The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY; OCTOBER 30, 1033 v THE BLYTHFA'ILLE COURIEU NEWS ' THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Rcpiescnlatlvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, LllUe Rock. Published Evcrv Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter nl Ihe past office at niylhcvllle, Arkansas, under- act of Congress Oe!£.S.^ lobcr 0, 1917. SorveJ by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION KA'™:3 By carrier in trie City of Blyllicvllle, 15c per week or SC.SO per year In advance. By mall with!" a radhii of &0 miles, »3.00 per year, 51.50 (or six mouths. 85c lor three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, t'iel"s{™, $G.5U per year. In zones seven and cl»ht, ?10.W) per year, payable in advance. Muffing an Opportunity Between the morn t';i:i;ilical tli'.", who seem utterly unslilt! to viow tlie lU]u'or imiblum objectively, ;unl lliu in- climtliuii of numerous public oll'ici:ils to place !iii:iiH-iiil mill politk-il timsiili-r- ations jibovc suciiil welfare in dnift- inif li<i»<»' control legi :'lali<m, tlic jn'os- [jtct lliiit rcpeiil of prohibit ton will bring real progress towiivil s;tiiity mid lcmpcrani:t! grows increasingly dim. There is nu reason to i'car llm U>e situation after repeal wil! be worst- than that under prohibition, but apparently the opparttiiiity for constructive action is being muffed, for the time being at least. At this there is rejoicing amoni; the aforementioiic;! fanatical prohillition- iits. Not only are they refusing lo t(J - oiiurate with those who are working sincerely for a socially sound and workable solution of the liquor problem, but some of them in rereiit weeks have actually' indulged in public rejoicing at the prospect that wo I stupidity and political avarice will make u botch of liquor control in a number of states. Gentlemen of this type dp not seem to be interested in temperance as much as .in prohibition. If temperance can't be achieved their way it is satisfactory to them if it is not achieved nl all. '"It is' not from Ihe ' prohibitionists jeering from the sidelines, however, as much as from Ihe poliluv.ins in places of responsibility and power thai the real danger in the pivsi.-nl siluation arises. Tax revenues to lill depleted treasuries and jobs for importunate followers are what the p-iliticians have their eyes on, and if lullillment of Iheir requirements along these lines claahes with a sound program for keeping the evils of liquor at a minimum it seems likely the latter, for the present at least, will come out second best. Belated, Bui Welcome Public for Ui<; aclioiij of Albert II. Wijjsin, formor board chairman of tlic Chase Nntiou;:! Brink, isn't being heard in nny very groat volume these days. But there is little tloubl that general approval lirts grouted his action in jriving up the contract by which that institution retired him on :i life pension of $100,000 a year. This pension, to be KU-V, \v;is tin :if- fiiir tlic Ijiink itit'l Mr. Yet the business of a r linrinciiil institution of tliat size is, to it great extent, tho public's business, too; and consid- oi'injr the various revi'liitions made before the Seiiiilc InvusliKiitinu commil- lee, thiit $100,000 pension w:is a thing the public could not swallow without ifreal difl'icully. In suiTcndoniiK his riijlit to it, Mr. Wiifgiu displitys for public opinion i) regard which might, <|uilo profitably, have been displayed a good den) earlier in the liistnry of his relations with the Chase bank. SIDE GLANCES By George^Clark| Tax Yields Arcn'l Determined By ( Coui'l Orders H was not the Arkansas legislature which "roljlji-c! the mow fund" lhnl Is security for (lie stnlc Iwnrtr,. us. Attorney General William A. Schniidci of Pennsylvania (U'Cliireri. It was economic coi'CJillons. Revenue fvom highway taxes .slnaiik fumldaljly durtiiB 13:« and was plainly on the way to still lower levels this year unless something could be (loin: to elicck the drop. Tin: legislature attempted to fix Hie iiiolov ll<:;nso lax at the |K)lnl whcie It would be most productive under prevailing conditions. Attorney General Schnader's own state (lclllx?rulcly slivck oil a cenl of Us gasoline lax In (he hojic of, making this levy moro lucrative, nnd has iicluhlly obtained more revenue from the lo\vcrc<l tax. The suit which Pennsylvania Is preparing to file against Arkansas In the United Slates Supreme Court seeks lo require this state to increase its gasoline and motor license taxes so that they will produce a! least $7,500,000 a year to apply on Ihc bonded debt, a'ld thus, in Mr. Schniuter'd words, "restore tin: security of the iHJIKlK." A mere increase In the tax rates would not necessarily yield the desired revenue. The amount ol revenue Is d.'ttTiulnrri by the earning capacity oi liic highways, which In turn Is largely determined by the ability ol the people lo pay and of the Mate to colled the taxes imposed by the legislatiue. The IcgbsluliiK! could mnki: the lux rales higher by amending the hlgluvny revenue laws. But no legislative body can amend the law of diminishing returns, which comes into plf.y when tax rates are lusher than people can and will pay. —Arkansas Gazette. H] ; \ -/*•••'•'• '• \ -^ tH I - •'••••'—I'n ' "•-{'• i <5V. 9M ^ "He Ktcms to be gutting alone; ri^hl well, l.iist nigh he kuyoed his mun in the fourth round." Pneumonia's Death Toll Second to i'tiberculosi We'rc- on our way to the parson, I lined my freedom, but I've found tlie right man. —Polly Muran. * * * One of tile cmbarrassnifiils of beinf a bcntlo- man is tliat yoti arc not pcn.ilttcd to be violent, in tisscTlinv your rights. —Dr. Nicholas Murray Under, president of Columbia University. • • » It ts useless to prolong physical life if mental life docs not keep puce. —Dr. Charles H. Hugo. BY DIt. MOKltIS FISHBKIN incdingly fata! disorder. Intcres liOllor, Jnurnal of the Anierlran I n:;;ly enoush. tlir- type of pncimio Mcdkal Association, and o! i lorcns piod'.iciug pneumonia Hygeia, the Health Magazine children varies Irom the type 111 More persons die from pncn-1 produces nneninonin In adults, monlti in the Unite<l States than Much ot the attack by'morter [roin any other disease cxcep; mcdiciiu on various types of ii Liibercnlosls. In Ihe 10 yenrs from ; trc; ions diseases deper.ds on ma 1920 to 1930. tl\r> deaths from vnr- ing the m.-pt i-nreial and detnik ions forms ot nncumonla In this 1 tlwdy of the grnns v.hich can country 'alone ninounted to more j in? disease. In laboratories ever than-a million. I vhcrc studies aie 1,-ciu? made oi It is. important, therefore, lrmlj»'«: iialuie of the serin which you (lo your best lo prevent any I trace of "the dlbease in your own family Countess Will Be Princess - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - .Insi a Iktlc- irade in litlc-s is on the iirofu'iim for tlie Coinuess Mnrjoric dc Agulrre. slie Is siiov.'ii here as she appeared in Hot Spririjjs, Ark., wlierc K)IC plans to divorce her Argotnhic couni. Wiili llic news 01 lior di- vorcc aclioti she I;|BO ininoiincc'l her engagement lo ITITK-C IV.olri', nieiabor or' uny of Italy's oldest families. ~- In spite of the old belief in red fiannels, the healing power fianuc! depends upon its thick- s and not Its color. ANTONIO j ' STRADIVARI, FAMOUS VtOUN MAKER, OIEO ALMOST aoo VEAR5 AGO, BUT THE auALITX OF THE VARNISH C'iED ON HIS VIOLINS HAS NEVER 6EEN EQOA'.-ED/ STRADIVARI GOT A60UT $> 2O EACH FOR HIS INSTRUMENTS... NOW THEY ARE ALMOST PRICELESS. WILD Rose IS THE FAVORITB \MLO FLCMJER- OF THE UNITED STATES.. THE WAM WK) NAMED THOUSANDS CF F.ANTS AND .ANIMALS, WAS, S5LF, A MAN pF/AANY NAMES , CAGCHUS CAKL VOW L/NNE AND CARL /./MV4FVS WERE USED AS Sl&NATURES AT VARIOUS TIMES. HIS BATHER'S NAME WAS MLS fNGeMAKSSQh ACCORDING TO STRAW VOTE TAKEN BV AMERICAN NATOOE ASSOCIATION, (9Z?. Stradivari knew little .•".bout the principles was an excellent carpenter. !!e used choice made pcrfcct-flUiue Johns find topped oil with an application of his famous varnish. of acoustics, but he wood in his violins, [he expert workmanship \Vhat country had n rain of oian^es. Hlver Landowners Get Million CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo. tUPI landowners along the Mississippi ncunced here. River, near here, whose property- is to be used in the government's flood'.vay. have been paid $1,407,000 for their property. It was an- Read Courier News Want Ads. If I nin clever, —Marie Dressier. I'll never know II. The American people seem to prefer nny foreigner on the lecture pltllonn. no mat- lor liow ill informed, lo an American who knows his subject, thororghly. Jamer. 1). Pond, impresario. * * • H we could prevent puhlishers from publLsh- inj novels, we might \K the. happiest, land in the woild. —Hugh Wn![iolc. * » » I'm tired of this Idea of not. saying what yon mean just because it doesn't sound |x>htc. —Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. this winter. Control of pneumonia . lias not b'-'cu establishes completely by (he medical profession. It was though!. for a while thai the quarantine ot jocple with the disease would slm it, yet this has not proved practical. Means have been sought lor developing inoculations against the disease, bill thus Mir all hnve bcr-n i-.ielfective. One attack of pneumonia docs not protect. This iliat- the immunity created by a:, actual Infection doesn't last v^ry 10113, nnd the stlificial • immunity created by inoculation would :iot endure long, c'.ther. « » • The most chat medicine can rio. therefore, with the present sta'.e ol our knowledge, is to try to bring about recovery in evc-y rase of the disease. In tills, m:ch- cine has been aided greally by ihe catise.s piicnntoniii. H seems likely thai this condition will ue kro'.;;;!;', under much better control v. hen Ihe innumer- p.L'le types nf pnontubcocci that now are known are classified prop- etly. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the f!lr,s of Ihc BlythevlllE Daily Conner discovery of fact that there arc various lypes of pncumococct —the organisms which c;iuse the disease. Moreover, it has been Tuesday, Oct. HO. I!i23. Virgil Greene. original Bull Mooser of Mississippi county, and now lawyer of Osccola. si»m Monday in this city attending circuit court. Liidies In quest of pumpkins nmonu Ihe grocery stores for jack- o-lnnterns presented a deplorable spectacle in a lack of divcrsifica- . lion in Ihis land of plenty of good Co-operation Is the secret of man's heiiif on earth. —Premier Mussolini. wcll- |xxssib;r j soil. No; a pumpkin could be to develop specific methods ofi found among the an grocery stores protection nguiiift certain types.! 1" Blytheville. Can yon beat, It? Seme inves'lteatnrc have found Ihat the Reims called "Type 1" ami! E. L. Caraway of Manila was •Type II" are n.ost oficn proSHI;' among ihe in'' the noses autf throats oi pro-! Blytheville pie who live in families in wh;c:i lonp courl attendants at Monday and .stopped enough at the Courier to incr* arc case? of pneumonia. answer a quiz conrcrniii; his suc- These germs are much lea. o.'lcn: his auto las. which lie present in summer than in winler. patentee!. The stale of Ark.ussas Apparently, also, there Is son-.i- rc-.l'«s purchased 148.00(1 of the lass, lullonship bel«cen appear.w.Lc c( which have a map of Artons.i'; for lr«i«cnt colds s:wong members of a a background. Tn a short lime, it the appearance 0 [ Is believed, everyone will he familiar wilh the outline of Arkansas by constantly lookina <u the auto lass on all cars. Mr. Caraway gets cnc-eiiihth ol a cent royalty to oach tag. .. boasts a IAV.II that zoo. V. J. Trucha of m town spends i:is spare time raining red «dars to assume OUT OUR WAY GO OOO Pi fiinily and rneumonia. By Williami all t.v'iva of piir.:iR:i!ii!i yield equally to ll'.c fcrun-A liiat arc available. A Boston nevcloped a co:;c:ntrat«l nj:ir,!on cf the sutslaiirrs that c.u; be risvelopcd from llio pnciiir.wwcus. When palienls wilh pnCMiiv.:mta by Tyi*. 1 I pneumocecc;i.s wcro treated wilh this solution, ;lic deaths were only 10.G per cent, as contraslcd with a death late ol 2D.5 per cent of ri:H:mts not treated with this serum. Such statistics are very rucour- In the iltack on ihis ex- \T "VOU R\G»HT HE. MEVER CAME t\ UKE tauiary forms in HIT. resemble doss, pcr.cocks, r.mcls. eloplia-ils. tujlcs. hoises, r.<i rabbits. HOUR VJUOte FUTURE.. =Jdin. Adams states, torn. closes. Total attendance 27.530XMI 1955- Old timers 5ti\l debating rela- twf wpriti c 'of I =J —MV^varff^r^*. •/' ^:~vpjryc?kl TUlRTv/ VP&f?«: Ton ^n.ovi nnfiiN nr.iin TOIJAY ,IO.\.\ WAKING, iirrtlj llctaufcN cir), ntni nun %VL:.STO:\, man ut n inlMinnnlrr. meet ttt SI cm tibia nnil In 11 In law. Thry bfcuroe tx- ir;iii£r<J IhniTipb Ihr nrhrnalttC of Il.UillAHA <;oyU'l'MJV. who Li irtlui: in win Hob lor ti cruel I. I'AI U'AKCNC;. Joan', younger fti*rcr. I* in un n a in mob Me nccl- ilrril in \vWlrh JIOKHY FO1IRCST- tCU, hrr cJtrort, !• klllrd. It ear I- ulclt. I'nc mm mrny ID JVcw York, Junn li)Mn\VM nnil In'glDx n «c-nrch fur I'm nntJ til«o n «c;ircb fur a iol». Klic I* riipjisvil n* n nm\kcrt Millar ni a nitrKt clufi. llandinmr 1IAIIM-1V Ill.AKi:. l)ip o«ncr, tirnvc-i n Ktcndlnut friend. l^nl'M *MITIvnlrsi-ciii'f i Jonn nnJ Itar- nej nrp drji«n clo»fr topcrlhr-r. JII;IIK lit-nk-vliif; Hub i^ lo*t lit brf, liruitiixcii lu innrrjr Itarocy. I'm |H>C<MIK* Unrticy'it •ecrclnry tinil KIKITI hp rcaUzrx that 1( Is I'at lie love* !n*irn«l of Jo^n.* KcTcrtHir- U-M Hit? \vei!dhiR iilntis co on, l«e- c.'iiiM 1 Tnt In*t^l» tbnt Joan musl nut IJD hurf. .Innn »rnkc« nnr nlpit In honr l':il suhLiInsr blttrrly. \o\v on ON WITH TIII-: STOUI CUAL'TETl XXVtll J OAN sat down on tlie oOgo of Pal's bed. "Pat, darling." she eaiil. "wlml are you crying about?" Siio threw an arm about tlie oilier girl. LiliO a child. Pat pil lowed lior head "against Joan's arm. "Silly ot me to cry," Pal whispered brokenly, "when there's no reason." "Hut Ihoro must IKS f. reason. Plonso tell me, clear!" Could Pat ho grieving about Joiry Forrester? No. that Old not socr.i likely. P^t had seemed perfectly liappy for weeks. And II was just as unlikely Hint Tat was ^'^ r ^., liT.-.icaicl;. Sho acloreri tlio cscito- mcnl ot Xov,- York. Slio was never ! theil or bored. Suddenly Joan Ijclicved slic understood. It must bo tbat 1'at was in love. How blind she liail liecn not to understand! All at once Joan saw thai Pat ^.ail changed. She w.-.s more snlxlucd now. There w;is a becoinlns reservo nboi:t "Who is lie?" Joan r.SKCil. Thero was a moment of silence, -.lonn felt I'afs arin grow tcuse against her own. Then cnnia I'.it'a usual clicertnl voice. "Now. won't yon listen to Mrs. Detective!" "1'at. dear, forgive me for saying this, lint I lialo to think you mtglu seriously care for Vance. I've memories of Hob seotneo a liunu'iC'-i j times more genuine. Uucouscionsly Joan had hcrmUd every memory, every ^csluro of Bob's. Slie could still Qca tho stcadiucsa ot his eyes, tho liltlo trick no had of drawing his .brows together, a frown tliat n-as not frowning ar all-^just concentration, the ominous set to lilo chin when ho was angry and-the teas- ins smile which revealed his firm, while teeth. Sho must not allow herself to think cf hlr.i. This absorption shutting out every one. Liven Pal. And Barney, loo. Ilarney had seemcil troubled and preoccuiiied lately, lie liad ceased Lo question her al>oul the dale for Iheir wedding. Pcrliapa ho had been hurt by her lack ot en- Unisiasin. Pal said in a quiet voice; "Joan, when are yon and Barney going lo ho married?" Joan's heart thumping, her mind veering frantically aw;\y from the decision again. "I don't Why?" And then Pat's sober voice. l:!i't ''o'-'v cOi:. "It v/!" -'-I sal-!. i: Wis)I." biicl lo clotlir-a. yr-a eulhiisiasm." I*. »ao lhat v- '.i?, ''who '.t co^:o3 hc-!d t>ii vcc;--! K? w' '.fllH r,7ovytfc<=:s, chased. "Anyouo would Lblti!; ^3 wero buying my troui^eav," Pai said on tho way homo. A number ot packages had arrived beforo tliey reached tile apar!™.eut and were reatly stacked on tbo floor ol tbo living room. muto evidence of the busy aflcr- noon. Joan gathered tliem up and carried them Into tlic bedroom, dropping lliem on the window seat. Aren't you going to unwrap them?" "Not tonight," Faid Joau. HAT thought Joan looked tired and Joan, meeting Pat'a vro'h- "Well, I think you ougbl to sel a definita date." So Pat had noticed that Carney was troubled. After a IOIIE moment Joan said slowly, "Yes, I guess we should. We'll mako it soon. Pat. And announce it later. I don't want a lot of fuss and excitement. You know how popular Ilarney is. We'll Just walk oft some day and Pal was laughing qucerty. "1 vas just thinking." ^he s.'.it!, "that my last clianco ' .1 gone lo be mnid ot lionor anil walk down the nislo willi you—and Uarney." Lying lu tho darkness. Joan battled with herself and won. Sho would put asido tlie dreara exlsl- enco In whlcli only Dob was real. Sho would think ot practical things —home, companionship, prelection. "I'm going shopping Hits atler- rioon," she told L'at al noon next (lay. "Ask Barney to lei you off early. I \rant you to come witu me." "Yon want me to hell 1 '" "Of course, Pat. Don't you want dcring eyes, thought her sister looked weary. It really was much know. | too soon after Pat's illness for her | to bo on her feet all afternoon. "I'll finish tho shopping tomorrow," Joan said. "I'm afraid thi3 afternoon was loo much for you. There's not much more to get. Ill '.'! tlioughl from tho first tliat he Is erry's tyi>c. I'm sorry it I've hurt yon." "Don't worry." Pat said. "I'm using my head now. I have to!" Then it was Vance. Joan was amazed at the revelation in Hie Ki'lni ye:ni3 voice. How selfish she had been. So absorbed In licr own unliapnlness she had failed lo remember thai others had problems "I only meant I'd fco selecting things I like, Joan—" TliKY snout tho early part of Hie need another evening dress and;a traveling mil lit." "Oil." said I'.it, "you'll be going away?" "Of course." said Joan. Nulling. 'Rarney hnsn't snid anylliing about it recenlly but ho used to be taik- ug all the time about the cruUo we were to take. Sonic placo la the tropics. It's a cruise he thiuVj la just perfect." "Oh." said Pat. Her voice held n hollow note. ,; "Pat—" began Joan wonderlngl^.'' "It's just that I'll be lonely J while you and IJarncy arc gone," said Pat from tho dressing table, || behind n hig powder puff. : "Six weeks will bo gono before you realize it," Joan assured her. "Pat, dear, why don't you go liomo for a visit while we're away?" "Xo," said Pat brightly. "I'd rather not. Don't worry about wet You kuov,- I'll find plenty ot ways lo amuse myself here." Kvio'cntly Pat was herself again. Tlio doorbell rant'. "It's probably Barney," said Joan and turned from the window. "Let me," said Pat, aud was on •*• aflcrnoon buying lingerie— I like a flash. Joan heard her'opsu lovely, licy, frilly things, piled la the door nnd after a momeat lavish heaps on tho counter before llicm. The saleswoman lifted a negligee from a hanger. "Tliis Is one of the pre!lie.=t wo have," Ebo 'said. H was an «• too. She had known of conr=e that ] lutslte shade of bluo artfully cut was seeing a good deal ot • wilh lines tbat wcro demure, yet Vance Nicholas tnil it had never with a touch ot sophistication. curreil lo her thai l'at'3 interest I Soft, creamy lace added richness was so deep. lo Hie satin. "Pat," Joan sa!d slowly. "I can't "Like il. Pat?" askdl JOM. quite believe It, OC course bos "!i' s a dream." good looking—" I Tlio saleswoman held the negll- "Well. If you had had eyes you gee up against Pat'a shoulders. "It makci your blue eyc.i bluer," ehc smiled. "This ebade would not bo sho &ald Barney's voice, "Well, what's happened here?" "We've been sbopiiitlg for Joan." "For Joau?" "Buying her thing", ri.unoy. t thought you Mnderstoetl why I wauled tho afternoon off." Joan did not bear Barney's reply but when they were alnne together later sho said. "Barney, can jou imagine Pat being upset tccanca we'll be leaving licr?" "Leaving her?" queried Carney. "On our trip," Ealil Joan, wondering why she needed to explain. "Maybe we'll have lo lafco Pat along with us." so good for yon. to "because- your darker." "But it's for Join!" exclaimed heard his voice so vchemci. Saa* had been testing him, ot course. I thought you It was strange ho had not under- eyes arei "Xo!" said Darner. Joan'Ionised at him. surprised. She lind would have noticed that I was giving him all my lime." j "I did DOlice, but I didn't Ihluk . It meant anything." "Xo use worrying. Joan. Guess I've got another case ol puppy love, as mother would call It I'll get I Pat over It, 1 suppose, bul it's painlul ! "oil, I'm sorry. while it lasts—like mumps and Were—" ibe saleswoman broko off I stood that. Something had fer- ricaslcs." I in confusion. Joan smiled. Tlio j talnly gono wrong wilh Barney's • • • ' woman tbougit Pat was selecting nerves. J OAN* sis'icd. It she and Tat were ' her own trousscat!. No wonder! , only at IIPK& louiih!! Nothlnj Joaa knew ihat ber own oppression j decision. "Dar;:ey," she said, "let's j about ihia new lite, sesmert real. ;wi5 far from bride-lt M«ttorle» of those weeks at home, "I'll take it," J«»n I It w.i? then that Joan nude h!r married soon." (To UK Continued).

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