The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 11
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THUUSbAV, NOVEMBER 18, 1937 BLYTHEV1LLB, (AUK.)' COURIKU PAGE All possess the properly i CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecutive insertions: One lime per line lOc Two Umcs per lluo per duy ,. .OBc "Three times per line per tiay ..06c fix times per line per clay ....05c Mouth rate per line (iOc Cards of Tlianks 50c & Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes find stopped before expiration MU be charged for the jtum- ler of times tlie add appeared and (•IJustmeiH of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy fubmltled by persons residing out- iWc of Hie city must be accom- lianiMt by cash. Rates may be laslly computed from above tnble. Advertising ordered for Irregular iscrtlons takes tlic one time rate. No responsibility will be taken (or more tlinii one incorrect, insertion of any 'classified ad. Business Directory Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jattaon'i Radio Have your Mattress rebuilt, made like new. Our plant has the best equipment and our workmen arc experienced. Our prices are reasonable. BTIILE MATTRESS FACTORY Phone 589 200 RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONED 155 Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today Hie only bargain in slioc repairing Is Quality materials & v.'orkniansliip. Rubber Heels, 25c up. Soles 50e up. Dyes. 1'olishes, Inccs, Aviy slices dyed black, 35c. WOW! LOOK- LOOK- LOOK- WHY TAKE A CHANCte? 8EK THESE BARGAINS TODAY 3tj l-'iu-|l v-g Fordor, Hailio Heater 5)45.011 33 Chevrolet Coupe. Nciv tires, original paint ... 515U.MI 33 Chev. Sedan, oily driven S21U.UO ! Free Delivery Phone 120 '31. i). Campbell Glass AUTO (,'1,A,S.S We Deliver lilylhcville I'iiint & \ViiH|)iipci- Co. We Cut fc Install Phone 380 > 111 S. Second TEXACO GAS l?'/ z c Gal. . Nice Fresh REEL-FOOT GRAPPLE 35c and nflt COAL i Delivered in JJlythi'ville 1'orj S-1.75 ,and up. All Coal ; Gt>ar-j antccd. i HARRY BAILEY'S At the State lint ! Vhouc 5-F-t ft 878, Announcement ALADDIN r.AMI- PARTS GEN 25c UlNE 1HJHKE HDW. CO. Welding Ac«<jrlcae & Electric WELDING Implement*, too. Swiuiscomhc. In Konl, Kugland. (is the only lown In avcal Britain t lutiitl'ig llic plum; of polluted i light, Thos: that, twn it toward j I hi- rijflil arc railed dextrorotatory, ; itnd those Hint turn It to the led, lavorotnlovy. For Salev Walnut. S. I.nk . ifi-ck-201 <! "' u ''' n efntrai )>cslolBi.T or bunk, 1 Ambulance Service ^al^at'^bH^'ubrtay. 0 ? 1 ^ 01 !!! Mls ' S ' S ' almlllt> B "1 ,,T' t f' V.M. n-ck-22 _ i —-Nicely furnished bedrooms. Sleumi DAY A N1G1IT CALL 661 lake trade and fnuuicc btilniicp. 1-tk-tli —,;,-.,; Call Stone, nl M ,,„ i , Good I'l Mis. B. F. roller, cull IG-ck-UT small | i-uili tal nl a Iwgnli). 1 IB-ok-U ICU'.CTiac «• ACKTVUiNK Bargain. 2 wicklcss oil healer.;. Phone 277-.J, 025 \V. Main. ore on Ash StriTl jir-iir I'liihoatl, Reasonable vent. Apply flokhieiu I lido and Mir Co. 10-ek-lf — ! Well lot-filed xloiic biisliic&s build- burner |, I| u v inu qiiarUns tiK'Hidcd, o way soulli of Manila. Hci 1 nablc. See oiv;ici', O. M, Blsli, 1 ECONOMICAL HAULING POWER FOR SALE The InifliH lifted hero arc] roiul.v for your t()itf,'h winlur' jiilis. l!l.'(l Chev. 1HI" \\'. H. 1 !-/ ton IriK'k .. . .^H!)5 I 0 li ill O- AT JJEST PROMPT SERVICE IB-pk-li; iil Barksdale Mfg. Co. W. li, 11/, truck—n e \\ (at 1 SIM (J. M. ('. (nidi J i).'l(i Doiltfo •U. C. C. WANTED Junk Auto Tires Also Pecans JtlydievlHo iron SI 7 W. Ash Metal Co. Fhone ;«8 .S.I75 ted Gar Values '37 liiilr.k rcaeh (40 Scries) W05.UO '37 Olil-mihllc Sedan .... S695.UU S415.UU Your present .truck will |>'-o!>- Ford Couth, lladio A; Cheap. 103G 1'i toll 1( bttse Chevrolet truck. $330,00 31 l-'onl Oc;u-h,, new paint clean I:M SM5.00 TC riyminilli (,'oaeli, Knit l>u.v SW5.00 3U Chc-r. Ciut-Jj, orjffinal p;iiiil 3li Fcnl L'nuilf, ne\v lu-fb, hec Iliis one 35 l-'nril ronlor, Recon- ililicueu It. & c. ... real I'KONE stock rack. ill) high taipaultn cover. :Ronm ailjolnini; liall). For couple, j Cnll VM, 818 clilelinswwUn. • I A-l condition. Phone 127, Blythu- vl}le. D-ck-0 - ~-~ - — - - ' ' ' Uullcliiu; on Rnllronrl near ctiurt- hlraainhno j | lou . ;pi M ,|tiOilo Tor \vnreiiouse. COAL !Wiu H'lnortcl !or rlaht party. $8.00 per loir" 0 " 1 ' Mrs. d. S. StcmutTK rit 084 •I by -J. <w .......... . , li by .1 lump ........ $8.25 ucr lull'. 11 '. 1 . 0 ! 1 '. .'" a " v Klni Tranthiun ! 2 or ;( 1 houc SAVE MONEV mi I'SKI) TIllES unit UATTKUtliS K. M. LARKIN I'lHIUf IUJ S125.WJ S3I5.0U We Give EAGLE STAMPS P1CKARDS GROCERY 1044 CliicVasawlia Thane 613 Wanted To Buy 'Expert Glass Cutting Auto glass. Acs}: tops, bathroom shelves cut to order, circles & picture frame, glass. WE DELIVER Blytheville Paint & Wallpaper Co. Dioue 880 111 So. 3nJ WJE PAY CASH 'FOR I ^ND HAND -FURNITURE j Hubberd 2nd Hand i Furniture Stores I thunc 10SI Phone 52,1 i Next to Gart Uotel Alain & lake 1 Modern Beauty Shop Moved from Glcwoe Hotel to 1215 \V. Wain. 1'honc 249. Persona] Ford V-8 Coupe, buy $125.1)0 Ccine by Today, We Trade Remember, We Give You ;i Wrillen Atoney Hack Guarantee on all R. & (i. Ciirs. PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT or ;i furjiljjhfd npnrlnicnls rcn-1 sounblc. 9U Hcai'Jl SL. 1 WALLPAPER Kcw 103S patterns. Some bargains; in 1937 still left. . ' . ARK-MO LUMBER CO. , Phone 40 ' Losst iiirllan seller. C jnonlhs old. lii'- wn«l for return. Call S105. lli]>Vi'^ —i Jnw Cow, Phone '245. ' G room modern house at 1500 W. l_ Ash, lor ;;alc or trade. See J. W.; Geologists wliu loinli- oil Identify j Maloney, Clark niirt Railroad fits.. the pcsltiun of underground fonnn- Gtandard Hefereiice Books. Complete 10 volume set with Loose ,,.„ ni , ., . Leaf Binder. Call 239 or 7D2. | _._ ' ' 29. ooo litins ravtirahle tn oil HI i but the drill plniH finnlly locates j 5lli * Walnut For Trade _ Mrs plane 4 door sedan. Nice cur. 1 J'lioiie i>10j Q CCC J conUHiou, yutxt tlvos. Trndo *»• ™«" ^- ^" <** ««i"-l^™, tal co or snl!U1 11<n ' sc - K'SSi ALLEY OOP IS'. \V. TKANTI COA), CO. \ PHONE 964 \. IS'M Clievvolet ])lcl:-nii . .$3'IB.W Ciriod 'J'lH'.s. 1034 1'j Inn Clievroli-l 15S" W.H. Slake body SSiili.OO This truck Is a t:oo<l buy 1031 1'i ton Chevrolet 133" W. li. Still: c: Italy $aDO.OO A-l Meelianlcal ctincllllou. AI.Ii 'J'ltUCKS GUAliANTEED TO PAHS K'l'ATK INHI'l'.'C'l'ION Delta Implements, inc. , SIT uv callj BERNARD GOOCH Phillips Motor Co. I'luino S10 or SI I FARM LOANS *500 and lip Arkansas sin.l Mlssmirl Lowest I'illfS— UlWTSl I'XllllllSf Also city iimiirK^c^ 1UJN H. KASSK»B!AN ' I.iind Co. OlVIco P. 0. liox •170, Phone BUY, "III Uicv, Blnslrr Coach '.'il I'lynioiilli C'oacli ... TltUCKSi More trucks; ti.M.O.,- Clievrulcts, rlck-Ujis, 1}J ton' «!*''•*>, bolli ;;Jioi'l & loi^. Hec then» Uil'ovc you buy, \Vc :uv rfjiilppcd lo service anj I'ar. "I.el us H'intcrUo your ear." Ini-. OUlMiiolills — Ci.M.C. Ttuvk': Sali's & Service Italy Work, J'lilnt Our Specialty COAL PHONE 76 GAY& 8ILLIHGS Incorporated ' HEV, WHAT'S TH 1 MEANING) OP THIS? GIMME THAT \ CROWM! WHAT. ARE VOU I ' WITH IT? ? J ..^^ ~ OT,D SUIT IN l"> A NEW ON'E GEOKGE I,. MUIR "Blylhcvlllc's Only Tailor" On Railroad south of Main St. Furniture Ne«- «nd Used Furniture at Rock Bottom Prices. WK- BUV, SBIJ, it TKADi; Arian-Morris • Furniture Store 126 E. Main Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine—More Iron The Race nun tnrted Ticatnunt 'of MALARIA!, CHILLS and FEVER .B'WAMP FEVER—AGUE FEVEK At AU Klrby Drag StocaB MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New Ostrcx Tonic' Tablets contain ra\v oyster ini'igorators and oilier sUiuulauts. One dose starts new pep. Value $1.00. Special price 89c. Call, write Kilby Bros. Dru; Slore. LISSENI.MVDEA?- SUMPIM'S -..,, ^.^xHAPPEMEP T'MY .GU17V, CAN'T SON AN . T ME/!kK , T i RM p —OH TOO MUCH I'DNC.IJ / W/HW KINP OF MOMK.EV BLISIMESA / HAVE VOu BC-tM OP TOT MOW CO.\IE\ I VOU WITH 6W5 CRa,VM?WMAT HAVE J _.\ \vou POME wmi HIM? ;' ^•-;> r rvME,.yOU 01.' By Hamlin COPR. 1M' »» Nt/i SERVICE. ilK. 7, M. DEC. U. S. Mr. OFF. OOOLA,.IT'S NO yser INI SPITE v, OF ALL I'VE PONE, I CAN'T SET A ' THIN6 OUT OF HIM! Tl-l 1 OL 1 BUZZARP WON'T TALK! , , PLJMCH! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •:. The man 1 left my suitcase iuid cent with plcnsc send address and bill. A. Slurry. Annex Hotel. Phone 1Y8' St. Louis. Mo. lY-pk-24 All Used .Gars Thai LOOK Alike Are NOT Alike IJS'J'ICN TO THK By Martlo V\E i ,VOHO CftU. OtO SOOT-Jj, US Of vioo-btr fsWO VKOtAt ," . "\V\t\ 00 SWO-t VAt W OXW& ?>\R.O FOOD "VO POT GOT ^ ROMtO "FOR. SO IM Trtt A 0>Ff F.REMT ' HPMWT ^Oo JVASH TUBBS TOOK WASH. MKLLO \V,IIO -IJO YOU Kl'K'KONM AM? ; l*Kl' is my name and 1 am the new salesman for JOYNKIl-HA»CO(;K MOTOR CO. Here Arc Sonic Good -nuys. We Invile You Jo Cwuparc Our I'rii'os ;unl Our Cars Willi Any in Town WH Inlcriiiitlcual I'U'k-up. A sci'vieealile truck. ICoti^h icok- ing 'lint a Kooil buy nt -Sl5iJ.Uf) J9,"!l Doil^c Toyc'iis" Sctl.iu. (iflntl in aiijieantiicc and i:crf(tnn- 13S5 Plymouth Ccach Siiu.Wi 1 !l?,5 Huick Tcufing Scdiin Sloo.uu 1930 I : ord Tudur. Healer and radio. Absolutely ''lean. An un- MSlinl ?)tiy a(. Ntb'j.UU JS.I I l : cnl • Conch ?z:io.liu 19Sr> Konl Coach ^ H>a.tu 193G CUtvrclct Master Coupe SJU.UU FRECKLES ~AND~MJS^TRIBNDS ISr.l Chcvclcl Sedan aau.uu f ' : '—= 19?>P, 6-whecl Chevrolet Coarh S'«5Jja| ( TV/O SCORES CAMET IM isr..1 Chevrolet Coach .M.V3.W J KAfID SUccESSIOM.... By Crane OH, VOU PARLIN&.' I CCXJLO KI^S VOU'. VOU'VE SAVEP MV LIFE.' HUH! WHAT THAMK? DO I GET? WHO TH 1 KECK.^ SHOT THAT OL' CROCK., ANVWAV2 IF rr ; WASN'T FOR. ME, YOU'D OF BOTH'&IN v \JCHEW£P TO RLieeOM I'KESS I'OINT Ol-'VlKV, 1.W2 Chevrolet 'Coupe. A good one SI73.08 I-c( (IS Care for YOUR Car Come in, trade in your Of,]) CAR for a NEW 1HI1CK 1'OXTIAC A Cat- .von will l lr I'liUUI) to o»n KIMGSTDM SCORED 6|J AU iMTERcepTiow.BLrr FAILED TO KICK GOM-.5HADYSIP6 TALLIED OK! A PASS TO DID KICH SOAV..' l{t o;i(hva,v and Walnut " MOTOR CO. I'hmic 1IMIO Bl/r THE -IRBVORkS WERE JUST STARTING... BALDV/iW,OF KIWGSTOMjTOO^ "THE MEXT (CICKOFF AWD WORMED HIS V/AY 95 YARDS TO A TDUCHDOWW "THE | EXTRA fOIWT MADE TWE. 3CORE, KIM6S- TOKI 2O, SHADYSIDE „% By Blosser klHGSTOW HAS RUM HIM RAGGED'! GUESS 8AGLEY FIGURED IF THE 1 kIWQSTOW PIGHT EWD, FULLBACK \ AWD LEFT TACKLE; COULD -W«E J HIM OUT, HE HADy\ RK3HT ^X TD DO iT/TOO ! " ixJ

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