The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1933
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Served by the United Press EHTHEVILLE COURIER ^^^^^^ rmi-wt vu-» rr\3 A %I*W %TVtlTCTl A TlfPn f\Wl *in WWH IT A ("fl' AT> V AMD AC 4 VIT"\ OrtflT'IIW A OT If 1CO/*\TTm THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SODTJIEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION '"' I3L. VOL XXX—NO. 194 Mls«Wlr*l V»Uet Leader. new.. myUKTiu. cccrvjr. RLYTllEVILU-:, ARKANSAS, TLIF.SDAV, OCT01SRK 'M, ES: FIVE CENTS '$ GREEK HIGH COURT TURNS INSULL Boy's Letter to President Saves New Jersey Home Final Decision by Three.' Federal Judges Will Come Later. LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 31. (Ul 1 )—. An interlocutory Injunction against the- state treasurer was granted liolUcisof Arkansas highway bonds litre today pending a final decision by tr.o three judge lederal court which took the cose under ad- vir/:ment. Under the injunction Arkansas highway funds remain tied up. thus preventing lire slate from paying interest, duo Pennsylvania before is brought by Ihnt slate to collect interest and "restore the secur- ilv of the bonds. "Suit will be Hied in United States supreme court by Pennsylvania November C. according to William A. Schnader, Pennsylvania nt-Lorney General. Regardless of tiic outcome of the injunction hearing now before the court here b'jlh parties have inti- mriled they \vii] appeal the decision lo the district courl of appeals at St. Louis or St. Paul and all indications point to the case ending in llie United Siale5 supreme court. Contract Violated The plaintiff, one of many holders of the $146,030.000 Arkansas highway debt, contends the Arkansas legislature violated its contract with tlie bondholders by passing aclr. in 1933 which reduced highway revenues and diverted the monies lo other purposes thon the paymen of interest on bonds, as providec for in the Miirlineau read law. I was asked that the slate treosurj be enjoined permanently from pay in? out highway funds for 1 purpos es other than road mafntenanc and payment of interest on slat highway pljigalions..', v _ ^ It was" pointed o'uftfTc eonstitu lion provides that tn'e legislatur cannot pass any acts which violat a contract and contended that thi wrii done by passage of the acts i 19?3; that the legislature, not th people, who constitute the stat violated the agreement, and to that reason the suit is not or . ajainst Ihe stale but against a rr;eiH of the state and has a rlgl in court. ELOH 1SIH.E. Pivtly Girlft ol : Two Slates Will Vie for Beauty Honors EXILEI UlllltS Seeks Turnback Money I.ITTLE ROCK, Oct. 31. (UP) A decision will be made this a lernnon on the plea of John Sheffield, attorney for county jud (•:? of Arkansas, who asked lhat tl oni cent gasoline turnback be re- Irnsed from the highway fund "so the judges may continue work on Aikansiis' 80.000 mile comity road system." letter that brought results \vab the one 12-year-olQ Adam Schmidt of Trenton, N. J., wrote to the resident saying that while he'd b> "willing to sleep under a tree," ioss of his home by mortgage fore- osurc would be hard on his p;.renls. This was the scene 'in Trenton as Adam smilingly looked n white his father and mother (rlyht) received the first loan check made out by the New Jersey i branch of the Home Owners Corporation. All Claims Paid Promptly; Will Start New Auditorium in Spring. I 'Hie First Methodist chmrli. with Ihr Rc!'v. P. Q. llorio us ]i:islor, lias broki'ii nil records lor sending In ic- pnil.s of cimnecltonal rl-.iluis. according lo the Itev. Sam 1). Wiggins, presiding elder of Ihe Jonti-1 lioro dUlrlcl. ! This record was in rounding out a four U'M's pastorale with all ij.iims paid In full on srhodule and which showed lhat a total o[ 741 additions to the church nnd the Mini of $58,i:r> paid fur all pur- . . Mr. Rcric goes lo Jones- tomorrow for llie annual district conference. Included In Ihe rejrarl were activities of the building commillei! for Ihe churcli which announced thai work on the auditorium lo the present building will begin In Ihc spring and that llie work on the Hal! Moon church, c. which the ncv. Mr. Rorlc is also pastor, will slur; in November. Stewards for Ihe first church, re- All tln> iirclly i;lils la Mlsslsslu-: imn'ii nt Ihe riirniiallrm. Nunifr- pl county, Arkiinsns. and south- tur; iilhri 1 cnurtrslcs will lx> shown cnsl Misourl are elated over plans • tin- 20 pretty ulrls wlm will paril- lor Ihr lii'iiulv contrat which will | cliiatv In llu' rontrft. be im Important feature of ihi" f->!iTllons from each of the Armistice Dal celebration IUTO , luwi"-. will b(> iimdr- within Ihc Stiluidiiy. November 11. j next few days. The 'Ilavtl, Mo., Hut who wouldn't bo? A lunch-, i.iuiis club will .sponsor "Miss lluy- eon ni Ihe Holel Noble, plnces of u." mnnbcrs of tile Sti'He, Ma. lir.nor In Ihc pfirude. u promenade Lifters club will sponsor "Miss bl ' t " 1(1 " lo millllc tl " lt " Itcl lloim ' Kll ' r1 '''" " l " 1 ">" American;lon wl » ">" k(! Ulelr wlre - I" >M nt CnriUbersvillc. Mo., will liou. and jusl befr, moi y nt r (. p ,. ( ,,,, m , ulVl . f ,,, m Ulnl u 1!U ml! ht som , the dance at the ur- city. which "Miss Northeast -Miss Hlvthevllle" will l« C!I<K- moiy n w ss ve w « CI<- Arb>n.'Jib-Soulhcast Missouri" and I i<n next Tuesday nlt>lil, November her recort will dance the first 7, ui the nil/ theater, when Ihls duiici>. followed by her inulds uf j city's most benullful elrls will np- . hunor. who will be other contest- i en the singe between the two anls. nnd their escorts, are mnoiit; rhow.s. Proceeds from this affair Ihe plans for the contestants. Sen- W n] be used- lo aid In defraying nlor llnltle W. Caraway will pro- the expense of Hie ranlcst. Tlie senl u silver loving cup lo Iho American LeRlon auxiliary of this city is .sponsoring this event with Mrs. Pal O'Uryant ns chairman of tlie committee In charge of ar- ran«r-inen(.s, ' Enlranls In the contest may rtixirt lo Mrs. OTlryant. ^larence Morris, 25, of Carson lake, in Critical Condition. WILSON, Ark., Oct. 31. —Clar- 23, Carson Lake shot twice by -his U. S. Government Again Advances Price of Gold) WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (UP) — The government today raised lls price on nevfly jmined American gold to $32.12 an ounce from the $31.QG level of yesterday. The price was an overnight ad- ance of lli cents an ounce. FBI ID 'nee Morris, harecrpppcr, : ather-'ln-law. Austin. Bynum, «as In,'a. critical condition'here at noon "today. Byuum, who was standing In fionl of tl-^ Ford garage ' and salesroom here, opened fire without warning as Morris drove into the garage. Ordering garage attend ants and others nearby to stand back. Rynum pointed his shotgun through a rear window o Morris' car and fired once. He then walked around to the side of the car and fired again. The first load "ruck Mo-ris in the side of the head, and "Hie second took effec in his left arm and side. Bynum and Morris, who wer making a share crop together on Jack Kirkpntrick's farm, thre miles from Wilson, had not spoken to each other since they had a iispnte over a bale of cotton about .hree weeks ago. Last spring they also had a difficulty, after which Wants No Currency War LONDON. Oct. 31. (UP)—The British government is anxious lo avert a currency war with the United states, it was said authorita- ively today, soon after a mysterious buyer had purchased $1,426,500 ' | cently elided are: O. C. Dnrncs. W. M. Rums, U. S. Branson, A. J. Uishop, Jack Bishop, p. B. Coolcy, J. E. Crilz. !•'. C. Douglas. E. D. I-.-ii4Uson. Roland Green, Crawford Oicon;. J. L. Guard. A, C. Haley, in. I. Haley, Ocorge Henry, A. O. I Hudson. W. W. Jlol!lpcter. n. A. I Lynch. N. B. Menard. U. W. Moore, I E. M. McCall. Harvey Morris, R. P. Ptiddison, Norman P. Mc-sre, J. II. Smart. Earl Snyder. C. F. Tuck- r "r. Dr. H. A, Taylor. OI! E. v;orth of South African'gold. Many observers here believed the: „, in Mghmv purchase of domestic gold in the I j oinel ._ 22 miles' United States was nullified by various factors. They are uncertain, however, as to the present outlook. Ulythovllle, to their home, was kill- nccident near •elow here late last night. Harry Land. Chelford youth. 4-Year-Old Daughter Oi; E. D. Ferguson is .superintendent Alabama Family Killed•«„«£ %««£ ^'directo,'^: Near Joiner. OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 31. — Ernestine Norihlnglon. four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Northlngton. Alabama cotton plck- enroutc froni Oosnell, near gil Greene Is lay loader, and A. O Hudson. I'. E. Cooley. Harvey Morns. Crawford Greene. Earl 'Snyder Miss Rosa, Hardy, Mrs. N. B. Mcn- ard. J. E. 'Crltt, E. D. Fergusoi and Mrs. .1. E. CrlU are member: of the board .of. .Christian'leducn lion. Members of the building coin miltre nre: A O. HurtFnn. W. W Hollipcfer. n. A. Lynch. In Ihc Half Moon church slew ards are M. L. Hawkins, Hem- driver of (he car lhat collided with, Buck, N. J. Jones. Joe Baker. W. S Ihc Norlhlnglon's auto, sustained slight injuries, ns did Hoy Youn'S. another occupant of Land's car. in Cooperative Milk Pool Story. T. Alexander. B. P. Gay J. If. Illinium nnd H. L. Hnu'kin are trustees, n. U Hawkins Is re which eight youths were riding. l cording steward and B. p. day. la un-rrn nil IIInil Mlss v| w«ia Mn«"i. duughtci llf|Trn nW IIIUV ° r Mr - nml Mrs. Tom Martin of U II 1 I* II 11 I •! lln I i nc "- wno lms won several Imnovs I U I L U U I U U 11 I hi beauty contests, will be "Miss ___ | Dell." • i i r\ nr .. I i notl1 llll; lar KCr rial 01 USCar LlllOtt In- smaller communlllM , l n r A iisked lo be repp temiptcd Pending Ap-; ncarance of Witnesses. "Those. Greek Judges Are Ideal," SDVS Insull; Greece His Country. ATHENS, Oct. 31 (UP)—Samuel Insull, exiled c/ar of America's mid-continent utilities system, (q- fluv von his fight against extradition lo Chicago to face charges of ng ruined and mismanaged his one lime financial empire. The Orcek court of appeals, ap- larcntly Impressed by tlie argrt- inenl of'a brilliant battery c-f "defense lawyers, determined today that Cook county Indictments were not sufficient to meet the terms of tlie extradition treaty and "ordered his release from custody. -. ,_ A large crowd was present in the i I ctiurt room when the decision was announced and Ihe verdict was greeted with loud applause. the larger towns are i-cscntcd. Gosnell" will be chosen at a box supper to be held Thursday night 7 o'clock with H. W. Helm In 1'r.iUe for Insull The court's decision was a 10- page document which gave more praise limn condemnation to thtj nml i one-time multl-mllllonalre. heln? The court "recognized lasull's "Miss! Important contribution to the elec- m , ulCi fl . mn ( | lly to rlcal Industry," and recorded Its verdict that his acts were "nnt fraudulent but brought ubpul by the general financial collapse." "I expected this verdict," Insull told the United Press as he was receiving the congratulations of . ; charge of arrangements. Seventeen true bills were return-1 A , mcllllcl , mL . llt , ,, r oUlcr |OWI1S . d by Ihc circuit courl prand Jury • rntr | c; . win icre Hits nflcrnoou. bringing lo (][ 21 Ihe lolnl found since the grand E ' c p(UUm nnd Mrs Slmluc , p . t i, e crowd..."These"Greek judges ury opened its session yesterday Nnn . (E llrp ,,, C h Brgo - 0( H,L, fea-'urc !u, ..I. I ...n i'nwfl than .satis- norning. turc O f u, 0 .Armistice Day pro-[net!. I shall stay here the remain- Is named In indictments ( , rn)11 whlc)) wm | nc ,, 1(le „„ a ir dor of my life and regard Oreece circus, parade, military drills, a as my country." , , slreel dance, a public program wllh ^Thcn, Intllciitlng his plans for runts. True bills ycslcrdav nnni- m| chllrlcs H . ' Brougli as the! work, he added: Mr. and Mrs. nnymond Pruitt I |np , , .,„,,„)(„, ftnd „ dance at and two ncirrocs. Oscar bicvenson nrl ,, n Vv Knli-.rdav nlBht and Richard Clark, defendants on lllc armory sn ' Ma W m * lu - tclurnrd lodny were not revealed [lendlnt; Issuance of bench wur- The two machines struck almost leader. head on when Noiihinglon drove : committee are U. P. Gay. A. Baker, his car over to Ihe left of Ihe-W. S. Story. N. J. Jones, Ilenrfy highway lo pass another car trav- Buck. M. I,. Hawkins, Joe Baker. n" r der charges. . -. I iTrlal of Oscar Elliott, former police officer..on a charge,of drlv- fng while -Intoxicated, .an' appor.1 case from municipal courl, wus Interrupted (his afternoon because of delay In securing witnesses but was to be resumed late this afternoon. Elliott was charged with Ihe offense In connection with an accident last .March In which Dr. Max 0. Usrcy and Mrs. A. O. All- ken sustained Injuries. In Ihc meantime an appeal case charging -"I hope that, by some financial combinations I may be able to reciprocate the. hospitality -o! this small bu^ great country." ;.-.: ,. '• Members of the building! nock Chlshohu will) a liquor law eliivs south, rforthlngton's car veered off the road and Into a ditch. stem." Although Sheffield said this money. some $305.000. has nothing to do with the payment of bond in- lenest. attorneys for bondholders - C 3id he was mistaken in this slale- iiient; thai his money is par of the highway fund to be used to pay l)0ty interest although the one cent gas la.\ was not added until 1931. four years after passage of (ho Martineau road law. Attorneys for Roy V. Leonard. -Oatc treasurer, contend the case is one against llie slate of Arkansas and has no right in the court ., Wiley Northtngtoii and his bro- Rncks National Farm ^^. ii r i A • • I tllei " Holiday Association. -Icott They were returning lo Iheir home at Gwinn. Ala., because of the .serious illness of a relative. Mrs. n. F. Gay Is Go|tlen Cross dlreclor nnd W. II. Springer Is cx- horler. Stewards violation was to be tried. Downing of Manila Mclvln Downing ol iManiia was! U&HV^AI, ^ti. ..i. ^^^ . ~lined S1DD on a charge of Illegal I men were lo:lgcd In Jail, Indiw J recnutions Taken to Prevent Repetition of Yes- lerday's Rioting. DETrtOIT. Oct. SI. (UP)—Seven ai outhorltlcs will abandon oftorLs lo exlradile Samuel Insull. former head or llie utilities empire, it was learned authorllatively today. Insull, now In Orcecc, was vie- tcrloiis In his fight njainat exlra-; c!U!on in Greek courts. recession of llmior by a Jury yes-! plants guarded, and 3.000 police-] terday afternoon. Tlie case was men held In reserve today to pro-: appealed from municipal courl. vent recurrence ^of rioting which ^ ^ __^ u . t ... ^...^ Lillian Ewlr;^, neyrcss, accused ' ' ™ ' '' * -, Carney Northlnglon. and j church, also pastoral by the Rev.i of parking on a highway and vio- ir families had been picking Mr. Rorie, are F. A. Rogers and J.'lining slate traffic laws, was lie- on In the Gosnell vicinity.IN. while. fendant in a which ended In of the Clear Lake] MADISON. Wis.. Oct. 31 (UD— Morris married Bynum's daughter.! Impetus to the strike of mld-wesl- Bynuin was lodged in jail at Os-1 ern fanners demanding cost of Funeral services will lie held Ihis ceola but filing of formal charges'produclion for farm product was! afternoon for the victim of Ihe was withheld pending outcome of | given today, by the Wisconsin Co-1 accident. Interment will be made Morris' injuries. ~ ' """' Arkansas Postoffice Robber Held in East Convicts Released for Sleeping Sickness JACKSON. Miss., Oct. 31 (UP) —Ten Mississippi convicts were free today in consideration of voluntarily submitting to sleeping -•-• i cs | s a t i), 0 hospital at PITTSBURGH, Pa., Oct. 31 (UP) --Herman L. Wheeler. 20. who admitted he liked the jails in Arkansas "tots better' 1 -than those here, today was ordered returned to Port Smith. Ark., to. face a charge of breaking into a postoffice station at Lone Rock. Ark. Wheeler was heavily guarded ami Il:m < lc >'"~«l when brought before a a s comm issloner on the federal charge, which he admitted. f'archmrm prison farm Two were granted pardons by Gov. M. s. Conner. The other eight were given six month suspension of .sentence in order to comply with technical legal requirements.] At the end of that time they will be pardoned. operative Milk Pool which called at Basselt cemetery, on its 16,000 farmers lo halt delivery of milk to market. Already one picket has been slain and twelve wounded in efforts lo halt delivery of milk and other farm products in Wisconsin. Thousands of gallons of milk have been lumiied and numerous ; creameries forced to close. Mrs. Roosevelt Calls on Women to Aid Needy CHICAGO. Oct. 31. (UP)-The women of the nation were called I i:non by Mrs. Prankltn D. noosc- ! veil today to assume "personal re- mi -. i T -i » f | sponsiblliiy" In the raising and ad- United I Oilers UlVen | ministering of funds for the needy Federal Price Fixing for Farm Products Demanded at Des Moines. mistrial yesterday afternoon Closing Stock Prices narked cflorls of several hundred men lo force tool and die workers lo join In n slrikc. Hundreds of windows were broken, workers' automobiles damaged, and blue prlnls dcslroyed before mounted police, swinging clubs, sub- j nc y rliied the roving bands which surg- B Michigan Manufacturer Kidnaped and Robbed MARSHALL, Mich., Oct. 31 (UP) —Louis E. Brooks, millionaire inanufaclurer, kidnaped last night by two men and a woman, was found on his farm two miles south of here today. Brook's face was cut and bruised. He refused to make any state- 11 menls concerning the abduction until he conferred with his attoir T in ?-•» 13 3-8 27 3-4 38 5-8 Cilies Service . ......... 21-4 Coca Cola A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Slecl Clnysler Articles of Incorporation , this winter. "It is primarily the job of women to educate governments and peo- Organized lo promote higher pies to IhA- resixmsibility in re- wagesfi belter education, belter lief." Mrs. Roosevelt to!d state and citizenship, nnd more comforts of'local chairmen from 44 •states, fac- He recently completed a 30-day life for "the working class of pco- ed with the task of raisin? $35.000.- scnicnce in Alle?hany county work-1 pic." articles of incorporation were oon jn community fund projects in house. He was linked with the Ar- ! Issued by Circuit Judge G^E. Keck the- iie-st lew weeks, kansas robbery through finger print ..—..-. records. Jesse Nichols Dies at Morrilton Camp Jesse Nichols. 25. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Nichols of the Lutes community, Lake Street Members to Hold "Get Together" Members of the Lake Street Methodist church will have an Informal "get together" supper meet- hu this evening which Is to be in X the form of a victory service In closng out the church year. The Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pastor, eoes to conference at Jonesboro tomorrow and wll take with him final reports of the church and Its activities. Friends of the-church are invited. south of town. Ihe Civilian Cor camp at Mori died yesterday lo the United Tollers of j America." • ; Incorporators of the organization are B. Payton Walker. Bailey M. Walker. Charles T. Nash. Walter Williams and Noel J. Todd. The petition for articles of incorporation slated that the central office of the organization wns | to be maintained here. Annual dues' cult court here yesterday for In- $5.000 Judgment for Injuries to Boy of 10 An agreed judgment for SW130 was awarded J. w. Gordon, father of Harry Gordon. 10. in cir- DES MOINES, Iowa. Oct. 31. (UP)—Farm relief measures of the A A. A. were attacked by spokesmen tor organized fanners before a conference of mld-uxstcrn governors considering agricultural problems here today. — General American Tank 28 1-4 General Eleclrlc ...... 17 3-4 General Motors ....... 28 3-4 International Harvester 3S 7-8 Montgomery Ward New 'York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Hfldlo Simmons Deris Standard of N. J Texas Co Brooks said the men and women forced him to take them to his manufacturing plant here. He was forced to onen the door. The men sel/rcd Louis Waltz, night watch... . . man at the plant, when he ap- flrsl allackcd llie plant of Ihelpcarcd lo Inve-iligate the noise. ed through the industrial districts.; No serious Injuries other than bruised arms nml heads x'crc reported. The rioters, estimated lo number between 1.000 and 1,500, Officials of nine slate, meeting at! u - s - stccl 17 3-4 29 1-2 3 s ' 8 14 c '- 2 15 1-4 40 3-8 23 '" 2 36 3-4 Rolling Tool and Die corporation, hurling bricks and stones. More than 200 windows Walt/, was bound and gagged with adhesive tape stripped over his mouth. The wealthy manufacturer Dec. of three dollars will be assessed health for some time. i .. .- . Rttorr . CTS Funeral arrangements arc ln .|"«. l«al attorneys. complete, according to the L. O. Moss Undertaking company, pending arrival of the body. Besides his parents the deceased Is survived by nine brothers and sister. Will Ask Second Death Sentence for Kidnaping KANSAS CITY. Oct. 31. (UP)The state will ask the death penalty Juries sustained by the youth when he wos struck by a car on Highway 18 near Rosebud on Sept. 29. The Singer Sewing Machine company was defendant In the action, which was filed the snme day the[ agreed judgment was returned. The 10-year-old boy sustained Ihc invitation of Gov. Clyde L Her-1 ring of Iowa, heard representatives' of 100 (arm organizitions plead for" immediate stale and federal aclion to relieve farm distress. The organizations differed widely in their proposals but were unilc:l In an earnest warning that Immediate steps must be taken if abso- j VI!'J; lute bankruptcy of the nation's 50,-'^,' n ,,' not'.DOO farm populalion Is to be averted. Recommendations Included federal fixing of farm produclG prices a'- cost of production. "Missing" Girls Visiting Relative in St. Louis Y0)'k NEW YORK. Ocl. 31. (UP) — I Cotton closed steady. 0|>en high low close . 957 957 344 953 broken In the plant, nine prints were taken from the building and j then ordered to lead the way to thrown on a huge bonfire. the company's safe. He opened | it nnd they took a small amount of Kansan. Wed in 1889, i cns " Seeks Divorce Here j Winners in B. and P. W. After almost"** century of I Art ContesE_Announce'd married life Entcra B. Wilson has. .... come to the decision that he wants Prize winners in the art contests a divorce and Has filed .suit under sponsored by the local Business and Arkansas' 00-day statute seeking Prolcsslcnal Women s club among Ml 972 985 999 1018 Ml D77 08!) 1001 1019 952 9C5 970 990 1015 961 973 fi81 1600 1015 Miss Ethel Dark, 16. nnd Miss permanent injuries when a car L y stra Bracken. 17. who ran away driven by E. F. Alston, agent for from home Frlda .^ ,, lo scc lhc he Singer company, struck him 1 wor , d ,. werfi 10CQlcd , n g( _ Lol| , s (0 . Cecil Shane was attorney for the dny ^icy are now with an aunt of Miss Dark who will entertain • JONESBORO, Ark., Oct. 3! (UP) —Delegates from all sections of Methodist Conference j Meets at Jonesboro JONESBORO, Ark.. Oct. 31 (UP) | -Apportionment of several hun- McOee, Is under sentence to be dred ministers to pastorates In the hanged. The two ,with Clarence North Arkansas Methodist confer- Click and Clarence Stevens, ab- McElroy begins today. Prosecutor A. J. Maslln announced. The defendant's brother, Walter Avkansos will convene here lomor- ence will be one of Ihe main tea-' ducted the daughter of City Man- I conference r.gcr H. F. McElroy from her bath here Thurs- and kept her chained 1" a basc- ' nicnt near Kamas City. Kans., un- row as Ihe state convention of the j lures of the annual Arkansas Nurses Association opens'meeting which opens a three-day session. ! day. Mis Barbara Bclzner of Camdeni More than 500 delegates are ex- til her father ransomed her, the Is president. I peeled to attend. I slate charged. iordons. NP,A Critic Killed by Tennessee Blacksmith NEWPORT, Tenn., Ocl. 31. (UP) —An argument over the NRA. begun In a friendly way at a little blacksmith shop on the Knoxvillc road, ended in a killing. The blacksmith. Hugh McMahan. who defended the recovery act. lota- r, in jail here charged with killing Dor Cahll], a New York visitor. Spots closed steady at 915. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 31. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. divorce 'from Mrs. May Wilson. The |>clltlon alleges that the Wilsons were married at Belle Plain. Kansas, in 1859. They separated in 192G and the defendant is accused of desertion. In two other actions under the 90-day statute W. C. Dodds seek-; a divorce from Mrs. Sylvia Dodds nnd James Petaway from Willie Petaway. All plaintiffs have re- cciidy established residence in Ar- Strikers Stone AutOS local students for national art week, have been announced by Mrs. O. M. Morgan, president of the club. In Junior high John Howard White won the first prize and Sue Rnmey. second. In the high schcol group the prize for Erst onors went to Gordon Homey and to Elizabet McLean for second. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. .. May .. July .. cpen . 943 . 951b . 964 . 980 . 995 lOOOo high 049 973 952 995 Ion' close 939 9-17 ... 954b 961 970 975 982 991 995 1007b kansas. Ed. B. Cook, local atlomey. Is counsel for p!nlnllfts In the trio of suits. vi tin.*) uniA wjiu \MU vmi.. -• ,„ „ . them for a few days before they I s P° ts closed slesdy at 942. off 4. return to their parents here. Lilvinoff Expected to Sail Tomorrow PARIS. Oct. 31 (UPl — Maxim TJlvlnoff. Russian foreif?n minister.I will sail for the United States. | probably tomorrow, wth what Is, believed to he the first diplomatic] passport 'ever given a Soviet Rus- 1 Dec. May Chicago Wheat open high low" close 87 89 85 5-8 85 7-8 89 1-2 91 1-8 83 88 1-4 National Bank Call Issued by Comptroller WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (UP)— Comptroller of the Currency O'Connor today issued a national bank call for condition as of October 25. The call was the first since July 2. when a call for no tional bank conditions as of June 30 was ksued. fnrn l^Vlll high low close Dec. 44 3-4 45 3-8 42 3-4 42 7-8 Fire Damage Small Fire, originating in a defective condenser unit of an eleclrical refrigerator, caused slight damage at the home of Mrs. I. B. Stewart. 900 slan "OIL U\UI S IVL11 '» OUVIt-l- ivu-i-i ^".c. -IT 0-1 -l^ o u .- u . .- • - -- - ... It,, fficial by the United Stales, I May 50 1-1 51 3-8 483-4 « 3-41 West Walnut street, last nlghl. of Shoe Factory Workers BROCKTON, Mass.. Oct. 31 (OP) —Trouble broke out anew ui the strike of 1,200 shoe workers o! the W. L. Douglas plant today when 20 automobiles bearing Imported strike breakers were stoned near the Avon line. When the machines appeared, convoyed by a state police car and two state troopers on motorcycles, strikers." hidden In woods bordering DIP road, began hurling the stones. Several direct hits were made. The strikers fled Into the woods before they cou'.d be arrested. WEATHER Arkansas-Gencrally fair tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday.

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