The New York Times from New York, New York on March 4, 1917 · Page 69
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 69

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1917
Page 69
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LDIPY "USTPT." Br William Johnston. Little. Brews Co. 1-j ntj a connected, is this book hlc tells ' of f Jmnr Tk. Tlnv W.A V-tlJ-l,! - - j m .'w ii rather than a single -long story. ;Blis ttal name, was Edward Haverford Ratf4ail i his family and friends called him ! EdiWe! when they remembered, and Umpy " wvp. they didn't which was often. An 'Imaginative, extremely sensitive child, he himselfarway referred to the leg which wore the lt$ brae aa "It.' even in him thourhta. Ha Ktd ta hear people apeak about his lamenea; bated tin more to be left out of th 'otbej boys games and contests.' II couldn't rtm fast enough to play . with the rest when the battl of Gettysburg was refought In th Tickers' back lot. and he firmly refoaed to p4 the killed and wounded," as Bob TucHsr suggested, for he had a valiant soul tin-' his trpui imie oooy. jus two eider Drawers were, generally speaking, pretty good to him; but they were boys In their early) teensV and consequently thoughtless, and they often hurt him cruelly without la th least InUadmg to do so. Even his mother did not always understand, but presently be found one' Who did old Jonas ?ucker, who kept a little tobacco bop. and' bad lost a leg at Gettysburg. ' Eddie's father and mother, his brothers and his friends, are all real people, and the village atmosphere la wen reproduced. ( His various aenU-tragtc, aerai-comlc experiences are related with a good deal of sympathy and some humor, although at times th book ahowe a HaV. . . . - .J M - - - - . T . aver, ta ooy n mmseir is a ptucay, lovable llttl chap, and we are glad that when the last page comes, and we take leave of him, be la quite contented and happy. JUVE THE EXPI-OITSOr PTE. Br Pierre Koeveatr aa4 alaroat AlJmJa. Breataae'a. IUU$ act. THIS la the second la the 'series of detective stories centring around tj' mysterious, elusive, and . very clever (criminal knowa as " FantAmaa. Although a sequel. It la complete in Itself, and; a reader' who baa not chanced to see th Initial volume will THE NET7 YORK TTLIES BOOK REVIEW, MARCH 4, 1917 LATEST51WORKS 01 FICTION J' "i :v- - tw T ; (Continued from Preceding Pe) , ' ; i .i ". ' f whom plucky, energetic 11U1 liar! took a ' rood as she ' possibly Could, dreaming meanwhile of th beantiful mother ah .had never sen. That poor dlaflgured Invalid Madam AJm. who Uvea under th roof of 1 Blantyre Buildings and loved. Vac dually, did tb beat for her that an invalid could do, and tried to teach and help her. but Mag nevertheless had to' depend very much upon herself. : i ."-V; i The atory Is well and gracefully written, and the reader soon learns to like many of. the characters, especially Quest, Madam Alroee, the kindly Sir Max Cohen, and Mac Pye herself. Although the tale ends (n the year 3010. the war U but lightly touched upon, with Just . a glimpse or two of the opinions of various person aa to. the relations of England and Germany before August, 1914. . ; ' .'if g ; f W Frustrated. A SERIES of episodes, not ; ver closely Just Published ' i - ! ! hava a difficulty ta following th thread f h plot, It anda with a quastloa mark, which plainly Intimates that other tales are to foUow. the duel of wits between Monsieur Juve. Commiasiener of Safety, and Fantomaa being by a meana finished. ! I It would be unfair alike to the collaborating author and to the prospective reader of 'hi entertaining volume to give even the alighteat hint as to it plot, for It Is a bos which depends almost exclusively on It ingenious twist and surprises. Suffice It. therefore, to say that an apparently Inexplicable murder and an equally mysterious attempt at murder form Important parts of the story.' A woman Is shot. too. at the hoar predicted, despite the fact that ahe Is lying In one of the wards of a public hospital, and that every possible precaution has been taken to prevent the threatened occurrence. There are strange sounds and stranger doings In the house on the Boulevard Inker-mann at Neullly. where the wretched Lady Beltham once lived and reigned, and qujte as peculiar ones In Doctor Chaleck's curiously constructed residence In the Cite Fro-chot. Juve himself, and his friend Fandor, the young, newspaper man, have more' than on hairbreadth escape, and there are several glimpses of the underworld of Paris. The tale moves swiftly, and. while it does not. rank with the best of its kind, it haa a certain picturesque quality and succeed) in holding th reader's Interest. - ' I. GREENMANTLE .4: GREE.VMA NTL.K. By Joha Buchaa. George' H. Doraa Company. SlAi new . A THRILLING adventure story of -the great war, a story full of spirit and swing and high heroism la air. Buchan tale, Greenroantle.. It I very much better than either of Its author two previous novels, successful and Interesting as were both those book. Before August.' 191 it might have stinrsil a highly Improbable narrative; alnca then, however, , the Improbable has become the commonplace. Th story U told Oy Major Richard Han-nay of th Engllah Army. Wounded at Loos, he has just recovered aad become ready again for active service, when ha receive a telegram orderlnc him to report at the Foreign Office. There Sir Walter Bulllvant telle him of a most dlfflcujt and dangerous mission to be performed In the East. There is only a tiny scrap of information to go' on. th chances of failure are about a thousand to one, and It 1 left to Hannay own Volition whether ho will undertake it,- or re-sum . command of his . battalion, the ) on thing he haa been longing to do. But th dangerous mission is almost. If not quite, a matter of .victory or defeat for England, .and Hannay agree fo go. He is not to work alone; h ha two colleagues: one. a young English officer who has traveled much ' in the East, la already a dear friend of his the Hon. ' Ludovlck" - Qustavus ; Arputfr-not Cospatrlck, otherwise called Sandy ; the other .,! la an American, John Scantlebury BlenkJron. who declares himself the same kind ot neutral th English were " when your Admiral warned off the German' fleet from Interfering with Dewey In Manila Bay." H la a moot delightful person, with abundant courage, chronic dyspepsia and a By HONORE WILLSIE 1 Author .of "STILL JtM' and "The Heart of Hi the Desert" A noble arid very moving story of a higliTSOuled'butf mpst human girl. . , Mrs. Willsie is growing . in strength, more surely becoming one o the auth.en-tic voices of iiobjer Americanism, and her book is $ure o a huge welcome by those who , hare that at hea'jrt. Vr hard Lt GaUiznne. Second, Large Printing $ Days Ajler Publication. IN THE ; By ROBERT HICHENS Author of "THE GARDEN of ALLAH," etc. "Cannot bef) read without profound emotion . :.. i i Every v reader to whom Tlie Garden of Allah' was an adventure in true, enjoyment will read this book ' with an equal or$ greater pleasure."-: Nor York Times. " ! i:f i- - "A really remarkable book in fact, Hichens materpiece."rwHy EagU. 1 - - . - FREDERICK A. STOKES COMPANY strong sens of humor, one who " would go through hell with a box of bismuth tabieta and a pack of Patience cards." In order to arrive at their appointed destination Haanay aad BlenUron have to make their separate ways through Germany, and, as Mr. Buchan doe' not entnmlt th very common mistake of depleting his German character as credulous fools. Hannay in particular haa. anything but an easy time of It. How th two, 'American and Englishman, finally reach th Danube, facing death at. every turn 'and nearly meeting It more than once, find Sandy at Constantinople, and after many adventures take part in the capture of Erserum. the atory tells. . But how they managed it the reader shall have the pleasure of finding out for himself. The novel la weU. constructed and well written; tit thre heroe or rather foiir. for Peter the Boer, whose attempt to get through to the Russian line Is one of the most exciting episodes in the book, must not be forgotten-are all thoroughly likable people, whom we would be glad to meet again. The story has plenty of drama, but perhai the roost effective scene of all is that one in which the three friends sit waiting for the dawn which they believe will bring- certain death, and talk quietly together. A gorgeous yarn, indeed and aomethlng tnore is this latest tale by Mr. Buchan. THE DANCING HOURS tHK DANC1NO HOVRS. Tly Harold Ohlson. . John Laae Oampaay. fl-23. , We have it on the authority of good Sir Walter and the experience of the most of us confirm bis etatement that a tangled web we weave " When first we practise to deceive. Surely one more tangled ..waa never woven than by-Jan Eastwood, the- beautiful and well-educated daughter of a wealthy pawnbroker, who, after her father' death, geU herself Introduced Into society, by a species of blackmail, under the wing of a lady of rank and fashion. Although an M. V. and other of high degree laid their heart at her feet before ahe had been for twenty-four hour Lady Alicia's guest, she was la such constant danger of th discovery of her former low estate, and became' involved-somewhat needlessly as we think in such a A Rollicking Ne Novel by the Author of "Amartlly of '-. Clothes-line Alley" OurNextBoor Neighbors By BELLE K.MANIATES A lively comedy, with many a chuckle for the reader, that shows the same sure touch in depicting genuine children that made the author's previous books so popular. With 55 lllaitratiom by Tony Sari , $1.35 net Little, Browa & Company, Boston AKT jp! BOOKSTOKa fv "Tl $L5o Ln 'iszr I THIS Is th second of Mr. O'Brien's annual retain on th year's short tery. Aa autaaritativ survey of th short story published, based en th readiag ml 2.700 short stories - pub- -licked daring 11 in- 70 American periodicals. Contains text of th tweaty best short stories, together with very complete index, essay oa literary tendencies of the year, etc., etc . . At any bookstore $1.50 net. SMALL MATNAJU) CO.. BOSTON EAT AND GROW THIN By VANCE THOMPSON ftatWylas Ik wUt toko aft weisht wlthMt startlae - TrUs what rou oat, what eaa'fc. Ihauaaads are fellewlag thee rale. afe, rraetleaJ. Kffeetiv. (1.00 m. rwtop Mxtrm. A.U Sttktfna. E. f. DUTT0W k CO, Ml 5th AvejH.T. 75 roeah of perpleiltle and perils, that It If dlffU ult to see how her hour rould dRnce," any more than can th fly who accept th spider well-known Invitation. Of. coarse, such a transcendent girl a Jane cannot be left the daughter of 4 pawnbroker, and all ends according to the moat orthodox fairy tale. Th atory begia well, but become too preposterous to wear the garb of .credibility. It baa some clever bits, and the conversations ar well sustained. (W rather wonder, by the bye, why an Englishman of whom a sovereign Is demanded, should say " Hera's half a dollar for you.") Recognising th originality of the plot, and a pleasant stylo of narration, the reader, nevertheless, will hardly find It title applicable to the hours he spends upon It. BOOKS OF SOLID VALUE A WARNING TO EVERY BUSINESS MAN! THE WAR AFTER THE WAR By ISAAC F. MARCOSSON Co-author of "Charles Frohman: Manager and Man, etc YLmo. Cloth. $1.25 rf. "There is a rood lesson in this book for the United States: preoare for trade after the war. But if we do not prepare for trade any better than we have Dreoared for war we shall suffer and suffer severely . . . 1 r. . . 1 in the trade after the war. Brooklyn Eatlt. PRUSSIAN COURT REVELATIONS SEVEN YEARS AT THE PRUSSIAN COURT By EDITH KEEN Illustrated, ta. Cloth. $3.00 nek This book b 'different . . . . one of the most thoroughly interesting of the kind it has been our pleasure to see. It will be read with intense present interest and will often hereafter be sought as a work of reference. Sew York Tribute. SICTION- THE -HUMAN" SIDE OF STAGE LIFE THE GAY LIFE By KEBLE HOWARD Author of "Merry-Andrew." "Forked Lightning;" etc 12. Cloth. $1.30 net. The story of Jilly Nipchin. "comedienne." whose eenius carries her through the rougn-and-turnble of stageland until she finds herself "a great English Comedienne" on an American stage. "The novel is clever, amusing and craphk in its account of stage life. h New York Times. zPOETRYz THE BROKEN WING SONGS OF LOVE. DEATH AND DESTINY By SAROJINI NAIDU Author of "The Golden Threshold" and "The Bird of Time." 2mo. Cloth. $1.25 net. We have had poems from many authors about Hindu life and scenes, but thev were written from the out h Throutrh Saroiuu Naxtu we hear from the inside; and the voice is one of sympathetic cnarra anu ucuuiy AFTERNOON Bv EMILE VERHAEREN Author of "The Sunlit Hour, etc 2m9. Cloth. $1.00 net. a rrt;miation of the late Belgian ooet's exquisite love-poetry begun in The Sunlit Hours. a record in golden hours spent in a garden ol the anernoon ot OF ALL BOOKSELLERS JOHN LANE CO. NEW YORK WILDFIRE, K Noff Novel by - ZANE GREY II S3 Mi HARPER & BROTHERS

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