The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE srx BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESPAT, / MAY8C, Safety Important Consideration in BuildingChimney ,Lining Necessary To Prevent Fire, Heot Efficiently Every SO seconds n home somewhere In America catches fire. Annual home fIre-losses total about $25.000,000. and 12% of flU home fires start from defective chimneys find flues. A flimsy. unUned chimney with wooden beams projecting into it.s walls, or one built on woe-den supports, or other defective construction, can cause fire. A defective flue can cause fire to stnrt bock of the kitchen range, or under hearth or roof. If a chimney !n use is too hot to touch, it Is unsafe. A chimney should be made safe even though this mains rebuilding it. As this Is expensive, proper design and safe construction should be provided for when a house is built, by architect.' builder ami heating contractor. Chimney's Functions Functions of a chimney are to let smoke and combustion gases escape and to create a draft to draw combustion air Jnto the healer. A poor chimney, including an undersized flue, is usually found to be the cause of poor fuel combustion and resulting lack of heat. Chimneys may rise either outside or inside the house; an inside one Is economical for heating heat seeping through its walls passes into the on all 4 sides. Any chimney should be built from the ground up, supported on masonry, or on self-supporting fire- restrictive construction, it.s weight borne by Us own foundation. It should extend 3' above a flat tool, 2' above the ridge of a peak roof. Its j walls should be sufficiently thick for stability—at least 4". An 8" wall, or 2 courfps of brick, Is better. Codes Require Lining 1 Most building codes require A fire-clay lining, which should ex- lend throughout the chimney. A smallhouse needs a flue with di- 'mensions of at least 100 square inches, A fire-clay flue lining improves the draft. , Chimney caps, whtch protect the top from deterioration, should be non-combnstible and weather-roof. Concrete is frequently used. Traps for sparks nre advisable, especially when fuel used is wood or coal. Plashing nt intersections of chimney with roof should be of metal, preferably copper. Roof framing should be separated from the chimney by at least 2" on all stiles, and this 2" nir-spnce filled with non - combustible insulating material. Floor timbers should be trimmed clear of hearts and chimney masonry. Wood casing, lathing or furring should be separated by 2" from chimney breasts. Mortar used In building chimney and flue should be cement mortar, When mortar falls out from between the bricks, openings 1 can be expected to develop in the side walls of the chimney. If you can push a knife or an Icepick through a side wall, It's time to rebuild the chimney. Did You Know That— It takes 30 Rflllons of water to fill the average bathtub, 30 gallons for tlie average .shower bath, average 1 a w n spinkler uses 120 gallons per minute and -}i" garden hose with nozzle uses 215 per minute? In 1940 there were 31,300.000 dwelling units, of which 2,500.000 were vacojit? To budge a sticking drawer, .soap in 1919. and property loss from fire VMS over $001.500.000? Nearly a million families paid off home mortgage debts last year? 2'i million families are still liv- 'ing "doubled up"? 2 houses are built every minute in the U. S.? Typical $80-$100-a-weelc family wants a living-room fireplace, iots or paraffin nibbed along top 'and' of windows, G to 10 closets, cov- bottom sliding edges is a good llrsi- aid measure but in a serious cnso the edges may have to be sunned ered (ront entrance? The lu'iid of the house had to work only '1 as many hours in 1D48 down ? 10,000 J to pay rent for the family dwelling Americans cited in I ires as Ws iflU counterpart? Folding Screen Offers Some Degree Of Privacy in Overcrowded Quarters The housing shortage was protj- I much In demand, the manufacturers ably the original reason.for the re- | developed so many new and attrac- tuin of the folding screen, for this! live versions of the folding screen versatile item provided a smart and I that I hey nre now used In a miilti- incxpensive way of acqiiiting o do- lufle of ways for both practical and grce of privacy in overcrowded I purely decorative purposes, quarters or of concealing a makeshift kitchen, unsightly pipes or heaters In a temporary home. During that lime with screens so Huge Losses From Fires Cor? Be Cut An increase of nearly $200.000.000 for fire loss In 5 years Is appalling, yet U\nt will be the figure it the current U.S. fire loss rate continues. Fn 1945 the figure was $48-1,27-1,000; the present rate of S56.900.000 per to n ycfirly month will add $682,800,000, A drop of 8.9% In losses in the { first 7 months of 1949 from the same period oT 1948 indicates that INSULATION CHECKS FIRES The U. S. Bureau of Mines states fire loss can Lilt. The lower figure of 5398,399.000 in contrast to $437,-]35,QDQ Ls largely due to intense cntniHiigiis by fire prevention authorities, Insurance companies a Reel Estate Transfers wba District) Irene Crowder to Sumter li. mid VU-inn Doyle Cockrell, Ixjl 6 of the iVIIJIc Beaslcy Subdivision. $0,000. . B. C. Germany and Idn Germany .o l,. P. and Kfflc Mny. I/it, t of Block II of (he Bugg Addition, $2,170.51. Joe and liulah Uallford to Willie and Willie Parnell, Lot 12 ol mock 'A" of the Ed p. Cook Subdivision, $205. It. E. L. Wilson, Jr., and trustees of Wilson and Company to Joseph Wilson Nelson, lands in 15N- UE. 15N-12E, 1GN-11E, and IONIZE, $10 and other consideration. Joseph Wilson Nelson lo the Armorel PlnntliiK Company, lands in 15N-11E. 15N-12E. 16N-11E, and 1IJN-12E, $10 and other consideration. Bcrla Lange mid Annie Cowan, daughter and widow of B. W. Cowan to Edna Cownn, S\V|4 of the NW|1 of Section 30-UN-9B, »1 and other consideration. Robert I-., and Jean Terry to Robbie Shousc, Lot 4 of Block 4 of the David Acres Subdivision. $10 and other consideration. Joe Downing. Jr., and Lillie Dawning to Clyde and Opal Vickery, North 72,5 feet of Lot 5 of the replat of Lot, 3 of the Edna Vail First Subdivision and Lot 8 ol Edna Vail Subdivision of NW|4 of Section H- 15N-11E, S900. Kemp E. and Mary Whisenhunt to Uiuren L. antl Marlon Kneas, Lot 10 of Block 4 of the Country ulub Drive, $10 find other consideration H. H. and Lucy Houehlns to Builders Supply, Inc., Lot 5 of Block 4 of the Country Club Drive, 1750. Hershal L, and June Beshaxse to Sarah Ruth Besharse, Lot 12 of B.loek 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, fl and other consideration. H. Noble Gill and Gladys Gill and J. E. Stevenson, Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to Kendall Berry, half interest in the E-3 of the NW|4 ol NE|4 and half Interest In the K2 of SW|4 of NK!4 of Section 9-15N-11E. $6,500. Osborne-McKinnon Company to Florence E. and Ellen L. Brown, West 50 feet of Lot 4 of Block "C" of the Osborne-McKinnon Addition to Manila, $6.650. . E. O. and Mary E. Adams to Albert Wright, and Alice McManus, Lots 13 and 14 of Block 4 ol the E. O. Adams Subdivision, $1,800. Bill Held Company of Arkansas to Paul D. and Elva Lawrence, Lot 10 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $1,100. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas to Charles S. and Gladys Billingsley. Lot 3 of Block 6 of David Acres, j'i.OOO. Is that If both the old and new pieces are of fundamentally good design, they'll blend happily together, and the old pieces will len., a llved-In air and much decorative Interest to your room. Something Old Lends Charm to Modern Room To achieve an Interesting mellow : look In a modern room, try using aj few old accessories. These might be lovely old China plates arranged in a grouping on the wall, old sugar bowls or tureens as plant and flower containers, and antique saucers as ash-trays. If you have an old wall clock, hang it above the fireplace and complete the grouping with fine old print 1 ;. The Important point to remember ASTHMA* SUF«««S FIND CU8I MS MHCRY frU£ TO ASTHMA ATTACKS. *USH€O HEKEI New hop* for rrlief (nun wthm« pwox- yams EA Been tod»y ia report* of »I*MM witfc a [ttllinlfv* formula which wU to r*1tev« congestion. Men and wom«a who fornerlr iuffercd with dread couxhine, «hokin» ( wV«*LNK *3thin« atUfl* now Ml of bfeswd r*lfel aft«r using it- CROMOIH coat* 13. but considering re*ult«, this Ei o°t e^priaiv* amounts to cnlf a few [*nnie* per dotw. (CftUtEon-uie only «» dir«Ud.) MONETM u «o]d with strict money-back g-uaraal** V Woods Drug Store - Oiden Filled. OuLstniuElng among the nev, styles Is the screen of molded ply wood made in one continuous pice which ripples rather than folds lo (he desired width. Available in birch, walnut, mahogany, or In i painted finishes, this screen will S roll back Into a ten-Inch unit, nnd remain upright even though it Is made without a rigid frame. Oilier versions of the flexible, framclcss screen, nre those woven of split bnmhoo nnd .shown in a nat- nral finish £is well as paste!, bright, nnd dark colors to harmonize with any color scheme, These two types nre especially adaptable to modern decoration. Oilier newcomers include the woven cnn screens framed in panels ami hinged together In three, four, or five sections. Woven wood also styled Into similar screens, splints such as cednr and birch are These, too, nre available In natural or painted finishes. Then, for great elegance, and to achieve a sparkling, jewel-box effect, there nre the panel screens of sparkling mirror glass which may be adorned or hand-decora (<l far-sighted local ami federal offi- flower or Chinese motifs and are " : "'" most often used In the living room emls. Recognition ' of the fire-resistive properties of specific building materials and voluntary use of them nnd improved techniques of constructing fire-safety into buildings, even when not required by local regulations, has helped. Confinement of fire to its start- Ing place is the best way to check large losses, experts ngrcc. "Among primary causes property by fire of Joss of s," says tin life nnd ie President's Conference on Fire Prevention, "has been the ability of fire lo spread through concealed spaces within partitions and walls, nndcr- nearth or within floors, and above ceilings. All concealed spaces should be effectively fire-stopped with ua-; tur.illy non-combustible material. that many roof nnd nltic fires have been checked upon reaching tin: non-combustible miner nl wool Insulation above the top-floor ceilings of homes. Here's Our New I'hone Number 6817 CITY DRUG CO. CHECK WITH US For or beclroom, Tti these clays of casual living and open-type architecture, any o( these new screens provide an excellent way of ritvfcHne the living nrea from the dining area In the living-dining combination, the kitchen from the dinette, or screening one room of[ from nnothcr In an open-type house. They're grand, too, Lo protect the bnby's heel from drafts nnri light, especially if he shares his parent's bedroom. There nre a number of other .smart ways to use these attractive .screens, nnd there's a screen lo suit practically every purpose•• \A Dries ' "^xr In A Few Hours! All types and sixes (o fit any building need. Economical and permanent. • BLOCKS • Ail I l/FPTC From B to 72 inch diameter, vULlfCn i 0 plain and re-enforced, also flood gales. * DO ft ill Til C Septic Tank installations. 1'avm UrlWirl I ILL • FENCE POST • PAINT and foundation drainage. Everlasting concrete. Never rust or rnl. Clothes line posts. "Sta-Dry" water-proof paint for all block or concrete construction. • METAL WINDOWS SAND & GRAVEL • CEMENT MORTAR Phone 2380—We Deliver JOHNSON BLOCK South Highway 61 Blyfheville OME-COAT WONSOVER "Dulcb BoyV WASHABIE flat oil painl ! Almost liVc magic — f () r you clinuge your wnHs in lc-*« ihnn a tiajrl Goes on smooth n« can be — fcavej no brush marks behind! Covers wall pn^n^r, old painls- Get some »t Dial 551 and The Man from the LUMBER YARD ^ We're Proud of Our Work ine work • Woodwork ilacluring • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • .Machine work • Mamilaclnriivg will lie ^lad In ninke yovi an estimate on your painl needs. \Ve will help you select the right painter. Ask about our Easy Payment Clan. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. R HOME dreamed it.. WHETHER YOU PLAN TO BUILD OR REMODEL Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. can furnish you all these services A. Beautiful windows begin with KM custom made Venetian Blinds. . .designed for lasting service. Choose from a wide range of new pastel colors. Expertly measured and installed. C. A smart investment are new Vulco Aluminum Screens ..made to last a lifetime. Economical and convenient —fhey never have io be painted or taken off and stored. D. We offer a paint for your every requirement from Devoe's Library of Colors. For outside painting or for interim' decoration you may select just the right shade of paint. B. We can lay Hardwood Floors in your new home...or sand and finish your prcsenl floors. And, in addition, we can also supply and install asphalt tile or rubber tile floors. D. Choose the exact pattern and shade of wallpaper from our wide selection of famous Imperial Wallpapers. You'll find just the color to en- Kance the beauty of each room. F. Famous Slats-0-Wood Awnings will lend a graceful new beauty to your doors or .windows. . .and, because they're ventilated, you'll enjoy cool com fort on hot summer days. Sturdily constructed, they're made to last! Our experienced personnel arc capable of giving you expert counsel on your building nr remodeling plans. You're invited lo come in and sec Karl Wilson, Fred Hoyetf, Jr. or Douglas Wilson to gel an eslimale on any type of work. EASY FHA TERMS And llic wonderful thing about these building or remodeling services is that they're available lo you on FHA terms ..a low rate of interest with up lo 36 months lo pay. DtVOt OH E-COAT HOUSE PAIHT KEMP WHISENHUNT & CO

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