The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York on October 1, 1957 · Page 14
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The Ithaca Journal from Ithaca, New York · Page 14

Ithaca, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1957
Page 14
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14 ITHACA" JOURNAL Tuesday, Oct 1, 1957 Writer Explores ews Hoax N In (he glorious, If tomtnhat namboyant. days of pioneer American journalism, the story would sometimes take the newspaper by the tail. Looking back on those fabled days of journalism when fact was sometimes fiction, an AP Newsfeatures writer found the great newspaper hoax more than a century ago. By TOM HEXSHAW NEW YORK LP The headline said: "Great Astronomical Discoveries." And, indeed they were. It seems the eminent star- cazer. Sir John Frederick liam Hcrschel, LL.D.. F i . U ;ri A 1 1 rmA Ufa nn t h P moon. The headline appeared in the New York Sun of Tuesday, Aug. 25. 1835, and for the rest of the week the 200.000-odd inhabitants of old New York couldn't get enough of the story. There was only one " " " ' ' - , ''' Y f v ' - - 5 W tr- ? ' , - ; ' ' ? J i 7 - -xr r" r . PARISIAN MARKETING problem Ponderinp the mass of humanity buy- thing inp- and sellinar in rans famed mar- wrong. Not a word of it was truej ket place of 'Les Halles' is French NeUrU6 St Sans economist Daniel Barrere Although fitting to observe that newspapers tourists customarily make this bustling long since have come of age. A market one of their must-see stops, newspaper today that foisted such' . ' falsehoods on its subscribers; would doubtless be run out of bus- Business Mirror iness. cui oiu new iuik was uu-ferent. It apparently was considered all good clean fun. 'Great Moon Hoax' The "Great Moon Hoax." as It tame to be called, originated in the literary mind of an expatriate the tumult and confusion makes life more difficult for the averape native, Barrere thinks. He would prefer to see Los Halles moved to an outlyincr district to ease complicated traffic and parkin? problems. Its site is in the heart of the city. Brushes Gain New Respect 'Drowned Man,' Family Kcunilcd Highest Court Never Answers Its Critics By Peler Etlson State Seeks to Halt Phony Slock Flow AlltO DcalllS KlSC ill August NEW YORK State Atty.:pate in the annual conference of Tko nQtinn-. trF.lnuest ratio in ih mii. Gen. Louis J. Kefkowitz said Mon- the Canadian Securities Admims--. "j . Act iJtnr rnmnarahio ncrinH day he will go to Canada this trator at Winnipeg Wednesday , r week to seek an agi...ncnt to halt and Thursday. k the Canadians to assist Monday reciprocal "Kjee-i 3 nQt ony ftas 5 per cent gow ancj London in 400 minutes lor me canceiid-, ., ,, ocm : Yorkers of 250 million dollars an-, If his talks with Canadian au-,ltm P""-1"-- iho first time since last Novem-i weeK to seeic an agi .ncnt to natt ana inursaay. . National Safety Council The British Railways express the flow of worthless stock into; The a torney general said he train. "The Caledonian." makes New Y'ork State. monues aon i appreciawy nait o rji the flow of worthless stock, Lef- OCIGICC I W HS WASHINGTON' The word of the; ire c -., ; 1 it' VJ.O. oupicilie ouuil 15 law dim ll tWit Hnnt -nnroriahl v holt nni-iM' rffifnni-lct i(c Hnicinnc Vnnn " J oi ine um,5 lie Cv .,iouC - kowitz saidi he wiu seck s(ate jeg. l" " V." T ' islation barring the sale of any critics of s recent civil liberties Canadian stocks here xvhich ha decisions, thoufih they have t previously had approva, of brought on a torrent of abuse and: some appropriate official Cana-even a congressional investigation. iriian naiiLiaic tiuauic uaiviu 11. liui' WOUld aSK tne LananianS 10 assist - toll loct rr.nth Iho dni.m.lo tnnmov hot,.o SJ ... - hi in rtroftino rorinrnral flPreP- ura.u . - - " j"-w " " - w. v.i. ix'ikowuz sain canaaian saies- " "";( r, ii i men and promoters bilk New.mcni o pruwue ior uie muiui- . fh. fhe toll of 3 10 in . tion or me licenses 01 secunuw - . . . tk. hioh 1 t r. . 1.. 1 A t' VI ldil t rai U U L o 1 nually. ! salesmen w no engage in irauau- - r u j 1M1 and ,he second highest for that month in the council's history. The total In August 1941 was 3.9s4. The council said the increase was attributed, in part, to the fact there were five Saturday in August this year, including one dur- vr-T t niir ennlvrc Ohin in Sdencl TTas "proven what' many uuj the Labor Day weekend women have long maintained men Despite the increased toll in t n : j . I V. . !A..rt.ict tho innnn Kain hifliwav ton, however, recently made an na ne wm panic- are fatheads. ''fr hV f, e.eht months ur. Stanley ivi. uarn. associaie ""- , ---- :- professor of anthropology at Anti-tlus year were two per cent lower och College here, says a recent compared to the corresponding pe-study of fat and its distribution nod last year, 24,, 30 against 2a,- ovcr the human body snows mat w. EXDICOTT Uf) - A restaurant as a city law director though he annual owner who was believed drowned n?YeJ ?al,.,m ,u !"1 " mi,J, infnrmnl tnllf hffnrA a email firnun of ex-Clevelanders in Washington. " aim-American stuncnts sent to in which he presented the court as Washington to 1 study the U.S. Su-an extremely human institution, as Preme curt- vvhen thclr Period of well as the permanent keystone of j observation was oyer, they were American government. Justice ;ke.d what the.y ought of the Burton was mayor of Cleveland , Sa'd .had been and senator from Ohio before he ?"rp"sed- ,So f Justice! on was named to the court 12 years jthe bench had actua"y sm"cd- ago. Incidentally, Justice Burton thinks that only good will come out of the House Judiciary sub committee investigation of the court next year. As a former member of the Truman war investigating committee, ex-Senator Burton should know. "Y'ou can't stop these things," he says. "You might as well enjoy them." Most of the proposals now being made to limit the Supreme Court or reform it were really made when the U.S. Constitution was being drafted 170 years ago, says Justice Burton. One proposal is that the President be restricted to experienced iudees in his Supreme Court nom inations. This is aimed at people like Justice Burton himself, who although women are 41 per cent; The council reported mat travel fatter than men, the "superior in the first six months was up 3 male" has more fat on his head per cent, producing 5.5 deaths for than do women. every 100 million miles of travel, Earl Warren, Cali- H? CAVf TlAU'SnV fif mannfypturor chnus n 'Chief Justice A tL W IWIVIV UT1 lllC Ul U.11I iMll;illi:ill a Ul lllVlll.l 1 lUl U1U..IU (it 111 Ull UllAl. ICl lllllllil 13 ll," , . K..1 nm.n t- ,:i 1 i,;uj i i. n. cti, tc hlc fnt In thp lHi million dollars t war a inn in Pennsvlvania wherp hp ha tornid S ix-feuveiuuj uui iii-ci a 112-a-week editor of the Sun. At doors of factories too. seven year gain of three million been joined by his family, his at-.J""- . least, he admitted writing the: From tiny jewelers' brushes to dollars. , torney reports. Since there are no restrictions sloriPS the giant ones used to extract' The American Brush Manufac-i The attorney said Henry H.jin the Constitution on wnom ine Locke was 35. a writer of more sludge in paper mills, there's an turers Assn. estimates 400 million Brubaker. 30, of Endicott, disap-,President may nominate to the Su-than ordinary ability and a strik- increasing market today for power brushes are sold a year in Amer- peared while on a fishing trip be-lpreme Court, any new restrictions t.n,- v, VnrV. i,n Jrlirnn nnH nthor inrliiQtrial hrush- ica for Personal, household and raii;p nf "mental strain " He did' would be unconstitutional, in JUS- lIKUir 111 ,ir li'in a tup uiiim v.... ' - ' - - ; - - ! , . h ffo hc a Hie. c lindustrial use. While one of its not rlnhnratp. Itiee Burtons opinion. He points cerning "I am acquainted with no per-critters from a telescopic distance men can show the housewife T7tend'to return to Endicott and had impose or omit uniform standards son possessing so fine a forehead of what would be 80 yards, was'd'ffcrent brushes, brooms and authorized him to settle all his fi-; for justices vhen it rejects or con- as Mr. Locke." table to report on them in some mops for use in the home, it turns nancial affairs here. and coffee houses A dis-es. industrial use. While one of its not elaborate. tiee Bunon s oiju.iuh. iic iiu,...o friend, one Edgar Allan! The latest Census Bureau tally members, the Fuller Brush Co. of Attorney Joe, A. Scelsi said Sat- out, however, tlia': the Senate al-stified jHartford, Conn., boasts its sales- urdav that Brubaker did not in-!ready has compk'e authority to Scelsi said Brubaker insisted he did not remember what happened from the time he walked away Locke and the Sun didn't shout detail. They didn't work. They out W ditlerent types for Indus "Scoop!" over their moon stories. 'loafed all the time. They talked 'O'. Each installment was carefully to each other with animated ges labelled a reprint from "a Sup- (ures. element to the Edinburgh (Scot iLnrcest in Circulation land 1 Journal of Science." I The Sun that day had the , " 1 ,:,,. home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Had anyone taken the time to largest circulation of any news- . '"V"', rnn," fna ' d da irv IIenry Brubilkrr- ln Pennszlvania. look it up. he would have found paper in the world, 19,630 againsten Scelsi said Brubakcr's wife, El- that the Journal had folded sev-17,000 for the Times of lndon.:"71r.!Ul and ,hcir n year-old son- eral years before. Tne man,)ats nf the moon were $S' .. had. joined Brubaker in Little In First Chapter ithe chief topic of dinner table and 0tf billiard halls 1 J 7. Association members tailor ro- frnm , nntr!1i , vn,-t ut-o tary power driven brushes to spe- Aug 18 untll he reaclled the cifications of bakeries, textile um f u: ai oh atc mills, metal workers The first installment did little street corner conversation; Till, DMnrnoir efiiH tliut "Rrn. It. took vpars nf pynprimpntinf? ... . nlarp liP PPnilino nctrnnnmpr thoV,pt nincl nf tho unrld ...:.u u...i. r.i "DaKCrs rCStailialU Was SUCCCSStUl Sir John Hershcl in South Africa Pamphlets containing the storylSppeas t0 develop a machine that mat ne owned a larm. (truet with a telescope Urue) that sold fast and well in Paris, Lon- WOuld wash eggs thoroughly but!r, , magnified things 42,000 times.don and Glasgow. -ge,Ule. A Fuller machine now'ji rgiCU' LCCIVCS (outrageously false.) j Tne tnan-bats were Sir John's sprays and scrubs eggs against a V ln lateT installments, Sir Johniast great discovery on the moon,thin, spiralled revolving brush, '( -iiniT I fivil trained his mighty glass on the TI,p nrxt riav. renorted the SunJthen dries them under a fluffier!11 1 1 1 ' 1 h mc'n'ii c . , ,,'the astronomers carelessly leftevolving hrush in a vacuum' MINNEAPOLIS W A burglar :s amuei chase in tlie post-Civil War hir Jolin-tlie Sun said saw all theip telescope facing east and the'ehamber. The engineers say it is! ransacked a suburban St. Louis! iri of the elaht counls against manner 0 flora and fauna on theravs of the rising sun burned a.'able to wash hatching eggs with-'Park home stealing $31,444, most rejected and the mimn InrliiHmcr n mnnctmne hlim! : ..... ,. , j if it ; n...nni i nun, live nut icjcucu i,i v " --"-""""" ""V'enppnng noie in ine reiiecims.oui uamuge. " nvci iinii-ni u.,nua. other three failed to get two-thirds V : v, .icnamoer. juamiiaiuiiers continue 10 Dring ",M-c huuic un.-111u.y- , ''ZlfZVu X Exposure of the hoax was not new problems to the brush k-jnn Ali these provisions, says Justice firms each nomination Other proposals are being made to remove Supreme Court justices from the bench for unpopular decisions. This was also proposed in 1787. The idea was that Congress might remove justices by joint resolution. This would have been murder, says Justice Burton. The proposal was voted down, eight states to one. Instead, provision was made for House of Representatives impeachment of justices, the president and all other federal civil officials, if convicted by a two-thirds vote in the Senate. No Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached. Proceedings were begun against Chief Justice and built campfires. far behind. m, tU lllVSK Ul uviniuil.",, novo uujini of paper bearing his name. The -, the U.S. Sunreme Dnt.nHn 4i. - 1 e man urn nick-on nn in n hop anH 1 The creates! discovery J Locke himself, possibly In the -"T "... . , thp loot - rPonWVt !LOUrl a un"lue conuuu" m n"'cl" -A 00. ' Zl,:: Jt.n rnm nf tho Whinrtnii Hn. " usl w " pidies wun; " " the! ican government. There have been 33 presidents and 85 sessions of Congress, but there has been only one Supreme One cannery wanting to rush Court. It never adjourns, but milium nir , ,,, ... - - . . 1 , . . . I..- 1 rm. . rain liui lull iviim a llldll walked-and new - about the ic . nappeneo loieu a iricna. x .e :Mllivalpnt ,,... fll ,qv! aph water and has a drvina action moon "Man-bats" they were fnend happenec I to .wort tor ne h rpm Enginrs pro.;cutting labor costs and eliminating called. The account said: Journal of Commerce. And ine . cn.. ..n .nnn.r...t:n "They averaged four feet in publisher of that eminent daily: , t . ,"..v 0ne neignt and were covered, except nappeneo 10 oe u-uu.ns .u. i..e apricots through immediately aft- merely recesses to its next meet vii me imc, nun snuii ami flossy p".o.. , ... , laiincrs nave prouiems. 10 cooi er tne asparagus season without a ing copper-colored hair and had wings' The reading public accepted the heated food after canning cold wa-'stoppage for special cleaning or-j Nine justices hand down the decomposed of a thin membranefact that it had been hoaxed with ter is sprayed as the cans travel dercd power brushes that give a cisions today, says Justice Burton, without hair. jrare good humor. No one stoned along a conveyor. To remove the very high shine to the apricots.! but the other 82 'that we have had 'The face. . .was a slight im-the Sun office. one eighth of an inch of water re- Other brushes remove fuzz from are sitting there in the books, giv- provement upon that of the large. When the paper was sold two maining on the top of each can, peaches, remove surplus sugar ing previous wisdom. All 91 make orang-utan." 'years later its circulation was brush engineers designed an open from sheet chewing gum and lint the decisions. Sir John, viewing the moon 30,000. ' (spiralled brush which flicks off all from paper on printing presses.! Justice Burton tells the story of w EE Urn mm CO All music sounds better on a WEBCOR! You're invited fo hear the ultimate in high fidelity reproduction on a Webcor. We want you to see Webcor's beautiful years-ahead styling. We want you to hear Webcor'i unmatched sound. It's the only one with the Magic-Mind Disk-changer that plays 33 and 45 records all sizes-intermixed. 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