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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page 7

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page 7

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:

3 1 v. INSURANCE. ANNUAL STATEMENT THX CRESCENT 1T17TUAX. nreUBANCK COM- pany. New Orleans May 23, 1868. The Trustees, In conformity to the Charter, eubmit the onowlng statement of the affairs of the Company on the JOth day of April, 1868: Fire Fremlnma for $238,123 S3 Marine 94062 88 Elver 177,581 83 $507,778 Total net earned premiums Fire losses paid and eatl- mated Marine Paid Taxes Paid reinsurances anddla-eonnt la, lien 'of Paid Interest, return pre-' general expen-" ses less discount $44784 00 $39,500 00 8572 00 28,019 00,103 89 17,819 03 96,919 18' Net $51.836 00 The Company hare the following Assets receivable $37,494 88 Loans on and mort- 6943 69 Cash "band $10477 84 LoansMn pledge of stocks on 63,400 84 Iwn pledge of stocks en time $11,290 00 Real Estate 75,000 00 Scrip of other companies and scrip 1JLS72 48 Consolidated City Bonds. City Bonds 80,000 00 9880 00 Bank and ether stocks. 198,937 17 82317 17 Conpons for City Bonds past due. Due for Premiums In coarse of Collection 8,490 eq 41,830.09 $779A14 SS The Company have Bnspended Notes, Stocks and Bonds. Forfeited Scrip account Interest uncalled for $43885 21 7,809 24 $7,800 28 The above statement Is a true and correct traa script from the books of the Company. ADAMS, President. HENRY V. OGDEN, PARISH OP ORLEANS, 1 City of New Orleans. 5 Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 23d day of May, 1868. PARI8 CHILDRESS, Second Justice of the Peace, Parish of Orleans. The Company will pay Interest at 6 per cent. In cash on aUlta OutBtandlng Certificate of Scrip co ine neiaers thereof, on una after the second Monday tn Jane next. The Board of Trustees have also declared a Scrip Dividend of THIRTY-THREE AND ONE. THIRD per cent, on the earned premiums entl- tied to participation for the year ending April 30, 1868 for which certificates will be issued on and after th first Monday In August next, free of uovernment tax. A. 'ADA MS, President. SAMUEL H. KENNEDY, Vice President. HENBy V. OGDEN, Secretary. Trnsteess Thomas A. Adams, Samuel H. Kennedy, C. T. Buddecke, Samuel B. Newman, P. H. Foley, a. P. Him ma, A. Elmer Bader; Wm. Edwards, A. Thompson. John-Pbalps, BL H- Sammerm. my23U OUI8IANA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY FOURTEENTH ANNUAL STATEMENT In conformity with the requirements of their charter, the Company publish the following state meet: Total premiums for the year ending Feb. 29, 1868... $54823 43 Via Fire prem in ma t. .1256,272 67 Marine 189453 70 River 103,097 15 Less return premiums 5,859 75 Less unearned 40,145 00 54823 42 4804 75 Net earned premiums. 50213 67 Losses paid Fire Marine River 6X597 28 .18472 79 9492 09 842,062 14 Discount in lieu of 64,843 65 Taxes and Internal 24,741 38 Expenses, rent, dts count 82,310 85 Bix per cent, -interest on out. 87,777 80 4911013 XCeserrea(or anadjnsted 1L277S8 The Company has the foil owing assets, which in the report the Finance Committee of the Company, unanimously adopted by the Board of Trustees, are declared, after ample allowances and deductions are made, to be equivalent to a cash capital of $620,000, via Invested in real estate $4898 10 Invested in mortgage on real 79,019 80 Invested In city and other bonds pyiao 00 Invested In bank and other stocks 80 Invested tn scrip of insurance earn- pS-r'T'. rn 13503 08 Loaned on 1800 00 4S898 83 Bills Premiums In course of collection 9782 71 Cash on $7370913 The above statement la a Just, true and correct transcript from the books of the Company. CBLAS. BRIGGS. President. J. P. BOUXV Secretary STATE QF LOUISIANA, Parish of Orleans, City of New OrleaasJ Bwora to and aubserlbed before me, this 23d day Of 1888. PAUL W. COLLENS, Third Justice of the Peace. Six percent. Interest as all outstanding scri will be paid to the legal holders thereof on the eeoond Monday ef May next. CHAS. BRIGGS, Prealdent. AJJT, CARRIE RE, Vice President. Charles Briggs, A. R- Montgomery. Ant. Caw let e. Leconrt, Frank Williams, Thomas Byrne, John ThorahOL C-? W.AvVlolStt, 'ugh Maedonald, Wm. Plnckard, I. John 8. Warns, George Foster, Andrew B. Pethifir, eeocA.Fosdksk, R. Brugler, Chaa. Lantts, John s. vatmseC, P. 'Alfred Kearny," A. Fredrlcha, Oeo. W. Dunbar, E. F. Stockmeyer, Geo. W. Hynaou, Arch'd Montgomery, John rsnon, J. Vote, E-Plagglo, BrMavqaeseh Jamee Gamer, Chaa. WelshaaT, Rudolph Sieg, mh24 T. Gfmn XKRKTNH, 8WEN80N CO. New Orleans, 8WXW80N, PEBXXN3 A CO, 1 -V. GENERAL COMMISSION cash- Advances in New Orleans on oonslgnr ments to either Checks em Texas tor sale. o29-flm STEAMBOATS. RTfrf RIVKR, irtrTTiHT.B THROUGH ZZ2TE.V. 8. it At Li an WEDNESDAY. April 28. at 8 P. M. FOB JKtKKKalW, BUKGVti- rort Grand Ecore. Alexandria and all war Dlantationa The new. lst ana conuortaoie patteenfrer LIZZIE HOPKINS. a a. awuiO uinov wmj vfi-vi, will leave as above, giving through bill of lading for all points above the Baft, with privilege of ret. snipping on tignt man steamers at totirevepoit. or ireiirni or passage, in REGULAR KEW ORLEANS AND JEFFER- hON rACKET. Leave on WEDNESDAY, April 28. at 8 P. port, Grand Us you. Loggy Bayou, i txmsnatta. Minnc. uivna Alexandria, Norman's. BarbltTa. and all wav land ings -xne aa siae-wneei passenger pacxet DORA. P. Montgomery, master, H. Hi Mitt, clerk, will leave as above. For freight or anal on uoara, or to geo. d. hits, 17 Tcuoupitouias street. A. BRITTON, 88 Common street. REQUIKR A DENT7.KI.. 42 Fulton st apa it IK DEN PACKET. I leaven on WEDNESDAY. Anril at 6 P. M. ja, minuxx, lift r. nuTiii- nean. Grand Score, Ht. Maurice, uouie. Aiexanana. isorman s. xtsr. pin's ana au way lanaings xne ai pscaet LIZZIE TATE, If at Puckette, master, Ed. Oreves, elerk. will lesve ss above. For freight or passage apply on ooaro, or to a. Agent, 83 Common street. p25 EEQT7IER A DENIZE 43 Fulton REGULAR NEW ORLEANS AND 6HREVE- PORT WEEKLY PACKET. Leaves everv FRIDAY, at P. nositlvelr. fTT9 a FOB SHREVEPORT, GRAND TEeow, Alexandria, and aU way MKHBtuuiiMioiu-Tii my ana xaac aiaay wneei oassensrer vacaes W. T. Boardman. master: Jos. A. Aiken and 8am jiowara, oi wananeia, cieras, win leave asauove. i jror xreignt or passage apply on ooaru, or to W. M. 80BLH, 3 Tchonpi toulas at. tnhSS lm H. EPPLER, 4 Tohoupitoolas. GEO. H. LORD. 70 Qravter street. BEG FlAR NEW ORLEANS AND 8HREVE- PORT WEEKLY PACKET. 4 Leaves every FRIDAY, at P. positively. The srew passenger steamer 33 ART ABLE i W. Harrison, master. win leave as above, for Shreveport, Grand Bayoo, Grand Alexandria, and aU Intermediate landings on River, Will also take freight for Upper Bed River, to reahip on the steamers Bight Way and Lulu D. at Shreveport. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed aooom- modanona, apply on board, or to W. M. BURLS, Tchonpltoulaa street. OEO. P. HITB, 17 TchonpltoulaS St. A. BRITTON, Agent, 88 Common st, F2S N. O. DONOHUE, 6 Tobonpitoulas at. The steamer Bart Able will have a elerk at the head of Customhouse' street to receive freight every i nuraoay monnng. KOUNS'S RED RIVER PACKET COMPANY. UNITED STATES MATT. TUESDAY WEEKLY PACKET. Leaves EVERY TUESDAY, at P. 1L, pos- lnveir. FOB JEFFERSON 8HREVB- pors. Grand Bayou. Grand Ecore. Alexandria, and all wav landings aiio eiegun ntst pannonger ateiuner John Kouns, master, G. C. Hamilton, clerk. win leave as above. Time to Shreveport, 43 hours. Returning, leaves Shreveport every SATUR- Bavon snd Couchatta Saturdav ni-zht. Grand Ikrore gun dav mornimr land Alexandria Sundav at a ju. For through tickets) and further Information -apply to u. aui jx-) a common sx. A. BRITTON, 88 Common st. GEO. D. H1TE. 17 Trhounltoufas st N. B. The Selma having taken the nlaoe of the steamer National on the above days will give prompt attention to the latter's business. mh23 LOWER COAST. LOWER COAST TWICE A WEEK. FOR QUARANTINE STATION. and all wav leuduura The fast side-wheel passenger steamer MYRTIE. W. S. Bassett, master, L. Bay hi, leaven tor above every day ana fkiday st 10 A. returning every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. For freight or pasaajre apply on uoaniorio J. ju. 3ATC3EjmZ. NATCHEZ PACKET. Leaves WEDNESDAYS aud SATURDAYS I P. M. The fine passenger packet WILD WAGONER, A. O. Gaddin. master.1 C. Lfhano. clerk. will leave for Natchea every WEDNESDAY an SATURDAY, at 5 P. M. Frelorht taken for Bavon des Glalze at resmlai rates, with privilege of renhipping. o-on u. xliik, Agent. BATON ROUGE. PERMANENT ARRANGEMENT. REGULAR TBI-WEEKLY BATON ROUGE- PACKET. Leaves New Orleans every SutfDAY, at 10 A. M. Wednesday ana t'KiUAY Aiormnrs, at 10 o'clock. Leaves Baton Rouge every MONDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY, at 8 A.M. -The' magnificent steamer NA-' "rJ55fTI ON AL (in place of steamer DAN Landrv. clerk, will leave as above. For freight or paesage appiy on Doaro. otto BID PI UI1 CE 25 Commercial Place. A clerk will be on the Levee every day receiv ing freight. All freights foi plantation lamUngs wnw ik paia uy emppCTB. r-jootz VICKSBURG. SPRING AND SUMMER ARRANGEMENT u. aiau acaet. FOB VICKSBURG, GRAND Gulf, Waterproof, Natchea, Fort Adama, Bayon'Sara, Baton Rouge and all way landings. Tne steamer vapt. j. aa. White, (inplace R. K. Lee.) will leave as above everv TUESDAY, at 8 o'clock, extending her trips to Argyle, Greenville, Eggs Point, Grand Lake, Lake ProVidenoe, and all the Bend Land. The above boats will connect at Vlcksbnnr with. the Yazoo, Tallahatchie and Sunflower packets. For freight or passage apply on board, or to ADAMS. SB '68 ly 28 Commercial Place. REGULAR U. S. MAIL PACKET FOB VICKSBURG. Taves every SATURDAY, st 5 P. M. FOR DON AUUSUii VllJS, 1AiA- auemine, Baton Rouge, Bayou Sara, Mouth of Red River. Natches. Wa. terproof, Rodney, St. Joseph, Grand Gulf, Vicks. burg, and all intermediate landings The passen get packet viujtvsuunu. P. Leathers, master, Sam. Ayles, Clerk. (In place of steamer Belle Imt aji above. Oonnectms at Vlcksbart with the steamers CALUMET and COUNTESS for Tallahatchie and Yaaoo Rivers. For freight or passage apply on board, or to n2-otf 83 Natchez street. ALABAMA RIVER. FOR MOBILE AND fASUAUUULA. Leaven on THURSDAY, 2Hth iSKt-at 4 P. M. the Alabama River stands A No. 1 in all insurance companies W. Norton, master, F. H. Welch, clerk. takmg freight for mil points on the Alabama- Krver, witn privilege oi resmpping aiuuiio, touching each way at Paacagoula, For freight or Manage iply on board, Julia street side of New Basin, or to t. M. uaktkk. Agent, si atones st -sp27ir GEO. D. HITK, 17 Tchouplteuiae St. PEN ABOIL QUARRY "PENNSYLVANIA aLATB COMPANY. Xianuiaemrei CI tne nmw muonr oi xAtt We call the attention of Slaters, and the build- Hiv trtA raiffrellT. to the suuerior oualitr of the Slatea, and can with cenftdenoe recommend them, oemg equal to ine jEngnan euatea, ua nm town price. A fall anpply always on nana ef au sites. A trial is solicited. AJltiUUBi ec etuA, Agunte, F1S 2m 128 Gravier soeec pEEF BEEF BEEF -Clear and Mess BEEF rrora Nueces county Packing Company, Texas. For sale, by; PERKINS, 8 WENSON i 49 Carodelet st, mer Union. ap lm." STEAMBOATS. 8T. LOUIS AND CAIRO, hT GKNKRAL KAXLEOAD AWD i ii unt steamboat Ticket Office, corner 8t, Charles and Common streets, under St. Charles HoteL Passengers going by any boat to Cairo or St. purchase at this office their RAILROAD TICKETS from CAIRO OK ST. LOUIS to any point In the North, which will save them TIME, TROUBLE AND MONEY. To Families and Ladies traveling alone, this Is in ADVANTAGE NEVER BEFORE OF FERED, Tickets good until used. aplS lm WM. BEDELL, Ticket Agent. REGULAR ST. LOTJia PAOKKT. Leaves on WED EES A 2Sth at 8 P. M. FOR ST. LOUIS. CAIRO, MEH- Shis, Helena. Mouth of White River, ranoieon.Vickabura'and the Bands The splendid passenger steamer BELLE LEE, A. MeOill. master. Martin, clerk. will leave as above, connecting at Napoleon and Mouth of White River with the regular packets: at Memphis with thrailroads at Cairo with the Illinois central Ataureaa lor Chicago, ana with pack ft a for the Cumberland and Tennessee Riven. Particular attention oaid to Bend and Planta tion buniiieaa. For freight or passage apply on board or to C. O. WAYNE, 33 Natches sL, martini- st auamj, sp2gf 25 Commercial Place. FOR ST. LOULS. Leaves on WEDNESDAY, 28th at 5 P. M. i I JLr FOB ST. LOUTS, CAIRO, MEM- phis, Vlckabnrg, Natchez and all In termediate landings The fine and fast passenger steamer BKLLxS LEEf A. McGlQ, master, A. Martin, clerk, win leave as above, navinr earticular attention to all Vicksburg and Bend business, as heretofore. For freight or passage apply on board or to 8INNOTT A ADAMS, 25 Commercial Place. C. G. WAYNE, 88 Natches street. A plan of her cabin can be seen and staterooms engaged at the office of Sinnott 4 Adams. apauu ATLANTIC AND MISSISSIPPI STEAM' BUIX COMPANY. I frr FOB ST. LOUIS, CATR 1 phla, Vicksburg, and the i mi ill The first class passenger a ran wv VAAMV ni Benda. 'ateamere oi tnia nne win leave as follows, at 5 o'clock x. THOMPSON DEAN, Pepper, master. Thurs- Hav. tlie 29th itf P.M. LIZZIE GILL. O'Neal, master. Saturdav. May Connecting with Arkanaaa. White and num. berland River Packets, Illinois Central and Memphis end Charleston Railroad, x-Throusn tickets to all nointa North and East can be bad at the ticket office, corner Common and bt. Charles streets. For freight or paasage apply to J.B. WOODS, General Agent, mha otf 104 Commun street. LOW-PBESSURB STEAMER GREAT RE PUBLIC FOB VICKSBUBG, MEMPHIS, i-ti-T Cairo and 8a. ITila TImi mumlflrjat kwpressure steamer GREAT BEPUBLIO, J. Van Hook, master; Jas. Kerr, clerk will leave for Abo ve named ports on TUESDAY, slay 4tn. a plan or her cabin can be seen and passage engaged at the General Ticket Office, corner St. Charles and Common streets, under the Bt Charles HoteL apis lm WM. re DELL. Ticket Agent. LOW PRESSURE 'STEAMER RICHMOND Leaves on THURSDAY, May 6, at 5 P. M. fjJFjgS-A FOR LOUISVILLE, mhm Memphis, Vicksburg, and an Inter mediate landings The new low-pressure steamer RICHMOND, -J. Stut NeaL master, J. Woolfolk, clerk. will leave as above. The register is now open, at the office of her Agents, No. 25 Commercial PlacsL. Persons desiring passage had best call end secure a stateroom. For freight or passage apply to on board or to SINNOTT 4 ADAMS, 25 Commercial Plaoe THOS. KKKFE. 75 Povdras street. F27 3m REGULAR CINCINNATI AND PITTSBURG ifgasaAv wth imrt-st P. M. FOR PITTSBtrna. vaaSuaa 1 Mayaville, Cincinnati, Avouavuiu. rwiuvjui. aaij. aits in pliis, snd all intermediate points The passenger steamer ALICE DEAN, J. N. Shunk. master. will leave as above. For freight or paioage apply on board, or to c. o. way Kc, 33 Natcnes srreet- ap27 J. F. ALLEN A 110 Gravier st. Leaves on SATURDAY, May 1, at 5 P. M. FOR liOCISViLLE. CAIRO. Memphis, Vicksburg, Bends and tall intermediate landings The fine and last passenger steamer KOBT E. LEE, J. W. Cannon, master. will leave as above. For freight or passage apply on board or to SINNOTT fc ABAMS, 24 Commercial Place. -A. BRITTON. 83 Common street. N. B. A vlan of her cabin can be seen and staterooms eneaged at the office of Sinnott fc Adams. ap9 lm Leaves on TUESDAY, Msy 4, at 5 P. M. FOR LOl'iyviLLb, CAIRO, Baton Rouge, and all intermediate landings The new and splendid passenger steamer a MABY HOUSTON, Cant. L. B. Dunham. will leave as above. For freight or passage apply on board or to MiiUAiAq, ajLEviw, Agent, 4 a x-oyaras street. N. B. A ulsn of the cabin can be seen and staterooms engaged by applying to the agent-aplS OWLCmTA RIVEK. FOR CAMDEN DIRECT. Leaves everv WEDNESDAY, at 6 P. M. fT tm FOB CAMDEN, CHAMPAQ. Utrrrnolle, Marie Saline, Trenton, Monroe, Ouachita City, and all intermediate landings on Black and Ouachita Rivera The fine passenger steamer GOV. ALLEN. John W. Tobin. master, Ed. Ryland, clerk, will leave aa above. For freight or passage apply on board, or to 25 Commercial Place. N. B. Connects with steamer Camden for all points on Bayou Bartholomew, as high as Portland. ap2-rlm REGULAR WEEKLY OUACHITA PACKET. FOB CAMDEN DIRECT. Leaves every SATURDAY, at 8 P. M. FOR CAMDEN, CHAMPAQ. I -'fnolle, Marie Saline, Trenton, Monroe, a Ouachita Cltv. SterUnaton. Port Union, Columbia. Harrisonburg, Trinity and all intermeaiate xanainga on xusca ana uoacmu Rivers The splendid light draft, side-wheel steamer MAYFLOWER, J. W. Blanks, master. 3. W. smith, clerk. will leave as above. For freight or passage apply on board, or to UU, IX. kuxvu, vu uravier airoow GEO. D. HITE. 17 TcbotrDitOulas St. A elerk will boon the Levee, head of Custom house street, every -Friday morning, to receive freight. Shippers can rely upon toil arrangement as long as there is navigation for first class boata. nib 'it The. Mavflower will connect with srst class natketa for Bavon Bartholomew. D'Arbonne. Sa line River, and packets foa tributaries, on FOR CAMDEN DIRECT. I. xjnavca Leaves Every SATURDAY, st I P. M. FOR CAMDEN. CHAMPAQ. nolle, Marie, Saline, Trenton, Moo, roe. Ouachita Citv. Monta uayou Bartholemew. Port Union. 8terlington. Colum bia. Harriaonburg, Trinity, and all landings pa Black anUOuacaita Rivers The steamer LAFOURCHE, G. P. Work, master, S-'A- White, elerk. Bartbblemew and d'Arbone freight taken, with privilege of reshipping on steamers Native, Camden, and Pioneer. hinnott a adams, 28 commercial jnace. W. M. BURLS, 2 Tchoupitonlas st. mhs otf BAYOU IVES GLAIZK. 'VAA. aTV REGULAR BAYOU DES OLAIZE PACKET. Leaves on. WEDNESDAY. at 5 P. M. tDH VAYUU I. Si 11 Hi and intermediate landings The A 1 No. light draft passenger packet GOSSAMER. M. M. Dolour, master. O. Hardy, clerk. will leave as above. For freight or passage apply on board. ap25 ARKAWBTtfTVi fn a. ADAMS'S LINE ARKANSAS River packet-Leaves Memphis every Tneeda Thursday and Saturday. We win aire through bills lading to all points oa the Arkansas River, with privilege of resUpping. on tne aoove iuio Doaia. Also through tickets to Hot 8prings, from Memphis or Nspoieon, on same Una SINNOTT A ADAMS, 25 Commercial Plaoe. nl4-6m w. M. BURLS. 2 TchoapitoulM st. STEAMSHIPS. TKXAR. MOEOAN IXtfTH OP XT. 8. 1CAXL STEAM- 8HIPS. FREIGHT TAKEN AT 60 PER CENT. J0ES3 THAN SARD RATES. fT? FOR GALVES QLA foU! FOR GALVESTON AND INDlAN- loilowlng lowing sure Iron ste Lsnips iorm uus unei W. Q. HEWES, I. O. HARRIS. AUSTIN. am nr a Tr a -ihttjci rr itT aw E7 A nuuvit AVTAHaTi ALABAMA. MORGAN. CLINTON." JOSEPHINE, MATAGORDA, CITY OF NO R- A-TJAaA. The steamship MORGAN, W. H. Talbot. win sail from foot of St. Joseph street, on FRIDAY. April 30. at 8 A. M. For freight or passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITNET A Agents. eorner Masarine andNatohea streets. Freight insured at one-half the rates adopted Dy tne uoaru ex unaerwruers, juiy 1, lsss. myll ott FOB ROOKPORT, ST. MARY'S AND CORPUS CHBXSTT. Via New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad, and Morgan Line Steamers, Freight to Bockport taken at S3 per cent less than card rates. The iron steamer ALABAMA, Cant. Jno. Benson. will lesve Brashear City, on the arrival of the 7 It A. M. train of the New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad, on Freight for Corpus OhrisUanSSt. Mary's landed at Bockport. For passage applx, to office of Ball- road, 69 Canal street. G. W. B. BAYLEY, Superintendent For freight apply to CHA8. A. WHITNEY A Agents, eorner Magazine and Natchea streets. Freight received every day at Opelousas Ferry 1 inning, mot 01 tn. Ann street. mnzs 11 MORGAN LINE U. 8. MAIL STEAMERS. Leaves on SATURDAY, May 1, at 8 A. M. Cabin nasaaae. $40 eurrenoy. 4VAa FOR BRAZOS SANTIAGO, VIA GALVESTON The low pressure aiqe-wneei iron steam snip X. J. P. Lockwood, Commander, win leave foot of St. Joseph street, as above. i If steamer is unable to cross Braaoa Bar, goods to be delivered at ship's tackle, consignees to pay their own lighterage. For freight or passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITNEY A Agents, s6 otf corner Magazine and Natchea streets. Freight Insured at one-half the rates) adopted by the Board of Underwriters July 1, 1868. FOR TEXAS. INSIDE BERWICK'S BAY ROUTE- VTA NEW ORLEANS, OPELOUSAS -AND GREAT WESTERN RAILROAD. PASSENGERS TAKE THE 'Ferryboat opposite Jacksen Square, -am unvn A VB I II A THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS, at 71 o'clock A. AT, and the train leaving the Algiers Depot at a. ju- arriving aLxsrasnear city at 1 1 ai- taxing the Morgan Line Steamships at Brashear for Galveston. JOSEPHINE i I. N. Lewls TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS. CITY OF NORFOLK Capt. J. J. Atkinson, SUNDAYS and THURSDAYS. Tickets to be bad and staterooms secured until 8 o'clock P. every day, Sundays excepted, at the office of the Opefouaas Railroad Company, No, 69 Canal street, or at the Ferry Landing, on the morning ot iieparture. SAM. S. SQUIRES, Ticket Agent. G. W. B. BAYLEY, Superintendent. nl5 otf JNSURANCE gUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMANY. OFFICE SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE OF NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 18, I860. THIRTEENTH ANNUAL STATEMENT. In conformity with the requirements of their cliarter, the company publish the following; for the year ending Dec. 81, 1868 Amount of premiums for the year ending Deo. 81, 1868, viz: On Fire Risks $130,974 95 On Marine Risks 57,144 SI On River Risks 92,475 93 $286,595 89 AddUnterminated Risks for 1967 00,418 00 317,013 59 Deduct Unterminated Risks for 138 Returned Premiums Net earned Premiums tor Losses paid during same pe 59,204 00 3,029 17 62,293 17 1868 $284,720 42 riod, via: On Fire Risks On Marine Risks On River Risks 50,910 43 18,223 84 37,292 04 $106,430 88 Expenses, Taxes, Discount on Premiums, Bent Account, Reinsurances, Interest on Scrips snd Profit and Loss, less Discount and Net 90,890 51 197,321 87 $87,399 05 The Company have the following assets Consolidated and Railroad City Bonds, (lowest market cash $354,790 00 State Bonds, do 1200 00 Bank and Gas Stocks, 163,069 00 Towns on 83,818 27 Loans on 62200 09 Bills Receivable 7,576 00 Premiums In course of 34,795 65 Scrips of other Insurance 10,961 87 Conpons on State and Railroad Bonds, not collected. 19,080 Uncufrent 4,000 Cash 12442 27 Total Assets $820,079 08 The above statement is a Just, true and correct transcript from the books of theCompany. THOMAS SLOO, President. THOS. ANDERSON, Secretary. STATE'OF LOUISIANA, 1 Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans. I Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of January, IS69. A. SHELLEY. Second Justice of the Peace for the parish of Orlean The Board of Directors have resolved to pay SIX PER CENT. INTEREST on the outstand ing Certifisates of Profits also TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT, -on the balance of the Scrips of the year 1858, on and after the -second Monday of February, 1869. And they have further declared a Scrip Dividend of SIXTY PEB CENT, on the net earned participating premiums for the year ending December Si, 1863, for which Certtficatefe will be Issued on and after the 15th day of March next. THOMAS SLOO, President. THOS. ANDERSON, Secretary. J. O. GAINES, Vice President, John G. Gaines, -Henry Renahaw, TnsiTale, B. Biacoer J. c. BareUl, Hugh Wilson, tJal TO E. J. Hart, J. C. Blcka, H. Stauffer, J. B. Bres, I. N. Marks, ''-Thomas 8I00. I Sole Asents for the Hale ef Biro: ax 6c CAm A. aOCTlKHKAP. dfe COh I Commission -Merchants, Importers of Wines Brandies, Sardines, etc F13 ly Koa. 16 and 18 8t Louis atreet 12.. f- Do not forget to leave your orders, for SIGNS, BANNERS, TRANSPARENCIES, etc eta. lor the great State Fair, at SUTER'S mli2S lm The New Orleans Sign Artist STEAMSHIPS. FOB NEW -JWRK MEBCHANTS STEAM- Comprising the first-class steamships GEN. 8. Quick. CRESCENT CITY E. W. Holmes. Wm. P. Henry. "GEN. MEADE. 1. A. W. Sampson. UNITED Geo. Ik Norton. Sailing from New York every SATURDAY. The steamship A- UNITED STATES, Geo. L. Norton, Commander. Win leave her wharf, foot of Jefferson street, on Saturday; May at 5 p. m. These steamers have superior accommodations for passengers. i' Cabin Bills of lading signed through to Liverpool. For freight or passage apply to WOOD, LOW A LUDWIGSEN, F28'68 otf 190 Common street. The steamship SHERMAN will follow, leaviiur SATURDAY, May 8, at 8 P. M. SOUTHERN LINE NEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIPS. Bailing on SATURDAY, April 24, at 8 P.M. FOR NEW YORK The steamship -Charles Burton, Commander, win leave her wharf, foot of Toulouse atreet, Second District, on SATURDAY, AprU -24 i- -v. at 8 P. M. This steamer has superior accommodations for passengers. Cabin Passage to New currency. For freight or passage apply to G. A.FOSDICK ACO-, s5 68 Pm 80 Camp street. FOB NEW YORK. FOB NEW YORK (THE CROMWELL LINK. This line Is composed of the following steam ships: OEO. CORTES. GEO. WASHINGTON MARIPOSA. The steamship GEO. CROMWELL," E. E. Vain, Commander. win leave her wharf, foot of Toulouse Atreet on SUNDAY, May 2, at 8 A M. Passage Freight for Liverpool, Bremen and Havre taken by this line, and through Bins of Lading given for same. For freight or passage apply to ALFRED MOULTON, F9 68 tf 41 Carondelet street. HAVANA. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. To sail on SATURDAY, May 1, at 8 P. M. FOB, HAVANA The AI iron steamship DUDLEY BUCK, St urges, Commander. win leave her wharf, foot of Calliope street, First. District, as a Dove. rr rreignt or passage appiy to F. W. PERKINS A Agents. 26 Carondelet street. No freight received witliont nermit from Agents, and no freight for Havana token after 13 o'clock on day of sailing. 627 '68 ly NEW YORK HAVANA. FOB NEW YORK AND HAVANA. REGULAR LINK OF AI SIDE-WHEEL ill STEAMSHIPS. TO Uon SATORDAYf.Apra.2Vat dPJkt, from her wharf. Post 14, First District. FOR NEW JORK AND HAVANA fcTho splendid side-wheel steamship DE SOTO, W. B. Eaton, Commander, VlDTniV X- Vallnp. BIENVILLE, J. B. Baker, Commander, follows. Through rates snd through bills of lading given to Liverpool and Continental ports also to Boston ana xronaenoe. or rreignt or passage apply to o20 HARRIS A BIDWELLT85 Poydraa st. FLORIDA. FOB FLORIDA PORTS. ALLIANCE LINE U. MAIL STEAMERS. TV-it? vwaifVr.A wiimnffflfrA-w rtr WA. A ..1 X- A A. A. A TON, APAIaACHICOLA, ST.MARKS, CEDAR KEYS. TAMPA AND KEY WEST. Throuirh bills of lading to Columbus, and Bainbridge, and all regular landings on Chattahoochee Paywjalsoto FERNANDLNA and JACKSON- Freight to New York, via Cedar Kevn. Tnnrida. Railroad and Steamships, connecting at Feraan-dina, at lowest rates and with dispatch. This IinA is comTiotiAd of thn fnllnwin stAAm. Ships, to sail EVERY SATURDAY. aiaLiajnci w. xai ciapp. commander. LAVACA, L. H. Livingston, Commander. FLORIDA, M. O'Leary, Commander. -DUDLEY BUCK, Sturgea, Commander. BEAUFORT, J. McO. Baker, Commander. The Bteamahip DUDLEY BUCKT, DC. Sturgea, Commander, Wm leave her wharf, foot of Calliope street, on May 1, at 8 P. M. For freight or passage, applyto j). w. a co. Agents, 26 Carondelet atreefe. N. BJ Shippers wiU Bleaae nrocure orders from Agent's Office before sending freight to steamer. mxoo WATERING PLACES. EXCUIONTO SAGOUxaATEAMER CREOLE. Leaves on WEDNESDAY, 28th at 12 M. I FOR PASCAGOULA The fine low pressure passenger steamer JUiiOLE, Chas. Walker, master. win leave on an excursion trip to Pascagoula, via the river, as above, from wharf opposite the U. S. Mint, Second District. Returning, via the Lake, to her wharf at Lake End, Pontchartraln Rail, road, when she will resume her regular trips to aU the watering places. Excursion ticket 7. Freight at custom nrv rates. PETER MARC Agent. apas stTJ 175 Common atreet. WATERING PLACES. MORGAN LINE V. 8. MAIL SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. 1 1 BAY ST. PASS XChiABtian, Mississippi City, Biloxi, a 1 Ocean Snrlnga and Pascagnilla Th a new low-pressure Iron steamer FRANCES, Y-' Cant. Geo. J. Blakeslie. Vni leave on arrival oi Pontchartraln Railroad IVU110, KKJOW On Tueadavs. 10 at A. M. train anil Rstnrrtnv T2 M. to Pascagoula, and on Thussday, at nOA. M. going as far as Ocean Springs. -xieturnmg, will leave Pascagoula every Wednesday and Sunday morning. Ocean Springs every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening. The above tnna wiU be regnlarlv iiuAa nnia prevented by bad" weather br low water. wniTJUjci a Agents, 1 apl corner Magazine and Natches sts. f. I TMPORTANT- TO PLANTERS HSVVlNtf. A arranged our machinery for the traroose. wa are now prepared to furnish, at the shortest notice. Cabins, for hands, all framed and fitted ready to put no. Evenrthlna bainar dona nv ma chinery, we can make them for much less it can be done by Ja2 3m 860 Delord street. New Basin, a J. A. SUeldon. W.Gould. shpiaDon. gouiaDv JA1 Canal street, New Orleans. mh28 tf PEEK, FREAN A BISCUIT MANU--facturers, London. England. WnnimaiM buyers of fancy biscuits are invited to call In and examine the extensive list of samples of the pro-ducts of the celebrated establishment of the firm of Peek. Frean A Tvnuinn. win at a saving of cost to those who entrust them to us. E. J. HABT A apa 73, 75, and 77 Tchoupltonlaa stree vrH PinLADELPHIA. -4 FOB PHTT.A DELPHIA. VIA HAVANA. To aall on THURSDAY, April 29, at 8 FOB PHTT. A TTrTfpnT VIA Havana The steamship Hexie, Commander, wiU leave as above, from her wharf, opposite Jackson Square. rw Through tickets to KeV York and Baltimore, For freight or passage apply to r. WM. CBEEVY, Agnt, 33 Carondelei at, Passengers for Havana must procure passports, vised by the Spanish Consul of this port, on appll-cation for passage tickets. ap20 BALTIMORE HAVANA. AND HAVANA." THE NEW ORLEANS, BALTIMORE AND HAVANA REGULAR SEMI-MONTHLY LINE OF STEAMSHIPS. LIBERTY 1200 tons, Commander. Cuba 1100 tonsDutehart, commahder. Carrying the U. S. Mails. FIBST CABINa -Through tickets to New C. FOR BALTIMORE AND HA- VAN A Touching at KEY, WEST i-. jij j.a I CUBA. 4. JohnM. Dukehart, wm leave her wharf, foot ef Galnnie street, on WEDN ESDAY, April 23th, 1869, at 7 P.M., oarry- mxuiu.B.auu, For freight or having unsurpassed acoommonations, appiy to -W1THERSPOON. HAL8EY A CO- Fll '69 otf Agents, 39 Carondelet street. IV. YORK-'LIVERPOOL. FOB LIVERPOOL AND QUEEN8TOWN. INMAN LINE OF STEAMERS. Sailing from New York every SAT UBDAjY and alternate TUESDAYS. Bates of Passsge by the Saturday Steamer. First Cabin. Payable in Steerage, Payable in uoia. Liverpool or Queens- $100 currency. Ltvernool or Queens town Passage by the Tuesday Steamer, via al lf ax. Livernool or Onsnu. town $80 20 St. John's, N.F., by branch, 40 town $30 15 St. John's. N. branch SO Tickets sold to and from Ireland and the Continent, at moderate rates. For further information, apply at the Com pany'a JOHN 43. DALE, Agent, is Broadway, New York. or to ELLIOTT A McKEEVEB, Agents, mh30 6m 180 Common street, N. O. MOBira- Freight delivered free of wharfage untQ further MORGAN LINE DAILY U. 8. MAIL STEAMERS. FRANCES, LOUISE. LUCRETIA, MABY, SARAH. arrival ox tne 4 x. jm. irain x-onicnar- tram Railroad. Freight signed by railroad through to Mont: ornery, Columbus, Atlanta, MaconWest Point avannah and Chattanooga, and by steamboats to Selma and all points on Alabama River as high as Wetumpka, at the lowest rates. Freight through- from Tensas to destination without change of cars. Frt-ight insured at one-half the rates adopted by the Board of Underwriters July 1868. 1 ol To avail of the reduced rates all bills of lading must oe signea ieiore ciocx, p. ior gooas smppea oeiore 1r.11. CHAS. A. WHITNEY A COl. Agents. corner Magazine and Natchea streets. THE PACTPIC. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP LINE. THROUGH LINE TO CALIFORNIA CHINA JAPAN, TOUCHING AT MEX IOANPQRTS. And carrying the U. 8. mails Through to California in TWENTY- TWO DAYS. Steamships on the At- Connecting on the Pa tau tic cinowith the ALASKA, COLORADO. ARIZONA, CONSTITUTION, HENRY CHAUNCEY, GOLDE- CITY, NEW YORK, OCEAN QUEEN, GOLDEN NORTHERN LIGHT, MONTANA, COSTA RICA, Etc. eto. etc. One of the above large and splended steamships wiU leave pier No. 42 North River, foot of canai street, at 12 o'ciocx noon, on the 1st, 11th, snd 21st of every month except when those dates faU on Sunday, and then on the preceding SATURDAY, for ASPIN WALL, connecting via Panama Railway, with one of the Company's sreruniujjpa uvm i aiiajha ior baai ItAlN- Cia'O. toUChlBg at ACAPULCO. Departures on the 1st and 21 st connect at Pan ama with steamers for South Pacific and Central American Ports. Those of the 1st touch at Man-. sanllio. Departure of 11th each month connects with the new steam line from Panama to Australia ana New Zealand. Steamer May 11, 1869, connects closely with steamer Lima, leaving San Francisco, June 4th, lt69. for China. One hundred pounds of baggage allowed to eacn aauit. xsaggage masters accompany bag gage throngh. and attend to ladies and children without male Baggage received on the dock the day before sailing, from steamboats, railroads and passengers, who- prefer to send down early. An experienced Surgeon on board. Medicine ana attenaance iree. For passage tickets, or further Information an ply at the Company's ticket office, on the wharf, foot of Canal street, North River, New York. apzi -r ly k. n. baby. Agent. SHIPS-SHIPS. FOR HAVRE The AI- regular racket fshln UNION. Cant Austin, being (if small capacity ana ugnt aran. wiu nave uuicit oispatcn. or zreignt appiy to LOVELL A apg2 23 Carondelet street FOR HAVRE Line Havre Packets ITheAl American ship GARDNER COLBY. Dunbar, master, is row loatling and WiU have usual dispatch. For freight applyto W. R. BUDDENDORFF, ap21 15 Carondelet street. FOR HAVRE Line Havre Packets The AI American ship D. W. CHAPMAN, Lant. iviiiier. ia now loaning, am: naving tne ouix oi ner cargo engageu, wui nave ois. natch. Ff freight srnlv to B. BUDDENDOBFFjlS Carondelet SP18 GEO. A. FOSDICK A 80 CamD Bt if FOR HAVRE Line Havre Packets The Al light draft American shin MAY. FLOWxiaK. cant. Call, ia now readv to ra. ceive cargo, aud will have dispatch. For frieght applyto W. R. BUDDENDORFF. apis-; 15 Carondelet i 1 ANTWERP." FOR ANTWERP The Al British bark PA i. IaIaM xw CaDt. Hbeill. Having the bnlk other cargo niraired. will nuwi vith Aiu- patch. For freight ot tobacco er apply te W. K. HUDDJSHDOKFF, apl6 15 Carondelet street HRJEIIVXJEIlNr. JK' FOR BREMEN The Al North German bark WILLIAM, Freese, master, having au mr cargo vngageu. win nave uiMnaten. For passage apply to the captain en board; Post I AO, r.CWAJil JJieLfAA C. ap28 44 Union atreet' VCIM Al Xi.rtl. Itonn.l. ship ERMINE. Wilms, ma having part or ner cargo engageu will nave 018- patcn. -x- or uaiance oi Trt-ignt stttv to a t- tsBILKK A TiAii. nr. 44 Union street' FOR' HkKMTCN-Tlin imv.AI Rosetta McNeil. Jas. KeUei-an. master, la now raaaing. nnn nnvinir tiia riAri-fr Ttr. SAnAltlM win have quick For balance' of freight V. L. a. I n.1.11 I riHum. appiy to a. i eO Camp, cor. -Natchez st FOR BREMEN The Al North German ship HAK8A, Capt. Wieke, having the greatest nart of her carge agnmi ml going on board, will have immediate dispateh For balance of freight of eotton or tohanvt 'I; I to AS. F. STOCKMEYaB. 42 Union atraaL jnhSl FOR VERA CRUZ ANTal tcaViT lan To sail positively May 2 The Al line fast sailing Mexican ar.haoiuv lAABEL. IT J. Prats, master, having most of her cargo-, oujMiM, wm sau as aoove. For oatanoe- ot freight or passage apply to UOIaDENBOW A KEIaIaEY. ap27 127 Gravier street Steamships. FOB 1.IVERPOOL DIRECT. LTVEBPOOL SOUTHERN STEAMSHIP OO. FTRE QUEEN. 1300 Com 'dr. ALICE, 1200 tons Ellis, Covu'Sr. ALHAMBRA, 1200 tons. Com4r. GLADIATOR, 1000 Reynolds, Com'dr. ACROPOLIS, 1400 Oom'dr, AMAZON. liOO tons Tutton, Oomd. 1100 Oona'ar. OIaINDA, 1100 tons Lang, Oom'dr. FOR LreERPOOL-ThS steamshi ALICE, ty EUls. Oomnianilarr wffl san en THURSDAY. May 13th, from her wharf opposite Bsymanaki'a Press, Third Dta- trict. t- Will receive eotton and sign through bills of lading here, to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Riga Hamburg, Bremen, Antwerp, Dunkirk, BetMT Amsterdam, Havre, Stetttn, HarUngteaV ZwoUe. Copenhagen, Konlgsberg, DanUig, (JLria-. tiana. Christian sand and Qottenberg. i These steamships, when loaded, will" be as draft of water which will enable them to trass the- Baref the Mississippi at ail times wlthstU detention. Cabin passage to Liverpool $125, gold, For freight or passage, apply to AHBlUDCffi, SMITH OOX, nlS'68 otf 31 Carondelet street, New Orleana, THOS: A JAS. HARRISON, Llverpeoi. N. B. Bills of lading signed at oflloeof ageaSa, on presentation ef dray receipts for merchaaiUe ahipped. Hereafter no eotton will be received unless distinctly marked and numbered. STEAM TO AaTVEBPOOL, jfpfc The AI light draft BrittsU anmv tosasahls) '--( KOBERT LOWE, Capt. dearer, v- v' is ready to. receive cargo, aud, will have prsaapt dispatch. For freight apply v. HUNTKB tc 'ap24' '44 carondelet street SHIPS-SHIPS. .3 LIVlBIRPOOIi. FOR LTVERPOOI-The AL at IJova'a! light draft bark MOSS ROSE. B. B. Bus. Mn JH II. mkiuik UAIA WIU mmvw dispatch. For balance of freight or passage aaw piy to GEO. W. HYNSON A CoT ap22 IT' I Camp atreet. FOB LIVERPOOL The new AI at Lloyd's British ship CALLIOPE. Capt. Mosher. ia now Inadino'. anil mtmt aSvo quxoa cusp ten. For freight aoDlv ts apia LOVELL A BAILEY. FOR LIVERPOOL The' British iUa I TRENTON. Cant.Dumeresana. ha via nart of her cargo engaged, win hava ilia. patch. For balance of freight applyto -I-'-- J. A. BRYSON, apU or ASHRRIDQE, SMITH A OO. i FOR LIVERPOOL Tha atrintlv AS British hark MABY ANN. Oaot. lin. being 15O0 bales eanacitr. and rirwla only 14 feet, will have quick dispatch. For bei anoe 01 neight apply to G. L. 64 -Magazine street, i OT to WILLIAM CBEEVY, Zl aplO 33 Carondelet atreet. FOR LIVERPOOL The new, strietrr S22A4 light draft British ship AMARANTli. "Watson, master, having most of lirvpoarim engaged, will have prompt dispatch. Forbalanos) vi imKuif, appiy hi At. R. DEC AN. 44 Carondelet. apS orto ALBERT ZEREGA, Carondelet. FOR LIVERPOOL The Ught-draft. fast sailing British aliin MOHO.VOO. Ma. master, will load with dispatofeu For freight of eotton, or dead weight, apply to ap4 lm J. A. BRYSON, 17 Carondelet st IOK LIVERPOOL The AI Americaai Ssliip PONTIAC, Skillings, master, will Tiiave dispatch. For freight, apply to W. B. BUDDENDORFF. apl IT 15 Carondelet street FOR LIVERPOOL. The- AI Britiatt 'bark ZULEIKA. Cant Thomnaon. belaar of small cauacltv and light draft, (drawinar only 15H feet loaded) will have quick dispatch. nor uaianceoi ireignt appiy to G. L. IaAUGHIaAND. 64 Magazine street orto WM. CBEEVY, 33 Carondelet street or passage, naving superior aooommoaattona, apply to the captain, on board, Post 37, Third Die. trict mhlT JCJ iXjKlJVEKPOOL TheSSLll BritlaW lIlisiP PKBSSVaRAKCE, Capt Bobertsoaw wanting the bnlk of 100a havIm. win t.mwm immediate For balance of freight apply to ALBERT ZEREGA. 82 Canvnd Ait orto B. R. DEC AN, 44 Carondelet street For Passage, having snnerior mwnniuytAtiAiia. nihlS AIaBJ 3ERT ZEI i 32 Carondelet at FOR LI ERPOOL The Al very light draft (not exceeding 16 feet loaded) BritLaai "bark OCEAN PHANTOM. HaaAlfm. ter, la now loading, and having the greater w. tion of her cargo engaged and on board will have) aulck disnatch. For freight ef 400 baiaa mttrtm apply to MEEKER, KNOX A ipia onjaronueiet street, corner Union. FOR LIVERPOOL The atrintlv Al British ship HURON, having nart of hw mmmmml cargo on board, will have quick dispatch -For balance of ight apply to F23 6t WHE IaEK, SHEPHERD A CO. FOR LIVERrTOL The Al at Lloyds British ship LA Capt Graham, is now loading, and vft. have dianatAau Forbalanos of freight apply to For passage, having good awrm fvlati ona. apply on board, to the captain. Post District lg LOVELL A BAxXgTTv SiTOH LIVERPOOL The Al very llghs draft British ship RECORO, Cftlhaaa! maater. ia now loajlln mm hA tng the greater portion of her cargo engaged and going on board, will have quick dispatch. For balance of tnught apply to jnsr iUSUX. A F5 49 Caroittlelet atreet, corner Union. jl FOR LIVERPOOL The Al Americas. 8hipMARCIA REllAEAPTCapr BaSiT IS now loading and WiU hava Vm freight applyto Fi2) LOVELL A BAILEY. jgA FOR LIVERPOOL The Al retnarka- 71)17 fast-sailing American shin POOA Geo. 8. Weeka majilZr i. loading, aa above, and win have immediate din patch. For freight apply to- xusoa. A CO, da 49 Carondelet street corner Union. YORK. FOB NEW YORK Dispatch Line fine fast sailing Al bark ALAeKA. Potter. master, is now loading, and havinr the larger portion of her cargo engaged and going on board, wiU have Quick dispatob. For balance of freight apply to liAU. A. SrUHUACJC A apl4 i 80 Camp street corner ot Natchea. FOR NEW YORK Disnateh L1nA Th tflne fast sailing schooner MATTIE E. TABER. Cook. maatr. ia now mnA win have quick dispatch. For balance of frolgha, apply to. GEO. AT FOSDICK A CoT apis so camp street, corner ot Natches. s- Jf FOR NEW YORK Dispatch Line The) w2flneAl schooner J. 8IMONSON, Ellis. master. Is now loading, and having tha larger portion of her cargo engaged will have quick dispatch. For balance of freight apply ap8 SO Camp st corner Natchea street FOR NEW YORK Thel fast sailina: 7 packet schooner E. FINNEY, MUtoal master. is now loading for the abovo ttort. and having most of her cargo engaged, will hare djspatch. For balance of freight, apply to --j txxvu. ninsii a -apl 82 Camp street flVT ATiAGA. FOB MALAGA. SPAIN The. Al American bark Bririrar master, having most of her cargo cngainL- will sail on or about the 20th lnst. Fop li.liinnm of freight apply to UUXAUJCNxtOW A KKliLtT. 127 Gravier street BOSTON' )K BOSTON AtlsntVJ Irt-p fine fsst sailing bark WMTRATHBONE, Doan. maatAr. ia iw lno.1tao. and having the larger portion of her carge engaged and going oq board, win have quick dipatoi. For balano a. ucmcuii appiy to a a -oDIt'K A Uap24 80 Camp street, Natches streefc' FOR BOS1 Atlanuo LineThe fine, lbrig K. H. KENNEDY, Gayer, mat. Tter. la now loading, and having thedargec. portion of her earro engaged and mg onboaro, wiU have ouici tL For balanoe ot apply to UiJZiV ua, 5 apl4 FOB BOSTON The fast-sailing packet idling at Pier kL First rbistrict and hav. AXVl JSAXV, DUUl- A9 tor'nMf of her cargo engaged, will have dxa. paU For ahl6V 83 Camp street FOB 'WILMINOTON The fine fasti -w" -sailing brig HENRY PERKINS, Mayo. is now-losdinf. and having wh larger portion of heT'caro enga(rM, will havsi quick dispatch. For balance ef fre- ht apply to. U1A A. IU01lB. CC A. A

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