The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 12
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TWELVE; ______J '; BLYTBEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS No, No-TlTc/re Not Necking! Dr?ma o( Tracing America's Missing Persons Is Interesting One'million men, women, ami /-iiiMren vanish each year in the Untied states. Where do they go? happens to them? . . . Pollow their clue-strewn trails of tragedy, Joy, laughter, grief in Dik series of stories gleaned from the files of the SMp Tracers Co. in New York city. Each story is a real case, about real people, and 'Int-cii from rca) life. ,So—follow H" 1 man! He's a Skip Tracer and he'll lead you through thrilling, sometimes tragic, sometimes amusing, but always interesting articles, the first "of which Is . printed below. The name 1 ; ofchar- . acicrs ami places mentioned in H''« sioi-H from real life are fictitious. If a name is the same as any actual person It Is purely n coincidence. • * * By DICK McCAN'N NEA Service Staff Writer Charlie Craig wtis gone. He had been gone for nt»h onto a year now. Charlie never had been much account and his tired wife -was kind of .glad to be rid of him, but the fact remained that she wasn't get- tin? along so well. She had a job but it didn't pay much when vou )"»! to take care of three little Craigs. So Mrs. Craig went to sec Daniel Eisenbergr, the head Imwkshaw of the Skip Tracers Co., in New York- City. She had heard that after 14 years of sleuthing and 200,000 cases, Mr. Eisenberg and his men can find anything and anybody from . the^ girl to play Scarlett O'Hara ;ti Mrs. Kinklelielmcr's little boy, •Hvmie. who is forever running away Irom the Bronx to fight Indians. Mrs. Crai? had the usual description . . . "He is five-eleven, weighs about IBS; has blue eyes, black hair, a: moustache and . . ." So have ten thousands of other men . . . "Where was he last heard from?" asked Mr. Eisenberg. "This is the last letter I received from him," said Mrs. Craig, handing over a frayed envelope. "I got this nearly a year ago." Mr. Elsenberp examined the envelope, noted the return address. read the letter . . . "You'll hear 'from me scon. Mrs. Craig." • And she did—in three days: "Mrs. Oral?, you can have your husband if. you .want him. He's . at -, • Ninth Street, Apartment 36." Handwriting on the Wall Gives Tracers Clue "How on earth did vou ever nn;l him?" asked Mrs. Crnig, now a happy. Visitor to Mr. Eiseuberg's smart New York offices. Mr. Eisenberg'smiled; j '•II' was so slrnole you'ii think <vc have an easy time of it. i sent two men that address on the envelope . -.;'. '-'.'., ••' ,.. . . ;•. ' .The present Presidents knew nolh- '»•>• ibout the former tenant. Mr. Charles Crai?, other than that . . . "I could brain him." thc. housewife said, "for scribbiini: all over the •walls In the hall and his room. We haven't gotten all the scratches oft yet." The Skip Tracers Co. men took i> Ir^t at the scratches. They were telephone numbers—some criss- crossir.o.,somc illegible, all written in haste. Paintakihgly. they noted each number, and then went back »o IH« oftve to call each until connected with on e of Craig's nals. "I'm on old friend of Charlie's and I want to see him—can you toll m<%. where he is?" asked the sly operative. .. "^urr tiling—Charlie's at Ninth Street. Apartment 3ti." And. thus. "Doodlins" had trapped a chUd-deserter. HaMts and Hobbles Are Give-Aways Mr. Eisenberg has found that it's little things like this which usually Kid to the eventual discovery of the almost 1.000.000 persons who disappear in the <J. s. each year. "'Descriptions aren't much help in chasing a skip." says Mr. Eisenberg. "A man can easily change his appearance by growing a beard, or snipping one off, or by putting pi specs, or taking them off. And a woman, armed with compacts and lipsticks and such, can change her looks even more easily." So it's the little habits and hobbies of the hunted that help the hawkshau-s most. An insatiable appetite for pork tenderloin with chili sauce once trapoed a fugitive , business fraud, and skip Tracers cnce brought together' two brothers because one of them was a bust on horticulture and couldn't stay out of libraries where he could pore ov"r books about flowers. Eisenberg, the head of Skip .Tracers Co., is still in his early 30's. He was the youngest of 8 children, and born In New York City. He started hunting for people when Hayti Society - - Personal By NEA Strviec What arc (he j'oim B couple up to? CurctiH now, or lite word you use will be H dead give-away (o your age. H you think llicy nre SPOONING, vou 're ilcHiiltclv In tli° »rnii<l- father class. ' " COURTING also labels you ns nil old-timer. You've been out of college ill leiist five ycnrs If yon think they """' ' f • V ° U ca " l " c olri ""When In? cameraman cnusjht (he young couple happily unaware, they were engaged in PITCHING A LITTLE WOO Yes, that's the young (oiks' name for il. Where the name came from no OIIE seems to know, but it Ims swept the campuses of -Ilic Woo" ' S CVI% " " "°"' ™"° e "" (Ictl " Let ' s P«ch « Little The publishers of the song sent out a questionnaire to college editors nil over the country asm,,,; where the tern, originated ami not one college vvouW claim the honor. Each one named a ieig boring campus Each one, that is, but Robinson Konnul of TuliL. He had n different Idea: "Maybe the lenn came out of a bakery shop. It seems to us thiil pitching woo Is like makin« nij,le >Ie- nll you need Is n little crust mil a lot of applesauce" Inc expression has variations: "Pitch and snitch," "pitch a woo" " " " " °° he was 14, when he tried to find n couple of rich uncles over In Europe. ; -, Sndly'cnough, Mr. Eisenberg, who hag,.reunited husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, mothers and son. hasn't, been able to find his uncles yet. Money Trouble Chiefly lo Blame There are. according to the .Skip Tracers Co. records, just about four reasons ivhy men—and women and children—leave home. Unpaid bills an; the chief reason. Folks are forever buying things they can't pay for and leaving home Miller because they are that sort ir because they have become' sud- lenly financially - embarrassed. Second in importance is the leel- 13 that "home has become a. hell on earth." Usually misunderstood husbands, headstrong sons, Highly daughters, or fickle wives. Then there ar e thc fugitives from scandal—financial, moral, or domestic—who want lo get away from it nil and start life anew. Fourth arc those shady gentlemen who must go where the golnu isn't so tough—the bookies, small-lime gangsters, quack medicine peddlers. Fifth and last lit used to be first when BiiiTnlo Bill was ridin» thc range) is the call to adventure— those vagabond romancers who stenl nwav to live life. "I'm not sure yet," says- Mr. El- senlwrg. head Skipper of the Skip Tracers Co., "just what group my tmetes belong to." . ItCiul-Cnurier News Want Ads. ~7 WHY PAVE STREETS WITH CONCRETE? SPECIAL Merchants Plate Lunch 40c HOTEL NOBLE "Where Hospitality Is ;,; a Bc»Hty." O Every street demands a gritty, non-skid surface for the protection of motoriit5 and pedestrians. £\ At night you need a pavement with high \isi- *& bility. © Safety also calls for a pavement that is free from chuck holes, ruts and bumps ... and stays that "way with minimum maintenance. O You waot a pavement that drains quickly ; .: that is easily cleaned and stays clean ... no depressions to catch dirt. ^± You wantapavementthatmakcsthe whole neigh- Vr bothood Jook modern, prosperous, attraaivc. Concrete ... and only concrete i; -. completely meets all of these specifications. CONCRETE IS THE REAL IOW-COST (WE ME NT For complete pavtment facts writi to PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1 -f 12 Syndicate Trust BMfc., St. T.ouis, Mo. Mr. Jincl Mrs. W. W. Ncsmtll], MKs Grace Howe mid Hunter SiulU'ii were In lilytheviUc Saturday evening visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Wells and Mrs. Clia.s, Ttitmor loft Sunday lor Spiiniifii'ld, 111., where they , will visit v;Ilh Mrs. Wells •daugh- ; ler.s Miss 1/iillie Fern Ilcrrel and Mrs. HUB!] Lewis. 'Mi. nnd Mrs. 11. 11. ttarkovilx ;«»<! rnlldri'ii were in Monette, jAvk,, Sunday vi-silin:? Mr, hnd i Mrs. A. Kolin. i i Mrs. Waller Cliilton. alu|.;Mrs. jOphlf Shepherd \vcra In I'ljjgbtl, ' Ark,, Runclay and they also .visited ] with Mrs. Clilllon's nlece. : ;ilytr.s. i.ailine Martin at Portageville.' ; The lU'V. Thomas Whltfleid of Kld-lc was -litre Simdny',j juid • piTiichcd at thr Church of .Christ .; .Similiiy morning and evening,'^. j Mrs. Mmiil Dunn of Cincinnati. ! O., arrivetl Saturday for r, visit ' witri her sister, Mr;;. . Aimison rcoc'hrun, und Mr. Coclirnn. I Mrs. l.ntlier Dryunt and daughter. Muxine, and Mr. and Mrs. H. S. iiuildurtli oj Cape Olrardeaii I spent the week end here with | Mrs. Uryant's anil Mrs. Suddarlli's SHUT, Mis. Mt-tra Davis. Sunday Mrs. Davis mill guests drove lo Su'llt and visited wllli tlielr brother und wife. Mr. nnd Mrs.: J. H. {.Siiddurth and young son, John Kay. who V.HS horn Sunday morn- Carl Slgler. who Is working, with the govcrmeni Meet at Osccoln, spent the week end here with his rurally. Mr. mid Mrs. Tom Simpson nnd daughli!]. Emily Ann, of Cape Glrnrdeau, were here Pi'iday afternoon visiting friends while en route to lilythcville. • Mr. and Mre. Harry Cunningham, of Ciuuthcrsville, and Mrs, O. T. Martin drove lo Cape Glr- iudcau Monday and visited Mrs. Martin's mother, Mrs. M. K. Carter, who Is receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained in a cur accident. Mr. and Mrs. DawEon Wells were III Cairo. III., Friday. Prank Foster jr., was in Memphis Sunday visiting his mother who is in thc Baptist hospital convalescing from u recent operation. Claud Giady was taken to tlic St. Joseph's hospital at Memphis Sunday, lie wns accompanied uy Ills daughters Misses Christine and Agnes Grndy. Mr. and Mrs. Qulllard Skinner have moved here from Carntiiers- ville where Mr. Skinner is working in the City Barber sliop. : Misses Inez and Leon Snnford, of Cnpe Giiardeau, were'here Sim- dny visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Chism. V Mrs. Clias. Reynolds ' and Miss Grace Hose, of Charleston, were here Sunday visiting Miss Rose's .sister, Mrs. W, W. Nesmltli, tmd Mr. Nesmilh. Fred Shiptou went to St. Louis Sutuliiy evening to enter the veterans' . hospital for inedicn] treat- m?nt. • Mr. ami" Mrs. F. W. Vanhorn, ot Slkestoii, were here Fildny. Miss . Mnble Alexander reUmicd Home ' Sunday 'from Me'miihis where 'she' has been vlsU;nii"'lier Not a Whale-Just a Sunfish complaint of (he plaintiff, on.i Hums. Dated tills 2 dnv of November, 1037. If. .M. CRAIG, Clerk By A, P. Smith, a C. Claude F. Cooper. Attormy, Gcno E. nrmlfey. AUy-AiI-Ul. 4-11-18-25 •THURSDAY, NOVKAIBBK 18,.19.§7 x**" . Piston with hcjv.y carbo deposit. Lubricated with nationjHy known, prerni quality motor oil. iht il^liii^inMifti pro- thu'cro"" U:iJin|j uuifiurtty on everything ihut ofmid mid win U)^ijnc ulks (u FRI3R INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "HKKXAT" KNITTING YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109'.iba Plione 782 Z* ><" ecrf \ ?\ l\ "Rarest of all sei: fisli." Has SCO-pound sunfish is displayed by proud flslicrmen. above, who caught the unusunl specimen in a mullet Aei oil the North Carolina, const. Thc ocean cousin of the little fres':i water species .TO familiar to amateur anijlirs. wns 73 inches long and 83 inches from fin tip to fin fin. Only lira other simitar catches : liavc been recorded. , sister. Miss Opa; Alexander, :i nurse in the Baptist, hospital. Mrs. D. O. Sinter visited friends in Parinn Sniidny. Duvc Stirues, of Cape Girar- ;lcau, was here Saturday uttend- liifj to business. Warren Ray was in Sikeston Wednesday attending to business. Mmes. L. v. McDonald, Mecca Davis, Ellicl Dorris and Miss Irene Warth complimented Mrs. Elmer Turiirvge, nee Miss Jessie Clar, a recent bride, with a shower at the home of Mrs. McDonald Friday evening. The guest of honor received many gifts. ccinplaiiit of the plaintiff, Edna Fiuyd. DfiUd this 2 day ot November. 1937. H. M. CRAIG. Clerk By A. F. emith, D. C Claude P. Cooper. Attorney, Gene E. Brntlley, Ally-Ad-Lit. (Seal) -1-11-18-25 WAKNING IN THE CIIICKASAWBA .DISTRICT."! MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARK-1 ANSAS. i Edna Floyd, Plaintift, vs. No. C55'j ' ' John Floyd, Dficurtnnt. i The defendant, John Floyd, is i warned In niipcnr within "thirty 1 ; days in the rant named in (he' caption hereof and answer the WARNING OKUKll IN THE CHANCERY COURT, ClriCKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Gena Burns, Plaintiff, v.s. Noi 6557 Aubyn Burns, Defendant. Tlle (Iefcncillll t. Aubyn Burns, is lrarncd to appear . within thirty ()ays jn ,„,, ^^ nanie(| jn tM caption hereof and answer thc A Leader's Lips The figure Elrmly closed, iniliiuli]]); 4 ly|)c with C(niruf,r c of hisconvit:- iions. T!ic lonj^ uppcrlip i^ a nuirk of hrOjiiliDJnit- cilncss, roinprchettsioii. The U[incr!ti>,hfLiifrtIiin \\illi its center ronverg- LII^ to ^ small curve, suggests a lypc raiulili! of Leaders in the world of good taste everywhere are singing the high praises of old Kentucky's "double-rich" straight Bourbon. Taste it! Wanted Pecans Highest Prices I'aid WOLF AR1AN A 90 PXOOP vlmbt mil, ,he /Itot i/Mirii. Made in iho Ulucjiass Coont[j hy misctr Kennicfcy JistiUcis ilit f;ood olil Kennicky vjy. Ast for il 31 your fjyori/e racern. 128 E. BIniu Thorn: Small Heel C;t|is 15i ' Rubber Hcc!s For Men. Women & Children When Better Lfathor Is Tannet Sii'llh Will Buy It SMITH SHOE SHOP !' ;3 S?lpa ' .'-;^£ MOTOR OIL »ss ADDS POWER bq ncmovino CARBON Ifiom PISTONS, RINGS & VALVES Vt \ • .1 . Vein ran savo five ways and hnvc greater motor pflieiency by switching lo S'alnra- Inhc, urcansc iS'nliinilutie checks the chief causes of power-loss—hard carbon ;md excessive wear. rVnliiriilubc's aliilily to remove hard rnrbon .inti itsgrcnlcr film ^irengtli conic front llie bnsir.'illy ililTcrcnl kind of crude from wliicli il is rclini'd—und J,ion's yprcinl new refining nrorcss. Nolhinj; is added to Naluralnlic. Il is a pure distilled motor oil. iSntnralnbrs uUilily to remove power- dnslroying hard rnrhon from pistons, rinys, valves, and spark nln^s means real savings for you. Uy reinoving hard carbon, Naluralube prevents [lower-loss ami Piifon lubricated with Njluralubc. Hird carbon <i«pasi>i rcmoveij by Naturj- tube. '.,.•': iumcccs«ary repairs ami saves gasoline ami oil. Stronger NATURAL Film S»vei WEAR Naluralube also saves substantial sum* formerly spent for repairs by providing i trustworthy guard ngainsl friction wear. Naturalubc's stronger, natural film is o greater protection against oil fil,,, f a il,, r( . and provides a wide margin of safely. Definite savings result when your motor is protected from wear hy Naluralube'i stronger film and ability i 0 remove carbon deposits. Take advantage of this opportunity lo increase motor efficiency while you save! Huy Naluralube the next lime you buy motor oil and start saving five ways. Sold at all Lion stations ami dealers. Look for tbe Lion. LION OIL REFINING CO. EL DORADO, ARKANSAS T. H. BARTOtf, MM LION

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