The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on June 10, 1852 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1852
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'f ta. t? THURSDAY'S EVENING EDITION. - - " ial'Hlllf"ll"'f'nr ' - V""" v - vriv " JS;. ii II i j; - 1 i rum MKIICAM W A K. . THE WAR t The Vwifd Statea ud Mexico, . - uaunM Mar - l DrawiBfs of all the Principal Conflicts By CAU NIBIL, mT AHcUrilnnd ArchsmkigWal Voysge in M eaten' wm .'allCalPTIO K OF BACH BATTLE - By era wilkins kjsndaxl, ' Aether of the - Tuu Santa Tt Expedition." sr A copies of thia rich mod magnificently got op ytgttseen receivea,ana 7 iuuju i me vmceoi mu mad at th principal Bookstores. Price, in farfrfcUo.asaj half bound, a Tothose who wlab MKBIBWIUilliUHKAIWlll f UKCI WU1 DC lOlQ ID 5k' Je4 sdptf H ffW9 ntereed from Krm. will attend to tbe da a. , en am l - Law aad Aaeney Notice. W2 HMSDiSTON . 8NKTHJMI cowtiaeea to practice lav i the Supreme Coort, to attend to cases before , as hmkbic riarni ana mc oannu aaainav rtaMBta and Boards of Commissioners, to procure - and abroad, to obtain boantv and ntn T, ta collect debts, dividends, legaciea and In HOt m any pari of the United States and in foreign Jnsktt make inreatment of lands in loans and stocks Smmtml leans, land and patent rights in any State of tbe - - . patticatar attention paid ta California land title i - .. as ta UK u. a. supreme IJoort or AppeaL iCsneU Plata, Capitol Hill. Waabington, D. C., will meet . Wolcett ifc WestrsT OaaTJSSION MERCHANTS. 120 Pearl street, Hanorer U tsaars, new lors. .Li7aiM "' & Wetmore, Esq., Mesara. Wermore A in &nna!L Minrorn Co., How land Anrinwal w:! I l T k A a ; 1 . L . XV Tl ion: vaniei r. rvin, uq., uinun laaVt Was. A. UjM, Philadeiahia Wol Wilson A Sons, Mar. Eaa . Boston ; reward uamngton. Esq., f ron i aamf Jeie llsva)Ustion lor (4sUe, or One - Half loreraat in same. AgVrERIOft COTTOR rUAriTATlOPf , abore bigb ami Y si tasted on Ooachita river, a few miles , awn Issassa, ta this State, containing 1SOO acres of land. Iiassafaaa uuteiy negroes, naosuy win on loe pisce fat asrjasasaents are extensiTe. among which are a cot aa fia. mm aUil, Ac; HO acres cleared and in a high state at lasiislwa All us land abora oTerrlow. The team is aat bast, and aa abondaoce of plantation stock. For sad terms apply to BRAD LET. WILSON A CO.. aas - aAWai i 1 Omrnoo at. Termnoaai Hotel. tJOnCB Tbe proprietors at tbia boose for tiM past fire l yam, hartag this day transferred their entire In awatha the aaoae to Mr. J. W. Toons, woold most nautet tiij taaaer tbetr thanks ta their friends and the public Ur tat aary liberal patronage which they base received uatmunmp, ana at toe same time recom hsair.aBder his a - tmtntsrration, to its former tas iraTenng community . B MODOE A CO. Br Orleans, May 1 J, 18H. TW stbacriber. in aorordance with tbe abore adTerrise - sst, avoid aatiiy sis friends and tbe pobiic that be has aaaaai the arooriet irsbia of the Verandah BoeL and i ths patronage with which it hsa been heretofore Danif ti.e rniuiitf nmmer the bnnai wilt tie n SfTW - t srder, and in all us appointments be second a sHS ta the touutit. 9 Bs aiU be sari arid in tbe aaanageineTit of the affair of mm - Meat ay sr. Enoen et - tim, airead f so well known as tasiaa aaea oaaaaeted with tbe boose for aerreral years fBAOnsi affaiiag os The public so aasurmoce that nntbing svi at aaatmg to bwore their comfort and conrenience fc """"t I ' i - the Yersndah Hotel. J.W. TOCNO, ilea Orlraai, May is. 18ft. myis stasMwd A4tw Tfce Oreat Fire In C'hlllcothe. Ohio. PFt - THIBD OF THE TOWS BURNT TO A9HES I CaTUCOTHE, Ohio, 13th April, lafti Messrs. Stearns asdMarvta Gentlemen Toon of the Mb is at band, a wafy , every safe in tbe fire, except yours, has proved pat hr narking. I lost a large aaft tt was perfectly da - awrea bat in the email Salamander I boaght from yon wag wasinjared. Tour obedient servant. WM. T. CLEMSON. TVtiave letter tbowttbaTin a real hot are, Richl Sa - Baaaatni are Lbs only tafes to be depended open. In the rasi sweat trs, eleven aafea af different makers were to - ar taaooyad, Ricfas safe aloM bidding defiance to the aaast, arrarrnng aotea, anoda and mortgasis to tarn vain - a! tius.noa The Chibcasha Arm la a paraxial case every a art Ricks la oeatrayed. These nnw J orcaneacea awt iattteatiblyj that Wllder'a Patent Ba'amandeim. sat lich't improvement, are the beat tsavt in tfce United ftaus. via the whole world. They can be bad at the de , Mi Water street, and tbe factory, corner of St. Mark a laaii new Y or - TEARNS A MARVIN. TV askarrlhav rnntinnM to h th Mile imrt in thia ettv aeahare aaeaed manufacturers, and has coastantlj for haasaettack and good assortment of their aeaVa. Taote aai an aware of the importance of effecting t asm ears aa tar tasks, aspers and other articles of small balk bat fbi are invited to call and examine fourteen tested auxttfathar with thirty - five otber otrtincatea fraan those sktasvcavsd more than a million of dollars la Ricks dtkeaaave aaaied manufactnrers, and has constantly for on IfiWtf ISAAC BRIDGE, TO Mass tins tt OooreeeeleBteel Ordeai. I0BB who nightly subject themselves to serloaa, if not laianisj lota, br tea vine their books, papers, iewelry. at, nuaaid, rather than incvr tbe expense of a Safe, and haar was liaaglai that there is ne snch thing aa a tail de annoy for tech articles, are invited to read the subjoined am, espied from the N. T. Journal of Commerce. Tbe natriaar, sole agent here of tbe manufacturers, hat now leant a large stock and good tssuHnient of RICH A CO - 'S an; mi rateat SALAMANDER SAFES, with and with aa Taars Patent Pewder - proaf LOCKS, adapted to tbe naJewehaaBsaikera, Satarles, Broken, Merchants. ISAAC BRIDGE, To "p'1" tt R Tke Pearl atreet Ftre. KnVB SALAMANDER BAFE AGAIN TRIUMPH AST Whilst the various sale makers in the city are gantaiiag each other to a trial of the merits ot their re jtUit aUes by fire, bat itttari wing apon one lmpartant Inat, how the ire is ta be made, s real fire take place, one t three stores are burnt down, and eleven safes, of I aaaketa - oHunmaL Rirh'a KaC. alone nrovins tri - sataat. One Bale, from another maker, stood by the side ".Slck'l, containing tome old books of Mr. Gilbert's, and S at the same moment at Rich 'a, from the second story, "tt a vestige of its content! remains Cafe which passed through this terrific fire was made W Siek a Co. several years ago, and proves ronclonvely mmt they so aot deteriorate by ace, but that Wilder'! Pa wi t taw lander Composition, when properly mixed and t preserved its contents, must convince every merchant. w .aavinced tbe editor of tbe Merchants' Magsslne, try its. tlx veara sen. that the composition pot Into ion pot 11 taao b) the best non - conductor of heat ever discovered. K7 Permission of the owner of tbe 8a fe, Mr. J. G. Gilbert, a oil remain at our store a few days, with tbe books and i "a anas mum, to tlve tne Holders ot mcnt oajes, ana rw. sa opoorturilty of mxinm the contents. A call I will "senied a favor by . sTXARNS MARVIN, (Successors to Rich A Co.,) - Na 14S Watereaeet, New York, aty makers of Wilder! Patent Salamander SafeaIwtt the Cntted Btatea. tl dAwtf - Jteaaa Eaaiae aad Rlaeklae AncT. TRBandersigned. W. B. LEONARD aad E. W. SMI I andeniened. W. R LEONARD and E. W. SMITH a (tea tit uw hmrin Iw than thfrtv mn bassger and agent of the Mattewan estaMiabmenta ; tbe for many xtara ronnected with the Allaire Worts, aa anertnteaAeat aad ewgintet, anel mare recently tnperln - biag engrnarr for tbe Cotlina Line af New York and Mnraoot United States MaU steamships, as also tbe Ocean stigation i - outpaay - a, ranmng aetwtsa liew York. South fua and BremeaJ bavlnt formed a roptrtnership, offer services as consamng Engineers ana Agents, lor be tor sonerintendine the construction of Paddie - rmi tin steam veasele of .everv deacrintion i aarass engines and boilers for ocean or nver at earn era ; alntti j enginea and boilers, high or low pressure ; loco Shalt and ather railroad machinery ; pumping enginea at arhlnerv for water worfct and draining Ianda : blast HOiiand marbinery for iron works ; cotton, woolen and as awasfci i it ies. and machinery for lories, and machinery for every description of tg : corn, floor and saw mills sugar mills and "asiiics; quarti - cruebtng and otber mining machinery ; am.anuing. shaftiug and pnllles; every deacriptioD of bahaas, wroogiit iron foreings, Ac, Ac Jkwciaeariona and contracts prepared, and plans and de ".eowiaas furnished for any part of tbe United States . ""as West ladles : steanrveasels, ttesso engines and other r earveyed and valne thereof estimated. hand Mi am titk aeam et sines and boilers. I aad aimli n anaehinerv aenerall VI. for tale. W. B. LEONARD A E. W. SMITH, . Office Na T6 Merchants' Exchange, New York. IrAi Laces Joseph L. Winter, Esq., Montgomery Ala.i 7 Leydard. mercbant. Mobile, Ala. ; James SsuC Presi - Ml ' ' vvaccr waras, new vrriojia, ijm. ; .Wail k.1. HM IWlw.. T . Ommn! Tl Hflmn ?aat. WasbvilW. Term nrygdAW , , NEW YORK looable CtotklasrEatatallakateat, .Jtholmsjilb and mjZtail. ro. cash. 1IAXD M UN ROE A CO., Na. 441 Broadway, New t rk, between Howard and Grand streets jruaiag Itrw Tork, eHber for bosiaeaser plraanre, aZT bs ead at the above establiabmewt. where they 2ifmfa tmm anAa a very mrae and handsome aaaori - ' eTTB FASHIONABLE CLOTHING AND FTJR - N1SBJNG GOODS. Abo " : , BOTr AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING, Of the best aeacriptio. '"rataat win i i k:.k uj 2ifad I wkek hove made it aa aaiveraaily papular, yadberrd ta at 441 Broadway. New Tork. i mt waa wish th aMSt1" rleaaa, wib I - Perfect nst wiaai boeir measure caaen mr any anew r their aedes at Na. 84 Magazine , he snppned ta tbe aneat taoafac - rla Im4 Ltm la whimIiI mm L. ",rf1,PAlW 41 Bsoadway. New Tark. vd Mairroe. Wm. D Abbott. Crockery, Cklaa, Glaaosrare, H0TJ8E rnii INISHING GOODS, I I WHOLE MALM AND MMTAJL, 'aaaf vaan ar 1 R FELL Corn 'njaay tbe Hstai. fvaatf agWOaalltnt farsale by a. a - . BunvLJittrajaE, i and St. J tat; k I iitcirkctB anb illarinc. F1CATTTHE OFFICE. Thoraday, June 10, 1 P. M , 1863. COTTON The adricea by tbe America, the steamer of the I - Jth nit., bare giren additional spirit to oar market sad we siresny near or tbe sale ofSMO bales at full prices. FLO C R too bbls. St Log is were told in lots st - L CORN Sales 500 sacks yellow at 6068c and SO0 ordLoa ry yellow at c OAT8 too sacki - St Loolg were sold at ate. BACON to casks Shoulders were sold at 7c HOPE sto coils were sold yrsterdsr at nVc. cash. GUNNY BAGS An offer of 8k.c equal to cash for 600 uaiea was rerasea. EX CHANGES Demand steady. Commercial and monetary. EUROPEAN COFFEE MARKETS - Bariuai Loudon Circular of Hay si, 6 P. H , says : " Coffee baa been quieter this week; for Ceylon a partial reduction of 6d.01s. has been submitted to. The ran out public sales bars offered 1.3T& casks, 740 bags plantation, and 3.100 bass native Cev Ion; 157 casks, 214 bags Jamaica, and 3U7 packages Mocbs; which have partially found buyers at prices ran tint from ia. tor plantation, with native Ceylon at sis., Jamaica from 439MS - , and Mocha K3a. for inferior a p to sua. for long berry. By private contracts 6.000 bsgs native have cnangra nsnds at 43s. 6d.94ts., and 300 bags Padang at tor. A - iJliltUAM. - Steady demand: ordinarv to aonri or dinary Java commanded freely ioc. good fint Rio23i:i ,c. St. Domingo Qtar - itc. per kilo. ANTWEftr. Prices firm and bisher: 3500 bast Bratil and 1.6O0 bass changed bands. HAMBURG. Animated demand; sales of the week 3,600 bags Santos at SSe ; eno bags Rio, 3S.S - 3 13 - 16S ; 300 bsgs St. Domingo, 3 16 - luS; 1.400 ban Laauavra. ka SJ - Favorable opinion continues to prevsiL ROTTERDAM. Last market reports speak of increased activity. Demand for lower descriptions caused further ad ranee in prices, which gmrrally well maintained. HAVRE, Aay la Notwithstanding favorable accoonti from Euglish and Dutch market!, rrsnaactlons here have been on restricted scales, snd confined to immediate for coosamptioo. Balea oo bags Hsyti at so5l SOf; 100 bags Rio, washed and unwashed, at 47aK8f ; and eo bass Lsruayra at 61. SOf. per so kiL in bond ; 1 joo bags Manilla at price unknown ; 414 bags Puerto Cabello, damaged, told by auction, at lOoarlJlf. ; and - jjhjo bass Hsvti. alaolna damaged state, at TSffiHt, duty paid. Imparts: 3,06i bsgs Hsyti, ex Loire and Marie, 4 bait Cuba per Gustave, and 177 bags from West India colonies. PICAYUNE OFFICE, June la ARRIVED. Brig gylphide, DeBrirsett 16 dsyt fm Ban Juan de Nicara sua. in ballast, to master 3d diatrir Srbr Corah. Teens. 8 dsys fm Sabine, to matter 2d district Scbr Urhana, Lawless, 9 days fm Grand Caillnn, to Chat lMake co id dutrict Steamers. Frank Lyon. Stone, fm Greenville. E D White, Brady, fm Williamsport Aftoo. Wallace, fm Ytzoo River. Belle Key. Key, fm Louisville. Naniope, Meynier, fm et Martinsville. IMPORTS. SABINE RIVER Scbr Corah 180 bales cotton. 8 bbls md re to order. GRAND CAILLOC SrbrUrbana IShhdasnsar. irabf on aoia mnittar t s s j uennlstoun atco 3U bu most Unill net ai Bon. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. GREENVILLE Steamer Frank Lvon M hales rnttnn Payne A Ham too m order is M Greenwood Aco 14 do urry i Uddy renon 14 nccooocblr m. Uironell a do Downs. Co Aco 7 J O Cocks Aro S O Nelson Aco 6 do J H Moors; S Ronton A Allen Tbornhill A Mcllbenny 3 do Brander, Williams Aco 'i tks corn order Tl bxt peaches R M Ellis Aco 33 do Gav A Wilson 18 do M C Sa e 14 do c Burkett - 6 do A J Wright Aco 5 do R K Laufhlln WILLIAMSPORT Steamer tt D White 80 bales cotton Payne A Hsrrisnn 7 Oakev A Hawkins li E Gerard aco a Wright, Williams Aco M White Aco 16 hbds sugar Baronage m. snttii i at nraaa o ianarv ioo bolt mo lasses ADgustia A Tbibaot to do Borke A Erneat S04 bxs nescbes Scott a Robinson Total S bales cotton. - ST MARTINSVILLE Steamer Naniope to beds sugar DarLrv A Treaioolet 17 do A Miltenberser Aco it do. as bbls molasses Hall A Kemp 7 do, 3 do c sugar, tl hbds sa gar Hall A Radd bbtt molt wit L Lecarpenter 7 balea cotton. do wool J B Bellocq sundries, order. LOUISVILLE Steamer Belle Key 498 tks corn. 439 do oatt Helm A China 187 pes bagging, 49 ctt rope Fennan, LAttinc mzco iu agr sununet J recs is n x srrsapaniia. 1 bx mdte Parmele A Bra lot grates B Nautre Aco 1 bx mdse Stiutbsi Bras n bbls eggs C Schnider so do H Bents no A I piano J Waterman Aco 7 rolls lest her H W Fsrley 1 csk i bbls bacon G Hacho 6 bbls whiskey Crane A WiUiaaas 6 balea Unseys G M Pinckard Aco 46 bblt regs, 1 do beans, kgs cheese F Newdecker 100 els rope v am a jiwiat run ass corn, xuo art tarn I j ivricDen n re 47 pre bagging R Geildes Aoo bbls pork Bwiney, Green mem iuo cisroee Ar miuenoerger 1 pkg tpeele Sliulti a Hsddew I mill PrieatlT A Bien 1 bbl 1 bx mustard W heeler A Bltke t bxt mdze J J Arisms ISO pet basging Betl A HtcteMns 6 bales cotton Psyne A Hsmson 64 aero Marnb v A Crafts SU do Turner. Wilton Aco a 4 Fells wis Aco ii do J Hurley G C Taylor Aco 44 do Ttataiaa Acs 7 do Prtram a Bryan 6 do W Snerv - I Ml Elder. Bra Aco do, 6 bbls csgt M Martin 17 do I'M ska rara. ii ilo wheat Michel, Beverly Aco Total C6 balea tobacco 131 hbds tobacco. YAZOO CITT Steamer Afton 31 bales cotton Ward A Jonas A do Frllowes Aco 3 do Hewitt, Norton Aco Total m balea cotton. MEMORANDA. Spoken. Bv scbr Corab. est 4th lost, in hit su iz. lou w 91. scbr Lone Star, from Mobile for Galveston, Csptain uck. PASSEN'OERS. Brig 8ylphide, from Ban Joan 36 passengers. Nero CIbt)crtiscmcut6. Loot. A - LEVI, or LEVI FRANKLIN dressed in wbite cotton uni iTTn tnv about 6 years old; calls himself will give a reward of 6 for bit delivery at ly Sravier it, W ANTED By a respectable young wxxa&n, ft uttjatioa V m Chird's Nan?, or to wait on a lady with a family traTeliiioT to niUDd or tbe Nortta - irea. Aaarroi in. l. , m idii omct. 0 It Day ajid Boardlaa; (school for YOUNG LADLES, Founded in 1 83a by Mme. Leiria, and conducted since 1840 by Mme. Desrayaux. Burgundy atreet, between Customhouse and Bienville, New Orleans. NOTICE TO PARENTS. MADAM DESRAYAUX snnounces to parents that on he 16th instant she will open at Pass Christian, a branch of her establithment for tbe accommcdstioo of nose vouns ladies whose psrents desire that they should spend tbe tnmmer months out ot town. Tbe locality of tbe establishment at tbe Past is retired snd aitog tner auaptea to tne purpose lmenaea, nemg am ply provided with shade trees, bat ided witn snsoe trees, oatnini M bouses sod all otber requisites to mike a sojourn on tbe iske shore bealtby and sgrevabls. Tbe course of studies. Including musical instruction, will be tbe same in both booses. The boose in tbe city will continue in operation the whole summer for both boardert and day scnotars. Mme. Desrayaux avails herself of the present orportuni tv to inform nereuts that she has permanently and exclu aive y secured tbe services of Professor Eikin, who takes charge of tbe literary and scientific atadies of the higher r tt tart xne weit - xnwwn nienii oi mis geuiteiuan secure to these import sot branches tbat i Lrorough and careful at - . , 1 f .L - 1 . - . AwwAm l.lll U W lenilOD woicn uw imfiiaw tvm. v t Peatiet Peockea. D. ORCCTT, Agent for Gen. Huston. No. 11 Baronne street, a , opposite the Car Btatioh - Jey 1 Charleston. FOR CHARLESTON Tbe Al remarkably fast iltng brig GLOBE. George Lea vitt. matter, will bsve immediate de - natch. For freight or passu apply on board, post 10 firm District, to FRED'K CAMERDEN, 34 Grsvier street, or to WIILIAM J. DEWEY, 88 Grsvier street. Tbe G lobe has superior accommodations for osti 1 1 a' " baring a large cabin all in tl ate rooms. Jelo Sale for a Partition. B T Order of tbe Fifth District Court setting at Tbibo - danx. Lafourche Interior, will be sold on ike premiies on tbe 34th June, 1869, sll that large and very valuable Sugar Plantation belonging to tbe succession o tbe 1st Hon, E. D White, situated at shoot six miles above Tbibo - danx , on tbe right bank of tbe Bayou Lsfourcbe, measuing tub arpe Is, more or lew, front by 80 deep, snd part of tbe third caeeeasion, containing altogether about 1410 apenu, mora or less, of the best to gar lands in the State. Together with B Slaves, of all ages, a fine lot of Mules, Horses, Cows. Ac, implements and tools of husbandry. The improvements com prise about 600 arpenta cleared or In cultivation, of which aboat soo arnents I la cane and 160 in corn, a good and substantial dwelling house, storehouse, hospital, brick sugar boose and pargeriea. steam engine and negro cabine, ttabiea, earn Boose, overseer's boaae, Ac, Ac The above lands.slavea, cattle and improvements to bt sold ia ooa lot. Condi riot - 4VU,D0Ucaah; 88 lrt)at mot aad two years, with notia endorsed and bearing aarrtgage and Inters : at 8 per cent from date af tale 64 30 - 10S payable to the chit dred at their aae of mslsrity or emancipation, with per cent. Interest from day of sals, payable ta tbe tutrix temi - annnalry. All payments to boar percent. kstereataAer ld tbarat Union Bank stock, to br said separately Vis detlvery to take place until the conditiona of the tale ara coenpiied with to the tarisaartiaa of tatnx - Far rurtbsr particulars apply to JelO It 1 19 dp A. BROUBSEAU, ta Chartrea at Jarorartatloa Waa tea. s nunTlirn aill alililil la rkat li i Inn tl C. .is A anxiaoa to keata the fata af oar sen, WM. 1. NZU - FILLE. who wsots New Orietns last Sept. ber.reaiding nothing hat Nn mi Iml a i r ainesi wbica tlai been beard of him. Any raformatioB in regard to him will ae thankfully rarelvaa at tnia atnee. " Iwformalloa Waa tea o F ANNA LAWLESS, oho arrived aboat two weeks tinea fraaa Cnawi v Balwav. Irelond. Any tottrmattoa af bar will be thankfully received by bar ststex in - law, MRS. LAWLESS, comer af Beajaaarfa Bad Haw Levee streets, abeva SC Mary's Market. JelO It EI)c (Ettcmng picayune MEW ORLEANS:, THURSDAY EVKNrNG, JUNE 10, 1852 l The Lint of Letters remaining in the Por - t Office will appear in thia paper to - morrow. dtf - The mail Tailed this morning beyond Bal timore. We have dated from Savannah to the 5th, and Washington and Baltimore to the 4th inat. Thanks to the officers of the steamer Belle Key for river favors. Fob Galveston and Mataooboa Bay. The steamer Jan. L. Day, Capt. Talbot, leaves this af ternoon at 5 o clock. The steamer United States, Capt Young, leaves this afternoon at 5 o'clock. L5 Among the paanengera by tbe Africa, from New York to Liverpool on the 2d inat, we notice the following from New Orleans: John Price, M. Edmonttoo, Mr. Broedwood, lady and erram ; mr. uoexuart, J. J. aioert, sua o. r. cromer. t We are again indebted to the telegraphic despatches of the Bulletin for foreign news. Our own correspondence fails entirely, and we are without any explanation of this extraordinary occurrence. To be beaten twice successively is what has not happened to the Picayune before for a long time, and is the more vexatious that we cannot conjecture the cause, and bad pro videtl, amply, aj we supposed, againat any such porwibility. The Bulletin's 'Merchant" has another chance to indulge in his ill - nature, but such chances will not loot loug if it be possible to find out where is the tault, and provide against it hereafter. ia wm. lion s HAvarrr. There was a very handsome assemblage last evening at the Placide Varieties for the benefit of the tall Scotch baro net amateur actor. Sir Wm. Don. The perform ances went on to everyoouy s satisfaction, we believe ; and at their close, the beneficiary being called out, delivered the following off - hand ad dress, in just as easy, off hand a style . - ' Ladin and Gtntttmtn I sm net going to make a speech. I thought when I csme here I woold say something hand some l bout Amrriraoa farewell, and all that. Applause. When I was in Edinburgh, Just before I rune to this conn try, I waa Introduced to a very great man, Mr. Mac ready, and I asked him bow he liked America, and he answered here he imitated Macready 't peculiar voice and manner The Americana, my dear sir, are great barbarians They will slap you on tbe back and call you old boat, and all that tort of thing.' Shoutl of laughter. J Now, ladies snd gen tlemeo, I bsve been twenty - two months in this country and have been slapped on the back and called ' old boss. tnd I don't fiud it at sll disagreeable In fact. I rather like it. I have met with every kindness all over the country particularly in the South. I like the Sooth beat. I don't know whether there are any New Tork gentlemen here, but the fact is, in New Orlrsnt and Mobile you somehow l0te people. Loud applause. J Ladies and gentlemen, I am going borne, to return. I again tbank you for your kind neat much needed, I fear, fir I am a young actor, though rather a tall man " And, by the by, I am requested to state tbat next Sstur - dsy Mr. Charles Jim Charles, yoa know will take a benefit at this theatre. Manager Placide having kindly con, trnted to allow him the use of tbe Varieties for tbat even ing. Several amateurs looking towards one of the private stage boxes, in a qoixxical manner will then make their Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you farewell." PAASKNOKaa. The steamxhip Cherokee, Lieut Davenport, commander, left this port this mora ing, at 8 o'clock, with the following passengers for New York, riA Havana : For Noe York L Bates. A Terrell. W E Flsndert, D Ktlbam W Cowing, Mr Waldo, J A Valentine, A More - wood. W L Haiard, Mr Marsh and lady, Miss L Brenard, Mrs E A Breath. Mrs H Florence, three children and ser vaot: Mitt S Florence. Miss M E Mscmurdo. Mite V Mac - murdo, Mn Yates and child, Mrs A Curtis. Mr Perret, Mrs McDonald and daughter, Mn P Gilbert, Mita A E Morton, C Tobias, F Dyaa, M'llr Pools Bsuuetti, Mr Grnibrel, N uaiancoutl and ruiiu, a ienmson, sir uunner; sua vt in tbe sttersge. For Havana. P Coll, J Willtsmson. J Newman, F Rod rituei and lady, B Sanjuct, M Brendaa, S de Aquero and fnend. The steamship Philadelphia sailed this morning, at 8 o'clock, for Aspiuwall, with the following passengers: P J Donovan, lady and two children ; J A Nautre, lady and child; Mr Mardia and lady; Miss E Dopey, Mr E Lewie, wo Mr. Collint', Mrt Tickrnnr, Mm Hyams, C D Warren and lady. Miss Wsrren, Miai Cooper, D B Myrirk, Mr Coulter and ion, Mrs Benxermeyer, r Gratiot, J M Davit, 61 J Clanton. E Sbeperdson, S Woo en. O H Seler, C R Mitchell, three Mr Obi era a Rev Mr Eastmaa, Mi Oblrro, and ane hundred in the steerage. Acts Hamptkire Legulaturt. The N9w Ham p. shire Legislature met at Concord on the 2d inst, and proceeded to organize. In the Senate, Hon. John S. Wells, of Exeter, was chosen President; W. L. Foster, of Keene, Clerk, and George C Williams, of Lancaster, Assistant Clerk. In the House, George W. Kitteridge, of New Market, was chosen Speaker, and Thomas G. Whipple, of Meredith, Clerk. These are all Democrats, The Whig vote for Speaker was 94, and the Free Soil 29. Terrible Storm. A violent storm passed over Philadelphia on the afternoon of the 3d inst., unroofing houses, demolishing chimneys and uprooting many of the trees in the public squares. The roofs of two brick houses 'iu Sixth street, Camden, owned by Messrs. Ponlson At Smith, were blown completely off, and thrown a distance of forty - five feet The gable end of the First Baptist Church was also blown oft EncroatJtwumt of tke Sea. A communication in the'Charleston Courier states that the sea for the last ten years has not only been encroaching on the harbors, but has threatened to invade the rice river domains of that section with its salt inundations. The mouths of the Waccamaw and of the Santee have been alike alarmed with its pickling qualities, and the Cooper has suffered underthese unfavorable influences almost to its aources. The right arm of Charleston, yielding some 20,000 tierces of rice for export, is in danger of being lopped oft and one of the most valuable staples, aud the most perfect system of cultivation by irrigation, may be lost to the State, if speedy and effectual measures are not adopted to drive back fhe salts to their natural element, the ocean, and tb restore to the interior refreshing currents iheirj seasonable service in tbe supply of fresh water. tThe General - Synod of the Reformed Pro. testant Dutch Church in North America con vened at Williamsburg, N. Y., on the 2d inst, and was organized by the choice of tbe following officers : Bev. Gostavos A bed, D. D., of Newark, President ; Rev. O. H. Gregory, D. D.f As - sessor.'and Rev. Messrs. Halloway and 8trong, Clerks. The classes were well represented, about sixty - four members being in attendance. W. Sidney SatttA. A committee of citizens of Louisville, Ky., tendered this gentleman a public dinner on the 3d inst, as a testimony of their admiration for his generous efforts ia behalf of the Americana belonging to the Lopez expedition imprisoned ia Havana. Mr. Smith waa compelled to decline the invitation ia consequence of his health. He says : Visiting yotrr country on a brief leave of at aenee, now nearly elapsed, for the improvement of my health, I find myself obliged to proceed to - nurrow to try the restorative efficacy of Vour Grayson Springs, whence I shall be compelled. sooner, doabueas, man ine conoiuoa oi my health, will render aartsaoie, to return to my post The same day Mr. Speed, the Mayor or Louisville, tendered the freedom of the city to Mr. Smith, in a Terr neat address, to which Mr. S. re plied briefly and gratefully. r37 "Sambo, wbv am de pen dat Gen. Scott write wid like a riber in Maine t" " Well, Ginger, I drops de saftiacA." Well den. fll told von wbv it am. Bekase it am de pirn so Sttf (PenobseotJ - co tea me dt at nar. uuurer, - id awiae to drap." Telegraphed to the NewOrleans i?icaynne Great Fire in Montreal. By tbe Morse Southern Line. New Yoaa, June ?. A great conflagration has taken place in Montreal, Canada. The buildings in St Peters, Commissioners, and St Paul streets, were destroyed, together with the St Andrew Church and several hotels. The loss is estima ted at from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000. The America's News. Telegraphed to the New Orleans Bulletin. New Yoax, June 8, 8:30 r. M. The Cunard steamer America has arrived at Halifax, having left Liverpool on the 29th of May, and bringing intelligence three dayB later than that brought by tbe Hermann. The following is a summary of her commercial news : LivaarooL, May 29. There has been a very active demand in the cotton market during the past week, and the sales reach fully 105,000 bales, of which exporters have taken 32,000 and specu lators 16,000 bales. Under the operation of this animated inquiry prices have advanced sd. ; the principal improvement being for the better qualities. The quotations, as fixed by the board last evening, are as follows : Fair Orleans 6'4u; Middling Orleans 5V; Fair Uplands 5, and Middling Uplands 5J. per pound. The quotations reported by the Asia were, Fair Orleans G'ttd. ; Middling Orleans 5lu Fair Upland SVj.d, and Middling Upland 3d. per pound. Edt. To - day the demand is active, but without fur tber change in prices. Flour has been in fair request and, owing to the moderate stock on hand, has brought full prices, though there is but little change in the quotations, which are for Western Canal 20s and for Ohio 21s. per barrel. Corn baa been scarce, and in demand at an advance in price of la. la. 6d. per quarter. The quotations are for yellow 31a 6d and for white 30s. 6d. per quarter. The quotations by the Asia were for yellow 30s., and white 29a 6d. per quar W. JToV Lard is steady at 51a per cwt The London money market is easy, and consols close at 100. Affaire of La Plata. The following is a copy of a memorial present ed a few days back to tbe honorable Secretary of State by the merchants of New ork. The im portance of the subject may be judged from the position of the gentlemen whose signatures are appended to it : To tke Hon, Daniel Wtbster, Secretary of Statr. Sir The recent changes iu the political and commercial anairx ni ine countries txiruenng unnn tbe Rio Ue la Plata and its tributaries arc so important in their character, and are pregnant with such vast consequeuces to the commercial iuterests of the United States, that the under signed, merchants and other, resident in the city of New York, deem it advisable respectfully to memoralize vour department on the subject. It is now certain that both the French and English Governments have despatched envoys to tie newly liberated countries of La Plata, to secure to tnemseives tue au van tares now oneren by the opening of their commerce to the head of its navigable tributaries, and it is therefore iu the opinion of your memnralists of the utmost importance teat our own Aumiainirtiion niouiu appoint a diplomatic axent with distidct power to proceen thitber, or else to be associated with the American Charge d' Affaires at Buenos Ayres, to nerotiate treaties ot amity, navigation ana commerce with the States of Paraguay, Uruguay and the Argentine Republic ; and vour memoral - ii - ts respectfully suggest that the person chosen for this Durpose should be familiar witb the lan guage, custom, habits, wants, and resources of tbese countries, together with their history and politics, and have acquired his familiarity wiUi all those subjects by personal observation ana experience. All which is respectfully submitted. IlKNBY URINVKLL. Habbeck Sc Co. Lxland Sc Davidson. John C. Zimxebjiax. Sr. Livingston, Wills Si. Co. W. W. D Fobest &. Co. Goodhue fc Co. Howl and Sl. Aspixwall. Mollis, Sand Sc Reiba. Ubinnell. MijrrxraN fc Co. D. St A. Kinosland St Co. John C. Gbekn. Mobtixsb LrviXQSTON. WxrrxoBJt St Cbydkb. C. E. Anderson. IV. L. Sc G. GanrwoLD. H. K. Cobntno. Alsop t Chauncky. Stolen Plata of tke Bank of Kentucky. The Louisville Journal, of the 3d inst, says that the genuine plates of the Bank of Kentucky, of the denomination of tens, have recently been stolen, and a large batch of the notes printed of course they will be put in circulation. The theft was managed so adroitly that no clue can be obtained to its discovery, or to lead to the detection of the perpetrator. The plates were stolen from the engraver in Cincinnati. Extinguishing a Fire. Some days since a ves sel arrived at Mobile loaded with lime, which was discovered to bo on fire. The captain was advised to throw his cargo overboard, as it could not be saved, but he determined to try, aud stopping up every crevice with a preparation of cement calmly awaited the result On the 8th the hatches were thrown open and the fire was found to be completely extinguished, and the cargo was but slightly damaged. Death of a ifaval Officer. Tbe Washington Republic, of the 4th inst, publishes a letter from Com. Aulick to the Secretary of the Navy, dated on board the U. S. steam frigate Susquehanna, Macao Roads, March 18th, stating the death of Lieut Benjamin S. Garitt, of the U. S. Navy, late 3d lieutenant of the Marion. He died on the 17th March of disease of the lungs, under which he had been Buffering for several months. His remains were interred in tbe Protestant burying ground at Macao with military honors. fry The Philadelphia Inquirer learns by a letter from Rio de Janeiro that an American, named Reese, who was sometime since tried and acquitted for shooting an Italian, was recently tried for .it a second time, convicted and condemned to twelve years' labor in prison. His counsel have, .however, applied to a superior court, and he has still another chance before it will be necessary to appeal to the Emperor for a pardon. Sweden. The impulse towards emigration to the United States, appears to be working among the Swedes almost aa powerfully as apon their Southern neighbors. The Omtkrhorg HmndeU ock SjofaU Tidning has the following : Emigrants to the United States of North America arrive here almost daily from the interior. It ia now quite common to see a whole train of wagons closely packed with household gear, and children moving through oar streets, followed by the men ud their wives on foot 8oae of theee people have jnat sufficient means to enable them to secure a passage ; others are so poor and dew titute that, to raise the neeeeeary money, they make a compact with better furnished eenl grants, engaging, in return for passage money, to serve with them a certain period aa laborers after their arrival ia America. QAftfceeoMs Wmttr "Tori. The Lake Michigan Hydraulic Company of Wiaconsin are aboat constructing water works to supply the city of Milwaukee with water. Tbe company has engaged the services of Theodore B. Seowden, present engineer of the Cincinnati Water Works, to plan and construct the work. Mr. 8. has recommended two pumping engines of 190 horse power each, capable of forcing, ia twenty - Tow hours, 7,OOTL0O0 gallons of water into a reservoir containing 15,000,000 gallons when fall, which ia to be elevated 185 feet abore the surface of tne lake. j Congressional. WASHINOTON, Jmne 3, 1852. Senate. A message waa received from the President of the United States in reply to a resolution calling for information relative to certain claims upon the Government; also, a report from the Secretary of War, relative to the deepening of the flats of Lake St Clair. A report also was received from the Secretary of the N'avy, stating that the contract for removing the wreck of the Missouri had been completed. Mr. Hale presented a petition from Chemung county, N. Y., setting forth that the fugitive slave law was inhuman, tyrannical and cruel, and praying its repeal. He concluded by nioviug to refer it to tbe Judiciary Committee. On motion of Mr. Mananra. it was laid on tbe table. A very large number of petitions in favor of the nomeateaa Dill were presented from ainerent States. The Missouri railroad bill waa then taken up and the question pending was as to the agree ment to the House amendment Mr. Cooper withdrew his call for the yeas and nays, the amendment was agreed to, and the bill was passed. The Senate took up the bill to aid in the eon struction of a plank road in the State of Miehi gan, and after debate it was ordered to be en grossed. Bills for the relief of Wm. Mooney and Tho mas t lanigan, were severally ordered to be en erosseu. A bill authorizing the Secretary of War to iwue duplicate land warrants in certain cases of loss, was then taken up, and, after a short discus sion, was postponed. It was agreed that when the Senate adjourn it adjourn to meet on Monday next. Mr. Seward moved that the resolution which he submitted on a former day, calling for the cor rewpondence between tbe Secretary of State and the Austrian Minister be taken up, and it was adopted. Tne Senate then adjourned. Affaira la Wasklagton. Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun. Washington, June 3, 1852. The Senate met with a bare quorum. Among those present were the presidential candidates, lien. (J ass, Mr. Hunter, lien. Houston, com Stockton. Mr. Douglas was also present at 12 o'clock, but he was not there when tbe tele eranhic advices beran to come in from Baltimore. Tt was nearly 1 oarlock when the result of the hrst ballot reached tne Senate chamber. Gen. Cass was on the floor, makiua some re marks in defence of the bill granting lands to Michigan fur a railroad, when the result of the firt ballot in the convention was made known in the chamber. Geu. Cass had ura - ed that Michigan had received iess than her fair portion and share of public benefits. Mr. Daw son admitted that Michigan bad been a modest State, but she was now about to take the head of tbe Government aud she would, if she would have patience, soon have the Executive influence in tier laror. " if you win only gun rant ee mat said Gen. Cass, " I will be ranch obliged to vou. Mr. Dawson rejoined that the next telegraphic despatch would come soon over the wires. There were at least thirty or forty petitions to - dav in lavor of the Homestead bill, ana none against il. It is very probable that it will pass the senate. P. S. The second ballot was banded to Gen. Cass in the Senate. He looked grave. There was no " guarantee" in that A failure to gain was a certainty to lose. Cask or Chaplin. The frauds of this run away negro stealer is likely to cost bis friends a very heavy sum of money. It will be remem bered that he avoided trial in Maryland, and that the sureties on his bail bond had to pay up the whole amount nearly twenty thousand dollars, e believe to the State. But he had been first arrested in Washington City, and after his delivery to the agents of the State of Marylaud, appeared in court and gave bail for his forthcoming to be tried there. This bond was also forfeited and paid. The sureties pleaded that Chaplin had never been delivered to them as his bail, and was never in their custody ; and secondly, that they were prevented from obtaiuiug custody of him and surrendering him, by the act of the United States themselves, who, immediately on the execution of the re cognizance, seut him out of the jurisdiction of tbe Criminal Couct of the District of Columbia into the jurisdiction of Maryland, where he was in dieted, imprisoned and detained. It appears they were present in court when he was arraigned, and offered no objection to his transfer to the marshal of Maryland. The question has been brought np in the U. S. Court for the District, and judgment rendered for the United States for the whole amount of the bond, $6,000. That stealing of Mr. Toombs's negro has been a costly business to Abolitionism. Tke Telegrapk.l is now about eight years since the magnetic telegraph was put in opera tion between Washington and Baltimore, its first achievements having consisted in communicating the proceedings of the Democratic convention in Baltimore which nominated James K. Polk, In a year aAerwards the line reached New York, which event and its subsequent extensions, are thus noticed by tbe New York Express of the J'Jth ult : It is iust seven Years this week since the line of telegraph was completed between Washing ton and Aew ork, and rroleasor Morse seut nis first despatch from the federal to the commercial capital of the nonntry. Since tbat time about fourteen thousand miles of telegraphic lines have been put up in the Unjted States, and one - half of these number of miles under the superintendence of Henry O'Reilly, Esq. This fact tells more effectually than words or arguments can of the entfrnrix of those enraged iu this important and generally piosperovs undertaking. Tbe associated press of this city, numbering seven ol tbe leading morning papers, ana oi wnicn we Express is one, pay at least $70,000 a year for news, to tbe varfous lines leading to New York. From Jamaica. By the arrival of the Crescent City at New York, from Aspinwall, drtes have beeu received from Kingston, Jamaica, to the 29th ult The American schooner Mariel, from New York for Navy Bay, was wrecked on the eastern beach of Jamaica on the 15th ult The crew were saved, but the cargo was greatly damaged, aud the vessel is a total wreck. The small - pox was still prevailing in some parts of the Island with great virulence. In Kingston the disease was spreading to an alarming extent National Industrial ConrrtttThe National Industrial Congress commenced its annual ses sion at Washington on the 2d inst, and was permanently organized on the 3d, by the election of Wm. J. Mullen, of Pennsylvania, President, witn eight Vice Presidents, including Fanny Lee Townsend, and four Secretaries. Aftej the dis posal of much of the routine of business, the fol lowing resolution was offered and discussed at length : . Mmtmtd. Tbat the rapid pros a af anaehinerv, tending to depreciate annual labor, he duly eaaaidered by ear Na tionaf Industrial Beform AasodaTJoe, aad tbe best mesas devised for remedying the evil. An Old Pedestrian. The Fairfax (Va) News has the following account of an extraordinary feat: Mr. John Shield, who is now in his ninety - second year, started from his residence ia this county, on the morning of the 4th inat, and walked all the way to Alexandria in the same day, the distance being foil eighteen miles. On the following day he left Alexandria on his re turn, and after wauiina onwards of a mile dis covered that Ire had forgotten a package belonging to him ; be waa therefore obliged to retrace his steps, and after eeearing the mioaing parcel he again commenced his Journey, aad reached this place early the same - evening. All thing considered, this " round trip" of oar venerable fellow - citizea ia one of the most remarkable feats oa record. Gee. JMaaea, mf rtrrimia. In the Virginia Boaae of Delegates, oa the 83th alt, a reeolotioa waa introduced disproving' of the cood et mf Gov. Johnson ia pardoning the slave Jordan Hatcher, i It waa referred to tbe Connaittse oa comnm of Justice, The A a tec Children. A correspondent of the Boaaon Advertiser, writing from Central America, gives the follow - ing information about the Interesting little dwarb exhibited as the Aztec Children. It will be read with interest, and the Courier says may be relied on as authentic : Their names are Maximo and Bartola Velasquez, the last one is the girl. Maximo being now between nine and ten years old, and Bartola between six and seven. Tbey are no more Aztecs than Mr. Hale is. They were born and brought up, until carried to the 8latea, in the town of J oca (a I, about six leagues from St Miguel. In the beginning of 1850, or latter part of 1849, a contract was made witb the parents by Dr. Trinidad Salazar, for an indefinite length of time, to carry them to the States. He has now the contract, and certificates of baptism, ax. In Grenada he became acquainted with an Ant - nan, whose name is given by the writer, with whom he made a contract for three years, the latter to par all his expenses and those of the children, and receive one - half of the profits. The letter proceeds to state some particulars of a controversy which arose in Jamaica in reference to the holder's right of property, which question came before the authorities of Kingston, aud also of a subsequent controversy at New York, the narrative of which we here omit . There are no tribes of Indians here. They live in all the cities and towns, and have tbe same government as others. The Aztecs are a people passed away, who formerly conquered Mexico, but they came from the north inst ad of ibe south, and never intruded into this country. I said there were no tribes here ; but according to tbe English doctrine, at present there is one called the Mosquito. A immeuse nation, according to English reports, with a king and court, and all the accompaniments of royalty. Bat, according to actual reality, this nation dwindles down to one or two dittle pueblos, comprising in all about eight hundred or one thousand of both sexes, without the least sign of any government monarchical, as tbe alcades are the supreme authority, and tbey are regularly elected by the people, Ac Ifo Accounting for Taste. The Baton Rouge Gazette of the 5th instant tells the following etory : A negro on the plantation of Mrs. Duplantier, who was supposed to be a dirt eater, was fat wasting away, bad become a mere skeleton, and all hope of saving him was given up, when it was found that instead of eating dirt, the negro was eating rags. He would eat his clothes, blankets, and every description of cloth, would aell his rations for old clothes to eat Large pieces of woollen, cottonade, Ac, were taken from him, and we learn since he ha been deprived of tbem that he has become quite strong and healthy He gives no reason for his singular taste, which seems now to have left him. Arabian Liberality. Bayard Tavlor, in a recent letter from the Upper Nile, mentions a large tribe of Arabs there who, he says, recognise the "rights of women" more thoroughly than any other savage people in the world. When a woman among tbem is married, he says her father reserves one fourth of ber life th nr - eforth for ber own use, and the husband is obliged to respect this reservation. Every fourth day she is released from her marriage vow, and if she loves some one else better than her husband, he can dwell in her tent tbat day, obliging the bus - band himself to retire. Their hospitality is such, moreover, that if a stranger visits one of their settlements they furnish him for four days with a bouse and wife. No reproach whatever attaches to the woman on account of thia temporary con nection. 7 The Mobile Register announces that the locomotive which was overturned the other day on the railroad, near tbat place, has been raised and brought to the city, and the breach in tbe road has been repaired. A Spinning ,Lady. European papers state that a girl is now being exhibited in Pans, and there attracted great attention, who possesses the power of turning round on one leg for a space of time, which, were we not assured of the fact by eye - witness, who has just arrived in New York from Havre, we should hesitate to believe possible. On one occasion M'lle Angeline performed three hundred evolutions in a minute I She does not appear at all giddy after the opera tion, and is a remarkably pretty and finely formed person. Her feet are very small, but ol a singu lar muscular development Perhaps the most striking part of the exhibition is where M'lle Angeline fits a circular saw to her waist in order that the visitors may test the force with which she spina by applying pieces of wood to the saw. Her costume is a complete suit of elastic crimson silk, which displays admirably the statuesque proportions of this revolutionary young lady. Serious Charge. The Frederick (Md.) Herald states tbat Dr. F. Beecher, of tbat city, was arrested on the 1st iajet, upon the charge ol having committed an outrage on tbe person of Mrs. Dennis, a married German woman, who resides a few miles west of Frederick. The accused was held to bail in the sum of of $l,500o answer the charge at the next term of the circuit court, am was committed in default of bail. The outrage is alleged to have been committed in tbe office of the doctor, in Frederick, where Mrs. Dennis had called, on Monday last, for the purpose of procuring the medical advice and service of Dr. Becher. A Man Shot. A young man named Parker was shot, and it is supposed mortally wounded, in Chowan county, N. C, on the 30th ult., by another named Stephen Parrish, who is now in jail. It appears that Parrish charged Parker with attempting to invade his matrimonial rights, and ou meeting him, told him he intended to shoot him, and immediately fired. A Church Dedication. St. Anne's (Catholic) Church, in Eighth street. New York, was dedicated on the 1st inst by Bishop O'Connor. Th s was formerly the old Murray street Presbyterian church, and was recently sold to tbe Catbobea Melancholy. Tbe following touching poem commemorates the inbospitality of the weather at the East : The first bird of spring, Attempted to ting. Bat ere l.e tied roonded s note. He fell from tbe imb Abt dead bird was him The music had friz In ha threat Murderers Convinced. Tbe Louisville Journal says that two of tbe desperadoes who murdered Justice Brewer and his wife, last February, ia Greenop county, Ky, have been convicted and sentenced to be hung on the 2Sih of this month. Their names are John Collins and Tamer Clark. Three others remain to be tried. The circumstances of tbese murders, it will be remembered, were, that theee parties went to the premises of Brewer in tbe dead boor of the night, and by making chickens squall, brought tbem out of the boose, when they set oa tbem and beat them te death with eluba. Tbe murdered couple left five children, tbe eldest bat eleven years of age. Tbe testimony ta tbe ease showed tbat Collies had induced the others, one of whom is his soar In Law, to commit the horrid deed, be ta toe mean time staving; at home. Tks Cam TV. in tbe forests of Brazil there is a remarkable tree, named "tbe cow tree, bo rne it exadee a Jaiee when tapped, waieB answers tbe purpose of milk to tbe inhabitants. Daring several months of the year, whea mm) me rain falls, and its branches are dried ap, if tbe trunk be tapped, this sweet ud utritioas Bilk exndes. Tbe flow is xaost abundant atanariee, like that of oar sugar maples. The aatives re eeive the milk ia large vessels t it mom grow, yellow like ereaaa, aad thick oa tbe ssxrfVi - . 8oBte drink it ateatifully aader the tree. It is id hi coffee in place of aowsjilk. The tree is very large, and Is ned ia sUp - baUding Anaatrr to Rk sera a Slav. The Covington (Ky.) Jooroal, of the 29th ult, gireo the following particulars of aa attempt to kidnap a alare la Cincinnati, on the Wednesday previous Mr. Harlan Moore, late of Bath county, Ky., on his way to Texas, having witb him a negro girl, a slave, was on the Telegraph, then moored at the Cincinnati landing, bat ap for Louisville. Lloyd Lewis, James Glbbins, Joan Kinney and others, free negroes of Cincinnati, met at the boat (it would seem by concert) and soon collected an excited crowd, by declaring that the girl in question was free, and that she was aboat to be kidnapped. Finally, Lewis, accompanied by others, went up into tbe cabin to the stateroom of Mr. Moore, demanded possession of the girl, alleging that she waa the child of a Mrs. Williams, a free colored woman of Ciociaaati, and threatened to break ia the door unless it was opened to him. Of course his impudent demand was not complied witb, and he attempted to execute his threat by kicking tbe door. The captain of the Telegraph, fiadiug tbe excitement on the increase, and apprehending serious consequences, cast loose and ran his boai over to thia aide of the river, bringing with him Lewis, Gibbons and Kinney. These persona made do objection, and of their own accord went before Mayor Foley, reiterated the statement that the lirl was free, and demanded an investigation. The demand was prnanptly acceded to by the Mayor. Tbe investigation had not proceeded far, however, before Law la diMeov - ered he was in a bad scrape. Tbe woman Williams, alleged by him to be the mother, was brought in as a witness, and at oaee eisa vowed all knowledge of the girl In fact, not the shadow of a pretext was developed by the teerJmony to justily or mitigate tbe outrageous and bigh - hand - ed conduct of Lewis. The result was, be was held to bsil in tbe sum of $500 to answer tho charge of attempting to take from the pnanesaloo of ber master the negro girl. Tbe evidence against Gibbons and Kinney was not deemed sufficient to warrant their detention, and they were discharged. It was ascertained after the investigation that all of these negroes ware wall armed. A Gawxaous Act. The Baltimore Sun gives the following account of a generous and humane act performed by the late Maryland eommlaslon - Y era to investigate the case of the killing of the fugitive slave at Columbia, Pa. It ia worthy of being recorded t A colored boy named John Johnson, who came to this city from Hanisburg, Pa, a few months ago, was sold or bound out to Mr. Petlierbridge, until twenty - one years of age, for coming iuto Maryland without a pass. His mother raiide every effort for his release, it appears, but failed, until the appointment of Menace. Buchanan and Scott as commissioners to investigate the case of the killing of the fugitive slave at Columbia, when Mr. McAllister, the United States commissioner, interceded with these gentlemen in bis behalf. Messrs, Buchanan and Scott promptly aad generously set about to ascertain the fuels, and assured Mr. McAllister that there was not a man in Maryland wbo would not cheerfully assist in the promotion of justice and humanity in such a case, and that "they were especia ly glad to have this opportunity to show to the people of Pennsylvania that the neoDte of Maryland bad no disposition to interfere with their free people of color, and their great anxiety to produce the moat internal relations Detween urn uovernment and the people of the two States." Thev Immedi ately went ia person to Mr. Petherbridge, wbo willingly gave np the boy on their paying him the amount he gave for him. They then bought him a new suit of clothes, took him to the Har - risburg ears, and placed him in charge of the Hon. John P. Kennedy, who took him on to Har - risbura, aod delivered him to hie mother, whnoe joy knew no bounds au his arrval. The Key stone says : Crsnwiiasnner McAllister lafcsasia the happy mother that .be waa iadehtrd fw her amaat happiness entirely to tbe geaereairy af Maaars. Scott aad Baehanao, and that those gent I tn a wished bar stack hat - iatts, aad desired uer u appropriate tne arty oouart wdicb toe nad eoiirctea, with the sstisrsncs af several - dies, for the beneat of ber Mint a Tonic. The editor of the Toledo (Ohio) Blade complains of a typographical error in bis paper, iu which, instead of " Ionic," a correspondent was made to sa that the new U. 8. Mint was in the " tonic order." We have been assured by many whose experience has been extensive, that mint when properly combined is one of tbe most palatable of tonics. - Murder. A man named William Cbeltz. ia Hodgenville, Laroe County, Ky , was horribly murdered on the 29th ult. Two young mea had been arrested on suspicion. O IT T I N T C L L I O KNOX. A Cauioi. - Judge M. M. Reynolds took his leave af the lodge and efficers of the First District Court rthls a on lias, ia a brlsf Sat pertinent sad - s. and litn daced his arrcsanc. Mr. Daan, at District. Attaraey. J ados Reynolds talents aad knowledge af perseos and character In this city, eminently fitted him for the office which be hss )aat vacated. Ts morrow be takes bis tut on the beach of tbe Fourth District Ceart,saf Jadge drawer tdg, wboas term has expired. Fiana Aboat half - past 10 o'clock last night n small frame budding was homed down, on Third street , be tween Live Oak and Magazine streets, la the Fue rth Dlr Aaothar Bra brake oat ttisl half past f eelerfc this ing, la tbe boose of rir BosJII, aa the Co ter af I street sod Cerondelet Walk. Tbs basse was cssnpletety destroyed. The art did not extend ts say other bal Id Ing. Sscowo Aim Tuiao Distbicts. The eases be fore Recorders Geneis and Senseaeaa this torn tog wrre of a singularly aninteresting character Oliver Host bat bees agaia bit rated for vagrancy la tbe S4 Ditrrirf, gad a msa named Thomaa Connor is rhsrgrd before RtcwSir Onoia with having as severely beatea Btta - t Leva, oa the sd inst, that she has stacs Ixea confined to her bad, Not Ykt Abbxstbo. Hallen, who is charred witb having ta ordered his wifa in a baoae oa tbs email of Craps and BagateMe streets. Thlid District, baa aat jH been air ested, although tbe police ha been hs bet Bateau of t im The woman died Iwtweva 1 and t o'eWk ea Ta l day, hot the pnlle were net ratsn ned ef th - trramtTaari aottl tlx boars afterwards, at that Hallen bad a neoalitera 01 start of them, and Is aapynsed ta have left the city. A young dng of the msstlfT kind, owned by the deceased, ex died much attention yeetetdsy by Its Wmr - ntatlena, It woold stand in WashiaatoB Sqw - and howt In a most, pitifal manner, and then raa hark to th boas of the da crated and act la tb seme manaer there. Stabbing. Maurice O'Brien and Denis Qnin - laa, whs have Jasi been, arrested, were tfaw atnralng takes h.fbre Reraedcr Winter mm tbs ihaigii of hartng stabbed Tb at Baike hi fcsr diOvewt places , witb Intent te star der, on Therese ttrset, mm th tstfi sf May. The e ssstaa Hon was ased fur th lath inat., aad the isint of hail for each at 81.008. Jrrv - - n.s Thi - vis. T w o lads named 0'N1 and H'gttos were seat ta the Hnnseof Rsf this waralrg by Recorder Winter for stealing a skis from tLa Bsbtt landing. Sa to Work. Elizabeth Law' ess was thw rooming tent te tbe Work Hons far sis ssrtbs, hy - corder Wintry, far varraarv and dmnk'mum . 8tabbi o with wmer to Mot V aA vwt - g lad aged aboat fifteen y - ars. named Thnmss Ford, was thia marmeg brwaght nrtmrs Rx amr Wte - er a rh eW ml havisg (tabbed award Cyle,awthe flwbaat tandtos en Bday e i ns last, with a bowie - knife. Tb - eta - t are charged with havlag Joined in the asaaaW with rnr ta murder, hot they have not yet baea arrested. The lad was seat to Jill to await aa exaaiteatisa, ia atfcatt ef flftro bail As8atjlt Axn Battbbt. J. E. Lee was this morning lasalnd to give tentt for his besa the Pin DiatrW Coast, aa the Aateia Teams' la St Marya Bfarl4, Tan Btabbtwo Cabb, Oee. Powers, wbo yes - irtitii nmaiama.aaeea snl st - a - ta. with athttetbattrtthSch s grace .was this saaialiig brsaabt Wlater and erdered te be kar4 ta mifjafil si sll lbs Tt ana of hisstvao a paw Hnaitasi be he a. Jew yMi - - am4aaaBdaittehststoa1akaaaatadbeaa . Streams Coney. DuuUbbb were yesterday sta - i as the hlHtht eumrm i Lraara, any ne, ot e - aat. C. atan a Cat, I Aya - u fleas Fifth Ditarh Const af WewO I sss utarn arcoreangtolaw.and to i aaftiaili J wttk th - eeaioa ta M ItvlWt sMT JB49I. CVTMMT, Sp mm Third TJiatrta Csstt ef firm, , st. Fiassace. sapaThn. Assist J BPiatrUx coast of Mew Or! it it Jhdamst and ta eadaeuTte leesesr fraat drfradaotth sastaf eeoa. Chandler, asarnawt. as. Hag and stkwia, i tstat PMrkft Cssn ;f Vew Ortamav aa. W.fL mt.Umtf and a put lion Ajptat a IMsirktCssBtat'llev sad TewrtiaM "'

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