The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY OCTOBER 1933 BLYTHEVrLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE HILL LIST Missouri Solons Face Extended Wrangle Over Liquor and Sales Tax. BV WII.UAM E. OAMMON Vm'te,! Prftti Slaff Correspondent JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. Oct. 30 iTJ!>)—indications v:eiv todav lha tl'.e special rseslon of the stale k-a- irlalure-. already involved In knolf auairels over linuor and » .snip tax. cannot comniete ils work be- more mid-December. Althouuh leaders tliouplit n first that passage of Gov. Guy I Park's program of unemploymen and fclifiul relief could lie arcom nllshed within six weeks, ounosiLloi to a sales tnx atul a certain fi?h over a Ittnior conlrol bill mak that adjournment date pr.«>bility. Every day the legislature is I cer-slnn is cnsls Ihe taxpayers ail iirnviin.ilcly 51,100 in salaries aloni rat to mc-nlion IIUKO printing bil' rn'i other expenditures. The rcaular w.'sion this yea con sw.OM. Worn- About Reelection Unlike the regular session, whe dm !e->Hators received onlv SI day after the legal limit for th Ff-rsion was exceeded, they drn full pay while in special session. Rep. A. L. McCawlev, Garths? sponsor of some of the nrlmliiL tralion measures in the hou notablv the sales tax bills, h warned representatives that mile they "get down to business th won't get down to the capitol f the next legislature." The fact that next year is election year already is beyinnine to worry some ol (he members. They are fearful that whatever they do, it will be wronp. There is a grow- hi? disposition to remind one another of the "people at home." Hearings were started on the sales tax last week. a"d the measure is almost sure lo be reported favorably by the ways and means committee to the house. Its fate in the senate is doubl- ful. Powerful interests arc ngninsl it. Their revolt against the governor's program was pronounced last week v/ilh Senalors Michael E. fiaEfiy. Kansas Citv. Lon llaymes, Springfield and p. L. Bales. Shannon county, firing broadsides al the ^nlcs ta.x and bond issue proposals. Wanf f.itiunr Law First The .strategy brought an aboiit- / face from administration leaders » ln the house. McCawlcy urged lha liounr control bills'be -introduced saying, "apparently we don't EC anything done until this trouble some question '^-settled." Sevcra were introduced.' In the senate, Floor Leader Phi M. Donnelly threw in the liquo bill vesting conlrol in a boar of three members, two of whon would IK of the majority party. The introduction of Ihe limio bills was Ihe signal for lobbyist to start their work. Several "en velopes" were passed out. The "envelopes" were one pinl 1 sir.c. No one opened his publicall; so tin- contcnl was only a gues NDr did nil Ihe members get one Banker on Trial As Embezzler Asks Court to Wield Eraser \Vlille Ills sou, Ronald, facea accusation of Issuing $1,500,000 In forged municipal bonds In Kansas, W. W. Finney Is on trial on a charge ot embezzling $70.000 from big Emporla, Kan., bank. fluney. Sr., jbown above, is prominent in politics, civic affairs and church work, lie was arrested after charge! were filed against bis son. Lcadiville Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Taber Blighter, Geneva, and son, Money Will.Help Provide Memorial Boulders Here and at Osceola. The Elliott Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy received several honors of note at ihe stale meeting In Russellville. In addition lo having Blythevllle selected as Ihe place of meeting for the 1934 convention, the local chafer was presented a gilt of $100 for the fund lor boultlers to be erected at Blythevllle nnd Osceola In honor of Confederate veterans of Mississippi county. These boulders are to be erected soon and bronze tablets, to be placed In them later, will be formally unveiled when the group meets here next year. Mrs. James B. Clark, presldenl of llie local chapter, was reclecled treasurer cf Die state group. Other officers named were: Mrs. C. S. Lowthrop. Hope, president; Mrs. Earl Cunningham, Prairie Grove, ,rst vice president Mrs. Paul Heerwagen. Payelteville, second vice president; Mrs. J. P. Bowen, IJtlle Hock, third vice president; Mrs. John Prunlski. North Little Hock, recording secretary; Mrs. Prank Gehrlg, Arkadelphia, registrar; Mrs. John Carter, El Dorado, recorder of crosses; Mrs. P. J. Rice, Little Rock, custodian ot flags; Mrs. Jesse Martin, Russellvllk', historian. The Blythevllle U. D. C. won flrsl prize for trie best scrap book which has been forwarded to Baltimore for the general contest. The prize was a book of Arkansas History compiled by Mr. Wilson, of Russellville. A medal was also awarded the group for having had Ihe greatest gain in membership Ihis year. Essay prizes received by northeast Arkansas Included: Frank Burke, Helena, second prize of $5; Carolyn Kahn, Helena, first prize jvancl Jury .Starts Its Work \Vilh Joe Isaacs As Foreman. With a busy iwo weeks ahead circuit criminal conn o|iened here this moininr, with Judge O. E. Keck o( this clly presiding. Joe Isnacs. local mcrchnnl, was named fiircmnn of Ihe Brand Jur> hv Judge Keck, who charged lilt Jmor.s to conduct Inquiries Into ii'Viers placed before them by the prnsraitlug attorney and mailers of their own knowledRi 1 , whllu keeping In mliicl the need cf strlc' ''fcniomy In court excuse. Al oni palm In the course of his chargi Jiu!i;i- Keck referred to justices o ixarc courts nnd the tminlclpa ™>u as Imvlnij concurrciil Juris ilk-lion In misdemeanor case> Wliiie llie court's reference wu not directed ;i; any Is-sne ove such jurisdiction It wiis viewed h some advocates of justice of i>eac conns as favorable to (heir claim 1 llnl mnplslrates are us fully ail jlhnrlpcd lo try rases In this dls [lili'l of Ihe county, except In Ih! ti>wi:shlp, as ihe municipal com Members of llie petit jury panel ri'iwrlcd buck nl 1:15 o'clock this nllernoon lo try their first CB.->e after lb?y ha<l been excused about ! 11 o'clock this morning following lasoni Entertained by OsceoU Lodge OSCEQLA, Ark.-A delegation of ilylhfvllle Mesons Joined the rep- escntallves of nine other Arkanas lodges and visitors from seven titles who attended a box supper nil meeting of the Masonic fra- crnlly here Thursday night, nnd feature of the evening's program .-as the reading by Worshipful Master Robert Blaylock of Bly- hevlllc of n letter written in 1885 vlilch extended an Invllatlon to nembcrs of Ihe Chlckasawbn lodRC o attend a meeting note. The letter, written by Capt Hugh n. McVeigh, who was ui .hat time clerk of the circuit cour and secretary of llie Osceola lodge, xplalns that the lodge wns not nble to send out Individual Invitations but extended u blanket In- vlliillon to members of the Chlck- iisawba and Frenchman's Bayou lodge's to be present nt a banquet Icmlered by Osceola Masons on l>cc. 29. 1IW5. Thursday nlghl's meeting w-as (hi: occasion of the iinnuul visit of Grand Ma.slcr Claude A. nan- kin of Little Rock, Proposal Is Placed .Before Mid-Western Governors at Des Moines Today. DES MOINES, town, Oct. 30 tU. 10—A proposal thill a moratorium lx- placed on till farm debts wns I laced before a conference of inltl- uestern governors meeting hero today nt ihe Invitation ol Governor lien Ing ol lu:vn. The emergency conference called to confer measures for relief of farm tcmllllons thnl pie- il;Mla[ed the calling ol a national I.irm strike by Hie I'lirm Holiday Association nliV! days ago. Other proposals placed bt'tort. Ihi' governors ami thi'li- represnHrv llvc\s Included U'llnaiiclng of furu IndebU' by the federal ^ r ov i-rninviit at 1 l-a IX.T cent Insteai of 4-1-2 per cem and 5 per cent, nnd the remonellzatlon of U. S. currency on n silver bash. Farm organization leaders who u'vanced the remonetlzatlon proposal held lltlle hope the governors ould approve it In view of Present Roosevelt's recently nnnounc- 1 policy of managed currency. Forty Delegates Attend Zone Missionary Meeting LEPANTO. Ark.—Forty from the missionary soclelles of yiaiuui, Marlon, Trumann. Wilson and Jouesboro, com|>rlsln(j !t of . the Jouesboro dlslrlcts of the ! Methodist church, gathered In Le- panlo Friday for an all-day meet- la urueral chaise bv the court. , Tiie nnal hour before Ihe noon I nig. Mrs. Alice Elliott of Tyronm, n-ra was s-ncnt In setting of president, and Mrs. E. K. Bcwell of i r:i5c.s for trial. Ap|X?al cases In- and Eu- cne. spent the first of the week i Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Austin, of lanila, have moved here and are t home in the Staudemeyer resl- ence on South Main street. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Hubbard invc moved to the residence of .Ir. David on Highway 18. Miss Lois Williams, Miss Louise of 110; Venice McDanlel, Helena, second prize of 15; Thomas Hurley Jordan Jr.. Helena, honorable mention; Cole Jeffries, Helena, first prize of $10; Emagine Jones. Marion, second prize of t5; Mary Lou Etter. Marlon, honorable mention; Johanna Jeidel, Helena, first prize of $10; Bob Bond, Marion, second prize of $5; Katie Dunn. Marion It was u good resolution wlieu Barbara Jlurondess wrote it last New Year's Day. Hut llio film actress has wiped the blackboard clean, filing suit for divorce from Irving Jacobs, New York business man. It's all a maltcr of geography, aho says, calling marriage "unfair" when she lives In Hollywood and he .in Nev.Tiork. I vnivliiK a number of I '.'.-"re to be End Serious Coughs With Crcomulsion Uuirt let lliciu gel n slrunu hold. Fight scnus quickly. Crci I'.mlslun combines the 7 l:esl helps known lo modern science. Powerful till harmless. Pleasant to take. No Kin-colics. Your own druggist Ls authorized to refund your money on the spot If your cough or cold Is not relieved by C'lcomulslon. Adv.IS Hospital Notes Patients the Blyt'ie- lilt' hospital: Mrs, W. If. Gullr-y, rnga City, Mo.; Gerald Dlotneye. 1 , ity; Anulc Laurie IXibbs, Armor- I; Mrs. Ernesl Ilnrbn, Ma"lia. llmiL'istd: Mrs. R. A. DoWilt, cnchvllle; Mis. V/lllImn 'Oavldcoi!, lanlla; Mrs. Charlre Hall. ArbyiJ, [o. Value til production of paper il jnil|> In Canada approximates 2rii.l44,2£H iiimiMilly. 1 f»r 1 BILIOUSNESS Sour sioniacli iy gn$ anil headache p ifun Jo m CONSTIPATION Services at Hayti Sunday lor Mrs. Florence Jordan Marlon, secretary, presldenl. Manila men Luncheon was served by ihe L*!- thls afternoon, panto missionary society. During Counsel for Oscar Elliott, former j the afternoon session, a playk't, lnc;il police officer, was lo pre- ."Building anil Curing In Chang::UH a formal motion for conllnu- show," was given' by Ihe Tyroimi :mce of an auiieal case, in which W. M. S. Rev. Abner Sage ol tin' cs-ofllcer is accused ot public Marked. Tree snnj,', "The Man of drunkenness, on grounds of Illness atililce." The .Junior Epworlh of Ihe defendant. • | League of Lepanlo sponsored n I Indictments In four capital ens- porlion of the program with the ex were speedily returned this af-' following participating; Frances. I tiTiicon after the grand Jury had Henderson, Yvonne Elizabeth By| been in session but a short time, j ler, Helen Blocker, Bottle Cothran. Raymond Prultl, Annorel farmer,' and Mary Kalhcrlne Murphy. charged with the murder of an' Infant girl, wns numed In one In} dictuiL'iit. and two negroes. Rlch- . I ard Clark and Oscar Stevenson HAITI, Mo. — Funeral services | wore also formally charged with! . murder. The fourth Iruc bill wns Society — Personal '/heeler and Miss Dorothy 'Robinson pent Friday In Memphis. Thursday evening the following •omen entertained members ol the civic league and their husbands ith a dinner ,party followed with games.of bridgfe,. rummy and rook: vlmes,,^. L. Sfcnlth, M,artha John- ^fcV Byefley and A. E. Rob- • The community house was Attractively.' decorated with orange ind yellow .dahlias in black vases an dtall floor baskets contained autumn daisies. Prizes went to Mrs. R. A. Moore and Dr. A. E. Robinson for bridge honors, to Miss Frances Smith for low in Ihe same game; in rummy to Mr. E. -H. Taber for the women and Fred Alexander for the men, to Mrs. J. B. Alexander and E. H. Taber "for low; in rook to Mrs. E. M. Howard for women's high and Mr. Howard for men's high, and to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Smith for low scores. honorable mention; Frank Hungerland, Helena, first prize of $10; Elaine Solomon, Helena, honorable mention. ' |i I With the exception of Chile's, the maternal mortality rate of the United Slates is the highest in the world. wrce held at the family residence here Sunday afternoon for Mrs. Florence Jordan by the Rev. J. R. Bullinglun, pastor of the Methodist church. Mrs. Jordan, who for many years has been a resident of this city, passed away Saturday night of pneumonia. She had been In fail- j ing health for n year. She is survived by her daughter, Genive Young, and u son, Clarence Jor- ilan. Intermenl was at Woodlawn cemetery. . t'.M | rellnbly rejxjrtcd to have named Mrs. Raymond Priiitt defendant on a murder charge. 'Hie Trultts al- leqcdly removed an infant Klrl born lo Mrs. Prulll's sister. Miss Opal llnfscll from a hospllal here and losscd it into the Mississippi river where it's body was later found. Trial of the PrultUs Is '.'X- World's supply of gold In 1S32 wns divided • 54 per cent In Europe, 34.2 pel cent in North America, 2.9 per cent In Ijitln America, XG per ccnl in Aslii 3.6 per cent In Australia, and .'' per cent In Africa. pectccl tn be of the term. the most important Remedy Removes Cause of Stomach Gas Most stomach OAS Li due to bowel poisons. For quick relief use Adlerlka. One dose cleans out body wastes, tones up your system brings sound sleep. Sold In Mlylhe nrnd Courier News Want, Ads.' I vllle by City Drug Store.—Adv. J- Farmers! See IV. A. Black Get Your Government lOc COTTON LOANS NOW Personal Attention Given to Each Lot \Vc have U. S. (ioverntm'nl Our Oflitt. Lkcnscd Classic in J. KAHN & CO., Inc. DALLAS, TEXAS W. A. BLACK, Agent Bader BLYTHKVILLE, ARR. MLss Until* Fern I.ctes enler- tr.ineil the Double Four Bridge club at the home of her mother Friday evening. Miss Louise Witt. Mrs. Delia Tlavrington and Mrs. C. P. Wells wt-rc Biicsts of the club. Miss Edn.i Khourie received ihe high score pri?r, and second Our country imports three billion pounds of bananas annually. hiah score i>ri« went Hugh Dorris. to Mrs. with jigsaw puzzles Those enjoying the Miss Verniej Stand! eiilcilaincxt her Eunclay school class of girls of the Baptist cl-.nrch with a party ot her home Irist Friday evening and contests. evening were M'sws Virginia Cannon. Margaret Jlyrick. Opal Alexander. Annie Mas Khourie. Margaret Haynie r:Ml Mildred Mr.;s. Mrs .Olga V/ilfro of Scnath. Mo., he-re Saturday visiting Miss Mildred Popham. Mrs. Wil:cm will be remembered as the Uirmer Miss Clsc Hastings cf this nt>. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Le-.vis hav? mcwcd from Ihu Dr. J. W.' Johnson properly in'.o the O. N. Ware |-i operty. Hi'ft man News Mirs Goldye Ulcdsoe. who has lx?cn seriously ill. is reported improved. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Webb accompanied Miss Blcdsoc lo the Baptist hospital in Memphis. James A. Laster of Golddust, Tenn., called on friends here Wednesday nnd Thursday, lies Hushes visited his wife and One Cent a Day Brings $100 a Month Over 8*70,000.00 Already Paid In Cash Btrefits One cent a duy (S3.65 per yearl, invested in a National Protective Policy, will now buy more accident :iEiirancc benefits than can be secured from any other company for any amounl up lo $10 per year. This new po!i--.y. paying accident I'.-ner.'is up to $100 each month or 51.000 lo S1.500 at dealh. is now being sold lo all men, women and children, between the ages of 7 and RO years, whether employed or not. More pcouie 1: th»-U. S. were killed by aulo accklents during the p:ist 18 months than the entire ./timber of American soldiers killed In action or died ot wounds during the 18 months America was in th? world war. Many people say tial the National Protective benefits for auto accidents of $100 a month (instead of the usual $25 or S50 a month) n alone worth the entire cost ol S3.C5 a year. Yet Ihis Is but one of the many features of this new and unusua policy. The National ProtMtiTt Is «hi liprscsl anl oldfsf. company of it kind in the world. 11 has paid ove :ix hundred seventy Ihoosand dol lars (SS70,O^K).Oa: in cash to thons inds cf its pnlicyholdtrs when cash was most needed. Stnd So Money For 10 days' fiee Inspection o parents Wednesday Thursday. night and Union Holmes and Taylor Adams were here Wednesday. Charllon Babley and Charlie Holt of Osccob visited Thursday morning. friends here Ernesl Rast .is visiting his wife for a few rlivs. Mrs. Rasl was quite ill Thursday. Don't Let Constipation Fill You With Poiion Constipation allows poisons to pile up in the bowels and makes you (rfl sick. At the llr*l feeling of con- lUpatliTl, Ufce Thedtord's niadt-DraugM tor prompt, refreshing rtllef H has he!p*d thousands OC and women. loilst on Tl.cdlorJ's Ui,ACK-Dn.\uairr. po'.'cy, simply send name, age, afl diess and name and relatlonshi ol beneficiary to National Protec live Insuranc eCo.. 503 Pickwlc Bldg., Kansas City. Mo. No medlca examlnallon or red tape. Afte reading policy .v'nlcli will be mall td lo you, cither return It o .<end $3.65. which pays you u lor a whole— 3S5 days. Sen icday while offer Is still open. — Ad HEMORRHOIDS (Pllei) c«r- «J without the knife. Skin rancer, varicoscd veins, tonsils removed non-ssri!lf»Uy. DRS. NTES md NIE8 Office 514 Main Phone W the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER imfft * KrM TOMOOO Co,

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