The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Friendly Rivals Grayson Believes Red Birds i 1 a v e Been Slrongly Fortified This Spring EDITOR'S XOTK: This Is aii- ollifr nl ,1 sft'lrs of MMfs <ni MS 'iMgiir lialnluv O.IIIIIK. II illsnissf.i. Ilif SI. Lniils Cardinals, nv iiAiinv OHAVSON Spurts Eililr.i-, TvTA Sfivfro BRADKNTON, Pin., MnviOl IB.— Two fiu'ts Impress the reiving ir.iitilnp: cainji reporter wlii-n he walks into ttin park v.'h.Tf ihf world champion SI. Units Curd I-! iials nrc ijreparlnt! fflr u .stronii- mis 193f> ctunputgn. The- Hi-it ii Dim tbi 1 Cimls, generally romld- (•red the Mronei'sl Iront in I he National 1*118110 this year, nrc .•strengthening their club more than nny oilier In 111? south; the other is tlit> icmavkaW? comeback of Charley Gilbert. From behind that bis desk In the Cards' front office, nnil back of, those IwU-slasscs lie peers through,.Boss Branch Kickeyfinc- loothcd the busliss since Hie close of last, winter, nnd the cream of thai far-flung Red Bird farm system Is quartered In llils .sunny Florida civy. The rookie crap was exceptionally productive, and Midi n conglomeration of youthful ball players ns is present here lins the effect, of making the veterans of the club tight nil. lh« harder tor their jobs! The result is Hint you see .practice sessions mil there on the field reminiscent of a mid-July game with the .club In Hie thick of the pennant flghl. Still noticeably; favoring n left leg believed hopelessly crippled = bv a gunshot \vcuixd In the. fall of i 1932, Colbert's return to baseball 'this spring is highly dramatic. He Is-the hardest worker unions the .hardest-working ball .players in either major league. • i 1 So remarkable hn.s Gelbert's performances been to date lhat scyernl Cardinals, including First Baseman Jimmy Collins, believe . the former nil-round stav of Lobanon Valley will beat out Leo Duroclwr. the lf|ipy one who cap- laineil the Red Birds tii 1931, Cor the shorl.stop post, Rickey sajs it Is going to bo difficult to clions? between them, despite . Gelbei t s encased leg and two-year layoff. jioom for Only ;<W .' It wns sUBECStcd to Manager Frankic Frlscli tlmt there would he room for both Diirocher nnd Gelbeii. with Ihe latter playing third basa-, and the aggressive Pepper '(Martin, returning In center 'lie'ldi r Frisch veloefl this proposition without dclaj 1 . . ; "There is no sense in putting two men out of position to place one." he explains. The Curdina foreman also lind In mind Terry Moore,, a center fielder up from Co]uip.biLs. .whose only weakness is said " to be foul flics, \vhrn he imuie that statement. ; " •. Regardless of the competition Durocher ts to receive from Oel. bert, the lippy one has plenty of other reosqjis. to sprout gray luh One is^Fred" Aiikenman, n rooUe shortstop who comes up fiom Houston; , •, ; A likeable :sorl of youngster. the ?3-year-Dld;Texan is n whiz In th» field, but' fidniillcdly weak with the; willow. Frisch Is faking steps to (Improve his hitting. Two other young inficlders who show exceptional promise are Don Gutteridge, also from Houston, and Charley Wilson, from Columbus, The Intter, wllh a slick mark of .325. might win a regular berth at third bnfe in the event that Pepper itartln is switched to center field to' replace Ernie Oisattl —and that event isn't without consideration by Frisch. Wilson is an impressive lad. who has been up before and has the poise of R major leaguer. Replacements In the outfield arc a. likely looking lot. Besides the aforementioned Terry Moore, who Is a wow, there nrc Red Worthington. obtained from the Braves last year; Johnnv Winsetl, Rochester nnd cx-ned Sox rookie who hit .361 for the Card farm, nnd Eugene Mocre. who came up from Columbus at the fae end of last • season and hit .278 in nine games for the Red Birds. Bill Delancey and Virgil Davis will rate No. 1 and No. 2 catching berths, respectively, and . there is ; none In camp capable of ousting them. I'ilchcrs? A Whole r.iradc! The. playing field is cluttered tip with pitching talent, Yon find hurlers batting, playing first base and outfield, hitting fungoes, and generally getting into your hair— By Harry Grayson SAfiATOSA, Fin., March IS.— Young Tom Yawkey say.s that, .Joe Cronln Is security on the more than S'.t.OOO.OOO he lias Invested lu MIR Boston Red Sox in two yenrA. Yawkey gave the WofilllriKtoti club $'250,000 and Shortstop Lyn Liiry for Cronln, Wlinl makes Cronln . a quarlor'die men million-dollar plnyci'rnianflger'j *> pilot. Watchlne the fled Sox train nr,t far from the rjrcns wlntprbiu here, and clwltliiE wlih inclined to rush In too rapidly, ond hurry the throw. Some fihortstopfi can go one way and not the other. Cronln moves Inng way In each direction. Cronln has (he rlffe arm required of an athlete fielding a ball In deep short, lie throws from any position, and gets as miicli on Ihe ball throwing it, nnderliniided us he does overhanded. Tim slreiiBtli and accuracy of his arm leaves him without n peer in re- nylnt; a ball from the outfield. a la (IronIn Cronln considers ability lo hiin- tlin prime" requisite nf "As far ns directing tlie play on the field goes. 7 don't believe there jiloypiv;, you diilokly Jem/i «j relate Mif ngere.ssivn Cronln's ,','oi'th. . . /: While.Bncky Harris wns popular, nil lia.ixls nre pleased nt tlioji',1- BuntlC'". sale that reversed the no- .sjlinm of tlie pall' wlm tireninr- There was e.mts.lderahlc Joyrld- Ini! mi tin: Boston dub lost season. This Ci'onln has ended. The San Pnincl.ii'n irishman i.s a strict disciplinarian, Inn Is so llknlile Uiiii, nobody objects. He uskr> no plnyfr to do whnt he doesn't, do himself, lie observes ifnlnlni! rules to tlie letter. "A manager ha.s to be un example," explains Cronln. "lie tr.e.sni l:now where Ills playns UK nt all lime.;, but you can bet they know where he is."- Es'erylmdy In l.ho Eoston patty exjieels Gionln fo lia've Ills Wggcst 'pur. He always wns nt his best al Fenway park, playing pcnom- enal ball nt shortstop and buunc- Ini! lilts off the short left field wall. between In . Charley Cieltert, lofl, mil of bnsetell since 10.12, when he Injiired a fcot while hunttiiB, Is cndeavorlm; to win back his old shortstop lierlli with the St. Louts Cardinals from I^o nnroelicr. right. Ths two were snnjjped In Urn Cards' Ir.-ilnlni; camp nt Dmilcnton. Pin. five-game difference ilje biVsi. nii(j worst, fhnll," he says. Players must rcsptct the. mnn- ni;er to the extent % thal, they will ptay and live toward Hip liest in- tcicss of hr club, > "AnoDior secret 'to sucw-ss In innjinelnr! Is fcnnnlng , when n ' liiti'lier Is throii|jh for. til eafier- nnon. ' - ' "A playing manager Jjas nn ede<? nn the non-playlnB type because tic is in the thick of things, anil i L -"ov,'S exactly what each player contributing lo the Rood of the cnusi:. "Mimnglng doesn't affect a ploy- iv's ppyforinaneft as long as he has four pitchers capable of taking! their rcRuliir turns. Everything clue being anywhere near equal, pitching is in per cent of the game. Pour good pliL'hers will make n master nilnrr out of any Slow Infleli! In Aid Joe Al Scluieht, veteran comedlaii- iich Who accompanied CronSn from the Senators to the Red Sox, Insists that the difference In the Griffith Stadium and Fenway park Infields will work ereatly to tin ndvnnliiBfi of Cronin. The Washington Infield is hnrd. nnd consequently very .speedy. Balls do not hop as fast In Boston, which will enable Cronln to gel his r . ; gooit- slucd Imnds on more of them. Cronln trained faithfully all winter, intent on rcenlnlnt! his po- Uion ns bnseball'.s foremost 'short- lop. ': • . fie was luljudgcd tlic most vnld- lile plnycv n Ihe American hi>ngnc after hitting .'J4G for the Senators 1930.'He lilt .3M in '31, .318 in j'2, .'.100 In '33, nnil ,284 last sea- cm. He insists thnt he would have ill .300 In '34 had he not suffered n;broken wrist on Liibor Day. Cronin corrected his only flelcl- ng weakness two years ngo. It vns the linndling of balls hit sloiy- y and straight at him. lie \wtis ROXY Mafinee — Friday,. Sat unlay ant] Sunday Only , MAT. & NIGHT—lOc - 2fic Last Time Today John Wayne, h\ 'RANDY RIDES ALONE' COMMISSIONER'S SAM; Pursuant-to a decree of the Chancery Court of this edinny, rendered in Hie case of Realty Purchase, cor- 'porallon v.s. II. E. Tucker, I will, within lawful hours on March 30. J035, sell, at the front daor of the court house at Blythcvillc, Arkansas, to (Mie highest bidder, upon A credit of threq niontlis, the following desfiribecl property, lo-wit: The cnst half of lot 7, in block !), of the Davis Third Addition to the city of Blythc- vlllc, Arkansas; and a strip of land 45 by 14:5 feet adjoining the same on the cast, the whole tract to be sold being described as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a point in the! : south line o[ Davis Aveniuvnt, the center of said lot .1, said beginning jjoinl. being 27',i. feet, cast of tbe north- enst corner of lot 0 of said block; thence running cast- imrdly. with the south line of Davis Avenue, 72.5 test; thence southwardly, parallel with First. The Giants Still Play Safe &ANK REST CWB'' /// Ej-ftiEf! BI& THE .GWT5 IH •H6SOCO OO>-FASHIONED WAY.. PLWS FOR CMe RUN ... Street, 145 feel; thence west- wardly, parallel with Davis Avenue 45 feet; thence south- wardly, parallel with First Street, 5 leet; tlicnce westward- ly, parallel with Davis Avenue, 2714 feet; thence northwardly 150 feet lo Die jwlnt of beginning. The purchaser at said sale will be required to give bond with approved security to secure the payment of his bid, and a lien will b? retained upon the property there- for. Dated this 8th day of March 1935. R. L. OAINES, Commissioner in dianrcfy. Held, Evrard A; Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. n-lfi Ilidn'i Knock—Slain CLEVELAND. (UP)—Luther Oliver, 23. didn't knock when 'he entered his boarding house one night. Not only that, he kicked In the door. So his landlady shot 'and killed him. Tourists Start Season Earlier This Year KERRVILLE, Tex. (UP)—Spring tourists are beginning to throng the highways earlier than nsnnl this year, according to a check of automobiles on the highway here. Automobiles from n. slates, a territorial imsession and the District of Columbia passed through here in one week's time. They \vcre from Indiana, New York. Iowa. ana, Oklahoma, California, Nebraska, Nevada, Mew Jersey, \fassa- clinsetts, Maine and Hawaii. For Moving & Transfer JOHN BUCHANAN Wood & Coal Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I»ON BOWAKDS, Proprietor All makes nf rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines and Oaj- culntors—Repairing — Parts — Kibbons ' Saturday Only MAT; ,-•& NIGHT^ICC. - Warner Olaud in Here nre two young St. Louis pitching prospects-Dick Ward, Rny Harrell,' a. big right-hand above, from Los Angeles, suwi pitcher from Rochesler, Is another Henry Pippen. below. rrom nous- likely slab recruit trying out with ton - I Ihe St. Louis Cardinals. sh.ijx-d up as all mat Ills name implies in winning 15 nnd droppiim "' for Houston; and nick Ward. gives one the idea thai Prankie Frisch isn't going to resl on the pitching laurels won bj the Deans, Bill Hallahan. rvml Bil Walker last season. .The Red Birds have a flock o youngsters up for trial this spring and all are ticketed tor the ma Jors sooner or later. There are Ray Harrell. a hi right-hander; who won 13 and las 0 ..' for Rochester in 1934; Heusser, n itarboarder who 6nSy a : _liltle action at Columbt last season; Norhert Kleinke, Rochester right-hander in 193 who .turned. In. 19 vlc^rie-s again, only ; 3 defeats; Henry Pippen, \v] who gol a brief trial with Hie Cnbs last year and Mien turned in 13 '.victories . against -1 lo. wcs f 01 . Los Angeles, Ward also is a rlishl- liaiidev. ' , '".' ' .• Frisch is cnimttntj otr n-' good year from • Pat ufaioiie, llie" can'-- tnnk:rous Cub acquired In n deal st fall. Malone won 14 against for Chicago, and it wns reported iat Qrimm Iraddcd him olt te- itisc lie wns a bad bov. Pat has promised to be gcotl his season, and if he Is, both lorally and in the line of pitching iccess. the rest ot the league Li for another year ot rtcpres- on. • ; , ; The lobsler'sheds the lining.of s stomach nnd intestines, 1 as well •; ii.s shell, rreciuently. niiln't Count Sheep TACOMA. Wa.?h, (OP)—Agner •ofgTcn Is a sound sleeper, nd car ilunged over a 100-foot embankment, landed precariously perched n edge of a 50-toot din. Police- nen found him uninjured, asleep n the wreckage. 'Charlie Chan in Paris' Cartoon - - Serial Serial Cartoon Sunday - Monday MAT. lira ll'nunlalti of LVONS. (UP)-Thc world's re wine fountain will be turned on licre for the annual Lyons Pal and real French wine will spoil for ten days. The fountain nnt run ronlimionsly, but only at certain hours when everyone is Invited to. dip into the sparkling beverage nnd dispell disptiir while they eat, drink and are merry. Sunday - Monday MAT. & KITE—lOc - 3»c .So'.many stars it took a whole ocean to put on this show! 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