The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK'.)' COURIER NEWS- ?AGB THIRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople HOW AgOOT A LADDER., CANT -*X> HEAR US VELL- OUR HEADS OFF 1 SOU GO BACK AND GET A FEW SPRIGS OF THOSS BEAUTIFUL R6P AMP BROWN ONES AlOtJS THAT F6MC6.' of MAYOR S COMPLETED/ IF IT, IMS we PKize, ILL ENDOW'flAB CLUB WlTH BOOKS AlJD PA'lNT- BOOST 1U6 CULTURAL Tqtoe OF OUR SOCIAL LP.S.T COP RAID,' ISN'T TOr-iB TH&V WHY MOTHERS GET (SRAY HECKLES AN I) HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEI Pleasin' Season Help Wanted Cotton Pickers wanted. Truckers. list picking. Uall 48«. 11!4 I* 11IHI" want a Inrgi family ol pickers at. I my place on= 'mile west, and on" I mile south ol Victoria. Arkansas Uood KIng. Omar ShulU. Ill* pK "I" Private Rooms Large front bedroom, | trance. 622 W. Main. private 11|' P k 15 Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART c«tr*»r. iw. NEA swict, i bedrooms adjoining Dath. jonlj. Mrs. E. P. Blonieyer. ph Men 2666. oV; 15 Comfortable bedroom, close =a ou, r ,10 W. W. Sleeping room adjoining batn. Worlc- IIHK couple or 2 girU. 102 E. Kentucky, Ipn. 4U27. - ">i" P* "I 11 Nlc« bedroom. ' Men only Ad I balh. «13 Walnut Phone 2496 928 ck Front bedroom. Ph. 3338. 11(3 pX 12[5 Lost H Wanted to Rent 3-room fur. »pt. Ph. 3621. ll|7 pic 11114 jufilneu couplft need amfill rumlsh- led or unfurnished apartment or hous« ICall at 1919 W. MEln. Mr. Bermlclc. , .--' 10131 pk 1I[16 xxxin was working at the big J aat-topp«i desk in tier oQlce whefl Nina came in- Nina hung up her coat. "Guess who I ran into during my lunch hour." she said. "Who?" Jenny glanced from the advertising layout she was checking. "Tod." • Jenny seemed to freeze. She bent her head over the .papers. "I talked lo him for a fetf minutes." . Jenny looked up again, her face quite controlled. Funny wasn't it, she thought, that his name always made her heart start beating fast. You could discipline your mind. but there wasn't anything you could do about your heart. "How'd he look?" "Dapper as ever,? Nina said brightly. She took » cigaret out of a box on her side of the desk, lit ft and sat down, "What did he have to say?" "Not much. I did most of the twins filled it with noise. and She was horribly tired, bodily and mentally. A day or two later she thought she saw Tod, though sbe couldn't be sure. Hei heart had turned over as she caught a glimpse of a tall broad-shouldered man on the opposite corner trom trie shop He had been standing there when she came out, out then he had gone into the drug store before she could take a second look. Of course I For Sole, Cars and Trucks Good 1»47 Che*.- paneK.truck. Bar- I gain. 4106 be/ore 5. €916 nights. 11J9 pk 23 BARGAIN: beautiful 1949 Buict loamaster lor «al«. Ph. 6767. 11|7 pk 11|H 1SJ4H BtuoeaaKer 1 ton pickup tnjcK • AH Bteel -long ,rbed.-17,000-rnllen • total! • Oversize tlces. 5 speed Lransaitsssloa, • neater. 9900,00. Cftll 3015 Blythevllle. 1112 pt 11|10 1948 Studebaker 1 ton pick- lup truck. AH steel long bed 1 17,000 mile total. Oversize I tires, 5 speed transmission, heater. $900.00. Call 3015 Bly- . talking. I told him about you and Rick. And I was glad to have the chance to tell him. It save me pleasure to let that heel know that you'd gotten over him completely." "Did he say anything about—" "About Liz?" • Jenny nodded. "I didnt give him a chance to say much of anything, Hon." she lied glibly. "I waj too busy impressing him with the (act that you're jhappy now and looking •forward to your-'marriage with" Rick." "He didnt ask about the children either?" "Not a word." Jenny pushed her work aside. She was glad when Nina left her it wouldn't have been > Tod, she thought. * • • . 13UT it had uecn. Several times lately Tod had allowed himself the dubious luxury of spending half his noon hour at the corner opposite the slibp, watching [or Jenny to come out on her way to lunch. He didn't know why he wanted to do such a thing but something inside, wouldn't let him have any peace' until he had seen her. •..'•:;'." Even Ma was concerned about him. "1 know I'm a bother to you. Tod. But you're all I've got." she said one evening over the meager supper she'd prepared .for the two o* them. : tlieville. 11-8 pk 15 47 special deluxe Plymouth 4-door I Redan. Low mileage. Perfect condition. I Also y? Chrysler 4-door sedan, chpnp. I Ph. 46SS. 10131 pk 11[S fore you buy, see these USED CARS 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has ra- | dio & heater. The price is low 1941 Pontiac 2-door. Sedan | radio & heater. Very cJean. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Se| dan. Priced to sell. 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe 4-door I on|| 12,000 miles, has all ac cessories. Big discount! | iur« to' see this car. Several older model cars a give-away prices ?100 to ?200 *«Terfti otbet excellent buys to cboofl* from 61 MOTOR CO. ^*Ypu're no bother, Ma. Fm glac I've got you to come home lo," ;"You know. Tod," she said hesitantly, "while 1 was in lhat nursing home, flat on my back thinkin* maybe I wa s n't goin' to pu U through, I did an awful lot of worryih' -over a tot o£ different things." • : i • ' •:- ' "Yeah, I suppose so." "I thought about the mistakes I'd made; raisin" Joe and Harriet, and why: they turned out bad like they did. And I—well, I thought about Jenny too, and the way t treated her." riet ' nad ooeri decent, like really should have been— " use cryin* over spiH milk, Ma." He remembered that night, Jenny, ner brown eyes eager as she went toward Ma, then the look of hurt surprise on ner [ace. Laler in the bedroom she had cried and said they couldn't stay there when they weren't wanted. She had loved him then. It cnade him teel sick Insicte thinking about it • • » jlTA was slilJ talking while she "•^ ate. "We all got lessons 10 learn, son, Some of us team 'em early, and some late—too late. I always thought havin' a lot of money was the beginnln' an' end of bein' happy. I reckon it. was because we always had such a ough row after Pa died. Bui now know better. Havin' someone to ove you and, care what happens to you, that's the best of Uvin'. Yes sir. if you've got that, you can do without the fancy stuff." Tod stood up suddenly, shoving his plate away. "For goodness sake, Mai" he cried, "Can't you see I don't want to talk about Jenny!" : '• But I wasn't say in' anything about her." , ' ' - ''All I want is peace.' A little peace!" He got his hal and wcni oul oT the apartment^ downstairs to the small bar, and sat there for while, with a drink in front ol "You can call it grippe if you insist, Doctor, but I'm going to tell my friends it's a virus!" TIME. ^* VJE SWG YOUR p<wse IN CORNY 1 HOPI KIDS EVEKV- WMEHF HAV6 MAO AS SOLID A TWIRP SEASON AS HAVE PRLSCIU.A'S POP True Confessions BY AL VERM&RR WHAT WAS IT \ SHE BROKE ANOTHER THI5 TIME? ./GARAGE WINDOW, SO I'M MAKING HER. SIT IN THE CORNER! THINK YOU'RE GETTING OFF •vNGHTV EASY YOUNS LADY! aOOD -HEAVENS! WHAT AM I SAYING r.' IT'S LUCKY FOR VOL) \ THAT I'M'NOT THE BOSS/ VJC FLINT Vcra Is Catching Ot\ BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE wished all at once that she was going to marry Rink immediately She was tired of th« shop; tired ot trying W) appear bright and cheerful day after day; tired of joing home to the emptiness of the louse on Riverdale Road. And it did seem empty, even though the Help Wanted, Male 2 men to worJc at cotton gin. VnUey- lleld tiin 1 Co., Yarbro. ph. 6645. 11J7 ck tl Two top-notch used car salesmen. Liberal eomxnission, earnings unlimited to qualified men. See or call T. J. Bailey, 4438, at Shelton Motor Co. 11-8 ck 11 CAR OWNER with 3 houra week apRT* time service route of pew type Nut and Amusement Merchandising muchlnea. Income up to ?2W monthly to start, with future possibilities $275.000 working cash capital required which it fully secured. Applicant must be dspendable and have reference*. For interview Include phone In »pj>UcAtlon . WrU* box VWX <o Courier N»wa Co. 11]9 pk J1[I2 Found Found wh,e«l on property. 118 So • "I wouldn't worry about "that, c Ma," Tod said, lie got up to povir their coflee. "It's rny fault the \ way things turned out." i "Well, I don't know," Ma mused t as Tod sat down. "When you brought her home, right when you WE» first married. If me and Har- Salesman Wanted Big Expansion proyrnm under way.. Our new' Memphis six story addition soon to be completed. Ritwlclgli Products more popular than ever. Seven successive yenrs of Increases. 1500 fnm- Ules ao yenrs. A good" man Is needed to supply Consumers In South Mississippi County. Dealer in Northeastern Mississippi " County production good business. He will be glrtd to nsS st you lo start or you may write H. L. Holt, Box 24E7 OeSoio SVnVlon. Memphis, Tenn!. (or" personal interview. Write The W. T, Rawlelpb Co,. Dept. AKK-2IQ-216A, MemptiLs, .Tcnn. or see W. C. Buchanan, lift Clark. Blythe- vllle, Ark. , . .- • "11|9 pic llj 0 * CAR SALESMAN WANTED. Must be experienced, industrious, capable. Can earn big money with local Pontiac agency. High commission. Apply personally to M. W. "Bill" Spencer, Noble Gill Pontiac Inc. 126 So. Lilly. Blytheville ountry, seemec He sat al th vaiching the' te ng. It was be o Ma's talk, hlnkmy. As lo j-ojh, thmking, tTo Br Noilly Janica L) LOST: Female nick -In one ear piiue Walter I 984. "liEWARP. Dlsftbl«d. Vet Have wife <t -tw ed house or ap experience in also selling, M yr. i AVrlte- hox Co. Wpn Highest prlct. fcUUH Si 4 i'l W ASD The hallbu size of nine 700 pounds. Wood stove in certain p him. He Snew he shouldn't treat Ma lhat waj. She was right. Haying someone to love was al) that did mailer But why did she bave lo harp on it? H was too late now. All the time he had thought he was In love with Lit But it hadn't been love at all. Just infatuation. Funny he "couldn't have seen""tbat. But then, he wasn't good enough for'Jermy anyway. He was a bum. 'And he' Had used.'to" thinic he was. class. Those days when he,was « football hero, the big 'shot of the State University campus and head man on sports pages all across the e.a dream, r all evening, ion and drink- than listening It kept him from SO HANS HEARD A NOSE W) DECK WHILE I ^AS TALKING WITH BUCK. MOW BUCK'S VISIT MAKES SENSE/ f YOU HEARD SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS OW DECK, •HANS? THE BOATS STOPPED AND Alt. HANDS ARf PROBABLY UP FOBWARD. IT WAS THE SOUND OF WATER DRIPPIMG OH THE DECK/ IT WAS WHEN •• YOU WERE TALKING WITH THE MAN IN THE ROWBOAT, MISS DARKLING... CAPTAIN EASY Over You Go! BY LESLIE TURNER Lost . ear. Weatltig collar, name Barnes, BlylhevlHe, ph. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck tl Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and cripple* animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe- vijk Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. 10^21 pk 11|21 For Rent Comlortabte bedroom Ph 261510,26 pk 1H26 r"lasn camerKa ni O STEKK a STUDIO O-ck-t KJK RENT: Frozen Food locKer* i Klghwaj 61 Phane 3172 &:33 ck t 4>room hoUF-e nnd balb furnished* TO settled couple. 635 Lake. Phon UH5. 11,9 pk FOR RENT — SevciM U&cts ol land 'a'lth improvements located ne* Earlc and Hughes, Arkansas, rangln In M7,c& trom 40-ftcres to 640. Anpl to B. P. MasnrsF, Earle, Arkansa. 1'cEephoue 2031 and 3531. 11,9 pk 11(30 , ranklln St. Inquire After 3:00 p.m. 11[7 pie 11{10 11-9 ck 11 returning home. <t -two babies. Need furnlsh- apt. Also need Job, Some bookkeeping AT- typluK. Ice cream parlor I rV cjo Courier News 1110 pk 11(10 B.ltVlt«X 6j7 ck u halibut sometimes attains n and a weight o." for home heating. This Is partlc ularly true In heavily wooded areas WE INVITE YOU STEP OH IT, FEUA 1 , THW G1EL tt(W KHOWWHM"S H&PPEM6D TO A BUOOV O' WINE WHO'S WISSIHG! TUE GOT TO CATCH BllfiS BUNNY Accommodating Cat /SYLVESTER PUSSYCAT TO PLEASE/ AJ.MiY OOP Curtain! BY V. T.'HAMLIN to drive the 1950 STUDEBAKER, the "next look" and "next ride" in fine automobiles. Come by or phone.for our salesmen to demonstrate this fine car for you. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Blythcyille Call 888 BOOTS AND HKR RUDDIES What Now? BY BDGAR MARTIN

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