEVaLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line lor consecutiv Insertion: Minimum rhar^e .................. S ft ) lime rcr Uno ...... ............ li Jewelry Repair t~Day scrvk* on .Icwplry -3 rtnys on rPAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 3 times p*r line \>ff flay .......... 9c 12 titles jifr line |iei day ...... ,. 5c Mrvnlh p^r line ...... !>0c rtnint live aw race vvcuds to thp Hnp. Art nrdrrcd (or llirpc or ist* (iinrf and ddpprrl brfcire <-xnlr.ilI«in « III hr rharccd for HIP number of tlmP* [lie art appearert ant) adjustment of bill ni^'lf- ,\H rlasffflod advprllsfnif rifty sttli' '< mined by persons rrslrtlnc oiiiitittr of ; (lie cll.r must he acrnnipanlM b> rash : BKrs may easily hr rornjnulril from ' thp ahnvr table. ' Adrrtti'-lnc tirilrrrd for Irrreiil.w In- r sertfons t.ikf Ihr oiir lime Isblc. f No responsibility wilt he tskcn fin [ morf thin rmr Incrnrcct lnsrrHnn nf I anr clasM/trd id. , I All arts are rcslrfrlert frt ihclf p" 1 !" 1 ' ) classification stvle and (3 pp. The j Courier Setts rr^riVfs Iti* right to edll | Of reject any art, I Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME i For rarrfnl, thorough nig clr-Anlni! I ervice, call nti niythrvLlJn iJivmdry'* j ?7 ypArs of pxpcrtciicp- Tn thin special- ' /M fUlrl Fr<-«- pickup end deliver; i riv1ce—Jim I-R!] 441)i. HM'THKVILLK LAUNDRY CLKANKKfi I'Alnllnc or carpenter worV o I') Klnnpy. Ph. S32T, i;2i jik i M Apartment for Rent 3 Vm- unfurn apt., pvt, bnth Nlrhols arbor shop 4]J! E Ash. .V5 r>k )2 3 rm furn. apt., hot and roH vnt^i Ph. 292!5. 55 pk For Sale, Misc. Florr-nre oil rookstov* asonnb!* 1 . Ph. 321)2. MKf nrw 53 jik 7 4 rm. \m(. \ipstnlrx Rpt prtviuc 1 bath, hot nnrf cold water Turn 7!fl W. Ash, Ph. 6.123. 425 p)c Sfl 2 room furnished nparlm"nt. nrl- valn bath. Ad\ill3 5J6 I^ikp, nh 2-116. 53 pX 10 3 rm. unrur. spt ph 2^50 or 60R6, 41 ck tf 3 room k 4 foom npts (or r*>nt Call B512. O. Atvahsm « ck tf Modern 2 fOfim fur. apt Ph 2aW or 4565 2'14 cfc if Modern apt., 3 rooms and linin, nftw- ly rtpforated. pood (umUurc. pas eqtilp- ment. Ph. 3373, F. Sttnon, 921 cte tf Small Apnviments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bndrnom.s $4 up single. 114 West Ash. Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 rm. furnished apt., ph. B67fe, .VI pk a •4 imfmti. downstairs rooms. Inside toilet. Ltchts anci ualor furn(5hoel. *r. per week. 1916 W. Vine. 51 pk a 3 room rttrnlsnert apt. for rpnt. 713 rilckSMiwhft. . <|n ck tr Supplies and Services Don't endanger your family with tollltr tlrcr—DUY LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mftln find Division phone 25fi3 12:13 ck tl Perfect quality WHITE S1DEWALI/ TIRES — low mileage. Sue 800x15 anrl 760x15. We also have bargain passenger and tractor tires of nil sizes and brands. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. 4^24 ck 5[7 Services LAWNMOWERS W« sharpen and repnlr nil type Tnowcra. Also new .t tisc<l poyvcr mowers. At! XLnris mower pi\rts. Alsn power mou-crs Jor rent. Westbrook Machino Shop Acros.s from Kroner Slorn • 20 MlllUTE rilOTOSTATlC SERVICE. O'STEES'S STUDIO. Ill W MAIN 12 4 rV tf Guaranteed PIANO Timlnz As Repair. Cnll 2071 d» F 5, 2053 Illghls. _ _ <:26 pk J28 Need your radio repalr«l? CnirRed Walton. Dlsablert veteran repair* radio *t. home. Re«;on.?h:e price* CJllcka- •aw Courts. Apt. 2RA. Ph. a^!9. _____ E. R Alley — Air Conditioning Re- frt^err.tlon Service. Ph 247a 102 E Missouri, BlytheTllte. Ark. _ 130 ok 13 I repair any make or motlpl wnshtnK Jiarhlne 2 blocks west of, Dl»[e Pig on' 3th Rt , by new school. Herbert Gra- 4 row John Df-err Planter with markers; 4 row John D^pro roinry hnr mid Jnhn r>cfie disc harrow. Hale fipfd Farms, nunlelte. Ph 41f>2, 3 7 die if Save -Money Whnn Yon Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON KUIINITUKIC CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tl TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 112 W. Wnlmil . Plionr MB! Plenty of Parking Space CHECK THESE SIX SPECIALS 1951 POKD $1495 A brilliant Alpine Rlur Tnrlnr ilrluxe with, (lie V-R PTI^ETIP. Radio, henter , . , like a new car! 1950 KOJU) $1295 l;»»elnrl Only 'il.fWfl rn!U:s on tills Custom llrluvc! Turlnr, fowerfu! \'-K motor. All accessories. 1!M7 ..... $795 Siive rnnncy in Mils A-I ('lub C'nupr. While llrrs, radio, li cater, s*at covers. V-8, A sharp car. 1919 GMC $845 IRlfl GMC: 'i-Ton Plrkup Trunk wllh ralllf rnrk. It runs like * inpl jr«al«r. Excellent tlr*». 1S1IS CHKV $795 a IIPW motor! \Yllh jjood ISres and healer, It's a Iniy a( §795. Mil!) KOR1) $K!), r > Make a Rood triiilf: now on this IS-Tnn Truck H'llh U tool b*<l. Nearly nrw Urea, ll's A-1E Get the Best! Get an A-l Used Car! If It'n rntfHh you nre Innklnti ror illff lo DpltR Fish Mnrkel [ h.nvp lentr Rt nil tlinrs. cnn [L]l RTIT '1/f nrdcr 2010 Rose SI, lialf Work fa--' of Clnttwny Curve. Ph. SMS «'!» pk J 19 DIRT: Ph. 6363. <25 pk 59 Cloort Soytjonn Srert. riinJc'5 Hybrid Sec-d Corn, Soyhrtin Inornlntlnii Mixed FprllllOTr. Nc«- nnrl Ujnl BBK« PAHMKRS SOVBRAN COHP M nroAdway. HlytheTlllr. Ph. 81PI JJO Ilk 520 Seed soybeans, Dortchsoy No. 2. Only I year from Breeder's stock. Subject to certification. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2142. fil Implement Co. 3;31 ck If M I N N 0 W S — Ronchos. Fishing- canes 10c up. Ph. nite 30, day, !>%?). 328 K. Main St. G. P. Jfawks. .1(17 pk 5'i'n' ' 300 ompany Phone 4453 ROTARY HOE - Lift Type or Pull Type Jack Robinson Implement Co. Bl.vlheviHe, ArkaMu — PhoN« 2371 Lost and Found $250 reward for finding my riiamom] nag. F. G. Gipson. Call 32G2, 3423 or *MG4, Oloncoe Hotel. 11 ck tf For Rent Nlro front rcnrn ^Sth 2 bp<!« nrf- lolnlnn hath, 814 Hriun. s 'i jilt ]1 2 rm. furnished house with bairi, filec, kitchen. Ph. 4255. 5 3 CK 7 Notice FULLKR BRUSH For service «t Pour door, cflJJ «398 JAiMKS LIGHTY, DEALER 421 pit 5,22 He/p Wanted 4 rm. furn. hous month. Cnll 23M. with bath J5H n 5 3 pk 7 D & P L No. 1 5 •Second yvnr ftom hrfrcl-r Rormliifttlon, dPllnirtl mi'l tr 1125 p*r ICn U. S. Hlnnkrnshlp, Phmirj i-, ; r2. 4 30 pk HEED BKANR -- IHortch No. 2 Kernilnntlon. H nn.shrl, Ofdt'n's Knrmlnntton. 11.75 Bushel. U. S. Rln cnsMp, DP!(, Pii. 2492. 4 30 pk . Dell, 5,:tO Prfefl of luinhfr red tired to clrn lor suimtier nawlnR. lx-1, 2x6, '2K pnr thonssniJ. Ilecklnn and boning, O. S. Holllson, S. 2Jst SI., Pitone — $4-S 5,10 J309- k 5,6 Lucian Gaincs Furniture Co. Trade your old furnUuve /or now. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms \/2 down, balance in the fnll. Formerly Arnold & Gainos. Ph. G357. -ijl? ck tf Frypts, UTC or drr-ssrrt. H!\t, ritl^fd m E. Ash, Nichols Dnrher Shop. 4 29 pk S 6 27 ft. Anderson Hoxmc Trailer, onlv 3 mos, old. Have !TO. on this Iritllrr Cftti be s«rn nt -423 Uhrrly Rt. SirHn. Mo. nfter 5 p m. or cnll 630fl. myih"- Horne aiv-opt Iiornr brnms a m>m when \ipliolstrry f.- niR« hnve brcn i:lr.iiip(] wltli Mvnttc Ftmm. Now cm snip at Sherwln-\Vll]lnms. 5'S cV fl A now Kpfnrl pin no In BlylliovH"* TtclnHy for 53 le nt a b.intMn VVrlt^ BeartTs Tfmpli- of Muslr, PnrHKonlrl. for rull ilfitflll*. ,V5 ck ft Lost Poy Courts. Barber ShO|) open, prlrr.i rliiht. Work gunrnntwrl. Strlrlly FnnLUry- Hlphu-fvy Ifl W. Cnrl O pirns Tomato ptantfl, 3 Tfn-IeUpv tloz. Ph, 6327. Vag 5:13 WAlnut nipl.ij h^-rf .sprlnpn nnd mat- trrs?: ,1 mrtal Inn-n rhnlrs; 1 bfrtroom rocker. Rf-nl rhp.ip. Th. ?fi7t. or nltpr 5. 3155. 4 30 pk 5 14 Corn. A. L, Whistle. Ph. Doll. 2«t. Good used vnrunm cloaneis, c\tnrnn- tccrt. Ph O5ccnlR 954, Klthy Salr.^ Co, 1 22 pk S 7 GOOD, QUALITY WAM,TONE -\V;A r rKr< TAINT—Assorted colors, n t l) ( ir^ua prices. Regular $1.09 per qt. F mnv 50c. Hcgular $3.S>S uor gallon, now $1.<)5. FIKK- STONE STOKK, pJi. 2102. •1 'i!4 ck 57 Mnrlorn 4-room house «nd tenth in MOO block on Hpariu Nire nl7« shop .inrl otiUloor MorsiR^- $1.100 cnsh. total monthlr payment A H3 16. Owner be- Ins; irnnsferrcrl. Motlprn 5-rooiri hnn.ip and hath, large front porch, gruaafl and etoreroom. Nice harkyard, 32« East Kpntuckj. 1'rlcc 18.500. ^iotle/n .I-mom hoiisi? BIH) balh In Country Cluh Drive adrtlilon, Rooiny clouds and .stornsn aitic. All Inside trim nnd china closets o( Bolld wtxliiut. If you want n neat Riid roomy home, yon fihoiilrl «e« ibis one. H's vacniii. (t,7SO cash, total monthly pa"in«ms fSl.12. See or cntl JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone -1111 Residence Phone 2506 NEW OUTROARl) MOTORS — Slightly damaged in shipment. In ported condi- lion. i)0-day warranty. Bargain prices. RRKSTONE STORE, ph. 2102. •m ck ,V7 frli:erRtoi. 6 modrls Adnn^ Appliance < nor.n from 3 \V Mnln ^ 25 ck 3 26 CAR VAI.CE moans a car (hat's horn rnmplr(rly rri-Dmlilfonnl. . . . th.ifs sure lo sivc clrprtid.ibln service. proircUon is alwnvs yours al CHAMHI.IVS! '51 Slude. Ch. 5-1'ass ISflo '50 Studc. '/j-T. Pkp '45 Stude. Ch. 4-dr. . 1105 MOSliule. !',-T. )»kp. '50 Plymouth 1-dr. .. 1295 'JP Ford V-8 2-dr. ... 1195 ''IS Chevrolet 2-dr, . .. 9J>5 MD Chevrolet 2-dr, .. 1245 '51 Stude. Com. l-dr. 1S95 M9 Ford (6) 2-dr, . . JUa '-J6 Dml^e 'If. Chev. ' 2 -T. pkp. M9 vSUirte. 'i-Ton .. , 'is (;MC 2-T. IAVH . M7 Chev. '2-T. Stk. . M7 Dod^c 2-T. ],\VU . 7i)5 . fi»5 7<15 G!)5 715 705 Slk. . 515 Authorized (SS Service » 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. •Ar Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer 1^ Railroad & Ash Call 6SSS For Safe, Reaf Estate nuplpK RpRtllneiits. 4 rooms and b.»th In moll unit. Small S TOOI« honfc Itl rmr, tttW. 430 F.. Drwls. ph irt32 5 3 pW ID Real ESTATE Farms — City Properly 1.0 <\NS IT lnlrrrslr<t In Noble Gill Agency Clnncoe Bldg. / * Ph. HSHS _ VVonferf fo Buy 2 tin. unfur. house, ph, 6213. S 3 pk 10 2 room house, electric kitchen soori location, t'h. 2938 or 9WI. 53 cX: 17 5 room Ijou.-p with h.->th, locntcd near school. H5, Alf.o 3 room home nnrl bath. 120. Call 4597. 52 cfc 6 Room nncl hoard for mon Front >om, privno mlrnnce. lint' water. Close In. 307 N. First. Ph. -1660. 5,2 ph 0 3 rm. home on scr* of land Call 2530 oj- 97.11, 3't p* fl Outside salosman for npplhnrrs A: liirnlture. A B ps 21 to 35. Salary «nd rornmLsKlon. Write c o courier News. Hox C-6. 4 29 ck 56 Family to make share crop Ph. 6801. 23 ck tf 3 rrn, house A;, hath, Elcc. hot water hr-nifr v j,2S n. mo.. Corner Howard A^ Mnrgnret. Mrs. Znullne Powell 429 ptc 1 3 bprtrrxtrn hoine, harriwood ftoor*. pnctlan blind*, floor I urn ace. New tldltlDn, J65 n. month. Ph. 3527, 430 ck 6 3 rooms. 335 N. 5th. 4,29 room modern hnmp with carafie Holly. Completely furnished. Call 5 4 2R tf Ron in nnd board, also meals tn ihe public. Errved (Sully 11:00 to 1:30- Hrnckln BonrrlJng House, 126 E. A*h., ph. 43B2. 118 Pk 5'18 Concrete Tlloclc BiilLfJIn^. Eiiltnble for (iArngc or store nnd acljolnln^ 5 room house with bath, I-ocatPt! tn curve on Highway 61. south side of Holland, Mo. CntJ -1401 or write Paul Uynim Implement Co. i:?2-ck if Office space formerly occupied by the Veterans Administration. Available at once. G'-eru-oe Hotel. 5;1 p* 9 4 rm. hrmsc, rlec. water hi-ater. 524 5. Cherry. Ph. 6846. 5.5 pk 12 Shetland ponies by the day. w-ecX nr month. DpHverv service, John D. Mc- l>o\vell, ph. S706. 5^5 pk 6,5 NOTICE Notice U hereby Riven that Elliott Johns has made application for a permit to erect a masonary building, one story construction, on the rear of lots 1 A 2, Block 4. Davis Second Addition. This building to be uspd as a service .station. Any protest shmilil be filed, in writing in the «If ice of the City Clerk within thirty days. C, L. Alexander, City Engineer. Dated: April 25, 1952. 428-5:5 He/p Wanted, Male PLANT HELPER—to u-ork In *tenm sen erne In? r*'T'. Prefer man with pow<*r plant rxpprlpnrp, either c)Tll1n.n or mint an*. Job offers goott op;>ort\in- it7 for future. Prefer mnn between *1 and :i7. In gootl physical roi^illtlon. Applicant shonhl apply by teltPt. qiv- Sne RRP. edviciitlon. complete work hls- ii>ry*f\nd rclerfiirrs In fltst Letter. In- lf>r views by appointment only. Wrt'.e PO Box Q75. Blythevllle. Ark 5!2 cX 9 Black Hills Has Critical Mineral in 'Beryl' RAPID CITY, S I). <.fl — Nearly 12,000 tons of low grade beryl — a mre nnd critical mineral — ore tucked nwny in the Black Hills of South Dakota, officials of the Bureau of Mines have estimated. Beryl is found in pe g m r\ t i te, popularly known as ctinnl granite. The mineral has many military and imhistrinl uses. It has been mined in the Black Hills as far hack AS 1914, but production was small. Total production through, 1949 was 2,358 tons. | Parolee Tries Silent Treatment in Church CAIRO, 111. Ijj — The Rev. J. R. Williams read the silent 21-year- old *s written story fmd was touched; He gave the youth food, clothing and shelter. Later in church, the silent one sat sadly but brightened as $7 jingled irito H special collection to send him on his way. One benefactor saw a knife sheathed under the youth's coat. Quiet investigation disclosed it had' been purchased nearby by the youth who had asked for It out loud. Further checking resulted in sending the now fast-talking one hack to prison for parole violation. Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Aaency Planned Protection JM W Ash .Si OLENCOE HOTEL BUILDINO Private ftirnl<!hp<1 hfrtrotin Notice to Farmers: I rf|irr«rnl th« ROBERT L. DORTCH SEED FARMS, of Scolt Arkansas, In this trrrllnr.v. At present I have * n o tl t 300 hushfl.i of DORTCH SOY No. 2 BREEDERS BEANS. Also > [«w of Ihe NE\¥ 61 VARIETY. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Bay Phone 6218 Night Phone 8061 Located 300 yds. S<i. of cily limits, Hivray 61 Berlrrxirn. oat. 611 W onrcnlcnt tn bath str MMn Pli 3J3S ^ 10 c ji StnalJ ftirnfshrd . Close Ln. Ph. 44.12. Br<1room with pvt. rNr-r In, ncljnlnlnv b»:h Jioi walrr. Ph. 25^2 A ^ pk - State Certified Blue Tag D&PL 1 5 COTTON SEED 80% Germination. Delinted & Treated CALL Glen Cook home rl—Cmp or tivo ! Main. Pti 6P61 or 37M. :> JV DELL, ARK. I'tlUfNTj 4-144 ^ PHONE 2442 Rn. 130 W 4 29 C X 5 6 «',«nt to hnr srvi-rnl uscil pinnos Cnll M7I. S-la!,ls 2059. 1 2B <•)! 523 ird pTojiprty— New < ro n\vn. balance ra^y It-ti ' Nlrp n rw 2-bf rtronn wood lloois. plctUTP <; and will rsi-linnsc IlIG'l ffp (nr Total pilcf JT^fiil ( m . 1 J) F IXtrls. Th. f.F-65 4 22 ck S - f 'J ' ^\ ANT^D We p,i» lop prlrr* J o r ; - - - •.ojtirnii-. =t>UDi shr-llrfl rnrn ; hr.u«e. }M**; ***** Kntl b"lnr CM out v nlcc ' n,r,,!-.,., , ,,. ....«,-. • -- i>'* 4W ^"ARMKRS SOYHEAN CORP ! _ ... I N E!r.->fld',vay. Btylh^illp rl) 8191 : \VoH loc-atofl 2 bcdrtitHU' _ aw ck A-JH : homo on paved si root uoav \ *>> win p ftv CASH for jour OM KD~ . Walker Park, roiniilolo n\od- ^o's\ V EKvT r si*uDiol nr'w^rM^" ! e t n equipment. Finam-iny "^ rJ= ir ;rs^ur ui " cd ; Imnicl " Mp -HIGHEST PRICES! Several low priced houses. PA I D Ideal fo r home or rental. ; r , .. Worth investigating. t For Un ' Wlre a ' ul al » kinds of| J?ee or call Max Logan, Realtor Lynch Bldg. Phone 20 f \ \\ scrap metal. Blytheviile Iron & Metal Co. N'. Bilwjiy & Moiiltvie Drive Phone . 2 b*th*. utility unrt Iiv,; rtiy rooms, r^iytort Air ooncUtl^ji Ni. •• v,irrt. $!.t.OS< FIIA hnlnt SI -i, sv>6 Onp Rp«rtn\rnt rents tor J^J i rff month, owner Uvra In otlirr 3 hptlroom homp In 200 blorV; *>n FP«I Krnt\;rky, Scrr^rfrt porch. Thl^ j hr>n«f Jd ^ond ronflltton Mns nlf^ fp'nr^d bkrV y»rd TrLrc S6.CHX1. 1 I.E\VJS RF.AI.TV CO.. 15 ek tf Salesman Wanted Would like to War from man "r!th '»r who is IntoreslM !n h^vi;i<< n tii.M- j ifv* of ill, 1 ! own J.nin>>y1iw <!fmnu 1 Tor ^H^lcU-li Products m .>mn)i ,\!!<Mf- l Vl^ r '^»lv. No (SplUl n r,i Ott^r v \Vtl(c l?nul<-Ulr« Dcpt/ AKO-'j'to. f-R,. Memphis, Tcaa. 4,^1 ck 32 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blythevill* Motor Co. Fhone 4)22 FINA FOAM . . . the Nrwlj- Developrd Bnbbl* Balh for Fine Fabrics, RURS unrt llphohtcry does a speedy foam clranlnj Job. ARKANSAS PAINT .V lil.ASS CO. 105 F.. Main Tbone 217'i RADIATORS are SCARCE! As you know (if yoii'vt tried lo find one) radiators are mighty scarce lhcs« days because of the copper shortage. And expensive, too. That's why it's important to keep yours in th« best condition. IF YOUR CAR'S BOILING LIKE A TEA KETTLE Check This COOLING SYSTEM Sullivan-Nelson will flush (tie rariinlnr, check for leaks, adjust the fan hell and tighten all hose connections. And this low price includes Hie cost of cleaner and rust inhibitor. Drive your car in this week! SPECIAL* 500 Complete Job SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 Guaranteed Wakrh Repair Your watch Is rleaned, piTots polished and hair springs adjw*te4. HORNER-WILSON IS ft Truck Headquarters The Kind You Want—At The Price You Like! 19)9 FORD l!/i-Ton short wheelbase Truck (hat's as clean as can be. Special price . . . 13-18 CHEVROLET iV,- Ton Truck with n new bed, practically new tires. Special price . , . $695 $895 l!15n CHEVROI.BT 2- Ton SWB Truck equipped with air brakes. Perfect lires. Special price. . GMC IVi-Tnn LWB Truck with a new bed. Rood tires. Drive it today! Special price . . . $1295 $495 DODGE 1-Ton Truck with Stake Body. Take a look at Ih« fine tires. Special price . . . 1'ickup Truck. tires, excellent enpine. bargain! Special price $395 $795 1350 CHEVROLET 2- Ton S\VI5 Truck wilh a fine paint job, excellent tires. Special price . . . lfl.">n CHEVROLET Vi- Ton Pickup in guaranteed fine condition. Good lires, loo. Special price .. $995 $995 Buy Your Truck on Easy Payment Terms At HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks ! Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 j

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