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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page [2]

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page [2]

New Orleans, Louisiana
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Ije JDatlu picayune- BY LUM3DEN, KENDALL CO-PRINTERS TO MUNICIPALITY NO. TWa om 72 CAMP tTRXIT. Wednesday HIsrnIf, Seplenbcr Bciiai-A-Things begin to look bustling- i our city. The bales, boxes, crates, dec- at 71, opposite our office, looked well yesterday. Success to trade, and a brisk, business seasoiv 7 we.

D3" The fire on Monday night was in the square formed by CrapV Bagatelle, Lor and Union streets. What ludicrous association of names. Love and Unto and then, to wind upV Crop and Bagatelle! rrj The Gen. Brady leaves for St. Lonis today at noon." w-s--4 Xfce TIrel Wmmirfpnlity.

We' know: there, is in the maxim which says mind thy own business, and although we may leare ourselves open to the 'charge of minding what is none of our business," we cannot avoid reverting to the fire of Blonday night oryesterday morning, which occurred in Craps or Bagatelle street. Had hy drants been laid through the municipality, or could water hare been easily procured, the fire, we hate been told, could hare been extinguish ed when it first broke out but it being impossible to bring the opposing element to play on it in good time, considerable destruction was done to property and, what is worse, the property of persons in humble circumstances. We see another complaint brought against the Third Municipality. It is said that the branch of the fire department situated in that section of the city is by no means as full nor as efficient as it, should be. If these things are the result of an economical policy, we look upon it as a very mistaken one of the penny wise and pound foolish order.

Let our friends in tho Third Municipality cast their eyes up here to the 44 Jgaubourg St. Mary, and they will see that taxes wisely, expended are not, nor never should be considered, burthensome. They will find our streets well paved, well watered, and improvements every day going on which is causing a corresponding' progressive increase in the value of property. They will also find that the praise worthy efforts of our firemen in saving their fel low citizens property pass not wholly unnoticed by our Council they generally assist them, and in no niggard or cheese-paring spirit, to pur chase their expensive machinery, and no one finds fault with them for doing so. Gentlemen of the Third, awake from your somnolency awake, we say this is the 16th of September, A.

D. 1840, and the sixty-fourth year of our Independence. Raczbj at Aucrioav A sale of valuable racers is to take place at Nashville during the coming race week, and some well known nags are to be disposed oC The announcement of the sale of Jackson's celebrated stock will create a sensation among sportsmen, and a tall gathering may be expected at Nashville. The advertisement in another column will show what nags are to be sold, and the terms of sale. Nzgro Prxachivg.

The negroes have a church or meeting-house at the rear of the Protestant burial ground in this municipality. They meet there in large numbers the free and slaves of both sexes every Sabbath evening, where a black fellow in black holds forth in the loudest kind of manner. In going there, they may be actuated by no unworthy motives, but it strikes us that the location of the place so far removed from the city, and the assumed purpose of religion for which they meet present facilities to the vicious and designing for tampering with the feelings of our slaves, and imbuing them with pernicious doctrines. We casually passed there last Sunday afternoon, and stopped for a moment to see what was going on- From what we heard, we are far from thinking that the morals of the negroes are improved by these weekly exhibitions, and we look upon them as a gross burlesque on the sacred institution of religion. The bellowing of an ignorant, black mountebank is not the proper medium, in our opinion, by which to disseminate correct religious principles through our slave population.

To our vigilant municipal authorities, bow-ever, we leave the consideration of the question for the present. Stcam boat Echo. In our notice yesterday of the Echo, there was a slight error, by which it would appear that she does not make the trip through to Mobile. By way of correcting the error we state that on Tuesdays she leaves for Mobile, taking freight and passengers all the way through. On Saturdays she goes only to Pascagonla, where she meets a stage coach.

Thx Mails. We are never disposed to grumble without a cause, and in fact we hate to grumble when we do have cause. There is one thing, however, about which every body else is grumbling, and we feel slightly inclined to join with 'every body, and have a general grumbling. The mails the mails! the per plexing, annoying mails! What's the reason you are not more regular in your arrivals you SoutHern, Eastern, Western, River, and all other mails. From all points and quarters we hear one general complaint of your irregularities "no mail yesterday four mails now due 44 mail failed again" 44 no mail from beyond Ace.

etc dec. These are the complaints that reach as at home and from abroad. Such a state of things is too bad. We feel its inconvenience with the rest of our fellow citizens and loudly would we call for the remedy, could we effect it. Where lies the fault Somewhere, certainly Let it be found oat and removed.

People at the North are suffering from failures and irregularities of the mails, and so they are all over the-Union. 4 The remarks of a late- number of the Balti more Clipper on this subject are not inappro priate, and we here subjoin the article. SoulJum 2atX No mail south of Frede ricksborg last evening! The Southern mail hun on Bunaay. 'mere is beautiful work somewneTe; probably the vigilant ere of Mr. Nile as so much engrossed in.

watching the ttansportation of papers on mail routes that it ttY" operation. -ya in accession, in a season of the jear when no obatacle could awu jlu wf ine mail, from reaching theirplaces of, destination, that ther have failed. is an old saying that 44 new brooms weep clean," but the is sadly reversed in this, case the, present iPoetmaster General has done nothing but act in opposition to public will to which we regret to add a palpable neglect of his duty else why are the vu ucuuneaT rue contractors, will be the axrwr--tlie- are to blame well, if this be the mj fctess ota- and if that cannot hm dene, Mr. P. yourtelf out!" i Awfal eiretlit Lli.

P.InfiiL most painful is the duty we are about, la perform. Thus Tar. tHrougO me season wo Wo rejoiced in being able to herald glad tiding to our friends abroe4.f "Alas, with what feelings will 'our present chapter be, read With what deep yearning do wa long to drop the pen and Pareiie, we 8X8 It is the mortal destiny of man that good and evil shall mingle ever in pur onward progress from the cradle to the "bier." The purest lesson yet taught us by human wisdom is to look upon all changes and vicissitudes as directed by pro vidence, and a thousand sermons might be spar ed if men would study and act upon this little simple truism. we may bask in pros perity, to-morrow affliction is our portion and even while contemplating the dark embrace of despair, a golden dawn may be opening upon us. i Among the hundred thousand balsams, panaceas, and infalible remedies, of which we have heard and read in our time, we have set aside one, and only one in which we place confidence, and that is, to endure.

The old aphorism that cant be cured nniBt bo endured," is false, for we are fully convinced that to endure is to cure. We claim this idea as our own, and solicit the criticism of philosophers. 1 any body has been before us with! the thought, wo still maintain owr "claim to credit, though we must plead guilty to superficial reading. To endure is to cure; for no msn ever made up his mind passively to endure an evil, who did not instantly experience a relief from depression, and an enlightenment of mind and spirit highly grateful to sensation. By.

advancing this iJea we hope to yield some degree of comfort to those who are doomed to be afflicted by our present tidings of misfortune. Yet melancholy is the task we are to perform, in announcing to those abroad that a vast multitude beings who were ever near us and around us creatures that clung to us with the most unceasing devotion ever before our eyes ever singing in our ears beings, in fact, of our own blood that these have passed away in a night, and those for whom our blood has been shed, are no more to know us. with life were they yesterday, and to day they are cold in death. It is not the loss of a single friend, nor a circle, no small family group are we to mourn, but millions, myriads are gone from the earth, and the lonely air is sighing over unnumbered graves. Musquitos! Don't you understand Couldn't you anticipate tho dreadful misfortune that we were going to tell you of 7 All the musquitos of New Orleans arc dead, dead, dead, and may heaven have mercy upon them, for a blood thirsty crew of pestiferous blood-suckers.

These two or three cold nights lately have killed off the musquitos, and, thank heaven a a a our Diooa is now saie in our veins. We may walk abroad in the streets without fear of being assassinated in daylight, and we may sleep at night without being prisoners in the bar. The constant presentation of bill will no longer annoy us, for the simple reason that musquitos are done for and we are no more to be dunned. In regard to this 'lamentable misfortune, we are not able to state the exact number of lives lost. The list of killed and wounded has not been reported, but we are authorised to state that the whole musquito nation is muting.

Praise be to Allah, glory to the sun, our ene mies are in the dust! New Orleans is redeem ed, regenerated and disenthralled, and without tanding soldiers, falling volunteers, blood hounds or rattle snakes, Louisiana is relieved from war. We had hard scratching while the siege lasted, and we 'jtoured forth our blood from every pore, but Now shall the cltnor of war's hatchet cease, Well ait, and amoke the calumet of peace," as the wise Arlaxomines said to the learned Fnabua when the brave Bombastes returned victorious from the fight. Another Ship Struck bt Lightning. The New York ud of tho 3d inst. cires an account of the ship Franconia, Capt.

Jones, from this port, having been struck by lightning on the 18th of last month. The F. was bound for Liverpool with a cargo of cotton and tobacco, 'and was in the vicinity of Havana when the catastrophe occurred. Capt. Koopman of the ship Norma, at New York from Havana, reports that the cotton in the hole having taken fire, the captain bore away for Havana, which he reached, with the assistance of a steamboat, on the 16th.

The vessel was then scuttled, and the fire extinguished. Her deck and deck beams, it is stated, were very much burned. On the 22d August they were still taking out tne cargo, which was in a damaged state from toe etiecta of the water. The Sun adds The vessel and freight, we understand, are insured in Boston. Her cargo consisted of 550 hogsheads of tobacco, and 600 Dales or cotton, and was probably insured in curope.

-m singular I'IRcvmstancx The New York Journal of Commerce of the 3d inst. states that a gentleman just returned from Stratford, Ct-, says that in the southern part of TrumbulL three miles from where he was, a fragment of stone leu to the earth or the size of a peck measure. This stone fell in. a private path, ploughing along for some distance, and scorch ing the grass all the way. No other fragments had been found.

It is conjectured that the ex i vj i i ptuoiuu ui uic uveujr ui wuica wis was a part caused tne "earthquake reported to have been experienced recently in that section. Joxzps As long as we have been with these delicious and popular drinks, we nave never known so much about them as the following, from the Boston Times, acquaints us with; and presuming- that many of our readers will bear enlightening on the subject, we i lay oe lore mem. Juleps are supposed, by most people, to be a modern invention. Some, doubtless, in their author of this delicious beverage; and others, perchance, imagine that the art of minglinr these coolers hoanriTnll. ''J tne the chmes of sun from New Orleans or the oHinoneoi tnese imagine tru seems that julep were knownln Eng land as early as 1637.

Milton, in has a passage which places this matter beyond uvuvu vvuiu, ui mm Kaaress to tne lady in the employs the following thinkinr Ian Behold the cordial JuUf here, That Aaaaes aJ dsaces fa his carvst! haniLi. With tpiritM ifbmlm a ad frmrmm rr ix7L '1 ne luleps of that day must have been pre- chcij uur own-uu it prooaoie tnat old Mr. Paradise Lost, himself, occasionally indulged in a delicious cooler of that sort, when be was athirst. The inspiration of rmim whwh tnipeJJed muse- in her most magnificent flights, might have been not by the goddess ofmnr. hnu mlA Aunntl.

7 --OP a. MM- -Bptruu oi oaim- ana -cordial jaiepe acting upon his poetical orrans. Ju- eps are of ancint mnA ton has made rh7 made them WHI FI Mill them in greater CI we a-JTBeUafflr wfW a aaaa is uuHiicr i f. Recorder's Conrt-SzcoNi Municifalitt Recorder Baldwin was. not overburthened with business yesterday morning.

There were but few victims up before him and these were briefly desrjatched. Eifi Jones stood out in bold relief before his brother prisoners. He has a dark, roelo-dra matli rnnntnance his eves looked -BoWl knives, and his whole appearance showed him Fit for treason, atrataz em and rw. The Recorder having often him down K-fi. fiofKne- it to operate benenciaiiy, re the dose this time.

He gave him a six i nrarintlOn. rn iXiniJ aleeDinr. or ratner jauiea M.iaj i in a shed. The watchman having heard the sounds of a human voice proceeding from where Bart lay. felt anxious to ascertain ttiinira were Drozressing.

He found Jim saw" going it with a perfect freedom. 44 What did you pull the pillow away for you'vesttaken the bed clothes off too; I won't stand that no how you can fix it come fair play is a jewel. I tell you the night is too cold to be without a blanket. Well, can't you net us a little something to drink Stand trea this time and I'll run my face for it next. I'm drunk, do you say Why I never was more sober in my life.

No, but I feels cold and un comfortable it's just as if this'bed was not mado for a month. no, nonsense; let us have more bedclothes and a drop of some tiling warm." The moon shed its light into the shed but the watchman could see no person there except Jim Bart himself. He therefore concluded that Jim was in the wrong box, though he evidently fancied himself in the right one. Charley gave Jim a shake. "There," said Jim, I knew the cold would bring it on.

There I'm in a pretty fix now, aint 17 I have got the fever and ague on ray back; I have already got the shakes." I guess you is no great shakes," said Charley. "Doesn't you know It's against the law for you to be lying here this aint your home." Yes sir," says Bart, this is my home, and I'd be asleep an hour ago only for that old woman of mine who is alwayshowing her temper; she'd neither put the clothes over me, nor give me any tiling to drink that 'ud keep the cold out." Where is she said the watchman. "Oshe is there," said Jim; "let her ppeak for herself, and between you and tne and the wall, it's well she knows how. She has been jawing me here for the last hour and I might as well strive to stop the Mississippi as have the last word from her. Nothing that has been invented yet has come so nigh perpetual motion as the going of her tongue." Charley thought he had heard enough from Bart to convince him that he was either drunk or his senses had taken leave of absence, and so he took him to the calaboose.

The Recorder ordered him for thirty days to the calaboose, thinking that a change of scene would improve his understanding. Martha Miller was discharged and no jail fees demanded. OCF Buel and his son were sent down to the Parish Prison, yesterday. There has been se veral indictments lodged against them. Tfae Smy After.

Vhercin Straw, Etq. it content toxat hi vord. I said I didn't like the sea, Veil, now I axes oardon But vhen I said that 'ere, my solvation vos a hard un. However, things is different My sentiments is softer The veather changes wery oft, And temper changes ofler I don't know wery many things Vhich influences von Sooner to be good natured, than A belly full of fun Veil, yesterday you see vos free- Dom's anniversary And such a jolly breeze vos ne- Ver vitnessed on the sea The first of all, they vaked us up By two big guns a firin And cracker, after breakfast cracked in. a manner quite inspirin' Vhile nice Log Cabin handkerchiefs" Fluttered about the ship; And the owners left off vipin of Their noses vith Old Tip Veil then, ve had a wery pat- Riotic game of pitchin', And not so silly either, upon Enterin' the vhich in Ve pitched for all the vine vhich should At dinner be supplied, And to our satisfaction pitched It on the other side.

Next came the solemn readin' of The solemn Declaration!" Vhich vos wery soon succeeded by A merry cold collation I Then the vimen 44 shuffle boarded," and Such gemmen vos their backers As didn't gyre the prefrence to Cigars and 'firin' crackers! Veil, then the vimen vent below And shut all on us out, And vot the devil they vos at, Ve all vos left in doubt! Ve learned, tho, yen the guns rent off To summon us to dinner-Lord never wessel sure had such A fixin' up vithinher. 1 Such a queer mixin' up of American and English; -44 Old Tip's" hard face, and little Van, Tho'Van looked rather tingluh! wreaths, and mottoes hangin up, And swingin here and there But the most entkin motto vos To all the bill of fare Veil, such a dinner, such a set, Such carvin' and such quaffin Such good old toasts, and good old jokes, And such a good old laughin Such patriotic songs about How heroes feel vhen fightin, And an 44 Impromptu," vhich the man Vos all the mornin writin'! And then the dancin. aftervards 1 How Jemmy Ducks, be played How wigorously ye kept time To the wigrous noise he made; How tome von met vith Betty, who Couldn't dream vot he'd be at," How some von come, how some von run, And how tome von lost his hat. And how ve all subscribed, and made The steerage wery blue; And how obligin'fy they all Submitted to it too! How evenin heard ua aingthe songs Of Ireland's fav'rite bard Some of ns lookin wery soft, 8ome lookin' raUcr hard 1 don't know vhy, but 00 the land A frolic doesn't go ao; I'll bet the day on ahore, compared Vith ours vos only to 1 TtlM Ii1M tl LinV .1 Some vow they've got the headache classical, and shall hold I Might own their hearts instead ache. I arm DTKAWS, DXK lsq.

Snort nrna. Rkd Tom. In I82j being in command of a ship, and about to sail from Rio for a sailor deserted from a British gun brig lying nearer ship, and came on board being in want of men myself, and certain '13. when John Bull had us caged under the gratings of one of his -prison point of iron, and ornamented with a small red flag to provoke the bull, red being his aversion. With this they throw themselves in front of the bull and try to attract his attention when he 44 Still thit Forty-eight thous and, four hundred and ninety-two passengers from foreign countries have arrived at New York from the 1st January last to the 1st being 340 more than arrived during the whole of last year, and nearly double the number who arrived during the whole of 1838! suls for Belgium, Joseph Mora Moss, for the port of Philadelphia John Douglass Bates, for Boston; Thomas Amory Deblois, for Portland; Samuel D.Walker, for Baltimore; A.

W. Norting, for Richmond George A. Hop- ley, for Charleston; John FerriU, for Savannah; Charles Auze, for Mobile. As Vice Consuls, for Belgium, Hippoly to for New York Loring F. Wheeler, for Eastport and John Capron, for Norfolk.

Kf Robert R. Reed, Esq- Governor of Flor ida, has issued a Proclamation, offering a reward of two hundred dollars for the apprehension of each and every while or black person. or mulatto, who shall be found aiding, abetting, or to any manner assisting the Indians in their hostile movements, incursions, depredations, or butcheries in Florida. Thx Stiajc The packet 44 United States," arrived at New York on the 4th inst saw the 44 British Queen" on the 1 1 th instl she also aa-r the President hence. The tt.Tnited States" left Liverpool on the 2d ult, The 44 President was also seen by the Wellington." from ln- don, and 44 Cincinnati," from LiverDool" both on the 2d inst.

By the former aa lt five o'clock in the aAernoon, Ion. 69A latitude 40 16. Specie. JftoccebitiQQ of tljs ottttriI THE SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Tuxsoat, September 15, 1840.

At the hour fixed lor the meeting of the Council, were i Present, the Hon. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder Aldermen Burke, Freret and Whitney." A quorum not being present, the Recorder 4S UW1 UU1 UV WlUb 1lVUVUIf U1W At. WW A UVI ships, having at that time made me rather care- oued the Council until Tuesday, the 22d less about international courtesy, I agreed with September, at five o'clock, PJ M. i caushy," as Tom Cringle would have it, to allow the fellow to remain on board. He was the reddest human being that I had ever met with, and at a short distance looked as if he had been paying the bends with varnish and red ochre, and had capsized the bucket over himself.

In a few days our crew had dubbed him with the name of Lobster, but this distressed the poor devil so much, as that is the name by which they designate a marine on board of a British man of war, that they altered it, and finally settled down on 44 Red Tom." On the first Sunday after our arrival in Per-nambuco, a part of the men received liberty to go on shore to spend the day, and with it a little money. Poor Red Tom not being on wages, and having no clothes of his own, was invited by the liberty men to share their cruise, for which he was fitted out by the parish that is, one gave him a red shirt, another a red catalum cap, and another a red comforter, and 1 believe if the rascals could have mustered a pair of red drawers they would have made him go ashore in them. When the fellow was rigged and went over the gangway with the bright morning sun shining upon him, he blazed out like a corporant in the rigging on a squally night. The Brazilians were at mat me just oegin-ning to show a mutinous temper to King John's government, and the governor of Pernambuco was trying every means to pacify and amuse them, and among others had established a kind of Amateur Bull-bait, fiee for all competitors. On the afternoon of the Sunday in question, having dined with a friend he took me out to see the bulls, (i.

e. not the lions.) We witness ed the worrying and killing of one bull, and the second was brought in, and the Ptcadore had provoked him to an unusual pitch of fury. By the by, their mode of provoking must be described they have a pike some eight or nine feet long, very stout and armed with a short thick JOHN CALHOUN, Exchange on England, -do Paris. Virginia. Secretary pro.

tern. Wisdom. Feeing a- lawyer to recover a sto len chicken valued three bits.1 Foi.LT.rdering silence i in a- court at tune when the crying of young negro in the yard drowns yonr voice, and: prevents your order from being heard. A Vztiran! A late number of the New. port Mercury contains a letter from Mr, Benja min Hazard, declining a re-election to the General Assembly of Rhode1 Island.

Mr. Ha zard has been elected a Representative from the town of Newport tixty-ttco iuccettive timet. I Caption to Cab Drivers. A few days ago in New York two cabs, which were driving at a rapid rate in different directions, struck violently against each other, by which the driver of one of them was dashed against the ground and his skull so badly fractured as to leave but little hopes of his recovery. Matrimony.

The following judicious re marks on this important and delicate subject are entitled to consideration 1 by all who read, inasmuch as they are from the pen of tho talented and experienced Noah, so long and successfully connected with the! New York press. It strikes us there is a great of truth and sound sense embodied in the article. 1 If what is called a clever woman in the English acceptation of the term, should marry a man of inferior intellect, she must never, on any occasion, make him feel the disparity; on the contrary, she must respect his abilities herself, and make others respect them. She will then discover many good and amiable points in his character, which make up his deficiency in talent. If perchance in these rude, times he should once come home out of temper, she must meet him with smiles and cheerfulness, rally him out of dull spirits, and thus give full scope to his recuperative energies.

Should be leave her alone at night to attend theatres, soirees, clubs, and log cabin lectures, she must not rail him out of the bad habit by sharp up-braidings when he returns home, but be always rlad to see him. and at length he will be flatter- fixes his eye on one of them he places himself e.d into the belief that his society is preferred iu a half kneeling position to receive the plunge above all others, and his gallantry and affec- of the furious beast on the point of his pike, which is directed as near as possible to the centre of the bull's forehead, and thereby enables the Picadore to turn the animal's head on one side as he passes him. i I had begun to weary of the sport and was looking listlessly round among the venders of sugar cane, Sec, when a loud yell from the motley assembly and a squeeze in the arm from my friend turned ine around, and there in the centre of the arena, and alone in the full blaze of his crimson glory, (for the Picadore had withdrawn in utter amaze,) and right in front of the enraged bull who had already fixed hi.s eye on him, stood Red Tom, crouching in the half kneeling position of the Picadore, and his fearless eye flashing like the rays of his own red cap, a stout Bugar cano some five or six feet long, boldly advanced in guise of pike. One moment of dead silence ensued, the two combattants eyeing each other until the very air between them appeared to assume a crim son hue a slight motion of Tom's head caused a corresponding vibration of his cap; down went the bull's head, and en he came like a scudding ship plunging down the falling wave. On he came away went Tom's sugar cane like a studdingsail boom in a Nor'wester, and in an instant the giant brute was kneading the poor fellow's carcase with horn and hoof in the sand.

Fortunately the sand was deep and the Governor promptly raised the "cry Matarlo Matario and in an instant twenty pikes and five or six straight swords made Mr. Toro excuse himself to Red Tom and turn his attention elsewhere. A crowd gathered around and amoqg them my liberty men and bore Tom off. Next morning on turning the men up to duty Red Tom was reported sick, and on going to see him we found him stretched out on a chest, his left side from his knee to his ear as black and stiff as an old buckstay. 44 Why, Tom, my boy, how came you by such a mauling dear sir, the liberty men made me drunk last night, and I came on board alone and fell down the forescuttle on Canton Jack's chest." 44 So, so well, Tom, to cure this you must get a pair of bull's horns (you'll find some on the sands at Cinco Puntas,) and boil them down and take the grease to rub yourself Tom blushed of a blueish red; and as we went up the forescuttle we heard the poor fellow murmur, 44 There, I knew the skipper would find itout; a pretty cock and bull story I've told him this is twice I'm upset by a bullF tion will reciprocate the compliment by ma king his wife the companion of his pleasures.

In short, to make matrimony happy, the parties must agree to think alike to act in unison to respect each other, and be uniformly polite and civil, as we would to strangers to banish all unpleasant topics to yield to each Other, and be contented with our lot. In this way, neither striving for the mastery, both may be as happy in the marriage state as can be expected from any state or condition, surroundea by certain and unavoidable troubles in this life. KJ The express rider on the Fort Holmes, East Florida, line, was shot at and wounded by a party of four or five Indians on the 30th ult. He escaped with his life. There are five things that look very awk ward in a man, viz.

to see hini lift his hand to a woman, "save in the way of kindness;" to see him put any single article of female apparel on to his person to see him forget all the rest of the world, and sit languishing at a sweetheart; to see him stick the lighted end of a cigar in his mouth and to see him-" kiss frog fashion." i NEW ORLEANS MONET MARKET. Corrected Dailfhf W. W. Whit if GExckmngt. iSrter; -i Ummp street.

r. MISSISSIPPI MOMCV. Natchez sad river specie paying Banks, iiaaisaippi union rost notes, Planters' Bank Post Notes, Natchez, Mississippi R. Road, Natchez, 12 Mississippi ShippiagCompNatches, 1 Agricultural Poat Notes, ComaaereisJak Railroad Bk. Vicksbtrrr, Baakof Vieksburg, Vkkabarg -Vicksburg Water-works, Grand Gulf, I Port Gibson Poat Notea, i- Rodney Poat Notes, i i Lake Washington, Tombigby, i Citizens' Bank of Madison co, bank, Columbua, 44 post aotes, Brandon Bank, -Manchester, Manchester Post Notes.

i Real Eaute, Hinds Cx, -Bank of Lexington, Mis anacKLXAMBOua. Union Bank atTallabaaae, Florida, Southern Life Ins. dt Trust Cos, don Bank of Florida, Texas Treasury Notes, MAIL ARRANGEMENTb, AT TBK M. oaLKAJia POST nmrc I -3d 5f 0030f 00 do i New York and Boston, at aight, do do 60 days, 5Jr 3 do Philadelphia, at sight V. S.

Bank Notes, ikHpn Sovereigns, 5 08 Spaniah Poubloona, $17 00917 12 Mexican do $16 03916 12 U.S. Treasury nelea, Swmpren American Gold, do. DUc 6910 553)57 20925 80983 emit 18922 57960 60965 60965 30936 30935 30933 45910 85990 bo sale. 10915 30933 no sale. 698 15920 80985 80985 Clinton and fort Hudson, 4550 at UKixeaa' B'k, not redeem'd Bank ofMohUeA specie paying bka, par92prem.

Alabama State Bank and Branches, 394f Tennessee Banks, 4 495! South Carolina, I 35 Georgia, 99is Arzaaaaaztaaxs, 35940 Aentucay ana Indiana, pmrVidi, uuv iiu uuiuhi, Iv3 294 tmle. 950 50955 84385 The President has recognized a. Con- a DurevvV at'o simply for tr William Boll, ef Charleston. 8. C.

lat. .9, Ion. 26, in company with three shins tJLtATA 1 wb x-aniucaec, on'tne xa Bayou Saba Mail Closes Toe-da a day, at 8, P. M. Dae Sunday and Thursday.

Locistille Mail Closes Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. at 8. P.M. Dna imnl Madisowyillz Mail Closes Monday, Wadaes-y Bd friday, at 6. A.

M. Due Tuesday, Thars- mj r. jbu r. To Aovcanssas-Our advertising frienda will please send ia their favors at as early aa hoar aa possible in the day those of any length ahoald be at our office before 8 o'clock ia the evening. There is a lie oa the desk of the office.

The box ai ine root or the stairs is intended aewapapera. i tained. will leave for landings this at, (W at 13 o'clock Dreciaelv. to be oa board, as ahe will aour. Will please caU at this office sad receive a letter addreaal ed to hint freai his brother George Bull, of that city D-Office of the 44 Allicatob Lnrs," steamhoau 5 i 86 8t- Charles sUeet, undsr Veraa.

aah, New Orleaaa. aprilS? tf 1 lT Ir FAB-ranus CaLun i- v. tmd it to his interest to caU at the 44 Louisiana Ha. tea' t- aept 6 Si-' ag been unavoidably de- MMmim una rBtermeli-t sdsy) the 16th insunt -engexaia requested vaiy leave at that ao MUWIUIPALJTY STEAM FERR11 CO i raina, annnai. election for 6ve Uin tif- MARINE INTEILIGnq ii-r UHLIIRI, WW mm a torily aeenr at tne without their 1 CUTOR8 SALE OP CHOICE -V, CLEARED.

Brig Sadi, Park, New York, J. W. Zach.Ul -Schr Beuy, arrived; -Ship Adrian, Davis, fa l- Ship Louisville, Allea, fna Nw York -Tewboat Tiger, Beebe, fm the NE Paaa. TO SIX rood Paiatera will lad empIovsMat iT. plyiay at No.

II Caaal atroat WANTED, A SITUATION asGardeoer.orwoald takapi cY. to lay oat, or undertake may tktnr i a hi blag ardeninr 4ioe. Address 44 P. through the Poat Office. MM ia HORSES.

tP MULES! Sk I sooaeriDer will recSlre.oa or a boat ik. -a. mat-, as fine a lot of Horlka and Males Weaver offered for sale ia this arket. He aoliSl purchaers to call and examiaeYor theanel. 1 Tattersali'a, No.

68 St. Charlea etW 7 aept is itw DANIQEj BAYLKRa RACU A NA being; Auction, tt estate of Jo one and twe AND, BLOODED STftrr VILLE, on Monday of the race wash i- jv vi Kmuki waai wtia DV Dtthli. following stock, the Drooertv or iw. iea rfacaaoa, (aeceasea,) on a credit wra. who interest irom aaia, aatiafae.

i (JurcniKn aariag iae optica i uunci as are engaged with or nrsrements. i Three Temr Old. eh. C. sister to FandannA k.

Leviathan, dan ear ageanenuveuL mu wm.a -u Alexandria, 99uu entrance, ia tne name orThomaravatMB. "A nunn aw ark. Sa (imp.) by Ruben. EngaM in the Criterion 8taka i iiwgtiiw in isi, in ine cane orjamea Kirkmaa both ia training and in finelorder, and believed te 1 I TtvoTemrOt 3. Ch.

e. by Gleneoe, dam Pw 4. Ch. e. by Gleaeoe dam Keveller.

5. CJu COUNTESS OP JI dam Giantess, by Leviathaa. C. Br. f.

by Gleneoe, dam by Clear the Kitchen.) 7. Br. f. (imp.) by Tomboy, dac Extended, psdirreea will be before the Bale. DRAWS THURSDAY.

J-B puaarnses, Jieketa (impO byEaM. Blight, (imp.) by JET, by Gleseaa, cky, (thedaaaf yDonJaan. ten in aaadbilli The two year olda are well brokeVaad Noa. .4 4 are in light training, though untriei, i Persona desiroua of purchasing affck will hart an opportunity that they could not baV had other circumstances. The Glencoea promising.

THOMAS KIRKMAN, JAMES KIRKMAN, i 5 GEORGE ELLIOT, Trust es appointed by the will of James Jackson. acpt 16 ONT etea amenea a l'epave du troiseme district de la Seconds MunieiDalite: Uoe vacbe laitiere, rouge et blanche, avee if cornea droirea et pointues, le bout de l'oreille droits coupe, et eelut de la gauche fendo. Uoe vacbe laiuere, roore. le devaat da aa teta et le bout de aa queue blanca, lea cornea droitea area deux troua dana leur parties inferieure. une eoanara dana la partie inferieure de l'oreille droits.

Lea proprieuires eat pries de veair a l'epave da 3me district, aitue a 1'eneoignare des raes Robia et Anaonciatioa, prouver propriete, payer lea frsis et lea retirer avant le Sained i le 28 eon rant, aatre- ment eiies seront vendues le meme jour, a I'eoeaa par P. A. Guillotte, encaateur public. sept IS J. L.

WINTER, ler Lleat. WERE baougbt to the Pound of Third Ward. A a reo ana wuite jnucn cow, wun strairnt norat turned. in on the point, the top. of the ria-ht ear cropped and split in the top of the left.

A red miica cow, with white race and the top of the tail white, cocked horns, two holes in the utidw part of them, a crop in the under part of the rirkt ear. "The owners of said animals will call at the poaad or 3d ward, situated at the corner of Robin and Annunciation atreeta, oa or before Saturday, Sept. ObL -1 i away, otherwise thev will be sold at auction bv A. Guillotte, public auctioneer. J.

L. WINTER, aept 16 1st lieutenant Niarht Walch. 5 2 2 2 6 10 Official ilrawinr of the LAND STATE LOTTERY. i CLASS 78 KXTKA. 30 82 f7 63 15 58 48 73 67 40 28 55 31 5 68 1 fCTTHIS DAT.

ni Tickets only $4 00. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASa no. 67 rot 1840. .5 Aumumaru Dr tae Lgulatare or the To be draw THIS DAY.

Stmt, iftth. ifua i .1 7 a ww A i S. DAI 75 Numbers Prize of fc Maaarera. Draws CUE. r5oo 250 200 ia LOUISIANA LOTTE class ua.

91. 70 45 164 47 13: 51 18 52 $12,000 3,000 2,000 1,200 1,100 5,000 1,600 L200 lfloo VL500i zjooo frizes, aBiountiift to S183J11 i Tickets $4 00 SBWres ia proportion. 0, Packages ol 25 TickntALfnr airn draw at least $48 00. 8bareVi ror rackagea or amgle TickeisKppply at the MANAGER'S OFrVCE, sept 16 Corner of Su Louis and Dartres sU. Official Drawing of the 10,000 X1I only $3 00.

2714 Prizes, amouatin 2J JO ijj33 i'x 7 1225 50 a 65 75 II 1 LOUISI ATaA LOTTERV. Draws THURSDAY, SJember 17, at 5. $10,000 3,500 2,000 I43. 10.000 12,250 1.0C0 LOUISIANA LOTTEEY, CtaM Mm, roa-19 Te be detflrsninuMt i- PETERSBURG rVA rvrtvnv A. o.

is-. r. inin tae Exchaage JietsL 8t. Charlea it. A D.

8. CO, Maaageri. JX Prize of VUilU HEME. 0 a Atcaeta. 99 UU Shares Packages or siarle tickets ft 10V aiiijaM'lL: THE MANAGER'S 1 D- Crejrory teptl6 No 3: CatatitaJ Prise, 30,000 Aiczetaeniy 101 orooa.

Jfe i Oanal llJsurB! 1 B-k emmf aAU A VfcaB vrmwm Alexandria, (Va) oa 8atarday. Sept l. lr Xtcketa 10. k.l-.. ar- a IVI wm9 aaasMa oay aveaiBg, Sept.

18th, 184a 00 nBmoers10 Drawn Baltota. aaituin snita. 1 Prize of $30,000 is 1 a itfiQQ 1 jqoq i a ts 1 --aohn- 100- 16 a 56 56 a ua 113 '-500 if a Sec. SO' dec. dec.

Fri-f 1 a $20,000 5,000 3JD00 8,000 5,600 4,480 5.600 IA ftAfl i. i V. 'MM MA 3i Tickets fltio 00 Shares in nrooortioB. For Ucketa or packarea, apply at I nt. MANAGER'S OFFICE.

i wm wv. All orlers from the countnr enclosing cash or prize tickets, will receive prompt attention. Ad- dreaa D. 8. GREGORY fc CO-' aaptLldAW 35 Canal street.

New Orleans. t. FIRE HOSE MISSING. i rfoatitn ioouiu iram in nre at ine ou unsries nwi company wiU take rrt-. Vw V- Mrta or FIRE HOSE, eae ally ami Firannri1' I iform.uoa coa- VWA ether i t-betweea the hoars axii' riTJr- ceraii sabsenber, ji a.

iiHjr. a.ALiw. rwrvi rj aFM9c W3. JLNETTLE, Preat. sect 15 ob at 1HTrrv..

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