The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1935
Page 3
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MAF-Cft 16, 1935 f ••* -V»'i^'*i- V* TV-n LSo CAR»4i ff ^ M, I, 1 Sister" Wins DentallDerby but Cecije Bids for Second Honors Meiils (or Uiitleniouv-l Members The l.mifv :>d«o) Pan-ill-Tcarh- i H- n.ssvjcjat ion is spon.sorin^ a lo- : cal rr-iief project -.vhicii piwid'" ' or umlcr-privik-RSd i-lillilrai. Tli far uvo mutheu, C",t;'h duy luivc 1 prf-paml the limd which i°. wi-vcil by (he old/r girls in school. On 1 Wcdnr-sdady, the lir:l day. mill: j "ml sivcel tuns wc-ic .si'i-vi'ii t<> | approximately 15 clilldmi HI a '• cost uf lour anil niif>-l!Si( ci-ins i iwv chili). 'Ik' followiii" a-.iyl Spanish rice wilh ground meat' :iud tomatoes was served to 'Jl i Children in a cosl of IKO rii>.> I'.H' ! child. I'rtday salmon wiliid can- LaintnK cilery and ca'jlj:^* in»<l j wns KerviHi to (Ji) children at a cost ; nt two and oin-iliird cunt; r-er | thilil. »!«id is furnished with \ f Application lius IKVII made for I 11 jelic-/ jiro/fft lo assist in tlio prepnrntli))) "f the fuoil ns -.veil 'is I the; of Mipplir.s. Mr.- 1 ,. T.! G, Sf-itl. pre.sklHit ol lii' 1 L'.ui^: .school Purent-Tcctch 1 ;! 1 assofiallon, ii.sks Him nuy merchants »')ID Suvi- .'my food supplies Ihey would IK willing to coiuribuLo to this pm- jnu call her nl 'Ml It has r.seii tound thai apnroxi- Jiuiltly niic-third of ih= students In uvernfc'C dully BUciulnnce at this j school nri: imilci'-iuiiiri.shi.'d ihrir • lank of proper din or through' lack of frxf.l al. home. Cherry Tree Planted On Sire of Previous One Vu. <UP> — Another cherry tree ha.s been plnntert here on Hie appioximatc spot where. George. Wa^tiingUui look hi.s father's h.itchct and hacked away on "the cherry tree." George Stcptoe 'Washington, 70- yeni--old, white-haired descendant of the country's fivsl prcsideirt, plained the tree a.s part of the ceremonies at Washing ton's birthplace cfliniuemornliiig the anniversary. IcCallum & Robinson, Inc. - Operators of'Largest Mop "actory in Soulli, Pays top Prices for Damaged Cotton Advertisements AdvortlScrnDnta NOTED MEMPHIS BUSINESS FIRMS Who '"'oniy rtrlall Slorcs, Wholesale folilillshmenls, Factories, Imlllulkm. anil older In Norlfifasl 'Arkansas 'wl(h | Supplies, t.'quljimcnt, Services ami Omumodillfs. of All Sorts, McCallum ft Itolilnsn'h, Inc., m Mnllocy Avo., Me/n{i)il.s, (ho laftf- I mnimfncliircrs In llin .Snnlli of lop heads find mops r'»rn|>]fi< 1 llh Imiutles, shipping evci ywlif-ro Om Maine t/i California and nil (lip H'OrM, Is In Ihe market o purehaxn loos*? cotlon, us well s col Ion dniimRcd by vraU>r or re. I'lanlcrs: nnd cotton dealers •II) llnd It lo lliclr advantage to rll their Inoso and damaged colon lo McCallum fi Itobliisim, Inc. lio nre hnovyn to pny top prtce.- or all siH'.h products, Thor-e, who o not di'sliii tn sell may brine iich prnducl:! lo McGiUhim & Robnson who will ta Rlitil lo IO-COH- llllon such cotlon for the. owner's rc\nit al very reasonable cost Hie workmanship here wilt b? 'omul expoil.'brlnuliiK the collar ij> lo orlBlnni marketability, Mc- Ciillum ,t noblmoM, Inc., will pur- c-hasr outright any (iiinntltics of onsc or damaged cotlon, regard- rss nl condition, nnd Ihe tissur- elwn thiil no higher prlc- otiti he, procured clse.whcrc. The. service rendered will be foutul liilck, as well ns rrilnWn nuil cour- .cons, farmers, planters nnd dealers will nnil '11 most advantageous to establish relationships with Mc- Culliim &. Robinson, Inc., cllhrr for selling outright or for rn-con- •l)lloi)Jj)B on owner's Ijebalf. Mc- Culliim & Robinson, inc., possesses nil enviable reputation for Integrity, •rcllnblllly nml ' high standard business methods, and Its targe clientele will attest to the, excellent service rendered. Inquiries arc solicited from northeast Arkansas ellhfir by mail, telephone, telegram or personal call, ami Hie assurance. Is given that any ' ncllons 'tf ro.sult. In ,conij)]oto tljls orijaiiltatlmi will Nalional Rose Spring & Mattress Co.—Mfrs. High Quality MaUresses & Bedding for Dealer Trade Since oiic-tlilnl of a person's, life doubt 1.1ml p.vcn the. most'critical Is spent tn lif.d, ihpn Ihc miller "f' 1 (ll 'd suitable- styles-Vnd ma-, (if slecpliiK comfort Is one of para- f hr!nl . s .'.'-' rllis ? 011 .«in > . noted .for mounl Importance. To make .sleep- Ins comfortable, It Is necessary lo have, properly designed mat tresses, ns to allow a proper sleeping iwslurc, 'J'here ls - nothing more restful or fatlBuc-dlspelllntr.,tlmii n mnllress mnniifiiclnred by the j erIiploycdVn.s rcpuliilloii l.f beyond Us l . i stnndnrd niBLhoiLs of dciil- tng' with Ilia • inerchnnt' nnd U mnXcs a prnctlc.c of .nffdrrting 11)6 fullcsl vtiliio.s • for money, cxncnd- <iil. . 'i'lie'.'vi'orkninnslill) ' 1s ; pf ilic order,, nnd none but llio . experienced , workmen arc Millions! Rose- Spring & M«tUiv» Co., 701 Krnlucky AVB., Mcmplils, telephone a-3080. Thh coim'mny Iws liccn in mnny ve-irs entering lo llio bnlillng needs of Din \rndc. Jlcfc ile'nldr.'i niny 'find utmost, sullsfivctloi) lii tlio iwrcliRsc of lilKli-gnidn hmttcrcfses mill bedding. II Imndles ft wlde.n.iwrlment of inerchntullse nnd' there Is lio ve)>Tcaoli,: and the.> lienter trnde will find II Hdvnntnscniis'to-iriulo here: The. M«tloiml ; Rose'.. Su'diig it MnlliTHs Co. Invites 1 defers In n()r|.lien<l • Arknnsas und soutlicnsl Mt;soiii : l to Mk for " prlcM, nnd liie ; araiirnnc'i! = Is • given • tiinl nl- most.'Ratisfuctlon will be received (is lo .(iimlHy,- (irlcc, worfcinnnslilp nnd coiiVlcmis utleiiUon., New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 16 (UPl — Cotlon closed barely steady. open high low close 1094 1099 10BO 1084 1105 1108 ' 1090 1000 HOC 1112 1093 1003 10C2 IOD5 1052 1052 1063. 1(VB V055 IftRS . riOGB- lflTtl-..l<lfiO .. IdCO •lOK/'fi "Qllirl. fll 1120, off Mnr May Jill OCL Annelic has l:t-r first loriili! Thi? thrilling aniioiinciinient in the Dlonne nursery has hei^httiiprl the (inliy c.vamliiiillon of Annette's four sisters for signs Hint they me iiisp eiiUiiii; tcell!, mi event cxjicctad nuy dny now. Note the strona, capable hands of Nuree Ijoulse Cc Klrllln'c ns she ticntly probes Ceclle's month with n spoon-handle. The quintuplets, noiv IP.- months old, are n trifle later than most children with their first teeth, but not enough (o cause any'nlnriii, ns normal children soinetlnies postpone the event until they are 10 or 11 months old. ' ... • Slock 1'rices New Orleans} Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mnr. IB (UP.) —Cotton i:!oscrt weak. open high low Mar May .in) HOD llMij 1IIUB 107) 1107 mi 1060 107-1 Dec .Ian . Spol-s closed quiet, 1071 !08fi 1093 I05.'( 1057 close 1071 A. T. nnd T ......... 101 1-4 An/iconda Copper ...... 8 5-8 Beth. Steel ........... 23 1-4 Chrysler .............. 32 1-2 Cities Service ........ 1 3-lii Coun Coin ....... .... 118 1-1 Gen. Am. Tank ....... 33 1-2 Gen. Rlcctric .......... 213-8 Gen. Motors .......... 27 3-4 Int. Harvester ........ 3S 3-4 1053 1057 IDti'Jb ItM. Qtf Com McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Want N. V. Central Packard ....... . Phillips Pet Radio .......... :, Simmons Uedfi Sinndnrd of N. ,1 Texas Co U. S. Sineliiii!; U. S. Steel li :i-l 2'.i 1-4 • 13 31-2 15 1-1 1 1-4 n 3-4 3(; 1-1 IV 5-K 1 1:1 !-:> ?ij i-i NE\T at Rlythevilles Theatres Chicago Wheat liigti May July oven high 79 1-8 79 1-4 7'1 3-1 74 •?-« open I May 0;i toi'/ close 'July !{0 ;t-l 77 3-K I'l 'i-& ] ' 711 3-8 73 3-81 Read Courier News Wain Ads. •Hi 1-11 89 CURIOUS WORLD -B IP ALL THE WATGRPALLS OP THE Wd)/2LD WERE HA&MESSED, THEY COULD FURNISH ONL>/ TEN PERCENT OF THE POWER. BEIM& USED- TODAV. NOBO.. WAS LED TO THE DISCOVERY Of= DYNAMITE WHEN NITROGWCER1N, WITH WHICH HE WAS WORKING, ACCIDENTALLY LEAKED INSTO THE C€\r Tral MacMnrray, hiuidsome Par- ainoimt player, wlio proved hi.s romantic qualiflcations in "The Gilded Lily," emerges now as an adventurous, two-fisted fishier in tilt 1 ' leading role of Parauiounl's "Car flD," which plays tit tin' rjo.xy Sinidny and Monday. This story of UK' famous Michigan Stule Pnlicr fcBtwcs MacMurrsy, Sir Guy Standing, Ann Sheridan. William Frawley, Dean .Tagncr and Marina Schubert. "Car 8!l" Is based on true incidents in the experience of this prent ciiminal-iuiiitiHir force. Mnc- young rookie pref.ty swi?ct- hearl. (o join Hie State police. He cmcr|:es from Hie rigorous training to prove himself u hero envly in liis career. Bui. in n clash v;itl\ the Stale's most dnnperoiis>- tiils, he loses his prisoners through carelessness nnd i.s biokpn rts a result. T.Vi-ii alle; ihis :/.-ll)iicV:, he ir^r- sisls hi his loyalty to tlw force. Finally, in a daring coup, bans bandits crippji.- tiie police rn^io .•-ia'.ion and proceed to escape frjm UK- State. Th-'ir plan just fa;!.-; of sr.ccoss liii'ough the bravery and c;«u-l:-(l\lnk>i-.(; of MacMurray. who •yins back his post and his vu'rl jl^roi.'ch (he arrest. Murray iiortmys encouraged by his "Hell h.ilh no fury lite a woman scorned." But what of a man who .sees the woman he loves become engaged to his bitterest enemy? This in th= situation .of "# Notorious Gentlcuian," who. clcve 1 lawyer that he is. not only kill his rival but so plants the evidonc' tlfal an innocent cirl "is suspcctcc of Hie crime. , : *. The atmosphere of the .Soutr pervades the picture, mid whtl Ihe dramatic intensity of Ihe com-* room scenes is hishly exciling am" full of.siviff action, the L'ackgrounr is full of the charm thai Is par' of the life below the Mason-Dixor line. "A Notorious Gentleman." with nn all-star cast headed by Charlcj Bickford. Helen Vinson. Sirtuey Blackmcr, Dudley Diggcs and Onslo«- Stevens will bs shown at the Roxy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This surprising drama l>nr, its thonc outraged and scotn- cd lov? carried to the most dcs- perak' extreme of revenge. That iwpular aclion star, Buck Jones, comes to the Iloxy theatci Friday and Saturday In the tales' of his Columbia outdoor, action pictures. "The Fighting Code," in which he is supported by a view leading lady, Diiine Sinclair. Buck is seen as a young stranger in the little western town of Whitewater where public hatred ir directed against the name of Helen James, played by Miss Sinclair because all facts point to her father's theft of bank funds before his subsenuciit suicide. Posing as the long missing brother of Helen, Buck gradually solves the mystery of the death of the girl's father. In working towards the solution he is pitted against a gang of men ncttvelj' working to seize the James property, and it is only after numerous gun bullies find thrilling escapes Hint Buck succeeds in capturing the real thieves and proving the innocrncr of Helen's fatter. day nt the nit?, in the iicrson of Wallace Hecry, who plays' Ihe Jiialchless showman In Darryl P. Zanuck's production oi "The Mighty Barniiiii." The screen piny iiiatntains the comedy mood best suited not alone to liariiuin'.s cxtraviiyant exploits, but to Decry's most popular type of ciiaraclcrizatioii as well. The. story opens with Bnvnnm's eiittancc into Ilic sideshow business exactly a hundred years a.go when, having ucqiiircd n few reji- 't]c monstrosities and an aged ncgress named Joice llcth, purported to be. 1GO years old nnd erstwhile nurse of the Infant George Washington, he Iclt, his failing Bowery grocery, rented n livery stable and opened nannnn's American Museum. The famous midget, General Totii ''huuib and his bride Lavinia, the Uardif Giant, Ihe Uenrded f.ady, the Fiji Mermniil, the Woolly Horse and all the rest of Ihe "natural oddities" with which Barnum staggered New York a century ago are also seen. His splurge from the grotesque to Ihc sublime with I ho sponsoring of the American debut of Jenny Llnd, the lovely .Swedish nightingale, nt Castle G.irden, plnys a - lilg part in Ihe Picture, with Virginia Bruce charmingly interpreting Ihc golden-voiced Jenny. Bobby Grayson's Brkte-to : Be Walter Hunter—Distributor of Poison Puncture- Sealing Tire Tubes—Great Factor for Safety of Life CITZ "Gold Diugers of 1935," will he seen at the ttif/. Thursday and Friday. Bushy Berkeley, it. is clalmci). has taken A funny, clever story, nthered together a cnst of Him •U'oritcs that includes ten of War- er Bros.' outstanding stars, am! •ith the assistance of more than 00 of the prettiest dancing girls Hollywood, has assembled the vhole into a tuneful comedy in vliich his tnlcnl for spectacular crcen innovations has been given nil sway. In "Gold Diggers of 1935" he is aid to have created the most ;orucous and unique dance nuin- iprs of Iiis career. There are three outstanding specialties including dance in which !>0 snow white grand pianos actually cavort i on lie stage. The dance learn of Ramon anil Rosita Is also featured. :^> MORE THAN TH(f2.Te£N HUNOREO <3AfV>e CAWS WERE ENACTED tN THE UNITED STATE'S . T0 (gio "Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round,'' i Reliance's sparkling new comedy drama with melody, mystery and romance, singed aboard a palatial ocean liner, comes to tlie Rltz Sunday and Monday. A great cast of .screen and radio stars, headed by Jack Benny, N»n- icy Carroll and Gene Raymond Is seen In this Harry M. Goetz-E<i- and Jimmy Grier and his orchestra. The passengers aboard the liner include Sydney Howard, \vho is known as England's Chaplin, play- Ing a happy, harmless drunk; Sid Silvers as Raymond's comic confederate working as a steward; Sidney Blackmer as Lee Lolhcr, ,a scoundrelly Broadway racketeer Small production, which i who Is pursuing Sally, Shirley |neiijamln Stoloff directed for re- Grey as a married woman who i.s i5p through United Artists. [infatuated wilh Lother; Ralph Benny I.s seen as a genial mas-(Morgan as her suspicious husband tcr of ceremonies, broadcasting^and William Boyd a.s an cscapei from the high seas, white Nancy! Rnnman who is stowing awa> Splays Sally Marsh, the star of his (aboard the liner. I i troupe, and Raymond is seen as; The mystery develops when Loa young Raffles who falls In love ( ther is found dead In Sally's cabin. Suspicion falls on each In turn, In the cnst are Dick ' \dolph Mcnjnu, Gloria- Powell, Sluart, Alice Brady, Glendn Farrell, Frank \fc!f"gh. Hugh Herbert. Joseph Cawthorn, Grant Mitchell, Dorothy Dare and Winifred Shaw. Described by those who have witnessed It in preview showings as one of tile most thrilling pictures ol risk and danger ever screened Many lives : can be saved It lircs arc equipped with poison Pnncliire-Scnllni;. Tillies. . These lubes arc not only safe and economical, but tliey.'atso assure fr^c- dom from puncture.'!, nlr.lcnks. elc. There Is iullilng- more dlBcmirert- Ing Ihan it flat lire, causing'great Inconveniences, law of lime as well as moiioy. The lastnllntion of Poison Piiiicture-Senll/ig Tubes on new ears, un >well as v pld ones, eliminates blow-outs nnd i\nt,,'tlrea', even If unils or'olh-r object•! go through flic lifcs! Tlic '. forc;- thoiight of cijiilnplng tires :with Poison lubes limy sa\o many u life,- wliicli nrc ; ccrlnihly *orth more than tt\C'.more •• oi.n Poison Piincturc-ScalinB Tube. Every"'ntw car "buyer"should• at once equip: his. cur • with- Poison tubes, as assurance against mis- hnps 'llmf. caii ilevcr'be rectified ngaln.t •' If the local'dealer does not carry . Poison tubes, \yrite or tclejiliiracs -'2-3till who .will advise of the" nearest dealers. • Oarages, tire stores, service stations, battery anil accessory stores should not fall to carry tfle Vplion tube line, \>lileh will protfe to br popii lai ami n good-seller Denleri everywhere aie Invited to com- inunlcati! with Walter finnlci for full particulars prices etc 'Ihe service rendered herd #111 be lound prpmpt t efficient find courteous F. M. Lane Foundry & Mack Wks^-rGray'Ir^on ; Castings & Machine Wor|t—Water Service Boxes "*t * % Notenoith> ninong the crnj Iron where (ill nimnlltles me Uiuifd foundries' lii -this, lerritorv Ls the F - ivf.. T-ane, Pqtiudry & Machine Works, fll West Illinois .St.,-Man- Hobby Orayson, All-America football ace ar- Stanford, will be watching for signaU In-, steai! of calling 'era alter n&it June. Tbe star fullbaclt will mnrcli to the altar after graduation wilb. Miss'CIirrslln&jwil,- U.ims, above,- daiiglitcr, of^'CoL nnd Mrs. B. A. 1... Williams Ol. Honolulu, the, betrothal, ! beW cd at a Katt..l'rfOi>c.ts<:a phis.' This cpmrmiy mnmifnctures gray, iron ; cast Ings'to nny specific analysis desired Here castings' ale mamifacliucd for till lines of bus incss, anil there fs-'notliliiB in the line of iron ciLStlngs this com pany cannot fabricate wilh (jrcnl credit. All workmanship Is accurately performs) by experienced craftsmen with nmny years' experience In these specialties. Goslings of every description are. all sires nnd shapes In accordance with customers' sjicclficnlloiis. Patrons cnn .dciitnd upon lilgli- class workiuahshlp at this' establishment. -Iron castings ore also inaniifactur«l for'productloh' work, Buried under twenty fen of murt .iiid silt, wilh many feet of; water above lhat, the irien 'of.'"Under Pressure" live, fight ant!'carry on with courage under astonishing ana hazardous comtltlons. It is a world lhat few persons have seen, lliough millions lm»e passed through It after It has been tamed nnd "civilized." First of all, it is a world of "sand-hogs,"-and the lives of these men who drive both vehicle and subway tunnels beneath the rivers of the world furnish an unique and absorbing subject for the scrcefl. (ill out, mirkcd b> ereal precision and ncciirncy Machine yrork te also ucrformcd nl cormectlom^ v.lth casfiuss where the most, skilled inedlunivanil • light- ninclilnc work Is performed.' This'oti'anlzatioii' Ls Widely i known: a-s a jmhnndicturcr of services boxes -for water, .light and scwcr ' systems, calcrliiB^tg'' water . copipanies, cities, towns, vlllnges., a.s well n.s Indiulrlcs of till 'kinds: 'S|>ecinHJes of all kinds me. fabricated, as per .customers' spccificallonsl Involving castings and machine work. It would be glad lo submit prices on costings find iiiqclilno work, as well: as for <;mlce 'Hie wires nrc rei- .onnble', anil the service Is prompt, reliable autl courteous. The. pa- Irpntige'of liorllicast Arkaasos and southeast Missouri is solicited. with her. Among tlie Inmoiis screen and MAN must look to other sources than water to furnish him with _ the constantly increasing needs tor power. Africa has more po- radio personalities who taite part Unlial water power than any other continent,, bill its many water-''*" ~ ' "" ' Benny's broadcasts are Mitel are locald so trml they arc of little « sc to Africa „/ ,11 m u,, i«i ^ ihn ,-n ii '«nco. at .nil to (He i«t of (he world. of no ol no 01 '""' in ll " g ' ownu P role ™ Fr ank Porker, The Boswell Sis- and It take.s a second murder lo solve the first. P. T. Darntlm, self-styled "Prince of Humbugs," comes back to a ters, Palsy Kelly, ,Jenn Sargent • hearty life Tuesday and \Vednns- Fox Film's production, "Under Pressure." will be shown at the Rlts next Saturday. Edmiiti<J Lowe and Victor Me- ! Laglen, one of the most popular j teams in the history of the film: industry, are the co-stars ol tills , unique story, which brings to the screen for the firtt time the lives and spectacular adventures ol tunnel-workers. According to advance accounts, "Under Pressure" presents a new':' type of "underworld"— a world confined to a steel-lined tube some : 17 feet in diameter, an unreal, world of high-pressure air and Approximately half worlds telephones arc country. of in the (life 'Ml* R. Cluck Floor. : Co.— Hardwood Floor Specialists The U. Cluck Floor Co., 820 Jefferson Ave., telephone 2-1200. Memphis, Is probably one of the best equipped concerns in the South to -lay new, high quality floors. This company Is known for (treat skill In the- laying of hardwood and other floors that will be a credit to any building, for here none but expert crnflstneA ^rc employed. Nc\v- floors arc Inf'd i cither in olji nulldlifgs, or for new conslriicltoh: itcrc o!d. l ha,rgvood and pine fio6r J s';;^T€^at^O"r,e i siir- facwl and luitshpd In a manner that Is difficult to detect from brand new floors, displaying 1 a skill lhat Is outstanding. This company also soils all kinds, ol floor cleaners, floor finishes. waKes, elc., and rents out floor sandins machines to those who wish to vn work, ft I only'to homes,'-but also ;o stores, 'restaurants, night clubs, offices, schpols.' hospitals, institutions, public buildings, etc. it also applies Tlte-Te.v for clubs, kitchens, batitt, offices, corridors, show rooms and retail stores. This tile is noted for ^oiighncss and grenl resistance to wear and will withstand, a great deal of traffic, and can be laid over wood or concrete. The R.. Cluck Floor Co., will fce glad to submit, estimates' upon all : floor requirements. The patronage of northeast Arkansas is solicited and •.appreciated." ,_, . the cyc.s of various an" ' ,_, . l»Vols'.; Srf ?*a,ten ,ps, a," dellf' smofte and raw, g*s<?s. SPECIAL MEXICAN DINNER 60c Sunday 6 to 8:30 p. m. HCTEL NOCLE There Are MORR r.ron CUPS Of Coltcc In Every round Of Four T^af

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