The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on July 9, 1862 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1862
Page 2
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"i.'.'t"'"" . . -1 " v - - .ar. V: " . 1 f 1 , - .' ir - editors and rMrunv Or no' p SrkiiT, mm or TrIE PICAYvMf rt tMn.Mm eeee w I hull red .aMMir1ptVM e be pi lave. rteMy to - "" riebly to . lfu ar NnUra). IMa ease r a rear! eurwa. a. tbe m ed Ik . l tbe 8 ret, sad eej """T . rUm tea toYa-ro-y ha-e. ( tb. An lueertjas, 01 ara MtMmt Inaartlw. If H4md to mtm mm T one . r fftoM, Secea id raw .mm nyteJeilewi Will b Uiwte.airMMl l.-rele, SI "" k tiaae. wot ba MbUM iT or rriarririM wiU be ? ntn "paaVleellea ( ni well eabeoqaai n Inert! ow JULYS. try? tVe learn by the rnjrw yesterday tf VthaslRS- ste.troslup Etode Island,' Com r Trencoarti, from ou UWTCSwn tne Cta Inst, that, on the morning of the 4th " xnst, she made aicVooner,lying at anchor seat the shore, between San Lous Fotoai and Qalrestonr.Slie rail down to her; -' and threw a fens shells at her, and found lier to have been abandoned. , She proyed lo be the British schooner Richard O'Brien, from Kingston, Ja., loaded with . an; assorted cargo. Took ont cargo to '. she amount of about $2,000, and then set fluireajual An fire. 1 . At the same time, discovered another schooner lyine in the inlet, which conld not be" reached convenientljr ; name nn- known. - Bed Eiyer Packet Af Mississippi Cottok Notcs. wasted. Hee aaver ' all wwnt " lisements, Ho. 11 . Camp street; Bank i rifecks on New York wanted at the same place. , PASSEKGERS BY THE ROASOXE.We - find the following list of passengers to- this city by the' Raiioke, which arriTed t Iiam on the 4th int.. in the N. Y. Journal ' nommerce of the 26th nit t " rh.n. . Wll. k. 1 B. Banna, T. Leon, F . lawn, u.'T. BaJJ, Thoa Dol.n, W. BUliralL L. ' " I-.- niiwuc Amaaharv. John MoClui. kToo A Fodich. J. S. Martin, RobartOambla- W.Bltoy,Mi.Ih. Hate aBaarjajit, M11.B van, J. . AUI.OD, : Alien. J. H, Fortar, Jobs 1 ajan, B.Antlnm. Cha.Wa Dunoedi John Gala, I Dooe- Dun- Jiaxt, Jr. L- o- stBrte.i.t, o IT Dana. J. 8. Holdaa. auL. tn. HolanM J. W. Stanton, W. I4. vi . n im-mi A'bvrt Brammeiu A. nown, Valmar. JaccB Cuuu, SLra. Joaepbina Alexaodax, Wo. Hotter. ' ' . ' s rioTmnG. J. Dwrer & Co. are still felling off the balauco of their large stock f clothincr suitubla for this warm season, at prices which ' roust speedily clear out the remaining article on nana yve wouia i yefer lo" their adTertisement in another ' sjolnmn, and retxnnieud those in want of "'such articles to give them a call. . C For btft extra Ohio and St. Louis Sopr apply'on Iward of schooner Arzac, ' Post 17. First District. See advertise- xaent. ' ' ' 137 Champsgue of the best brands is . adurtised for Kale by Eng. Rochereau & ', Co., 16 and 18 St. Lvuis street. - tp A gold pen depot is established at Ifo. 05 Canal trctt, for. the sale of Newton V gold pens and pencils, of various kinds, &c. See advertisement.' rx?- Mr. 8. Knowles, supercargo of the tiark Smymiotte, advertises elsewhere an . assorted cargo of dragsjind groceries for jsarApiy ntoara. W F. Fredericks, druggist, corner of . Haronne and Fouras streets, elsewhere advertises for ,. sale tartaric acid and 'a varied assortment; of drags and medicines. Julian Nuville, auctioneer, sells to day, at 10 o'clock . A. M., on the whan opposite the French Market, the cargo of lntrirer from Rnatnn Island, consisting of o - fresh limes, ploiit'jgp9; bananas and green turtle. Epicures and providers . take notice. ' - ' " , To Corresposdknts. " Foreigners V must have patience. "Rome "was not , Juilt in a day." The new officials at the ' Post Ofi&ce have found things .in a most disordered state-, the result .f circumstances, not worth while now to recapitulate..- They havo , not been able" to make ' things work as nmoothly as they will when etery thing is arrnnged property. Mean- ! - vhile, le$ us posstss our souls in patience. " rjy We inadyetemily omitted to men-h tion that Brigadiar Gen.' Shepley received Jy the Fulton his appointment as Military Governor of Louisiana. The U. S. Government conld not have made a better selection for its purpose! Gen. Shepley's .. administration of a similar trust in this r '.city has proved a guarantee that he will discharge all dutfen assigned hm with the" - - 'courtesy of a gentleman and the ability . -; f a statesman. - -. Notes ajtd Queries. We join the Boston Transcript in asking if any of our readers can inform ns where or when the fascinating game of euchre was invented t. It has long been popular at the South and West, also fn Pennsylvania, but its introduction into this portion of the country Is compsrat jrtoly recent ' From the fact that .. it s scarcely mentioned in English treatises on cards, it is fair to presume it is - little known in England, and an eminent. authority states that it is not mentioned - in any French work concerning games. . The origin of the word eucAre is an etymological-Inquiry which is not yet settled. ; Prof. Grimm, of the University of Uerlini states that the word is not German, as is-.- commonly" supposed. Worcester calls it "French, bat gives no authority for the statement. Can any of our linguists yettle its origin or derivation I jl -.-. . The next "United States steamer to. arrive here Is the Marion, which was to leave New York for th port on the' 24 int.v She will be due on Satorday. : . The attention of honsekeeners and - thers is ; particularly, called to-X T aMontgomery'g ial 0f fine household for-Sitore of every description, which take , llace this day at half past ten o'clock, at ;Ahe residence, No. 414 Apollo street, corner . Of Euterpe street Tha entire furniture Z Si ct the best manufacture.-, For particu-Jars, see advertisement. " ' . . .... -V... a . ... t-" A Ltter from Paris gives currency 0'a, rumor t-at daring the Emperor's so avJ Jonrn at Vichy, tlis summer, theEdrDresa S.'Jfilipa a brief rrlrate viait t-yHngUui. KEGR0 FXCLnSION.' - - - . The TOinoisians have grea tly disgusted "the necrophilia t by voting by a large ma jority to exclude all resident negroes from - . v a . v poIiUcal rigbts,ana ail outer negroes irom livio g in tae state, x ms is a reamrmance of the old ' and first constitution of Illinois. It is the".vote of a State which, by a large majority, recently ratified a political : platform which asserted the application of the. Declaration of Independence in the clause declaring that " all men are- created equal to negroes. Now.asthecrn' sade asrainst slavery in the South is excusea and justified on tha ground or ita incoma. tibmtv.wiih the Declaration ot inae- r . . ... . rndine. as that document nas ooeu stantly cited as the -political law of - the TTn;nn an tnut that anotoer anu aorinna nnnatioA than that WHICH arose m WUW, . . tka tw rami eaaa will bebrought before the judicial authorities ot we uniwu WW ... TT-!i;l OWWI ivi j ... t,s Rat of Illinois can legally violate and disregard the Declaration of Inde- pendenceana uisunguinu and "black" men, not simply in regard to nolitical rights, but as to the most val - r . . " . . --i . . UAV.W " " . . . .... . it. -vLwaoa oral f A ,'f Admitting tnai uw umaw . . ..t.nJ f nnlitioal ri(rhtil it has certain! v never been denied that it aDDlies to personal rights, among which are M life, liberty, and the pursuit of hap nineas .,r Liberty and the pursuit of hap piness.' in the United States are idle words, utterly without meaning or eneci, u we do not include the richt of free passage " . . V a x1 and settlement, through and in any portion of the United states. .-. vn wu gwww, then, can netrroes, who are " men," and, in several of the Stasis, 41 citizens," betx-clnded from anv portion of the United state t Not only is the Declaration of Independence, as interpreted by the Chi cago platform, and by the large majority of voters in the Northern. States, trampled nnnn i thi excliislon. but does it not nnallv violate that provision of the Fed er&l constitution which secures to the citizens of each State all the privileges and immunities of . citiiens of the several States." A negro citizen of New York or New England is now denied the common nereonal rieht of living in the State of Illinois. These arguments can only be met by the advocates of the Illinois exclusion, on the ground assumed by Chief Justice Taney, inlhe Dred Scott decision, to wit: that the Declaration of Independence was never intended to apply to negroes ; that they were never regarded by the founders of this Government as possessing any politi cal or civil rights which the white race were bound to respect ; that they were looked upon as an inferior race, who were never intended to possess or exercise'any Political rights. Here we have a practi cal confirmation of the justice and wisdom of this decision. The very smallest right of man is denied to the negro in Illinois a right which he ia permitted to enjoy and exercise even in the South But this decision of the people of Illinois is not more striking for its disregard of the Northern interpretation of , the Declaration of Independence and of the constitution of the United States, than for the hypo-, crisy and inconsistency which it displays in a people who, whilst professing so much sympathy for the negroes . of the South, freedom, so cruelly and. barbarously shut their doors in the very faces of these-4poor , victims of Southern avarice and oppression "--refusing them -the poor privilege, of even abiding on the soil of living within the broad limits of their State ? llereia the philanthropy of Mrs. Jellaby .on & large scale. ? " It is the poor nogro in the South for wliom we feel. We are tenderly alive to his intesests. We feel deeply for his wrongs and sufferings, and we would like to see his white master and tyrant swept from the earth. But when be comes among 'us ! oh ! that is a different matter. We $ant let him in. We want our fine lands for white people. He has no right to live among us. He can go any where lse, but there is no plart for him in Hlinois." We commend this picture of consistency and honesty to the serious consideration of those deluded foreigners' who imagine that the crusade which for so many years has been waged Against the South, has its source in any real sincere sympathy for the negro in any honest conviction against the wisdom and philanthropy xf Atncan slavery ; in any thing but sectional and agrarian jealousy and hate. Postal CnTeaitIaa Between the United btatea and lUcxtce. A postal convention between the United States . and Mexico has been -. concluded and proclaimed. Wo condense- its pro visions:. ' ' .' Articl ine provides that there shall be charged upon all -letters, newspapers, reviews, or other periodical publications, printed pamphlets, or other printed matter, conveyed either Jy United States or Mexican vessel, Between a portmuia umwuoanw of America and a port in Mexico : uu tetters not exceeding half an ounce in weight, the rate of seven cents; and on all weighing more than half an ounce, an additional rate of seven cents for each additional half ounce or fraction thereof; on every newspaper, daily or other, the rate of one cent on reviews or other . periodical publications, printed pamphlets, or other printed matter, the rate of one cent for evry ounce or fraction of an ounoe-weight ; these to be sent in narrow bands or covers, open at the tides or ends. Article two provides that there shall ha charged by the post office of the United Statee of America upon all matter mailed In . the United States and forwarded to Mexico by sea, such rates of inland postage as are now or may hereafter be established by the laws of the United States, and the rate of sea pottage prescribed In article first, which inland and sea postage shall be combined into one rate and paid jdways in advance. Such S repayment to be certified by the stamps of . he United States post office, and the postage so paid to belong exclusively to the United States t also, such rates of Inland postage as are now or may hereafter be established by the laws of Mexico, and the rate of sea postage prescribed in article first, which, inland and sea postage shall be combined into one rata and paid always In ad ranee. Sack prepayment to be certified by the appropriate stamps of tha post office of theTJnited Mexican States, and the postage so paid to belong avulnalvalT ta UiL ' ".' ' Articles three and . four make further pro- virions for the oa mentof Inland postage, - - . Article five provides that all letters, aewst. papers, printed pamphlets, or outer printed matter, mailed In the' one country for the other, the one country from the other: whether bv land T sea conveyance. snau De tree from any detention er iapewuotv wtuoever, aud ahall in the one case be forwarded by the most speedy means .to their. destination, ant in the other be promptly de li vsred to the respeeHve persons w wuw-. . k. - J J tvi n a iihiMt in weir ttanaoilMion to 'the laws and regulations of each eoantry, reepecuveiy. - - Article six proviaes ms. so mam. mm nr nthar mail naekets. under the flss of eitaar f Up eontiactins parties, shall have eoai- bbc4 rnsug Dttween ur .t aaiFw arhathar nndar obTantion ?7, n.itJ KLatM or from Mexico, tbe eoutracting parUee agree to receive ar those Twrta all mailable matur, and to forward as diractefl.toe aesunauon Doing w z . .aim nf ,iihar eonntrv. chaxtnnfir there 111-. -.1.. ,hm. nui auLabliahad bv the present eonyenuon. naus w umt bv the Mexican post omoe, and dispatched ti a) an ha mala nnureKVlH lowrian iM.rf. ai ina iJDiiaaouuaj; uu iu - maniier. mails for Mexico to be made up at ranlar intervals oy me ivbiiw ka a. offioe. and dispatched to ports in Mexico. m. .rtfou utm the United Mexican states Ditaee to grant to the United States of Ave- ,um mm iTaosit. in noaeu niaiio, v toaiiia. daties, imposts, detention, or ' . ' . . . L W Kn U a. onar . th.1l- BallOU WDUVTCr, wniugu ww w "j - poftewioDS or territories, ot letters, newa-nvintail namnhlets. or other printed mailer, lorwarucu ixvna m um. a .o a, anv at thair noasessions or terri tories, to any other possession or terriprjr of the United Slates oi America, or to aoy .n..,w nr from anv foreiirn coautrr. or pos- tMuiun or territory ot America, to the Ucuea states oi amenci, their iKeeBioDS or territories. A man agent ika. .iTi.itMi Rtaitcs of Amerio. to be per mitted to accompany the closed mans la tneir transit The Uoited States or America, on tneir parr, .....a. th. tAfna. Article aicht nrovides that the means of ..m, thai tranait of eloaed mails shall be ar ranged between the general post office de partment oi the two countries, saoject to mo approbation of each Government Article nine provides Hhat in case of the n.ufminna of war hatoraen the two nations. ihm mail aarataa of the two DOBt OttlceS shall eontinne without impediment or molestation nntil aix weeks after a notification shall have been made on the part of either ot the two Governments and delivered to tne otner, maw the service is to be discontinued ; and in sneh th.. mail tmeketa of the two countries shall be permitted to return freely, and under special protection, to tneir refpecuvti porta. Article ten is of no seneral importance. Ankle eleven provides that this convention ahull eontinne in force until it shall be abro- nmtmA hw that mntnal conaent of the tWO COn trading parties, or nutil one of them shall have given twelve months previous notice to the other of a desire to abrogate it-Article twelve is of no general importance. ry The ' Republicans in ' the United States Senate whose terms expire with this Congress are Morrill of Maine, Foote of Vermont. Sumner of Massachusetts, Dixon of Connecticut, Simmons of Rhode TaUnd. Kin of New York. Wilmot of Pennsylvania, Wade of Ohio, Chandler of Michigan, and Doolittle of Wisconsin. Mr. Dixon, of Connecticut, has already been chosen as his own successor. Gov. 8 p rag-Tie succeeds Mr. Simmons, of Rhode Island. The Coitt ef the War. We read that' well founded claims against the United States Government for the seizure or de- atraction of individual property have1 ( already arisen to the amount of a hundred millions, and will, before the close of the war. be swelled to an immense amount. Q5.Clcment E. Hopkins, for many years connected .with the press of New York, died of consumption lately there. He was thirty-five years of age, a son of Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, and a-brother of the editor of the Church Journal, me deceased "was for the last fourteen or fif teen years city or local editor of the New York Express, and in that capacity, exhib ited a tact and a talent which placed him in the front rank of that class of New TVila uumu'limT XTB WHS a meujuor OT a very accomplished family, every one of whom, father, mother and brothers, have been distinguished intellectually. ! VS This is too bad We could endure being called ugly names, but for the New Orleans Picayune to commiserate ns on account of onr not nights, is ronniog the thing into the ground. Hear Old Perepiration talk ice: "New Orleans enjoys a marked advantage over muny other cities in the delicious southern breezes which spring np towards sundown, and revive the languid and exhausted frames of Its citizens. In New York, Boston, and sundry Western cities, there are summer AA'M Uia wJUlvBi Buuwatiuftiy uv. iivui euu vut-at abvence of a circulation of air. Here the evening tonth wind rarely fails us." True, nevertheless, Mr. Post Matacku$ettt Preterit, a Shoe Bill. " Per- ,ley," the Washington correspondent of the Boston Journal, says : MasMcbuBetts had a little shoe bill for Uncle Sam, as famished-to troops between April 27 and December 7, 1861, for: 14,023 ptars of pegged shoes at an average coat of $1 14 per pair ; 22,972 pairs of sawed shoes, at an avenge cost of $1 89 per pair, and 1.6G3 pairs of sewed boots, at an average coat of $3 S5 per paiiv The maximum army price paid was $2 for sewed shoes and $3 25 for cavalry boots. ' Harvest Prospect in Franc.-The Paris correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune says : We are . past the month of May. the trial month for grain and wine crops, in tne largest parWif France. In all Southern aud Central France grain crops may now be considered as asrored -, in all Northern France, full iu justified promise. The condition of the wood, of the blossoms, and of the early settings of tbe vines, offers hope of a vintage euoa as Franco has not seen since 1313.- : There has. not been, in the past ten years, a completely foil good wine and grain year in Franc; The hope and expectation of one this year are, np' to this 6th of June,' more warranted than they have been up to corresponding dates of any ten or twelve years, ' - Jrott CladT FecZ. The New York World lately published a detailed and interesting description of the vessels, either iron clad or wholly of iron, which we are now building. The following is the Jist : Three hulls and six turrets, by T. F. Bow-land, at Greenpoint, Three seta of engines and boilers for thee three lulls are being bnilt at the Delamater. Iron Works, New York City- . ' v " . Two halls complete, with engines, boilers and turret, at the American Works, Boston LoringecCo. ' t Two -hulls complete, with engines and boilers, but without turret, at Chester, Pa. Beany & Bona ' ' - : One hull complete, with engines and boilers, but without turret, at Wilmington, Del One veseel, complete in every respeet, at Fulton Foundry, Jersey City, by Joseph Cot-welL - - ' , - Ona vessel, of a newpattern, at the Dry Dock Iron Works, J. 8. Underbill. ' - , Ericcson ec'Co. contract with the government for six of the above." fcecor 6c Co. eon tract for the ona that Colwell is building. Charles W. Whitney contracts for the one building at the Dry Dock Works. The other two parties contract-direct with the government. , Tbeee ara tha veeaels that ara now underway. " . ' , . . ' J The iron-elad veeeel Ironsides is nearly com-(leudat Philadelphia. - - The United States steam frigate Boanbke is being covered with armor and supplied with (arrets at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. -A . ; 17 Martin Van Buren (now 80 yean -aid) is suffering from a dangerous affection of . the throat and bronchial tabes. " v r MASNCBS JLKD CUSTOMS. rtnnia KimlMi III I reaHv kailevs -- VVitb the Mexto Eapublle PU take Freeea leave !" V ' I .Hrf.U. rrclra J aaraaL with anawnr qnlta rnaaUh. ' Pt, ru ahow yon, my goo air, the wmj tm waia rr- The neatest horse show of the age ao" far announced is. to pen in Chicago on the 2d of September lext, At teast, will be so, if large premiums will do it. xrWnthonaand dollars re offered, in sums of five Hundred ana ies, tor kind of hprse and horsemanship known to the sporting circles. ; - - -.' r-The Prince of Wales has "recently presented to ex-President Buchanan a full-length. 'portrait 'of himself, as a slight mark (he says) of his grateful recollection of the hospitable reception and his agreeable visit at the White House on the occa- sion of his tour in the United States. He adds that the cordial welcome which was then vouchsafed to him by .the American people, and the ex-President, astheir Chief, can never be effaced irom nis memory, r, -- - The Tut.The spring race meetings at Philadelphia, New York and Boston, commenced at the first named place on i- the 23d, where seven stables, including i several of the best running horses in the country were present to contend for the prizes. The sports were to continue during four days. The New York races, which were to bring together a greater number July 2, aniwould include several matches, among r 1 1, v . v. i them ore for saddle horses, the prize to do an . enameieu giu wawu o.uu jvm chain, value $450, This is the 'Tiffany Prize." The sport was to close at New York on -July 10. The programme for Boston has not yet been made out, but it will be decided upon at the close of the Philadelphia meeting. Of one thing there need be no doubt, viz : that there will be the best racing at all the above named places ever seen at the North. Sharpen Caught. The Nashville corre spondent of the Cincinnati Gazette men tions the case of a pair of speculators in Tennessee who were " brought up with a jerk " by Gen. Mitchell. They visited some plantations , said they had orders from Gen. Mitchell -to procure , cotton ; offered twenty dollars per bale, and said if that was not accepted they would take the cotton anyhow. They were successful in some cases , but the matter was reported to the general, who -brought up the sharpers, compelled them to pay the planters eighty dollars bale and having done that, tbey were thrown into jail for falsehood and swindling. . Londmen. The medical officer of the London Post Office states that the candidates who present themselves to him for examination are, as a whole, much below the medium-height, strength and phytique generally. Of 361 candidates in 1861 for the situation of letter carrier, messenger, porter and laborer, he found the average circumference of the chest after inspiration only 31 inches ; the lowest requirement for the army is 33 inches ; in a considerable number the expansion of the chest on inspiration was but 1 inch ; the average strength was 289 lbs.; the strongest raised 450 lbs ; age between 17 and 37 ; average height 5 feet inches ; average weight 9 stone 6 lbs. .a ii . work of clearing the Qoeea'e Daaaai Piigog- of its inhabitants is now verging toward a close. Strange to say, it has been a very difficult tatk. Many of the prisoners sternly refused to be made ban Krupta,' though by giving tbeir content, they could have immediately obtained their release. Tne most curi-ous cate was that of Wm. Miller, who had been in prison since 'July, 1814 forty-eight years ! He had lost alt desire ti go out, and would sign nothing which would have the effect of making him a free man. When at length he "was absolutely forced to acqaieoce, he bepged to be allowed to remain in tie piieon a few days longer ; and when his time was np he still lingered fondly within the gates to bidjthe officials farewell, and to shake V..a. ,.,. ,u t. gates of the Qneen's Beech Prison, a few weeks since. Win. Miller, wno wts bora nearly SO years ago, never saw a street gas-lamp, nor an omnibus, mneh lew a steamship or a railway. Englith Paper. Porcelain Coated with Platinum. Dr. Elmer, of Berlin, has succeeded in lining porcelain with platinum, by this method : He took platinum black prepared accord- ( iog tq Bottinger's method, that is, by precipitating it from the chloride of platinum, boiled for a few minutes with a little glu-close and carbonate of soda, - and then washing the precipitate carefully and drying it at the ordinary temperature. This black is ground with essence of turpentine and appied with a brush to the porcelain. The porcelain must previously have been baked jonce, and been allowed to eooL After it, has been coated,' with platinum black, it should bo -put into an earther pan, covered with a lid-and exposed to the highest temperature" a porcelain fur nace can afford. . When it has. cooled, it rwill be found to have received., a brilliant ;coating. of platinum. As this metaL is 'much used for crucibles,' on account of its resistance to the action of acids, and its iufusibility, Dr.' Elmer's process affords a means of obtaining these advantages at a much cheaper rate ; for porcelain crucibles coated with platinum are quite as invulnerable as those made of the metal itself. In unscientific point of view, this new method is of importance, inasmuch as it shows that platinum, though infusible in its normal state, admits of fusion when' reduced to the condition of a black powder. In this state it is the same platinum as before ; it has undergone no combination with any other substance, but has been reduced to an impalpable powder, , which Dr. Elmer says may be transformed into a platinum ingotJy the most violent . heat obtainable in a porcelain furnace. :. 'I IThe new steam sloop-of-war Adirondack, Cap tGansevoort,was-to "go into commission at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this week, and is under orders (to leave for Ship Island on the 21st inst She has received her armament nine guns -which is of a very formidable character, ranging from 11-inch to heavy 32-ponnders. . . .. ; THE JQ1TY. : To ax Paid Tha police of tb First and Fownh liatriots are to be paid off to-day, and tbosa of tbe Second and Third . Districts tomorrow.'-This will be good news to tha guardians of tha peace. .' X . . ' v - Lafatevtx " Squarx. -The- chifdrea;' so: long, debarred, if am their aectutoaiel evorts.' on Lafayette Square, returned to it yesterday afternoon in overwhelming numbers, and sein-t determined to mke up for lost time. There was a great search for relics where tha tent of the soldiers stood, but we img-in whhont mnon seee,a and there was smne complaint on the pxt of the little people about the broken s lass bottles wfaioh are scattered so profusely about the square. OrrxiiCts. Grave: offneei among well-know a members of the- light fingered frater-luj ate rare in New Orieans at the present tinfe. or tbey are atudioualy kept coneealed Sou attribute tnis of military rale; .others to tha feet that com of the offtjnders against the peace and diiruUy of the State have fled to parts na-known. The city was never before so free from burglars and eut throats. With the exception of here and there a . member of the Sicilian gang, the present home population of the city is qaiet and respectable, and we trust it will long remain so. - . . LACEiv.--An Individual who gave Ws name as Win. H. Pond was yesterday arrested tor going Into a grocery store on Kim part street, drawiog out, a till from the counter and feloaioosiy helping himself to aU the money therein, amounting to 50. Provost'Court. An application was made yesterday to admit C. Burnois to baiL Hjs was arrested, as it will be remembered,, about eifcht days ago, on suspicion q having been accessory to the killing of a desperate negro sailor belonging to the crew of the nush .r. Thatfwtnre Kuooo. But the testimony adduced before the jury of inquest did not iniaaia him in any manner. Tne jadge ordered that the prisoner be, brought before him,-and after some inqairies touching the merits ot tne caee, aim mo icmuuu a; nois was arrested, he admitted him tt bail in H....mArllIIHIII. .inhn ftill and Qeoree Bee dan were brought up as incorrigible individuals of seceeh sympa Jn trong.jeditiou, .and ;diaresctfol language thies. Xt was in prowl iuai iuoj .uuug w towarcs toe uuiwu nnaWe 0fferany satisfactory excuse, nired. bv an invitatiou so prees i... iht thav were wholly unable to resist, to hoard at th expense of the publie in the OrUana street hotel for three months next ansntnff. Hnrv Hoflmever is an enterprising Teuton who of late has oeen " raising the wind" by a spirituous process. He has been smuggling linnor into caniO for the benefit of United Rum soldiers indirectly, and of himself directly. He was sent to prison for three months. An individual named LivingBtone, for intemperance in word and deed, had to piy a fine of $20. John Keean. ftccused of an assault with in tent to kill, was sent to the Workhouse for a month. John murpny ana oarau aieuauoca, for larceny, were also sent to tne work: lion a a. - Sarah Ward and Kate Moore, accused of having stolen a lot of jewelry from Sirs. n. Hnbbell. were discharged, there being no nroof acainst them. John Sheppard, vulgarly called Jack, had a female acouaintance or his arrested on charge of having got drank'- and disturbed the peace generally and bis particularly. The cate was made out against the woman, and she was sentenced to imprisonment in the- Workhouse for a month, .Thereupon, the woman's husband appeared upon the stage as an intervenor in tbe premises. He accused Sbeppard of having abused and assaulted his wife in a most outrageous manner, and the teetitcony adduced folly substantiated Jhe charge. Tbe Judge mentally held up the scales of justice and came to the conolaeioa that Jack had offended to the extent of $i0, vtLich torn, by way of fine, he ordered Jack to pay. To this Jack very emphatically objected, and the language made use of on the occasion was so strong that tbe court ordered him to the guardhouse till the money was fully paid. Jack then passed into the custody of two officers, but in his transfer from tbe courtroom to the guardroom, he became so boisterous and made use of such insubordinate language that be was peremptorily recalled, ana the Jndge changed his sentence to three .months in the Parish Prison. Next-time, Jack had better put a bridle on his tongue. Mrs. Pringle, of Union street, was called up to answer for refusing to pay a wash bill, as per order of the court. She- gaid she did not owe the money and consequent! v de murred s gainst paying it. The J adge said she most comply with the order of court or go to PrTTi ftfr rnntpmp' Iru""lln" ' 1 " ' money., - - - .... rrr -m j. U. morpny ana Anarew wiinams, ior takingiquor to camp and selling it to tbe physical representatives of Uncle Sam, were sent to prison for a month. John Doyle, accused of having stolen a morquito bar from a fellow soldier, was discharged, a charitable inference being indulged in to tbe effect that he had merely taken the bar to keep it from being stolen. -- Another soldier, named Wm. C. Barns was questioned on a charge of having stolen a comrade's watch. Ha contended that the owner of the watch had loet it while draok and had cflered a reward of $-0 for its recovery. Stimulated by this promised reward. Burns said tbttt heVvTent forth iu quest of treasure, and in a shfrt time his indaetry was rewarded. With an eye specially directed towards stolen watches he soon discovered one on the person of a citizen." Ha of course demanded it, obtained it and returned it to its owner. The - Judge intimated that he was disposed to be rather credulous, but not sufficiently so to swallow such a story, and as the circumstances were entirely against Mr. Burns he would send him to prison for a month. Fkh Market. There were 1733 families supplied at this institution yesterday with the following ptoviaions : 3V4 barrels mess pork, 182 buehels corn meal, 30 bushels rice flour, 23 barrels sugar, 2 barrels mackerel, 8 barrels mess beef, 300 pounds bacon. DIED; On gain-day, (9th alt, at Paai Cbriitlan, WILLIAM FISH, aged forty-clgbt year, a naMre ot Nova Scotia. HEAPQ.UARTJERS DEPARTS! ENT OF TH B G CLF, 1 New Orleans, Jala- 8, 1m. Special Older Ko. 17V Aatborily bat been received from tha War Department to recruit cod orgurlze aereral Heclmenta of Volauteera lor tba United State Arntv In Uia State of Looialana. Ltret. O. Weitxel, Cot pa of Eagtnaera and Aaalatant Military Caanmaariant, la charted with tbe aperintend-ancc af the rac raiting, eqaipmeBta,. cJothlng organization, and drill of thla force t sad to this end be has authority to stake sach details and arrangements as he may think propar. - ' By order of MAJOR eEtr.-BDTLirK, Comasandins Department. B, a DAVIS, Captain and A. A. A. Oen. : jys-adpui! - HEADQUARTERS MILITARY COMMANDANT, I New Orleans, July 8, 186a, . J Special Order No. 11a. In accerdanca with Special Orders Ka. Irs from the Hradqnartars ef she Dopartment, toe follow In( details aad arransemanla ara hereby made i Tbe Onited Statea Barracaa balaw the city win be the depot and qnartera tor tba force to be organized. , f Major H oleoma, of the 13th Coasactieat Valantaar Is hereby detailed as Catamaadant ef the Depot. - Five Corporala from the lath Maine, 13th CotmectVat, Slat MasaachnsetU and tth Vermont Beatmenta, will be detailed at enc aa driU-masters, aad will report to Major Hoioomb. - . . - . A taard ef enc Company from the 13th Connect lent Recinsent will be detailed for the depot, aad irQl report to Major Holcomo.- .-. . ; Mr. W. O. Flake, of the Quartermaster's Department, la hereby detailed as Acting Quartermaster and Commie. amy at the depot Be will report to Major Holcomh at oaesL - - c- .. A Sm-fleen will be del ailed by tht Medical Director to leportte Major Boirotnb. Bo shell beaidee his ether dalles examine Into tbe phyaical aaalificatlons ef each recraK, and in so dote g- ba (aided strtstly by the army regnbitlona. - - Fersoaa posaeaslof the faslificattpna, was ar drairsoa of raiaiag companiaa, ran obtain tba proper aathorlty bv application at thee headqnarteTS, betweea the hears of" laadSr. SJ. . - V -. .! : command of ' :- ' L" O. WETTZEL, LieaU O. S, Eaglneeas and Asst. Milt. Cem'da -. EDW1M JXeLET, A. A. 9. - - Jy-3t MISSISSIPPI COTTON NOTES . ; W A N T JB D - j ' . The BiUt of the Stats of Mtatiulppt win be aorchasea JlSadptt WO. U CAMP STREET. BAKK CHECKS ON NSW YOBKa - Check on one of the beat Beaks ia Nw Terk city ior aair an asms vo son psreaasexs. aa k . . ' -J9li. . ! tU. U CAMP ITsVKBT. OLOTHINO, CLOTHING! $,CI.OTIIINaY J. ? . - ' $ BT. CHARLES STBKT. Iro mmt e-V-5ea'-f terse iteea roraa it ta the eeaaea. as aika to ise aa C p.. Oriaans , and hevi.s tha neary "Uti-rf ETJTCBIOft MATERIAL, tanrma en rrr. MCnXteNT WOaaMAHSHIP.and abtve an-alUniat trices that mast epaadUy clear eat the Mance ef th. atock (to make way tor F.U end Winter Goods.) . . rha stock will be ton ad to consist, m pan, Bisck Bilk-Lined French Crepe Merino Sacks and Frocks. flata and Corded Black and Colored ajpaca ana - sine Becks and Ftocas. . Dnck, MarasUlea aad DrilUng Backs aad Frocks., A large lot ef Thin Casstmer Backs sad Pant. Black Marin and Tbin Caasimere raots. t White Dock, Drilliaf and Fancy Fsats, ta variety. " A large lot of Cssslmere and Marseilles V eating, Ac A tot of WhMe BhlrU for Mea ad oya f Fifty doaen 6sou Cotton Under n'rts. An Msortment of Shirt Collar., Tie, Hail Hois and ' So.peadets. ' i- The attentisn of the Trade-is reenested to the above, wtere wiU also be offered; at Haw fork impart prices, 10,000 Fana Plain and Fancy. 1.000 Printed and Plain Lawn end Organdie Robe aad . Pieces. Bare gee. Plain end Printed Linen. Tarlatans, Bobblnet Drapery. Croa ib erred Jaconet and Cambric Kasllns. 600 piece Spanish linen. A Urge lot of Black' and White Laces, Ribbons, Terry - Velvets and Vejrat Ribbon aad MUUasry. Trimmings, Buttons Fins and India Rabber. a -Spool Cotton. Pin, Needle, jtc 1000 ox. Black and Colored Sewing Silks. Lace G lores and Mitts, BanntletaAe., In great variety. Jy9 tdptf BED KIVErVPAOKET .MONEY WANT KD . m ' The Sblnplaaters of tbe Rod River Packet Company wfU be purchased at j,9Sdpjt i. NO. It CAMP STREET. EEADQ0ARXXRS MILlTaRV COMMANDANT, I Kw Orleans, Jaly 8, 166. I General Orders No. 19. The time In which those who hare been In tb military unir, or tha Confederate Statea can take the parole nnder General Order No. 13, from the Headquarters, la hereby finally extended, to tha 10th mat. r - Alter tbat-date, tb provision of the Order will be strictly carried Into effect. By command of Gen. GEO. F. SHEPLET, Military Commandant of New Orleans. EDWIN ILSLET, A. A. A. O. J8-do3tl GREAT ,S A O BIFIOE EISOR9IOUS MACBIFXCE. TEKKIBLL SACRIFICE. " Cruel Sacrifice - - OF " SHI R T S AND MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, AT S. N. MOODY'S,; CORNER OF CANAL AND B0TAL ST JeETS. Slaagbterlns Ofl fer si Few Dave Center. TO CLEAR OUT TAB ENTIRE STOCK AT RETAIL. Tha unprecedented aacceaa that baa attended tha dosing ont sale of the first .two weeks at nnhaard of price Induce MOODT to continue SelUna Off! Selling 01T! e balance otTini an n n i i sittt-ana caaiomere, for tbetr own nse, instead of disposing ef it at aacttoa to speculator and tba trade.. ; Tbe original marked and reformed prices previously adrertlaod aud exhibited to customers before pure baling, will ' be rigidly adhered to, and an examination of MOODY'S Immense and Fashionable Stock will con-vpct buyers that hi ; CELEBRATED FINE HUIRTS Of Erery Description, treasonable Underahlrte stnd Drawers, HOSIERY, CRAVATS. HANDKERCHIEFS, SUSPENDERS. OLOVES, ' Dresatna Robes, Beye Shirt. FANCT GOODS. ., Arc almost given away, and no humbug. TERMS-CASH ON DELIVERY. SHIRT8 MADE SPECIALLY TO. ORDER. Jy6 SoWedSa adp ' THE LONDON LANCET. Th July Number, together with e supply of the back Number for the pest year, ia received at , . '' Ellle's News Depot. No. t Old Levee street, opporite the Post Office. BaT Subscriptions for THE LANCET are received, uanaL as above. ' JyS-SdpSt HEADQUARTERS DEFARVwJNT OF THE OTJLF. New OileaJis, July a, too. " J General Order No. 47. . ' Commanding Officers of Post within this Department willtonly order th aale of fre dlstrlbuUon ot army provisional in extreme essee ot deatitatisn, to prevent starvation, and then only tn small qaantitles, tb order elating tbe amount ordered to be eold or dtatrlonted. Bo will immediately report the order ay ewpy to the Headquarters of tbe Department, and all distributions now bring made will, on the receipt ef this order, b so reported. The Commisraries making these distribution will report weekly to their commanding' officers tbe amount of stores issued, and the number of person Issued to, with an account of sales, a duplicate ef which will be ent to tb Chief Commlaaary of tbe Department. By order of MAJOR GEN. BOTLER, Commanding Department. B. B. DAVIS, Captain and Acting A. A. G. . . Jyv sdpstv CITY CORN MILIiS. In the absence ' a sufficient sapply ef WHEAT FLOOR, these Mills hare, and will continue t have, nntil further notice. RICE FLOOR, aa a aubatltute, to be furnished to tmiie In anvnli quantltiee. v . JAS. BEoes, ' - JAB. DAVIS. . JjS tdptf ' Committee. -NOTIOE..; On and after MONDAY, Jay T, oar Store will remain open for bualnea vntil t 'clock, p. M., in order to gtr the ladle aa opportunity ef making their near hist dazing the cool part of the evening. . - "j '. A wear aboni to gointo LIQUIDATION, oar Stack vrill be oSered at : . ' - . . ' GREATLY REDUCED PBICES, , V tot Cash Only. -f, - . - v '." BENTHUT8EN, LEWIS A CO, ly-p3t US Canal street. . DOLBBAJL COMJiLKRCIAl, COLLBGS, '" 174 CANAt STREET, ' ' . ' Wilt be Open the Entire lianr. - " This Is tbe place ta acquire a Business Education. FenmaMBlpv Boek-kaeplng, Mathematics, aad the modV era aaagaagee, practkcaily taaght, , Peraeae from 10 to to rear ef eg attend. Here la a chance to tmpreveathe EUFUB D0LBEAS. ' . Jy-dp8t - . ' CI1EAj7 DRY GOODli. - 90U DOZEN LINEN CAMBrW'hANDRERCHIEFS, ' r ; ': ' At f I 3t st Dztm, '.v' " THEODORE 'DANZIGER'S, J coMifSM or Mont. 41m sr. rmcjf mtsmt3: Creeeant JHntauU laanraatea CettrMa,' OP HW OaXBAHB ' ' THIS TXXNTH J.NSVAL STATKXtlTt. ' la eanfonaltr with ata aaaended Charter th aaskstheioUowingstnAameatt Axaowat of Frennio foe the year ending oth - AFOi. tarai m ..SOt,m ft . VTs Prenuanu an Fir B Was, ..... Seal, eg M " ' J . . vasr a. ni.k. M --' Rirer Blaka..TI" TUtS , - ' ?V-"-V Lite BUks - sot -c,.- M.1STJ Net sanied rVesarams a th ywaraaeUngluu Apru. 19. lVavaea naid dorlnx eecne scried, Vle- Mls Da Fire Bisk . J... ewsg m - Marine Rlaks.... St,M SS '- i : BirerRisks...-.-...--lX,Tsas ' y. Dedact Interest, Dueect; Front end Los '""- Less Geri Expense,,....... ... - Confrngent Fond. Nat earned Pronto er year ending 10th AprtL 1 . tr iayaj rt,a VMBeav have tha eiiowlac A as ata. vW. Uuene na rieoge nana ana s-boho nana. I.., mm aj flfftautM ..M , miia RaoHrable for ercmlnma Ac Dec for Premhrm to eoara coUactua. Real r-state (Office camp str). 1,600 Sbarea Bant Btoca La. State, C A and City Bonds. Scrip of ether Companies Ceih - - Total amount Aaseta STATE OF LOUISIANA, ' - Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans. Be it retnemberad, tha en the 8th day ef ;ny, last, before ma the anderairnsd. a Joattc ef the Psee bj eat f or tbe city aforesaid, personally appeared Thaatai a. Adam, President, and B. W. Bpratt, Seairetaiy. af ta Crescent Mutual an ranee Company, of New Orknsa, who, being doly aw era according to law, do eepaas-aat ' eay that tha farefng accsmnts are Jaat aad traa, lad . correct tranacrlpt from the Books of tbe Company. THOMAS aV ADAMS. "r-rMant B. W. SFRATT, Secretory. f Sererally subscribed and .worn U this 8th day ef May; Abator, me, . p. F. MiTCHELL, i.P. , Tha Board ef Trustees have reeotved to pay tNTEREtT . at six par cant, per eanara on all tha oatetanejag Cartt-Scat ot Profits, to the botdort thereof, er their lere representariT , alee, to redeem th baUnca da (SIXTT PER CENT.) ef the. Scrip ot the year lass, Farakt Is Confederate Note, en and after Monday next, the Ma . Bay ef May, tost. Interest thereon ceasing en SOU AsrS, ISHSm Tbey have further declared a SCRIP DIVIDEND Ot FTFTT per cent, en the net earned prrmlnms ef tb Company, for the year ending oth April, last for which Certificates will be leaned oa and aer secon Btenaag (ttth day) Angnat next. s.' THOMAS A. ADAMS, Frerideat, GEORGE JONAS, Vfcc Prsid(Xt G. W. 8 PRATT, Secretary. Trastsos- P. Avsndane, Samuel Smith, John D. Bcia, jr-a:. V: W. B. Tnlth, ' 1. J. Noble, .' JehaC. Barein,' " Samuel Bel, John Watt, M. O. H. Norton, C. T. Bodecke, -R. B. Snmner, H. M. Wright, G. a Hawsina, B. Frellsen, B. H. Kennedy, ' W. G. Robinson. J. W. Carroll. P. Bimm, Alexander DBthQ ' P. N. Strong, - John F. Caldwsa, - Thoa. Henderson, A. Heine, J " J. J. Pcraon, Adam Olffea. -r Cornelias Fellow,8tamaU Coras, ... Jame. Turner, M. Gillie, - t Moses Greenwood, . - my J EMPORIUM OF IalOIIT. . .. Chartrea Street..... .' i -K- Tbe nnderajgned baring pnrcheealet Mr. A&TEnON HILIa tbe sbors well-known esUblishmeat, wllT co tlnne tba Lamp Met Coall pil BasUees, where everyvariety; Li,MP0 sad tb hert attty ' of BKBOSJNE OIl win oe aep aaawui and for aale at - REDUCED PRICES. .P. CAEPIETTE, Baccessor to ARTEMON HILL. SnT Having disposed of my stock ef COAL OIL eat . . u-co aa. m rig niHTt. wha la" well sas favorably known, I most cheerfully recommend hint t . all coy caatomer and tbe public for their pahrenage. J-l-gdp6t ' - ARTEMON HTLL.' -'no iiuiL jl u I rriirTJiaiiiO. ; . 1 . .''V-.- 1 The public are hereby notified that the City Witt . letiger be responsible for the redemption el th 8 as -J- Notes naaed oy , ? . - O. W. Holt, . Asa Holt, er . -i . , McDonnell McGrsW. " Aoaas Wagner ' ' " "T.' ADAM GIFFEVT. , .. JylJdp lm t Oty TlwarareT., PRICES REDUCKO JSEIiI.Ipia.OFr. AJ At, X M V DIRECT IMPORTATION OF .' V p. j. oieF.niiii.irg,: .. ... T5 CAMP STREET, (UP STAIRS.) LINEN TOWELS,. S0X3O S8XS8, In doaen. .. v "I - LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, .. FLAX THREAD,- . -. -. '- " - ; LINEN TAPE. , ' : ' .'..' LADIES' HOSE, GENTS' HALF HOSE, . ' XL , .Coats' Six Cord Bpool COTT0B, jess tdptf - -- Ac, Ac, AC-, at notioe. -:',;. Tbe ehlleetlon of the City Taxes fcr iasi wul torn-earned oa MONDAY, 3d Inst, st th. City H.l IsCtt . rent Fonda. APAM GIFrEN, - r Jeaa dplm7- .' - ' City Treaanrer. f , Frevest AlarataaU'a Office' ' 1 . ; - ' new Orleans; la. May i. . ' -The Provert Marsbal' and Passport Office bat el removed from SB Canal atreet to 177 CANAL ITEM. BuaineeahnifromA.M.totP. M. - - w - - JONAS H. FRENCH. enyl tdptf ., rveveet Maraaas and AM de-Caeaa; . CONGRESS wXtEK. ; "- Much spnriene' Mineral Water I eold a CONeM WATER bv nnprindpred p-raons or eoonterfeltera, was, when tbey dare not use that navne. caU it "SeretefS , . Water, which many person, sajrpoa to be the real tttaso the Congres Water, although it to only the nana ef town la which tbe Spring Is. J To srotect th public (asm each tmpoettfons, BO ear corks branded tbasi -COVGRESB WATEtV-C. .a W." , Any not having thoa word aad letter corkaar coanrterieit , end the purchaser should eras-cat the eeller tat swlndUaa, , . Ordera wiU rwiTS prompt attention, Ii addreesed m m st'oor Southern Depot ef Con grass Water, Na C atreet, New York City. ' . 'f - ; CLARKJE a WHITE, SrvTort City. . . Froprtetors Congreas Sprrne-If. Bv We hare mode errancement to keep the fcB -tag gsnUrwtf e New Orleea ranatanUy ppttai (sasv mer and winter) with the Genuine Ciaigi Water dsn from ear heme i and weald recommend them favanMy persons la Mew Orieaa aad Ha rlctnlty, irn dsaT -nxrchaa Genuine Coasrraa Watsri - - - SYME a PROVAN, - i. -. ej.. BART a CO, ;".':' -- , BILDBETH a CO.. . - '.; . Bt. Charles Exckear- HAIX ACOBtLesiaBoteti - .. --.i,. - : ,' B. JOORDAN. E 7' V -: . - '. 1. DE BENHEVILLB, E v . -invass vns.-a: JeS S-edpni . .: , v,. THOMAS K. FIKLAY. E- ; y-:?' Prtnttaet Papav fltlnaljaeTa '.' Seven Dandles of Printing Paper, marked "aw Co," alee SS by 44 tmhea,.takaa from the Warahsen tbe Jackson BaUread Depot, aa Friday, April 16, arsea m kwing. If the parties who took them wae are toserst wUl ret ara them at once to tola office, all ieaaw charaea will be paid. - myv-edptt- . KENDALL. HOLBROOR A C- . BAKBYIS TBIOOPHEBOU8 fa UMheetaadchaapeat article tar toil4enrtfrh . deaniast' carltng, prraeTVlns aad resfcartog tk . ImUiti, try 11 SeU By sD drvlMs .sad . PYE. IJATJB DYE.- ? BATCHXLOR'B fJQUID BAIR DYE Bt eparov Drerftieege-th Tealy rellahl end ar"3 lnknevrn. J&I ether ere mere ImltaleM of ki73 igtneTlt instantly a epkmdid Mack T-"i breVnTwItbVat inlartos tha hear er eeeramg JfjSL the " eaeem et Sea dye tsaasdiad, east the halt taP "fifULZi Is signed WILLIAM A. B ATCBHtSLOfJ the steel enaraviag. en each Mai et every eex, Aam aeacaMateriaiaaSatdaboald be aretded. - - U JOHN WEJHTa CO. aSaaraSaetave'. g. m SanJ., aliaid Mew Verb, BreipiF." Trv '' " e 1 T Jr-a. 1. . 'V-S g,m Sfr- tOUMa. wm .ran ' TAUI 1,T ;j, nsaiaj aa,IOtl ....... .1.. ,inaa SRenaj if. A - 0

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