The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Gronin Counling On Lolly's Whip; Rookie First ' Saclcer Stars -.EDITOR'S NOTE: This It «». othpr of a scries of articles on the lilj Ifagw training ramps, lell of Ilie Boston Kril Sov. * • * BV HARRY CdlAYKON Sports Eo'Hor, NBA Sen-ire SARASOA, Pia.. March 10. — Winter quarters of the world's greatest circus is .only n short distance from the camp of" the Boston Red Sox here, but Al Sehacht, the comedian-conch, will do nil the Beantown boys' clownhiR this baseball; with Cronln at shortstop and Dill Wci-her «(. (lie far (urn Wertwr nil .3S1- Iii 1034, fliul Insists tlmt he was only warming up when lie .wiped 40 bases (o lead both major wheels by a Amen, Don &H- t stni is sticking ju-omui. Three Fine Prospects Boston has three 'corking out- M , a AJrnni , P,, "7 . . . J Fl • . 1~1 Haiiy orayson " ' " ' WEST PAI.M BEACir, ha. il-. nosers I'lornsby stiys Babe i:ml " Grn1 """ managers. b,,sl,,r>.v ss -f •'^" •••-' tlic one You didn't have to be n drier live to know that all the playli of several members of the cli wasn't done In American Lcagi parks in the afternoon last year The result Is that Bill Clssel who once sold /or $123,000, Is hue at Portland, Ore., where he fir; attracted attention; Dick Porte who once brought .S40.000, Is line In the International League wltl Syracuse; Eddie Morgan Is' wit' Columbus rif lie reports), an three or four others have hcei given stern lectures by Joseph Ed ward Croiiin. "I decided on a fresh deal," sny Cronln. "If the Red Sox don' finish better (ban fourth, which 1 where they wound up in 1934, I will not be because they were 'no In condition." Crontn's Iron hand Is beliiB fcl lit Saratoga. A year ngo, undo Hucky Harris, only a handful 01 athletes lived at HID hotel where tlio club puts up. The remainder ivere scattered about f n Bungalow's. The Red Sox tire nil under one roof this trip. They go to \j« when the boss retires around 11 o'clock, and arc called at 7:15 -h the morning. ' * ' * * Crnntn floes It Alone ' Yawkey and Edward Trowbrldgc Collins, his vice president, treas- 'Ktet, and general malinger, were .nn -the ground last spring. Nelthei has put hi an appearance lo date. They are wise In permuting lhe capable Cronln lo no It iiloiir'in his new assignment. It is on the return to form of Grove and six other renowned cripples nnd hospital pnlienls that Cronin is depending. Grove declares lib arm risvcr felt better. Wesley Terrell grabbed 14 victories after Joining the club in June, which wasn't so bad for n -.chap .who..the' previous fall confessed; that Ills arm, was deader than/ the beakrbustuiB George Pipgras is back after two operations on liis" elbow which kept -the former Yankee luminary on the voluntary retired list In' Rube ; Walberg's season apparently was ruined last spring by a line drive that broke n nnger^tpn the .former Athletic ~ det>endau,!e's pitching hand. . :.-' - ; Fritz Ostennueller popped 10 and lost IJi, .dtclsipns: after a delayed start caused .by .an appendectomy and adhesions.' <' - ~ j ' i: » . liLOiop lo Play Second Max! Bishop, who worked only part time in 1934 becaiise of n stomach aliment, reports himself cured, and will start at second' , 'A broken wrist kept Julius Sol-' ters'out for weeks last season.' In addition lo his pitching Hh- vallds of 1334, Cronin has Johnny- Welch, Gordon Rhodes, Joe Mulligan, and' Henry Johnson, holdovers; Johnny Merena. a southpaw up from Syracuse; Byron Humphreys, who won 18 and' lost 15 for Joplin, and Hilary' Znmmer from the same club; George Hocfc- .etle, a left-hander who bagged-16 and lost 15 for Kansas Cily; Jack Wilson, purchased from the Portland Coasters, and Roger Hanlon, a thin youngster from the Reading subsidiary. Cronin fancies the G-foot-3-lnch Welch, who accounted for 13 victories against 15 defeats last term, cxviuun He has an idea that Mcrcna, • a been n ( 115-pound Russian from "Bridge- illnesses port, will prove the first worthwhile product of the new Red Sox farm system. Rick Perrcll once more Ls expected to do practically all the catching, with Louis Legclt. Bill Smith, purchased from Toronto'; and George Savino, who hit 323 for Reading, battling Gordon Hinkle for the second string berth. * * * Has Faith tn Dahlgren Cronln admits that he may miss two of the three housecleaning victims. First Baseman -. Morgan and Second Baseman Cissell However, the boy manager has sublime faith in Ellsworth Dahlgren, the 24-year-old, 186-pound, 5-foot-ll- inch .right-hander who has replaced Morgan. Dahigren, a fellow townsman of Cronin'In San Francisco, compiled, an average of .301 with Gabby Street's Missions last semester. - - While reports of scouts were pessimistic, Cronln Intends to take a good "look nt:Al Niemiec, a 23, year-old right-hand-hitting second j baseman who hit .301 for Kansas ; City. Cronln adores the cockiness ' of .Niemiec,' who ' tras coached at , Hnlv Cross by jack Barry : The left side of the Red So-s In. j field ptrhaps is th« strongest center field. Carl Reynolds Is ft rc" uarkable spring hitler. ; Croiiln liellovcs that Dusty Cooke hrows well enough lo piny jeeu- nrly. The Boston strategist Is of the minion that a bit of careful i, nn . "I"!; will make Dusty Cooke the najor leaguer the lni K c Caiollnnn appeared to be when he 1,11 352 nnd .358 In successive years for st i jiiii. Cooke requires l.s n Illlle nllralioii," smiles Cronln That's one (hinff Red Sox nlav- •s are gelling plenty of-niul will continue lo get for the next five On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Heavy liming !,,.„„. Do you remember Lena niaok- ii.rn former pilot of the Little Rock Travelers? HIackbiim' Is now a coach with -onnio Muck's Athletics. Lena nt-' cmpled to "show up" some of his ccrnlts in a training camp ball same the other day. with rahtor •oor resells for Una He went In to bat In one of the Qimd gomes ml i Fort Myers canrn /hereupon lhe 'defensive Infleldors hrcw down their gloves nnd i nov l d In on the grays, while (ho ont- leldcrs .sat down. Tlicn, Lena try- ng to show up his pupils, s'wunir avngcly, but his effort resulted In an easy foul which Ales Hooks pokle first..sacker, caught bare- landed. Blackburn quit 1,-yinp, lo nt for Ihe'-rest oT lhe day. ' •'How They'll Flulsli" ']•'• , .. s ^ np i first I'how nisli" prediction, nf the roin an'"expert"'source. 1 l v Quoting Edgar Cl. Br'andiv editor f-ifhe SpbrllifE News- ! • ' National l.faj- New,-York St. tjoiiko }' •>.Chicago '•' Pittsburgh' . '• '' Brooklyn -, figured Hint not pny his snlary, nnd asked (lint the league look after parl of it, but nothing' came nf Ihe proposition, "if ever n player me.illrrl op- ixu-tunlty ns n manager It Is Ruth. The Uabc -would have helped us, and 1 mii't understand why lie didn't land the Yankee job, nnd why the Red Sox, Indium and Willie Sox passed him up. "Business managers taking care of their own Interests sent Ruth to the National League, after n score-of phenomenal nnd faithful years.of service in the American. "Ruth would innke n great man- jer, In my opinion, and would be the boss. Any buslnesn man- new KKOTclalcd with lilm would liavc lo play second fiddle. Harm-by' Asks Quesffon— Von Answer "I suspect Ihnt Dial Is why Eddie Collins didn't grab rtulh fcr lhe Red Sox, where he would, have been the Idol he will be- with the Braves. Only a man ol- Tom Ynwkey's millions could have kept pace with Collins' expenditures, which have ... .tiled to put the lied Sox anywhere in particular. • "I nsk you: Which would have been the bcller denl—Rulh free Brntls, mid Cronln for for nothing, J250.000?" or Joe (Afifcy COURIER NEWS marie by racing in New England last year." I wondejr hnw many other owner* ivlio hod Invested more Ihan $3,000.000 In n franchise In two mi ~ vrM , 0 years, and who had Jiwl, • spent «„„.„?, s ; $2.50,000 for a manager and short- sm "" n1 "'"' slop, would talk that same way. I fear the majority of Ihem would have strong words (o say about an American league that permit- led Us most magnetic attraclloii (i> enter their city iii (| le ]| wry of lhe National League rival. Naturally, the financial .success the draws liavc with Ruth Squirrel and Her Babies Safe in Nest Tree Fall In the, tree long. Eckcl ' t noticed • ~ "pvii *\IILJI rn- tlrely depends on the number of apjiearances the.. Bambino Is able to make, and how well he. slams the ball. The 41 -year-old fiutli's batting average dropped to .288 in 19.14, and liicrp wore unmt.slnknbk signs Hint his .vf/todty Ictfft i,hd llred old eyes were failing An aged rtulh isn't nolng [o keep Braves Field well filled unless His club is up In the ami nobody Ls (jolng to rare, pay to mid n w Pj-A Illothcl . f,, n . y ,,„,,,,,., ,„,,,., tucked away deep In n hole of a Heh tree, fell with u,<, (,. C(1 m . hint when it was chopped down .it Leesville, near here, nm the «l!«ln't let hr-r ymm s ,, iy > . - tlmt their dog ,- ,,j 11 m i, II It'll 11 Oil •"/ xctM J. wl ""'»'ey began chop- JiliiB at lhe Inmk of the tree When It fell, l he U o B be'sa!, barkJ Ing furiously. At Hie snmc Instant " rox squirrel leaped from a' liolc lhe trunk aim escaped to safe- Then cnme a faint cri'lni- u.ii"! ,,™", llln tre(! llnln '" l " which the dots hnd already poked The fickerls Investigiited. Thev founcl a carefully made nest ii, iwiith reslnl several baliy snulr- oven an old hero'llto' (hr £?' n ^'i crt "'",', hk Mn - M <- w do his vice nrcslilnullug and '"""•' C °" I(1 rpUmi -' — • - 'At dusk thc.v discovered she had n assistant manaelne noin Ihe dark I confliies of the 1 dugout ' ' Connie Mack, 12-yenr-old director of the Athletics, late an altogether different view, mid frankly asserts ,llmt, in his opinion; 'Boston. . Cincinnati - ' '•-.AifirtiMn- Boston '"•:•( Dc'ti/ilt •plcyclantU 1 " 1 '. ' .Ne\v York • .-. St. Louis •'; Wnsliington V Piillnrtclphin. i t 'Chlcngo '-.. Ihe owner making Ruth n mnn- ">ger would, be inking 'a chance. nulii innnnged the American League All-Stnrs, organized by Muck, who accompanied them on their tour of the Orient lost wiulcr. '|Becaiisc t niilli ivn.s n great, in- b!il)/ player It docs not foll0w f: lm ' ho would 'manager." elucidates "-v. r"! ., not forced out (of crltnn 'Leagufc.i ,,He could i(ivc.jcontinuc<l >ithi the' Yankees or gone'.lo most nify qlhfr, club and played ns of tell as 'he cared ' ,.. wasn't ; 'saiisned with that loii-eycr.-. Dutlnguiie. .worlrtv series he niinounchd'he- would' riot sfen • ' •nnither .^players «i"itcd. .cpiitmct.- ':iie lomach ?} g "Patched,"; Serves Man 23 Years GENEVA, O. ic\\s about "j^iiic-uuivn siom- w ( u" d dissrrl " ) 8* rt or Bans, H. agc of Wilhaiiison, 68.. of Cork, 1 near I Braves ere has come forth to proclaim Smith' iat for 23 years he hns beeir dl- th sting his-food with n stomach art which was 'once n pig's. Williamson, more than . two rie- «<ies ago underwent two op'era- ons in Cleveland for ulcers of the omach. The scco:iri lime, sur- eons found it necessary to do •>ome patching. jood during the '23 years, though ie has been unable lo sland much cxcrlion. He said his nppctite lind '<een norniul except during two A part of a stomach from a pig was used •patch." Williamson said. Williamson's bcnllh has removed as (he been . .ons mflnager or,the lY'ankces. If 'i le came . lo . Phlladeipliin,' for' exairi- plc. he wanted iny job. .Well 'It jlisl hrtpiiens' HIM -i hl-ed my- Job and t •luivc'-'aii.-iitfiv ! Mcbnrtiw needs. - his.": y,. -' .- •• ; .1 L I.,': ••'•-';? •.,'«/ i Ituth May OfTsm' Racins's : full 'Sa .Bpsioh" ''"(.' i ' Yawkey, Wni>r -of- 'tlie rjosto'n AmcncniB, takes, a, 'niast sensible view of Rulh's swilcli-lo Ihe llvo'ry or the .nod, Sox opposition, the Brnvfs. •' , , "I wish Rnil, nil the luck :in the world," assert* Yawkey. ! "I hope that the Babe has a tremendous season, lie 'hns the pro"I 0 , °< , Bosl °" ^ k "* "uebill, '° r n'" r °" Cl l ° lho nclvnnt - c netl Sox ns wcl1 as llle " 510 " nectlctl s°mcone to - ofrsct thc lmm ^ Fnr Moving & Transfer JOHN nuCHANAN Wood & Co;il, ft'JDITORIUM-MEMPHIS 1 • • One rfny only—Matinee and Night MONDAY, APRIL 1st, Al 2:15,n. m ., ; and 3 t 8:15 p.m. ^i^ • * . WITH RKKIruLNCt AMD S11J- ADDMSSED f NY I Lor™ The Theatre Guild Presents MARY of SCOTLAND n.i ,\* n .*_ r By Maxwell Anderson With (Al) in Penan) AND A NOTABLE THEATRE GUILD CAST Prices, Including Tax: ... ., ., ORCHRSTUA ' ' "' BALCOSY, FinT'S^iion":: 2 A H5M- Swond Section 82.20 1.65 1.10 1.10 .55 'l-IICli.bToin-ncy Will Bririfr Ca^o Season To Closn The basketball season will come o a close here this week-end wit ic aniinl 4-H dub cage tourna The nrst 4-n dm, tourname, vas staged at Manila last year ™ was so well received Dint baekei if lhe niral commutilty a»riru' "ml clubs decided lo stage a thcr this year. . Sixteen girls teams nnd .ftftcc >oys learns will take part In 11. meet opening this afternoon n he iirmory here and contlmiiii irouxli tonlssht, Saturday mom i?. afternoon and night The tournament Is-..-in- diree harec of Troy Mitlllus, assislnn ounly agi-iculturnl agent. Tliom.i vv^. principal of Yarbro school, i Girls' clubs represented are Lone Onk, Hatcher. Manila , Yar bro. Half Moon. Rkldway Leach vlllc, I.aney, Dell, K C « e! -, Lft,- Cnne, i'nwheen, Dnyntnn, Ei-rnn Casnell, Stlllmnn. Clubs represented bv boys' trams nre: I'awheeri Leaclwllle, |, on Oak. Manila, Hnir Moon, Yarbro Hatcher. Lost Cane,. Dell, Kelsei Laney. Eljron, Doynton. - Skldwny Uclinantc Plans nnllfij(ii|' MADRID (Up)-juan Belmonlc famous bulinghter, will • inako. hi first appearance of the coiiiim season probably nt Alicnnlc; 01 'line ffl, according to Ediinrrit pages, his manager. : ; - .removed her babies Their jhoiuc was not found, I,,, A . '" Ptcol ' ll<! "ii»l fell in Siberia Hi 1908 produced an air wave that, wns recorded on n sensitive bn- remoter in England. itoxt ijinlincc ~ Friday, Sahiftlaj nml Sunday-Only..': i^. MAT. & "NIGHT—ioc : '-"'25c Friday & Saturday 'RANDY RIDES ALONE' Serial - - Cartoon Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc last Time Today MAT.-2:00 - lOc & 2C,c NITK-fi:45 - me & 35c 'SWEET MUSIC . Paramount ficview Dumbbell Lcllcrs No. fi Musical "Hnrlem Hjirmony" MAT. & NIGHT—I £ r, Saturday Only m " NIGHT—IQc - CNARtlt CHAN IN PflRIf . WARNER OLAND MARY BRIAN 1 THOMAS BECK ERIK RHODES 'rodue«d by . JOHMJTONl ' - - Dlrtcl«< by . '< ^ la»d on 'i. ^ Owrlit Chon" cnaltd by ' toil Dstr eijjji, Curlnnn --- Serial Sunday • Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc ndv«ntor« and ! . .EUctrlfylnfl drama ta»» •"«•« .Musical Short Comedy Paramount News Barney Raff's Orchestra .b'P.IDAY, MARCH 15, 1935 THE HAT SENSATION THAT STARTLED THE WORLD An amoimg new process of ha, manufacturing has been discovered ... a process which produces a hot of sfraw-Jike texture that is easily sponged dean yet hos all the appearance of the smartest felt. It Is waterproof and flexible. It wears indefinitely without loosing its shape 1» * a year-Vound hat, styied for March to November wear. It Is sold at your favorite at a price that will greaiiy surprise you. Strawfel Hat Manufacturers, Hatters BIdg., St. Louis, U. S. A. HONE It was Lincoln, wasn't it, who gave us that epigram about fooling- some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time? Times have changed. Some people, today, can't be fooled at all. They are the ones who buy thoughtfully and spend wisely. They are guided by the most up-to-the-minute news about products, prices and values. They read the advertisements in the daily paper. Whether you're marketing for tonight's dinner, for a refrigerator or for a home — the most reliable guides are printed right here in this paper for you. Make it a habit to shop at home, by newspaper, before you set out. It saves time ... saves tiresome searching .. . and it saves'real money.

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