The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on October 14, 1841 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1841
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u ' ' . ' ' ' - Ay..-. . I -4 N v . -y n x . --r - - - r ! if I ; r --- tzz ( - i i i i r y x - i a r s , r r 'X r r v ' "Zi r . --- 7im-i, v t-r- - -w - i sw , i p- - -- I "V if. i i - ii. ii - - i ii i v 3Li:iE V; NEW ORLEANS, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 14, 1841. f NUBIBER 223. ? U ft L 1 S II B l E VE R y D A Y y ' T- - (MOHDAY2 EXCIPTKD) a-A- . Ay 2.uf,i3Dprj; ecwdai.1. & co. CARDS. -W. D. GORDAN & CO. SXCUANGU BUO It E K 8, . . Vicksburc, (Mis.) april 18 4tf L.Oi4 A; - - rjpPER.TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKERS, v , Ko.819 TchoupitouUg street. fob 28 j X SCOTT. " T. B. J. UIOLET. " ' Itiw IVatice. SCOTT & HADLEY, v ATTORNEYS AT LA IV, -j i " lloubton.Ttxas A. C. FULTON. BUILDER. Comer of SxzetteKad St. Tkonuu ttreeU, ,' 13 prejiarad to exftcto rvery descriptioa of wqrk tn bu liue with denpatch, and at price to suit tba t.u. - - ' ";; :, - " ' my r. j&URST ' WILLIAM A. BECCUKV , Ourat & needier. OLESALE GltOCERS, COMMISSION AND - FORWAKlLG MERCHANTS, juiialO --- J'v' ret, V Orleans i jll.VarONE, DREYER & TROWBUIDGE, 'AUCTIONEERS,, NO. 63 MAIN ST T. tons, MIBSOORI.) ZT Cash dvaneed on couiignmenU. rj 1 a ,reat for the above houoe may be found at the :f room of E. W. Bronsou, Esq., No. 39 New up stain. , tee Abijoh Fitk, Esq; E. W. Brouson, Esq. Gilbert II urd Jt Co. - - N. Orleans. Koiiolst; Hackney & Co. Taylor fc Dunvao,' ) 6m . V. SQl.'IRKS. " ' COMZltSSION.MEROHAlTF, - No. 9. Front Levee, - fc'-r - Newt Orleans. iioisra. Flower & Finleyt N Orloanal - Hon. II. JoJinson,' Ascension. . Hon. G.S. Guion, Lafourche. V -. V. Taylor, Esq. Aisunaption.' - . - ! A. Laforest, Tbibadoux. - B. Wiacbekter, Esq. St. James. "-" oot27 tf . DiL. ABERNKTHVS DETJlRGENT. THB ou!y infallible remedy ever discovered for the effectual cure of the secret diteases. Its Liiiirersal success, which ia no instance has ever failed, has warranted it to cure, in 43 hours, the most desperate aud inilauimatory cases, in all thair stages. This melicin ba been and is so generally known, that auy further recommendation would be entirely Hselest For sale only at 11 Magazine street. . ciy 22 6m ' '. - ' - GEO. VV. SMITH, SURGEON DEVTI3T, From Philadelphia, . - - HAVING returned from th North, has located himself permanently at the corner of Carmide-ct and He vis streets, where be will be pleased to attend to professional engagements. . References in New Orleans. Jacob Wilcox, Esq. - Cuthbert Bullitt, Esq: T.AUeaClark&Co. ilenry Locke tt, Esq. . Dr. Lozeaberg. Dr.Duncaa. --aov 13 tf " Dr. Barnes. Dr. E. J. Coxe, Henry L. Bennet, Esq. E. Hyde, Juiu, Esq. Coxe Sc. Macpberson, John P. isbct, Esq,' STEAMBOAT AND FAMILY OIL STORE. 1 rpHE ftnddrsijrned have formed a co-partnershpi 1 under the firm of CLAPP & HERRICK, and kave taken Store No. 74 Canal street, nearly opposite St. Charles street, where they will always keep so assortment of the best Sperm Oil and Candles for ' i-.i.inlir At aamKnli m n.t rnmillM s Tbey have made arrangements for receiving their supply from the best manufactories in the country, . and are prepared to warrant all - the oil they sell to be perfectly pure and to burn without crusting the . ,'T If r"l 11D ' aarH ly E. W. HERRICK f r klank hooks or any oe-scriptiou .made to order, and ruling to auy pattern. Bank Books of all kinds printed, ruled and bound to order. t - Mats and Plans pasted on linen, mounted and vat-nisiied in tfie neatest manner. - BoojTs rebound in plain or fancy style. To merchants and others who wish work in tbis line, entire satisfaction may be expected, and . at moderate . - . feb4f niunuia nf thai Kv. - ; TiR. GUSTINE. OCULIST, has retarned to his he attends to Diseases of tba Eye and imperfections of. vision aly.'- For the professional abilities of Dr. Gitftiue, the following may not be uniutcrestiag to tliase requiring1 his services . - ' - . . . . New York, Oct. 9, 1833. ' Dr. Gustine beiiur about to leave this city with a view of engaging M professional business in ftew Orleans or else whese, it gives me pleasure to state, ' tii it having known him for many years past, during which time I have been one of his instructors, and he bas enjwed very ample means of aeqnring, particularly uniurgery and diseases of the eye, a practi-cal acquaintance in his profession,'1 Ace. ALEX. H. STEVENS, M. D, - Emeritus Prof. Clinical Surgery, and one of the Sargeonsof the New York IIospitaL ' ; - - New York, Oct. 6, 1838. It cives ma tleasnre to state that 1 have known Dr. " -.....'- .2 i i . v...a k;n? M.4 n . 1 ...... t m .aii .a pi, nvnraicinn Tin rr i rn . -ar:y to the diseases of the eye, andSBo one could have 1 ... . . 1 1 . . - tlie diseases of that organ, fec tte. - - ALBANG. SMITH, M.0- . : 1 Prof. Surgery in the College of Phys. and Surg. references t . Bover'y Chew, Eaq., J . Leonard Slattliews, Eq . - Airurs. uaminacK . tvin-oia, . c w nrln. . - 1. 1 . . . . . . " '. " - Bcirno fe Burnside, . ' I " . Toole &Barricre, - J , almost to defy detection ' dee 1 tf .-".,-. vw ' r AT aj Skf itn tj W v !' r From Philadelphia,' - , - - r ESPECTFULLY tenders bis projessional ser-V vices to tbe ladies and erentlemen of New Orleans, and strangers visiting the city. . 11 in? permanently located himself, he will at all tun b found at his ofSce, No." 109 Bironne street, opposite Messra. Fre'ret's Cotton Press. in regard to bis professional' capacity, ho begs leave to refer to the following credentials : -, " "Mr. Geo. W. Bioron, having undergone a regular I coarsa of study in Dental Surgery with me, and for tbe nsst f!v von r. nratiiuYl his nrnfpasiiin with ron- ' idrable success, it is with confidence I recommend him to my friend and the public as a skilful dentist." ; J. BIRKEY.'Suranou Dentist; Phila. Philadelphia, Sepiember 7, 183a " To gentlemen wkh whom I am acquainted, I take treat pleasure ia introducing Mr. Geo. W. Bioren, of rtuiadelDhia. as a areutlcniaa ormte?rirv and renMet. abln. nrnfrisiiiaiiHl aeouirements. As a Devtist. I rn poseguch confidence in h's skill snd practice, that I bave alwavs, 'where profhssional services were re quired, employed bim. J. R. BURDEN, M. D." .' Speaker of Senate, Pennsylvania, nurrisburf , Pa., Jan. ?0, 1835. - ." . ' Mr. Geo. W. Biorun, being about. to leave the city in tbe prosecution of his irrofesbional pursuits. ,' as practitioner of Dentittry, we. the subscribers, re- commend uim as a gentleman 01 integrity, ana com FMint to operate on the teeth. - ' T . TIIOS. C. JAMES, M. D. . SAWL. GEO. 5IORTON, M.D. Philadelphia. Nov. 4,1833.' ' , - - . ' Refcrtncts in iV Orlimna ; - v Lociu C. DrxcAN, Esa.".: . -j; ; Maj.Jos.A. Beard," - . V - ; Messrs. Caldwell & Hicket. - nor 18 . ,n NAVAL STORES. r - 'PAR, &o 2t)fbh!s .Tr - - ' r'lo.. Pitch - . ' PiClESTLY & BEIV. - - p r.ces. MEDICAL CARDS. Coxe Mncpherson's , COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COPAIVA, SARSA- r PA RILL A AND CUBEliS. IN this preparation the great and long-dvsired object is at length attained, of forming a remedy, certain in its effects, and so entirety free from all nauseating and repulsive properties as to b perfectly acceptable to the most delicate stomnch. Being in the form of a paste, anJ put up iu boxes of a convenient size, it is extremely portable, uud therefore especially adapted to travellers. Ample directions accompany each box. Prepared aud for sale Only by COXE & MACPHERSON, Druggists, all 3m in No. 21) Camp straeU Important. V B. FOSGATE'j ANOOINE CORDIAL, A Safe and Effectual Remedy for Diarrhcea, Cholera Morbus, and Summer Complaint gmtrally. THIS invaluable cure for tbe above complaints surpasses any other remedy now. in tli country. Hundred of caes bave come to the knowledge of the proprietor, where a ispcedy cure has been effected by tbe one of tbe Co. dial, after the bc&t ctiorti of the most skillful physicians, aud a resort to the common remedies bad proved unavailing. It bus been extensively used throughout this .State, and elsewhere, during the Iat twelve years; ban been approved, and is used in practice by a gret number of tbe most respectable physicians in the country, as may be seen by their certificates and recommendations accompanying the same. This medicine is discovered to be a certain and effectual remedy for the intestine diseases produced by drinking the wutcrs of the rivers in the southern and south-western States, which renders it of inestimable value to those who reside or travel iu thoe sections of tha country. For sale by II. BONNABEL, Agent, Corner of Natchez aud Tchoupitoulas streets. aug 12 ly SOUTHERN TONIC, PREPARED by Coster Si Coxe, Montgomery. Ala. This justly celebrated VeyeLible Febrifuge has won for iuelf a character for reul uefuli.Bs us a family and plantation medicine, which no other preparation ever before attained. It has proved u certain, I 1 f - 1 y ; 1 "uu ij:uy remcuy ior ague ana iuvcr, jaunuicc and night sweats; has performed wonderful cures in cases of general debility and weakness, when the stomach bas lost its tone and vigor, aud the bowels their energy and healthful actiou ; and to putieutr convalescing from the debilitating diseases of our climate it hum teuded to reclaim tho die&tive functions and brace up tbe system. Tbe Southern Tonic is free from mercury, arsenic, aud all other baneful cur-roding minerals, and is, as it, entirely veg etable, and may be prescribed for children with entire safety. For sale, wholesale and retail, by MORGAN & CO., 17 Canal street. certificates. Prom the Mayor of the city of Columbus, Ohio. Mi Sirs. Coster & Coxe Gentlemen: During two years I witnessed the use of your Southern Tonic iu many cases of ague and fever, as well as iu cases ef general debility and weakness, when all other prescriptions bad been exhausted and have never known it to fail but iu one instance and then but a pnrt of a bottle had been used. I have unlimited confidence in it. , P. II. Oivteo, Mayor. From one of the largest planters in Alabama. Vernon, A u?ut, 1840 Gentlemen I have used jour Southern Tonic in my family ever since iu first introduction, with, the most happy effects in every instance. Your respectfully, - ' Jno. P. Dejarnctte. From tho Rev. II. W. Ui'dlard. Montgomery May 19, 1911. Gentlemen I take great pleasure in say ing that 1 regard your Southern Tonic as superior to any preparation which I bave ever used for a restorative under debility, and a preventive of the ague and fevei so common to our climate. IL W. Hillcard. may396mdw S Tcept a lies. THE following Sweepstakes are now open to come off over the Louisiana Course, New Orleans, the Fall Meeting of 1841. sweepstakes for all ages, for A SPLENDID SILVER VASE, Valued at $-2000. No. 1. We, tbe subscribers, agree to run a Sweepstakes for all ages, (Sarah Bladen aud Grey Medoc excepted.) fteight for age, sub. $100 each, P. P., to be added to the Silver Vase, given by the Proprietor, ou tha first day of the Fall meeting, 1841, over the Louisiana Course, three mile heatx, the winner to receive the stakes and plate. The stake to close the 25th August, 1841, and each subscriber to mine his nomination at 4 o'clock, P. M.. on the Course to the Proprietor, the day preceding the race. Now ten subs. L Thos. Watson, 6. D. F. Reiner, 2. Hugh L. French, 7. J. B. Pryor, 3. J. H. Parrott, 8. A. D. Oliver, . 4. Fergus Duplantier, ' 9. D. I. Hamilton, 5. Jobn G. Shegog, 10. A. Fox. No. 2. Same Day Sweepstakes . for 3 yr. olds Spring of 1811, that never won a race to tbe firct of November, sub. $200 each, $50 ft., mi!a heats, four or more to make a race. To close 90th OcL No. 3. Sweepstakes for 5 yr. olds Spring IS II , sub. $300 each, $100 It, mile beats, four or more to make a race. To close 25th Aug. No. 4. Sweepstakes for 3 yr. olds. Spring 1841, sub-$150 each, $100 ft., two mile beau, four or more to make a race. To close 25th Aug. Not 5. Sweepstakes for 3 yr. olds Spring 1841, sub. $10C0cach, $100 ft., two mile heats. To name and close20tb Oct. Now eight subs. 1. Abner Robimon, . 5. D. F4 Rentier, " 2. Austin Woolfolk, C R. H. Harrison, ' 3. J. H. Parrott, 7. A. D Oliver, 4. J. B. Pryor, . " 8. J.Roswcll. The Proprietor flatters himself the SI 000 Sweepstakes, now 8 subscribers, will close ith 18 to 0 subs. spring meeting, 1842. J C. PURSE $1000, with an inside stake of $500 No. 1. We the subHcribcrr, agree to run an iaide Stake, four mile heats, free for all ages. Spring Meeting 1812, over the Louisiana Course, null. $500 each, P. P., to be added to tho Jockey Club Purseef $1000. A subscriber winning tho-race-to receive the stake and purse. Four or more to make a race. To namo and close 0th Jan., 1842. By let. ter, to the Secretary of the Louisiana Jockey Club, or to tho Proprietor, New Orleans, La., who will present to the winner of the tuke, to a non-resident of Mississippi or Louisiana, a piece of silver plate, value $200, or tbn mouey, at the option of the winner. No entrance money will lie received by the Proprietor from a subscriber to the inside st&ke. No.S. Sweepstakes for 3 yr.oltls, Spring 1841, snb $1000 each, b. fL, four mile beat, to coiue off t lie ecoud Wednesday in March, 1842, four or more to make a race. To c!os 20th Jan. next. - No. 3. Sweepstake for 3 yr. olds. Spring 1841, sub. $1000, b. ft-, three mile heats, four or more to make a race, to come off tbe secwud day .of the Spring Meeting-. 1842. To close 20th Jan., next. Gentlemen wishing to subscribe to all or either ef the above stakes, will please send their nominations to tbe Secretary of the Louisiana Jockey Club, New Orleans,' La. - GREAT PROOCCE STAKE, FALL 1843. We, the subscribers, agree to run a Produce Stake with colts and fillies, dropped. Spring, 1840, over the Louisiana Course, near New Orleans; La., four. mile beats, on the firtt day of tbe Jockey Club Meeting on said Course, the Fall of 1843, sub. $5000 each, $1000 ft., three or more to make 'a race. If a subscriber's colt or fiily dies, no forfeit to be claimed. To close 1st day of Jan. 1842. - ; . SUBSCRIBERS. 1 Isaac Van Leer nnmea produce of Janetteand Eclipse. ' ' ' '.- 2, R. H. Long names produce of Ringlet and Marion. -. 3. Henry A. Taylor names produce of Hortenso and Imp. Leviathan. 4. John J. Barton names produce of Black Sophia and Stockholder. - 5, James lankford names produce s of MuItiSora and Imp. Leviathan.. . " The Iuisiaua Fall Race will commence the first Wednesday the I?t day of Docember, IS il. r O The dutancpf ?!)4 purses will be niadenowB in due time. .'.. - , LITERARY NOTICES. DIGEST OF THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF LOUISIANA, Br Hon. II. A. Blllard anu Thomas Curry, Esq. MUIE uiidersignoJ t:ike graat pleasure in iuforin X ing the Bar of this St:? ard the public in general, that the manuscript of 'tbo Digest of the c'tatule Laws of tho stute of Louisiana has been put in their hands, that it has gone into press and vtil be ready for delivery in Noveniber next. The publishers do not think it necessary to iiinke any comments upon the provable merits of this work, the names of the authors bvin asullirieiit guarantee for ns worth, und will only add that nothiuir will be neglected on their part to render the execution adc-quute to the intrinsic value thereof. - Tbe publishers huve dcemi d it necessary and expedient to print this Dip eft iu Now Orleans, iustend yf Laving it done at much leis expcnM iu the North, iu order to afford to the authors a full opportunity to superintend its publication. Tho Kiibscrnii.n lu-t to this valuuble work is now open at the store of E. JOHNS & CO., Publishers, Corner of SL Charles and Coinuiou streets. juneSy 3in SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW. f"N order to meet the wants und wishes of this com ' inunity, and of tbe entiro 5outli, the subscribers propose to publish ia the city of New Orleans, and Miiiii'laueoukly in the other principal cities of the toulheru States, aud in Texas, a SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW, of the usual .ize of such penod:cau, in which the interests of the South, as a distinct branch of the' American Confederacy, shall bo maintained, and all leading questions, political ami commercial beuriug upon those interests, shall We discuxcd, and the great cause of learning and letters iu the south Miall be promoted ly original articles (in the form of Reviews) on toiiics of literary interest to our whole country and the present age-No article." dicn.-iiir religious subjects of a party or sectarian character, will be adihiseublc. Terms, 10 per annum, payable in advance. Communications, lor the preeut, to be addressed, post paid, tn James Ri.cbie, K-xj., Clinton, La., and articles intended for the first iuiuber, to be furnished by the 1st of October next. U"Editors at the .South favorable to the object will confer a special favor bv repuhlifchinr the foregoing. "D. K. WHITAKER, may 11 JAMES RITCHIE. THE LOUISIANA LAW JOURNAL rtHIS JouruuT, of which the first number is in the -1 haudu of tbe public, and the secend number of which is now ia pres aud will appear in the course of the present month, has already an extensive circulation, and the number of subscribers is daily increasing. Tbe following letter of the Honorable Joseph Story will enable the public to form ;ome opinion of the estimation it is held in abroad. E. JOHNS &. CO., Publishers. Cambridge, July II, 1841. D Sir I hare just had the pleasure of receiving the fiist number i.f tho I. ouioiaoa Law Journal, which you have so ohljjingly sent me. I hail it as an important addition to our periodical literature, and coming from that part of lliw Union whose jurisprudence presents th most valuable means of improving the science of the coinuiou law. Tho u umber abounds witii materials of great public utility ; and I hope you will allow me to say that the task of the editor has been performed with signal ability, learning, candor and sagticity. Tbe work deserves iu every view, professional u well as pul lie, patronage; and 1 earnestly hop that it may recoive it to the full exter.tof its merits, whkh given very strong title to claim it. 1 shall direct your aeuts, Ms-srs. Little St. Brown, of Boston, toeousidt-r tho Dane Law College a mb-criber, to lh:U all our st-idruts may have an opportunity to st.idy an J pro:t by it. 1 ouht nlso to return you my th.-ir.ks for the kind and favorable manner in which you have reiewed my work on the Conflict of I.nwf. It is not indeed all lb it I ilciro or would uim ut, but it in ail thnt my crowded occupations and preoi.ig duties would ul lowr me It'ifjre to prepare for tbe tuoof the junior iueinhers ot the bar. 1 uin, with the highest respect truly, YouroLliged frieud anil serv't, JOSEPH STORY. Gustavus Scbipidt, Esq., New Orlcaun. a5 NAT I V K A SlKlTlC A N M EC 1 1 A X I CS SOCIETY. JrWhercns, the objects intended in the formation of the Native American Mechanics' Society were be-uevi.leuce and the advancement of met-hai'ieal arts aud scieuce.s, and the formation and establishment oil a permanent basis of an Apprentices' Library, whereby the mechauical yeuth ot our city will be enabled to pain much iiee-.-:iry and valuxbio information; and whereas the Sciety, iu ennsequencj of the short time since its funibilioii, have b.'en un:dle to procure tho uecesstiry means for that object, and believ-hig that we shall be enabled, through the kindness of our fellow citizens, to carry out our iutentions Tuercfro, , Beit Resolved, That a committee of nine members be appointed by tbe President to procure subscription or donations of books f.r the puqid-e of carrying out the foregoing object, and the Society respectfully solicit that our folluw citizens will aid the committee in their undertaking. Bo it furtucr Resolved, That the foregoing prearo-blo and resolutions be published, and all persou feeling disposoil to contribute in donations, of books or otHei-K-iae, will receive the thanks of this Society. Committco of uiue to receive subscriptions and donations.' Benj. Casev, . II. Lathrop, i N. Richards, . D. Sidle, . S.Miller, F. Quick, . . R.Douglas, J. llowelh- J. II. Busbe. - Extracts of the minutes of the meeting of the 21st June, 1841. A. D. CROSSMAN, President. A. II. CLAYTON, Sec'ry. j J4,f ACADEMY AND HIGH SCHOOL. FOR YOUNG LADIES St. Louis, (No.) Fifth, near Market tt. THE fi t!i academical year o this institution commences on Monday, the 7t!i of September next. The undersigned will, for tho future, occupy a new, large aud commodious house, which they have had erected, at very uousi.'erable expense, on Fifth street, oppoMt the new rresbytcriail caurcli, perhaps one of the most eligible and healthy situations in St. Louis. The building obtains, besides the necessary accommodations ior the family, a dining roomSrtfoct in length, school room CC hy 42 feet, dormitory 42 feet Ion?, infirmary, spare chamber, Ac. Thus I hey will be able to accommodate from 25 to 30 young ladies with hoard and lodging, who wilt always be under the special care of a principal both in and out of doors. With he smue unremitting attention to our duties, an heretofore, we hope to merit the continuance of liberal patronage from a generous and enlightened pulilic. ai3 P. jHAURO A DAUGHTERS. GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, KY.. . THIS Institution, has a full nnd efiicient corps of instructors, under the Presidency of Rev. Howard Valcolm, .Al M. It bos two regular courses of-study. The Clasicsl. or full course, is the same as nt Yale College, except MutbeiiinticiS in which the West Point course is pursued. This course occupies four years. The Scientific, or English course embraces all the studies of the regular classer, except the Lhtin and Greek language, and occupies three years. There is connected u ith tbe college a Pre-psratory Department, in nhich those" not fitted for either course may prepare themselves. -. The price of tuition in College Proper is $40 per annum. -j. Do. in Preparatory Department. $20 to $30 do. Board, including, fuel, light, room rent, servants attendance, eccVia from $1C2 50 to $125 per annum, exclusive of vacations. " : ' - Georgetown is 12 miles north of Lexington, on the tympike to Cmcinnnti, and 16 from Frankfort, ou the turnpike to Maysville. : The next scrsion commences Angust 58, 1841. The Louisriite Journal, Natchez Courier and New Orleans Picavune will please copy the above every other week, to the amount of $3,-and charge this office. Louisville Advertiser. . - al7 . STEPHENS' TRAVELS IN SOUTH AMERICA. INCIDENTS . OF TRAVEL IN CENTRAL AMERICA, . CHIAPAS AND YUCATAN s by John L, Stephens, author of IncidenU of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Pet raja and tbe Holy Land,"" illustrated by numerous engravings, ia 2 vols. 8vo. ' Just received and for stile by - - NORMAN, STEEL" & CO.. ' " a23 3tcod ' , . No. 14 Camp street. '" COrPER 8THXS AND WpRJia alwttys on hsjsd .CARDS. FOR SALE, COMPLETE FILES of the 44 WEEKLY PICAYUNE from Vol. 3 to VoL 4, say for 1840. Apply at No. 72 Camp street. fob 17 dawtf Merle, ISeylle As Ce. General Commission and Forwarding Merchants, No. 30 Common street. mar 31 John A Merle...: J. E. Bevlle....Wm DelaRub WILLIAM L POINDEXTER, ATTORNEY AT LA IP, WILL practice in tha District Courts far tha Parishes of Concordia, Madison, and Carroll. Address Natchez Poetotfice. ap 23 liudfcwtf " B. F. TANKERSLEYi ATTORNEY AT LAW, HOUSTON, TEXAS. .Referent ."pM New Orleans feh 17 James Love, Galveston, dawtf JNO. EGEXTOlf. JAS. L. WIBRAY. EGERTON &CO., UXCHAPfOK BROKERS, 27 CAMP STREET, NEW ORLEANS. !L7 Bills of Exchange, Gold, Silver, Stocks, Un. current Money and Promissory Notes negociated. mar 5 lydiw . - TO PLANTERS AND PHYSICIANS. riMIE subscribers beg leave to call the attention of JL- planters and physicians to thair stock of fresh Drugs and Medicines, which they are constantly, receiving from Europe and tbe North, aud which they guaraatee to be genuine aud of superiot quality. . SICKLES St. CO., Drugeists, ap 12 lyw 40 Caual street. , PLANTATION FIRE ENGINES, ENGINE Force Pumps and Engine and Steamboat Hose. During "the aubscrilier's ubseuce from the city Messrs. Richardson, Waterman and Wood will attend to the sale of tbe above articles,Tor any of which purchasers are requested to call on thvm at No. 47 Camp street. j23 daw 3ni JASt P. BOYD. NOTICE. FIMIE undersigned have eutcrcd into a genera J partnership, and the Commission Business hitherto transacted by them under the firm of J. Bonner Sc. Co. will be continued under the style of JENKINS & KONNER in New Orleans, and that of J. BONNER Sl CO at Clinton, La. Their office is removed from the corner of Jfaga-ziue aud Poydrus streets to No. 11 St- Charles street, uearlv opposite tbe Verandah. E. F. JENKINS, ap 15 lyw J. BONNER. r FOR SALE, LOW for cash, at tbe Picayune Book-bindery, No 72 Camp street, . Lrdi'm, Jon rani, Baj.nsoks, RECEIPT-BOOKS, and BLANK BOOKS of all descriptions. BANK-BOOKS, TOBACCO-BOOKS, COTTON-BOOKS, printed, ruled and bound to any pattern. 3ZT Orders from planters and country merchants attended to promptly,' and ou reasonable terms. feh 21 dJLwtf COMMISSION BUSINESS. A C' BUFORD having taken GEO. L. WOOD-VARD, late of itlobile, into partnership with him for the purpose of transacting a general com- mission business in the city of New Orleans, under tha firm of BuroRD Si Woodward, will devote their united exertions in the sale of cottou and produce, and from their experience ia the cotton business Lope b strict attention to the interest of their employers to receive a liberal portion of patronage. A. C. BUFORD, a:i20 Pmw GEO. L. WOODWARD. NOTICE. rMIE partnership heretofore existing between the JL subscribers iu this city under the firm of Reynolds, Cyme & Co., and in Natchez., state of Mississippi, under that of Reynolds, Marshall &t Co la this day dissolved by mutual consent. The signature of the respective firms will henceforth be used iu liquidation only, in New ' rleans by J. B. Byrne, and in Natchez by L. R. Marshall, to whom all person; indebted will please pay, and all having claims will present them. JAS. M. REYNOLDS, JNO. B. BYRNE, j3l . L. R. MARSHALL. CThe subscriber will continue the Commission Business in tbis city under the firm of J. Ii. Byrne 4 Co. j'Jl 3mdkwJ J. B. BYRNE. MEDICAL COLLEGE OF LOUISIANA. sessions or 1841-42. THE lectures in this school will commence on the .third Monday of November, and continue fur mouths. The advantages- possessed by tha school in the free use of tbe extensive New Orleaus Hospital, and the gratuitous supply of subjects are unrivalled. The pvofessor of Medicine aud Surgery deliver a great part of their lectures at the bedside. Tbe latter performs all his operations iu tbe presence of the class. Twenty doll.irs is the price of tbe ticket of each professor. Board and lodging are reasonably cheap. For further information address tho Dean or Professors. JOHN HARRISON, M. D Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. JAMES JONES, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, and Clinical Practice. WARREN STONE. M.D, Professor of Surgery. J. L. R1DDELL, M. D., Professor of Chemistry. A. II. CENAS, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and of the Diseases of Females aud Children. S. W. RUFF, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. . V. A. DROUILLARD. M.Dn Demonstrator of Anatomy. a5 3m dfcw JAMES JONES, M D.,Dean. IN THE CIRCUIT OF CLAIBORNE. Claiborne County, State of Mississippi, t May thirty-first, A. D. 1841. 3 Commercial Bank of Rodney, vs. V Attachment. A. G. Bowcn. ) THIS DAY came the Plaintiff by her Attorney, and ou his motion it is ordered, that unless the said Defendant, A. G. Bowen, does, on or before the first day of the next November Term, of this Court, appear here and plead, answer or demur to tbe attachment herein, judgment will be rendered Ngaiust him, and the property attached will be sold to satisfy the Plaintiff 'a demand, and all cost by her in this behalf expended. Aud it is further ordered, that a copy of tbis order be published fur six weeks successively in the 44 Picayune," a public newspaper printed iu the city of New Orleans, and all further p rojeed in gs are cont i n u ed. - DAN'L McDOUGALL. Clerk, o3 fiwW By GEO. W. POINDEXTKR, D. C. THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. MADISON COUNTY. MADISON CIRCUIT COURT. At May Term, A. D. 1841. Henry Hamblen, "I vt. On Attachment for $3I6C 00 Alphonza Desmare a due and payable 011 lle first Henderson Titlor, fday of March, A. D. 1838, Smrviring- partners of aud now to on the SClh day the late firm af L. La- of May, Anna Domini 1841. ttrapet,Desncre 4 Co.) ' . rrHI3 Day came the said plaintiff by his attorneys, A and the attachment in this case having been returned, duly executed, and the defendants failing to appearand give special bail, and plead therein, , It is therefore ordered, that unless said deTeHdaDts do appear here ou or before tho fir.-t day of the next-term of this Court, and give special bail, and plead therein, judgment by default will be rendered against them, and the effects attached be Lade subject to plaintiff's claims in this case. It ia further ordered, that a copy of this order, together with a specification of tbe cause of actio, and amount due from defendants to plaintiff, be published for eight -weeks successively in tbe New Orleans Picayuno, and that all further proceedings herein be stayed until tbe next term of this Court.. . In testimony that the foregoiBg is a true copy from the minutes of said Court, I haye hereunto f. laet my hand, and affixed the seal of said i r"" S Court, this ninth day of August, 1811. . WM. MONTGOMERY, Clerk. 1 " By Henry R Coulter, Dep. Clerk. ', TIJPPER &. ROLLINS, P.O. . gis etV FRESH FLOUR. ytff ll3rre!,lsnJiig, sale bv . HViU , V US BLANC . EASTLAND, CARDS. HENRY KEANE Sc CO., , Commissien 3Ierchasita, 135 Magazine street. New Orleans. j20 tf DR. 6NOVVDEN may be found at night at No. 195 . St. Charles street. - During the day at his office uuder the Exchange HoteL' ap"13 ly A CARD RICHARD S. RISLEY. Wholesale and Retail Druggist. Verandah Buildings, cor. SL Charles and Common streets, New Orleans - raar31tf r JTHE undersigned will transact a general Com mis JL sion aud Forwirding business from tbis date junelS T. OGSLVIE SULLY. 44 Poydras St. rpHE UNDERSIGNED haviugtbls day taken X HENRY CLAPP, Jr- iuto Co-partnership. Mr. II continue the Commission and Forwarding business unner me arm 01 iiau, sen ee i;iapp. jl J. HALL &. A. B. BEIN. NOTICE. THE subscribers have this day removed their office from No. 25 New t.evee to No. 69 Tchoupitoulas street, a few doors above Poydras t. j21 HALL, BEIN Sc CLAPP. TO SURVEYORS LEVELLLNG COMPASS FOR SALEA first rate Levelling Compass, complete, for sale cheap for cash. Enquire at this office. raaylGtf N )TICE. ALL persons having claims against the firms of LONG St SMITH, previous to the 23d of April last and LONG ALDR1CII &. SMITH, or the estate of STEPHEN ALDR1CH, will please present tho-same for settlement without delay. LONG St. SMITn, may 25 219 Tchoupitoulas street. UDLEY S. JENNINGS, of Jacksoa, Miss., and B.W. GODFREY, of New Orleans', having formed a connexion for the, practice of Law, will attend toai.y business in the Courts of Mississippi which may be left with me at No. 38 Royal street. Ref, r to B. W. GODFREY. Alfred Hennen, Esq., C nr - Messrs. Ri mar 27 ly Messrs. Ringold dtFerriday, 5 "ew NOTICE. THE undersigned bave this day formed a copartnership for tbe purpose of. transacting a General Commission and Forwarding Business, under, tbe name of Laforest St. Squires. New Orleans, Sept. 1, 1841. A. LA FOREST. s3 tf GEO. W. SQUIRES. THEFRANKLIN INFIRMARY IS now re-opened for tbe admission of patients at the following rates : Private rooms from $2 to $3 per diem. Ordiaary wsrds $1 per diem For further particulars apply at the Infirmary situated in Elysean Fields, facing the Poutchwtrain railroad, or at 17 Rampart strecL j203m DISSOLUTION. 'pi(E co-partnership heretofore existing in this -L city under the firm of McCamant St. Slemons, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. ' Jan. McCamant is authorized to settle the business of the firm. JAS. McCAMANT, 'may 16 ' JNO. G. SLEMONS. QZ7The undersigned will continue the business in his own name, and solicits the patronage of the old firm. JAS. McCAMANT, may 16 No. 57 Tchoupitoul street. F. N. BISSELL &. CO, . Plaqoemine, La. Successors to Orillion & Bissell. RE prepared to receive and forward with care - r.nd despatch any quantity of meicbitttdie and produce destiued for Opelousas, Altakspas or Bayou Grosse Tcte. Stages and Baggage Waggons for the accommodation of pasngcrs cud baggage. Stage Oluce at tbe PLANTER'S HOTEL, which is kept by F, N. Bissell, whre passengers will do well to register their names in order'to secure seats in the stages running to the Indian village. F. N. BISSELL, - A. T. LEFTWICH, jll U C. J. B. BISSELL. . mmt ml FENN Sc SIMONS, - (PLSQCEMTNE, LA.) . KceeivinsTf Forwarding & Comruiaaion merchant, CTFor the sale and transmission of produce and merchandise to and from New Orleans, Opelousas, Attakapas, &c. Passengers transported to and from the Indian Village with the greatest care and despatch. ETThe PLAQUEM1NE HOTEL U kept as usual by W. L. Fenn, Proprietor. JZTThe above firm has connected itself with the steamer VICTORIA, "which will ply regularly between Indian Village, St. Martinsville and Opelousas, mifkiug one trip a week to each port, leaving Indian Village every MONDAY for St. Martinsville, and every THURSDAY for Opelousas, immediately after the arrival of the Bayou Sara Packets. j29 3m MEDICAL OFFICE: NO. 126 CANAL ST.- D' R. O'RILEY, member of the. Royal College of Surgeons, Edinbarg, graduate of tbe Medical College of Philadelphia, and physician for mauy years to tha Lock hospital of Glasgow, established for the cure of unmentionable diseases, continues to be consulted confidentially. Dr.O'R. would respectfully announce to the public, that from bis elaborate chemical and botanical analysis, and from tbe researches of modern pathologists and physiologists, be is in possession of therapeutic agents by which those seret and delicate diseases can be thorough y eradicated, without a particle of that destructiv mineral, mercury. Those who might feel delicate to let their rase ba kuown, and would rather cure themselves privately, may obtain at his office Minerva's Box, being a package of medicine with full directions, warranted to cure, otherwise their money will be refunded. Patients in aay part of the Uuion can " ba treated successfully, by describing minutely their symptoms, per loiter,-post paid, and enclosing remittance for advice and medicine, which will be forwarded, with full directions. The most honors Die secrecy obsarred oct6lv Philadelphia Saddlery, (Sizm of Die Golden. Hone Head,) Jf No. O Magazine at, near CanaL AMEabj MAG EE Sc. CO. have altered the style 0 their firm to that of MAGEE, KNEASS & CO. and have opened at their new store, No. 6 Magazine street, where they do respectfully invite the attention of persons wishing any articles ia tbeir line to their present lnrgu and very fine assortment of Saddlery, fresh frons their manufactory in Philadelphia ; made expressly for this market, and which they are determined to sell at the very lowest' rates for cash or good city acceptances. They will be constantly receiving per every vessel from Philadelphia fresh additions to their present stock," whicji comprises every article in the line. N. B. Carey Ploughs (Jabez King's make) No. 1, 2, 3 and 4, with) wooden or iron mould boards; Col-' tivstors; Laud' Slides; Wheel and Mud Barrows; Ox Wheels, 6ce constantly ou hand aud for sale ow for cash. 4ecI6tf MAGEE. KNEASS A-CO. EO. H. McDOWELL, 29 Magazine street, has constantly on band an extensive stock of CLANK BOOKS, PAPER AND STATIONERY, consisting of sapc.r royal, royalinedium, demiand cap ledgers, journals, invoices, sales, letter ' books and record books, a part of which are bound in a very superior 6tylc and paged ; also, pork inspection books, copy, ing, letter books, receipt books, bill books, steamboat books complete, memorandum books of various pat-; terns and prices. -- .. Ruled and plain cap and letter paper of various qualities, cotton account sales paper, record cap, English drawing paper, tissue do, blotting do., colored do, tracing do, oil do., folio-post do-, banknote do, copying do, wrapping grocer's cap do.- - English aud German slates, slate pencils, poreclain slates Tor -counting house uev writing fluids, blue, blue black and jet blaek eonvinir ink. F.uflish red ink, French carmine ink, copying presses quills of vu'ious qualities, pan and desk knifes, erasures, w-fessTblack sand, steel nm. inlitunHt a variety 01 patterns, portable.desks, portfolios, banker's cases. irtfolios, terZa tc.llof which a i-l be wallets, bills or lading, dray blanks, engraved check book city, hills of exchange, ic. c old on tbe most favc-rsble tcrins. cfr ye and ? Pritin j and bin.iiog exec. irl ,'ir Cia The Gene Ceeai An Ahebjcanis.v. r.m f implies I am distrr V or rtiined, orMoat.' I once asked the t -ii or this expression, and was Yery gravel v tl'i a, foUows :-' There wag a Capita . Lrtli bcott, in the United States Army, who v as a remerkaLle shot with a rifle. He was r- sed, I believe, in Vermont. His fame was so considerable through the state, that even the oni-mala were aware of it. He went out one rorn-inr with his rifl. nnrl anvinir moaa. . l . - - , . -f--7 mnjvi, vi U. J upper branch of a high tree. brought his srea - . wuuuuvBi wUo i a j ij Yes, replied the Captain. Capiat ? -tia-Scottl still continueil the animal. Ye. replied tbe Captain, 4 Captain Martio, Sec. u Oh, then, says tbe animal, I may ja t as well come down, for I ain a gone eoom.' "A Diary in America, by Captain Marrya e. 13, vol. 2, p. 232. - - One summers noon, A poor racoon . pa a lofty bough had got, When be saw below .. . One he guetted was his foe, 7 : For be looked like Captain Scott.' The gun was raised,- : But ere it Alazed, The coon's soft voice was beard ; Allow me. Squire, If yon jie-,ereyou fire, T- t:..i Z. j ' ' For skin and for .food I know 1 am good, An your gun has a knowing aim ; 'But ere you and I. 1 'Conclusions try. I should like to know your name !" My name is Scott." f u Great heavens ! wbatT. Is't Martin Scott f " The same. I've tbe tallest luck In all Kentucky I always 'down' my game." 1 ' t 1 1 mnal tu art . - And i ll come below .- v Don't fire I will not fly; I've heard of your shot," C. , ' Great Martin Scott, ' " And a gone young 'coon; am I!" - " C S. The Chinese Iangk and be Fat. 1'he following axe fragments from the Kit id. erbocker1 1 Gossip with Readers and Corres pondents," in the October numBer: v w Our position that tbe Chinese edicts were inimitable, is not weakened, but rather strengthened, by the labored effort of ' PAifoL4ft.' Let the writer rim bis eye over the last imperial mandates received from China. They are in terms unlike their predecessors, but how iafi-Hiiclij Cliiticw! It i reported that on the sixth day the Tiger's Gate was laid in jru'ms : now this intelligence has riven my very heart and liter! ' Tho English barbarian,fadso, ta king occasion to enter far-into the river il:i large forces, have advanced upon and attacked Woochung near tbe Wbampoa, woundiog our great generals, and slaying our troops. - Such a. tg Lr oy ruiQ a an) ewttllt n i trtio it wm I I fia mrr P " ivm-viui HI1U ijUWS A "CB s ww AU WV tUVf, S ditlicalt indeed for the waves of the ocean t? wash out! I, the EirVberor, have therefore fp - cianv summonea my imperial Younger Drotnc r .Meenfang, together with the high miniifter He , to lend rorth a grand army filly thousand stron , and by journeying day and .night, to repair t3 Canton with all haste; and let the, veugeanc 3 of Heaven be exhibited by not allowing a single English sail to return, hat. sweeping thej ..1 r .1... r. r .1 j "fir. cau 11 uiii inc iato ot iuq evas, BU4Ua Ul ? . Tromp !) in order to fill my imperial mind wi '1 gratification.! will most peremptorily ma ks an entire end f ibe whole of them, not allowing one barbarian to escape back to his co n-try. Keshen, having received bribe?, and hired troops not to fight, 1 order that he fonh-w ith be cut in trtnder at the isaisi! DeciJc ; ly these . are the dreadful orders!' Does Ph'. -Lin fancy this Btyle can be. imitated wkhc t the feeling that dictated it? '. Decidedly nou A confirmed opinion. Respect it. - M Our correspondent 4 Democrilut says t' t he .agrees wiu Fraaklix, that a laugh .3 better than a groan, in any statu of the rrr .--ket and begs, if we are of opinion with himself that an inch of mirth is worth an ell rf moan, that bis passage may be committed t the public. Man, says he, is the only ar ' nial that can laugh. , To laugh is one of tl firerogatires of-bis nature. After, a heart augh, he feels better; be is better; tnore 1.-ciable, more, friendly, more humane, mori courteous, more benevolent; has a better appetite, requires less physic, sleeps more sweetly, and bas better dreams. 'Laugh and be fat,' says the old adage. I never-knew a fat ma:, that was a melancholy one, nor a dyspeptic thai was not. " Melancholy is not only a consequence, it is often a -cause of disease. laugh gives exercise, to a part of our systec-that requires it as much as any other, and yet that can get itinno other way. When w wish to take an airing, we resort "to a csrria-;; but if we wish to give our spirits ah Sirinc", 1 hearty laugh is the only vehicle. A: tnan t.--" has a hearty laugh for your trifles, is trier agreeable than one who bas a great man. good things of his own. .Gay people lov h-Irom sympathy, and gravepeople for thi tz'. and relaxation which he brings to grave The thoughts of solitude "are always grave.-We ruri into company very bcnevolectly (shoulder upon others the burden of our?el. A laugh 2s to conversation what music ii t rhyme; it makes thnt pleasing which wc otherwise often be silly. Unless a man s times utter nonsense, well seasoned with! ter to make it palatable, he forces vt;c : the severe duty of always being eiis .uie . . turn. He forces you to station a rentry c your thoughts, and put them utidir gaarJ,!: a silly on? escape. You tre compelled think twice before you gpeak once, which r duces very much the occasions and tbe pro! bility of your ever epeaking at all. Convex lion thus becomes a task levied by society 1 a man's intellect, and instead of being O f able relaxation, becomes a severe stu.Jy. -Vive la bagatelle.' The good humor i..r birth to a beartr laugh injects a f-, mirth ; ana Uid attier 1 . -s.'' moment his svthe. uses only "jf moment bis sy the, uses 01 tuose cio- f:iya ngss brought myseii .0 - mmrried a your: ness., 'Lhout f-rthing; and 1 I prettr. -agt ;- but 1 was found c tbe marriage secrr , d;siaj,en::. - ehi"l stnre to keep particttorlj f lha, r't w S and blew ill over t! a t: retort, hunted me ii, a,J c Then uiy out and into all manner 01 iou.i I- rerv secret. Tvxt 1 ' ' poor dear! died of a broken heart-: that all along . -profound secret. ; into extreme poverty, nnd all n .lest'oed to tat that U no eeeret. to I nrlcr rr '?"' - t 0(1

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