The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1968
Page 3
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Bljtlwvflle (Ark.) Courier Newi — Monday, April IS, 19W —PagtThnil ' - ,.,•'.-. • • .--.• Youth Bypassing : (First to a Series.) By TOM TIEDE NBA Staff Writer (NEW YORK - (NBA) For more than a century and a half the laws of this land'have prescribed that "growing up" be a physical and mental process lasting 18 to 21 years before legal and lasting maturity is earned. : • ^Generally speaking, the enforcers 'of the laws (anyone over -21) have felt them fair, necessary and continuingly relevant, in an orderly society. But the subjects of the laws have dissented. The subjects (anyone under 21) have felt the regulations asinine, absurd and hopelessly archaic. ^Complaints from 'the yourig have thus been recorded for generations. Scarlet-faced -kids have poked numberless fists into the air in the midst of passionate r.hetoric over their rights, their plights and their places in the world. Unfortunately for the youths, few of their fathers have been listening. Traditionally most preoccupied adults have found all of this kid stuff rather dull. "Don't ea 11 me no damn kid. I'm more adult than most adults I know." Lower the voting age? .Shrug. . End the draft? Ho hum. Liberalize sex laws? Hoo, boy. For decades kids have taken their complaints to the adults, and for just as long'been ignored. They now feel they've hollered and screamed in vain. "If doesn't do any good to ask adults for anything," grumbles one 15-year-old student in Columbus, Ohio. "All they do is smile at us, and then build another one of those silly teen centers or something." , Thus it is that the kids of this country" •. have gotten the message. Some of them anyway. They seem to have decided that the best world is the adult world ... and so many of this breed are trying to grow THE PENSION POPULATION Rotoorf Federal Stafe, L-ocol. Primta i MILLIONS Of WORKEB 50 20 I Prime Pension Pious <••!•• State and locol Gownment Employe! •••• federal Employ** tm^m Railroad Retirement Sjvtem 1940 1945 1950 1955 1960 The number of active ond retired workers under private and government pension plans in 1966 (latest year for which figures are available) jumped more than 1.9 million —by far the biggest increase in more than 10 years, according to Institute of Life Insurance statistics. Figures do not include Social Security. Private plans of all types accounted for more than 70 per cent of the 1966 gain. A bout. 42 million persons, or nearly half of the nation's civilian work force, are now enrolled in pension plans, which means.the number of persons covered has doubled since the early 1950s. A Health Report From at STOP PLAYING WITH ARTHRITIS Some day, a cure will be found for Arthritis, a disease which GO far baa evaded the efforts .of thousands, of, research, workers, who are try- In; to solve ' this universal problem. Stop trying every new pain reliever > advertised by the medicine men who apparently promise much in their ads and television commercials. Analyze what they say and you can MO they definitely offer yon little help. Place yourself in your physician's care. Visit htm at the regular intervals he suggests. Let him prescribe the medicines he thinks will do you the most good. He is an expert. YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE US when yon need a medicine. Pick op your prescription if chopping nearby, or we will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great many people entrust us with their prescriptions. May we compound and dispense jours? WALGREEN AGENCY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Ph. PO 3-4507 Blyth«vUl« up all at once. '•' To hell with the 18 to 21 year's! They want instant maturity. Says A. A. 'Seretny, a Connecticut high school principal: "The thing ,that upsets me the most about kids today is that somewhere along the line they have lost the desire to live the happiest years of their lives. "They don't seem interested any more in those carefree experiences of the teen-age years the first date, the first kiss and all those little things which mattered to other kids of other generations. "Instead, today the young pe&f pie just get to a certain age, maybe 24 or so, and then, boom! They start acting as grown-up people. They start being mature adults without the experience that should go along with it." Indications of Seretny's judgment are widely evident, ''In, big cities and small, urban and suburban, teen-agers are increasingly using all of the vehicles of adulthood to gain whatever end they feel they deserve. ' In. Connecticut, several students are expelled from school for having "bushy hair." Do they leave quietly? They do not. They organize a public relations campaign and gain the support of newspapers and citizens. In New York City, a high school girl is told-not to wear "tight suggestive slacks" In class. She snubs the warning and calls upon lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union to plead her case in court. In the South, young Negroes risk public abuse and even injury to demand better educations, better job opportunities and.better tomorrows. In the Southwest, high school- ers of Latin-American ; descent organize militant movements to force the nation to give back allegedly "confiscated" lands. And all wer the nation, young 18- artd 19-year-old people are taking any and every measure (even; flight: to other countries) to, as one of them says, -'Preserve, my '.right to live in..peace, rather than, die somewhere in Vietnam." The examples are .endless and ever multiplying. Moreover; most illustrations of .the teen-age trend toward instant maturity are not even formally recorded today, because most illustrations do not entail boycotts or court actions. Most are simply private matters. . Take sex. In New 'H a v e n, Conn, an educator was recently counseling a white girl .about being "continuously surrounded by male Negro companions." She told him, "I'll go to bed with who I want." Or take drugs. Many metro- politan (and some suburban) high schools of the day'Have resident "pushers." A Washington, D. C... student, 16, says: "Most kids buy their g r a § s (marijuana) with their lunch money." Or take parental respect. Some sociologists feel that teenage displeasure with their parents has gone beyond just the normal "gap" that forms in most families.' A harder view is that today's fully, aware youngster actually may hold serious contempt for parental f a ti-11 s, such as bigotry and pomposity. Take any critical issue of the day, in fact, and you find that kids, • or young people, or call them what you will, are exerting a remarkably'grown-up influence-of their own. They may act wrong. But- they act. High school English teachers report four-letter words are now common in student compositions. Parents say some kids are offering to pay board and room at home. Ministers say some opertly disagree even with God. . They smoke and drink freely. They have remarkable commercial power. They come and go as they please. Their names and photos fill all.publications Instant maturity. don't even raise my hand an4 Science Shrinks Painful Hemorrhoids Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Finds Way That Both Relieves Pain and Shrinks Piles In Most Cases New York, N.Y. (Special): Science has found a special formula with the ability, in most cases—to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching and relieve pain. In case after case doctors proved, while gently relieving pain; actual reduction (shrink- ago) took place. The secret is Preparation H®. There is no other formula for hemorrhoids like it. Preparation H also soothes irritated tissues and helps prevent further infection. Inointmehtorsuppositoryform. "You know what I don't even ask the teacher if I can go comes, I just get up and go.'iii Y^our Choice 3 DIAMOND PRINCESS RING Or 3 DIAMOND DINNER RING 3 Brilliant diamonds set in the newest 10-KT. Gold mounting:. SAVE AT DREIFUS' LOW PRICE EASY TERMS! Delia's Mohawk Carpet Brings You AMAZING CARPET OUTDOOR and it's made of famoyi BE* ^approvedfor outdoor use mi * "" UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICED AT SO. YD. Real carpet, to enrich your living room. Only it can go outside in snow, rain, brightest sunshine. This new Acrilan® acrylic carpet fiber pile magically resists water, stains, spills of any kind; solution dyed colors are locked-in for life. Here's true beauty you cant tell from higher priced, stay-in-the-house carpet. Come sec "House 'n Garden" carpet by Mohawk today. No mopping! No scrubbing! 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