The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1933
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Served by the United Press BHTHEVIELE COCKIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 193 -IHUy, Mem- UlytbeilUe OWVMt. V»Uey Leader. BlrUwrlll* B«nld. Rl.YTHKVlLLE, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, OCTOHKU 'M, 1933 SINGLE COPIES FIVE COAST GUARD BOATS SINK RUM CRAFT Pemiseot Storekeeper Slays Bandit PISTOL BULLETS Princess Fights Film as Libel FLASHES Hnld un Man Identified as Son of Wealthy Alabama Planter. BY MAX STURM HAYTT. Mo.-George Holcomb, 3*. snid to have been the son of n wpiihv Alabama nlantcr. was shot ;>nd killed late Rntimlnv night bs Tov Couch. voun<: rnunlrv store Aerator, when, masked, he at- tcmnted >o ho!d up Couch's store in the Manlewood community i: ;nik\s smiUi of liere. The shol '"'"icli killed Holcomb penetrated >''s left lung immediately above j ]*'c Jienrt. An inquest, conducted Sunday "lorning bv Dr. J. W. Rhodes, ^ county coroner, resulted in Couch bcine exonerated. Wa.- Roailv for Bandil Couclu a deuuty constable of T.ittle Prairie lownshio. told the follnwine storv at the inquest: "Mv wile and I had just closet! Hie store for the nieht at about ir:Jr) o'clock. After we had the door locked and were just about! to mil out Ihe lishls, we heard t»'o| r-MTks af the door. "Sincn 1 have been nrjeratine the .-lore I have expected a holdxm nnd I had at numerous times nlnnned how I would handle such n situation. On a shelf underneath ihi counter near the door I keep p 'rmifH] revolver. "When my wife and T heard the ' sX.! immediately exoect- '• '( (i•• ff- hbWifrj.-1 told my "Wife to oprn the door and stand behind it. I went hehind the counter and nut the eun in my pocket. As she nnened the door, a man with a handkerchief around his face step- Dcct In. leveled a revolver at me and ordered: 'Stick 'cm up!' "My wife, frightened, jumped hnck and nulled the door wide men. The masked man jerked his iiead around to sec what happening, and as he did I pulled n*" "un nnd fired at him. "He turned and jumped off the porch on the front of the store rnn a few steos to the road, then 'nrned Into it. T continued to fire at him as he rnn until T had - omntir-d my gun. T didn't know of she shots I fired had struck STRIKERS RAID PI-ANTS DETROIT. — A mob of 1,000 i mtn itormed through the Detroit industril district diday, r.i!di tu'il and die plants. Police uld the mob WM composed of agt tatun and striking employes. IB OFFICERS IN 5 LEVEE Ban en release of the / Him "Itasputiu" in Kn^iand will be asked in & London suU by Die, Russian Princes Irene Yous- $oupoft, abjvc. charging the screen play Illiels ber by indicating illicit relationship with the "Miid Monk." '.She declares she never knew itasinuin BOMBINGS IN HAVANA j HAVANA, Cuba. — A 49-hcmr j general strike, most serious | thrt»l so far to the <!rau San Martin government, began today with three bombings in the capital's central district. The strike, railed by the National Omf'd- eration of Labor in protest against the alleged killing of ten laborers by soldiers, began at midnlfht. SIX MISSING AT SEA SAN FRANCISCO. — Sii !»r sons were reported missing today aboard a yacht which «t out from 3aiualito harbor on a fkhinc trip Sunday and apparently was caught in a heavy storm. The party included John Newbauer, managing, director of Ihe boys club here, his wife, and four friends. IN EFFtCl TOT \ Fixes; Wages and Hours .fon4.000,006 Employe^ of 1,000,000 Stores. By United PTMS Action marked all sectors of the NHA front .today. A code became effective fixing the hours and wages of almost 4.000.000 workers in 1,000,000 retail stores of the nation. President Roosevelt called steel leaders before him to explain delay in settling a strike of 15,000 miners tn the captive coal mines of Pennsylvania. Administrator Hugh S. Johnson mapped plans for airplane tours that will take him to Chicago, the farm belt, and perhaps the Pacific coast to study the workings of him until'Y'snorl't'ime ialcr"when ™des, get the country's reaction, and explain the- administration NEW TROPIC STORM WASHINGTON.—The "father burrs a today warned of a tropical disturbance ot uncertain direction of movement and intensity, central about W or 50 miles north of western Jamaica. Caution was advised vessels. LITV1NOFF TO SAIL WEDNESDAY PARIS.—Maxim Utviniiff, Russian foreign minister and emissary to the United States, In- t^aOs ,te., «aU tat America Wed- onday cither on the British Itn- tf or (he French liner Champlain, the Unitfd l'r«s learned today. Pennsylvania Will Fil Bond Suit Regardless o Their Decision. peoole in a truck came by niiM I heard them scream: There's a dead man in the road!' "This morning I called Sheriff Jnden Caruthersvllle and told him whn+. had hnopened." Snn of Wealthr Parents A woman who said she was Hoi- comb's wife testified at the inquest nnd snid they had one child. She said Hotcomb was the son of Mr. nml Mrs. Sum Holcomb. wealthy planters of near Gunnersville. Ala. Henry Bonds, a man who had been living with the Hokombs. testified he had known Holcomb fnr 15 vears during which time IToIcomh's life had been devoted to drinking, bootlegging and gambling. Mrs. Holcomb said her husband had been given a jail sentence once for striking a woman. Efforts were being made lo get in touch with Holcomb's perents nt Gunnersville and also to ascertain If the slain bandit was not| wanted in Alabama for some crime. Testimony at the inquest revealed that Holcomb, the woman nnd child, nnd Bonds had been in Mnnlcwood community only a few weeks. This is the second case this year in which n bandit hns been slain in an attempt to hold up a country store in Pemiseot copnty. viewpoint. Government lawyers considered intervening in a test case of the New York milk law. expected to provide a clear cut trial before the supreme court- of the constitutionality of sweeping emergency legislation. Henry Ford kept his silence. A show down impended on government contracts which General Johnson sought to keep away from Ford unless he complies affirmatively with the automobile code. Closing Stock Prices M Resolution Fixing Qualifications of .Voters De-' featecl by .Commission. Officials for the St. Francis | 1-cvue toard clfctlon in Mlssis- njipl counly will have no instructions from the county election rcir.mtsslon ns in qualifications ol •olers eligible to 'participate in Ihe election. The election will b; h'jlU November U, The coininlssiou. In session here -.turdny nftcrnoon, voted down a folutidn by W. F. M. Ferguson, .airman of the commission, which :uld have required persons owu- £ land in more than one district f the county lo vote in the dis- ict where tlay reside,- if own- 13 property there, instead of ex,rising an opium to vote In any litricl wiiere they own property The resolution was deleatcd by vute of two to one. Reed Threl eld of Manila and W. W. Shaver f Blytheville voting ngninst the An attorney told the lhat In the event the C'tii mission wrongly interpreted hi.> law. election officials would be to abic'e by Ihc statute :id the commission's instructions ould not be binding. Tile ultimate effect of the commission's decision lo leave otfic- ,'h uninstructed will be the broad- iiln» of races In the various dis itcts,. to a ccunty-widc affair a. Col»mnn, third dlstrlc •indidate, 'declared. Coleman had :ked a definite Interpretation so hut lie might map his campaigi ,'tordingly. Vote Where You Live Before the commission votei down the resolution for specific In tri.ctlon by Fcijjuson the follow ny telegram from the nltorne jtucrnl's office, in response lo nn nquiry, wns read: "Frank Ferguson, Chnirmr. Cr.unty Board of Election Comnils sioners, Care W R. Dyess, Osccola Aik. "Where improvement district i: county is divide-.! inlo divisions voter should volt in the divisio lie resides regardless v;?ich division land is. A vote County Gins 66,604 Bales to October 18 Mississippi county ginned (JU,604 running Lah-s ol llul cut- Ion from lh-: 1933 crop prior to Oclubrr us. 1U:I3. the Coin-In- Ni-\v.s was advi'.i-d this morning by C. C. UI:IH-!WWIT of Lux- oia. census bi>:vnu am in In this county. This compiirt-s with H5.1WII bales (jintR-d prior lo OUobei IS. 1932. So Unusual! LITTLE KOUC. Oct. 30 (UP)— A three-Judge federal court con vened here today to determln whether nn injunction restrain ing the Arkansas stale treasure from paying out highway funds > permanent. Regardless of the outcome, t!ate of Pennsylvania, accordln to William i-rne" - A. Schnader. it's a • "1 Hie s"it n"" akc Casli From Senati Currency Exchange Messenger Near KeniieU. i KENNETT, 1IO.--DCC McMuilll. n nt'ssenijer for (he .Innt-s llnitlicra Jurr-iicy Exchange at Sciuilh. wns leld up three u:ilcs soiilheasl ol """lien :it 8:'M A. M. Saturday nd robbed of S5.293.C5 In bills nnci •ilver. The incney wns for the exchange In Scnnth, established norc tlian a ironth nco by Jones irolhcrs. The exchange's money V3B taken to Kcnnetl each night »ml bad: lo Sjiialh in the moni- Thc lio!dit|i wns staged by two masked men, \vlicm McMiinn tins iceu unable lo describe, They icre It! ,1 coupe with Arkansas icense plates, which he believes \vfis a Dodge. When he thought they were trying to pass, him on the road,. he turned aside to jive.them room, tut the pair'kept their car even with his. Renllz- r>g their imculloii, MeMunn tried c- get ahcnd, but the robbers ran hi; car to (he side of the rond. One of the m.'.=ked men got Into McMunn's car, held n gun on him nnd forced him to drive about (wo ni'les oft the highway, along a seldom (raveled lane. There the- money, which ho had in a smal s"ltcase. wns taken from him. McMiinn wns Torced lo get- out of his car, nnci the robber who had r'dden with him drove It back to the main road, where McMuiui round It when he had walked the ivo miles back to the highway. Heavy Loss in Dell Fire Last JVight Pi Helically an entire business rli.vk at Dell '.van. rieslwyod by Ilii 1 , rjL'Hnvd n have orlshialnl 1111:11 (U'ferlliv viriii'.;. which broke m .-ibiiii 10 'A-iock last night. Tin- llr.- di-sliovul n larx« brkk kiilldlnij. dlvldi'd Into M-vr-ral i'Minis, which li.-iiiM-rl general mer- rantlli- buslne.'.sc:; oirenilcd by Olio I'.radl:-. rry and M. h 1 . Hio< oi>d a hirljer shop. A corner rur- \la- Million v,ns also raxed. Au ju-curalr estimate of the :<!':T iccld not \n- nlitalncd totlii> n]lhmu;li soinn reports had 111 camagL- as hlyh us $70.000. The ':ss v.iis |iaitlally covered hy In Tiie fire Is believed to hnvi C-PIMI caused bv n short circuit i nieelrlc wlrliij in (lie lirndberry UK, according lo reports. Belli icrrimllle sloivs wore well stcck- :l and the [Ire, gaining full head- ny, swept throng,]! Ihc enllTO iilldlny, v hlnh Witt 1 , divided into I'vcral suctions by brick walls. MIRE FOLK OFF Kec thul nieiliil? lieu Mao (Jlnrk. above, a niciu- lirjr nf Um I.CKlon of Honor— 1 hilly wood branch. That's Uic KL-lui'l m'oiiii of aclora who i.p- penr un lime. i':ir \vurk for a so I 111 svoclf. And Mail dill it. Hhe'H npposltt! .huneji Cacncy ici V.'iiruer'a new jiiclurc, 'TliiKOi' Man." TOSWJTIIE Texas Pastor Told Jones boro Will ,Not Perm! Him to Hold Revival. by Commissioner it rs clearly our . the state of Arkansas in Unite ^lute, supreme coi.n Novcmoer u; to collect Interest nnd "restore tr.e security of the bonds." If the injunction against the Arkansas treasurer is lifted, then. A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper 112 13 3-4 Negro Shotgun Victim Dies in Hospital Here Will Cushmnn. nearo, died at the Blytheville hospital yesterdav from a gunshot wound Inflicted Saturday night. The negro was shot In the ob- dcmen. According to reports he was participating In a crap game with n number of other negroes r.l a house near Steele. One of the group is said to have become incensed and left the house, rc- turnlne with a shotgun which he pointed through a door and fired nt random. Bethlehem SU el 271-2 Chrysler 38 5-8 Cities Service 21-4 Ccca Cola 95 General American Tank 28 General Electric . 18 1-2 18 1-8 General Motors 26 1--1 International Harvester 34 5-8 Middlewest Utilities — Montgomery Ward ...._.. 17 3-1 New York Central 283-4 Packard 33-4 Phillips Petroleum — 14 Radio Corp 6 3-8 Simmons Beds 153-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 3-8 Stnndard of N. J 40 1-8 Texas Co 24 as provided by the recent special fession of the legislature, Pennsylvania ns well as other states holding Arkansas bonds will be paid past Interest. Should the injunction be made permanent, then all highway funds In Arkansas will remain tied up until n final settlemet is made with holders of the $14,600,000 ot Arkansas road obllgallons. Attorney General Schnnder, In a lelegvam to Arkansas Attorney General Hnl H. Nonvocd. said: "The payment of interest is a :mall thing. What we want Tor the state of Arkansas to live up to Its agreement to liquidate its road bonds out of the high way fund." He said the pending suit is no primarily to force Arkansas lo pay Lying outside of district shoul vote in division where land is lo c.itcd." "Jonn B. Cnldwcll." Chairman Teijtison offered another resolution which fared beC- itr and carried unanimously, with the comment Shaver that duty under thj Inw". Ferguson's lesolutlon, reciting a general allegation of rumors of Intimidation, nt the commission on record as -iulgcd to keep individual voting ocords secret. Off! rials. Charged Last minute changes were made :i the; selection of election ofTic- «!.« in the third district at the eouest of Mr. Colemnn. He pro- f-sled that his race with J. Lan Williams, president of the levee board, was goinf to be "warn nough". and he didn't think that i mnn employ:;! by Williams or .he levee board should be an elcc- t'on official. Coleman protested appointment of Chester Dane- lower as a clerk and Dick Forbes r.s a Judge at Lnxora. He said Danehower *-ns a Williams' em- ploye and that Forbes worked for the levee toard. After some discussion the commission agreed to substitute Nick Lucas for Danc- Missing Girls Write, p • HIT . . iir >i '"'" 5 " u " ai wum aaying Not to Worry ; .ot tolerate you." U. S. Steel 38 1-21 interest, but to restore the sccur of Its tonls. New York Cotton Chicago Wheat open high low 89 1-4 90 1-2 87 1-4 NEW YORK, Oct. 30 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low 970 973 943 Dec Jan March May July Oct 981 997 100G 1015 981 897 1006 1015 1035 1035 1015 950 965 979 992 close 951 960 972 9B4 1004 1018 According lo the complaint ,'hich will be filed with the su pvcme court, It Is contended tha ,he "Arkansas legislature robbe [he motor fund which was secur i:y for the bonis." Spots closed, quid nt 910, off 5. close DtC 89 1-4 90 1-2 87 1-4 88 1-4 May 92 1-2 93 1-2 89 3-4 90 1-4 Jan March May open hiiih low close I July Chicaffo Corn New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 30 tUP)- Cotlon closed very steady. Dec Dec 47 1-2 May M 3-8 open high low 965 9S1 940 974 974 954 993 989 961 1000 1001 973 1012 1013 987 close 947 958 %9 983 098 4T7-8 « 5-8 45 1-4 Spots closed steady at 94fi, un&3 6-5 M I -a PT l<-3 changed. Officers in St. Louis, Memphis and Liltle Rock have been unable to locntc Elhel D.iri. Ifi-vcnr-oltJ ciniiRhter of Mr. and Mrs. Burl Dnrt. nnd Lystrn Brackln. 18-year- cld daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Brackiu, who disappeared Fri-|of day night. Lctlers, received ' this morning JONESBORO, Ark., Oct. 30 (UP —County officials: n walled n rep loday to a telegram Informli the Re\'. A. Rllcy Copclnnd o Wnco, Tcxns. Hint his propose u-vtvni here would not be "tole ited". In a message dispatched la U S. Enters World Gold Market ,in Effort to Boost Cnmmoditv Prices. Hv linitnl Th': United ' States nrranucd to- fluv to buv cold on tire, worlil mar- iet. a decision which created speculation nn weather development, in priMliloiil noospAjtll's campaign to 'raise commodity^ prices ny?h lend to -ftii lnternail«i«l.mon«fir! war. •*• - Strlnccni efforts were expcclei lo compromise any .threat of on currency nmonp th wcrlil financial powers—the Unit crl States. Orent Britain, am Frr>nce. Hill Mir dlvcrpent purnn'jes eultl IIIR econoinie [X>liclcs'of Ihc thre powers were: 1.—Tile United Etntcs Is (it templlnc tn raise commodity nrice bv iTepreclatln^ the dollar. Dccis Ion lo buv gold In the world mar kef- wns nn cxlcnllon o( last week' program to fix thn price of newl mined gold. 2.—France Is haltllm- lo keep on: (he noir] .stnndnrd. Whether she' be forced off despite her OIK- Member of Rum Craft Crew Wounded; Patrol Roat Badly Damaged; NEW LONDON, Conn., Oct. 30 (Ul.'l—The l-'niuccs. allegedly a rum numcr, wns sunk, nnd const Guard I'utrol No. 4M buil'v damaged today in n collision off Black Point, The patrol boat wns pursuing a second rum runner. One member of the Frances* crew, Chnrlcs Foster, wns critically woundc'il In heavy firing that followed the collision. Hum Boat Kams 404 The collision came without warning. Commander Henry Coyle ol the coast (junrd base told the Un- Hcd Press correspondent who went to the scene on a patrol boat, dls- . [juSr-ed ns n snilar. "The Frnnccs rammed 404 on the starboard side, plowing deeply Ho Ihc hull and leaving her In badly damaged condition," said 'oyle. The coastguard officers boarded lie Frances but could find no sign J life nnrl returned to their boat. Mennwhlle Coast Gunrd Patrol Baal No. 403 came upon the scene nd ns the 404 headed toward port he Frances, a 62-foot, tri-motor, iuiltlenly started to pull away. The patrol boats opened fire, vhich wns returned from Ihe Frances. Foster, according lo Coyle was wounded ns he climbed over the steel breast plates of the stricken rum ship. Crew Surrender* : The wounding of Foster resulted In the surrender of three other • members of the crew who were taken lo the base here. Foster was sent • to ft hoajHtal-iln- nv.'ciltlcal-' condition. Several sacks of liquor were taken from the Frances. . iThe 403 then turned her attention to the other rum ship," said Coyle, "but lost her due .to the delay over the Frances. When we returned to where the collision occurred the Frances wns gone hut we picked her up about a mile nwny near shore. She was near to slnklnc and finally did sink before we had a chnnce to transfer all her cargo." , . . . i i ,i uiiKiii. m: IUH.LU uil tu.^liln: IILI night Ihe minster was WW that , In rctalla- "an ovenvhennng majority of clt- Mon , izens do not want you nnd will 1 T',-e message -.vns signed by Mayor H. J. Hosier. Prosecuting At- . icrncy Denver L. Dudley. Sherllf Houston Johnso:i. Constable Joim Dodson and Police Chief W. C. Woman Injured as Car Hits Wagon Near Lepanto I.EPANTO. Ark. — Mrs. Judge Bnrtnsch, living In the StUlmnn retl lenient In Mississipnl county, near here, was severely Injured Saturday when the wagon in which she was returning from Lepanto to keep the pound down on! collided with a car belonging to nctivltv remained unanswered. 3.—Great Britain, with the nound sterltni! off Bold, hns been by. parents of both, which were postmarked niylheville, stated they v ore "going a\vay somewhere-" and "not lo worry". The letters, written Friday, were- not.'mailed until Rev. Dale S. Crow ley. pastor, with the dollar. Jonesboro iinplist Tabernacle,| fore leaving for Texas, announc-' that Rev. C'opeland would be- Die exchance to better her position In international trade. However, ttw pound shot upward In trndln? lodav and is now near par a revival Nr.vember C and continue it (lurlnj the pastor's a.b- Local officials said Informnlly that after their experience with yesterday, nnd it is assumed | me Rev. Joe Jcflers and the Rev. they were given someone • to beiMr. Crowlcy, both of whom came rested after the girls had lefl 1 ere from Texas, they were in- Elytheville. Ethel was a maid o« honor in MIC crowning of the football queen "t the football [inmc Friday night rnd Lvstra was n!<:o there. Since that time no one has seen them. 1-cwer and rbes. W. E. Allison for School Teachers Suffer Minor Hurts in Upset A group of Blytheville school tinchers received minor Injuries when their car turned over en i-oute to Jonesboro Saturday. Included in those who suffered oiulses and mlror cuts were Mrs. Rodney Banister. Mrs. Ed Hardln, Miss Mary Out'aw and Miss Mary Emma Hood. The teachers continued their trip after their car, which was not scr- imisly damaccd. had been pullec bsck on the road. They attended n teachers' meeting at Jonesboio. '0 A. Nf. to canvass returns of Ihe election. cllncd to take no further chances v/ilh Texas evangelists. (.'onelamJ nans WACO. Tcxns. Oet. 3(1 (UP) — ncv. A. Hllcy Copland, pastor sirce 1922 of the; Tabernacle. Bap- lljt church at Waco, declined lo comment loday on telegram Lepanto Citv Marshal Shoots Jail Visitor Mr. Nolan, also of the StHlman n"l(!hborhood, on the Lepanto- West Ridge rond. The wagon was thrown Into the ditch and caught flrc. 'All occupants of the wagon escaped injury except Mrs. Bar| tnsch nnd John Guest. The ear burned mi, the occupants escaping uninjured. I.EPANTO. Ark. — Lovd Smith. Tynmtn city marshal, wns at lib- ertv tndnv under n S500 aonear- nnce bond awaiting the outcome of bullet wounds sustained by Waller McMlnn. 25-yonr-o!d fnrni- er. In an enrounter with Srniih. Lake Citv Pastor Will Hold Revival The Rev. O. C. Copper, of Lake City, will begin an evangelistic „ „ meeting tonight at the Second McMlnn wns tnken lo the Bap- Baptist church which will continue McMlnn wns tnken lo Ilic Bap-1 M?t hosi'itnl nt Meniohis where I'or two weeks, fhs condition wns said lo be ser-j The song services nre lo b3 In lot's. '.charge of John R. Hulcy, of Jns- KI. Ala. f'f.m Jonesboro. Ark. which said Need Not Be Qualified Klcclnrs | .., LITTLE ROCK.—Residents of the I tl-c proposed revival he had plan- Anothcr protest was voiced by C"leman against nppointment ot Rtt Frasier as sherifT of Uie elcc- t : on nt Pace's More. Substitution of c. C. Trby ill his stead was finally agreed upon after Commissioner Shaver had declared himself flatly against any further revision of the list of officials Shaver said he had suggested the ninority group nt each bos, that :ic didn't want "one side to have it all" and If further revision v.-as sought ho would ask that the entire list be discarded and a new one picked. The balidl whs closed with no new- candidates added. As completed It Included, the following candidates: Clinton Caldncll and L. G. Byerley, first district; C. C. L-f.ngston and Joe Pride, second t.istrict; J. L. Williams and Char- Its R. Colcm.m. third district; Charles lowrance, Jr., fourth dts- trict; Lex Nicholson nnd G. L Stimnn, fifth district. The election commission will meet at Osceola November 10 fit eight counties in which the St. Francis Levcc District, lies arc no', required to be qualified electors under the general election laws to IK eligible to vote in the election November C for selection of members of the l.evcc Board. Attorney General Hal L. Norwood held Saturday In response U> an inquiry from a board member. The attorney general said the lnw governing the district election provides that any "resident of the county owning real estate In the district shall be entitled to one vote In tlw county of residence.' and that no other qualifications are required. He snlrl a provision requiring that candidates for director must own nt least -10 ncres In the district docs not apply to voters. Former owners of real estate which has been sold under execution would not be entitled to vote on the basts of ownership of such land, the attorney general held. led would not be "tolerated". The Waco pastor said h,- would telegraph n reply lo the Jonesboro :ficln!s late loday. According lo Marshall McMinn approached him nn the """•"el with the request that Mc- Mlnn be allowed to vlsl' fh« Jill to see a friend there. Smith accompanied McMinn to the Jail and saw Mr-Minn hand two holtle of linuor to the prisoner. Hie marshal said. When the marshal placed Mc- Mlnn under arrest, the fnrmcr resisted, and several blows were Mnrck. the officer said. When Meat Eskridfje's Home Min " clinched In on effort to trrl j the officer's pistol, the marshal opened fire. The Rev. J. fj. Ncwsom. pastor, 5,-ill assist in Ihe meeting which vlll be featured with the singing (••( familiar s.'jngs and _ gospel preaching. ! Officers Find Liquor Wilder Eskrtdge, North Sixth street resident, was nrrcs'.cd by police over the week-end on a charge of Illegal possession of Intoxicating liquor. Officers found n gnllon of liquor at Eskricige's home, they reported. Eskrldge wns last nrrMled by police on July 4th on n similar charge. He entered n plen of guilty. Fanless Fan Dance Fools Fan Dance Fans Incorporate Farm Co. LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—The Cotton Farms Company of Blytheville. with a capitalization of $10,000 In answer lo another question.]has filed articles of incorporation he said names of candidates for | with the secretary of slate. Fred director cannot be written in on;Field of Marshall. Mo.. Jaync Half Moon Child Dies the ballot, tlie_law requiring that candldalcs must, qualify nnd pay a »1Q ballot fee. White, G. L. White and E. P. Fry of Dlythcville nre the iucorpora- lors, MOBILE. Ala.. Oct. 30 (UP) — 'Rose of the Sahara's" fun dance minus fan, nt the Mobile county fair, was more than City Detective Malcolm While could tolerate Investigating, white found tha' "Rose" answered to the name of Bud Valler. from Wisconsin, and that his act was n coll"^al h "->\' on fan dance lovers of Mobile county. There was an arrest and bond of $25 posted but Vnller never bothered to answer the chnrge and Ihe bond wns forfeited. "Rose" or Bud had had quite a run before the law stepped In, at that, Russell Hudg'ns. 16-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hud- nins, died nt 8:30 o'clock Saturday night nt the family home near Halt Moon. His death was attributed to colitis. Funeral services were held Suni\y afternoon at the home with the Rev. Louis Shultz officiating. Irterment was made nt No'th Sawba cemetery. The L, G. Moss Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his parents, four sisters, and a brother. WEATHER Arkansas — Fair tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Tuesday. The maximum temperature" here ' yesterday was 82, minimum 50, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observer,

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