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The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York • Page 13
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The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York • Page 13

Ithaca, New York
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Tuesday, June 30, 1970 ITHACA JOURNAL 13 Tonight's Television Ann Landers Answers Blackmun Likely to Have Pivotal Role with Court More Meat Loaf it-' lc) 1970. Publishers-Hall Syndicate sented from the summary reversal of the convictions of two St. Paul booksellers. This suggests that Blackmun, like Burger and Harlan, would WASHINGTON (AP) -Freshman Justice Harry A. Blackmun's pivotal role looms even larger as the Supreme Court, begins a three-months summer recess today with mm allow more room for the states 7 i many major legal problems un- to set their own obscenity stand- solved. mun joined Burger and Justices Byron R. White and Potter Stewart in dissenting Monday as the Supreme Court upset a draft evasion conviction. The ruling was an outgrowth of the 5-3 decision earlier this month that sincere opponents of warfare generally may be classified as conscientious objectors. Blackmun's dissent suggests he may take a hard line on future draft cases. As a new man he did not participate in the earlier decision. Disputes over the pace of ards. He also obviously believes the court should re-examine its generally liberal view of sexy literature. Dear Readers: I swore I would not print another word about that bloomin' meat loaf recipe, but then along came a letter informing me that Ann Landers' meat loaf took first prize in a contest in New Orleans. The news seemed too good not to share especially after a reader in Michigan said my meat loaf was so lousy even the dog wouldn't eat it. So. I publicly ninnpH a rnsp nn mvsplf and BEST BET Lancer and The Red Skelton Show disappear from television forever (Red will reappear next September on NBC and in a shortened format i as a new movie series premieres. The Tuesday Night Movies. Mostly the films will be repeats, but the first one hasn't been telecast before. It's "Five Weeks in a Balloon" and it's sort of a low-budget "Around the World in 80 Days." It's a comedy based on a Jules Verne novel and it stars Red Buttons, Barbara Eden, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Peter Lorre, Fabian. Richard Haydn and Barbara Luna. A 1962 release which is amusing light viewing for a warm summer's evening. (CBS) PREMIERE Ch. 5, 10, 12. (NBC) The marriage between Jeannie and her astronaut is close enough for them to go to the license bureau where, among other things, they must take a blood test. But how do you get blood from a genie? Well the answer is on I Dream of Jeannie. -REPEAT-Ch. 3, 8,40. Julie (Peggy Lipton, left) works undercover as a secretary to Lisa (Carolyn Jones) in order to protect her from an assassin in 'Lisa' on ABC-TV's 'The Mod today (7 30-8: 30 p.m.). school desegregation evidently wnile was at it decided to give will continue to bedevil the jus- credit to the person who had tices. Monday the court swept given me the recipe in the first one of the toughest from its piace my sister. Mrs. David doorstep temporarily by declin- Brodkey of Omaha, ing to rule immediately on the now Mrs. Brodkey isn't extent of busing and racial bal- speaking to me. In fact, she isn't Capital punishment, obscenity, the Vietnam war arid the draft, arid the pace of school integration are among the unsettled areas as the 1969-70 term ends. Mum as the court is, the public is in the dark about what may be hanging the justices up. One safe guess, however, is that on some issues there is a 4-4 deadlock that only the new man can break. For more than a year, the court has operated with eight justices, which leads to tie votes on many of the knotty problems the court must cope with. Blackmun's assumption of the long-open seat could be the key to a highly active, and important, 1970-71 term. The positions he will take are still mostly unknown. But he indicated Monday he will line up with his old friend Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, and with John M. Harlan, another conservative, on obscenity cases. In his first opinion, Blackmun dis- However, she had earlier been indiscreet and had had an abortion, a fact which complicates this pregnancy and her relations with her unknowing husband. These actors made such a good impression they will return, as the in another story next season. Repeat Ch. 9, 13, 16, 34, 36. Cambodia, Bill McLaughlin in Laos and Dan Rather and Roger Mudd in Washington, D.C. Ch. 5, 10, 12. 10-11 (ABC) Marcus Welby M.D. is very good with young Belinda Montgomery and Richard Thomas giving fine performances as a young couple expecting their first baby. ances that may be required in speaking to anybody. She is not All this will take on import next term when the justices reconsider two holdover cases; A ban in Boston on the popular Swedish film "I Am Curious (Yellow and suppression in Dallas of an underground newspaper. What Blackmun thinks about the death penalty becomes vital when the court reconsiders the latitude available to juries in imposing the ultimate sentence. Cases from Ohio and California bring up questions unsettled this term. The new justice's vote may be critical, too, when the court picks up where it left off on whether young men are entitled to exemptions if they have sincere scruples against the Vietnam conflict but do not claim to be opposed to warfare general- iy. Significantly, perhaps, Black answering her telephone. I had sent out thousands of copies of the recipe and was sure that every housewife in the United States. Canada. Mexico. Puerto Rico, Tokyo and Bangkok who wanted it, has asked for it. I was wrong. When Mrs. Brodkey's name appeared in the column she suddenly became the most popular woman in Omaha. No address was given, but that didn't discourage the meat loaf Her mailman is exhausted. He keeps asking. "When is this going to stop?" Letters have arrived addressed to Ann Landers' Sister. One letter was aHocssed: MEAT LOAF, Omaha. Readers have sent her cash, checks and money orders. Along with hints on how to improve the recipe, she has received requests to publish a cookbook. "It would be a best seller," wrote Mrs. S. of Issaquah. Washington. You could call it "Ann Landers' Sister's Cookbook." Almost everyone who wrote said, "I don't want to bother Ann Landers Letters requesting the meat loaf recipe have been sent to the Brodkey Jewelry Company. A relative in California whose maiden name was Brodkey called to say she has been asked for the recipe. A Texas reader, Marvin Cox, sent a song called Ann Landers' Meat Loaf. It should be sung to the tune of "I Love Paris." Here it is: I love meat loaf in the morning Expected cnanoue-MecKienDurg county, N.C. After lower courts pass judgment on new desegregation plans for North Carolina's largest school district the case probably will come back to the justicesperhaps before the new By Hope Washington Post Service WASHINGTON "I think Schedule :30 Tina Sinatra Plans To Marry Wagner session opens in early October, we'll see the biggest crowd that Blackmun seems to hold the has ever gathered for a show," swing vote on whether it is con- Bob Hope said here Monday as stitutional to jail a defendant he predicted 400,000 persons simply because he cannot afford would attend the Fourth of July to pay a fine. Honor America Day extrava- The eight other justices were ganza in Washington, unanimous Monday in ruling Hope told a press conference that the answer is "no" when that he and other Honor Amer-the jailing extends the man's ica Day organizers expect the prison term beyond the maxi- day to be nonpartisan, nonpoliti-mum set for the crime. cat, nonviolent and fun. Four justices-William He said he was not worried Douglas, William J. Brennan that New Left demonstrators Thurgood Marshall and may try to disrupt the program White-wanted to go further and or hold their own rallies, prohibit converting a fine to a "I imagine there'll be enough sentence solely because the de- security to stop anyone who fendant cannot pay. gets obnoxious," he said. Four justices-the chief, Hugo As for claims that the Pr-L. Black, Harlan and Stewart- gram is weighted with conserv-fplt trip pnnrt harl unnp far ative supporters, Hope said he one-week stint at that popular By JOYCE IIABER Los Angeles Times Service htspot, where Leonard Silli- ni I love meat loaf late at night. I love meat loaf on a platter --doesn't matter I love meat loaf in the Navy, topped with gravy. I love meat loaf stuffed with to get Dick Gregory raisins Smothers Brothers, It tastes good with ice cream enough. nas For next term the court ar- and Tuesday Evening 6:00 3,5,8,9,10, 5 WNEW-McHale's Navy 9 WOR-Gilligan's Island, 11 Munsters 13-News 24-What's New 34-Route66 46-What's New 6:30 3, 5, 8, 40-News 5 WNEW-My Favorite Martian 91 Love Lucy 9 WOR-Dick Van Dyke 11 Troop, 13-David Frost, 24. 46 Rise of the American Nation 7:00 3-Hazel 5. 8-To Tell the Truth, 5 WNEW-I Love Lucy 9- Dick Van Dyke 9 WOR-What's My Line, 10- Truth or Consequences 11-Please Don't Eat the Daisies, 12 Stump the Stars, 34-News 40-He Said, She 7:15 16-News 7:30 3, 8, 401 Dream of Jeannie 5, 10, 12-Movie 5 WNEW-Truth or Consequences, 9, 13. 16. 34-Mod Squad, 9 WOR-Divorce Court, 11- Beat the Clock, 24-Bridge 46-Film Feature 8:00 3, 8. 40 Debbie Reynolds, 5 WNEW-To Tell the Truth, 9 WOR-Laredo 11-Can You Top 24-CNY Teleweek 46 Advocates (ABC) Carolyn Jones has an actress' dream role on The Mod Squad and she makes the most of it. She's a recent widow, whose husband has committed suicide. Her behavior seems to stem from that fact coupled with an unexpected attempt on her life. When the squad investigates, they discover a lady with a badly split personality. Repeat Cli. 9, 13,16, 34,36. (NBC) Turns out Julia and Dr. Chegley spend time on Saturdays working at a children's medical clinic. That's where she wants the parents of a small Mexican boy who needs treatment to take the lad. But she reckons without their great pride and insistance that they, pav for treatment. Repeat Ch. 3, 8, 40. (ABC) The Movie of the Week gives you a chance to-see Ken Berry in something other than his Mayberry R.F.D. role. Here he plays an accident-prone American officer who' winds up unintentionally parachuting into Germany during the closing days of World War II. He falls into the hands and arms of Eva Gabor. a wealthy baroness who decides to keep this new toy. So when the war ends, she hires people to pretend it's not over. Werner Klemperer, Hans Conried. Alan Hewitt, Jim Backus and Danielle De Metz are among the good clowns in the cast. Repeat Ch. 9, 13, 16, 34, 36. 9-11 (NBC) Elvis Presley is Johnny and The Beverly Hillbillies' Donna Douglas is Frankie in "Frankie and Johnny." a film based on a song. The Tuesday Night at the Movies offering also stars Anthony Eisley. Harry Morgan and Nancy Kovack (now Mrs. Zubin Meht'ai'. A 1966 release. -Repeat- Ch. 3, 8, 40. cepted a case from Texas that Vietnam war critics, to join the challenges jail sentences for D'- traffic violators who cannot pay Gregory is already committed their fines. How Blackmun feels for the Fourtn "somewhere mav deride this imnnrtant prim- Hope said, but the 3, 8, 40 Julia, 5 WNEW-David Frost, 9, 13,16, 34-Movie 11-He Said, She Said, 9:00 3 Movie 8, 40-Movie 9 WOR-Movie 11 Tom Kennedy, 24 Arts Forum 46 Forsyte Saga 9:30 5, 10, 12 Governor and J.J. 24-Who Needs God Anyway? 10:00 5, 10, 12-CBS News Hours, 5 WNEW-News 9, 13, 16, 34-Marcus Welby, 11 News 24, 46-Newsfront 10:30 24 Samuel Lipmans, Pianist 46-Film Feature 11:00 3, 5. 8, 10, 12, 40-News 5 WNEW-Peyton Place 9, 13, 16, 34-News 9 WOR-Movie 11 Perry Mason 11:30 3, 8, 40-Tonight 5, 10, 12, 22-Merv Griffin, 5 WNEW-Movie 9-Dick Cavett, 13 Movie 16 Dick Cavett, 12:00 11 News 12:15 11 Movie 1:00 9 WOR-Joe Franklin, 22-News 1:05 22 Movie 1:10 2 WCBS-A11 Night Movies 1:25 5 WNEW-ReelCamp 2:10 5 WNEW-Cheaters cones I love meat loaf Why do I love Annie's meat loaf? Because it has no bones. I hereby take an oath on Julia man saw Paul and put him in Broadway's "New Faces of 1952." Paul did nis "african Monolog" in which he appears, swatchad in andages, as a lecturer who describes the marvelous trip he won across the Dark Continent, te natives having killed his wife in his absence Dept. of Postscripts: In Price-Stern-Sloan's "Celebrities on the Couch," Patty Duke, who just married Las Vegas rock promoter Michael Tell, describes why she went into analysis: "I felt emotionally unequipped to take care of a man," says Patty Bob Quigley and Merrill Heat-ter, exec producers of TV's Hollywood Squares, are making a pilot for NBC on their current hiatus. It's called the Golden Triangle, and Merrill describes it as "a human interest game show," but not necessarily for daytime: "These days you think inai law iccno Smothers Brothers "are think- i.wj 1 m. i i i i i ing about it (joining the pro- Uldl vou earaf gram I. I've done 'em a couple the last oft mV meat loaf. If of favors in the past." he said, anyone wants the recipe please winking get it from a friend. Do NOT "The New Left can come if write to Mrs David Brodkey or they bring entertainers," he the Brodkey Jewelry said, stressing that political Compaq or to me. I have had it. "messages" will not be allowed. AnnLanaers Similarly, Blackmun's vote could resolve whether 11 New York City blacks may be prosecuted for allegedly plotting to overthrow the state government and whether California may prosecute a radical for pamphleteering outside a police inquest into the fatal shooting of a Negro. These cases have been heard twice with no decision. Also put over until next term were a Georgia case that questions the posting of bonds to challenge evictions and an Illinois case in which a group of Ford Econoline Van Automatic Transmission Negroes allege they are the targets of an unconstitutional prosecution scheme by Cook County officials. Here, too, Blackmun's vote could count heavily. NED'S CORNER STATION 257-2600 BRUCE'S ESSO 273-7441 Win at Bridge Robert Wagner and Tina Sinatra plan to get married when Bob gets his divorce from Marion Donen. Ironically, thinking way back to Bob's breakup with Natalie Wood, there were rumors than that the cause was Tina's Papa Frank brief, flaming attentions to Natalie Bob Newhart, one of the stars of Paramount's "Catch-22" returned to town last week from his smash engagement at Las Vegas' frontier without having seen the movie. So Bob and Ginny set out for the theater where it's playing and couldn't get near the boxofl'ice. The lines had been a block long at 4 p.m. for the 6 p.m. showing. The manager recognized Newhart and let him through a side door. Mike Nichols' third film has had controversial reviews: they range from pin-ups to put-downs. For example, while Time devoted five pages and a cover to pronouncing it "a major film" which "overturns commonplaces and makes them fresh," its rival. Newsweek, decided the movie "threatens to be a masterpiece" but is "deeply flawed." Among critics. Vincent Canby called it "the best American film this' year." while Charles Champlin found it "perplexingly sterile and never deeply moving." For my money, "Catch" is te most intriguing, absorbing, thoughtful and perceptive film of this and many recent years. Each frame is painted by artist Nichols with the attention to detail and eye for beauty of a Renaissance master. The famed Nichols humor (abetted by writer Buck Henry's special brand of wry) is there, abundantly up front, then sliding into black comedy, and finally just into black. "Catch" may mark the last time a director is given so many millions (roughly 16 1 to spend on getting every frame attuned to his inner vision. While I don't necessarily approve of this sort of profligacy, Nichols spends beautifully. And to consider "Catch" in terms of its budget is to look at Picasso's "Guernica" and criticize in terms of its appraised value. Each work should stand alone as a statement about the horror of war, and each does, a masterpiece in its own right. Nancy Andrews, Paul Lynde's costar in "Don't Drink the Water" with Ohio's Kenley Players, was responsible for the start of the funnyman's career. Years ago, when Paul entered a contest at New York's No. 1 Fifth Avenue, Nancy judged him the winner. The prize was a of nighttime too. Come January, they'll need replacements." Indeed Igor Stravinsky, the most famous living composer, is leaving Hollywood and the U.S. He wants to spend his last years in Europe, so he's sold his house in L.A. and asked a friend to find one in Paris for him Poor Julie. Mae West, in a crush of fans, was checking out of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in Manhattan where she'd gone for the opening of "Myra Breckinridge." then, Julie Andrews walked into the lobby. She was there to promote her new Paramount musical, "Darling Lili" or at least to attend the opening, which for Julie is as much promotion as she ever does. At any rate, Mae was mobbed, but Julie passed by, says my spy, unnoticed. Except by my spy, of course. Poor Julie (CBS) Michael' Good Play Is Flexible Summer at Cornell 1970 Concert Series WwWwMMiwM i Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Alice Statler Auditorium Thursday July 2 Stanley Fletcher Piano All Beethoven NORTH (D) 30 AJ63 A4 AK6 AJ975 WEST EAST AKQ9854 7 V52 VQJ6 4 QJ 10972 KQ63 104 2 SOUTH A A 10 2 VK109873 853 8 North -South vulnerable West North East South 1 2 2V 2 A 3 Pass 3 Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead 4 today's 'Thursday July 9 By OSWALD JAMES JACOBY A good dummy player starts proceedings by trying to find a sure-thing play, then he looks around for the play that gives him the best chance. Finally, he just plays a card while retaining as many options as possible and hopes for the best. South won the diamond lead and counted four very probably losing tricks. It looked as if his best bet would be to find someone with king-queen-small or doubleton king-queen of clubs. So he cashed dummy's ace of clubs and ruffed a second club. Nothing interesting dropped, so plan A was out. Now. South played a heart to dummy's ace and ruffed another club for want of anything better to do. Then he cashed his king of hearts and was relieved to find both opponents following. Now he was not going to lose more than one trump. South saw some daylight ahead. He played a diamond to dummy and noted West's discard of a spade. Now South played a fourth club from dummy. East discarded a diamond. It wasn't going to do him any good to ruff Thursday July 16 ERVTrA5 Tfi ITS Sunday July 19 THANX TO DIANE. Ansara plays a South American dictator on The Governor and J.J. He's also an old college chum of the gov's and the dictator's visit to the capitol causes all kinds of problems, including a big one with J.J. -Repeat- Ch. 5, 10, 12. 10-11 (CBS) Where We Stand In Indochina is the title of a CBS news special report assessing the accomplishments and costs of the U.S. military incursion into Cambodia. Chief Foreign Correspondent Charles Collingwood will anchor the broadcast, with reporters Morley Safer and Bert Quint in South Vietnam. Bernard Kalb in TV Movies 4:00 "Once Upon a Horse" (1958) Dan Rowan. Dick Martin. Ch. 13 4:30 "Storm Fear" (1956) Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Ch. 40 5:30 "It Conquered the World" Peter Graves, Beverly Garland. Ch. 16 7:30 "Five Weeks in a Balloon" (1962) Red Buttons, Fabian, Barbara Eden, Cedric Hardwicke. Ch. 5. 10, 12. 8:30 "Wake Me When the War Is Over" Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Werner Klemperer. Ch. 9. 13, 16. 34. 9:00 "Frankie and Johnny" 1966) Elvis Presley. Donna Douglas. Nancy Kovack. Anthony Eislev. Ch. 3. 8. 40. "Two Flags West" (1950) Linda Darnell. Joseph Cotten. Jeff Chandler. Cornell Wilde. Ch. 5WNEW 11:30 "The Hanged Man" (1959) Edmund O'Brien. Vera Miles. Robert Culp. Ch. 13 12:15 "Stage Struck" (1957) Henry Fonda. Christopher Plummer. Susan Stasberg. Joan Greenwood. Ch. 11 1:05 "Target Unknown" (1951) Mark Stevens. Alex Nicol. Ch. 22 1:10 "Horizons West" (1952) Robert Rvan. Rock Hudson. John Mclntire. AND "The Lost Continent" 1951 Cesar Romero. John Hoyt. AND "The Treasure of Lost Canyon" (1952) William Powell. Julie Adams, Ch.2WCBS the fourth club and West the third heart. South would have ruffed the fourth club in this case. If West overruffed, he would have been forced to lead a spade. If West discarded, he would have been thrown in with the good trump with the same end result. GABFIELO Thursday July 23 IJ, OHIO Music For Viols English and French composers performed by the Viol School Faculty The Composers String Quartet Carter, Beethoven Music of Julius Eastman The Moon's Silent Modulation, a mixed media presentation cosponsored by Summer-Ithaca Chamber Chorale Monteverdi, Bach, Penderecki conducted by Thomas A. Sokol cosponsored by Summer-Ithaca Dorian Woodwind Quintet Vivaldi, Barber, Fine, Ibert Seth Carlin Piano Husa, Bach, Schubert, Chopin Individual tickets are series tickets, $10.00. Tickets will be available at the Willard Straight Hall Ticket Office from 1 :00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, beginning June 30. All concerts begin at 8:15 P.M. Thursday July 30 1 You Don't Have To Own A Computer To Know How Much Scherer's Meats Are Thursday August 6 All Scherer's meats are priced by the pound NO big price tag that says 89i; look closer and you see that's for 12 ounces. So, how much is it by the pound? Twelve ounces into 89i equals about per ounce or lour computer saysl vTTl at this point. South discarded a diamond also. This loser-on-loser play ended South's troubles. West was on lead with nothing but spades and had to lead one. It didn't matter which spade he led. South was going to get out with the loss of one club, one spade and one trump. It is interesting to note that South's line of play would have worked just as well if East held Not a Joke LONDON (APi The Greenwich theater is presenting the Greek tragedy. "Medea" by Euripides. Recently the theater received a mailed request for 24 tickets, accompanied by a check signed. Euripides." It wasn't a gag. Kodross Euripides, a Greek Cypriot who has lived in England for 15 years, was bringing his wife and 22 friends to see "Medea." $1. 186666656 a pound! Isn't it simpler the Scherer way? Scherer's quality bologna, for instance, is 93i a pound. That's all there is to know! We'd be pleased to meat you at Sage Chapel cherer's hausage ibhops Sunday July 26 Donald R. M. Paterson Organ Bach, Franck, and others 8:15 p.m. No admission charge. 720 Ridge Road Route 34B Ludlowville 533-4931 Sun. 10-4 Mon Thur. 96 Fri. 9-9 Sat. 9-5 Elmira Road Plaza Ithaca 273-8607 9-9 Fri. Sat. 3-4

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