The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY,.OCTOBER 30, 1983 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE WVB CiiiSifiED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consccu- ihe insertions: 100 I'liuncs IM No I'l-icc Advance Vet On ' FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hut As Hie llcseil Smuts" li C, UOlilNaON LUMBER CO. line) .. ICC .. ODc .. Me ... 05c .. COc (Five average words to a One time per linn Tv.'o times per line per day •Inrec times per linn per day Six times per line per day . Month rate per line ., Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for ttuee or six times and stopped before expiration will be charge?, for Hie nnm- ter of times tl-e ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy sul-miltcd by persons residing oul- cid'; of tlic city must be accom 1 anted by cash. Rates may be ratily computed from above table No responsibility will be takei lor more lliun one incorrect in seition of anv classified ad. Advertising crdered lor irregular Insertions lake Uie one time late. Flione 306 or .307 rioNE~107 BUCHANAN "Our Cail is ISUch But We Treat You Willie." 9c- kll-U 1'OK SALE Booked to Wed AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running O. M. Morgan, phone 23ck27 condition. M3-J. \1ULBEKKV a.ul rATALPA ut TC9 Lake Slreel. alp k2'J Pure bred Sloiicville Seed $18 or nlack ton. S«> Meat Blylheville 25pkl. Cotton IX'rmott Gin. 2 PIANOS, small size.' barsa F. W. Cm-lock, I'hone H3. 30p k'i CilEAl 1 -1931 Chevrolet Cmth. Inquire ill 117 ti. Broadv.-ay. 30p k3 UiOAI- KSTATK Come in, list yom- real estate See what we have In sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealer Terry-VYorlliinstun Title Co. Bljlheville Phone 017. 23ckll-23. BUSINESS DIKECTOltY Etc Us for Bciler nnd General Blacksmilh Work by John Wilde, 'loin Howard's Machine Shop. 3Cc kC l'OK KENT New and l^ed Furniture Boutjh!, and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Alvin Hardy 517 W. Ash. 20pkll-20 FXPERT Typewriting and Ail dins Machine Impairing. U. b. Blunk- enshiii, 11G E. Rose, Call 1C5-J. 21ckll-21 VUIINISIIED or Unfurnished •* room auarlmenl with heat. Phone 101 or ail. 28c^l M. dem 3 roo'.i furnished or un- Vurnishtd ai.v.ilmeius, newly decorated, over K'rby Drug Co. Also store bui'.dtn? adjoining lloxy WAKMN'tt (Hi DM It IN T11K CHANCERY COUllT OP CHICKAHAWHA I) f S T 111 CT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AU- KANSAS. Federal Land Hank of St. Louis, a cori>orallon, PluliiUIT, vs. No. 55'J4 Harry Taylor, tl. al. DefencliinUi. The dcfcndinua Andrew Ilarrhii;- ton and Mrs. Andrew Harrington, aic warned lo app.'nr within thiily days in the court named In the caption hereof nnd answer the comphilnt of Ire plnliitiir Federal Land Bank of St. Louis. Dated ibis 1U day of October. lOXi. R. L. GAIN'KS, Clerk. Oscar Femllcr, Ally. Ad-IJlcm. 10-10-23-30-1'. '| Voted $100,000- A Year for Life Q. t v^ --.'••vvY&v 1 ' t ' ' ' L ' ' Ills trip. It Miows how. i-nsily lick- ;llnn moves qt n CDii'nncrrliil nnliiro ' t's arc .obtained; Texas Legislators Seek Truth About Job Sales Theatre l-\ Simon, 704. 120 W. Davis 21c klO-27 WANTED L. G. Moss Blytncvillc's Cut Bate Undertaker 10p-kll-10 Wagon and Truck Covers made lo order, any she, 9'4"x«' 51.10 up, S'4"xl5' §5.50 up. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First St. Blylheville, Ark VAN WANTED—Snpiily ciis'.omorb with I'amou.; Walking Fiec-uck ulythcvillc. Business established iiiigo avcraje $25 weekly. pa> ils immediately. Write J. tkiiw Company, 70-90 W. Imvi Me., Memphis, Tcnu. 30p k3 CLEANERS, TAILORS f»r Quality Cleaning prwne 180 Barnes KuWa Cleaners 12ckll-12 to PERSONAL Flues Cleaned, repaired, inspected Woik guaranteed. W. W. Book cr, Call 100. 13p kll-1 ACCOUNTANT C)Kii to (nke car jets of books Installation system for any business a specia }y. Box 132, BlvllieviP.e. 21p k It Pays to rook Nice ' Send Your Woclen Drosses Unique Clr?.ninE Service Plume 111 20c kll-20 "AUTOMOTIVE Did I Hear Yoi Galling Me?.? 5 AUSTIN, Texas (UP)—'Hie Tex- I as Honse'Of Hi']ircsenl:ilive.s tins f-cl [ live of iUs lawyer mciulwrs un n : two months rinraL for (he truth , :ihonl reported sales of .state jobs, j What Jobs were sold and who j Kot the money Is ihc object, of Ihe ' invL'Silgalion. Preliminary testimony unfolded :i lule of whole fninilies bcliu; promised places on the state pay- mil. Those colk'clliKj Iho money In j nmounts ranging from S10 to $MO, : ade their victims believe the I oncy went to higher-ups. One as quoted as saying he had "de- vereil" $20.000, , ., . . One witness talcl he was told he I JI-closliiB mild be iipiiomlcd head of u j ^ u 5100,000 a year .ate orphanage. He collected $» ; ;; ! C Vn li w , 3 nlao revealed llnvl nin>ort; Ihe luke off; scenes fiflm the windows'of (ho plane; the ivnn of meals aloft, nnd olhcr soivk-es rendered while in fhyhl, uud the landing. It also infoims Ihe audience how ships are serviced In the hangars; how radio li used to direct ships In the nir. and how the ground .ornnnUatlons al all Millions co-orritnntc their work with clock-like precision. The film differs from other IU-ILI- lo Hie |i>iudm-cil In.ieei'nl yciire, II Is suld, by reason of K.s i]:ulsiliil liefttmenl, li'li will cnnlile It lo be shown rritulur theiiter.s Ix-'cfanse of Us ul Interest. Burglcr Slept Too Long In House He Looted I'llll.ADKLPHIA waul S. Ijiskcr, 24, lUl') — Kil made « big mistake when lie fell asleep on the •Job." He wns found asleep on n couch In the hpine of Benjamin Freed- innn. The house hud been ran- .ssicked. Some of the articles that Moiled in Ihc house were wild lo be in Luster's pockets. Police, called lo arrest Ihe in- imder, said Ix: has a long police record, , - , Head Courier News Want Ads. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wreck ot her f " ft rnmznfv wilt' n lilin director lins nv". rt:iiiiilcd KlCHiior ll.. : nrtinan Yldiir, flnestiii :ul!•»>>, «l>l>e' iilmto llivorcrd from Kiitj: Vidor' l:isl she will «ed Harry irAirast. frcm-U luutlon picture direi-tor. belinv, nexi ' Eevcnty-fivc thousand girls \'t-w York city vere without job innies, or sulTlcient c:rly part of 1933. Icod ilaukhiR comiiiittco vesllBailr^i ot Now National Rank by l Albcrl II. WlgSln, tenner bend, was rctlrci'. last year I'lin So-jnto i|iencn ',13 icirk's 90 and turned 11 over. A $»0 i donation" cnme from the, man | •ho was assured he would be as- istant suiJerintendenl. A sleno- raphy berth brought $100. One | .•stifled to iKiyliiB $300 for jobs lit I •mother instUulloii for himself, his | vltc and son. A promise Q_f the 'choice of three jobs" was Ihe bait for another. tor life. U'lralii, shown hero al tlio hearing. received i.mro than ?801),000 'H snl.ny anil bomiBca since 13'5 — during most ut wlilcli period tho unntt «S3 niffcrliiB losses. - Thomas Jclfcrson \viis erilieizcd severely for p.'yhiB France $1S.- oac.OOO for nearly 1,000,000 squaic miles of land; 11 cost less than 3 cents an aero, but American citizens of those limes thought n was nn exorbitant puce. Air Line Makes Sound Movie of Sky Trave flKW YOUR IU I')—A sound fill .showing every phase ot inoder air travel is helm; produced American Airways. Through voice and picture, U film iwrlrnys each step the pussciisor lakes in the course HOOTS ANT) HUM BUDDIES liOO'L'R IS I'li/Xl-EI)! I M SIT!IN W A CORNER TABLE IN TVJl SPEW,SEE SOME-. \\WV\-HOCKS KR^UT— M.V. OF A SUDDEN, ' 6UY WlTrA.TH" COKE IWITOAES •STlCK'EhA UP, Y GOES ON E«IN V , SEE—HE OVER TO NAE COOUNG-1ROM IN MY I 6ET UP. 1 LEI <30 A SMACK, AM' H\S LIKE HE GOES, AS LIMP AS AN EMPTY T YOU SAY WHEN SHAVED OFF, AMD THO-St YOU WENT UNDER "THi X_T_ Miirtlr Day <fc Night Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Slernberg Phone G05 IDc kll-19 For Aulo 1'aintinj Body ard Fender Service Fomicriy with Shousc-I.itUc Co. 2Cc 1:11-2(3 LAUGEST S1»CK X5SED PARTS Between Mcinphis and St. I/m'-i Abo Auto f:bss — Phone 60 JACKSON AUTO TAKTS CO. 2c kll-2 AUTO GIASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while . you wait. Call us for better service. Phone 633. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. lOckll-10 VJ1LV. ARR1VJE ON 7'.20 TRMfi 'JOVilGHT YOU ft. SV10HT \J16\T . AM ANKKW TO SEE YOU KGf\yi5. .\3NCLZ IRA Mtaat I'oo VD SOMt^OOV E\.^.t ntn.i>. S.PAT, orr.' ~ J9" t »,tA sirv.'XC. isr- WASH TlilifiS Prepare Your Car for Winter Wllard Battcrics-Evcrcudy 1'reslonc Arvir HcaKrs - A. C. Spark 1'lugs HUBBAKD 1IARDWA11E CO. Automotive Dcpt. nc k31 Anto Glass AH Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. ;QC kll-io ^VKECKLR SERVICE Call us --ben you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 033. Shousc-I.iltlo Crcvrolct Co. lOckll-10 A hig, boihlerous ray ot snn- sliinc clia^^d away the clouds oE Bloom when II. C. HopEcn chuckled his way lo the blriud in Uie lianking and currency probe. The Illtlc nnlter ot n fMibuena to produce his company's records and tbu scowls ot Chief Counsel Pccora failed tu put even a dent in Ilia Ei-iile ot the vico president ot Associated Cas ft Klcctric Co., shown p.bovu at llio licarinff, aftef lie was souslit for weeks. I" \AVKl ME MfiN, FINDING NO GOLD, SEt-LS HiS CABlM, FOOD PUD MINING OOTFir— (SHO HAS EMOU&H MOMEV 10 PW Off THE MORT6A<iE OH HIS HOME, 60V ft NEVM CftR, ft»iD &ET KARRIEO, B6IIJ& MAM OVERMIGHT. WO LESS THftVJ 195 PROSPECTORS W,VE STRUCK IT RICH, AUD TO ?M ^OO WORTH OV 6OLD ft DAS -rpf,croR:, HAUUM& SUPPLIES, ; ^10,000 A T?-I?, MJD or'J FOR ITSELF \>to.u.«.«W*r<i SALESMAN SAM SAM'S TH1C WHOLB WORKS! U1CVCI.KS PROSPECTOR. MAKES > CHOPPIH&VJOOO FOR HIS 60LD-MAD COMRADES. By SMALL I5ATTKKIES Battnry & Radiator Service We guarantee you belter battery or radiator work for le.'* money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- corcd. Got our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shouse-Littlc Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 League Choice to Aid Germ an Jews .'I'LL. Hftv-'El SO^.E (ec-o- FOO -/OM& Lowe. odoeR n 1 New Fore! Batteries Rental - Recharging - Kcpairirj 777 TIKE & BATTERY STATION 25c kll-2; For Prompt Battery Service Phone 8 Ben Chine 2chU-2 DOGS, I'KTS Fnr Healthy I)n s s feed Miller's Kalion & Quick l.unch HARmVAKK CO. llckll-H _ SPOUTING GOODS Vnu will flnil a complete line of MiW MODKI, BICYCLES at llulibard HardKarc Company. 16ckll-lC COAL & WOOI1 We are exclusive aqrnls for niir- iinl ficiminr Mnnlrvallo Coal and Sipsy. Arkanxvs Anlhracilo anil Kentucky Coals. Ihnno. 'UT K. F. Frv Wonder City Coal Company ^^ •^"f'^=tJ^-^7- Ij, i-» xilSiSIS FUECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VJHATS EATIU AT CCUCW 1 ROCSE? ^AFTES EVESYG^VS ME S ALVIAYS BAVJLS frE J^2 OUT...SAYS I DOSJT ^pi : HAME TEAM SPIRIT... /g_-_- ME S'OT ^J^.. HAVIM' TEAM /-^ SPIRIT^ W x);ELU ' Do ' , y<3L).T Tho responsibility ot aiding victims of Hie Nazi regime lias been entrusted to a 46-year-old N'cw Yorker, James' «• McDonald (above), whom the l.cagnc of Nations linr, apiwintcd lllgh Commls- slfiior tnr (lerrann refugees; He b:is been chairIIILIU of the t'nrelgn Policy Associnlloa since 1310. YU2 vX>KlN',tovj'. I'M '. WiS SAME...M6 WANTS WE •-£, PIPE DO^W SO TV • OT.JEP. PLAVERS SHOW iUp 8ETTEP 1 AWT ! WO DUMMY, .T.wr.VA HJ30T h^». UfXIftJ 1 ?* ,^' jrX- v^ CLEAN FOOTBALL^ JOCK SUTlfcRLANO TILEWL p!i>»j n the 1m-.» rach MS a- 1 (kdt fot a i(f«ce to KC A» in iSc bxA.<), Ax, of COUTK, lo Ihe p:l«p of p!i) cts. LiKmai W I!«|T Iriij oJ ihc Hide, !r.«y of ihom not cfflr.-ncr.dAV Or.t of uV^i c!«!i will Jlct J UK of l«d» «hea a fcsrj-i s l:« Has posKuion of tin Vi3.' OiTtiisnc livmoi Iji^l ca Oic IJv: of Kt ts- pl»jil Ku har.J» fj^J)' on one C^ I ' o fee! >n<i slop Kim saodcrily. Oflcn, 'Kbiuciden i'.^p l!..t> H -i L};C or^":^. 1 ! f^^ivof !*> v^iA* rf 'iU' 1 ^'. uj^^-r x. :'•"••. • ^

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