The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1933
Page 6
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•;*'T?. nrx (AUK.) roirniKfi SATURDAY. <KTOIJRI; pricks Come From Behind To Beat Paragould, 20-7 IEF FlfiSI 5ETUCK .lllultlEIIE Visitors' At lack Is Stonnccl After Scoring the First Touchdown of Game. Blyllievillc hlKh'x Maroon niul V/hite fridders .spotted I'aragoiild's nulldois lo a seven point lead ' jind then came from behind to hand (ho Greene -county aggregation Us initlnl defeat of the season al Halcv Field Ins', nikht by. :i .score of 20 Co 1. The visitors, disutaymy a flashy rinuilni; attack, .went mound the defcmer, of [he Chicks In th' 1 cochin? period but the locals, undaunted, turned on the pressurej md came tack to lie Ihc score | befove the half ended. Between halve 1 ; (he Illytheville teaches revised their defense and . .the Chicks came back to bo'.tlc up "the i'arasjould speedsters so thai ihey failed to make a first down In the third fmaner while lm> lo-1 cals added anoUior touchdown and paved Hie war for their fiiml score. Show' Varied Offense Resorting more to a runnlnt; name than^ earlier' In the season the Chicks found IHtlc occiision for flushing their aerial utlacfe bin when Lhcv did U vas almost tm- criiinv in its result. A summary showed that the Chicks comi>le(ed four ( out of six uasscs, one bein? p.vounrl*d and one inlerreutcd. On the other hand the Bulldops tried 10 patses, only one succeeding. BRUSHING UP SPORTS IN A PRE-SEASON INTERVIEW STiNER DECLARED/ WE 1CTE TO ' SPRING A FEW SURPRISES? |(FOSWAH cojoUT SftS COLUGC IN US fiRSf YEAR rlEM) CQACvl HIS RecENIty 1ED CAUKflNlA AW THE WEN WHO S EVERV GAME OF while six were grounded am! three were intercepted. Fnch tcani ro*i«H uu e'oht. first downs with fumbles olnvirwt n pvcminent part In touchdown •. drives. tlicvllle 47 yard line. Underwood sprinted 17 yards lor another a minute later and the Bulldogs were on the Chicks' 17 yard line. Vn- denvood proved elusive again and 1 KOI to the Chicks lo yard line. 'With a touchdown In sight the .Maroon nnd White defense stlt- Lvk- Underwood sw«lv half- fcnc<1 >m . A thc Bulldogs iverc slop- bsek. carried the "mall" for the ped on the- Chicks' three yard »nc. virilors, nettiuir off on several jaunt? around the terminals constituting a threat until . the cairn! ended. „. , probably Tipion By Laufer J|fl[|| LIU TO SET NEXT WEEK at Blytheville's Theatres Do or Die Spirit Fine But. Frosli Players Do Better nocis™.''! On Gridiron. THE RITZ till box office where it has HV .KMJK SUTllF.ltl.AKlk pirrsnuiioH. Oct. •>!.— Proper teaching ol football fundamentals, supervision ol the Iruinlnv; routine WHO'S' WHO In the Supreme Couit No ! l.oins n Rrnmlcis ,„,,,....„„,.,., ..... „.,.„„, ,v,>,t..^ uiiich W |n introduce :i new am an, especially trained medical al- diu - cu . m '^2 „„ his million: Itrnllon will in the greater major- 0( [ ft)ls n u i follower' I' comes l( riers lo grid injuries.. In the first place, football coat-he's should have their candidates ruin a.s hood physical condition is is possible, n is advisable that he coach let his meti kno\v a nonlh in ailvance of the training Citron what son of exercises they ~'iould follow lit yetliut! inio shnpe. The rjlayers should be urgc{l to fnl- thcjn :us faithfully as [jossible. Mosley kicked out safely and Par. a^ould's last, chance had vanished. . Blvthcville ". Pintle Blvlheville conches *."—.. fnimri mnr« cnt isftiction In the olav l-endlcr r>t Rnhert Fisher al a cuard position than any ntin-r uhii'n of lust • ^".. niiiv.. Fisher, a fast btic.v- ond end. mi'li over into a guard _plmrvti. owntaiit. shwcd up well, plav'mcr ihe eniire gamo, FiOMtv**; Grri 1 * oTiortnnltT Pfirneould smothered Mc&lev. rhirk matter, when h» fadeil bnc.k lo nfi«* on fourth (lO'A'n for n 12 Lunsforri Fisher Llndsey Wils6n Mosley Morse . Blackwell Locke Pos. C RE RT RO Hooks and Slides x Bill Braucher Football dialler That loud scream you Ireajd the other day came from Ohio- where Shawneo Eleven Tames Hurricane In Game Frklav llittiercd huts ...j picture has broken 1 records in theatres 'Ihose articles, fo closely iden-! been shown. tilled with Will nosers, picture .••tin-. Follies comedian and Innnon- A beautiful chorus of fifty Birls itarian, are not Included in his recruited from the -'Follies" mull wardrobe for "Doctor Hull." an i the. st-.isje veision of "Take :i . adaptation of "The Last Adam."] Chance" embellishes the Para' mount Aim, produced by Laurence Schwab. It will oiicn on Thursday al tlie Hit?, 'theatre for two days. : girls, all of whom are outstanding dancers, will appear in numbers written especially for them by an imposing group of composers and lyricists. "Take a Chance" tells the story of four carnival side-show entertainers who win fame and fortune on the Broadway statre through Hie good offices of a producer, played by Charles "Buddy" Rogers. It is by no means another back-stage romance, since the locale ranges from the side show to a splendid I though crooked) Monday for the opei'-ins of Anniversary Week pra^rnm. Tn "Doctor Bull," fioiji-rs portrays a new type of character— the village physician and health tdlicer in a small Ne-.v England town who occupies the position of . both doctor and town confessor. 'He has sct-ii most every human jfuible. Is no longer suiprised at A man In iraod shape seldom gels "nvthin? that happens, is more or 'inn. It is vlien he is cither tired.' te ' s i"dulsen(, to all and has a 'jut of condition— and two.?"' 11 humor and ft mellow fatal••o loiictlipr—or when he is, isrn - ll int IK? is most liable to suffer in- i Not since Fill Dorsey made such iury. We have on our vtir«liv ri-ht i violent and almost successful love j Tombllne club, out among the so- ! ar- c'ety folk of Lon» Island and fin- voum-stcr who weighs 159 'n him in "They Had To See P; "uur.ds. >et because lie is always in is" lias Roger:; tried anyininc so '.lie best of .shape, he never netsldarinfjaslie does in "Doctor Bull." hurl. j He plays the role of an unmar- ally to the front of a stage at a Broadway theater. I am assmuins. of course, that 'he athlete has [?ood muscle con- 'Ol. and ih:H he can handle him- i Elves cause ricd man. he has simply called on "The Devil's In Love," the .Fox Janet. Cardnmker for 15 years, and film that presents Vicior Jory as Calling attention I in? swing-about i ••i"-. for plenty of sur- n full-fledged star, conies to tlie liltle talk as to his Ritz Theatre on Saturday. It is the story of a young surgeon who proves his innocence of a murder . LT LK QH HB H8 FB Pnrugould Durham Donavan Justts Albright Ollberi v o'ces have been raised from time to time lo sing for the scalp of T >cc Willltiman. coach . .... the Buckeyes lacked not only enthusiasm In the game with Michlian Brick nnbyrd White Ketchum Hmorc Underwood Press-ley (Hcmlrbc). t,i..,-hrt,vvii rti-iv-e. w.i'h the hall on pnrafn'i'rt's as vard Hue Mosley elected to nns>; but failed to eft the ni° c ^in away and was tackled- In mMdnij. , Umlerwrvxl slarled the coal lino partule \vhen he slanied around- end n">l sr.nninpved in Vards to the Bl"llie"Uln 31 vard line before he was hnnied down/ Etniore cauic Ilir^ncrh p.-iih a five yard ttnin and Kelcb"in foHow»d fnr a first rinwn on Ihe 21 vnvd Hue. K»lchum cniie hnck for n vnrd. UnHerwrxxl *l!d four and Presslev added five for another first down on thej Chiefs 11 vnrd line. Kelchiuu I nicked nn four vards through the | line, Underwood addon another nnH th»n rprw.q!pH for three. KeL- Officials—Meriwelher lefcrcc; Whilwoith, uaipire; Friend • • hcadllncsinan,^ Sub.-itilulEons—Beck. ke. Burns. Mtiorc. Hood iBlyllicviile) and Johnson. R. Ketchiun, Moore (Paragould). but were without adequate plays ... Michigan Is one of the besU coached ball. clubs In thq country you're ; Welcome, Mister Kip- JONESBORO, Ark.—A surprising tsn'd of grlddere from shnwnec ccnEOlidated school at Joiner .in' Mississippi county came into town unheralded yesterday and sent '.lie Jonesboro high Hurricane down In defeat, 7 to 0. The grldders from Mississippi county displayed an aggressive brand of footbsU (hat bewildered Ilia. Hurricane und then murcheil I'head by the =]?ndcr margin of a point after touchdown to send the Ircal team down in defeat. with ease under certain situ- lnisc and iiious. Until he has pained this bachelorhood, "otilrol, he is oiien to injuries dur- 'ui, r the IrainiiiT process, unless -"iri'fiillv suo^rvised. A football pluver should be given, 1 i > ™nalnt of the -"•rularlv. euou'.'li exorcises or cais- j West . tnc screen's lienics before nracilcc lo Riianm-, llo ' ! . w 'iose second starring pie.- pion , TO£ t. healinf; the wounds and "<• his svmrr.etrlciil development. tllro for Paramount. "I'm No An- ih e illnesses of these strange sol'•>'is elimiiii-.ies a lot of danger at l(rcl " wi " OPO» Tuesday for two 'ie begimiint;. Idavs. believes that the American (a an amaz- by a willingness to sacrifice his .1 tlic moral own life. cinema, Mac At the beslnning of the story newest scnsa- ), e finds liimself at a Foreign. Le- Propav tcaciiine of the mechanics 'nd icclminue of tin- sjamc, block'•v and tackling. urevenU undue '•m-ls. As I 'have raid before, live Nocking and lacklinir is preferable •o work with Ihe dummies, hut not ^o much so that the plaver be- 'omcs careless. Mistakes should be corrected on the sjx)!. and the can- lidate made to understand that he should-learn the skill as much-for iis own protcclon u.s for anything The rleht kind of rqiilnmcflt is FOLLOW fBALl- IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES ALL-AMERICA PROSPKJS Fee Finds Favor The Michl«n-0hlo St ate gamo was a victory also for the $250 top . ... which brouaht the eood- iv iissiimlilnKJ} of 93.508. payees', '.. llip'i'' would have been foiir. more ix-oole at the game if the .brake? had .worked at 'that'.erossro'acl on 'r-'fty JIMMY DONAHUE Route a'¥jlo,anrt Aim- . JJEA • S»rrl'c* Sports Writer Arbor .. one of the .lads swnt' WInnlc - Al j c!er50n was a ,, ne en[] Hie afternoon removjn? pistons. last . y ear '. . . and-this year no', snarkoluss ami r>tho.r parts of the enough'superlallves can be coin- engine from his lap. --1- . describe his ptay . . . Wln- • ,.- - * •*••'*: . nte' "cBpinirLS Colgate's Red Raid- Will II B* Simim? ers-..'.•'.'and deserves some kind [ Pacific coast operatives arc ccr- of-. medal . for his-pass-catching 'ain' Ihe name of the football'ability-. . . On three occasion." II be the- he has caught 50 successive 'passes BY ART KKENZ Whenever the subject of Illinois football is brouuht up, trie con- "ouch at Notre in 1934 versrrtlon generally turns to Bob Colorful Maurice "dinner" Smith at Santa Clara . „ „ _ ._ in .practice,-and has yet to foiloTo,! wl!h a three vard zuppkc nnd his famous "flea- —whose .team, at Santa Clara a splraling oval in a game sorint abound left end for (He first, flicker" play. This fooler was tised hl "> beaten California' two straight Bnwn -pointed for him last toucbdm'-n. Prreslev .... . . A fumble soo'.led drop kicked goal.|with great success at Illinois in years... if Santti Clara can knrx* son in the game that would de- prom ism»i || 1C (j a ys of Red Grange, and only °'f SI. Mary's, where "Slip" Madl- c lde the championship of the east nhict drive that, flickered out on j recently Zup pulled il lo Him the cn "' another Notre Darner, Is conch, ' - -•---• "-- - • lnW( , s on Wisconsin. l"'e way will be oucncd ... and When Grange was galloping for will be onened wider than that If the Piirneould Jn yard line and TV-inn intnrccnled a pass on Blytheville's SS yard line lo break no Ihe Illini .the play was worked as Ihc Madienmlers can knock ofT a paraqmi'H attnck that hnd been shown in accompanying sketch. Fordham, coached bv Noire Darner lyinr-hori oil bv n 25 vnrd run bv! Brillon would stand well litick of Crowlcy, on ton of that. IFn^fwrir-ti. A fumble hv Kelrhiim i|ie line of scrimmage and lake the vcrv necessai-v. Tile urctection should Individual's neither too nor too lieht. If too licht. it -"ill not oive the rieitl sort of pro- lection, thou"h it IIMV shave a off n player's time. Tf too heavy. It will tire ihe nth- tc and cxi:oso hiai to iniurv. Praclices and games should be so wprned lhat a tired athlete withdrawn when lite condition becomes anparent. N'ew men coin? into a game or a practice should *v warmed uo menially and physically. Menial alertness, couolcd with muscular co-ordination born of practice, will enable the athlete lo avoid and free himself Iron awkward and and dangerous post- MO.VS. Skilled medical attention, bv '••ainerl men. will belrv. Care must >ic taken of all maior and minor bruits and cuts, and plavers suf- ferine from rue or the other must woplc have reached that time in neir consideration of life and love vhen they want to hear a spade ailed a spade. diers. The murder of the commanding officer throws sumicion on him and he is forced to nee to the protecting confusion of the i seanort. A derelict among other derelicts he meeus two women al- She cites the sensational SITC- most simultaneouslv—one the oro- •ss of her last film. "She Done prictress of a resort, the other lim Wromr." ns an argument In wholesome visitor from another "•oof of her belief. country. Mi?s Wcsl asserts, however, that Tom between the attraction of .he public Is uninterested in £ex, these two women, he wavers be :rudelv presented. It wants lauths, twecn sinking to greater desnaii romc-dv and wit alont; with it, she and rising: above his circumstanc.-, and that's what she aims es to a regained honor. It is oui " Rive 'em In her pictures and when a scourge attacks his old Legion post and the . natives in threaten its: occuoants v-ith sliuoh- Tiie word "crusader" in its highest sense best describes I/juis D. Brandeis,. associate justice of the United States supreme coun, s'nown above in a new pho'.o. A champion among champions of liberal thought and action. Brandeis has won shining fame thai will go far in history. H Is said of him that he never has been found in error on a point of lav: in his decisions. His facts and his logic are annihilating. He wields, perhaps, a wider Influence than any oihcr member of the court. Justice Brandcis, HDV: 77, was to the supreme court in 191G by President Wilson. Confirmation was granted by the Senate after a struggle rarely exceeded in bitterness In that body. plays. Mae exerarjlifies her theories "I'm No.AnccK" an original storv. ter. that he reverts to his old se'f- 11 In it. she nortravs a circus lion i clears himself of the niu'rd amer, harifboited. ambitious,' cnu- r>iar"e. v and chooses between the '•valor of man after man. But two women, hen the film ends she has one Tn the featured role. Victor Jory an for keens, a millionaire bach- hns what is bv far his most im- 'nv. "irtll. dnrk and handsome"' portant part, on the screen. Lo- Carv Grant. The picture, was di-j rctta Young has the leading fem- rected by Wesley Ruggles. This inine role qpposite him. have lh"ir kinds of drill. limited to ccr- Marion Davies will be seen -tartlne Sunday at the Roxy Theatre in "Peg O' My Heart." screeri- -H HV ^^etro-Goldwv1l-Maycr-Cos-' mopolitan from Hie famous J.' Hartley Manners play in which Laurctle Taylor created the title role on the stage tweritv-one •ears ago and broke attendance records on two continents. Tlie first !>"• wiv for lo"chriown, Blytheville'sl The Paraeould safelv took Mos- lev's runt on his nwn !5 varri line but lo=l the bait when Pinlle nnilW him nnd Wilson recovers!' for Blvtheville. Beck cracked the line and two nlavs netted four yards. Tben MO«?IAV nicked no his heels and staricd for left end but ci't bncl; nnd rnr^fj 13 vnrds ox'C' i the BOO! linn. Tlie trv wns-goodl wiirn Paratronld was offside. j Morte inte-ceuled a Paragould I pass on hU St vard line to eivel tbo. ni-ir.'.-B th"ir sl"rt on their Clwr^l'l 'o..«V.^nr.-.. rf,-'vrt .COOI1 Ilf- | tcr the third quarter opened. Mn=-1 ynrrl tnn'krr. BT-V; followed with four vnMs on a cViwM hnrk and " IT ^- 1/i " i hc " shoi. a n^.w to Morse pr, tnnonnH-q 20 yard, line. Beck picked UD seven yards tbro'T'h the line hut wss slo^rved cn 9iintii«- attomot and a (bird arti*i>d lit'le eroi'nd. Then Mostev i went around riqht end for 10' yat-Hs r>lacins Ihe ball on . Para- coidd's two vnrd line. Beck shot thronoh the Psra?ould line for the toucMnw-n. Th« try failed. .P»ratnnia Drive Rennlsed Two passes from Mosley to Blaekwell were Irstrumentftl Ir. taV'n» Vnp hall deeo into Para(!0"ld territory again before the vlsilo-s intercerrted a psss on their own 17 vard line to break up Ihe Cliiek advance. A poor kick out 16 the 22 yard line iravc the Chicks ^> tr°m the center. Grange would the ball again, however, «nd this Pivot and go wide lo the rlcht and take a lateral from Kassel, who bad received a forward from Britten. The left guard leaves the line a act as Orange's interferes "Success of this play depend: upon perfect execution," Zuppke says of the flea-flicker. "Tlie man < who receives Ihc lateral must be! well disciplined to arrive at the point at the exact instant. He must not be there ahetd of time or he I Ok.iv nn H«ton I Nominations for the rhnmpinn Tumbler of 1933 be»in wilh the name of Mike Sebastian the Pilt back who was so hot last, year. .... Michl"an -had some great "fissers in that game with Ohio Rinte—they were wearing Ohio R'nte uniforms. . . John Heston. Michlran halfback, is n worthy 'on of his Imnmrtnl dad. Willie... when he reversed his field tn thai Ohio Slate pamc and galloped 30 '•ards, he looked great. •Mi Rested Up Lon Stiner. coach at Oregon c 'nte. canceled all scrimmaue for 'he weeck before 1 Ihe game ith 'h'* Troina^ .'. . and the 11 men who starter! the. enme finished it "•iihout substitution ... and st<vid off the Southern C^lifti'- i ninits to n tie . - . but St. Mary's | ''-I'xHl Oregon State to tie thv I one ... by putting six tried and \ !vue Troiars out of commission : the week before. time they were not to be denied. After three plays had gained little yardage Mosley vent around end .and cut back for 13 yards and the Chicks' third touchdown. Mosley passed to Wilson for the extra point. Paragould uncorked a final threat before the game ended. A penalty of 15 yards »gainsl the Ohlcb got them started and they to fc 'flrat rto»n < the th* pl»yi" DID YOU KNOW Til AT— Hunk Anderson's remark that ''we have a set of quarterbacks who seem Incapable of either thinking or blocking" •« »v-«lv to cause a lot of 111- feeUns among those quarterbacks . . . which Is just what Hunk can't afford ... but it may work the other way . . . which Is just what Hunk wants. . . . Thai Alabama guard. Tom Hupke, cops the eiderdown pillow for his slumbering proclivities ... he tries to get 10 cr 18 hours of shutcye every once In a while . . . last year tic went to bed on Friday before the game with V. P. L. and they had to call out the fire department to get him out in time for the kickoff al' 2 the next afternoon ... but he isn't a bit sletpy out there on the marked turf; rell ' Davis, Alan Mowbray. Doris Lloyd. Robert Orieg, Nora Cecil and Geoffrey Gill. What are llie details of the private lives of New York's gold- di»ging damsels? What goes on in fhe boudoirs . of these scheming the evening?" What iccrels: of Broadway's profes- the Whirlwinds, Pa nooses In Draw, 0-0 The Blytheville Pauoosn^ scored i moral victory yesterday when *hev held the .Totiesboro Whirl- 'vlnds to a scoreless tic In n hard '•wont battle at Halcv Field. Tl:e local lunlor hteh Icam. de- '-nlcri earlier In Ihc season by the 'on^sboro iuniors. came back yes- 'rrday to keep the ball In Jones- 'wo territon- lhrou"h most of the first half only to lack (he iw.=- "ITV punch to carry the ball over. The locals were called upon to demonstrate their ? line defense in tlie final ounrter wlirn ,ionc£boro drove to the 10 yard >ine on two occasions but suc«ss- '"llv turned bark the visitors' threats. Tlie visitors flashed a "ood passing attack but failed to gain when pains were needed. j Hutchins was the most, consistent ground ijainer for Ihe locals while Dozicr was ouistindiu'! in a Papoose forward wall that waged an aggressive defense throuah- of covering him . . . but in th: ° U .fi 10 ? fl pooses will invade Mem- second quarter, with no score, he i pn | s on November 8 to meet the leaped high between his watchers: st rong Bellevue Junior hleh learn, IPJ5F, .°? R 45 '>' nrd heavp fro; ", champions of the Bluff Citv over \Vhitie Ask ... after which Co'.-( a ^M of years, gate scored and went or, 1 0 w:n: TJ^ locals were handicapped |. . . Handsome Winnie gets a l"t ye sterdav by the loss of Brhhom, of good pointers . . . Johnny Or- ; £tar back, who Is out for the sea- si, an All-America end himself, isijo,, w ith a broken collar bone. helping Andy Kerr at Colgate . . Anderson deserves a lot of I n i c«™' 1 Dl credit for ihe success of Knrs i Usceola oemmolPs I'lay squad ... for the ends play nn * ~~ — - answers of these interestin .\apolron llotup;ii'te becatne n briB-iilior-ceiieral ;,i Ihe age ( ,f TWUXTY-SIX llnlieai riiriiu^ i> .1 l.:uia lerin uio.iniji? •THAT YOU 1IAVK Till; IsODY ' XICW YOitK li^s more ni-ivnte hoiin- t^an an? olUer heriU an ancestral estate in Eng-| 'snd and falls in love with the questions are provided in "Ladies j P 10 ??*?"" 8 ? :1 voting lawyer who arranged for Must ' Love," Universal^ gay mu- oecldefl to take her entrance into society. Miss Eical picture which shows at the navies is considered to have given Rosy. Tuesday, Wednesday and the finest performance of her en- Thursday, with June Knight, Neil tire career. i Hamilton. Dorothy Burgess. Mary A musical background adds Carlisle and Sally O'Neil in fea- clmrm to "Peg O' My Heart." ! tu «d roles. Onslovv Stevens makes his debut Friday and Saturday "Honor of the Mounted" will be the feature movie at the Roxy with the renal "Last Frontier" with Creigh- last Shovelful Win MANCOS. Col. (Ul>)— Disgusted with the "diggin's." J. W. Davis, Gold Run Creek, one more shovelful ar.d then do his panning elsewhere. The last shovel contained an ounce an.1 a quarter nugget. as a leading man in this picture. | after first winning screen attention as the plavwripht in "Once in a Lifetime." The Ir.rgc cast ako ucludcs J. Terrell MocDonnld, Juiette Compton. Irene Browne. Tj'r- ton Chancy, and a cartoon as an extra attraction. |T7 I Sunday • Monday * ™ *- r VAT. and NITE—10c-35c 1 ROXY Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c Medicine was hit profession but his hobbies were youth, romance, humor and human nature Anderson of Colg.-vte important part In that fast, deceptive style of football lhat Ken- Is rioled for. Parkin Defeats Wilson PARKIN DEFEATS—H .. . WILSON, Ark -The Wilson IV.; <?ogs suffered Ihcir second d<;,:it of the season yesterday, losing to Parkin on Ihe Wilson field. 7 to o Season's Third Tie Game OSCEOLA. Ark. — The Osceola Eeminoles played another tic game jrslerday battling wilh the Kclser lea infor a touch down ciplecc. The game was played on tlie Osceola field and if ihe Hind successive tic gj;:'.: of Ihc season.) games rcMillIng in ties -Acrei I'layecl against Wilson List Friday and Harriaburg. Ihe previous we*k-[ enrt. DOCTOR BULL with MARIAN NIXON •Airx MOIOAN , ANOTMVIM Wrtrttd by Jt*B ttrt _ CO>tKDY \vith '/:isu Pitts and Thclma Todd Sad moments, glad moments . . . they're all here in (he story of immortal Peg that has won (he heart of the world! with ONSUHY STEVKNS .1. KARttKI.I, MacDONA'-O .lULIiniK COMPTON CARTOON - - COMEDY

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