Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 23, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 2
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SHALLER THAN USUAL —lillipntian, in fact, arc Doctor Pierce's J'lcasant Pellets. Dr. R. V. Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician to the In. ralids 1 .Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y., tras the first to introduce a Little Pill -to tlie American people. For all ' i;ixative and cathartic purposes these siiK'<ir-contcd "Pellets" are superior in a R-a-.it many ways to all mineral waters, sedlitx powders, salts, castor Oil, fruit, syrups, laxative teas. »nd other purgative compounds. Made of concentrated vefrctable ingredients, they »ct in a mild, natural way. Their secondary effect is to l:<-cp tlie liver active and the bowels regular, not to further constipate, as is t'ne case with other pills. They don't interfere in the least with the diet, habits or occupation, and produce no jiain, griping or shock to the system. Dr. 1'ierce's Pleasant Pellets cure biliousness, sick and bilious headache, dizziness, costivencss, or constipation, sour stomach, loss of appetite, coated tongue, indigestion, or dyspepsia, windy belch- iufts, " heart-burn,"" pain and distress after eating 1 , and kindred derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels. These " 1'el- juts" are easily dissolved in tlie stomach and absorbed into the blood, stiimilaling a flow of bile from the liver, and arousing to activity all the glandular secretions. Thus they act in tiaturf's own way. Jn proof of tueir superior excellence, it can be truth- full v said, tliat they are always adopted «s a"household remedy after the first trial, Put up in glass vials, therefore always fresh and reliable. On« little "Pellet" is a laxative, two arc mildly cathartic. As a "dinner pill," to promote digestion, take one each day after dinner. To relievo distress from o(-creating, they arc unequaled. They arc tiny, sugar-coated granules; any child will readily take them. Once used, always iit favor. Accept no substitute .that may be recommended to be "just as good." It raav be better for the dtater, because of paying him a better profit, but be in uot the one who needs help. KEEPING SAVINGS AT HOME. FACTS ASOUT PUTTY. i itml It« fllnny How tho Article In lU TlnM and LM*-*t. Pure tuitl.y is made of whiLinff and hnsecd oil. Wliitinff is miulo o.f chalk which is imported from Enpland and ground in this country. liarytc.s, mixed with the v.'hi'un;;, is used UK au adulterant of putty, niul cotton-seed oil is mixed, with (in; liuscr.'d oil. Cottonseed oil is i:h'.-:i;x*r. ;it:il n slower dryur than linseed: its use is advantageous to .smnll ur..stotni-i-:;, for putty mixed • with p:irtvS5t.t.oa"::i'i.-d oil kiTp.s in Order lonfri-r. Linseed oil [uitiy is iiscil more by decorator:; ;::nl pointers und other larfro constt mom who use- up putty quickly, Putty si'lhi u.1 whoiesiilv; f.w>in i>no ivvul i. half cent, to two cunts a pound. It is put up for the trade in barrels of eight, hundred pounds, keg's of three liun- di-cd pounds, tubs of one hundred to one hundred and ten pounds, in cans of one to one hundred pounds, and in bladders; it keeps best in bladders, and the bulk of the putty exported goes in tlmt form. Putty made in the eastern ' cities of the United States is sold on tho Atluntie seaboard and in the south, but not mueh eastern putty is sold in the west, for there are putty manufactories in tho northern and western cities. We, export putty to Canada, Mexico, tho West Indies, South America and tho Sundwieh Islands, says the New 1'ork Sun. Manufacturers make colored putties to order, and white, brown and blacl; putties are kept in stock. Putty luxs a variety of uses besides those already mentioned, and the very familiar one is setting glass. Brown putty is used to point brown-stono buildings and putty is sometimes used in pointing 1 up brick building's. Black putty is used in stove foundries. numbers use putty. Sometimes scene painters reduce it and put it on canvas to paint over. There are three or four putty manufactories in New York and Brooklyn. A single firm of iniinufacturcrs in this city has sold more than seventeen thousand tons in a year. These scorn like large Gg'urc.s, but they are less surprising' from the fact that there few articles of more common u.so. An Old Lady-H 88O In Cold on V.'hJcli Sli« Lost •1O.OOO. A woman recently died in a neighboring 1 town, and beside a granddanjjli' ter and her cynical husband, she left a few relatives and ?SO in g-old with other things. The woman, says the Worcester Gazette, was over' 95 when she died, and the ?SO included her wedding presents. Dike many persons in those days, she held fast to the shining- eagles, and had had them for nearly 77 years. 'U'hcn she died, of couree, the birds were distributed among 1 the heirs. The cynical husband, who was married to the old lady's favorite granddaughter, mused upon the SSO in gold and stripped his thoughts of all sentiment, as he speculated in his mind what mig-ht have been. He has not quite got through Qffuringf yot, and his constant query is, if grandmother had only.put that £SO in the bank when she first got it, what a clutch of golden eagles we would have now! lie mused on this as he got ready on cold mornings to go to work, and his favorite topic of thought was suggested as he jingled a nickel and a bunch of keys looking for his car fare. Then he began to figure that money at C per cent, doubles in about 11 years, and he lost sleep as he thought how many times 11 years went in T7 years. When the eyuical husband finally referred the question of his losses to a bank man be learned that in 50 years the 880 in gold would have amounted to 51,-JT'J.GO. Without figur- Slring any further on tho problem, the bank man said he would easily consider that ?10,000 was lost by saving §SO. It is not iin unusual thing in some of the old banks to have an account doubled many tiroes over und over again. One day last week in the -Worcester county institution for savings, an account was reckoned at {244.OS, which originally was but $10.05. Nothing had ever been added or- taken from the bank account, and it was left to accumulate. It took about 50 years for the original sum to gather all that moss. There was another recent instance in tho same bank where :il times the original sum" was paid to a depositor. No one wonders that somebody discovered and said that money makes money. POOLING BILL. Reported to the Senate Without Amendment, Its Enemies Say They Will Fight Vigorously — Bills Passed in the House. Jan. 22. — AVlien the committee met Tuesday morning- various amendments \veru offered, among them thitt suggested by Commissioner Morrison, which gives the Inter- the CURRENT EVENTS. HINTS TO FARMERS. 0:< an acre of rich, well-cultivated land, there nniy bo grown flvc hundred dollars 1 worth of berries. FISESKKVE only strong, vigorous plants; give each room to develop and perfect its fruit. Prune severely. DAMAGE by ordinary droughts maybe prevented by Bummer mulch and frequent cultivation. Severe drought requires almost constant cultivation and heavy uiu'lching. I'ETEK Tu.MDt.F.nows had better let tho fowls into his garden to«at up the •.veed seed there. Come to think of it, the garden fence is down n.ud tho ohickens a to uvorythinfr but the weeds onrly in the season. THE waste of the dairy although -employed profitably when fed to al :nost all stock is cspscialiy satisfactory as a part diet *or fowls. Nothing will take tilt-place of meat raore surety. TliO use of sour milk must, bo ,'un gradually to prevent dia.rrb.cea. MILITARY SYSTEM OF GERMANY Tlip Coiiiury Tlnit Iltia Iluen tlie \V;ir School of l-;iir»i>v. Thu military history ;:nd successes of Germany have easily m:ido her tho \var s-.'liool of JCuropc, and l!ic H-vien tiiic clc- vi/lopniC'iit of tlu: military art, to which slm is indebted for the overthrow of j Austria and Kraneo in l:or later wars, lias coinuclk'tl the o'.h'-'i's In l'-;ilow her example and iuiilate licr inct'ioda oven l.o the pai'Uer.lara of ur-^'.jibr.'.ion and equipment, thoiiffh umi'uie prcmably'to i-ival her in systumtitij thorou;;'liuc>s-i of prep;!ration and sustained attention to detail. Tlicsjv:iomc~olvvil by Ciei'mrmy I'.ntl uo-,v hub'jta.nlially common to all the continental slates, says American iieview, is t:s a v, enough, and has for its practical object the conversion, so far as may be, of thu entire nation into a military body with the. largest amount of training- that the finances and other public exigencies •will permit. Tho controlling principles may bo summarized as follows: 1. Liability to service universal, and actual service- compnlsory at the discretion of the state. 2. The thorough training and maintenance under arms in readiness for immediate service of as large a force as practicable. 8. A secure simplicity and perfection of organization and equipment in every particular, largo and small. 4. The formation, as rapidly as may be, of a regular reserve, from which the active ranks can be at once expanded from a peace to a war fooling with fully trained men. 5, The formation and partial training of a militia, which in the absence of the regular troops is to occupy garrisons and forts, construct defenses, maintain order at home, and supply the waste of war by filling vacancies in the field. 0. The enrollment of every citizen into a force that may be levied en masse in ^ase of invasion. 7. direful Study nnd Solution, in advance, of every possible military complication in order that prompt and concerted action shall follow a declaration of war. • ; state commerce committee authority to control and rcjrnhiU: the rates established before tU«y have been put out by the railroad., instead of afterwards as the bill ruin stipulates, liailroad men looked uoon this as striking at the very essence of the measure and directed their efforts towards preventing this particular amendment. Will Oppose tho Bill. The vote on this and all other amendments was the same, 5 to 5, and | was for that reason lost. Those who voted to amend the bill were Senators Gorman, Smith. Chandler, Wilson and Lindsay. Those who voted for the measure just is it cauie from the house were Sena- ,orsBvice, Camden, Wolcott, Bu tier and iliggins. Then, when it was seen that the bill could not be amended at all, the vote was taken on. the proposition to report it to the senate. Senators Gorman, Lindsay and Wilson entered their protest against the passage of the bill without amendment, but said that they would vote for a report because they thought the senate ought to be permitted to finally act aiid that the bill ought not to be sraotuered in committee. They stated, however, that they would offer their amendments in the senate and oppose the bill there as vigorousl}' as they had in committee. Smiatc. ~\\.\.suiSG'cos, Jan. 22.—Among the petitions and other papers presented to the senate in thu morning 1 hour were resolutions of the Colorado legis- ture in relation, to the Union und Central Pacific liailroad companies, protesting against the continuance of the present receivers; urjriny the appoint/racut of "an impartial sole receiver;" and that the roads be taken possession of and managed in thu interest of the government, presented by Senator Wolcotfc (rep., Col.). • The house pooling bill was reported back from tlie committee on interstate commerce by .Mr. liutlcr (dem., S. C.) favorably and without amendment and was placed on tlie calendar. Jlr. Chandler (rep., X. U.), a member of that committee, gave notice of an amendment requiring a proposed Only a Scar Remains Scrofula Cured —Blood Purified by - Hood's Sarsaparilla. "C. L Hood & Co., lavren, Mass.: " It is with pleasure that I send a testimonial concerning what Hood's Sarsaparilla has don* tor my daughter. It la a wonderful medicln* and [cannot recommend It too highly. Sutb, wao la fourteen years old, has been Afflicted With Scrofula •rer since she was ono year old. For fire yean the has had a running sore on ona side of aw face. We tried every remedy recommended, but nothing did her any good until we commenced using Hood's Snrsamrilla. My carried daughter advised me to use Hood's Sarsaparilla becauit Hood's s ?>Cures It hod cured her of dyspepsia. Slie had beta troubled with that complaint since childhood, nod since her euro silo has newer been without a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla In the house. W» commenced giving It to Sarah about one year »§o, and It has conquered tho running sor«, Only a Scar Remaining Uft trace of tho dreadful disease. Previous to talcing the medicine her eyesight was affected but now she can see perfectly. In connection with Hood's Sarsnparllla wo have used Hood'l Vegetable Pills, and find them the best." M«f. MJUIIA GRIFFIN, Xenla, Illinois. Hood's Pills cure nausea, sick hcadaohc, Indigestion, biliousness. Sold by all druggists. eent a pound upon sugars, imported from a country which, pays an export bounty on that article. Tbe house pabsed the bill to establish a national military park at Gettysburg, Pa. The bill carries an appropriation of §75,000 to begin the work. Jt-'or KcllH' uf ISliH&ouri Miliclaineo. WASHINGTON, ,1a.u. 22.—Tue house committee on invalid pensions Tuesday adopted a join'u resolution for tlie relief of certain .Missouri militiamen, WRECKED BY A ROCK. SWINDLE IN SELLING GAM l u I'ol'otr-rmftsmnn. Commercial travelers, sometimes called "drummers," have acquired a reputation, perhaps undeserved, for largeness of statement. Thus \ve read in the Washington Star that a commercial traveler of tho more flashy type had just finished ft startling story, . v/hcix the listener, n. new acquaintance, remarked: "That reminds me of one of Mun•. hatisen's yarns." "ilunehausen?" answered the drum- incr; "who is he?" "Why. don't you know about him? Uc is the most colossal example of :acndacity that civilization has pro- ilnccd." A moment of silence followed, broken hy the commercial traveler. "Excuse me," he said, "-would you iiitid telling me what house he travels tor?" Dsii'lis ISou^lit In tho Alnrkct nml Sold as rrcshly Killed. An old fraud has made his annual reappearance in large numbers. It is the borons "pot hunter," who is willing to dispose of the results of his prowess at what he claims to be bar- g-ain prices. A pair of corduroy trousers, hig'h rubber boots, a canvas shooting jacket, a cartridge belt and a double-barreled shotgun is the usical make-up of the ingenious peddler. Ilo appears in the residence section and in the small doors of the up-town avenues late in the afternoon with a few ducks or rabbits swung-over his shoulder. These, says the New York World, he would have it nppcar are the results of a poor day's shooting | over in New Jersey or down on Long Island. He noons money more than he needs game, and will sell cheap. His story is plausible. There is a charm about securing game direct from the hunter second only to that of having killed it yourself. The "hunter" disposes of his little stock at good market prices, and hurries arouud the corner to a waiting wagon to get a fresh supply from the load purchased of a Fulton market dealer a few hours before, and which is slowly following him and his companion peddler, for there are generally two of them, working opposite sides of the street. Often a half dozen of these bogus hunters will be at work in one section of the city, under the direction of one boss peddler, who drives the wagon. The game sold by these bogus hunters is, as a rule, purchased very cheaply, as being stale and aJmost ready for con- I fiscation bs- th.ei.ealth authorities. the IS T ort)i | change of rates to be submitted to and l:ole simple , approved by the interstate commerce commission. At J2:-IB, at the close of the routine morning 1 business, the presiding officer laid before the senate the resolution offered by Senator Kyle (pop., S. D.) last Saturday disapproving "the action of the administration in withdrawing our warships from the Sandwich islands, and requesting the president to order a vessel to proceed forthwith from San Francisco to Honolulu." | Dof'-uclH the Atlaiinl.ttrntloii. I Senator Gray (dem., Del.) resumed his remarks in defense of the administration and denied the eharare made Monday by Senator Hawley (rep., Conn.J that the president had conferred with the three royalist commissioners last August. ! After Senator Gray closed his speech Senator IIill (dem., N. Y.) moved as a substitute for Senator Kyle's resolution the one offered by Senator Fryc declaring that the senate learned with profound regret' the attempt to restore a deposed queen to power in the Hawaiian islands and extended to the yoxing republic the warmest sympathy in her efforts to suppress the rebejlion. Senator George (dem., Miss.) then took the floor and analyzed the constitution of the Hawaiian government to prove that it was not a republic, but an oligarchy. Senator Lodge replied to-Senator Gray's remarks. He denied that his motive was to condemn the administration. The administration stood condemned in the Hawaiian matter by the general opinion of tho American people. He did not desire to add to the load of the administration. There was no occasion for that. At ~'.'M the Xicaruguan canal bill was taken up, and Senator Turpie (dem., Ind.) proceeded to address the senate. llOUMN WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.--In' the house Tuesday a bill was passed regulating the appointment of cadets at the naval academy. The conference report on the urgent deficiency bill was presented- and agreed to. The report of the ways and means committee was presented recommending the passage 01 the bill to repeal the provision of the tariff law imposing an. additional duty of one-tenth, of a. Triiiu Comes tn Grlt-.F in I'rnniylvunlu und Tivo Arc Killed. COXXIOLI.SVILI.K, Ta., .Tan. .'2. 1 .—A tain on thu Pittsburgh, McKcesport £ YouK'mogheny railroad collided with a rock on the tracks, I mile west of this place. Tuesday moruing. The nieuger reports received say that Clem Rich ter and John Gillman, trainmen, were killed. A bill to prohibit the teaching or practice of mesmerism was introduced in the Missouri house. Delia SturBebean, of Quincy, aged 19 committed suicide with laudanum be cause jilted by a lover. Bill Cook, the famous outlaw, was landed in tlie United States prison a Fort Smith, Ark., Monday. ••-•>i.-ij." Jonn Sampson was indicted at Chicago by thu grand jury for lh< murder of Gus Goliander on election night, A bill to prohibit gambling of every description in Wyotnlug lias beou of fered in the legislature ami will probably pass. The 12-year-old son of Emmet Moore of Waupaea. Wis., accidentally shotam' killed himself while taking- a loadet gun out of a eorn crib. Four men entered the home of E. S. Patton near Kl Paso. III., arid after ;i fight in which a number of shots \verj firod secured S'JOO and escaped. " Iowa's supreme court decided thai Sales of liquor by an Omaha hoi through a traveling agent to an Iowa firm were uot subject to the Iowa law. Misses Mollie Kogers. aged 17, of Calhoun county, 111., and Ida Treakle.v, aged lo. of Coohran, Wis.. were drowned Sunday night, while attempting tocross the Mississippi river near Sterling. Near Marietta:, 15 miles from Ardmore, I. T., Rube Burr, a farmer, w:is called to his door at a late hour by three mounted men and before he could recognize them was shot dead. The murderers escaped. Lizzie Korton died in the city hospital at St. Louis Monday as the result of wounds inflicted by Noble Sheperd, who is under arrest with the charge of murdering her husband on the latter's houseboat on December 23. At a ghost dance being given by a party of Pawnee Indians on their reservation northeast of Guthrie, 0. T., the mother of Chief Spotted Horse went too near the fire. Her clothes were ignited and she was burned to death. < The rolling mills of the Juniatu Iron company of IJollidaysburg, Pa., resumed operations Monday under the control of a company of Harriftburg capitalists after an idleness of six years. About 300 men will be given employment. I KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and ^'uds to personal enjnvment when .•tghtly used. Tbe many, wlio live lift»T than other* an J enjoy life mort, with Vss expenditure, fc more promptly •id.<tptins> the world's Ix'st product.* to cu? DecuV of physical being, wili :itte*t :hi? v:ihu- t-> health of tlie pure liquid -.uxiitive- principles embiaced in the •emeuy. Svrr>p ot Figs. Its excellence is Uue to its presenting •j; the font, most acceptable ard ptais- the tr^to, the refreshing and truly properties of .1 tx'rfeci lax- itive; ell'eet;:;)!!y cleansing the system.. li.*p(.'lii:ig colds, hcudndies ;i:id fevers iiid permanently curing constipation. it has given satisf:Kuon to millions mid •lift with -the Hjiprnval of the medical .->rufos<ion. hecaus-e U nets on the Kid- l.ivcr nrx! Bowel? without nvut- jT them «:»! ii i* perfectly free from ir.d iei of Fig* is for sale by all drug' 50c "ii<i $1 bottle!", but it is man- Cil by i.',:-: California Fig Syrup v.'huM- name is printed ou every :i!.-.o U:u :i:iinv, Sy'.'up of Figs, ^ iv.-li informed, yon -vill IMC. if offer**! TJ1E MAiirvETS. lu X«c<l of Jt'ooU. Wis,, Jan. 22.—Chairman Cornellousen, of the town.of Rusk, this county, makes an appeal to the county for aid. Twenty families are in starving circumstances. The town funds are entirely -expended and all local aid is exhausted. Gov. Upham has been requested to give immediate assistance. I*aatcur Treatment ou ii Dox". BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 2J. — Kent Elgin, second best pointer dog in the world, owned by T. T. Ashford, of this city, died Tuesday of hydrophobia, caused by the bite of a cur a month ago. He was sent to Pasteur institute, New York, and apparently was cured, coming home a week ago. He was bred by II. Ii. Danfortli, of Trimble. 0., a.nd was wortli Sl.iiOO. Messnxe ot Arizona 1 * Governor. PHOENIX, A. T., Jan. 22.—Gov. Hughes' message was presented to the legislature Tuesday. The governor favors woman's rights, suppression of gambling and liquor traffic, and recommends the substitution of a general board of control for many territorial commissions. I Iro lit Imll:m:ipoliH, Jnd. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 22.—Shortly before noon Tuesday lire broke out in the Stout building on West Washington street. The upper lloors were used for living purpose_s and many inmates had narrow escapes. Total loss is about 515,000. ' ;' Gold Reserve* .SlirinlciufJ. WASHINGTON. Jan. 2i.—The treasury gold reserve has declined again, standing at the. beginning of business Tuesday at SO'J,'JG3,117. The amount taken out at New York Monday was STOO.OUO, of which 5000,000 was for export. A Slud'-nt Killed. Ind., Jan. 22.—George Osborn, a normal student, was killed at Wanatah in attempting to jump from the fast paper train on the Fort Wayne road. He struck the target and was thrown back on the track. He lived two hours. Crulit, Provisions, I-Itc. CHICAGO, .Inn, I" FLOCK.—Quiet and e:isy. Quotations rnni«:ii as follows: Wlmer — Paients, £-.;iOi(,2,75; straights, $i.3D{&2.CO: clears, $i'J. r >2i.;W; see- onus. Jl.Oufi.-.OU: low prades, $!.(M.|il.tS: Sprliis — Patents. ;a.SUii3.SO-. straights. iK.M&.'.UU; bilkers'. M.fiO Ii-'5: low grades, $I,75Q.l SO; Kvd Do;;. Sl.C5il.T5: Kyc. Si3U.u)i5Ui WttKAT-Active iiod un-.et.tlcJ. No. ^ i-asli, Wii [rtc: Jan'iary, r)0 7H 'fit5l^c; M.iy, &-)";(fi!i5 7 «c. COJtx—!• airly ill-live .mil lower. No. ^ and No. 2 i"eilow, -ISc: No. 3. ;ili?i if SUc and No. 3 YoJlow, ilW<((.3Q?ii;. January, -li?;;5,-13;jc; February, 4S?iO: .May, •I5SJ431-4C, anil July. -Mj;<5H5!;c. OA'rs—Good ir dine unil lower. < asli No. 2, SSJiC: May, y3;«G^oxc. Samples lower. No.!), 23 v c!»hc: No. S White. 3.l@30Me; No. -, Si:.4Q Uyc: Xo.'J While. SO^QiaiHO. KYE—C'asli Ryo lu demand and Unu: speculative market dull. No. - In store, 50c. Sample lois. OiiijS'^c. May delivery, t>'.'e. 13AHLIIY Sells at steady prices, but mnrkct rules quint. Comaion to trood No. 4, 4di^50c; No. 3. 50itW>ic. and No. L', 5-l^;ct^55c. Muss PoKit—Trading was rather antlva. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at SIO.S"!^^ 11 00 for cash repulnr: S-10.ST^4B10.50 for January, anafll 10(S)ll.!"'/4 for May. LAKD—Kather nc.tlvc and steady. Quotations ranged at HJ.R5 ,.C.r.714 for cash; JU.533 G57^ for January, and $0.70^(3.75 for May. I^IVE Poui-THY—Per pound: Turkeys, .">3 5Kc; Chickens, OJiiTe-, Bucks, 8a,0o; Geese. i>ur doz , S3.00 0.00. I3UTTKB—Creamery. ICQSS^c; Dairy, 9iyXc; PacltinR Stock. S tlOc. OILS—Head Hunt. 1^5 test. Siric; Gasoline. 87 deg's, lOc: 7-1 des's, Sc; Nnphtha. C3 deu's, "c. LIQUOIIS—Wnlsliy quoted steady at $1.22 pet gallon for hlshwlaes. NEW YORK, Jan *i FLOtnv—Stato and weswrn, o,ulct, nboul steady. WHEAT—Xo. 2 red, fairly active, ste.idy, February, AS^B'/ic; March. 55Jf(SCOWe: Hay, 003-!5SOO-?ic; July, 029-lfla<il,'«'c; August. GOJi HHH •H 111111 »»4 PAP CALENPAR r # « * 1895 A Desk Calendar is n necessity- most convenient kind of storehouse lor memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest nnd handsomest of all — full of (hinly silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of. the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Addrcs: Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., Mention thii piper. Hartford, Conn. | ***+*»*<I I I I I I I I I I I I 11 Coiix— N'o. 2 Juwer, raoder.-itely active. No. 2, •)9&uO;4c; February, •JOJiG-lO.'.fc; May. •OJiiiJ •j9;Mc. July, -iPfiei OATS— No. ;! dull, easier. State, 3S!-J©-!0;-5c; Western, "A ',-IOi-ic: May, 33!^c. BEEF— Dull, unchanged. PoitK— Quiet, steady. Mess, JIi.7IVSil3.00. I-AUD— Quiet, steady. Steam-rendered. SOW. BuiTKIt — Dull, weak. Western dairy, 103 IDc: do. creamery, 15'ii23^c; do. factory, K'.-»4f Me: KliriLS.23.-ic: iml'.atlon creamery, I^lsc; June creamery, IDfeilc. CnEiiSi:— Quiet, easy. State larse. 0311; tfc: do. fancy colored. JIH'e: do. while. JO.Vri.lIc; do. small, 0'/,iii.lJc; part skims. 3!4&9c: full do. weaker. Western. 21 St iin it-it Clil'drru. • ./ If your oblld i* not .growing, it stunted and unhealthy, the cause is most likely to DC owing to tho pree- encd ol worm*, and unless Vhey &r« expelled i!.c child will not Improve, bur, gradm'ly prow nervous, fretful and pale. The remedy to u*.e IB U'DO. barfs Worm Lozenges. They rerooTe the worms and iho worm nest. Sold by B F. Kecellng and Keystone drugstore. When Bobv wan sick. w» C»™ her Oactorl*. Wbcn sbe vofl & Child. 6Ae cnod for \Vhen Kno oecame .MLsa. ace cmn WlMa sno nod CDDorcn, me E»TO Wcm * Jiocs — Dull, limed, U&lx. )' > > ) ~ 3~ 3 > ) YOUNG MOTHERS .... We Offer You • Remedy Which Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Child. i i- J" MOTHER'S FRIENCT and Risk. After uslni: ona bottle of "MoTBIBS' FaicND" 1 suffered, but llule pain. >nd did nofc experience tbol weakness a.ftcrwmrtJ, usual In such coses.—MBS. AXSH GAG*. Baxter Sorlnes, K«n. Scn«-by JI«U or EiprcM. on r»c«lptof price, II MrboLtlp. BooktoUotlieramailca frtt- Sold by &l I DnicciiU. BG6TTL1TOK CO., itlutm, fim. tiury C'oiuan'c ^^re/». New YoiiK, Jan. 22.—At 11 o'clock Tuesday morning- the jury in the Laid- ]a\Y-3ag-e ca^se came iuio court, and ' after they had declared that they could not agree were discharged by Jud<je Patterson. The jury- stood 9 to 3 in favor of the plaintiff. She Had Twcnty-Sii Children. DEyiso.v,Tex., Jan. 22.—Mrs. Ida Carroll, aged 93 years, died in Tishimin.g'O county, Idaho. She \vas married eight time and was the mother of 'iwenty- Live Stock. CHICAGO, Jan. 2 HOGS—Market slow and prices steady at Monday's flnal tlyures. Sales ransred at S.M i&!.7.i for Pig": iW.75 H's for ll^ht: S3.8J& •1.U5 for roui;h parkin::: i-'i-S5fi;'l.35 for m;x«d, and .;-!.10 j,4.-15 for heavy packing and shippiDK lots. CATTLE—Market r.ilher active. Fccllns; llrmer and prices stronger. Quotatlona ranpod at S*I.CK)it5.l30 for choice w extra shipping Steer.-: $4.3.ViI.M for (,-ood to cliok-o do.,S!S52-I.CO for fair to ^-ood; i3.S>&3.W) for common to medium do.; ;3.0Uif3.CO for Butchers' Steers: 6i.a)S2.M for Stockers: J-i9»a S.CO.ror Feeders; si.M-r,i.ro for Co'-s-s: ?i70.a S.tS for JIeif«.-s; $iOOJj3.T5 for Buils; J-.I5 •«4.00 for Texas Steers, and 515*2-5.50 for Vcul Calves- • ITLi Sister 1 * CoOltk S". J., Jan. 22.—James Eobinson, of Bridgetown. N. J., was taken with a paralytic stroke while viewing' his dead sister's body as it lay in the casket and died soon afterward. Mlnen Tbreaun to Walk Oat. MASCOCTAH, 111, JaJi. 22.--The 2,000 miners employed, in the coal mines of St. Clair county are threatening- to g-o on a strike for a hijrber scale of -A-a^es. B*f<»r* * Kali If^iid orMfenm Is gathered by that fempnrtdosiy (Jcsiructlve en'.-lnf>, maiarla. put on the brakes »1tb Her tfif-r 1 !. Sto ..ach inters, wfilch will chreklts procrrss arid aveit disaster. Chills and fever, hi lues remltwn t. dumbacue and ague cake are prompt y p»ll»iV(Wl and ulthn ttely cured b> ihlB nenial sueclflc wb cb Is also a comprelensive family medialne. speedily oa-ful in ca««of djs- rjepMR, biliousness, c )nstlp,itlon, side headache, nervousness, rheu natism and, neuralgli. Azniust the barunl rffecti pf nadden diarig-s.of t»roperHtur*. ejpo-ai-s In wet weathtr. close ap- pllnailon tolatwrtoos mental pursnite, and vtber Infiuencfs pr'jL-oiclai to heal.k. It Lt a most tTCJtwurthy sa'cicuaril. It fortlfln the Wf-m n*alnrt disease, promotes appct'te and il ep. a/i'1, hsiten 1 * eqn?alaieeat» alter debllitat- If yb.ur "phil^ I*: not growing 'or thriving, give RinehariV Worm Lo- z^Dgea. Sold by B. V. Reeellog and Keystone drug- store. j For Over Fifty Vearn Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooibiufe Sjrup hap been used for over flfly \eari by tall- lions- of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect succets. It soothes tbe child, eofteoa the gum?. allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is the best reiaedy for diarrhoai. It wi 1 relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by dru2ffieta 1n every psrt of the world Twenty-five cents n bottle Wj sure and ask for • Mrs. Winslow's Soothicg Sfrup," and take no other kind- Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Lack ofHirci'Clh nn<t "bis is the genfoa wben we often feel tired end weak, with little relhh for food. The cause ie a torpid liver, ow'ne to the wlnttr'd effect on tbe syntem. A few doses rf Rinshart's L'ver Pills will goon tronse tho Jiver and mike TOU feel etroog and like a new person.. Ooly fine a doge; set pleasantly. Sold by B. F. Keeslirjir and Keystone drug more. Children Cry for Pitcher's CagMrla. If you lack energy, are weak and . tired, take Ri DC hart's Fill*. Ooe a eo. Sold by B. F. KeeiHng 'and Keystone drojf.ctore. Children Cry foi Pucher ; »Castoria.

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