The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1950
Page 2
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TAGE TWO Spence to Propose Bill Extending Rent Control Program for 90 Days Br MARVIN I/. AKKOWSMITH * WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. (A*; — Rep, Spence (D-Ky) .said toddy he probably will offer either today or tomorrow n bill to extend the Federal Rent Control Program for 90 days beyond Dec. 31, Bpeuce, chairman o( the House Banking Committee, outlined his plans to newsmen In advance of the start at noon (EST» of the final short session of the 81st Congress. Spence said that before Introducing his rent bill he planned to confer with Senator Maybank tD-SC). eh air man of the Senate Banking Committee, Maybank ha.s predicted the rent program will lw extcndcri, but has Indicated he wan Us continuance limited to 60 dnys. The present rent law Is schedulpd to expire Dec. 31, except in communities which vole to continue controls another six months. More than 600 areas hnve so voted, but most of the communities still covered by the federal program have not acted. , TftU Inaction, plus decontrol ac-1 [ton taken by 377 cities, was cited yesterday by Robert P. Gerholz. j president of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, as evidence that no extension is needed Gerholz said some 2.020 cities have taken no fiction to extend controls. Program CaJletl 'Fraud' He called the program "the biggest fraud that lias ever been perpetrated on a free people En a peacetime economy," but Housing Expediter Tighc E, Woods said controls are needed to protect tenants against exhorbllanl rent hikes. They debated the issue on a radio program. Woods said the prcsRut law fs wot H rent freep.c. and that landlords are being allowed rent increases to pay higher cos Us. He said an existing housing shortage will become more acute as the defense program gels rolling. . Rep. Spence said week that President Truman wants n 90-day extension of the las*', pending consideration of a longer continuance by the new Congress which convenes Jan. 3. ' Maybank said he had not decided whether to sponsor a stop-gap »x- tenslon in the Senate. • Making H clear he J-s reluctant to support any extension, Maybank was critical of communities which have not arranged for M vole on WINGED FRANCO - Spam's , Gen. Francisco Franco turned out in his air general's uniform for a flight from Madrid to Spanish West Africa. The decoration on his left breast is the Laurcacla, his country's highest; directly helow is the emblem of the Faiange Parly which he led to power. SYMPHONETTE (Continued from |Mg« 1) before turning to conducting, played only one number. This was "Perpetuo Mobile" by Rle.i, vhlch lie player! in unison with four oilier vlolinlsl.s. Now being presented for llie first lime throughout the country by Mr. Piastre was the "Tom Sawyer Ballet Suite" played Itutl night by the Syrnplionelle. Completed l»st year, the ballet from which this suite of four dances Is taken won composed by Vladimir Padwa. . A cello solo by Mr. Ehrenwerlh preceded "Prelude In G. Minor" by Sergei Rachmaninoff. The "Tribute lo'Stephen Faster," arranged »nd orchestrated by l>otiis Brunelli, was * medley of four of the Southern composer's best- known works—"Come where My Love Lies Dreaming," "Jparmie With the Light Brown Hair." "Beautiful Dreamer" and "Oh. Susanna." Other number* presented by the SymphoneLte Included "Three Waltzes" by Johnnrwa Brahma, "To a Little Star" by Modeste Mous- sorRsky, "Zapateado" by Fable Sar- asate. "Andante Cantablle" by j TchnilcovsVy, "night of the Bum-| hie Bee" by Rimsicy-KorsaXov, and "Cagltastro WalEr" by Johann Straus. As nil encore, the Symphoncttc playrd "Butterfly Etude'in O Flat" by Chopin. Next concert scheduled by the Civic Music Association will feature Marlon Hell, soprano, and will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28. In Hie SYomcu's Exhibit Building. Ferrante and Teicher, jv pinno team, will appear In the last of the season's .concerts at A p.m. Feb. 33 in the Women's Exhibit Building, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2T, 1999 Good Samaritan* found On Iowa Farm Arms IDES MOINKS-fPjErnle Huctler hopes his luck has changed. Huetler farms a place near Calamus. First it was sickness which laid him up jor about a year and a ralf. Then last spring fire destroyed farm buildings and damaged his residence and most of his machinery. But things are looking up. A new barn has been completed with the help of neightors who are also assisting In the construction of » hog NON-FLYING "FLYING SAUCER"—This model "flying saucer" was built by Nick Slasinos of liiRlewood. Calif., on order for a New York museum. The craft, called the "Experimental NS-97," shows two main jet installations in the ceulcr section nnd eight turbo-jet ports on the outer revolving disc. Considered acrixJypnmically practical, the saucer is not scheduled /or production now. Deer Greets Air Patsengers of Port GRAND CANYON, Ariz. wry-Official grecter at the Grand Canyon airport is a rteer. He extends a welcome to nil passengers alighting from Trims World Airlines /IlKhts. He makes friends readily, but Is bit of Instance, a "character" too. For lighted cigarettes and will snatch OUR right out of your hand. He's t little young to have horns, but he is most proud of the beginnings that he is sprouting. Turn your back on him and he'll give noose. Huetter estimated hl» neighbors' help had saved about 12,000 ta labor. Tibet has no railways, airheldi or motor roads. BD =Been Delayed he is fond of eating 'y°u a nudge. Just testing, you know and hpadacliei ot ordinary ronsUpaYfon, so burn 1tt< cauje ol d«lay ind lalermi. Black- Draught tt pure; nude ol Iniiwrtfd herlti. T&km at durcU'd. Lu Aclinn ji gentle and natural llir fifl po*-rfrr or cranulalftt. Cosii a. perm* or ki> a iloie. (Jive -Syrup of Hlac*>n?auiht lo civil- dren. At iicaiest dealtr'i HTf tor Da lemale functional monthly all- men^ make you sufer nervoui irritability, tense emotions, w»«k, dragging seiuwtlons a few d»y« »•/ore your period? Then start taking Lydls E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptomi. Pinkhani's Compound not only relieves vhese pre-period nerroiB, weak-, tired Icellnes but also monthly pain of this nature. Truly tnt woman's /rfend. NOTE: Or you m»y l>rffer Lydli B. PinWinm'sTABlJjrS »ith »dded iron. LYDIA E. PINKMM'S PEEK OF FASHION-Parisian designer Schiaparelli includes this mtchievous mask hal in her mid-season collection. The teasing topper Is made of beige suede. (NEA-Acme photo by Staff Photographer Hene Henry.) whether the rent program should he continued through June 30 in their areas. "Congress provided rvery area with a means for expression of the sentiment of Us people." May hank sfttrf, "It is to be regretted that .so many places have done nothing about it." Car-Bu.vinr Keslrlctlun Mi On another economic controls issue, Mnyhank suggested that the government issue "certificates of necessity" entitling some purchasers of low-priced automobiles to more liberal ins tali men t-buylnp terms. Those terms are under jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve Board, which has ordered down payment* or one- third with no more than 15 months to pay off the balance. Auto denl- ers and wo ti Id-be purchasers of cars have protested that the restriction is too dnistic. Maybank Is slated to be chairman of R Committee which will open hearings later this week on the automobile credit controls. The South Carolina Senator said the present controls "are causing R lot of hardship among lower-income workers who tierd cars lo get back and forth to their jobs." He snid he would ask the Reserve Hoard to consider setting up standards qualifying such people for easier lerm.s. "[ wnuld limit the prograrn to lower-priced cftr?. and to purchasers with low or moderate incomes." Maybank declared. "Those who can afford higher-priced cnrs don't need any special consideration," Caribou Return FREDERICTON. N. n. (fl*)—Caribou, protected by game laws of New Brunswick, have been seen in Cnrteton county this fall for the first time since 1918. There Is also evidence that moose, also protected, are on the increase. Los Angeles Artist Incorporates Work f,OS ANGELES <AP>—A Lew Angeles artist has a way ol financing painting t ri|>.s to romantic place. 1 ;. Raw Shattuck simply soils stock in his expeditions. It works like this; Ijist year he formed the Sliat- Luxico Co.. backed by 12 people who put np 1300 each. With the 13,600 ShaUuck spent six months painting in Mexico. When he returned, each stockholder got a canvas of his choice and a percentage of the sales price of other pictures, Shattuck Just returned from another incorporated trip to Louisiana and plans others. The idea Isn't new. Shattuck followed the example of Rockwell Kent, who many'years ago sold stock in a painting trip to a. Invusliyiilc Our' WIIKUTXKR tlirislmas Liiyaway Plan 1 Mrvl woil nnhl th" \n,i minulff A piano it n wonde/lul qiM -on im|K.|nnl F urilian. Ho »l,o!r laraily will h- piourf nod Dmlled « h ft, to. ood ,„,„,, „, „ „,', lv ,,,,,.^, prana Shop «,il,_ and b. „„„, " F '"« n r<)ll , ' • «,~ »» ~M,"i.i ta'i,n".,'.,d'S r-i£ Beard's Temple of Music PARAGOULD "Arkansas Urges! and Oldcsl Piano House" BACK TO WORK AGAIN! Mn, J. W. Vunrfy Conects Cause of Suffering from Aches and Pains Due to Lack of Vitamins Bi, 81, Iran and Niacin -Thanks to HADACOL No one .can afford, in b* In anything hut lip-top condition In nvujrl la^- iiiK behind on 1he job. You iujt fln't do a full (Jay's work when c-hcs, pf\ins, stomach ili.stresF. due to a deficiency o( VUamins IV, B 1( lr«u and Niacin flre dia^Rinjj .von down, leaving you lined and out of rncrHy. Now is I he lime to discover how Iliou.^nds of folk* hav<* rcliovrd the real cause of their troubles with la- day's great HADACOU Mrs. J. W. Bmuly, SOI SnulJi Upper Stiect, I^cxinglon, KoiiUiL-ky, who was snITcrinj? from such deficiencies, wiilc "I h? uffc vl •ith .c\v end [VTins in my IcEt nrm nntt shoiil- Her, I could not vise my arm anrl could nol~tie my n[»on or x^t my ilrcss ofT. So afler Inking I ln>U" of HADACOL, I n<i«- MM use i . arm and do my work, .\5 ft housekeeper, there's lots ot work to ilo. T cnilld not .sleep at nights for Ihe pains and could not lie on my left side, f eat anylhinK I want. Now. 1 do All my work and work in 1lie I laundry. I do pr^i.^c IIAUACOU It's j \vom!crEul. I am 57 years old and Frrl '. wonderful aflrr Inking HADACOI,. | My nchcs and pains do not bother me Ht nil. 1 ' Wriv Not fiivn IIADACO1. A Clianre Tn Help Von! H you're MifTrring from brk of Vila- mills n,. Ri.lron ond Niarin. HADA- COI/ may relieve the rauje just ns it h«s (or so matw vhovisand.v in slate after stale. Thi-ie's no need lo Aetllc for sytnplomnlic relief or |!ive up hope mill] you've iried HADACOI.. In a special liq\i],l fnrm Ihal's easy to lake, trie prrcious Vilanlins and Minerals are already dUsnlved so they srfed quirkly, t'asl. «nd surely, It) every p«rt of your hody, to every body organ, lo bring real relief if you too. Are sufTerinRfroni siirli deficicnry. You owe il t.i yourself to discover lhat only HADACOfj Bives you thnl "Wonderful Hadacol Feeling." And you ilon I risk a cent lo make Ihij discovery eilher. Buv a >sol- tle of HADACOI.. either tKe trial sire (or only SI.2S or the brae family or hospilal si?e for $3.50. If HADA- COTj does not help you, your money will he refunded. Recommended by nlany doclois. IN JIMMIE EDWARDS HARVEST SALE SALE LASTS 3 MORE DAYS! TUESDAY THURSDAY RANGES RANGES B last Set Linoleum RANGES Dining Room Living Room EASY TERMS A small down payment . . . and (he licilancc on convenient weekly •ir inonlhly locni.s. JIMMIE EDWARDS 301 East Main FURNITURE CO P'>s(er bed, van ny and chest Bedroom Suife Special Value Our B Harvest Suit 7^x9 Firth All Wool Carpet ONE OKJLYf Famous Sealy WI^SR &^-Maiffress 9x12 Firth All Wool Carpet Hoss or Quick i\Ieal 5- burner OIL RANGE . . , . 579.95 . . . 90 COIL BED SPRINGS USE OUR XMASPLAN You may reserve any ilcm y o u wish for Christmas with just a small deposit. Boss Table Top Oil, RANGE . . . special price 5-I'c. Chrome BREAKFAST HKT, I able & 4 chairs . . . Reg. $S'J.!).l. fix 12 UKOLKUM . . , seconds, hut :i wonderful Imrgiiin . . . V-'nivcrsal full she KL- KCTR1C HAN(;E . . . hurry ... 9-l'c firniiiiic ,Mnlu DINMNtt 1UK)M SUITE . . . Reg. $289.03 . . . 2-l'c UVI.NC; ROOM SUITE . . . sofa & chair . . . Reg. $|.19.95 ... FARMERS TERMS One-half down . . . with the hal ante not due until the fall of 195! Phone 2487

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