The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 19, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TTitf nrM^rrjAwr* vmuennown ^,. ..~v. m .«.— . ••-.^B f f ^^^ MISSOURI Blythevllie Courier Blythcville Herald XXXIV—NO. 2)0. Blythevllie Dally News Mississippi Valley Lender "MTHEVIU,K, ARKANSAS, Km DAY, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Says Earlier Passage Would Have Accelerated Business Recovery WASHINGTON. Nov. 19 (OP) — John I,. Lew-is today supported the administration's wa?e and hours regulation bill and urged that it be enacted as soon as possible. •. Lewis, writing as chairman of the ' (-'. t. O.'s political allj', Labor's! Non-Parllsan League, lather than I as head of the union organisation. I replied to n request from chairman ' Mary T. Norton (Dem.. N. J.) of the house labor committee for a statement'of his views. A similar request was made of President William Green e of the American Federation of Labor He has not yet replied. "Lewis asserted that despite the bill's defects every effort should be made to enact it "at the earliest possible moment'. That moment, it appeared, would not be before Dec. 13. Tlic labor committee voted 19 to 2 to oppose any attempt to retrieve the "bottled up" measure from the rules committee and to insist that it be forced out on (lie floor by petition. Early Consideration Possible Under this procedure if 218 members sign the petition bv early December the bill can be "brought up on the second Monday of the month. When the house opened today there were 132 signatures. nfhe principle underlying this legislation," Lewis wrote Mrs, Norton. "Is undeniably sound." "Had such legislation been upon our statute 'books during the past four years and Jiad it been so administered as to fix reasonable minimum wages and to shorten hours in .step with increased labor productivity'we should have made much greater progress toward i-om- plete recovery from the depression than w-e have. Certainly the recession now spreading in industry is largely due to the failure of industry and government to increase employment and to raise wages during Ihe last expansion in business activity." Six Perish In Cplorado fire Today FORT COLLINS, Colo., NOV 19 iUP>— Six persons were Inn-nod lo death in their sleep early today when five razed the home ot Torrms WAVE IN YEARS Mn London's Saddest Weddinir Cebes. C8. Those who <ll«l in addition to Ccbcs were his wife, .Sarah. 54 uieir •laughter. Mrs. Benny Ortl?. 38 :>ml Mrs. Ortiz's throe children Pai-mcl, H; Sarah, ii; and Henry, 9' Storm In Philippine Islands Causes Wide Spread .Havoc MANILA, Philippine Islands Nov. 19 (UP)—Belated reports of a typhoon that swept through the southern part of the Philippines archipelago listed 26 peisons died tonight and news of wide spread havoc trickled in fro m the distressed areas. A state of emergencv was decreed on the island 'of Leyte which wns threatened by a serious food shortage as a result of crop destruction. C rop. damage there alone was estimated at $400 000 Six WM -e reported dead. Relief officials here said the last provincial raised the total of known dead in the past 48 hours to at least 25. Several score of others were missing. T, BELIEF Issues, All Interrelated, Provide Capitol Hill With Vexing Problems HV KODN'EV DUTCirKlt ('uurifi N'civs Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.— The Interrelated issues of the budget, taxation relief and the general business situation will provide plenty of headaches on Capitol Hill—and perhaps elsewhere — in the next lew months. Fiscal matters presumably won't come before Congress until the regular -session beginning in January. whereafter Roosevelt will indicate and Congress must decide how much money the government shall spend in the 1938-39 fiscal year- -and where the government is going lo gel. it. Meanwhile, expenditures. taxes and the slump arc on everybody's mind. A bird's- eye view follows: Smaller Deficit Forecast Budget: Tlie Treasury now an- tlcipiiles a $.700,000,000 deficit for 1937-38. as compared with the Football Fans Flock To Capital For Game LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 19. (UPI — The city today became the mecca of Arkansas football fans as hundreds from all sections or the .state arrived here for the Arkansas-George Washington University fcotball game tomorrow at the Little Rock high schcol stadium. Hotel men of the city said reservations for nearly all Huh- i-ccms had be;n made some time Court Declares Deer Season Law Is Valid LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 19. —Act 373 of 1937, which fixed the open season on deer irom De- .cemtar 1 to December 15, was held constitutional by chancellor Dodge yesterday when he sustained a demurrer lo a suit brought by Dave Witt, seeking to enjoin enforcement of the act by Ihe state game and fish commission. Chancellor Dodge dissolved a temporary injunction which per- mltle'd deer hunting during the second week In November under a 1927 act. Result of tiie ruling yesterday will be a second hunting season Dec. 1 to 15. II the supreme court decision on appeal upholds the law Dec. 6, that will be the . $2,100,000,000 deficit of 1930-37. Secretary Morgenthau proposes ec onomies of $700,000,000 to be effected on appropriations enthusiastic a budget-balancer as Moraciilhnu. however, and Con- Tragedy piled on top ot tragedy for sm ni,, B youngsters-Prince _ _ L-idivis ran Hesse of Gon-»y and Miss Margaret Campbell Geddes, high- daughter of Sir Auckland Qcddcs of Britain, picture above as tlnv tnre— became engaged in July. TJie first wedding dnte Oct 23 was t poned, although the day before five members of'the prince's'immo- Relief demands are likely to lie larger than official calculations and some Influential advisers believe in raising taxes and spending money ratlier than economizing, holding that a reduction of 2,56(1,000,000 in federal outlay as compared with last year's Is laVge- ly responsible for the slump.. Mor- genthau's Insistence that private" Industry must start something and that "no one will starve" must be borne in mind. Relief Demands Grow Reliel: Jf unemployment continues to increase there is likely to be a demand for at'least halt a million dollars In addition to the SI .500.000,000 appropriated for 1837-38 work relief. Roosevelt has 1038-39 billion been hoping to get the appropriation down to a dollars. Senator Byrnes of South Carolina again will try to have cities and stales compelled to. contribute 25 per cent of work relief funds, which would mean wrecking tlie be forced to leave the woods Dec.j intuition B but they will lie allowed to hunt again from Dec. 20 to Jan. 1 under the 1927 act. Two New 'Colonists' Have Arrived at Dyess DYESS. Nov. 19.—Two youn? "colonists" have arrived this week at the Dyess hospital. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Woody ar? the parents of a little girl, weight eight pounds. The baby has not yet been named. A little son, Earl Royce was born to Mr. and Mrs Earl staley. The baby weighed seven and one half pounds. gram and enthau has said No matter If you're a card player, a prize fighter or a business man! you'll find that experience is a great asset because it teaches you to anticipate the other fella's moves. Uncle Slug had spent all his life in Ihe country but when he went to c/ew York, it didn't take him any time to catch on to their ways. The second day he was there, he went into a bar-room, ordered a drink and after he had hart about four of 'em, he told the bartender he didn't have any money. The bartender says "Well, why] didn't you tell me that before you j ordered them four drinks?" Uucle Slug says "Well, I told that to several bartenders yesterday and they •wouldn't gimme- the drinks and yon fellas ain't gonna play that trick on me again!" :vel ol domestic con- Is 22 per cent and sections well below the average usually can't pay more than they do. liroadcu Income Tax Tax revision: 'me Treasury has Jonesboro Man Fatally bc ™ vark ' m s o|lt » revision pro*_ - crfini n»iri MVironnllm ti Vmr- ».«. t,i Stabbed In California FRESNO, Calif., Nov. 19 (UP)— Melvin Toney. 19. who came here from Jonesboro. Ark., was stabbed to death last night by an unidentified negro. Police said Toney was attached after he pushed the negro from the sidewalk. favors reducing consumer or "hidden" taxes and increasing the i number of income tax payers. There's much talk of Increasing tax on incomes between $10,000— or $5000—and $50.000. Senator LaFollette of Wtscoixsin will push his plan to broaden the base (reducing personal exemptions from $2500 to $2000 for married persons and from $1000 to dl(Ue ramll - v wel 'c killcd •lils elder brother, Grand Duke Gcorg and his two nephews. Ludwlg n0w incomes' "grand' of the ancient German family. d ,, kc dents Go On Wild Pre- Game Spree BERKELEY, Calif., Nov . 10 (UP)—Four policemen and another were injured, property vahted at $5.000 was destroyed, and 31 persons were arrested today iKTllJT 'SOEnTH 1 IRE MIMI House Sub Committee Agrees On Undisputed Profits Changes WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 <1JP>- 'llie house ways and means lax sub committee today tentatively agreed to Increase exemptions from the undistributed promt tax In two cilleuorles and to raise normal corporation lux rates, Tlie committee action was on three fronts: 1. To increase complete exemption from (he undistributed prolUs lax to include corporations with i-mirlv cnnilnss in excess of $5.000. 'lliose with earnings up to $5.000 were already llckelcd for exemption. '•!. To Increase normal corporallon tax rale, 3. To grant three yenr exemptions from the undistributed profits lux of corporations emerging from bankruptcy and from rcorgnnl/.a- llon. Chairman Fred M, Vinson, Democrat. Kentucky, .said the committee lms,not yet decided how high to go In grnnllnit total exemptions from the undistributed profits tax. but that It has been considered for corporations earning no lo $10,000 a year, $15,000 and $25,000. Partial relief for corporations above these figures was also under consideration. Grand Jury Accuses Kidnapers of Aged Man Murde r o Approves Rate Cut And Utility's JVA Contract LITTLE HOCK, Nov. 10 (UP)— The slate utilities commission today ordered a $270,000 annual reduction by the Arkansas. Power and Light conipnny and approved a contract under which Ihe power company will use TVA power. The rale slash will go into effect Fcb- runry 1. 1938, In all the B5 counties in which Hie power company operates. IIUNTINOTON, W. Vn., Nov. (UP)—Three men 19 were Indicted by n special cabetl county grand jury today ou charges growing out the kldnaoliiK and death of University of California-Stanford riur-iof Is I ^ tired West Virginia dry'Tcn'der. University game. . Several thousand University ot California students, fired by a huge bonfire rally and predictions of a California victory over Stafford at Palo Alto Saturday, poured into Aided the streets. by non - students, parti- , sans the rtoUrs smashed stove windows, damaged aiilomobilM started bonfires In the streets ami battled policemen. . Those Indicted on Joint murder kidnaping charges were Arnett A Booth, 46, John Travis, 25 B nd On-Ill E. Adkins, 25. Federal authorities said they had confessed lo the ransom kidnaping of Dr Seder on Nov. 1. Dr. Seder was held captive In an abandoned coal mine until Nov. 11. UK died of pneumonia and Injuries four days Inter Soot Fire Results In Slight Damage To House Fire, caused by soot falling into the attic, caused slight damage lo the house of Miss Grace Ixnvery. 217 East Kentucky avenue, nl 7:30 o'clock this morning. Soot, which 'had fallen from around the Due down Into the attic near Ihe stove pipe, became ignited, 1 »»l.VI |JL.OU(if> tlllVI IIUIH $J,UVJU IO PF,AjTF,M/\K"FR S80a ror t!lc unmarried) and raise L |j.flr\jljiUi\J.YJ_iH surtaxes in middle hr^v-rfc _ „ surtaxes combination produce $350.000.000 middle brackets — « which he says would year. Judge Samuel Eugene Hoyt, above, ol New Haven, unanimously elected president of the Amateur ; Athletic Union at its Boston convention, Is expected to heal the breach between that organization and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which seeks greater control of Olympic sports. Chances of heavier taxes nrc still good—il Ihe budget is to be balanced. Keep Profits Taxes Undistributed corporate surplus tax: Revision sure, but repeal unlikely. Congress may be more liberal, bt the administration now is willing to consent only to exemptions for small corporations, limited "rainy day" cushioning and relatively small exemption for expansion purposes. Principle of the tax must be retained, the administration insists, with bulk of pro- tit surplus subject to tax. Capita! Gains tax: (Income tax rates applied to unearned profits, accruing mostly on stocks, bonds and real estate). No change likely unless administration gets behind move to exempt from the tax profits made on new housing developments. Tax-exempt securities: Income from federal and other tax-exempt securities Is likely to be made tax- -n.m iJvn^t-iuuit. W ... Someone tore out the wiring of J - W. Solomon's Daughter n lire alarm box, putting 73 alar-n C i_ r n i • boxes out of commission. ' i ouccumbs In Memphis Snak That His Bite I, Deadly SYDNEY (UP) _ ocorgc Alike,,. -- CO *_lvlMgl! 58-year-old snake charmer vineed his bite would be ' Is con- lerrtay because of the death of Mr. Solomon's daughter, Mrs. Q. H. Waller, of Memphis, who died there Wednesday noon after long Illness, Mrs us it would kill a man ,'" rs ' walicl ' ™ s <* J™rs old. The only thing that has feeut him ! l visttotl hcr P^ents here rom demonstrating tho'somirirJj" 'lumber of times in the past ,. , J & ^""v "«* Kepi nun from demonstrating the soundness or his conviction is that no volunteers have come forward either in the interest, of science or curiosity During his 40 years as a snake charmer. Allken has niore than 200 limes, been bitten he says by , venomous snakes of various kinds. Four of the bites were by tiger snakes, which are particularly poisonous. ... ...„ ptist several years. Funeral services'will be held tomorrow in the Trinity Baptist Church in Memphis with the resident pastor officiating. She is survived by her husband two daughters, her father and her mother, who was unable lo make the trip to Memphis. known and nearly all of whom have died from tiger snake bites. It is his conviction that his body is now so filled with venom that his own bite would be fatal. Recently he had one leg amputated as the result of a swelling which the surgeons diagnosed as slow venom poisoning. able, in income to amount of tax-exempt income reported. Social Security Taxes: Much talk, leading to eventual revision, but no Immediate prospect for action. Amendments to the Federal Housing Administration act, to , avuu> &[agc at lno make investment In new real es- ment of Justice Definite tate developments more attractive. |als probably wtl! arc likely. Also other legislation i but no one knows Itouscwarmhig u ,..., FLORENCE. Colo. (UP)-Mr. and Mrs. Ed Champion received a fiery housewarmlng. A few days after they moved Inlo a new residence here, mice got Into the matches in a cupboard and started a fire while they were asleep upstairs. designed to stimulate private enterprise If anyone can think of schemes the admlnislratton will accept. Anti-monopoly legislation Is still In the study stage at tho Depart- Orleans Cotton NEW YORK, Nov 19. (UP)Cotton closed steady. Dec. Jan. Mar, May July Oct. open . 767 . 172 .. 778 . 784 . 789 high 777 77G 784 7fi9 794 804 low 767 769 775 781 784 795 close 769 772 779 782 788 798 in time Spots closed steady at 784, up 1. York Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 10 (UP) —Colton closed steady today, three to five points higher with Improvement in foreign markets and demands for December contracts stimulating the rise. open high low close Dec 785 791 784 791 Jan 787 791 787 791 Mar. ....... 789 794 783 790 May 793 796 787 79* July 797 801 791 795 Oct gos gee 803 805 Spots closed steady at 790, up 2. Truck Slightly Damaged By Fire Early Thursday The Inlcrlor of a Iruck, owned by Ruben Chandler, who operates It lor the Huddleston Grocery company, -was damaged by fire early yesterday morning. The truck was parked at chandler's residence on Lilly slrcel at Ihe time and the origin of Ihe names hn.s not been determined. Eyston Sets New World's Speed Mark nONNEvn,l,B, salt Fla(.s, Utah. Nov. is <ui>)—Cnpl. Ocovgc E. T. Eyston, 40,-year-oId British siiorls- iiinn. lodiiy ,si-l a new world's automobile .spml record at 311.42 miles per hour. At the same time? he set a now n-rord for the kilometer ill 312.20 miles ]>cr hour. Twice the nrltfshcr piloted the '!',:> ton M'lmmli'rbpU ncj'o.s.i Die salt beds at speeds never before attained by man on the ground, 'Hie Irlnl rommcncL'd nl 7:0r, a.m. ID, ; s.' t.i when he headed the Thunderbolt down the 13 mile straightaway, at the center of which Is the measured mile. 'Jigagements For Fourth Straight Day On Doctor's Advice WASHINGTON, Nov. -President Roosevelt, '13. (UPi rcciipcrat- Inn from u tooth Infccllon and Intestinal upset today cancelled ail appointments for the fourth diiy. Although nr. HO.SS T. McIntyrJ, While House physician, said Mr. Roosevelt's condition Is entirely Kallsfaclory, he advised Ihe president lo remain in his bedroom or study as a precautionary measure. Mclnlyrc said thnt extraction ot HID abscessed lower molar yesterday left the president's yum In n very sensitive condition. Ho said Mr. Roosevelt's Intes- Forccast Most Severe Early Siege In 25 Years For Arkansas By United Press '•• A- second cold wave within - 4g hours was enveloping the .south 'to- dny In the week of eeneial rains and scattered snows In plateau areas. Sub-freezing temperatures, ranging: from below 20 In Ihe mountains lo around 30 throughout the south, except for southern Florida, wcro predicted for early tomorrow by United Slntos weather bureau officials, Snow was falling at Nashville and other points In Tennessee and In scattered parts ol Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina were due lo get now later In the diiyY The snow, second within two days, was the result of rapidly failing temperatures, going' to the freezing point before rain clouds couHl move on ahead of the cold wave. Weather officials satd it;«as expected to be light and or short duration. Follows Same Path The cold wave was following the same palh of the ono two days ago it was sweeping out of the 1101 tiniest Today Sheridan, Wyo, fcpoit«d temperatures of six below xcio, Deiuer, Colo, eight above. North Plattc, Neb, six above, aavd Dodge, city, Kans, eight abovfi The new wave v,as expected to' last two or three'days, slightly longer than the first sub freeze of the winter it was pushing ram clouds toward the Atlantic; sea- Cloudy weather at ThR high pressure are* bringin African Traveler Lament: "Saw One Lion—In Park" ST. LOUIS (UP)—When charli-s Mcllis rcltirned from a 14,000-inlle automobile and boat trip through Africa, which Included visits to 76 foreign mission stations, reporters flocked to his home here lo get a report of Ills experiences. "Sorry, boys," said Molls. "I saw only one lion—and that was In a government reservation." There nr 0 8211 miles of railways williln the boundaries of Ihe state of New York. LAST TREATY CRUISER Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. ID <UP)Labor troubles and adverse business reports set off a decline on the stock exchange today that carried the Dow-Jones Industrial and composite averages to new lows since 1935. A. T. & T. MS 1-2 Anaconda Cop 25 3-4 Assoc. D. 0 73-4 Beth. Stefl 46 1--1 Boeing Air 22 7-8 Chrysler 55 1-8 Cities Scrv 2 Coca Cola 1101-2 Gen. Elec Gen. Mol Int. Harvest Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard . Phillips Pet ...«... Radio , . „ Schenly DM 25 3-4 Simmons 217-8 Socony Vac 165-8 Std. Oil N. J. 45 Texas Corp 37 1-2 U. S. SmfIt 5S U. S. $tecl 51 5-8 37 1-2 33 3-4 58 3-4 34 7-8 1C 1-2 5 39 3-8 G 7-8 Chicago Wheat Dec. May Dec. May open high 311-2 91 5-8 915-8 52 low 89 7-8 90 close 90 90 11? winds on the gulf coast,fiotn Louisiana to Panama City, Fla. Small craft warnings were issued by the United Slato weather bureau nl New Orleans. Severest Cold Wave With nearly all sections of Arkansas scheduled to have drops lii temperature by 12 degrees or more below freezing the state was In' view of its severest cold wave for Ihls early In the season in almost a quarter of a century. The U. S. weather bureau at Little Rock predicted 20 degrees and lower nilnfmums for all but the, southeast section which will' have' "ft little warmer weather" with a minimum of 26 degrees, United State Meterologist Harvey S. 'Cole of Little nock said today. The current cold snap will bo" relieved somewhat by a slight upV grade in the mercury tomorrow and Sunday but according to barometer | readings another cold wave similar to the present one will follow In, Us wake. Tlie general forecast for the state tonight was severe feezing weather. Minimum temperatures for tonight, released by tli e slate weather bureau were: Northwest, 16 degree,?, Northeast, 20 degrees. Southwest, 20 degrees. Southeast, 26 degrees. Central, 20 degrees. Only slight snowfall was reported in the state today In the Ozark region. Occasional traces of snow were reported with Eureka Springs having a fall of about one inch before noon. There was some snow in the central part but nob enough to register. Chicago Corn open high 531-8 53 1-2 05 1-2 56 1-2 low close '53 1-8 53 1-8 ;55 5-8 56 1-4 1 i Flags and pennants fiultering, the U. S. S. Wichita, last of the 18 heavy cruisers built for the navy under limitations of the London Treaty, floats on the Delaware River after launching at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. 'Framing the ship is the steel work of the traveling crane usad in its construction. Play-By-Play Account Of Game To Be Given Jack Applebanm announced late this afternoon that he was confident last minute plans to arrange for a play-by-play account of the Blytlevllle-Jonesboro game to be announced here will be perfected. Earlier in the day Applebaum said tte game account would not be given but at 3:15 it was stated that the game account will be given over a loud speaker system in front of Applebaum's store, 1C final telephone arrangements can be made, starting at 7:45 o'clock. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, colder, severe freeze tonight; Saturday fair, continued cold. Memphis and vicinity—Pair tonight and Saturday, considerably colder tonight; lowest temperature tonisht, 2-i to 26; continued cold Saturday. " , ; The maximum temperature here yesterday ysa 41, minimum 23, cloudy with .is of in inch of rain and snow last night, according to Samuel p. Norris, official weath«r observer. s i - - ' ..,—.. M

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