The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on February 13, 1839 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1839
Page 2
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) THE DAILY PICAYUNE. forriCK 72, CAMP STREET.' " ' Wedcaday Morniug Feb.' 13, 1839. . THE DAILY PICAYUNE, j Published every day, Mondays excepted, S At 512 a year, . y I Payable,ne-hulf in advance, to city, andthe tokol in advance, to country subscribers. I , TUB WEEKLY PICAYUNE, Containing all the news of the week, "rc fr Published every Monday. Bubscrintiona received at$5 per annum. "To-morrow is 8t. Valehtime's day." Old Song . Public Notice. tTTht citiaeu of th Second Municipality are requited toamble in public meeting at Bank' Arcadia WEDNESDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock, in order to exprca their opinion! on the extraordinary cor of the Mayor of the city toward the Council of this Manlcipality, and .to adopt uch measure a may then and here be deemed necessary, to fully sustain the honorable position of tho Council, and to prevent the nutate 6f a bill now before the House of Repre sentative, Intended to diininih the right and power of the people, and augment those of the Mayor, Tkomn Bank, Bamunl Sterart, Chaa. Diamond, Wm. Brand, . Wm. Freret, ' Wm. 8aadar, John Kreret, , John a Bla, . John Taylor( . Tboinai lluut, J.Callivra, . .-Colles, . Jaa. P. Freret, Jaa, It. Leferich, I'eter Cenaa, C. Pauldiuf, . Jaa. II. Dakin, N. T. Pickrell, Wm. Christy, . V. Bogart, KL Robitaille,-Jo. C. Whitall, Hubert 8haw, . Wm. II. Avery, Janic Tudor, Chas. A. Jacobs, Chas. M. Randall, Jedediah Leech, Edward Purdou, David John Rogers, Wm. McCawlcy, J. L. Florance. feb I, CTThe grand rowdy-dow yesterday must have frightened all the news out of the city at least w could not collect any. Tc-morroV, gentle and fairj reader, is St- Val-entiae's day, a period of some moment, to all young lovers both in Old Eugland and New England, whatever it may be here. St. yalentine, as you probably : know, was a presbyter of the 'church, who was beheaded in the time of Valerianus, the empeYor, and by a most singular coincidsnce th day on which he sufTeredmartyrdom 1500 years ago, has been for centuries commemorated bv the effusions of earthly love and fancy. Not one of the Saints' days in our calendar has been so honored by the muses. , Little deemed the tyrant when he gave the order which. doomed the j persecuted bishop to the block, that he was bestowing a name upon a day to be held .in pleasant luemory a day in which the spirit of martyrdom has little place, utiles?, indeed, the muse may jie fated - to act the part of the deceased saint, which, we arc incliued to believe, is pretty oJieu the cjise. There is, however, no occurrence in the legendary life of StJ Valeuline, in the slightest degree connected with the .customs which were once pretty generally observed on this day ; though it is said, that ho was a man of admirable part?, and so famous - for his love and charitv, that the custom ol choosing Valentines upon his festival took its rise from thence. .' It is a very general custom, of doubtful origin, but of great antiquity, for young people to draw lots on the eve ol St. Valcntinejs day : the names of a select number of one se are, by an equal number of the other, put into some vessel, out of which each person draws one, which is called .their Valentine, and is looked upon as a eood omen of their being inun and wife ufterwards. This custom of choosing Valentines was a sport practised in the houses; of the gentry of England, us early ns die year 1476; and it is still obseived in the Aortliern .bounties of that couirtrv, where ulso the first woman seen bv a man, .or man seeu by u woman, on St. Valentine's day, is marked for their Valentine for the cusu- iuz vcar. i The rural tradition, thnt on this dav, evcrv bird chooses its mate, is u I Unfed to by ChuticcrJ ami numerous Otuer writers, fciakspeure, in lus Midsummer's Night's Dream, t--ays : Market Salutations. EXetj body, who Us m the habit of visiting the markets, has noticed-that the bOtcher and other venders of. eatables are in the habit bf conferring names for the nonce upon their customers. A mend of sixty, who has been a purchaser for more than thirty years, tells us that the names or sobriquets, bv which he has been thus addressed have served as "quite a mirror to nature," advising hiin of the marks of time upon his aspect. First, wheu' he appeared -directly after marriage at the shambles, some pains were" taken (the city was smaller then) to get his name, aud he was addressed respectfully as Mr. L. Familiarity soon removed this deference, and he was hailed as "Young Man," in token not unpleasant that he carried his marriage bravely.- iSoine over familiars would call him "Charles" being married themselves, and willing to signify that marriage did uol remove all pretensions to juvenility. Others saluted him as "Cousin," "Friend," "Doctor," "Neighbor," and "My Gqod Fellow." - . When to induct the juvenile mind into the mysteries of marketing aud to teach the young idea how to .shoot, he took his first born to market wth him, tha titles changed to " lios-," "Sir," "Mister, " "Cuntaiu." "Colonel," and "Mate." When his wife w as not on his arm, it was "My. Good G'entleman," "Dear Sir," "Captain," "Colonel," "Squire," Judge," and Ueueral." As the grav huirs begau to be obvious among the whiskers, it was "Uucle," "GoodMan," "lios-sv," "Major," "Matty," " Master,", "liubby," and "Goodman." And when the market-men felt well assured he had passed his grand climacteric they saluted him "Father," ""Poppy," "Pop,"' atid "My Good Sir." As he became old, and no mistake", it was "Old Man," Grandfather," "Daddy!," "Dad," "Old Gentleman," "1 say!" "You Sir!' -"Good Friend," aud "Seventy -six." The salr.tations and greetings in the market place, thus pleasantly set forth by the New York Sun, are not w ithout some resemblance to those in! Philadelphia. We sav nothing of our own name, which, we. suspect, sometimes gets a twisting, when .the market people recollect us as ; T , North- Eastern '11 ouudaty. I It is somewhat singular that the governments of two of the most intelligent nations in the world -should have been at issue so long upon a question of such acknowledged importance; as this of the north eastern boundary line between the state of Maine and ' the British colonies, Beth par- . i -' -i , . - i . . .. Ues too professing, and most probably teeling-, a sincere desire to settle -the affair in an amicable and honorable wav. One would think, there i- i . i i . , must have been some mismanagement on -the tart of those entrusted with the negotiation of the matter, although upon whom the blame Some -St. Valentine is past ; Failed. The mail, yesterday, From Cincinnati. News was received here yesterday from Cincinnati to the 2d inst. At that time the breather was very cold, the river falling Uit full of ice, and but 5 feet water in the chan- uel. The upper Mississippi was blocked up witli ice as far at .the Iron Banks. . MardiGtas. Of all the outlandish turn outs it has evcrbcefa our lot to witueas the one which graced our streets yesterday takes th lead. ' It was longer, broader, further through, aud larger round than anr procession that has preceded it in this good y citv.tnJ occasioned an excitement aud drew together a crowd of people such us has never before congregated iu New OrleaBS within our knowledge. . '.' . The customs of St. Valentine's day seem at Shrove fueday, or "pancake day," being the present confined to that of young people send last before Lcut ou which all good Catholics ing complimentary or satiricul letters to their can eat meat and sleep with cieur consciences, acquaintance, sometimes accompanied with a they generally get up a ucake-shoic- extraordu cai ricature engraving; aud to such uu extent has naire," something a little ahead of the commot I jthis practice been canicd, lliut iu New York chairman of the committee of council, that fixes the market rents. But it happened to us some tew years ago to he inducting one oi our lamiiy into the mysteries of a citv market, (oursclfhold- in the duclriue lhat it isrfiue of the riubts of wo men to go to market,) when having arrived ut the place of the most sale, a huxter hailed our companion with "Ai'uty, wont you have some chickens and this title evidently excited tha envy of an opposite denier who shouted at the top ol her, lungs, ifGran warm here's excellent poultry1." U. S. GazvUc. should rest, we are not prepared to say. excuse, howver, may be found in the -inherent difficulties of the case, arising from the ne-cessity the general government is under -of consulting the iuterests and the pride of the sovereign states of Maine and "Massachusetts. i ' i it-. There is a method, however, of 'getting over this difficulty, and we are somewhat surprised' that it has not been adopted. ' J j' Maine asserts her right to the boundary most plainly described Jin the treaty of 1783 the line running due north to the. .Highlands, which divide the waters failing into the St. Lawrence from the waters falling into the Atlantic, whether b the bays at the mouths of the rivers, or immediately. j Massachusetts is interested to the value of I I! I ! one half of the contested land, lying west of the boundary line, of the treaty of 1783, qs the land setts. s owned equally by Maine and Massachu Begin these w ood birds but to couple now.?" And Derrick, iu his Ucspexides, has the follow- "To ms Valentine on Sr. Valentine's Day. "Oft have 1 heard Luili j outh and virgin say, Birds choose their inatce, aud couple loo this day; But by their Hi j: lit I uevcrcan divine, When I sliull couple with my Valtuiincn run but yesterday their efforts eclipt od al tliir former turn outs, at least uuv one we have seen. Dy half past three every window, balcony the increuse of two-penny post letters on St. Valentiue's duv iu 1U31 exceeded fifteen thou sand. This "was once a day to make a poet feel him stoop and door-way in Royal HtrM:t wa3 filled.. J self somebody. The little children would crowd The knowledge that the niasqucradcrs were to I about uiui in luJJ UepeiHleuc ou his power oiex move up thut atrcet, drew every body "there, and pressing, iu appropriate language, . their baby the beauty of the day, lbs beauty of the ladies, loves, i he fui.1 growti youth, of grcuter modesty lOgctlier with the general interest manitestea 1V man oramary, wnose poeucai sjiru naruiy Kept all, rendered the scene uncommonly exciting. pace with the ardor of his passion, pi;t iu his About four, the grand procession, with bin-, claim to the like indulgence. And, now and . . I. i i l.i .1:11 .i. . fc .i. r i .... uers, nsu poies, morus lauiucauua irees, uaugea, I iucu, u. uiu uuppiu uiui iac iaur one uersen, igno- nhd music, took up the line of inarch. We can faut that hercouusel had been previously cuga- only say thia much of the music; it was of a spe- ged ou the other side, culled in his uid, and cies decidedly republican, every one naving an required him to weave an appropriate answer to instrument adapted to his lancy, and plajiDg lus own rhyme. How gratilying, how pleu.ant, 4iuch tuue at cauw hrst iu lus caJ, or no tunc ut to the vauitv of the man and the noct ! i all. ,Of the procession, .some rode splendid lu thetc degenerate days hov greiuly is hi barouche, some oil drays; some were mounted couscquence dimiuished, when every eighth uiau ou rplcndidly capariaoned Arabians, others ou; i3a "universal genius," wheuli oplc are not Ittll.... t .mr,. .li... I'.t-l Than. wAnl an I . . .l I .1 flufijiwftiUp, uvei.u uw.w "-', j coiiieiii wiiu uiuug liicir own uoctors, luwvers l4r as dress went, heathen aud Chnstiuus, 1 iirks and barhcrs, but ever- man must be his own vutt . .-l till : and kangaroos, ancient ureeKs anu modern too. It is a certain fact (at least we have the Cboctaws; friars and beggars; kuignts and Lest authority for no stating) thai voutig ladi pniiccsscs, hard-lavorad, ones at Uiat; jiotur bears and clnekcn-cocks; "Old Corn Meal" aud auicbody we took for Sirs. 1 rolloje in short, shuine iudecd if Viileutine's day we saw every body aud every living tiling in the j furuished v inappropriate rhym moving mass except the gvtxlU, and even that mijrhtbave been along in disguise, us there were Real Life. "Well, wife, has the paper cwiiiejot?" -"Yes, husband, and a bill with it for one year's subscript:.!!!." " Ahem 1" "WjelL, what kiud of a paper have they got today, hey, pretty tolerable any thiug new ''" " Oh yes, got a glorious paper J It's chock full of (shocking accidents, elopements, robberies, murders una suicides, und hiHicide.s, uud parricides, ami aud besides., there is & good lovo story on the first page, tind-a lot of deaths and marriages I've read it through and through. Shall I tro aud fetch it for vou " " Never mind lioU, wile hut what did you sav iu the first iu- ! Ktauce a bill cams with it !" "Vcs, husband, a bill ; it is in the upper drawer." " That is the mot important item in the paper, wife; I'll sit' r'12 lit down Mid forward the money, uud .then r 11 read the jxiper." '' Boston City ' Pomck. Fnt Rutining. Through in one day fare reduced! A smart looking youug inun called Stevenson pleaded guilty to thecharge of showing a liftlein the. Jehu ftyle of driving great scampi ring iwnong the natives mud Uyim: horses' feet striking fire, mid a man's leg badly hurt ! Defeudaut state'd that if he hud not tried to liold in his horse no accident would not have occurred as his horse belonged to tke true Hunker Hill Dreed, t. e. the more ou tried to curb him, the more he wouldn't leave off going- So between his wish to stop the horse und the horse's determination not to Ik- dictated to, u mail's leg got hurt. The linn w us put at two dollars and costs. lioxluu Times. Our government lias made the sproposal to extend the boundary' on the seaboard to the St. John in exchange' for the land at! the north; but to this proposal there is no probability that the Biilish will ever accede. The enquiry arises then, whether; amidst the conflicting claims j of the present j moment (however absurd may be the pretensions of the British, that Mars Hill is the Highlands of the treaty)- there is any project of adjustment so c as that the United States should pur- of Maine arid Massachusetts the territo- feasib chase ry to be relinquished. In all probability their consent could be. obtained at the sessions of the legislatures of those states the present winter, For siiiely they would not refuse to sell to the Ur.ited States, when the sale may be very im portant, in order td secure the quiet of the bor der settlers, and to. preserve the peace of the country- . j ictler method of adjustment t Airv.;, ,t,o' vr . .kuuMi, mat ifiai.ic con ceives, the Biitish pretensions to be most un- s regularly aud gcutleincn ut bqiuding tchooil Laught to make verses; and it would be a treat bund tlieju uii Fatal Accjde.vt. Mr, II. Hart, formerly of s .... rni i I New York, hilt for the Inel t Avral tall T II ST fill lOrai. 1 IKTH W3H n I Mia II VPPV I ' w v.uao ct, I LPUULta flowery" ccuius along, as some of our friends hie merciiautol this city, while gbiug on board a wlin rot covered with meal can testify. Tha rrand souad moved up SU Cbailcs to Ju- 8irucR a traie m crocKery. ware whicn the n j - . i . . . 1 . . lia aud then down Camp, directly by our office llttnu were "'"cuargiug, precipitated into the n- t. Where er how. thev broke vcr' aud we regrcl to say, belore fcny assistance Romaxck ix Heal LiKK.-Our readers will ntmember that we published a paragruph a few jdays since, stating that a woman iu attempting to leave au infant at the door of a gentleman in Boston bad fallen and broken her leg. A cor respondent in that city has furnished us with the following facts connected with his siuzulur cUsc "hi October last a fine lookitijr woman called at the house of a gentleman and stated that she was fi oin Halifax, that her husband died in the sprintr, aim .sue nan visiteu itusiou to see a orolticr w ho had sailed from Boston for the Wes; lndi Vj. and was j expeeted fa return iu tlie course of a month or two. Her name she said was Vulmout. She wanted employment as a seamstress for a few weeks, aud wold willingly sew for her board. 1 lie lad V 4ll lilP iHilKf". t iinU hit hnr utiiri; r mcnn iiblej iliiected her to a friend who was in waut of an assistant, and who was so fascinated with the nppcarauce, manners, and conversational powers ..I i- . i oi uie applicant, mat the received her ut once, treated hvt with great familiarity and kindness, and became deeply interested iu her. A lemalo friend of the lady, whom we will call Mrs. H., also partook of her feelings of pity for the lonely widow. After workinn about lour weeks, she re- moved fVoni the lady's hospitable nAif, but still . Sagacious DOg. - , A correspondent gives ns the following mstacca of the faithfulness and sagacity of Una . noble a. imal : " ' '.' ' ; , I . -' " Some few nights since I was wakened by scratching at the back door of my . bed rootn: . Knowing at once it was a favorite dog whom I kept in the yard, and who, as 1 thought, was anX. ,-. ious to take a privilege I seldom granted, gahu 1 ing admittance, I bade bun begone. -1 he moment ' he heard my voice be commenced scratching V I ouder and stronger, ana wnen l spoke to .bi ' again, he! began bowling. This being so unusual, : ; I got up to see if any thing was really tnc matter, M but before my intention, wasj executed the dog ' had gnawed a bole sunicienUy. large wherethe doors (summer doors) camet-together,. to admit his paw, when he opened the door, which had . I uot us usual been bolted on the' inside. Upon'his -gaining admittance he instantly with his gfeeth i pulled out the musquitobar wliich was tucked in, and jumped upon the bed J I. pushed him aff but he immediately came back, caught me by the skirt of my night gown taikl .pulled nie to- wards the door. 1 pushed itTopen, and there i - jerceived a small blaze. Upon examination and y enquiry 1 found "that in making up the coal fire for the night, the ashes and lighted-binder lad -been thrpwn'upon the edge of the; plank which had been laid from the back part of tlie house to ", the kitchen. The blaze wasjvery small and in all probability would have gone out ol itself ; , still there was enough to occasion uneasiness! inv the mind oi the dog, ana ue couiu not rest until -he had warned me of the danger." ' - . The Providence Couricr says, 'wthV girls of ifoA city are modest enough to wait for ' young hus bands to come after them, instead of inquiring at ' the book store for a "Young Husband." Some, of them will get sick, tired and gray with wait- ing, wereckon. ' ''r An Irishman recently coiiimitted suicide in . Providence, because some one had stolen bit ; bed. We have known people to commit the same .': deed for less provocation love, for instance. ,t ( "Plain, Master Clifford:1 The Senate of ' Ohio have stricken out the " Excellency" in the . title of Governor of that State. In Masgacbn-setts, too, they are about -abolishing the tide nf Honorable. . ? Bathos. The Philadelphia Gazerte qudtes " the expression ot a New York lawyer, who spoke, of certain sins as uot being pardonable, "either al the high court of beaveB, or in the inferior Ceurl of this country." . What other and ment can there be 1 Sarinfr Time. A clergyman, who had alarms farm, as was generariy the case in our forefathers clays, went out to see one of Lis laborers, who -w as pious (ring in the field, and he found him sit : tine upon his plough, resting his team. 44 John," said lie, " would it not be a good plan for you toy 1 have a stub scythe here, and be hubbing a few bushes while the oxen are resting ?" John, with-"' a countenance which mishtwcll have become the divine himself, instantly returned "Would founded, and a mockery to common sense ; vet. 11 not a vre,1 pir' for 'ou ,0 ha. 3 a swinging to sw insrlc a little flax V 1 lie reverend centle- it is a 'grave pretension, and as such, has beeir met by our govornnient. Indeed, the preten- ! i - i fcian is now broader than the award of the um pire. The aii'air must lie taken up' in its pres ent posture. Suppose a new arbitration : the man turned on his heel, ' laujrhcd heartily, and' said no more about bubbing bushes. Hampshire ; ; Gazette. I A Man of fete words. Such; was Sol. Glum.' But his action was striking. One summer uitrlit " i i - result knight be less favorable than that of the he was roused from slcert bv a druuken neighbor. King of the Netherlands. Indeed the British ?ho ,c T h YindW &?djnt oulc'!i have already indicated their purpose -of not ac- passed his head out of the windovv, with "what's cepting a new which 1783. arbitral ation except oh conditions i iirvolye an abandonment of the line of What tlien shall be done! j Shall we go to war for a piece of land . worth perhaps only a million or two of dollars 1 Is thcie any involvment of national pride or honor in this little eastern boundary -question 1 If the Brit ish claim is ever 6oabsurd, may not the affair be settled. i this way hoporably and satisfacto ry to all parties ! 10 Chartrts-Htrecc r.p is more than we can say. We understood it tube their intention to join in the lpusqaeradiug scene of Uustavus 111 hch was performed last evening ut the Theatre d'Orlcaus. Tbev v. ere well dressed for it ut any rate. Thus has nasicd "Mardi Uros," and mav we all hvo to see filly more, just like it J The whole could ba rendered was drowned. His funeral was attended last eveuing by a large concourse of friends frequently called to see her. fcuddenl v her v Isits ce ceased, and for three weeks before and a shoit time after Christmas, nothing was seen ot hei; when, to the astonishment of the good lady, her lamiiy physician informed her that her industrious protege w as the mother of a fine daughter, bom the day before Christmas. r- uhiug more was heiud fioni her unt.l the cveniiic of the ltkh, wheu ;ui infant wai left on ; Talleyrand. It iis said of this 'wily diplo matist that he was the only politician, who ever carried 'out to successful perfection the. doctrine of non-committalism. He would not commit himsclfjevcn upon tlie length of ajmusquito's bill, bito it him ever so sorclv. When the Frem-h Danker japplied to th old fax to knwv whether ocorge the l hint was actually dead, lie receiv ed the following satisfactory reply: I "Some of my advices say lie is dead, and some sav"hc is uot; for'iMy part, I don't believe either oiie or the other." i I It ll n a 1 t Oil Gli.ku.inn- Hn'i.inA ! -a rnunjiii, lUllIUJ UIUI lilX.iUIU fill- II II 1 11 -ii 1 un- kltlie Kdvits .Tr lututss ..... If v.. Mrs. H.'s door Htop, chu in a cultou ui-Iit dics. tcutiurx Republican I : r.iid wrajipctl iu a light shawl. k A, peutlemnu Nothccauea majority of convlols ! imu,. uiyf wiiQ were pjssujs: ot tue unit, said f i fli i a W n Cut till hv annio tf fi'ir timet iil.T... I .... i J " ; . " , ." , """" ' Jul about them, rjiiruKu youa iuvn, wnoso ucsigu was nut oiuy to create port and uicrriuicnt, but they also had n charitable object in view, as whatever sum was raised, over aiid above the expenses, is to be giv-.t'u to the Orphan Aaylum or some' other institution of a 6imilarchcractcr. ; 1 . 0The fiuo steamer Iiriltiaut, Capt. Jesse Hart, leaves this tuoruiug at 10 o'clock for Duyou Sara.' ' . i Camf-street. Addiliomd Attractions. Barrett appears determined to keep up the interest which has becu excited by the performances at the Camp, by securing the very beat talent. Misa Clifton and J . IU Scott have both arrived li oni Natchez, aud appear lo-night in Shcridau KmowIc play of the Hukchback.' Ifihe muM- r cau but briug the whole streugth of the comj4iy ont during the eugageuicnt ol these jMipular performers, ho con . depend upon, good Louiies..' ''!..: Ve forg" iu what arrrwo this week raw the lOllowiii-, v.c. vk-Jummuut j. ciescope.. AV crxollpct perfectly well that what follows origiaUIy append la our paper. t . . From what paper did the editor of the N. Y. Sun take the article headed "Rudiments of Loai-ingl" BoaloH Times. . I Yea, Mr. Times, and where did you get the idea from that; the Shippeusburg uirls wear no stockings, iu the article immediately under the above? i Philaictbroi'IC. The old bachelor of the Northampton Mass.) Courier the same old erusty who went against the 'ladies feeding their "little 'uus";in stores aud meeting houses "before folks" Sas taken a notiqu " to be a lit te better uatured of late, and now -talks about life necessity of furnishiug ihe pigs with fiauucl petticoats daring thq cold weather. Wedlock is a ureal invention ami a Imst nf la dies will bear m out iu the assertion. Cut. jmpert ij.- . - - j We have conversed with several! eldcrlv spinsters, vulgarly called old maids, upon this jsub-ject, and they say it is uo such tniiig. j Population of Alabama The population of thU State u said to be 510,430; 293,659 whiten, 21409 alaves, and 1832 free oeyroeg, i" . I oumco. uursirecisare soji enough in all coa--, they Paw a woman lav a b.u.dle on the ster, and then 'run. Theie was a letter with the babe, commending it ; to their protection, which was written with much pathos, and drew tears from those, who read it. It stated in particular that before morning the mother Would be many miles from Boston; but if this was her intention it was signally'frustrated, for she hud gono but a short distauce from Airs. H.'s, when she fell and broke her leg. This was uot ktiowu till the n3xt day, w heii she w;as traced to a house in au udjacent' street, where the husband of the lady who had befriended her, mid of the ludy who had been us unceremoniously laden with a nursery present, visited her, and as Mr. and Mrs. H. hudconclu-aed to keep the child (having none of her own papers transferring the responsibility" were at once drawu up, and all title and claim to the new comer, relinquished by the unfortunate mor ther. j She confessed her real name, and that she had two husbands.'and seemed to feel deeulvMi disgrace which her errors bad brought upon her"." Thus ends this siugular and true story, which is at ouce a wurning to others to avoid'tempta-(ion, aud tin example of benevolence and kind feeling en the part of Mrs. H. j . J A lady in tire State of Connecticut, who was in the habit of spendimr most of her time, in the society of her neighbors, happened one dav to be taken suddenly ill, and isent her husband in great haste for the physician. The .husband run a few rods, but scon, returned, exclaiming. M Mv wear, my dear, where ehall I find you w jiu I get We are still m the notion and firm belief that lorencc is the best location lor the uew Pehi- I'loreuee Lzazclie reside iu your neighborhood we hope. wanted!" uOh ? ho! ye're there, arc ve I Come down here you rascally" "Coming," said i- fcol. "I'm here !" "And vou are there" knock- A in? the noisy night owl into the street. Bostvtt- l imes. . t .-.. .- I - k . -. C'Mr. GEO. Ji. GRAHAM, formortv f VatIcJ ' v ( . J , . now in this city, (New Orleans,) will hear of tomclhing'' It his ad vantage by apply hi gr at tliia office, jan 5M U : MARINE INTELHIGENCII. pout of kkw orlkans. 1 CLKARED. . i-- Parque Chanticleer. Thooiaa. Pliilartnhm. ft. & A P. Whitnev. t ...... T- Brig Comet, Morse, Havana, Cucullu, Lnpeyre & Co. -Tolacre Conttautiii, Fabrepas, Havana, . Prats. Schr Texas, Sliackclforri, Matog-orUa, matter. ' - -r t?Mir Black Warrior, Howland, Charletton, master. . Schr Slontgomery, Sawyer, Tampa Bay, muster. ' Schr Delta, Suttou, Port au Prince, S. & J. P. Whit- ,' Schr ltichard, Baker, Matanzas, D. Marstoo. . 1 ARR1VKI). . . ." Ship St. Louis, Watson, fDiThiladelphia. " ' ' 1 1 fMiip Hellespont, wp11, fin Bordeaux. ' - ' Ship Victoria, Sucll, fia Boston, j - " - Ship Surah, Macoduck, fm Hamburg. Bri; R. Grouing, Landen, Havana. 1 . Brig Lconidas, Paluirr, Havftna. '"-Schr W. M. Smith, Tortcn. Tamna Biiv- Meamcr Alex. Porter, Doraey, CincincatL " " - ' Steamer Brilliant, Hart, Plnijueuiine. . - ; Tow boat Porpoise, J)avi, fui the Passes. Towhoat HuiUon, Howrcn, fm N H Pass. ' ,' Ton boat Poutchartraiu, Sheridan, fia the-BaJizc. N. ORLEANS RATES OF UKCUJRREXT ilONEY, Am ti...l...J LM m Xm f I t r ". y j. U. LHnrjicr, iu vamp tirrtu . tORKECTED DAILY4 Agricultural Bank of ii Ukissippi, Natchez, PJauters' Bans aud branches, do Balik of Vicksliur?. V'irll..rn. ' J Judging from the UDoearauce of voumaner for I Bank of Gretiaila, - - , 1 -r . Since , the commencement of the Christmas ho lidays we have paid! but little attention to our editorial duties. It cstern tffczr. 1 the last ar we should think the Christmas holi- ftfofJRg, days lasted pretty much all the time. The Eighth Judicial District of New in a bad fix ou account of die blundcriug Judge Dayton.- The Senate of the State has ta ken hold of his case, mid have little difficulty in remov ever they may do with the causes ' I ij j Tliu March of Improvement. They have or may shortly commence building etearu boats "down east" of patent India rubber widi white oak boilei 3, warranted, if they blow up, not to kill more than one in three of those on board, vyhicli is less than the; general average. Wliat Next 7ti is said that a new paper has been established iu London to be devoted exclusively to reporting breach of promise cases, and to be entitled the " cViin. Coa. Gazette." i ' ' ; -. . . Dr. Humbug, delivering lectures at Florence, Ala. . He choose?, for his subject, the ugul-liSUUy ofuiax.1 .' " . ' -: ; . Bank oUVeat Feliciana, R. R.Co, Woodrille, v.wam wank vi HJVHIttllCv. York is Commercial hank, Cotunibu, -i - - commercial Kank, loatcbez. . s m WOrK Of rnmin.n.iol R,nl, . tT : a . - - commercial . luuirood Bk. & br Vkkeburr. Gulf, . 5 5 JjalS 65&70 748 U 6 7 25438 10412 56 54 e 54C 546 1-2415 we presume they will Commercial Bai of Manchester, , i .u. J'.. ,.. . ?.raDd.G.u.,f Railroad & Bank." Co., G'nd .s ,w vu,uai. an. ec Ala. R. Road Bank &. branch-Brandon. 4&450 aiiM8sippiShiplJui;Conip Natchez, - 6 Mississippi R. Rood CompH do ' - ' 546 - MisMMippt Uniou Baak Jt brunches, Jackson, C47 Renl Etat i Banking CompM Holly Sprin?, nasale. ': l ombijrby Rati Road Bank imrCo Columbus, SU422 Vickbburs; Water Works Bank. Cu Vi. k.l.orr. 5 a a AueracroutotocB4iuk.Cxf -t . 40$4i 1 . ! . 1 1 . . v uis,me,cinn,aiiii)ari,IUiiioi,&Ind" - 345 ? Batk of Blohile ; - . - T i . . ; 1 ii .t it. . . ! - " owio oi Aim. auu lsraucnes, -1- -8 Tennessee Banks, ,' . c a . South Carolina and Georg la, .. .. . Sgia New York, Penaavlvania. &e '.sin- Clinton and Port Hudaam, . -r - .. . ' u " ara 31 naaas Kinird - t a Texas Trensur)' Notes, . ' " . : . . ' ' ; go Bank of Peasicola, Florida, ' . - .. ; . ' ' . g ." Union Bank at Tallahafcae, Florida, C - - 12213 Southern I .if Ins JL Tm.i fri J - ' " ...a Commercial Baak. Florida. V Bank of Jackaont ule, do - . ' . no tale. A,' n ti

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