The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on February 9, 1862 · Page 5
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 5

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 9, 1862
Page 5
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Obe ffl ails Puasunta I iETVTEIXT NEW ORLEANS. gCNDAY MORNING, F KB. , . "tm(fr ITUII IMTIM OS TUTUM1 Hotis and Qcswm. A. eoiTMfioadeat, .fifing bis query at Camp Leave, 11, Berwick ptj uks ni If " General " ia a kigher rank w Msjor General ?" To wfcich we reply fa the affiraaativ. la the Confederate regular army there are a tjer Generals. Ia the" Provisional army tare are only Major and Brigadier Generals, Mi m la tbe United States army. rr9Tt bettere this is somethinir like the twn-IMth Obm we have had occasion to make this gtatsBtnt in our coiomaa. gawcKDA.ia. We have heard, on the beet aathority, of an instance of the overbearing conduct of Lincoln's Secretary of State, which well illustrates tbe in fa me us character of his adorrDietration OC the r ederal Government. The wife ef a naval officer in the CooJede- Jtlm service, wishing to join her husband, jade several applications to this Oliver le Dsin of the Washington despot far permis lion. Failing in her efforts, she at last made . BMrtenal appeal to him, backing her suit by reminding him thai he bad granted a similar ens, in the case of the relative of another ot-iesr. Ys, madam," replied Seward, "I did. That lan was n years old. w ben voa are 70, 1 will do as ninth for you '.' And so it goes ' Mao, proud mau. Drest lu a litt.e brief a ruority. Plays such fantastic trick- bel'ttre high hea-A, make tbe iiiipIi weep." CO, British Guards' (Company A) Bail. 'On Tuesday eveniug next, tliid company will give a maeiaerade, military and fancy drees ball at Odd e eiiows nan, tae proceeds i Lid devoted to the benefit of the Free Market. We acknowledge the receipt of cards of in vitation irom the managers. Thk Xa.-hvili.k amd Tlcapof.a Ac- cording to oarIatet advices, the L. . st.amir Tatcarora was in Southampton, watching lie C. S. iteamer Xaahv il e, which ws at that p. rt ledttiDir. The commander of the Nashville is Capt. Pegram, well knowu to fain-' . th it aI tKo Tiise-arnru T 'int. Priincn Ltinvc-n mil J 1 V. . . .. . ' I . , I .-WW. W . V u , .- U J for his craven eabmieeion to tb- ht-iieetd of BIS maeietr, Luutuiu. Necrology of England, kor ltil. The ' year which closed on the :ilat December. 1V,1, was fatal to more than an ordinary number of distinguished persons. The mother of tbe Cjaeen, 'the Dncbess of Kent.) the Prince Consort, (Albert,) vrer among the number. Besides these Victoria was called to mourn for the death of King William IV of Prussia, and the K'mg of Portugal, both of whom were related to her by mar riage. We may incidentally note the fact, here, that during that year died a'ao the Suiuiu of Turkey and tbe Emperor of China. "Prince, tai clay must be yoiirbei. In spite of all jour tutwri The tall, th win-, the r-wr-ud lurid Must lie ae luw a. ours ' " The ranks of tbe Britiea aristocracy, t", . have been thinned, and amoot; tno-e who bave departed were several eminent taem'.wra of both HoTies of Par' lament. Many oihVi-rs of tbe naval and military professions were also numbered with th ddaJ. during tli. yar, and others celebrated in the Church, a; ire bar, in literature, art. eckuce. From a list in tbe London Globe, of ihe l-i January, we extract the following names : The Dnche-' of Ken? ; Aiiier'. Prince Con sort; Mr?. Gore, the popular aore list , t'":.i- fine Have, the well knowu vocalist; LU Montez ; Or H.tlv, the Oun s ihvrici.tii . Mie BUhop oi 'Durham the l'istiop i.f M.i.iri.-i the Bishop of Killaloe Aiiiiiiruld S r 1. It. Pellew, Keynold. Stewart and llolliuwor;i Hear Admirals Parson. Do Uoa. Pa'naiu. Chappell and Uadl'ord ; Vice A I minis Moor-son, DuiiditS and Herbert: Lords Canjiie,!, AbuiKer, Ilerlert of L,fn, fousoubv.C l -a't clerk, and others : the 1 ikes of Bm-itingliain and of Suiherlaud : the Karl of Gailiord . Uie Earl of TrHi uair tne Earl of Forteecue : the tarl of Mount ivliicunibe ; tue l.arl ot r.lm-ton ; Lad; Canning ; Laily Peel, and otoer noble ladies : Sir James Graham : the Vi-ount Forth; Mr. T. S. Uancombe. M. P. for Fiua-bnry, and other members of Parliament. Among the list, we note tbe death of Sir B. Shakespeare. Alettr. SlultU and M'lton at Btihu.Ici. Late New York papers have received advires from Bermuda, counrming the arrival of Meters. Mason aod Slidell at that port, on their way out to England. The Bermuda (U-aette announces tbeir arrival in Large type, and gives some interesting particulars touching their arrival and entertainment by Admiral Sir Alexander Milne. In describing the departure of the Commissioners from Fort Warren, the Gazette says : The Commissioners were brought down in a miserable steamer, guarded by a tip s tail and a party of soldiers. They had but half an hour's notice of their intended removal, and no time to make any personal arrangements. It is said ttaat. Had the boisterous weather which soon afterwards pre railed commenced before the crazy tug reached the ship, the chances were that they would all bave been drowned. The person in charge of tbe tug, on earning alongside the Binaldo, addressed Com'r Hewect in the following truly downeast style : " I sav, man, are voa the skipper of this 'ere craft'.'" The whole manner in placing tke Commissioners under the protection of the British lag, we are aseared, wasqairain keeping with the tenor of tue oewara nunileeto. The Binaldo was Us have taken the Com missioners to Halifax to enabie them to take pascage in the Cunard efeasaer, which let: that port for Unhand -on Friday last. Sua, however, having met s ith snea exreetliuifly bitter weather ice having foriaed :n thick masses around aer hull, on her dek, and aoae . distance up her rigging, and hav ug had several of her crew Irot-biteu ue captain, though at one time within fifty rur.Ws of tlcli-fax, was relactanlJy compelled to- i?ar up f jr Bermuda. On the day t bo Einatdo arrived here tho naval commander in chief, Adminil air Alexander Milne, entertsiued a par'y aa diii-nr, and Commander Hewett aud the it Southern gentieaien, hi guests, were. We -su-ier-Und, invited to Clareuce Hill, where- Oiey spent the evening. Wbila in Bermuda, Mr. M with grat determination, the impotssibih-y a peaceful termination of the struck'le now pending ia the Sutes. and th.r South would not re- nter the L'nion if the le-. mand heretofore made by it ahculd be c jnceded as the price of theeturn. The Kinaldo left again on Friday, hoping to reach St. Thomas ia time to plate tbe Com-miwioners on board tbe Royal West India mail steamer, which was to leave -the Island for England to-day. A Provoking Ftiloic. Tbe Luaisville (Bowling Green) Courier, of the Ith, Ullsthe following of that indefatigable cavalry scout, Capt. Morgan : We hear that on his last scout the gallant nd daring Capt. Morgan went within seven 'if ot Lbanoa- U there took possession 'fif telegraphic office, sent a dispatch to the commanding officer at Lebanon informing him that be had taken nine ef his men prisoners and captured sixteen horses, some twenty revolvers and other property, and intended to Antroj tb" 0mld'a in which he then was. Alter performing his promise by bnrniog the nonte, he safely returned to camp with his P"toDere tod the captured property. He had with a,m only ten men. - uaV .-vy"'- ' 1 R;cy fulfillment. Under the heading, "An Obsolete Idea," the New York Tribune, tbe leading organ of tbe Lincoln Administration, as long ago as the last of April, 1861, spoke of the idea of tbe tlaveholdmg States setting np and maintaining an independent government as a most a beard and ridicnloaa ebimera. " AU the spe cial friends and advocates of slavery," said the Tribune, " eagerly embraced the idea, while many on the other side, especially those of a reflective and philosophic turn of mind, also adopted it." " But in tbe face of the g'.onoM, tne euo- lime uprising of the unanimous and deroted people of tbe free States," the writer gees on to say, " this idea has become obsolete." And the world was further told, in the same article, that ft was then evident, and all men would do well to shape their calculations ac cordingly, "that the Lmon cannot be dissolved.' Rebellion was " not to be treated with," hi any way whatever, but at any cost was to he put down. Tvr-: tar krrp not their motion in one apiiero ;" and there could not be two rival and competing governments within the boundaries of the L'nittd States. Tne territorial integrity and the political unity of the nation were to be preserved at all hazards, and at whatever expense .of tre.tsure aud of blood. And by way of illnetratiog thee high toaed assump tion?, i be writer alluded to what he chose to c escribe as ' the providential, the miraculous outpouring of the people, all over-the land." We were told that this was " the meaauiir f erery throb in the vrrat popular hear;, ing with noblest purposes, and auimaied aa it were by a divine inspiration." Of courEe '"the people" had taken good account of the obstacles in the way of pli.-hiug their purpoee. aui fully appreci i ed all the il'.tlicclties that lay iu their way. Tbev knew that the stru-vle wml be an arduous, a coa"iy, and a bloody oue. B it ILey felt sure it would be a perfectly erii-cesi-ful one. an1 they were determined to lin'it no haif battle" with their enemy, but would make clean worU of it, and through the viata of ;he war, then hardly beirun, they professed, according to their spokesman, tue Tribune, to i.ehold beynd, "the certuiu'y of peace, of honor, of freedom, secure and nuauveible forever." These tLiuurs they were resolved upon, and wee wj denounced upon all iu the land who should attempt to check tuetn iu tLeir course. ' Tbe business of this nation to -lay," cou eluded this self counden; and Liotf.ii prophet of tbe Lincoln Administration, " is the anni bilation of rebellion and the preservation of tbe national integrity." All this wu- a Utile mre than niue months ago. and how near to the fu!:il!tneut of this prophecy bave ' the people' of the I'mted States arrived at this present writing ' At tbe time it was uttered seven of the original States of the American Union had dissolved their connection with it. and had laid the foundation of a Southern Confederacy. Since then four more bave joined the seven, aud all that keeps out the other tlm-3 slave States is the occupation of their soil by the mercenary troops of the Federal despotism. At heart they are ail of one mind, aud there was never a nation based upon broader au i more tised and determinate foundation th.ta this Coufeiicracy of States. It baa a c on. a lewi'ature. a judiciary, au army, and an executive. It has rich resounvs in ti.e jroduceof its soil, and iu ths i ri.jt.c devotion of its people. It h.ia Liave arm -"rf iu tie ti-id. led bv capable comm.inJer, an 1 the provrees of the war. thus, h is a',-in i autly deuion.-trated tiie ability an i the deterioration, both of the men aud the leaders, to ouijete with the enemy who has com,- Ke.i ih-n. to take up arms tor the defence ot th'jir aud their heritage. And th.a tuey ire still ready to do, aa long as a single ho-"tiie' reuiment r'tands oppoeed to them in the tiid. Mcuulime. 11 ia a parr of the history of ih'e war that it baa been but a series of the ai s:k,nal aud most trying di-app duttn-ju's i ! diraeiers to tne Government that so ija:e rionrly and vaiiigloi'ioiiety invoked ic. So far from makiui; ciean work of it, aa its organ already 'j'loted so confidently boasted, they have made but a very sorry piece of work of it. from the bei;inuiug. view the performance in whatever aspect one may. Defets in the held, dirasters ou the "ea. dissensions both in the military and the civil councils of the G v-eminent, ditl'ereuces among its irieudd and supporters, corruption and fraud amoug its employees, have marked its whole course from the inception of this ill starred struggle to the present moment. And so much, for the present, of the Xew York Tribune a "obsolete idea" of April last. ConiiEk; events will a till more forcibly illustrate it. Singular Prediction and Its FultHlim at. Aldermaa Humphery, the sitting police magistrate at Guildhall, London, on taking his seat, on the ntornlDg of January 1, called the Globe's reporter's attention to the following extraordinary prophecy in " Zadkiel's Almanac for lStil," in reference to his late Royal Highness, the Prince Consort, who was born on tbe "Jtlth August, 161J : Tbe full moon nearest to tbe intrrese of the .mil in Aries is '-'h. 15m. 1. M. Jtth Mar. h, 1' 1. This lunation is remarkable, because the fame sign ascends as at the ingress, and very nearly the same degree. Again we hud Saturn retrograde in tbe ascendant, and Juni-ter in the twelfth, with Mars again fiercely burning iu tbe tenth house. Some very pugnacious feelings are displayed by the ruling powers. The revenue fails, and turmoil arises on that question. A royal marriage is now indicated by Venus, lady of the teiftb li-juse, beintr in exact sextile aspect to Mar". Mer-enry, in tbe eighth, promotes michmortal.ty during the spring amoDgut children;, and m;iny df.i'ha by catarrhs, coughs aud asthma. Tne stationary position of featurn in the third degree of Viruo iu May, following upon t un Innation, will be very evil for all persons born on or near the -'th of August . amonir the cntJ'erers I regret to see the worthy Prince Consort of these realms. Let such persous pay scrupulous attention t healtn. Sotne singular calamity for London m threatened about the 1st f, wlien Saturn comes to rfpiare of I'thcuh ia tfiis figure. I; mav by tumiilfa or the vleatn of number by fi!' t: some building, &.. Tne evil will be s. id leu and t'.iif.'alar P rophfjf and Pirfitrmaact . From 'le Xew York Tribune of April '-7, lSid, wV.'h happens juet now to ta.I under oar eye, .ve clip the following paragraphs: The time has arrived when, in accordance witii the announce 1 in his icaaur tl. the President will proceed to repossed the property of the L'nited SUtt-s. Seventy thousand volunteers, twenr.y-tive thousand regulars, aad eiuhteen tho'isand naval force, are shortly to proceed upon this important mission, and their march, truly the march of mighty armies, will not falter until he whose right it is to rule shall be recognized from one end of tbe Laud to the other. Nine months have elapsed since this was written, and hew far along has the Tribune's President got in " this important mission ' " ?ips of Punch. The London Punch, for December, has the following bits : Enizlitk and American Bull. An Kntliih Bull'a run call aloud to beware Of hi Dorim. ever prompt to asaail. But a Yabkwe Buil'a Run i another affair, Aad create inot alarm bv ai tail. A Contrast English character penon''id Jukn Bull. That of America is embodied in Jiruifhcn Buiiy. Telegraphed to the Sew urieana lcayane. SPECIAL. TO THK PICAVUNE. FROM MEMPHIS. LATER FROM TENNESSEE. Further Particulars as to Forts Henry and ronelson. FORT HENRY TAKLN. THE BK1DUE NOT DETUOVED. Memphis, Feb. 7. Later advices received here confirm tbe report of the capture, by the Federals, of Fort Henry, but contradict thoee of the destruction of the railroad bridge over the Tennessee, at Danville. Brig. Gen. Tilgtamau's command, which was in Fort Henry, retrt-atei towards Fort DoDclson, on the Cumberland, where our armament and forces are stronger than were those at Fort I leery. There is here a report that three oompanies of F. deral cavalry had reached Paris, and that the euemy had landed a large cavalry force on the weet bank of the river to cut otf our retreat. Five of our rteamboa e?capedup the rive.-. The Federal ennboats pursued them and struck one ot them. There were but few s'ores and but lit'.le ammunition : fourteen canuons) captured by the eDemy. ;t For. Henry. -. STILL. LATER . THE BRIDGE 15 BURNED Gen. Pillow to Command at Fort Donelson. Prom nhvillo. X.i-ir it t e . Feb. 7. A diptch from Hon. John lifcll, from Fort Donelson. this morning, ?avs that (jen. Pillow was expected at Furt linteVuu with Solid or 10,1100 more troops, by S o'clock Saturday morning. Not many lives were lost at Fort Henry. Our forces were driven out by the shells from the enemy a gunboat?. Tbe Teimeseee river 'bridge was burned be tween aud h o clock last eveuing. O lr forces, retreating on Fort Donelson. were pursued by the enemy. It ia reported that Fort Hnry is inundated. Dr. Chile, who was captured at Fishing Creek, has been released, arriving here this morning. Gen. Pil'ow lias been atined the com mand at Fort Donelson. Tout D F.f N. Feb 7. Geu. Tilgh man, Mai'T ( ;i!lmore. Capt JLlier. and about eiiihty o hi cere aud men. surrendered at Fort Heurv withii.e fort, an i remained to cover the re treat "f our forces. LVi. IT' m;in 1 ronht over the rest of lommuud. ntimbri iL'ir about ".'Mil m-a. ii. a.od order to this post, arriving at II u'cloi'k !.,.-t niwht. ( 'wire to the bad t.i'e ot ti;e road, hi'u w tier and an att.i.k in hia rear, by the ete-my's lavairy. Col. Heiaiuu s.iy it wis a matter ot phyrnal impuseibiiii.y to eave toe lici'l batteiies. N"tliing was HHved but the small arms. An attack is not expected here until t -morrow. From Memphis. Tlir Hridae 1101 Penrroyeit 1 1 111 tlic-KiieiiiN llanti. Mem ;!, F.d. 7. A .-fecial di-pa'.cu from Paris last niht reports three gunboats arriv.-d at the Tennessee river bridge yesterd iy, at 1 1 o'clock, and took possess in of the bn-lce, turned the draw, and passed np the river, lirst ehelling tbe town but dtd not damage tiie bridge. Air. Kiiiistiki , M. P, on American and Enslitfi Alairx. Late in December, l"il, Hon. Mr. Kioglake, M. P., met his constituents at Bridgewater, and addressed them partly npon the proceedings of the last session of Parliament, but principally on the aspect of affairs in Europe, English relations with America, and the eltect which thoee relations may have upon general European policy. The London Globe, of the 1st alt., says: Having described the secession movement, and the establishment of the Confederacy, he remarked that in the policy of States a seau-rnent never can govern. Depend npon it. he continued, " that the relations between various States will always, or almost always, be governed by their great interests. Applause. Now, gentlemen, there is another lesson to be drawn from what has happened in America that, where a State is subject to domestic broils, there is a strong inclination on the part of many and this is especially the case in some States to seek an issue out of their domestic troubles by finding a quarrel with a foreign State. Hear, hear. And I must say that I never saw so strong an instance of tluai policy if policy it can be called aa on thij occasion, j Hear, hear I own to you that ill baB been tbe curtom of England during many years to be a little too negligent in the m iiutenance of her rights as against the L' jited Mates ; tbe feeling of every one was tlitit we should enbmit to anything rather than get into a quarrel. Hear, hear.) That waa a very peaceable feeling a feeling for whi.b I refuse to cast blame upon mv country : but !t was not statee manlike, because experienip tells us that by such a coaree we may be forced into a war which might have, been avoided by a little firmness at tbe outset." ( Uear, hear, and applause, j -As to arbitration '"The tirst occasion on which the attempt 1 to arbitrate I was made, occurred very goon after ; the Peace of Paris in ;a j Vi u all know the deep interest which this i-oiiu'ry has alwiiys taken iu the ertorirf to sii j ptes' the tdave trade. Iu alter much urmug, she t;ot the Por'.ngnese t-uveiumeiit to eupnrea the slave trade u;ou ihe African coast. The Portuguese Goveru-njent, not very willingly, and in s!i-?er obedience '.0 our dictation, "captured a French ve-?el ha ing upon it ail the indications which are ueuaily regarded as sufficient to cmvici tt'e veel of beini: engaged m the slave 'rada. I rpeakof'.be Charlea-et (;eors. The French Govemuien tindignamly required that the vea eel should Le restored, ahnongh it was cleir to every booy in England and to everv body in Lisbon that the vessel was liable "to be condemned. Tbe French Government was vastly more powerful than the Portuguese, and refused to appeal to the principle of arbitration. England, though sue bad compelled tbe Portuguese to take this step, was obliged to stand by aud see tbe vessel given up. Here, then. I fear, is an end to the principle of referring questions to arbitration, because, if tbe tirst time one of these questions occurs, a great power refuses to be bound by it, how can any other government be expected to do tUbrwise .'" In conclusion, Mr. Kinglake said: "I trust tiat, in order to avoid the unspeakable horrors of war, the United States will yield, aud that they will not allow fellow-subjects of ours to" rmain in felons' cells, hear, hear. There seemed to be some ground for supposing tbat tbe Empernv of the French was not in-dis oted to take tita same view of the matter as we bad ; bat I Relieve I may say that txeaos have ben taketf u ascertain what is the fetliD,; of Frdiica ta t: eutyeu, uad Lbs feeling is tbat in this matter Eoglind ought to be left to tight her own battles. I believe I may cay that it is not tne desire of this country to ask the alliance or seek that of any other European Power. Cut, gentlemen, sup posing we are alone in this quarrel, is iteertaiu that America will be alone? I have already said to you that when war ones breaks out tbe original cause of the quarrel is soon lost sight of, and that nations will range themselves according to what they suppose to be their best interests. I venture to remind those who may be meditatiag anything against England on the ground of the trouble which now threatens her, that the very last time we were engaged in a war with America, which broke out m 1812 and continued some years afterwards, was exactly tbe period when we invaded France and achieved o ir greatest victories." Tbe Battle of Fishing Creek. List ef Killed, Weanded and .llieela f the 13th .Mississippi Regiment. Tbe Memphis Appeal is indebted to Sir. S. tH. Pearson, who has just returned from Gen. Crittenden's command, for the following revised liBt ot the killed, wounded aud missing of the l th Mississippi regimeat, Lieut. Col. Walthall commanding:, Lieut. Col. Walthall, -liiiiiv wo'.nHeil in 'ie ar-n : Cbd. C O ArmiU'd, ' li lareriimter, .-rio iiy wouuded ia the ini. ' C, ipi.:ij A. Capt TVrry. ',- mfti-UC. u . I sr-ry. wt.'iuiled iu 'he uhi.i. Priva-e K M. J'-nktn-. kiii. a. M. r'. o v woi uanl-1 .. p v tzi-r, W. p . Uletn an. J S. Laiuea T I. S.i nr, J L. Hi-ni., I' A Flliwoi:. I). I) CV-.iet.-- ; ". rp r.U ) T I) en., ami brolt. ti ; J IY r. . '- m, n:.t 'y Pr. s -I'itn v ..i. I I t". A Hie. I tt '4-ir.Tl 1::. J N M.M -i. 1 S T;-i.'. V. It H" e. it Ml-"i'ii C. rp-r:l K. T -'xi-.h: lri.a, I Rey-; it l j, 1 ijM". ) V' A C..n.p:,i.v ;.,.. 1...- B ...:.-1" 'ie. Cxs:. P..,'h Wf.nn.-tl .1. . .!. L'-.:. H S'r-'irll in 11:1. S.-t3T 1' II l TT-. r . r-'. T 11. '-...:- -il.:lv. (.'. rp. W VV. H.u -r im rilly in privi'- N (m jv .1.1 1:1 rn'. Iii::t-i C"w ;i i.-rr i,. ... 1: c, r. it V lTi.- I 1 li.-.i'i. It. J ':. 1 idee .i-nt 01 hp. 1. 1. P ii. r r.-.-n on W. M Kiiu ;nw ( t". M- y -.1 ' il'"' J il il ' k,: i""1 'i;v- '1-K. el -. ;4i.r in .il.. Mii-iinx J. VWuia-er C'-n.pty i ,V.''il .'"llili l"t le... L.e-;r W. B II .mil'nii I.:.- 1- A I K?i.ipp 'li r- taV.y w a.lpil K Privare II ."i:iae. .1 H l;r;in'iev, W ' M.iler. J 11. K '-:!. J p'iiiiniia. Pit. M ..!:!lv ; H.-rz.-a. - U. 1.. Hid J Ka ,r.i. F. W i.:iin.i 'luly in Ipii . prmtei K. N it iVv. Thai! ' r--r. liettth. ." e. .I M' ":: iatnf. T .M irpiiey, v-ri! -iy v, 'i.iiudpii . J. C (iil . n. B r H.', I. Spen i-r. p. HeiiM'U. Wm P trki r. . Wi inr-i N. tl. -lel. iuiiT.y i 'ii- iipt1 . .J . C. iiUre. miiiii. t.mijai y Li a Li ' A. W. Miud'.etou .linn i e 33 men. Ki.led--M r..r;.-.r1 T I M.-K.-y, l:U "..rpi ml K .1 i it.rt. I'nv:i'r J I H;j.'er. il .r-v M .Hers. W . Si wi S'. -hr!v woun.lefl .J IV U'.dri.iite. A. l-tv:s. Win. H,rri.-"u. Mm-tu Orneriy StTeaiir J'.iiu M- Ca -ihey, Pri . i'.ra 11. C . Scott. Jo Pr "r. Compsuy fcUt J A. Binf.H. "o-n:nn ! inii 7'i men. Killei-1 Private riiouiai A. Irviu. N-tlmu Mier. Ditniei .Mure, .1 it kH.iu lltneer. II. R. 1.1:.-. W..u:ide.l Lieut. J. A. Bin: ra. id I,-..:. T. Allen; Private S. L. It lililon, ttnrraily : J-ti:i T. Parker, neverely: Naar Mii"re, .wverely : R-tib.-n Maun, alinlitly : Jniii-i t" Neal. aiishtly : fotin B i -k-ley, light!y; J..lm It. Ty'er. mortmllv N. I) Tyler, esereiv: n Miern, Kli Spear. H. Camphell. J'dn A. Sali. H C. Bennett, Aihert .Sirler ana J R. W'iliauip. liiiiiy MiubIi. Jiint-iM Tyleraud H. C lo:ia. tt.Dip.Dy F, 'pt. R. A. P.auklie&d. "- rneo C'.ipt. II. A. Bttukfct id, n:ci:T.ifv " 'iiuried Killed Pr.v:t .U. V. Smith. Win. T Wii-mii. J,. P. Woniark. V tn;i t-l.-d lit Ski-it. Ja. tj Mi rri-ttTj, ! ici 1 r : y : i. Corpurnl W .1. I! iche. !iltly . 2d Corp. ral T.J Cirr. Iighrly . Private .Inn. B. Adiiin, li2htlT : B J Bund, -ifn.tiv : T. J. Beli, severely . Jno. A. H lir-ttiu, iu thian : W. M. Ituahe. -vereiy ; T B. liaie, arm bn.keii . K. S. Mt'trv. everely ; A. MoCrea. ri-rm.y . ii. L. Paue, ierimiiv ; it. V. Ptaratm, -M-rio' w-!t: MewittC. Puilen. J" H Rfrif. 1) S. It upe. W. I'). Tht'ru'.'D. A K. W.mdi. II. C. B't'ord. It T Umi. .1 K. BodiI. K. W. Maitheu v B Mit iliell. i: '. Ki iert 11, lightly Misiii; j Dr. Smith BuforJ. J. L Clf'iley, A J SlrL. iiH re. Cttnpanv li, Capt. J-ii.n J. Giwce. l' men. Kii'ed Pnate Jt'thi. M. La-d, .i.i. Jpwil. II. 15. K.-ad. T. O Thinner V . i.ude.i iti Liei.t. W. L liner, i.t . rpi nl W P Iiliard. i'riva'e R.d.t. BU.-k. I -p.i Ci.ty. -I- tin R:lhr''n. W. B. Si-'if. Win T irilir. Iipi! A-.. n. tic- Whiriker k.-aini'-ui ii r'.:i-u-i It. 1111 littttdi:. !i. eere,y ; K.l. C.av. W. R 'Mv.l, Wm. H S . J J. Si;-t,,pire. alitiy Mi.-ini T!.. n.jt Mi,, re. ("t inpai v II I' I. W. M "r" M. "i men. K e.i J.I Semt-Hii- J i-epri Ctt rtw.. .. 11 Sreeaut I .an .M --Ii in', Privutps H' Ki.fv. r". Vj ilt.trflipr. I Ki.-t:i;ite,. Ii. W llee'l. & k Til"ill pat .11, N"rt, W. H ,i;:er. W S (i.,-r:a. (i W M-lton W. .n.i.rl Nt Sfftlll! .. II 1 -'11, l'liv-tle- J vi.Il C .ri:e. C . . rt. Tt t.a 1 . i 'ay Ldii'-ir. 1- M iiii t. -ever.-.v . t ('..' ril M. U an - t. in . 1 I '.rp. r:il .1 imt-a S: . ir tj. 'ii r' - t. ;i-.jii. J -. Sm-Tii K..iit 1 , r:.. H .;p.-r. li H Br.Hfu. ..i:i,.v fr- tic - f War i'-" 1-' a W llt-a,; in. J . K. iaruei , trin t-ut -t i 1 ;.arie l ay., r. Company I -1 Lie-.t. P. I. I ! .'ii m. ;. P.: a- - A L it .rk. t !! C-n v .r.l. !.: I . x. J. i.n M. M W. M K nn. .. H J IUr-i...i Jd I.i.- I. P H.ul im. IVivf.-i ) W. A.-:r"li antl T. I' Siiipatm. ..1 Lle'i' 1 I Tavli r, Serpin'H . '1 Ir.llipa. Tl atnl I). i I I I- II .in. . fci.'.y W"iii"ptl. P-i i.i-" M A --X'.nd.-r. T. Ji Ax:u:tt. r I H iam-. 1 W. K.ivirri. )- I l!a i. m. I H ti i' lima. J K !. v.-. W. L. M- i-.. H ' ir'. V i iAr-.-- W. K i ieiui-.-a..n. .1 M. - I. i' ....; .1. ai.ii W. N, it., fc.,ic.,:.y w..ndfd ttjuipiny K i-t r.ient. .Kii..n Priv.i- Tlli-a. PUiV. SfVpre;V kV"'ll.d-d R. P. ' M R..e. T. I. M. li.nre. slichtly wi.unded Ptiilm Stranipa. J. N. C. rrt.rtine. lt Sert. M. W M. R Rdiieiry. K. W. Savaae, John Conp' r Mortally T.r. J. Stenrn.-i. Mimaimr I M., J..i n J. Hirti;eld. F.. A. Hubbard. I. S. arri..u. The r.i.mher .-arried iu the battle wa Ctii!niii' nt-d ttrl'.fer Ji N 'K t fmnilaiidupd utti' er 'I Private II Total N'lmt. r killed. minded. M inning lil Total killed, wonnd-d aod mliiirif 2Jii ftot Ytt Crushed. The Baltimore corre spondent of the N. Y. Tribune, writing on the -','d ult., pays the following unintended tribate to the unconquerable spirit of the gallant people of Baltimore : There is no doubt tbat tbe condition of this city is a deplorable one. The amount of secession corruption in the social veins is vast and by no means decreasing , and it will be sure to bave another eruptiou before tbe thing is done with. Nearly every Methodist preacher in tbe city ia a secessionist: every Baptiet preacher, with a single exception, is said to be a sympathizer with treason . a large proportion of tbe Presbyterians also ; wbrle, strange to say. tbe ministers of tbe Episcopal Church are all loyal, (their congregations being generally disloyal). Dr. A. C. Coxe and Biehop WhittiDgbam have a severe task in stemming this tide. Tbey have been very brave about il Dr. Coxe refused to give his congregation the communion a few weeks ago, declaring that be bad beard of things indicating a spirit unworthy to participate in tbat nacramtnL Zso he txcoiumHincatcil Hum for a ic It ih: Even the somewhat windy and vapid youth who tills th plnce once eo worthily occupied by Dr. Biirnap, in tbe first Unitarian Church, took paiue, ou one occasion, to pray for the Governor and Mayor, aud leave out tne President. He is from somewhere around Boston. Now all this means something. It means that there is and must be a never ceasing social ilirtnence Deariuit upon the I'ni "nUta and tne wavering, very dangerous to the au'.hori'y of the Government in that tiinrter. Pew aave any idea of uotv largely in the majority th ctceeei"'jirts are both iu niim'iera and weai'h. Nearly all the leading families here are hi-tiaiute'v r'diied .nid cminec'ed with prominent families iu K irtern 'ir,'Uii. The wifj of Dr. 1 in mas. no w in Fort Warren, ha-a brother Dotit-Us Gordon, iu tlie i.eislat;ire at Kicimord. who le worth peveral milli in, troft of which, it is eaid, he has deposit-ed -inttriy in New Yorfc or Europe. The Bartons, Braitons, Jtc... of K.istern Yirgimj, are :-a 1 1 represented here. The aim nov is ro or'racue, as beneath the npper ten,'' ad who sympathize with the 1,'nion. and tliey certainly have succeeded in producing many paiulul divisions. " Loytzl " " Disloyal.- The Norfolk Day Book is much wroth with these expressions, and earnestly invokes its cotemporaries to bnnirh them from the vocabulary. The word " loyal," which was originally employed in tbis contest by the "loyalists " of New England, suggests ideas repugnant to the genius of our institutions. We accept the following amendment of the Day Book : Let ns substitute in its place a far nobler word ; let ns sav, for example, that Smith is " faithful." or "Brown " nnfairnful ' to the great cause of constitutional liberty. lathe name of Heaven, let ns have done with this Lincoln cunt, this coercive slang, this detestable adjective from the political grammar of tbe elder Adam. What say you gentlemen of th press '' 8haM we snbs'ifr.-e " faithful " fi-r M loja!," hcftt'.fi'.l" lor tislr.yal." irortlic Pieayan.J BUB V. THE A little winter flower Haa blue tried within oir net, laipaxtioe weetet frrauoe runud, Tae buUeat and tbe beat. A fragraxce tbat expand The beart on wbioQ 'tl peut, A fragrance bringing aweet repuae. Bettanae tia beeven aeut. A little Cbristmaa bloom It eyea of deepeat blue. With Coriiit tenderoea look up. Aa era viae love anew. A Chriatma (tad en wreathed With Inm of evergreen ; To ua, too aweetevt, you'U beliere. Tbat mortal e'er hath aeen. Ob, may It bloom full long. On earth a cberiabed plant, A Cii when its miaaion here i done. May it join tbe angel' chant. East BaToa Roost, Jan. 28, I8A2. L. r. Paarbi the Katmp. The following, from a late number of the London Punch, shows the popular feeling of England towards the Romp Government : The American Erhibttinn. Mr. Puurh begs to ay that, iu tbe event ot the Federals declining to send ct ntribuliou to tbe Kzbibition, tbe spare now appropriated to such article will be auppUed tnrough the exertion ot gentlemen connected witb our uavai ud military service, aud that, ainnutt the iuvoliiutary :cuti ibutiouH from the Xurth wi.i ie the I'vjliou-iug articlrs : t 1. The Fall of Niagara, (American pnrtiou i tby th-kind perniitMi'U ! Ihe Cauartiaii authnritie. Uini lo he rer 'irncd w hen done witii. Tle Americaij Kaizle The in'erentin anlma' will l.e pi'.vioed with a large supply ff itj uatarii tt.t ti. i,aii;ely. Btiukuirj. t he t.btainea troin tiit-uili.-PM til Tne Nt Vtrg UrW.faptTB. J. r-everai hit..-s ttl Jini.' I'ni umhui. I. C':riiitis a, rruient t.I St:tmi:, ..n wait-.i p'ri nil ordttiry hits rieeii aelivereti. St stnne y-ar-. rfitn tile itappy fitljae'.-ient es utiw he!.. re tae w.irltl -tt ui p:at t.rn.a, lt,miiii; a ::.e Ti.n:p mic-u..iry. ri 7 -te li htrc .use. Njme til bra plate. "Ine trtiet in which Mr. J llllca I'litUei oi ifordttn Bennett. erlv.t r of tne New Vtra HpiaIiI. K.e.i.-er P ' .rewky. M The t t at 111 which Mr. Jatm-i w an w nip pea inion Bfii'i-'t, etii-.-r "f -He New Y rk llera.ii, wu uwlii.i d I'aineas X. hy I i The coat iii which Mr. .I.imi s i lordou Benne' t. eninu t; f.,e New Yojk Herald, u a ; irislietl hy Khe-Leer . in ppie. l'i. A t ttilecrit u of nineteen wliipn w11.! whit'h Mr. I tutes ittitdou I'.fiiliftl, ptlitur ..1" tile New Ymk Herald. ts at viirioti time rlted by nineieeu citizens. 11. The boots wi-h which Mr. Junes I'ioriou len-rie!. etiit.-r oi the New York lieract, was aicaca Dy r prvminciitl.ts J tiniler IJ. rii. pairn t; h'shlows, a:ut rive prtir tr anoe.. v:Tti tllt:h eieven otuer talldered '"ill'lll IllVf. a" .ai;. n tiii:e, .ni:iiTatcd tae etii: aja. laiiois Mr. I in Guidon Keiit,ett. editor ol the N-w Yoi Herald. u Kemains of the brandy nmnth in which Mr. Seward panned iiintt.eif ti m.-iilt Kiiglanti .iu tneeir-lient "ppcrTniiity, and the froni wiiuin his aix-te. n previous Itraudy Hiiiaunes hud beeu luihiht-d by that utatekinnn. 14. Klam nl the Southern Cunlederm y, captured by the armies of the N' rth. (Promtaed couaitiniially in the event 1 such Mails heiug dinooverable). l.". Tiie Iei!lsration tit' Indepnideuce. T.t be rev-ereutiy preserved, and rptnipetl ti the Sorth vl:en a Mtatesuisii. wor'hy to !i.l the p!ut:e oflieome Wasning-tou. shail deniuud it. Iti. tspecimeus of Jerusalem snakes, rinstailed Mar-era, regular opossums, aud other curiosities ot American natural history. 17. A b'hoy. Itwiil be iuterestiug Ui compare this auintai w ith liis superior, but a member of tne same genus, the goriiia. IU. Specimen of American editorial writing. (Dis-ii fectiug fluid will be found in the same case, aud labelled " Common sense.') l'i Secrer treaty 'or the partition of England, between the Kmperorof R.tssia, Mr. Seward, aud the King of the faunibs: Minds. in. Mr. Brighnm Young, the latest ally of the North, and model of his seraglio. 21. The original hook of Mormon, aa about the only niimr ai work which America nas produced aiuc.e Kuickcrboc-aer'a Histt ry. The Trent Matter. We see it stated that the. official correspondeuce originating ia tbe Trent ati'a r will be published in a separate volume as soon as all the Ooverninents of Kd-rope have beeu beard from. Sumner's speech if to accompany tbe collection. Tbe Chicago Tribune tlunka the work; will be ihe most val-iialiie routribution on the euli-eot of interna tit. i al maritime law in exieteuoe. Apropos iUs bottes, the Cincinnati En tpiiier UiincLievously wonders what has become of the disquisitions of tho great interactional law commentators. Edward Everett, Caleb Cutii:ng, (ien. Cass. Keverdy Julin- s'U, who demouMrated tbroin'b voluminona I'olnmrjs, tbat tbe seizure of Mason and.ShdeU by Capt. Wilkes, was jnstili.ilile. Prim. it and 'he Trent AJ ui: Tiie . tuition ("lobe, ot the 1st ult., bus the t'ollowiukr : A correm oiideiit writing trom Iterliu ou ttin riitnect of tbe note sent by I'rueeia to the ti )v-eiiimentof tiie Notthern States of Amerif.!. '' It in reaiarared that tbe step of tbe Prussian Government was sot tan en wholly in coneeiiueuce of tbe dispatch sent to A mei-io by M. rtionveiiel, but was a spontaneous ac'. Every one was aware that the dispute with England might sooner or later assume greater dimeneione. A yet greater movement, ex- eciallv ou tbe part of the Washington Cabinet, miubt later produce a collective declaration on the part of the great powers, which roiht perhaps lead to a formal intervention. But we bave not gene so far as yet. Iu the political world it is, however, asserted that at tbe commencement of Uie dispute Prussia advised moderation on the part of tbe Eogiish Cabinet, so far aa was conformable with the honor of tbe nation, and there is an inclination to believe that these friendly counsels bare not been without result." THE CITY. Died in a Cell Yesterday afternoon. Officer Mc-C.otkey found, at about 4 o'clock, a man lyiu; druuk ou tbe aidewa.k of (ijrod street, aud lutd him ta(en iu a cart to the Firat District police station, it was thought the mau would be well aeaiu tui- more lug. as is generally the case, and In fact at 6 o'clock be was talking rationally enough. But at 11 o'clock, when the keeper of the Lockup passed before the cell wnere the drunkaid was .eft. he saw he was dead. His uauie was Patrick Harrington, aud he w is boardiua at Welsh', No. 212 New Levee street. Tbe Coruuer held the inuut st this morning, aud the verdict was disease of the heart. ScicitiE. Yesterday evening a mau named Andre Cayard, ho was residing at the corner ot Joscpniue and Freret streets, blew out his bruins with a Muirle barreled pistol lu tbe water closet of hi house. No other motive is known for that rash act. but the unfortunate habit deceased was In, for some time past, of drinking very hard. Dieaskd Mfat. Officer Wilson, of the Fourth District, arrested yesterday a butcuer uamed K. Lu-hier. wbcm Ct'ii.missaxy James Steel cuarges witn exposing diseased hop meat for ale, on his stall in M.ut-aiiie ilaikct. Shou.d this serious charge be proven, v e hope Dittier u ill have a very" good reason ;u re-u.cmLer his actnaiutance with ilecuder Adams. Sf.riois Charge. T. F. McGuire and H. Fred-rii ker, being mlormed tnere was a warrant .tgaiust them, made at -be request of Mrs. L. J. Harrison, for stealing Jewelry, urieiiderea to Recorder Adams yesterday. The article stolen from Mr. Harris ..u are . A pair ttl ear-rings set with diauiouus, valued .it .4J.riti; a gold lelt Ictckle. valued at and a gttla uiectai worth in. Total value, i;.rj. f." I n our eveuing strolls about tne . iry. wo inad-veiten'.Iy dropped into tire -tplemiid hall of tiie M---chanit s' Institute, ou i'hiiippa street, wuere.we were not a little surprised to fiud a iarae asem:)iiae if t'scr iio.itary student goiug througa battaiitiu excr--i.-es, .iittiefclhat ac tjuipl:sued drill master. Mr. Wta. plot... Amt nfc-t the crowd and iu tue riiukn. we uo:h ed o .r ex Lieut. Jov. Lauary, Lieat. t" .!. -'t-y-nt.ia. atd also soine of our most prouiineiit -it'i.t of vaiio'. rt.llcpt, ail appeariua as eajer for uii.i'.a. .' tnowledge a any of our youthu.l warriors. Of i irutu. :ne Sooth is iuvuiuerable. wueu su-ju men fall into ta--ranks to learu toe art of war. We would retfiiimeud to ail ..Infer who - have rc ! worn aimor iu their youth " to repair for t" h.-jri ,.Vpry evening, until perfected, :o Kioto' Miiitary s. ho.d, iviiere they cau pas the time pr ititaii si.d acreeai. y uiider the instruction -f that act-om-pliroefi teat It may be considered most lortuu.ite !,. aspirants after military knowledge that the mau'.e ol our old esteemed friend Prof. P'.atosz has fallen up. u sut h able shoulder a tbose ot Adjutant Klo'o. Bv the bv, we learn tbat tbe commissioned company oU-rois of tiie first regiment have petitioned the commander-in-chief to appoint Adjutaut Kioto to tue position of crit lie! of oue of the militia reaimenta to be tormed nuder the new militia law. in tnis city. Certainly a better appointment con id not he made, aad we doubt not that this request will be cheerfnlly granted when tbe Governor make hi appointments, and look around -o place in autJioritj " iho right men in the right places.'' French Mass Mectistg. There will be to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at tne French Asylum, on Sc. Ann treet, rear Claiborne street, a mas meetiaj of ail the Frencn resident in the city, whether tney belt ng to tbe Ouard, the Legion, tbe Volunteer ana tne Itae pendent, or they are member of the militia, jc!pt ;rr, (oitrr. . in the Second DUtrict. The purpose ol' tbis meeting is to fuse all French military ccrps Lu tLi city into one sicgle organixatico. Ver weil 1 but the question will be to-morrow as the other risy. " Who ia tt be tbe General!" And if at every xr-teticg tbe itincrity bolts, as it did once., we don't sse hew they can ever come to aa agreement. Co7T0 This Week. Tbe receipts of cotton hern tim e the 'th in? , amount to 1617 - and in tbat tnul Hi ibt ladrd Ttl tal-, iu transitu. Puring the corre- poDding period lat yer, the receipts amounted to 28,1110 bale.. Tbe itt.xk was then WJIXI hale; it is sow II. 2M The eutire reeeip' reported a-;e the 31st August are 14,103 bales, aa.inst l,4tJ,375 iaat year. CCTTint Kicht axd LerT Yeaterday arYernoon. Jcbn Dwyer bad a quarrel with Thomas Forester, ou Front street, and him on tne right cheek and left ids. No arrest was made. Slxtk AbbsuU Staueaaeat f THJB SU-M MCTCAL ISSCrataiiCK COMFAKT OP NEW OKLXABa, rr the fear endiiiaj OcceOtbcr 31. sDount of prsmtama received for the year endtnsj December 31, ISbl .......... . SSCS3,091 S3 Amos'ot of ontrminated riaaa Deceaaber Jl, iel. ......... . lii,777 o Total amount of premium for the year ending Ie.-ember Jl, 11 SM1.H68 S Via For fire premiuma. $.i.',u:il on Marine preoaiDma it Hiver premiuma.. xfi,ie rs -s)i,rj a; Ia ontenninated pre- miama Dec. al. Ml. M.MI 00 Less return premiums.. 3.1m 01 ioi.7-rr oi Net famed premiums Deceaabar 31, 11 430, HI M Losses paid during same period, via: On lire nak lJK.tR eo Ou marine riak ' On river riaaa .TO.uoi lu ;w,.4i 5J Detluct tliscoant, interest and profit nnd loss ter savings : less ex pense, re insurance, Ac...... -1 1 l'.si.l.'Jl OS !S.t earneti prnhf for the year ending December u. ..- : tan.'m ? The Company have the following asaeU, via: li.vt.iol in Baus Stut ks and tias Co I3,!rg jo Ci:y and State ii-t,:! ' L.ians on Pledges ..I Hank Sttx ks. 4c i;!. tw Bills Htreivsl'le for Pretniutus T'uVC .i S. np of suutlry liooirant s Cttmpsiues l'.T-'l ft I lellliunis line lu .-ourse ul CollecT Itt II . Jcielo Hi Ccu'eilerale B"ii'ls itsl.-ssi ft L'rju on hc! lno,isJi Ttita; ass. 8TVTE Of LOLISIAt.. 1 Fanan i Orleans, Ci'y ul Sew Orieana, J Be it e-.i, t. at ou uth .lay ol January li-t.-J. trelore me, the sucscriber, a Justice tif the Peace iu a4 lor the city aforcai.l. persocally appeared Thomas S:t.o, Presl.lenr, autl James &1wartls. Secretary of the Suu Mutual Insurant e Company ol ew Orleans, who V:u duty swttru an ortliug to .aw, .to jeptise ami aay that thr aoove accounte aie j'.st autl tiue, sa-U a correct transcript Irom the nooks saitl .-uinpany. THOMAS SI.OO. President. J A3. et'WAHOS, Secretaiy HunrTJ to f lirt funsi itbed Beiore me. this tenth lay January, D MITCHELL. So-oMtl Justice of the Peace Tl.e Btiai 1 of Oirecturs have resoivetl to pay s:a p cent, tnlt-rest. ou tiie outstanding Cerliricates ul Prod in aud alter the Uilh day ol Feoruary uext, ah.i tare ileem on and after that datethe balance due say .") p cent. ; ol tbe Scrip I the year 1 j-JIT. And they hare further declared a Scrip dividend or Forty Fit Ceut. on the net earned premiums of tue year entling IJecemtier 31, lHsil. for wbich Certlticatas wul he issue un ami alter tbe 1Mb March next. THOMAS SLOO. President. JAS. D. D EM EOaE, Vice-President JAMES EDWARDS. Secretary. Director E. J. Hart, Jno. C. Rirka, Nelson McSteat, J. H. Stautier. John ii Games, Slot). Ja: Jaa. D. Den. gre, A. D. Kelly, Hugh Wilson, Henry Reuauaw, A. C Tremouiet. H. T Lonsttale. Home Ulntnnl lnauranre Company mt "tew O i lean Office, 7a Camp atreet. Amount of Premiuma for year ending Dec 31 ifvil 33.7i5 4? Amount nf Frnrits lor the ysar ending Dec. 31. isril 2i. 3 Amwunt ot Assets on the 3i at Decemner, lSr1.1.3.3rl r The Trust e. have declared a 8 rip dividrnd of F1KTT PEE CENT alter paying per cent, interest on a.i outstauding Scrip, aud have resolved to redeenorthe Scrip Ol ItsftT. Interest and releemahle Scrip payanle in cash on au.i a(Jer the ttth February next. sCeitirirates uf Pcrip for the year 'ieliverah;e a and alter the 1Mb Marcr. int. A. BrtOTHER. Presilent. JAVES H. WHEELER, Secretary. ew Oneans, Jaimsry 11. l?ii. Jali Am .rUUtnry I n ph. GRAY M I LIT AK Y CAPS, on hand. Cn.p ')' c!t s rn.t Reg-nients ritte.l out wl-.'j CAPS at sl.ttrt null. e. O filt ers Caps ins.le to nrtler. ,OUR HAT STORE. Jal : im IV. Pity'raa street. New Or.eans Tnllow Candle and Tallow Oil. TPHE uiitlersigne.1 gives notice ttia he is now making A. irsauDtll LllliLrianiiy. u uts linns rnttiirv, i:iu atetl on Orleans strfsr, Oetween Broati anil Sixth, srroii 1 District, win, h he offers for sale, aasuring Tbe ptid.ic r 'it-v wi 1 rte fount! to compete wttli the Star Cantt'es for furt 5ility. har-iiiess. lorio. 'irwttt colttr aud price. Also, Oit alquaut Itl.-s to nult pu rrnafsn. Orders lert at JOSEPH KELLEY S. i Hravier street, where sampieamay nad.nllJ Ue punctually atften.'e l to. dio f" JOSEPH 3AHATES Nelntyrw ok Aarlagai. FLOMBr.RS, HK FOYD&AS STUtCT, Ker.P constantly on band Bat ulng Tons, foe oo aa cold watar Shower Hatha. Water Closet. Ckl-i stsuiges and U-ollers. Wash Rtmrls. Klteben Sinks , Fore and Bear Pamps Sheet Lead and Lead Ftps , rasa and Plated Cock, eg all patterns Ceoktne aa Beating Stovea, sc Prtvata DwalUnga, torea and Olflcea Sttad p aavl gsgarantecd. tJF Boa RX, Mechanics' and Dasusrs' Cacbanga. aall ti iy AKTIFICIAJL. TEKTfl. TUB bawt. cheapest and most replete DEaTTAJh FS TABLISHM RST In Haw Orleaua. la Dr. Floldlagt'a, 194 Caaal atrawt. la hsciuUea for aaampalatina Artihcial Teeth ar aa tarpassi-l by any Practical Dentat in thaSoathsm ttataa. lafying compaclsloB and at pnem skarg-ad ay aha meal artencad- Peraona rasjatrnsg parlor Denllssi , atioald proear H ebsre Ibsy can rely aMm tb exparfence asull aad Us tegrtty which Dental aVtenca can preface Every ArtlHcial Tooth 1 of svrpsswing rssssisy, whsst vannot be detertad from tbe very prod action of Batxre. rradaally restoring that anUormtty to tha featarei so se-sential to yoath and beaory. and warraatad satisfactory lor maatfcatlon and articnlatiofi. rAlKLa-aa iuui a uiaAtiva, ser raaruiy sxseaaw a Teeth wlthoat pain, apersdmg anything bafor at Jned by the profession, astonishing all whs witness is. AU Operatiaus is Dentistry performed wtth cara aad Sft klU, and for cneapneaa and atlllty are xnsarpaasi A by hsrs. Dnsaillfnlly ape'asa Teeth ramodeied aad a sar t gnaranteed at rootle rate charge- At tha foilowiag prices, a written guarantee, accompanying each att, if desired, and if notfoemd aa lapi satntad, after an saoatkl trial, their money will be retarnad. Fall sets un Starling '- i aa -t Fall sets finest finish gama, , ao.oa Fall Mas ralratit-T- rasher, eqaml to gold, from aso to tm.ot Fail etts en la carat gold haaa, nsanUrai, from so to an.o rail sUson S cant gold baa from Take 1SA.S T be most perfect tmi that can fee pradm ed. Those raqah-tng Arttflcial Teeth are cordially tavttad a rail aad iimfflt sefora engagaiDg eiaawoara. B. rias.DlHa. Daatal laraaoa. Jais Iy 1 IM Caaal treat: MEXICAN GO I.F RAILROAfik For JLake Borgrae and Mexican Gulf. NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On aod after tha 1st February, IHr.2, the Train will leave ihe eity For Proetorvlile a ;o A. M. Leave Proetorvlile for rity at 3 P. M. Leave the city for Mill Staflt.n on y 7 P. M. Leave Mill Station for city at rg A. M. Extra Traina for Passeugeis r Freight inrnished on application toOtfice. at Depths; corner of E ysiau Kieltls aud Hood Chiiilrvn street ' Freight not to he rectived further tban Mill Station for evening train. aOT rare as usual. Ja" By tier JIajeaty'n ifoyal JLet(era taten D. ANDERSON dt SON, IA9AN FELT WORKS. Belfaet. Ireland, and City, i Lt :icon. msonfactnrers of the Improved Patent ASPHALTIC ROOFING FFLT. A Light. Cl'-en, Economical and ' Durable Rioffng. for Kailrtd Cars, Hospitals, Stables, Tents, ale. Improved Patent BITCMINOCS WACF.RPROOP FELT, free r"tn enrisassnt sroeB, for Ltning Damp Walls, Lajing under Carpeta. Floor Clotirs, kc. Imnrnvsd SO CDNTICCTIMU HAIR FELT, Fr Liothmg Fteam B.n.rrs, Cylinders, Pipes. c, which eifects a saving of One Fourth in Faei. IMPr.OVF.D PATENT SHEATHING FELT, Fur Ships' Bottoms, under Cor per or W'jod. I m now prepared to take orders for the above kind of FPLaV for tut ore delivery, and bave Just reOTfd limit-fT Vupply of Roofing and Sheathing FELTS, whi. h I oaVrattte nid selling price In this market. Sampira to een at my orpre, and orders solicited. W. WAS EFIFI.D, hm Magazine street, Ja Im gale Age at for the C State. Vineyard at .tlandevllle. eThe nndersignrd ha in tins order, for aale : mm Grape plauts. in fruition order -, n.nm Grape rot-tings ; toon Rose, sixty select varieties ; lftoo Sweet Orange, three years olrf, transplanted twice i 400 Fruit Trees, two year grafted. Price of Plant Chaealag Ira Angela, California, 1 ; rnrWnta f per hondred, 14 inches lone, ripe xMb July at Maadevilia, at-trade jn. Ckaesla Grera Rose, tl no ; cuttings CB per band red, ripe iuth Jane. Cbaeslaa Fontainbleaa gl ; cut tings aao per handred. ripe th Jane. Chaasla Loire Ronr aa, ripe SMb June. Chaaalaa Vaodols 4. ripe 2th Jans Raiatn Salvagin Rouge 75 cents ; cutting gX per hall dred, rip Jb Jane. Raisin Gomay poor Ttrnel 1 so, ripe Sept. grow fifty Beet in on year, foliage 14 inches loua, 14 inches large. Rase Flanta 3A per handred. Orange Trees an per handred. Fruit Tree per honored. W. B. -Tbe above planU bare been aaJaeted by me ta Europe, tha four year past, at a eery heavy expjnaa. Purr baser s may res assured tbat every variety rf ray grapes and plant ar well adapted foe tale climate. Address me at Mandevllss, or at my agoat'e, CAMILLU LAC O STL Ho. sua Royal, corner of Main sliest. CHARLES MATFRT. Horttcnrrorlat, so well ksawo ta ad tb fraajoantarg ul tha Hew Shell Jacad, JUS 61 3m EDUCATION Ualreraicv af Lsalslaaa. LAW DEPARTMENT.. II ET a" A laTVar a s-sr r o a m yvm m r n aw a ..a rns. a n tb MON DAT of -nriMf '. lasi Hon- THIODoat Hw McCAXEa, U. Prof. a-isiiiaaeir BUM mill IISlTIBlSlSlI LI" RAN DCLL HUNT. IVoteaa-r of CoKmerrlai and Crim- nal Law, aad tbe Law of Evidence. CHS.I8TIAJI KOSEUCa, LL. D., Frofessor of Ovls Law. ALFF-KD HFNNFN, Fiuf asm ot CeewtitnrJeaal aaaf. Common Law, aad aqaity Jartsweaa'asM-e. ar d KAN DCLL HO NT. Deans. Faaaala Cafleatata InaUgata, aa Cam a Street. COITDOCTXO BT UHM CO. LOCUOBT. TIBIS InatdtattoD, as w 1 known by tbe pa bile, and by the a am ernes parents wha patronise it, will reoam Its Winter Sssaina sa at ON DAT, tbe lerb aVptemaer. The Pnncipai istiessts of the pa pile ta ho eaoctaas, la ardor to enjoy sno oeiscus ev a ran cstr For particnlarai ar by lottor. Boa I r M mm uaaisiiAst, mioot. I ami the IsO Mm TOO FacsUtw U mwmrmmA aST 1 abWty gradaataa of tnatltatsoaa of tbe bighea ataaglag Hi teauiSiL gslTisa at tea uaa Feof. IHJT.L KEITH. A. St., F1aM-rpa4. Wm C J. atAABCTDtra. Vtr aetneirUT var rnmens, COSWUUBS rxTXaOT tna forth KLI, m laearra itttaruui STK. Cam atreex, Re -IF SC. Caarlaa Iaatlcnta aVKXal V ILLC CAB CARBOLLTOIVI eaaloa ISA l-'4a. Mat atACB raaporxfally anaoaace su. set lnatttw Bvoa wuM open for th neat aesaioa au ttoaday. BdV September. Pruepectnsea. riving references, oameaot pro. feasoraasd paplia. course of atadiaa, and Giber partlcaiara, tcay be procared at thla ofBrc, or oa avrtiicat'oa to Mmi sM oni T aid I lis (ao sU afui l Ul . . . . - - w- ... "si w- uaa myf tti Mwrd Letr for M'nir Mrbofid oitM-'t throagl am sits prs wnesii. roes imra A heretofore, a lady win soadaet Aa se.holara to end rn i ery la tbe rare. a:e ei Iy Ail urisTaWi ron vmr. fro. Edaeatlaa. gfW 0 RLE AITS AND PASS CHRiSTlAB FCMALBV I'STITUTE. r?r Boarderi and i)sy Scholars toaadsd La t -ot try afsng) scini. ano -rra tacten since laarj rr V aae DEaRAVADI, Borgandy n s. sween Coatumhoaae anal Ria vt, le. PLEASE NOTICE ONE SQCARE FH.0M CAN Ale STREET. Se Orieana. ssrtablUnnient pmvldea thoeoags sba ssvt.aiEVl X tasiracsnn In sverr stave and -leu: t-t ; of sie-rr4 lot, ani otters j-eaf fWilitiea for tbe sc ,tv-.:nvntof tha French langnags and for the calr!vari'u ;' nnslc. S'.r.a lug and Soifege are tangb? by Mr. PRrvngT. th wai known leader ai tbe New Orie&tu Opera. Tb ramraer on at Par Christian be ring n tils .at J s-i. ana n aoont th lat Ifovemhrr. The boiluitu. s rs and cant- modlona, ar aitoated in tbe highest and neaitulevt part rf tt Paaa Attached to the premise are a Ine bath hoe so and a good wharf, and tha pupils enjoy, daring th aaaa- mer season, tee combined advantage ul cuaniry air, s-a bathing, and the lessons of the best city msatera. MrJ Frevoat resides at th Paaa daring tb summer, and easts Bnaee his lessons in the establishment. He also gives private lesaona in ram! 'lea. Examinatlaat a moale take r-ata every awath. ta winter la taa s'rv. sad la smmmer at tbe Paaa. Tbe City School remaina opra tbs eattrs year tor hoard aa and day achoiar. No vacation la given fy the estops liihmKit Arrartgement are made for !"roera, by the) year, at redaced prlct i, payable aix Koekas advaaaal For general tver-rs appty as tbe laarltar.eai e dxtal7 WW CFoaaded iaA m w ff11 Jla.artmtm4 I8sav Famala CaIIlai4 laatltaia, BBASDIir AJID DAT SCHOOlt fog T0tTfS LADIES. Bade tat Saparvlaion of U'au ED. LOCOBBV. Bo. at Camp street, between Jalla soil Joseph. TallS eatabliacment, toanded by Urm: MACABU LAT. whose high repatartoa boa never heea vsw. Honed, will com mr tics fta seventeenth aeouen nn Monday, tne 17th of SeptemtieT. M'ma ED. LOCtOET. ssisot by her stater. M m FC0IS LOCyDCT. will aae her Boat aadeavor to continae to merit tha texJgra i s pi oa 1 lor ao insny year In her predecessor rrofeaaora of Ua highest talent are ampnayest m aU tasa bTancbea, both aaefei and ornamental. Plane Masse aad the etadv of So'.fesla will be saegnt sxciaslvelw by tba St'mea LOCy C ET, wboat rcpauttona aa Frofeaaara af Maatc hav been wo well appreciated By tha aaanaroal mmtuea wbo hav taeored them wtth their eonftdsaca. Tbe French lacgaage, the nariva toagae of tbeaa ladlaa, and tbe acqalrenaent of which as bow Indlepenoaata t a good edacatVon, Is taaght wtth tha armost care, and aa gsnfcea In tha lnatltatton. loang ladie will shsusswo And in their constant mtarcoara with tucea toachara very faculty aoasihl (of perlecUag ttssaaeivaa ia tba an gas Thl is eetaatiatimena. alwava aa ventllatee. uas rc. utly been enttrtny reuovacod. stita tba xtmuet regard co the comfort and beaitb of tbe paptla M'me LOCWUifT reapectfaUy Invites parenm and fata sss to call and vla.t uer school, wbers prnepeetasia. wlta all other s!nu6i wbleh stay ba servd. sax ba ebf ained. Istttera of taia.ry will be promptly aswadad m by tha jgr aawan ly JaSTaraaa Aeaaaay. sa Boarboa svrestt. Hew 4rlesoe CoMdactea by 0. J . LORD. rr BIB aatanUahment, foandod ia 1100. aw .sag bold a X tugo poawtkin m paooe orjimoa ae iue "i soo 10 tasatatlona in tue eoatb of too umton araroa. The c'an comDrisee a aeneral and axtarugiva eya scl scat inn. Papfla are admlt-tad at sm or seven yean ad age, aud contrnaa tui they are prepmed nv thair fatara parsnlta In Ufa. They are dletrtbatad lata sisaees aecordrng ta their aaclrios and ar.iurenjeata. Tba premise ar parhapa U. Deal w 3a aoaad la rve gity, with ample space for exercise end recreation, aad every convenience forian institation tf earning. Tb profsaserso re sentieinea of tater- ccoeea wwa are. Sooe order re-a ta tb atu.Ai rr.ant and stria areatlon 'a pall to moral aocdaet sail 'marovomaa af tha papita. fer board' par mnatb payahla ta ad il ga Half boarder, pr einnth ... . . I as Day scholar, par month, ander If years ! S oa Day Scholar, par month, above I bet sutler 1 IC O Dar scholars, per m-ntn, above 1 years ! OB lastraction la tne English and F-enca uaa agnting, Arlthmettc eeograpby, History Sa gr. , at compreoenceo suiter tut . The following langaagea and accnmp'IsitrieaBI ara abM laagfat. bat tha charge ara separata, and are for Tb Latin, Brook. SraaUb or airman, par aa.s. t m Drawing, per assls ... i ss 1 at as Ic, per oaix. ,. -s Dane lng . Mi'ttary gixercaise .... ...... Tha sabool Boar from tig Hi aeeaf x, d trom 4kJ MLi aia aa l GAB JIXTVIUS. Gas Flttlnc Bad Flxturea. Pipes fitted in house and Fixtures furnished on tha a tost reasonable tertna. at present price of oil and randies, tbe ess of gaa will be found a great saving of expense. BRASS FOUNDING AND FINISHING, In small work, especially Military Work, Beer C ks, Rear Pomp, Be, Be LAMPS. MODERATOR AND FRENCH BEADING LAMPS', lor bnrnlng COTTON SEED Oils. BATH TUBS, of Galvanized Iron, a superior artlcla. BATH HEATERS, which will warm tha water ia a law minute, by aae of a bandfnl of charcoal. CHARLES LOEPPLER, apM l iy ia Cbartrea street. Iaaabar Isambar IsBtaaar. GCOR6B HEATIOE. BTAB PLAMlBB axJUsff corner of CalUepa and Rampart streets. I hav an hand a largo lot of well oanadtdtaaaax each aa Flooring, Coiling. Shelving, Weathers tvsssm, ae.. dreoatng di TrsetlCl Ilium, from on lana. aviso, all at see I dany. aviso, a large lot of wall -eon. one inch ap to two rnchea la thick - trasaist, wttb any qoaaUry sowed Inch Booxda Boogb TTsogilllllsoliI :seh I offer to the trade eg tne loo sot wtarbot prtcaa, asssl . snssnnusfl to ears sne se re uses fa. ST. B. All Driuil Lees her aasd by i saatcn, and to be wen waennaa. All orders dropped In Boa 1 Mechanic' and Trader' Exchange, or ed. treated I roe Otftca. Boa isss, wlU ras eslve prompt aal 1 I sasas tfsunsn QAXsriR'S HIW U8TAD mU .....sUIaVL VTavXXT 'wlta ALFTJI aaa taa la hla a aa Hni ! Ms Ma ao skss as stsssoasVUS SI , OCCS oet, occapylng tha enttra Bxaas) af Alfred Hennan, Boo. It ad BsmoilaeiAne -. fcae laasa ton, lately fordg moot extraalv accomi n ouuMg room, aa tna (raorad Mat roossu on the sissis S As - - yrovldad ataU hoar, traa o'clock, A. VI., antll is Ti L, the advertiaer haa a large aambar of rooms for yrtvaae sea. raaniuaa ana porura, oa appsicacloa aa above, be se polled wttb tha hast of averrtbina aha sass-bs-t asterda, asarket. : either ready lot tha tabla or a It some from tba Vbanklna hla frienda foe tha llhoral eoxroaaeoi hat baa alwava beea sxteaded ta bins, tbe andavtagiiod aoswTm them that tt win be bis sera est en Jeavor to gtva taeftrilaat sstlsfssalia Itss 'wbo may rave- km wrta) bear orders. Mew Meagre Isiaas aiuce -he Bret ut July, IW1, I nave been rnnL''nga regular Btasre Linafroaa Monroe. La., rrv war f farms!- lite. Lo., au.i g.i uurssjn. Ark., to Camdan, Ark., and Clarha-yuie, Texas. This line connect at Monroe wlta the Vlcksbvrg, brvepert and Texas Railroad, :irt at VirkjSerg wtm tue Mmiaaippi Central Railroad, and also with tha JtobLa and Oblo Railroad. By thia mare passenger ran go to New Orieana ar xfo-blle from Washington or Comden, Ark , In three davs. or to Richmond or any point beyond. In aooot three and a hail day a Leave Monro Taradays, Tharaday and Satardaya. Arrive at Monroe Sandeya, VVedneedayj and gVidaya, peg 61 ly J. T. CHID tTi 1st. ersce aa tss mi ""t""",.. aV " r ss wmvorwat BahJbttaoaafarhsBia(A taark, k,di,ia Braavaaa piTl aara Ca VlaaB Cooa." All other artsciee aal led by Sale Boaaa ara, eg aaauaa. layboBtiaas ayoa lat .UWU UDIiniB Caiaadl fskmav ILrw r BVEBTT-dTTB DOLLARS REWARD wlU paid ta ao y one Who wnl brine iback Ba tB us hsui ssv rai ita, its sag rssw Btecfe-al aara old. str-ag-ly built boy, aged abea sra aa d,atboatgfeetorsliscboabrgb, "hoa loco, h teibe aaguoa eauy. saw o m hlorb ossJ MS ahLrsk BessebewJ I looking ana aei'tsoa BVa left hat aissrtrr's boose oa na lornioaT ev soss lea. let.. A. DKMIEBi batraaldaaee JeTferaa-aCtty, sstweriaaaa,aaaytak fafd a "vna aaAsrm aaa taa .. 1 fHaaara of laiormlng bja " J I friends aotd tho assbtic geao-1 i f rasly ahaa ha s now ready at f 1 f-"rocetve and oatertoiai srlssm aasammssaaf Tha eUaaeaaare "Vlmmx V THE eelaoTated wlna, known aa "st., IOaaBBBS CO. S V1C0X tcVs. ' haa scarcstv iea israosd. two yaara Into thlsswsotry and airawfy tvaah .artACise. otherwiae anaaleabla, aa mi?2x? Th!'f taal - Vtoaa Cspe," tb r?.'1 b!ch waa aa alghiF ' ' - ' AssssJsJlsbed BV tts Wlna CTesaeeassi eA DUoa. La laaa, ia tha procwrtv of IrTiaaa I. asaoxaaavara as tgmmlmm&&tmll, the elgrastaraoS r twsraaot Butta Lsd PMa, where the asmrar'chssdjboaaaa aaa Ukeatod, aad lets tsw sose ssssa ,la rlnm, sad ara Urn only aevaoaa aaUiortted to soil tba goaalus "Ytoaa Cepa," aa wad aa taaaBageaadlaaaadaaarataof rseiii.rea Co.

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