The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1968 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1968
Page 7
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«?m«vme (Art.) courier rvews ~ Monaay, April 18, im «- Pag« s«vwi THS TROUBLE WITH GOLD Amtriesp. wmf«1iM« i« (he IcnowUdg* that their ' country owned * lion') *|iBire o( tb« world's gold, tradition* sliy the bas)» of a nation'* monetary itrength, mddenly be* came aware that the gold itock was dwindling at an alarming rate,. Suddenly, {or « time, the American Collar itself was suspect in Europe. What is this trouble with foil}, and how did to do with the dollar, 9 nd what i« being done about wr Cold has been valued by UK peoples Mn) b«v« KW|M for it and /ought for it over the 8«i. But M * nwdiuia of exchange between modern nation*, feU le»Y«i much to be desired, There isn't enough oC it to iimne*. expanding WQrt4 trade, nor <?aj» itle ewwnientty tr«ns« ported; Paper money and other'sredit inrtrurawti, partially bacfced by gold reserve, wrvt ttii pwpei*, •hnowwd tt»t ii would buy ml, itU goW at W5 •a «m«*-hi|bir tlum iht going mprlwt priWi Gold flowed into the U,S, until olUnwtoly it po»- M«Md more thin |W btt- llon worth, tern* *T per cttit'of ttw total wwM moncUry tupply.' In J8«, the member n»Uon» of tin International Mono ctery Fund agreed to peg their currencies to the "£004 at gold" U.S. dollw. Yankee dollar? helped the postwar world rebuild,-Collars senf overseas came back in par-, chf>se«, But to IV althe. past M yesrs, the U.S, spent more abroad than it earned. In the 1950s, creditors began exchange ing accumulated dollars for gold. In late 1867, speculators stepped up their buying, hoping-to force the U.S. to de'virtu? the/dollftr to Stretch its/goid. stock. <new down to/about 111,4 WffioR) end thus make gold worth more in dollars. GOLD .-• PRIYAT& ANNUAL 6ow> ttwsotP HBiWtSS &5O \9&J VOtUMfe Hurriedly conferring in Washington, representatives of the United States and six European nations making up the- London gold pool proclaimed a new two-price sys^ tem of geld; The werW? present menetoy supply-^ sbout $40 biiMQft-'WgV frozen at |35 an eunee anfl will continue to be used to settle international debts. But the seven nations will no longer sell gold to the free market or buy newly mined gold. As cfcart it left rtwws, the dynamic growth of world trade,has far outstripped the virtus!!? static gold supply, Thui the recently agreed-upon creation of "paper gold" (internat)opal financial credits) to supplement the .yellow metal; But paper gold *r real gold, the basic, problem— America's balance of payments deficit—remains to be solved. The dollar is still the "key currency" in the world's monetary system, MS strength, at home and abroad, is still the concern of the free world. AIRLIFT In Vietnam is sometimes tricky. Here a helicopter tpws four GIs clinging to the ends of long •Cables. Technique is standard procedure for landing 4nd recovery of troops in fejrd-ta-reacJ! places where a landing zone isn't available. ' "-. ehej ouj lt« tad about a nil'- iBCh in dlnmeter. As a «in- lor in «• » ipeelfte itar the bertwn, WtMrtlg War Vistiettes By QBORQE MeARTHUR Associated Press Writer PLEIKU, Vietnam (AP) The young veterinarian just arrived from Kansas tilted back his chair and his patients—a platoon of dogs, a few monkeys, a couple of cats and gne truculent bear. it was, grinned Boy Braum, hardly what he had expected when he graduated from. Kansas §tate University's. Veterinary school and headed ftw ; , Vietnam a? an Army captain; Barely a month in Vietnam., the lanky farmboy from Denison rubbed his new red mustache and admitted his textbook education had been weak in such things as the treatment of bears. ' * * * He allowed, however, that it added excitement to his Prdh. nary chores—the examination gf meat and vegetables to make sure they are pure enough.for GI stomachs and the health of 30 sentry dog?, Since the Army did away with the 'horse cayalry, veterinarians have largely been used to examine fresh'faodstuffs. The influx of combat d.Pgs in recent years, howeve.r, has giv-' en them a new official task, And. the American soldiers' penchant for picking up stray "mascots will always make life interesting. Sooner or later Braum will also get an elephant. Many are used as work animals by the perspraton solved ' Shopping Ctnter (ribesmeti ef th« «entri) highlands asj the tribesman have jearn?^ ts tam to the U,S. Army when the, beasts are off their feed, ' For the moment, fiow§v?r, Braum concentrate? gn the health oj the gentry dogs at his. pieiku base, The guard'dogs pt as much care from the vets a.s human soldiers get from their They are examined regularly, get a full rang* of shots and are evacuated to the big animal has- pitaj in Saigon if they are wmndeij. They have tnediqal histories, individual files and ear tattoos instead of dogtags. ' Braum himself has a German shepherd as a pet. The do| Is also a walking blood bank. Braum keeps him handy just in case a wounded dog comes in and needs a transufs'ion. •*'*••* Dogs don't blood' t?sts like hiimans, iraum explained, go his own pet eould serve for any necessary transfusion, though the need hasn't yet arisen. At sprawling Camp Schmidt jM?t outside the highlands capital of Fleiku, Braum is the only veterinarian for many miles. He stays with a bunch of helicopter pilot? from the nearby evacuation hospital and tgkes'his daily, dusty rounds in a battered truck left by his predecessor, His dispensary is a quonset hut with a tiny examining table hardly adequate for a'lively bear. Fortunately, the bear is a cub, perhaps six months old and weighing about 50 pounds, It belonged to some helicopter pilots, Is Security And itcufity begini with th« good laringj habit. Start ytiir account with any amount and ift ffl«id« a certain amount to save regularly. There's ni» more iieurf filling than knowinj you're dollars with «i*i» growinf heville VINGS .lOAN A||(IOC||TION Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP) r- Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: pagt« of technical^ Information yearly, A fast-reading scientist would have to read eight hours -SKS* 'SB • *>'""Ill *• ^ Ml JU. to which contain'some 30 per cent of the population now have annual incomes of $10,000 a year or more. Ever get the idea your pet dog is eating you out of home? Well, maybe he will—if you let him. The stomach of a 40-pound pooch can hold three times a? much as that of a J50.pound man, . Medical quackery Is one of the nation's fastest growing businesses. Authorities estimate its cost to the pzublic has risen from $1 billion annually five years ago to $3 billion now.. Salt was once so scarce that it was used as money to pay Ro. man legionaries, and the modern word salary comes from the Latin term salarium or "salt money." But we're in no danger of running out of salt today. There are enough salt beds and domes along the Gulf Coast alone to satisfy America's needs for 28 centuries. Incidentally, only § per cent of salt is used to flavor food. The rest is • employed in chemiqal industries. Careless driving causes more highway fatalities than excessive speed. The Automobile Manufacturers Association says that only 5 per cent of injurious accidents occur at speeds above 70 miles an hour. The Knowledge Jam: Research centers throughout the world now turn out 60 million wade through 1968V outpouring of fact?. Man Against Himself: Suicide is now the fourth leading cause of death among boys of college age, and the 10th leading cause among Americans of all groups, At least 20,000 kill themselves ea.oh yea) 1 , and for everyone who succeeds about eight to 12 try and fall, Irony: Although the United states produces enough food to feed millions around the globe, nutrition experts estimate that 20 per cent of our own people, either through Ignorance or poverty, live on deficient diets. History lesson; Can you name the U.S, presidents who bore the following nicknames; "Atlas of Independence," "Old Rough and Ready," "Trust Buster," and. "Man of Great Heart"? They were John Adams, Zachary Taylor, Theodore Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover. Geographical oddities: Vacationers looking for a place to BACKACHE SECONDARY TO KIDNEY IRRITATION Common KIdnev or Bladder Irritations make many men and women feel tense and nqrvous from frequent, burning OP itching urination night and day. 5 BC Qndarlly, you may lose Sleep and havfi Headache, Backache and feel older, tired, depressed. Jn sue* cases, CYSTBX usually brings relaxing comfort Sy cupbini Irrjtat.. Ing germs IB acid urine anf nulckly easlngpaln.CetCl'STEXatdrugglBtB, cure a thirst might try Bourboi Mlrt Island.. It's located in Whi*. key L«ke, Alaska, Worth rememberings "Yoii should have enough education sq that you won't have to look up to people--Rnd enough edu- .cation also BO that you'll be wist enough riot to look down on peo* Every Homeowner^ needs it t . |f ONLY I ORKIN can give yo|i ORKIN NEW PLAN Of COMPUTE PROTECT/ON AGAINST DON'T W4IT-CAU TODAY FOR «UARANTEED PROTECTION PO 3-8233 "Blue Cross-Blue Shield —John DeMoss, Pine Bluff, Ark. Mr, DeMm li th« owner of John DeMoss Paint Company, 2606 Mini Strott, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Who else counts on Blue Cross-Blue Shield far.fapendability arid fort. Bell Telephone. IBM. Mont. 0. H, Baldwin Co. American Greeting Corporation, Arkansas Rice Growers <n. It's truel And thogsands of employers fittest ta It. For dependability and value, Blue Cross-Bluo Shield beats 'em all. Check these points: Paidiln-Full-Benefits: Only Blue Cross hospital service benefits pay in ftij! ths qpst of your hospital services not included in the room rent (except blood and plasma). There is no dollar limit on Blue Cross hospital services*, • Automatic Credit Card: In most hospitals, a Blue Cross-Blue Shield membership card establishes your credit immediately. No embarrassing credit .checks. Just show your cart) for worry-free admission. No Claims To File: When you've recovered, Blqa Cross and Blue Shield pay hospitals and doctors direct No claims for you to file. No need to tie up your money while you wait for refunds. Works Everywhere: A Blue Cross & Blue Shield membership card Is recognized and honored by more than 7,000 participating hospitals and more than 200,000 participating physicians throughout the world 1 There |s Nothing Like Blue Cross & Blue Shield; Dollar for dollar... benefit for benefit,,. Blus Cross-Blue Shield beats 'em all. To learn how ygu can have the best help available for paying hospital and doctor bills for yourself and your employees, complete and mail below, 'As guaranteed by th$ ntembsf's contract. 1 ARKANSAS BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD, INC. »••••*•••••••••••»•• ARKANSAS BLUE CROSS & BLUE C|8 North Stli St., Blythcville, Arkansas Pleise send rni eoitiplete tJetnlls about the bettsr panafits 9nd ssrvic* available to'me ss » member of Arkansas Blus Cross & (llue Shield, I understand there is no obllj^tipn on my part. I am interested in the fflliowiha (cHftk oneji •"'.."•• IndivifjuJJ n Family D Employed Group M«inb8r5hiri Membership AOpHSS- CITT— _, ARKANSAS iMPLOYID DT- THEKE AM__ ..IMPIOYEES WHERE I WORK. Jim Hawkins Blythevillo 763-4597 • •••••••M*****Mt*«*t*«««*«*»**«M*Mt«M*«**M«**MM*t****«***tl

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