The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Coast Teams Go For Aggressive Game; East Guards Goal Line. BRUSHING UP SPOKTS PAULINO UZ( By Laufer DUN BY BILL sr.4Ui.nixr. Coach, I'nlversily uf California, al l.os Ansrlfs LOS ANGELES - Football hnsi developed in the last few years| into more ol an offensive garni:. 11,e old cry "Hold 'Em Team" l'a« changed with ihe lorwnid and intcval passrs ihrsc days, anil became (he dcfr-nsc! lias spread so iniicli, the same Is grlting io be more aggressive than ever. The question elands: Which Is His br-sl defense—a good detenu: rr a good offer.*;? In the early fijiiies. when a coach has a goo'l i.lckcr and fair material—and a ;Mibl) tame coming up—lie probably can make a belter .showlir; by teaching (he Iiiiulan:enlals ol ri-fense alone with a good kick-j ing game, than by Martini; rlg'n'. cfi with olfensivc football. Dc- fi'iise can be taught very easily ;f (lie opposing team is \vcll croulcd. After a number of years cf experience, I have found offensive football lakes time lo icarn End unless the material ii excellent the loam '.vill not improve more than 5 per ceiil from gimic to game. . !l there is any difference between eastern and nrelein football, 1 v.-oulcl say it was In defense nmij cflcme. For a number of years, Vale. Harvard, rrlnccttm and other Inmous learns of New England have depended :ilmcsi entirely upon n .straight defense and a gcod Sticker. The line Is taught to piny low with one or bolh hntuk on (he Riound so players wouki not be aplc lo raise up on their Initial charge. Ends crush In to spoil ihc well-oiled machinery of the offensive team. Even though ll ere has been a tendency to gel away from tills lyps of play, some ol Ihe easlern tennis will hold lo Die old idea. Michigan, one of ihe mast successful teams iri modern football, rtill hnnys to the old theory ot i: great defense and a good kicker. This year Coach Kipke has ciiown Mine departure, bin even last fall, when Michigan had one of the two or three best teams in the country, they spent prac- Ikally 75 per cent of their practice developing defense, and depended on Nev;mnn. FI great passer nod ruanei', for their scoring threat. In the past, Michigan has used . the punt formation for (Is of- fonsive build-uo and many games have been won by a touchdown o.' two. The other team, although possessing an excellent oITenle, had been shut out. * *» * The difference, (is I see It, be- JBLYTHEVILIE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AN ILL WYNN STILL ON WS FEET/ Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher A pencilin iix-wielder from Spain ---- Old (toy's underpinning must the perfect, ..,,for he has' stood up irgalnst the Hailing dukes of Godfrey, Rlsko, Schmcltny, Loughran, ChristiKT. Hccney, Cirinilh,' Walker," Schaut and, just recently, tliose of Prlmo Camera In n title fight at Rome ____ and has never been knocked out ____ or even off his feetl I.ct the Record* Talk It Is absurd, of course, to'e'xpect Southern California to go on being champion year after year . because good football players come In cycles . . . and In u couple of years U. s. C, may be Just another ... In this, the records back me up. Michigan holds a record of 50 straight battles without defeat, one tic being Included In that number, and 29 straight victories. Thnt was! Yost's polnl-a-niinule machine th'al raged up and down the grid- Iron In the years from 1901 and 1C05. Yet after 1905 Michigan be- came'another Big Ten team, pulling aside Us aura of Invincibility until 1920-1921 when it began a run ol 'M triumphs. Red Grange pin an end to the siring In 11)24, and Michigan once more became common people. * * * Start Over Ajaln In 1031 another streak was started at Ann Arbor, and up to the beginning of the present, season, Michigan had lost only one out of 30 games, that une to Ohio State to years ago. Twenty-five years ago a young man named Gil Doble, coaching at Washington, started on a string of victories (and ties) that was nine years long. And during that time, the University ot Southern California eleven was playing against high school teams! PHI and Penn Pitt got tough back in 1915, under Pop Warner's magic touch, and went through 1918 without lasting defeat. A winning streak of 32 games was rolled up. But H was Penn that set up nn all-time ecord for the boys to shoot at — and they're still shooting. Penn MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1933 Meet In Armory Feature Tonight; Webbel- and Meyers In Prelim., Two experienced and versatile "derails of the mat game, Roy Welch and DavlJ Dcoloy will clash 'n the feature match on tonight's card at the armory. liolh hold victories over Emll rirpo. Die South American, to their cicdit. Doolcy, who claims to te a member of (he House ot David cult, spoils long whiskers as an added - cttrnctiun. Vic Webber meets Hay Meyers in a preliminary boul of an hour l'me limit. Dinosaur's Footprint New Reich Bishop CAPTAIN JAMKS A. MOLL]RON u'a;i tlie lir^L aviator lo Ily *olo across tlio Atlantic ncc-aii, from east to west. Tim bit; Jaiuuii'^e eurilniuako ocnivrcd in 1'J^J. Itiufalo Hill sinned his amuzlng i-arc-cr as a I'ONV K.XI'llKSS U1UKK. Rockefeller Check to Send Indian Girl Thru School OOWANDA, N. Y, (UP)—A personal check from Mrs. John u. i JV i n i »t Rockefeller, Jr., will enable Alice | 1$ Bird Bath NOW' Doxator, orphaned Seneca Indian | girl, to attend the college of nm- In Fil\t p aukee. EDMONTON, Alta. (UP)—Coiml- less centuries ago a dinosaur lutn- bered through Valley, north the of I'cacc Ilivcr here, over a Courier Picker Gains Hack One On Bill Braiidiei NEA' editors nnd ran Ccurler News sports into another rough tcdnimage in week's predictions in their scries of grid picks. The Courier sports editor liare- )y managed better than an even Lreak in 2* gue.nfes, having 11 winners against 10 loser.s while three tr.mes rcsulle<l In lies. William Brancher, NEA editor, did not, fare (|iilc so well, gelling 10 guesses lirht, mksing n and three tics. The result was tliat the Courier fyovls writer rained slightly in the dual competition and Brauch- iwcen easlcrn and western teams is tljat the wcricrn teams liave gone farlhcr on offensive tnctlc.s Most teams in (he west piny a scoring game. Of course, they pay attention to scouting and tpend some time ou defense, bni you seldom sej Ihc- good kicking end the good deleivsivc p;ay characteristic of eastern football. Perhaps the western personnel is somewhat d'fTcrent. I believe ihe boys from Ihc west are more capable of playing a good olTen- rivc type of football than those of the east. Western boys seem to be faster a« a general rule (this doesn't hold true in every case) and the boys in this western climate grow biij along will! their H'ced. , Because they are r.ble (o play ont-of-doorc twelve montlis <n the year they seem to have more co-ordination and arc therefore more adapted to an aggressive type o{ foctball. Even when east and west meet, the nucstion o! whether or not eastern defense is strong enough o balance western offense is an cr is now but two wins ahead. Among the teams that upset Loth gucsscrs were Pittsburgh beating Notre Dame. Navy trouncing Penn. Aub'jrn taking Tulane Arkansas beating S. M. U Oregon by defeating U. C. L. A. nraiiclier went out on a limb by | redicllng that California . woulc it Southern California and almost rode his "hunch" to victory a last m'mrlcr touchdown giving the Trojans a • fi to 3 victory he NEA sportj editor had a close nil oti his prediction 'of Pord- linin to beat Alabama, two points clccldhig tlie contest 'In .his favor, but tho Courier sports writer had the same squeeze, in 'the Oregon Hlalc-Washfngton State till, Oregon Stale winning by a pair of ixjints. Braucher picked Dartmouth to beat Harvard while the local guesser noininated theiCrim- .sons anrt-a tie gime-reauitiedoGebr- gln rewarded ,tliC'..N^V/-writer's liilh by turning in,,^ -riandsorne 25 to 0 Victory over,r|. -Y. 0. On llic .other side Minnesota; rame D'rough with a smashing' 19 to 7 v;in over Iowf\ to" give..the .Courier i-.'ritcr 'a little credit for his -prediction. . von 34 straight games from 1894 almost through the season of 189C. i was Lafayette whjch stopped he streak In '96 with a 0 to drubbing. St. Mary's lately has become one of the dreaded foes of the Pacific Coast, but 13 years ago St. Mary's lost to the University of California (then under Andy Smith's tulc lage) by the slightly lopsided score of 127 to 9 California scored 510 points lhat year against two touchdowns by its opponents! Unruled fur almost certain AU-AtiR-1 ica recognition, Iler- ILiiin "Iliee;*^" \Vynn, Vemic.':*' 1 *) mllback, i]itorn.nittnl a itasii in tlie o]:nilni; Kjmn nt tbp Fr-a- son. ]-;in 2", ynrtls :iml, mi bc[ri£ tackled, "iifu-iTtl a !jrokr:n letf. \\'ynn, slmv/n above- oil n ulrlic-s. is i miMilon ii one of the IJMI ill I'.-lifivu rullliavlis ill tbn snuili, uml a jujluil placc- .stretch of soft grdunrt. An Impression formed by one of his feet was destined to became the mold for a bird bath at Ihc Ottawa Museum, In the passage of time, the soft ground where the dinosaur trod attained rocky hardness. The tracks were found recently ana concrete Impressions sent to Ottawa. One of these, used as a bird bath, is attracting wide attention, according to reports. This year has been a good one Read Courier News Want Adu The .nudlb.ranclie.v a"' species and snails, linye no-shells. .. ROXY Last Time Today Matinee 2:3(1- Night G:-I5 MAT. & NITE—lOc - 2Sc Marion Davies in Peg 0'My Heart CARTOON - - COMEDY DID YOU KNOW THAT— A rabbit's loot probably had a great deal lo do with Ihe siring of 30 games without defeat Michigan started in "1929 ... a friend of Ducky Sim- rail's, from his Ixmie town, Lexington, Ky., presented .him with a bunny's pedal extremity . . . Simrall sewed it In his pants . . . and the charm worked all through 1920 and IMO, In which year Simrall was captain. . . . Ducky passed on the lucky fool lo Cecil Cantrill. and during Canlrill's two years with the charm, Michigan lost onN one game. . . . Noboc:v knows what has hapirened lo Ihc iool Ibis year. Chosen by Chancellor Hlller to bead the newly creaied United German Protestant cliurcu lieu Miss Doxlators parents died in Dr . Ludwlg Mueller (above), former army chaplain, met wltij opposition when he waa formally 1920 and she and four sisters were taken to the Thomas Indian school at Inxjuols. Alice went through the confirmed as fielch Bliihop'n'i'Tn'e grades with honors. She was vale- national Syuod. More than 2uoo dictorian of the high school class Protestant pastors urotesied his and received a letter of congratu- election, charging tha Syuod was lation from Charles Curtis, then "Hacked." vice president. In June. 1933. she graduated from the Fredonia Stale Normal music school. Then her funds ran out, but when Mrs. Rockefeller learned of her plight she sent the Indian girl a check large enough to enable her to take a full music for prehistoric finds in" Alberta.] course in the College ot Music at Professor L. Sternberg, of the | Milwaukee. Royal Ontario Museum. lias shipped an almost complete skeleton of a flesh-eating dinosaur after a -summer's work in the "bad lands" along the banks of the Red Deer River. In addition, Professor Stern- berk' and his assistants found the skull of a skull of crested horned nlnosaur, dinosaur. the and two uther specimens of trcichodons. Scorpions arc known to have starved for 308 days; spiders have existed for seventeen montlis wilh- o-jt food. A German architect's solution for the transport problem was a design for a house, built in the shape of a ball, about. 80 ieet In diameter and standing on a base 1C feet square; he claims his design leaves much more room in the street, around it. One hundred fifty million (•Guilds of Amsrican-grown tobaccos were displaced by substitute brands 1932. in the world markets Drink BUDWEISER ....and when It comes to Used Cars the w»nt-ad columns of the Cosrier News can't be beat. If you want prompt results phone 305. Courier News Want Ads r i r 7 1 ••< • • f— Y I^T TIME TODAY Tues,-Wed.-Hmrs. MAT. and NITE- Miitinee 2:30' MAT. .10c-25c Night 0:45 NITE 10c-35c WILL ROGERS in 'DOCTOR BULL NKWS — COMEDY with Zasu Pitts and Thelma To<!d Tuesday—Wednesday IATINEE 2:30—lOc - 25c NIGHT 6:45—lOc - 3l>c One exception to the theory outlined by the writer is that ol Notre Dame, a popular university which draws material from the entire country. N'otrc Dame continually has played an offensive type of football. Another eastern coach who has i.ot lived up to the traditions of Ihe east is Gil Dobie of Cor nell. He has always felt that a good offense is a good dcfcns and has coached accordingly evci (hough material al Cornell no* 13 not as well adapted to often she Ucf.cs a; it was when h went there eight or ten years ago— or the material he had at Wash .'ngton which was big, fast, an v.-ell adapted to playing the ban carrying type oi football. As. a coach, I feel It is bettc to play the style of game be suited to the material, wheth . east, west, or south—the Id being to win the • game one wa .or another. :ast s cares s if East . as West long West! The Melanesians buy and sell ora words and sentences reputed have a magical influence; when a man sells one ol these secret phrases, he can never utter it again. The words and phrases are guaranteed • to cure disease, frighten 'spirits and work other charms. In half the shipbuilding yards in West Hartlepool, England, no ihlps have been built In the last ANGEL STOP LOOK and LISTEN to the funniest wisecracks and the hottest music you ever heard in on* oi the funni- ••(pictures you've ever M*nl has do with III never mls- nothing new HEAT WAVE Is on ils WEST1 t , liavin' Mae Fays— "Come up and sec me sometime..any- t:mc..but not too late to see 'I'M NO ANGEL' " PARAMOUNT NEWS - • HARRY LANGDON COMEDY WWi JUNE KNIGHT, NHL HAMIL- TON.SALLY O'NEILL, DOROTHY BURGESS, MARY CARLISLE, OlCit Aptcl, George E. Slont, Viri(nl«Ch«rriU.SuM«t«<lfcy * play by NViffitm Hurlbul. Productd by C«H LMmmk, Jr. Directed by E. A. 'dwPont.Presented byCftrlLaemmlc. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. FOX NEWS - - COM E I) Y From Home Each Week There will be many a clay that other duties will prevent you frotn writing to those at school, and there will be many a time that you aren't in the mood to write them a long newsy letter. Send them the Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rate. It's like getting six letters a week from home at only $ A .00 Per School Year COURIER NEWS

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