The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on August 25, 1842 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1842
Page 2
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) - ; . - ' . - . i . ) - BM - " " ' gt)t jPatlg flxtcifflttte BY LUM3DEN, KENDALL 6& CO. y.A.LaMeon, 6WilhiaEotdatt aad A.M. Sottroak. 0VTICX 72, CAMP STRICT. ' Tkirsdaiy Mwalag, Aw gam 83, TEBJtS OV THI PICAYCITB. Sabeeriptioii recaire for twerre saooOia lor tl-haf rrJv " ajUqiiaitortyeAtbaaaaieratae. AH eobaeiiption 1 norase - - - tsaha liM. laaarted for 91 the Ir sua 60 Cant for evary aobeequeo iaaortioo. Tboee of ' troWkecm chafed Uaeapartkm. ' IN inii mull, ! T ii ' """ahed ooo month aa chand aeotdly. Bt ae dteWwuat or L.' ko aufted onta all anearagee ara paid eaJeeaatffceopeiooorth.pioprkeUre. , tn-wwaUy.orine.Acy, ara charged eao daDer far ea-are far .. I . ar T7 .nRT NO ISS Depart of that Alugatob- or uio - - th. 5n(nrm.fHn rf oor friends. Curnel" Pardon reports were J. n th tout and Win. T. Porter, editor of the New York Spirit of the Tune, and aU whem it maj concern, we announce the departure of the Alligaroir Iate!r caoght by a yoan maDofNewOrlean,on a fiahing excursioii Pl8ckerminef,, and consigned to hr P- roent. f -, 1 1. ' L Tim. The fine packet ship HUah, j ,orK, ana on m lafge and nanas, ana unuor uic .... respectable escort of friend, his Alliptorship than three laid befor the House of Repre- - ... i v r .1 I on the 1UD insu, uj nraiuucn m uio coromitwe appointed to consider the reasons of i2,e President for vetoing the tariff . bilL -Mr. Adams, the chairman, presenled bis report being that of the majority. Mr. Gilmer, of the minority, presented a report on his " own book,' and Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll did the same. . '"' In Mr. Adams rrpprt, the present condition of the country is attributed to the acta of the executive, in connection with the mal-adminis- traiinn nf the nsrtv before in power. . A review was KarrtHaadObaary iHioaiarachariw-"-"-' r-" A Kbarai diaeomat aaada Uioio who aaartiaarwayaar neared to r l:. ynmQ trip. kind' attentions oi Droiner gorier, upi find the "critter" useful as a baromt Sales at AcctioicThis Day, August 25.-- j E. Tastet, sells Boots, Shoes, Dry uooa 10 o'clock. .... Vincent & DeFeriet, ull g ment of Dry Goods, Boots, ' . . . ar 10 O ClOCK. . gans, at no unariroo mw"-' fjo See advertisement. "V DMJOHrrvt-That shower yesterday af- terooon. Pom PiTTSsrB6.--The.good steamer Re public, Capt. Good, is off toMlay for a good way bp the river.' ' . . Foa St. Loins. To-day Capt. Srode's Macedonian is off for the Mound City, and the Illinois River. - For Rid Rtvxr. The steamer Swan, Capt. McGuire, leaves to-day for Alexandria and M places along shore," via Simmsport, mouth of Bayou de Glaize. OkFCapt. Joel Green's new and elegant steamer "Pathfinder," starts to-day on her jnxftback to Louisville and Cincinnati. Those who want to find their way np the Ohio, will find it by finding their way on board the Pathfinder, they will, moreover, find it to their advantage to do so. 03 Red River papers by the steamboat Star yesterday. Thanks. . 0 John Landon, clerk of the steamboat .Miami has been held to bail for his future appearance in Alexandria (Rapides,) in the sum of $1500 for striking a deck hand named Andrew Fibnity, a blow, with an oar on the head, of which he died. " 03 Yesterday was a great day for musqui- tos. ' Oar tanciuvt was the scene of much bloodshed. At an early hour in the morning an army of the w greys" commenced a desperate 'attack npen our editorial person. The , battle lasted from 8 A. M., till half past 10 at night. Killed, 365 of the enemy ; badly wounded, of our troupe, one ! To CoRRisroHDEATS. An M Eye Witness" had better consult a lawyer as to the right of Joseph Llullier to prevent persons landing on the ferry wharf, from their own private boats. When we first heard that application was about to be made for permission to run this ferry, we spoke in favor of it; because we were under the impression that a steamboat would have been placed on it, and that it would much " subserve the convenience of our citizens ; but since no steamboat has been placed on it, and . .since all boats but those of one man have been ' driven off, we regard it as a jobbing monopoly, ' in which the interests of the citizens are sacri- , (iced to the benefit ef an individual. - ltT" We understand it is not the intention of . the Attorney General to proceed against the Commercial bank, and the Canal bank for a ' forfeiture of their charters, inasmuch as they have now respectively in their vaults the ratio of specie to their circulation which is required by law. The case of the other banks against which proceedings have been instituted, is fixed for Friday in the District Court. The church wardens of the. church of . St. Louis are at issue with Bishop Blanc, on the question of appointing a curate in the room of the Rev. Abbe Moni, deceased. The Bishep, without the advice, and contrary to the wish of the wardens has appointed - the Rev. Mr. Rousselon curate of the church : ' they protest against such appointment as null - and illegal, and a violation of law and an outrage to their feelings. We always like to see a wholesome restraint -on eclesiastical power. LARczirr. The store of Alexander Park, 91 Common street, was entered about 8 o'clock on Tuesday night. The money drawer of the desk, was forced open and about $600 in Bpecie and Municipal notes carried away. The clerk of Mr. Park returned to the office before the robber had got away, and saw him let - himself down from the back window. A person has been arrested whose character heretofore, has been above suspicion. Recorder Baldwin entered into an examination yesterday, but adjourned the investigation over till toslay. . Mr. Park's clerk swears to the positive recog-. nition of the prisoner,' whom he saw escape from the office; while two or three credible k persons are prepared, we learn, to establish an alibi. We forbear to giro the name of the prisoner at the preae auge of the proceedings. , C3" The Mayor vetoed the First M unicipal- it Hast law - a:il v 6 , .uu ine council passed it by a 3S!?SirS "W. WW have wished that the Myor had succeeded in annulling - it: three forth, of the ordinance, which are passed by petty corporations with the affected view of protecting the people', interests, are but, so many schemes for wringing indirect taxes from them. .. r- .f.; rmsneneer. He. t . k..Mr Welt uicaocu si n uiveuovi We commeua nun to tne ing ' he m.find the acritter"iUselui as a oaromeur in nir juvenile days, and a good watch dog when h rets to be four or five years old. Look out for his arrival, Mr.' Spirit," and for the satisfaction of " his 14 anxious ma," who probably does' nt know he's out," just. inform your readers of the fact when it occurs, i From Porto Rico. Capt. Crowe!!, of the schooner Magnet, at Norfolk, VaJ, from Are-cibo, Porto Rico, informs the Norfolk Herald that the growing crops were suffering severely from drought. The island has been without rain, for three or four months; and it was evi dent that unless they had some very soon, not more than half a crop of sugar could be made. There was very little sugar of the old crop remaining at Arecibo:. i ' I Advices from St. Croix sIbo represent that island as suffering greatly from drought, and fears are entertained that the crops will be nearly all cut off. j Thus, while we have been flooded with rains, our West India neighbors have not bad a drop. M I 03s It is said that the congestive fever is prevailing in some parts of Mississippi with fatal violence. -11 KF Col. Richard M. Johnson, late Vice President of the United StateB, is elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives from Scott county. Hon. Bedford Brown, late U. S. Senator, is elected to the North Carolina legislature from Caswell county, j I the 9th Kj The river havior beea et on fire ra sev-1 erml places. Dial mnvfomt it to bo from the I burninr of 4th of July ormiioo by authors too I modest to pablUb, a. It could Dot pooa&ly have been effected by soch as have appeared in print. We found this la that capital paper, the- Bos ton Post. . Wolvmv It is said that the wolves in sou parts of Illinois are so troublesome that 'the farmers have held meeting, at which they ap pointed the third Wednesday of this month for a simltanrous poisoning of the bait set for the tvarmioU," so that they can keep oheep in is given of the finances of the government be- I building were stunned, and a young man sitting I Mfety. Tluala something on the order of the Daxasjx? r- Liohtwiho Loss or Lirx. The papers from the North received yesterday, mention several cases of damagetiy lightning. In New York, the store of Mr. E. Mount; in Catharine street, was struck by lightning on the T2th inst. - The electric fluid followed the tin leader down from the roof, till within about three feet from the ground, when it darted tnrougti a window, breaking a paow and took to the g!ia pipe, which It loIWwed down into the cellar, and thence wfcnt into the ground. Two ladies were sitting within three feet of the gas pipe, neither of whd:n were in jured. Persons in the upper stories of the fore the 4th of March,' 1841, and of couree at the time the administration entered upon its constitutional term of service. The death xT General Harrison is adverted to as thejnscrutahle act of Providence, which had destroyed the hopes of so many of the Whigs. The reader is then brought down to the convening of Congress, May 31, 1841. The acts of this session are briefly reviewed, and the veto power stated to be the cause of this defeat of their expectation. . The vetosare then commented on and stated to be contradictory in their character. The illegality jof the act of collecting the revenaea at present, is reiterated, the opin:on of the Attorney General to the contrary notwithstanding. The reasons M of the Presi- in the door way of the adjoining store, was thrown some distance, but not seriously hurt. The wood work within the window was ignited, but the ladies had the presence of mind to extinguish the fire. -On the 11th, a man named Ashmore was in stantly killed by lightning, whilst at work in a barn at Elizabethtown, New Jersey. On the same day a severe storm passed over a portion of Westchester and Fairfield counties, New York, j In Stanford, the Congrega tional Church was struck by lightning, injuring the tower and destroying the clock. In Nor-walk, the keeper of the Smith Island lighthouse was struck by the fluid, and his life was despaired of. A barn with all its contents was burned a little west of Port Chester. A man MARINE INTELLIGENCE. tiuus. Skip Zmpmtmm, la, tm fc.p(HWa.M-,fe4-P. York. . . Brvt Uo-, CU4ur. tm Hart. ' r. CoBoirci at. rowra . j, M - Aaaivrti. Tm Ckartai WiBaaaaa. K.caAi r.,. fm ' r"r, uarrto. rxrs. rai llar-a Toboal CUiborva. M a'Ua. Im Ua I rtfvaao Carlir. Bauoo. fat rnn.. Straaaar Viorr, llaot, ft hULoata. Par G!are. Trato, fa It. Loaa.' , 9luot Mctlx. AaakatA, fai Lari. Puaar lir. Wkl. tm AWtana. Uaw Tocbo, WifflM, fai tXu. biajamer Joka Aruor. Btrk. tm LWtW I0 RHWAAfX Slroya4 froai Ua WriUai UltA - rrp nia .aa a -in ,poi is kia irika4. Ty 1 pisen sassinger" law for our dogs. Onn Pti.i owi-.Ttia riAA cm. . (3. of Great Britsin and Ireland, expended for the trCLT reuei 01 tne sick anu iutresd brethren last year, a sum of nearly one million two hundred thousand tlollars. This is an odd instance of T.CSKITU. Rlaiat Soa Caat n a-25 3i " ClM n, tf.7!. Tatu. munificent charity indeed. Havoc made by Lightning. On inst., in Jefferson county, Georgia, forty-seven sheep, the property of Major Juiggs, out of a flock of fifty-one, jwere killed by lightning. They had taken shelter from the storm under a tree. - . I -1-1 1 03 The Extra Session of the New York Legislature commenced on the 16th inst. i 1 r Mortality. In New York during week before last, there were 223 interments reported by the City Inspector. j j In Philadelphia! there were 105 deaths reported. ' 1' I i I C33We had a full batch of Western papers yesterday, of every political and typographical hue. In Illinois, Ford j and -Moore, the Democratic Governor and Lieutenant Governor, are elected by a majority 1 of not less than 9 or 10,000 and that the Legislature is Democratic two to one. It is conceded by the Whig papers, that in Indiana the Democrats will have a majority in the legislature. j Despatches from Mexico. The Cincinnati Times of the 10th inst. says : u Mons. De Saliquy is now in our city, on his way to Washington with despatches from the Mexican gov eminent." These despatches will be looked f a o ' . I .i a. tor wun interest,! as iney aouDuess contain a reply to Mr. Webster's letter to Gen. Thompson, our Minister to Mexico, in answer to the insulting and offensive note of the Mexican Secretary of State,jDe Bocanegra.j dent, for his objections," he reviews with all the waa lcall? in the town of Westchester. force of his powerlul mind, ine aistriDuuon of the land sales he claims for the states as a matter of right, and as baing their inherent and unalienable property. He then in the report states that it lemains now only for the House to take the vote on the final passage of the bill, and . the committee leave it to the House to determine - what other measure of relief they may deem necessary and practicable; and that the majority of the committee believe a case has now occurred in which it is the duty of j the House of Representatives to prefer articles of impeachment against the President.' But; they are of opinion that the impeachment in the present state of public affairs, might prove abortive. To the people, therefore, alone must the final appeal be made. The report concludes by submitting a joint resolution recommending an amendment of the Constitution, so that in those cases when the President returns a bill with his veto, a majority instead of u two-thirds" shall have the power to pass it. It is unnecessary to give a synopsis of Mr. Gilmer's report! It was of course a counter one to that presented by Mr. Adams from the majority of the committee, and denied the correctness of the conclusions which were assumed in the report of the chairman. Mr. Ingersoll's was in the shape of a Protest from the Democratic members of the committee, and holding the President harmless for the present state of things, attributing existing evils to the Whig majority.' All the reports were ordered to be printed, and made the special order of the day for the next day, (the 17th inst.) 03" A very flourishing Temperance Society has been formed on board the U. S. frigate Ma cedonian. 03s They are talking of an extra session of the Mississippi legislature. Fr what? To repudiate, or anti-repudiate T D33 A remarkable case of fatality occurred at West Hartford on the 1 1th inst. Within two hours Mr. Mason Street, his wife, and an infant to whom she gave birth the day previous, all expired. I . On the 12th, a dwelling house in Brooklyn, N.' Y. occupied by four families, was struck. Although the building was filled with people, no one was seriously injured, while windows were riddled, shutters lorn off, and considerable other damage done. A laboring man named Brown, was struck at Fire Place, N. YJ the same afternoon, while at work in the field. His clothes were completely stripped from him. By the last acc6unts he was living, with but slight hopes of his recore- ry. ! A number of barns, together with their con tents, which, in some cases are represented to have been very valuable, were destroyed by lightning in the' vicinity of New York and Brooklyn. I 03 The New York Committee charged with the collection of donations for the Hamburg sufferers, have remitted $8,017 all but $300 of which was contributed in that city. D3 Thirty-eight mechanics were discharged from the government works at the U. S. Arse nal at Watervleit on the 13th irwt. No lack of work, but lack of funds, was the cause. i , . . 03s An immense bonfire was built on the top of Monadnock mountain, in Jaffrey, N. II., a few days since, which was seen at the dUtance of more than sixty miles. 03" The last accounts from the Navnl Court Martial at New York, state that Lieut. Wilkes was himself to be put upon trial outhe'17lh instant. 1 D3"The barque Due d'Orlcans has arrived at Philadelphia from Leghorn, whence she sailed on the 1st of June. She has on board the marble tile for the floor of the rotunda of the new Exchange in Boston, i . 03s All the members of the German company engaged in' the recent Cincinnati riot have fMy satisfaction is inexpre$$ible,n as the dandy said when be put on bis new pants. Rich Gold Mine. Another gold mine has lately been discovered in Lincoln county, N. C, which is said to bo very productive.' Several valuable specimens of this gold were found a few days ago, one of which weighed 49 pennyweights and 6 grains, and six other pieces ave raged from 52 to 5 pennyweights, pure goldt when found.' The mine has now been worked about six months, and seems only to increase in' value. Jh TORACOO WATTED. " TVKSltr.K caa U sad for fro ( 10 WLPR1LS. CiamllJW' g3t a XCoaTTi. IIOC3C WANTCTX. , J- Wa3le4,btareetkiaiiaaj4 Um ISA i 'JT-.J October, a al DweUiaj Ilaan buaFa. 'or 8coai llaaiclpolitv. oattaUa aW nily for fetch a fair real will bo paj. al 51 Caklomttouae street. aS X" - CITIZENS" VDrrRAgGEU IVTTXUCDrci - era, K,tcUj-er, Bar.-. Maid. Cooka (a tad o- rB i4 cwJJ rANTED-C ft Waiter tJT So roe aectioa wiib any other etc - 03 When the sea becomes convulsed, and this waves, foaming with rage, leap in an agony of fury to the clouds when the loud thunder peals through the atmosphere, shaking the earth from its poles to its centre, and Heaven's lightning vemi to wrap the world in a general av. .pio aw-o.-.o. mor,r . , .' , .,, . I caao-oeal Rhinf O'f i anahofaor, reatix FUMMTUU E ! FU RN1TC RF TFT'MAS ATKINS raapccCaSr laforaM Va 1 1 . vda sad the pahtie la f ceorai, Um ha hw oa ha ad u"rf oxt spleadtd aaaartarat ofUaaM. ' hold FV K. TUR C, eooauaUof tiaartof nUfZ rberrr a ad tv. 'ar Anpoirv. Bwaut, ftofha. tkru. Drec( Tabic uueborda ood Waahatatojt 2 conflagration how poignantly painful mnat be the feelings of the sailor whore frail bark, at such a time, rides the waves, when be reioeirv bers that twenty-four hours have not elapsed since the purser had flopped hi$ prog! I mm, 03" Sir Hussy Virian, an EncIUh ultra Tory, compliments Henry Clay for the wUdnm of his tariff or anti-free trade doctrines. This is regarded ae affirmative praise by some, and as a negative compliment by others, i oi a a o m mm -i ll sre you again in tne a," as the sun said to the melting snow. New Orleaaa Blomey .TIarkct. . CorrtclU DmUfttUtJie V.W.Vmti it Co i &. S3 Cmm 0tr$tt eorarr Coaawa. irrig oad hreaika. C"ttn afica taafc; mm bocoy. cherry aod xCiw. i tUdted charry Crttia; Safra, Ac rhaira, K. l a4 lmU Ciaaa, SiCf oa4 la roaiUitlr rocovii.. vrsttoea uirrmy 4racrtrio froaa iho Kootoai m6 w Yrh mmn faclortM, ahtrh koaiiM aeU oa tow i.' 'ta ha haarht Klaaohera. Peroova froa th cob..- o tw. parehaaiaf ara tainted locail aod muli k ' aiih at No. 190 M aroriM atrwM, befora f ortha.-,-. X7lfatr aai Moos Matroaiaa mi t tm miit aoa orapoica. Jtm aairaaama oiaraa v . IT Old Forotioro repotrod aad voraAi hod. oX Excbaare oa Eoclaod, GO da a,. .... 83prea ....HiXiuel ...parSIJiacI ....la3dMct 13 GOiiMLN C11XL5L. "I HA bosoa, tadof froaa ohtp A Wra. far LtJ bf ALKX. CiEAWT. MTAaCH. 1 flfl HOXF3 Wotora, frooh aod imr LXfVJ aod for mW by oa ALKX. CKJLTT- TviRACOUt 4 n CAPtS. I2C 4mo. PaaokUf od ChrVMA, Nar torh.fvvUlohy oa ALT-X. aUk-XT.' 1 A hi; AMU MJattR. ..3ttld3M 3i Itta. droo, hi, AmJ froahi ijutuXirt froaa ahia Arkaoua, ood for oW hy AUJL CCAJfT. 03A large and important breach has occurred in the New York and Erie Canal, near Newark, which will Require some days to close. Navigation for the present has been stopped. C3"Dorr having threatened to "die in the last ditch," thej Rochester Democrat says, he has gone to find. the last ditch to die in ! Poor ilton, of Mobile. Dorr! Ill ! . 03" An inhuman wretch named Abraham Kel- ley, it is said, killed his wife a j few days since at Newport, DeL, by beating and kicking her. His brutalitywas repeated once or twice and she escaped from the house, but only to .die in the field, where she was found the next day. Both were addicted to drunkenness. Wen held to bail in the sums of from $00 to $100 each. Some of the citir.en rioters have also been arrested and are to undergo a trial. A Flare Up. Cincinnati will soon become as proverbial for its flare ups as for its fine pork. The row with the German military company had not well ceased, when there was a hurra raised about a negro, in which the addle-headed abolitionists acted a conspicuous part. . A big black rascal who has lived in Cincinnati for the last two or three years, wss recog nized by a gentleman from this city, whone .i 1 1 . 03" At the late commencement of LaCrange Z : " . .IT I "tlT! .J" College, the Trustees conferred the degree of j , . A . ? ... . i. r rv . ., . ,6.. and established his claim to hun. When tak Doctor of Divinity on the Rev. Wm. T. Ham- i.- i j . . ' . . ;itn raik'ii . ing him onboard a boat on the 9lh inst., to take him home, the abolitionists cot out a bail Distressing.-A short time ago, near Read- warrant and followed the nero to the boat. ing, Pa., a mother, son, and married daughter, where a general fight took place ; in the melee while out picking black-berries near a pond, the boat was cut loose and drifted off. carrvinir " I ar t 03" Thomas Harwood, a respectable citizen of Prince Gerge's County, Md., aged 80 years, jumped from his chamber window while asleep a few nights since, and was killed. 03" The office of the Democrat, at North ampton, Mass.J has been destroyed by fire. Do Farm, i,0 daya. j Do New York, al aifbt........ Do New York, 00 da),....... Do Roaton, at airhu ! Do rtt-aloa, CO day j Do Philadelphia, ot tight,.... j Do PhiladelpbM.60 day,.... I Do lUluator, at airht, I Do Baltimore, W daya, Ift3dia. United 8ileTroaur Noicw faraidi. Sovereira,. ........ (4 90 aaUh tHutlooi. ...... lGltf 25 Tatriut do tljM-tlK-4 Amcrtcaaull,.... ........ al SO fraue ptecea....... niexicaa iouara... par Half Dollar, par Dimes........................................ 3 f HtW OSLKAKt CITT BASKS Rank of Louiaiaoa....... ............ ..pays vpecie. Uu Bank pays ape. Mochaaica audTradera' raik,...3i dS do do UaioaBaiik 121IS per rt-diK! Coinaberctol lurk.. . ........ ..I.)3I2 do do tHiuiaoa Stale tLask, H 7 da do Carrolltoa Unkr I5'JJ do do City lUak Wcta do do (-aaal Uauk a'Jti do do Coaaolidated lUuk, i'34 da do CiUzeaa' Book 4ii$ do do Improvement Bauk, do ....UI463 do do Rxcbanro Rank, Now Orlcaoa,..'370 do do Bauk of Orloana. do ... Rj ATfl do do AlchafaxalaBaak, do ....bO'tffj do do Commcrcia Bah, Nalcirx. rhncka oa I 30 333 j Merchant Hank, New Orlaaaa, )dicoal i wovki or thk Momcirat-iTits. Muoiripality No. (ae, 637 per cL diacl UaaicipaJiiy No Two C57 do do Municipality No. Tbreol.......35'40 do do I vncvaacMT mmcv. diaroaul. Jailed. 8ialea I'.ank Nvtea..... ............ SSAHO Alabaaa Plato Hank aad UraocboL........ 'JSiZ3 rianUra'Dank Fot Notea, Natchex........ rOSOU AcTicattarall'oatNotca,.. ......... S3 a AO CrandGalf, CS70 Miaaiaaippi Union Bank .oe?l Commercial and Kailraed Bank, Vickbrf , b7uw I un uivwup... .......................... iMaW Arkaaaaa, C3'eT7U oortia tvanaa saceruw. Virginia and Bovib Carotiaa, ............ paraS wutim SAnaa. ducoanu OH fi EirLS- Hoor, aow U4ig smjj Tippocano. oo4 raraalohy rrrrr.K av ujsstmjl. " a2t 97 Tchoopataoloa otroot H IK AM AND tVUAKmCD.XVlsftX ANY pertoa haaiaf o mU aaond-ho lim Eartae ood ttarar Mill to diapoa bf. Buy a4 a parcnaaer ny apply iaf to i aatcriar. 23 31 JOHN HALL, I r rt Love. X. O. an were accidentally drowned. u Who struck Jim Patterson There is a man out west in search of the individual who first nominated John j Tyler. The number of aspirants to this honor, who sprung up a year ago, " can't shine." Where ia M the man who nominated JohnjTyler.": j Fatal Affray. A fatal rencontre occurred at Columbus, Miss., a few days ago, between a Mr. R. Sparks, and Col.Thos.; Williamson, in which 'the latter, gentleman received a pistol wound from his 'antagonist, a few inches below the left nipple,! which terminated his life in bout two hours. ' . 1 j ' The Argus says that Mr. Sparks surrendered himself to the Civil authority, and was committed by a justice of the peace,' to await his trial at the next term of the Circuit Court. King, the Sculptor, some time since known in this city, is now at Boston. Among the rich productions oi" his jchisel we lately saw the busts of Samuel J. Peters Esq., and Rev. Mr. Clapp, of this city. These gentlemen ought to purchase themselves. the negro and two of the police officers, who went to make the arrest, over to Kentucky. Several persons were knocked down, but no serious damage was done. j Convicts Escaped. Shields and Robinson who some time since attacked and stablwd Mr. Marsh, in Cincinnati, and who were condemned Advantage: of Waterworks. Only three I t0 ,he penitentiary, escaped from custody at hundred persons have yet applied in New York Xenia, and have not been heard of since. A to have the Croton water introduced into their I rewrd a offered for their apprehension. houses. Here" says the Philadelphia Ledger "nobody can do without a hydrant, and, as soon as the inhabitants of New York begin to experience its superior advantages, they will have the Croton water in their bouses the same Uincionall, par3l Ohio Country Bank,. 310 Kantacky,.. ................ .............. t Ai Indiana, S37 Stale Bank of lUinoia,... 63374 Bank of Illiaoia, Shawueetown, ........... &5t0 Tenaoiaee Basks. ...... ......... 4 d 6 I TC1A. ?esas Treaiary Notes....................... Cat. exaa Boada, Cat. XT KOTlCR Tb very light draatbt paaaearer ktname PATH FIN OCR, Joel Grtea, neater, will leave for LoiTil)e, and Cincinnati, oa Tmrasoav, Moamao.tho SSta toataat,at 4 o'clock j at which boor paaensora will pleaao bo oa bard. -a'JJ CHAg. H.hbLlOUU. Aft-, 21 Poydraa it. XT A CARD The ateamer IMPOItTER. J. H. as we have the Schuylkill.' And the same as we have the Mississippi. 03s The name Alabama belongs to the Muscogee Indian tongue, and signifies M Here we rest." It was the name' of an Indian fortress on the YazooRiver. Legislature of Ohio. We vesterdav j 03s Gen. John Cook Bennett, who was recently re-convertcd from Mermonism, ii now in New York, makinr arraneementa for th I Cable, maaier, ia bow ia read met to recciro freirhu I . e I . . . . tl 1 r - . toot oi royuraa mi,iBg win wave ior il. uoaia, Alloo, Qumcy and Waraaw. cm FbiOav, SSth inL. ! a3t P. C. BIIANXON. SB Povdraa au IT -a" In the lint of rirran bv tri nrl ship Silviede Grasse,afNew York, from Havre 1 8,a,ed lhnt 28 )Vhi5 meuibera of the Ohiolegis- academy. lature bad resigned, leaving that body without publication of full and complete history of Joe Smith and his doings, with' an account of bis spiritual wives. We advise the general to give the printing to his namesake. j Munificent. Mr. Adam Haverling.of Bath, Steuben county, New York, has given a farm of one hundred and seventy acres, valued at $6,000, together with an eligible Tillage lot of ill ! ... . . one acre anu a nan, 10 buna and endow an we notice the Countess Sophronie De Marig-ny, of New Orleans, child and two servants. 03s Chapman, the great chanticleer of De3 mocracy, says that if persons who call so frequently to beg his papers, will be so kind as to go to the paper 'mill and beg the white paper and bring it to him, he will print it for them for nothing. But he can't buy the paper, print it, a . I I i ana gtve it away. i , . i V Criminal Court. Victor Dejoux as a principal, and J. B. Dejoux as an abettor, were yesterday put on their trial, charged with assault and battery . , The principal witness for the State was J udge Guyol, who deposed that while in the discbarge of judicial duties, oa the 20th of July last, an assault and battery had been committed on him by Yictor Dejoux, who was aided and abetted by J. B. Dejoux. The case excited much in terest among our down-town friends, and was argued at great length by the counsel for the prosecution and defence. ' ' '- ' The jury found Victor Dejoux' ruiltY of the charge laid in the indictment, and found J. B. Dejoux not guilty. " U3- The PiUtburg American states that in every part of Alleghany county there had been a rich and heavy gathering of the harvest, be yond that of all former year. The wheat, rye, oats and iur have been mostly secured. The corn, buckwheat, potatoes and fruit prom- lse a uxe aonnc&oca, Public Meeting A large public meeting was held inthe!ParkJ.Nsw York, on the evening of the 15th inst.. it was numerously at- tended, but made np of a hotch potch of parties . 4 mnany ,men, J of Tyler men, of w pew- . ..mS n,n,:j orgt&la ri . - 0r office :! r"! offic inters and of many of the inde- i-u.ienxordotftearead-npartv. --j ru reaointioi a quorum, and, virtually dissolving the legislature. Yesterday we received further news from the capitol of that state, which is thus given in the Baltimore Sun. After the resigna tion of the Whig members of both branches, and en the meeting of the legislature next day, the presiding officers in each branch addressed their respective bodies, stating that it was impossible to do anything that the sergeant-at arms nau oeen aeni aiier tne resigning members, but that they had refused to attend, inasmuch as they considered themselves no longer as . members of the legislature. The constitution g'ave them no authority to adjourn, nor could the governor u prorogue" them, and tbey therefore recommend that the members of both bodies leave, without form or ceremony of ad- f Constable Arrested. A constable named Martin Waters, has been arrested in New York, for beating a woman so cruelly that her life is despaired of. I eulogizine John ti ' , '-""grwuiaung ana journment, and return to their constituents. ici . ana v a c.:it. a Which he ul.k. . ,ttcm,T , vcw uroaa with sword. LAND SAL.KS m fw.7T .,.n.. r :r.",w,8:-Atx 115,000 . M tne Chicago Land Office in May and June last. tk-!T JT were all within, comparatively, a few mile. of Chicago. Of j this large amount, not one acre was porcnasea ny a speculator. The whole of This was agreed to, and the Staff. House was vacated. ' The resigning Whig members have published a length v address to their constituents, in which they set forth the reason which induced them to take this unusual and extraordinary step. They I submit a number of reasons, the ! ETA CARD- aruwi idaaUtl "iacia emr.m la order ttal it aoay bo reaerelly known, and that paaaeagora to Ike Waieriag PUcea may avo ho aaiainforaiod for the fntar. the paaa(o by the high preeaaro (tea nor SOUTH LRNtR, for the balaoco of iho aeaaoa, will bo the aao aa it baa beea the la at three week a, oa Batarday ereaiars via r2 00 to Bay 8L Loai Pa ChriiUaa and Uimi-ippi city t $2 SO to Biloii and Paacagoula n a rain r tbo aarna. rT7 if 3-T A CARU Tbo eploodtd lifht draarhl paa-aearer ateamer YAZOO. D. B Meby, aaaMer, will leave oo her DrUtrrpfor LouimlKCtocinnaU aod all inleriDodiaio landiap oa vnosaoav notinia, 2Sth InsL, at 10 o'clock, at which boor paaaew.-era will pleaao be oa board. C1IAS. II. KELLOGG. A root, agS Si Poydma at. XT A CARD U. 8. Mail t'or LoouriUc, Ciaria-nail, Portamoaik aod Pituborc Tbo at, aod aplandid light draacht aud awiA raaoinf ta Kr.PUBL4C will leave Ti oav. 11 naraoay.j at to o'clock, poUlely l at which boor pownf are wiU pleaae be 00 boaH. at Poydraa tret wharf. a25 JOn.N L. IITDH, li poydraa at. XTTba RopnMar draw only Zi inchea aaj iU y up tbo Oliw witboot deUv. coPAK.TNr.KMIH. One of ,he negroes was wounded by a TeaTe DRY GOODS, at whoWtalo and rrud. aodrr the Bran of O. at II. Dt'CATEL. Thy hao porchaord tbo atock of aortxhaodiao of G. Dwcaial aV Soa. aod mM diaooao of thoeo rd ot prhree below rwL GERMAIN DUCATEL, Ja, f HENRY DUCATEL, aafCI lot cor. Caaal nod Chartrco ale. : NOTICE. THE Coportoerahip harotoforo eiaatiaf Vewea tha eubacribora, aoder tha trmj af Bl John, Pnbre it Co.. of thascity.aad Thoapaoa-SCioha tCooow York,oxptrcd e lh Slat laxaet, by iuowa baauauoa. t.wm nr. Jiiil.x, r RANCH FARRE. JA9. B. TH'JMPSOy. New Orleaaa, Af 83, 18 IV lO THE Pl'tUJC Mi'srr. j. dt r. EjwornER, hr.r a. crd bv lata tmnli frwaa Fraaca a hvy , aawrlaM-at of WALL PATER, are prrparad k far. awh aad hag U aaaao at Iho oartaia.Ud taw evwa of JZ real per mU, for ttaaaaan fx par, aad ty cccu rr roll tor aatia papet, waxch aa the eaaal -pir fur haegiaf aU wa. The uMiC Ulofiiadlo rail aad riau the a oriiarat at tbo atom New f TowWoao atrrwl, awar Old lr. Iloao aad Biro Paiatiog la all k braachaa. ata. cated on liberal irraaa. aS or T6TlVirXrruCTEK HAVE yoa ir,d fiR. KT1L4.M AJVH tkttXll-RllX-4 aad riLLSt That yon have aaa. a aauK-ailr ctadoot ia iho fact that yao ore auS aaflrrcr. Ha yoar daaeoao w hat it aaa y. bo tt Marw ever ao con 6tte',oTHreprr or oeapewwa. Aeapar oat .! a ear aad rep4 rare. bWar yae have taauw DR.hTUJ.MAN1 MEDICINES. Wbewvmcvlai of rratariaf the rx k la hrabk. t waak to atraaf-, aad tbo wratebad to bapptara, oa far ae yXaaaal haJlhrulaea ia rewraed. will thro, aod ami ill lac o. b iadroj Uaao to obaadaw bapa. Tbero u bo soch ward aa FAiLT la the whab hiaory of thrao iawruaable MrdiciCMMi whtktrvwrf awrerccla; day mit aeorre to tbo taaaanarabio immV III ad e of e area they hae o&Vctad. Try than. Far oalo at DR FTl LLMA-N H Owa OSco. M Caetvaahoaao atroeC X3 MOST EXTRAOKDirwAKY CURE. IF any bavw Lad doabu, tWry amay www ctiaaaiai thea, aaj Ue saoat tBcrrtlalo aaey coaaiaw Deafaeae aa raraUa. ' nnarrooa raara af carea, aad rraay of thaaa r rraaarhabia. br the mm af Vim TAYlJORrx 'EGETAKlLLs CUTTA. hare bwaa ibiacipf UecMaaaa. Yaaeg or aad, yow a-y yet recover ) war be-anay. A LaJy ia iho tutr tt New Urtaaaa. and aw aboat bO yeare of ara, bad beea fradaaly pattiaf irmS for aaore ikaa O year, oo that it waa aatl a ia oiU to aaake brr bear owoaaraotjaa ae the koicat toar ef -. Laat wialar ho waa LndatW - lo try lie Gctta YscrTaauoa. for IWfaaa. bat-' oaly neceaamry la add. that aha baa aaad two batav aad that her baanag- if par fan y iuiiaia nha cared. Any Ufciraaauoa ia rrlatjoo to tberaae, sary bo oUaiaad o D R. 8 1 1 LLM A X, w ha baa at U mm at hie Oir.ce, 9C Cetuakew av. Tt. Q- La. aJ A'Crrinlai CarafrtbaArwoBd aVrvrr. DR. STIL4.JIAN1I CXJUDlAL RALM LEAD aad ANTI-FEVER PILLS, ata oaTaral to tbo pabU aa a crrtara and carraai raaai tj lar rtvtaa of ery ? ct tji iv I i.100, ar ayrarda, of rw ha0 bea calrd ia ikla atf by U abawo aodaciao alona, taa baat taw yoar urtaiain aal or agao aa4 fever, buaawa faewra, trtsa or i principal of which, however, was the very un Uving in the city, but neTertheJesarto n. vZZZ 09. torced HPn . ! Ken a ways Caocht-A gang of fivo black ruffians, runaways from Calvert county, Md., was broken up a few days ago. .They hod been harbored by a slave on a farm near Annapolis. A desperate resistance was made by the negroes, and the life of a white man was 'only suved hy an accident which prevented a blow niined at him with a scythe from taking enct gunshot, but succeeded in escapiar. Three of them were captured and confined in jail. More SLortirow The Monmouth (N. II.) Inquirer saya that Richard A. Lugaturt, of Point Pleasant, in that county, a low days aiocd eloped with the wife of one of his neighbours, whose husband waa aheeot. They took her youngest child and a bed; be left behind him a wife and five or six children. Corr Right. A letter front lr. J. Fenoi-more Cooper,1 occasioned by Mr, Dickens' na ming him as one of those writers who hava p. vera, yalrw fevor, and all otter (evara, ty aaaaataey aaay boealiad. Da. TacHiB anixaia' Tartit v Trm Thia tnilo volaaao poiaia ta tbo rwadar M ooaa that all fevers are a aatty af da aaa a. frw mMr leramuat aa to the higboot graao of yoDew aad that all deaoaUaauaa of favors arewwing a(ha ttarucoiar atato a tbo atman bora and I uoaal coodaaaei of tbo boaaao eynaaa. The MM i III M la tr.l tmwmrm milk mmd I I T at ar OK rAativoa. Thia Traaua aaay bo hiaia aa ay e- aco f-rU4, by aU who w tab to f-raaa Uoav J relltag or aaadc for Ojcob. Aa I baao tl rarara aa band. I 4a0 (iv "7 bi owe U cocS apptxaat. A rply ta UK- TRIiMAX rnLLMAXt OrrU f N a. ft Caaaaeahawao X, New Oiw .Lr P. A. Tbo Cardial Ratal afUAaad aad Aaa- Piila aa for aalo oe aaaaa. f ada Dr. 9uaaa,a Tr tiaa oa Fever, ta 1 tat. TT, aad '1U U Jew " hraaa, llavean aad Chart 24 par. ,- ,'" A laa, the I aaui ata of Franca Vo a mTHM t- for a T-uate Cora ) The Cordial Rata of & land ad to ef Piila, baabaraoaaaay T" the pablac. ia ererr crrUiaad aia of the g. aHbaaa-h Urir aaiatary afuTU ko ovary rrA Chararur afa baa ba aciarrWH rf area of laaaaaad af pari aai aw bath aada af tmt Abbmbk, yet ara there erra at tha y aaana yHaeaw tbair waatal eniarvf ara bad laula aaaviwova haaaa ai ail. a ham thatr banlh-rrriaj reatonay airtaaa bavo baaa nan I aaa wi trrmtlj Lmbad aad oaaiaarvo ry-aara. A aa af oU aaaaaaaaa that 1 ae I fptimr wua oy aaaaitr-lkaa aalma kaa feaaa laa Mai faiia a ajawiLle way that Lh aaoat tnii( torewtynaa4 41 mm, aad laacf laralaaUa (UAjtm d 3 i aacwo af fraad. aMinruaauuM aaa it was entered by farmers, witi, tha exceptbl lTH i? D0Wee, W" ,M TefJ perhaps, of aw tractabougnt by indW&. ."1 PP-nment,; which titioned Con'rrss was I to grant an ' international I TTAVINQ parcaaaad tha eailre) loierrat of Mr. . , ' , . v'-.i. T7- I -a. a. g laacta r aorn B taa aoora ara, w wm mm- copy ngtil 4a, tppeara in toe new i ora rvve-1 UbM tU k.WM for oar owaaccowat. aad iwaweat mlnm Pn.i M. fmivf ! ta that ka nrrrr 1 all .U i i I 1 1 1 i i liiln iritu ilmi lliai m mm rai .....I i - I w i... m a. a v. i tia mki .A . r. : . in ine DSDem. ava irhniiM in fire I inind in an inrh nlitun. nor rrer aaw ii i"'--"..".! . " raiiuiUE uanHnm. II n ina annltoaiion tk.t n . " r I j j " - - . ' of our industry to those rich western 1.W -n .ir. . .1 tieal rfeel'n6 uJ not appeal, to the - God of battles' that wfll of both rrtiea we t,, " meetings remove oar present difficulties. . - - . v UViU. Bill! rMftlnftAn. " preasive of the sentiments of each were adootod. that he does not wish for iteralional legisla tion on the subject, but believes that this coun try ought to do justice ia the matter without regard to the legislation of other countries. delay, and thaaa barray clalme will praeeat them for aotueaaeat Uthoaabaerkbera.'who wtil aaa the aaaati of tha above Anas in liquid alios oaly . . Ltvfi sr. joirx, - J. B. TUOPSO'. aS3 1m "Coraor CasipaadCaaalata. i 'here tbry beea beea trvi. aad fairly In if wane bora ana (ca4 bat to pw aad taraaarwd thaaa. 1 Ve artad af alaaaai aeary tay:atd Uod.whakaTabawS by Ibear waa-iaaaart- Utd frwca lk eery lat otaraa of il aaewaa bar ef mwm rf Xhrmy laewtaWVa weeh ra iaafaMre wWh ha r" to ohaane rero (ao haHaat ufi nam j aad thaweaV cacy to raiaa whaew eary wtbor raaaafy aaueg. ta a triwaawbast aoawwr to wrery Itoa what tbo saoat baac aad aacn abie ta tairl Modxai cey-Vatiaai.VvfTaxla.) traataa a rraaoadaoer. Th Darter ear hi aanal " Mia - - r-m feT. LV r-V ' " TTAYWO a are ad to vaa Ck r-e IX -at!y. ben reamaa-d tV. PraeOne of JjZ eto. a oar a at r . , . Ar K rajW, where ha c- ...a sWairbt. . f II '

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