The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX CHE stood In (rout ot lb« mirror, u giving finishing touches to her face. and ihinlilnR or Urlmgold's strange coafefslon. She inlghi hnva tnown |i was sotnetblnR like thai. No man who was guilty of the rifi- ty, chiseling tactics George Drlm- gold used cnittil oo quite I lie pillar o( soctetj thai he liked 10 slmnlaie, She sniveled Into Per fur com, tcoonert, up thn mall, snapped an ; elastic nanrt nronnd the pack ol "letters, tooli earn to throv, the spring loci; on tho door into p<w|. tlon, nndileil 10 the assistant jonl- .' !or as she itenped out Inlo the corridor. She went to the elevator, dropped her leliera dnwn the mall chute. pulled her tfshtly around her figure na she met Inn cold wind of the street. The tingling nlr fell good to her skin. She pusher! the ilnor end entered tno welcome warmth ol Die ten room. Slie hung up the tur coat where etia cmild keep an eye on It, dropped her purse 10 a chn I r beside tier anil consulted the menu, Slie could, she $aw, sei tame chldieii crnijiiDttes and iwi and ellll leave e lOcem tip tor tha waitress out of the ?n cents hrlmRold tail g|ven her. Mltllrem decided on the croquettes, and gave her order. She took a clgafet from her purse nnrt was holrtlriK a match to It when her eyes suddenly snapped to qiitcK attention. A woman, with a coat ot Mack ermine wrapped around her. had entprcd the ten room.- She fjalkeit with <iuIcX. nervou. jtcpa. MlHlMni cnuldn'r EEC the rnc«. tiut Ehn could Rllmnse a colillj hiileful eye, . . Then the woman tn the enulna coat swept past her and icnk [he (stile lust hack ot the one where Mllllrpiit sal FRIDAY, MARCH 15, i>335 CASLETON KENDRAKE ate. In slow, thoughtful silence. Tlia woman. dressed as a gypsj, whosa duty it was to tell fortunes, came across the room toward her. "I feel." she tnld. "lhat you're golns in nave a verj Interesting fortune, Have you finished four lea?" MHIIcent Einlled wanly. "lieally," «ua Bald. "I'm not particularly Interested. and 1 lioveu" any money 'or a tip If you should Rive me a gooil fortune." Tlio woman sank Into a chair he- side her, polled KJIIIkent's tea' cup across the lahle. ' She Blared steadily down Into tha few tea leaves In the bottom ot the . tea cup . • 'Millicent felt a sensation ot .rogue uneasiness creeplue.orer her. ''1-opk." eaid the fortune teller. "Look, at tha way those leaves are arranged. Ses how Nark they are and notice "this; leaf which • tins ..twisted Its edges." '"Wliai do they mean?" Miinceni inquired. "flatk deeds at violence," the tor- tuna teller said. "There's murder In the lea cup." - • "Murder!" Mtllkent esclalmen. Not yours." the Rjpsy said has. . »V. . .'Tim murder ot someon wnos close to you. There's dange lo you. hut you're not going to he mnrdwert. Ths danger conies from •ft woman. I can't M« her clearly. . .Shea menacing you. and yet eho's -thj woman you'd least suspect.";- Mllllcent hastily pushed tho '; cup away. - • Vl'y.a beard enough/ 1 she said • rltably. rj' m < t | red ana - nervoua ,^nd 1 dent want to hear- any raoi . of .yoor predict lent."- ' ;.-.. The gyps? ccrajed back her chair •;v.Irom the table. ' • , n "I'm sorry," she said. "Qenulne- he tea Ir- MllKctnl Grvwcs. ly sorry. I've only told you because 1 thought you should he warned." Mllllcent flashed her a Quick glance and eav/ that tlie gypay'a face was white and Btralneil "Please- forgive me." she said. Millicent lolt a tip for tho waitress, picked up her cheek, her gloves and purse, strndo lo tlio door. ' "THIS fresh Wle of the «lud htlpeu to steady her uervea. 3lis wna sorry that tho walk was no: Wnger. Aa she turned Into the lighted loh- by ot the offio bulldiug. fho signed lier nome on tha night register, and was swept 17th Itoor. She walked (16wn'lli« flagged corrldpr with , oulkk, nervoua Elnps. the sound of her heels clacking In echoes from the sides ot the corridor. Slie paused Before Drlragbld's office and opened. her purfe. Consternation gripped ner. M.llllcent !lurned the nurse over In her hand and stared ai li curiously. It was an eiact duplicate of .tier nurse— oven to the- Initials. "M. C!.," monogramed on ' iho leather. With the quick mental processes of one who has worked Tor a lltlug. and who. therefore, has grown ac- cusloraert to 'reaponslbllltles. Mint- cent^Graves. etaiidlig hefnro Drlm- gold's door, made hasty menial In- renter}- ot the situation. She had made 'JD her face befoie leaving Orlragold's office. Bho knew. therefore, that she had Uken tier own pnrso wben slie left tha office. Tli » substitution must have taken place at ins restaurant. The woman re ID tho black ermine cont, with thn high collar. In taking tue table Immediately behind Mllllcent. rausl have left lier own purse near Mini- cent's. , Mllllcent tucked the purse under her arm, whirled nnd almost ran toward tha elevators. Site- pressed her gloved flugcr against the hell which summoned ihu elorator. It seemed sgea lie fort- It swept Into vlow. When It did she suw. to her eurprlso, that Iho mnu at tho controls was not tha laultor at all, but a wall-dressed .'ndiTldital of anave manners, who swung open the doors for her with something of a flourish. an«, at the sama moment, raised hla haL 'You'll pardon me." ho said, "but I found tho elevator on the 16th Moor. I was In something ot a hurry to go down. I rang several times tor the ianltor. Fie <Jfdn'l sh'p'w up. so I decided to take a hand at tljo controls myself. I fig. ured the JanKur.-could walk down of stairs belter Uton-'l could. Then .1 hoard you ringing frqm the 17th .floor and couldn't conscientiously abandon you to a long cllDili down tlio Blairs. Would you care lo. sharp in my adventure?" I the netlo as she was, MUM cent recognized tl man's Inherent.strength of cliora ler, was moved by his personality. "Am you." she asked, "quite certain, that 7ou know how to oioerato II?" "Oh, guile." ho told her. "After nil. it Isn't loo' complicated." As ebo entered tho cage, tho man moved a lever, tho door clanged shut. He pressed ov u r on Iho control throitlo and tho elevator shot downward. "The trJck," ho Bald, smiling, "lies In knowing Just when to atop," And then, before fear could p;r! her. he pushed Uie control lev hack inio neutfnl ana the cage aiiq smoothly to a stop. Hu moved the lever which opened the door, "Patmil me," ha eald anil, taklnfe her arm, escorted her in the xirect. "You go this way?" ho asked, noil, ding townril tha rlgtiu "Vea," ahe said, hardly knowing wheilicr It was proper for her to coutlnuo tho flcnnalniaiiceshlp so Informally begun. "Well." ho said, to her rcllet, "1 BO the other way. Von wpn't tell tlie Janitor about tho elevator, will you? 1 ' lie raised his hat, and, smiling, turned to sweep down on the ivlugj ot tho cold nlgln wind. Mllllcent almost ran through the sivl/islng door Into tho tea room. Dor eye encountered the gypsy gli). ."My purse." she aald breathlessly. "What became ot the woman In tho black fur conn The hlack ermine with tlio collar around the neck?" Tho fortiino teller stared at Mil- llciiin Elraugely. "Sho crossed to a table- hack ot you," r.ho said, "am! only eiay«d for a minute or two. Rhe wasn't served." "f>o you know who slio wns!" "No." llrlii.t ivumai, ... GRAVES stared down nt the hlack leather purso E!IQ held In her haml. "it," she said, "she comes In. tell ner to gel In touch with Miss Graves, at Mr. Jlrlmgold'a office 011 tho 17th floor of the. WolganioU building." The fortune teller nodded. "'-'II tell her," eho Bald. Mllllcent filing nwny Impatiently, led oin nt the door. Sbo was within some SO feet ot iho entrance to tlio Wolgantcu building wlicn Q dgnro. garbed In white, came rushing out nt thp lobby. -She recognized the man as tho assistant Janitor. Aa Bho looked at his n-hke (righteneil face, conscious of the cold poraplrotlon on hla forehead, of the manner In which tlio nlghi wind whipped hla hair ohnni his forehead, bo screamed n,e slii R |i. word. "Murder!" Tlien he tunie.-l and rnn down ihe sidewnlh OR fast is he could go, the wind al bis hack helping him In his hurst ol speed. > Mllllcent Graves, tilted wlih some sudden prenionlllon of Impending disaster, In turn raced toward tho lobby of the building. She fouml tlio elevator open and deserted. She had remembered enough of the manner In which U should he operated to work the levei which rinsed the door,'and pushed the Ihronk over to the lefi. .It took her a moment ot fumbling with the controls to gel the cage stopped'at tlie 17th floor. Theii baying opened (lie: door, "she ran down the corridor; -The door or Drlmgold's private office was open. Qrlmgold lay on the Ilnor. A hul- t-holo In .the center of hl.i tore- beat! welled a thick, red stream across ihe carpeted floor. A half, opened purso wan clutched In the fingers of hla loft hand. The contents were scattered over the floor. One swift look al tin- purae. nnd she recognized It. It was her own nurso. Tlie things wuleh were strewn about the room were hei own—Unstick, compact, hanilker chief, keys, visiting cards. She felt panic tighten her throat. Mll.l.lCENI CH*V13S mk. rni|Jll»rr. fiEim<!I3 imi.m:i.. tut u rnltf iini), In*irinl, in rlrrd, A miMiifnt \nir-t hf II4-KK fci-i lu Mlijr. iin)-Ina he hna «cmirrhlnK 1m- liiirlnnl tn Jl,-mr<-_o ciiiifc-iilun M.iii roi n-jjf. lit Ln» urnlrrli-d it rliutLli-ri-r. .tlllllrrnl H,,,, 0,,, ,„ din,,,, lirnnil.liiy i,, rptllfti. li-N» lii-t in irtlll'li a M filnrfc,. ,-,1,11. I »i-pi «uch /k iTinuan In t numi. l.uifr tlllllfri.i ,l tainrantr (in. Inkrn fifi Mlli>rllnlliiu uni- rjnpllj Sllif KIJtrlN liii^k lo the IIIKl IN Ibc elrvnlnr at-r& u dUlln- tulalifil-lnnklnu innil nt nilitilla n her. \n itnr In ttt? ttaraitm KnuiT* nnylhlnii hhnat tlllllrrnr. |iii» c , I'Nf- tfikiiiiin In liliu-k vririhif !• KOIII-. .Mllllt-riil uun. Ijlipli In lltlni- tulil'* oltlre. llnitx hint ilt-tiil. Ili-r Tiurs* In iin llie flnor. lf> t-iinn-nl* »'.-!ift«rrtu. Kh«- IniikM nul Itic uln- ttinv nnd fftem n uollrtiimn rrilfr- liiK Ibe hulldlnu. vow no DM WITH 'i-iiu sroni ER (I realized nor predlca- mcnL Tho asalstntil Janitor musi have seen Qrlingold's body and notified the pollen. Wlihln a Jew minutes tlm machinery of the law would have started to function Someone bad murdered Drlm gold That someone mnst hove deliberately stolen Mllllcont's purse leaving a carefully prepared dtipli cato In order to prevent Mllllceni from delecting the sntislHiillon Thnt. person must have used Mllll ctnl'a keys to open the door ol iliQ office. Drlmgold, In n desperate Etrusale for life, must nave snatched al the purse tho murderer was carrying and dumped Its con tents over the office. lillnd, unreasoning panic seized the glr) as 6ho realized her predicament. She turned ntray from the window, rushed pnst the thing which lay oh Ihe door, ran to the outer office and paused us Rhe <-.i>tghi slulu ol the .slinnlmml Dote- hunk which lay on u er desk. Tills was the nntelinok In which sho had wkcn rtnwn In sliorthnnd the nrsl Instnllment of Drlmgold's confes- Mon Hardly realizlns what she 'lid. atie srislclied it up. clamped It under her arm and raced for tho forrldor I'lie elevator bell was ringing frrcnlloally. There was only one elevator run- uliiR In ihe building. Mllllcent bad taken tlie elevator to the upper floor. She knew that the assistant ianltor ond 1119 police officer were rlnglnj; rhe hell, trying to Ret the elevator tMrk down to tho ground Hum She nniered the cage, closed tliH drmra. waited. Afici a te™ momenta tlio bell n.iili r1n e |ns sud Millicenl felt that the nssisiani lanltnr find the officer had pliber siarlfd up Hie long tillmh (.1 17 illsliis ol stairs or else imd genie in the bnsemeni to put onnther elevutnr In commission. OHR pusiied the control lever and -the cage slid smoothly down- ivnrrt She trlect lo .stop nt the gi'iumd tlonr. was only ader Ili'rec Dtttmpts that ehe was able to tirlnp ihe cage to a position from wbfrh Sim sii Imo HID window, flung It open and looked down the 17 floors. The whlte-jsarhed assistant Janitor was Just rounding ihe corner, and, slightly behind him. ran a uaf- •lp formed policeman. "Squeezer" Musi Assume Same Foe Must Guard Two Suits : Solution to Previous Contract Problem . This is the third of i scries of articles ,bn Ihe Tape! Formula for recognizinf and esecuthrr n squeeze play, a s expounded in E. Ball Downes' , lcn - book cnMt | ed /Stjuecies, Coups and End J'laji." - * * * ' BY \\Jit. E. MCKKNNEV Secretary, American Bridje League ---In yesterday's article I discussed the first element in every squeeze —the necessary threat cards lhat must always be present as the foundation for tnis play Todav element 43-13 V 10 6 > AXQ1085 *Q7 in every ^queeie-the assumption Uiat must be made. - -South Is playing the contract at six,diamonds an^d West opens tlie heart'king. -K4st wins with the Heart ace and leads the club eight a squeeze play agsilnst West, because If the spade suit is tried out and it dors not break three- three, the contract will be defeated. Declarer knows that tlie club queen in the South hand is n one- card threat against's club king and since declarer also knows lhat there' must be two threats In every squeeze play (explained In yesterday's article) he assumes lhat, if Wesl hoiris four spades, he will be forced to guard the spade six In dummy, and thus declarer has established two threat tricks. This assumption on the part of the declarer i s an essential clement in every squeeze. If the assumption docs not prove true then the contract will be defeated in any event. In this example It East should hold th» four spades, there Is no possible way of fulfilling the contract. Declarer must then assume that one opponent—AND ONE ONLY— alii be forced to guard the two threat suits. Therefore, Ihc other opponent cannot hold the winner over either threat. The important thing to remem- cer, with regard to point two in the Tapel formula—the assumption-Is that declarer loses nothing by making the assumption (no matter how far-fetched it might be) because, unless the assumption proves to be correct/the contract certainly wtll be defeated. Noth- lo Ihe second trick. West pills up the club jack and North wins with Hie club ace. South must take the remaltiinj tricks to fulfill his contract. He sees but one club loser, the club queen, which cannot te eliminated by riifHng, discarding or finessing unless the sp.idc suit j should break three-three (nol a normal adverse division). Since South may always try for n fuv- orable spade break, he first considers the possibility of projecting 1113 therefore has been lost by making the necessary aboinnplion for til! squeeze play". In tomorrow's article f shall discuss ]»int three tn the Topel formula—projecting the piny to the squeeze position—the next important, element in every squeeze 'Copyright, 1035. NBA Service. Ine) could open the doors, across the lobby anil out wlnd-nwepi darkness. I here was n subway entrance at Ifie corner ami nb& ran toward U t-ho wind whipping her cloihea about her. It was not" until after she had bnardPd the suhwny train that she Binldenly reamed her predicament. Mie had tl«i f ro m the.'scene of the mnrder. She dared not go home. She- warned only to got away from everything nnd everyone. Urlmgold was dead. |)p r lob had omnium- Ically terminated. She was without funds, save [or lha money whlcn was lo tfca purse tliat had been sub stituted for hers. Mllticent left the subway at the 3Slh streel station. A cheap t.oiel displayed ao electric sign. She rec Ist&reil tinder an assumed mnn'i oo'if.c mil. "Just a minute!" and a linml touched MillkenCs tlionUer. name < spite- the weakness of her knees, t.ho thing Tlio clerk demanded cash In tut-i determined lo light ranee. Mllllcent hesitated a tun- j through. menu then took the amount frnro! She went first to tlie. department the coin puvso. After all. It would j stora where she liart purchased llin be In the nature of a loan. ! purse. After a night of tortured dreams. I "J am wondering." sho told the Interspersed with fitful perlnns ol clerk, "If yon can trace for iho the sleep, she awoko to face the day. nurses which you have sohl and A morning newspaper told her all whlcb were Initialed 'M. 0.' There ih nf ,i,n „„!(„„ „,„.„ .„,,,,„- .. cnl) , t | )e a Ereal n ,, m)lcr ot the[n] that tho police were wlllln make public. It was enough lo make a damning case agalnsl ner and . 'in porry." she said. those ^ ^ Drlmgold. It Biiemeil. nad tele i monograms arc cut on n stenciling phoned someone whose Identity was being kept secret by tho iwlice ami Bald tuat ha was i!k'iniIns; a con fesslon to his secretory. The police machine ot our own which cao lie controlled by a dial so as to give finy particular combination of letters, overlapping ID the form of o w, therefore, why Alllicent bail | scroll. We ascertain thn Initial. seen working overtime. They Had [raced her moves from the time she left toe tea room al i!:35. algnad ihni n purchaser wants ami. wliHe the purchaser Is walling, the Initials are cut by (lie machine and ..w^ ,v.. . uuu , <•* -J.KII, 3l£,lll]u MllllrvlH ,11 e Clll Uy ILIK UlLlCllllle ami Ibe register In Hie elevator and | attached to the leather by a special waa taken to the 17lh floor. The i process. We dnn'i keep uny record murder had been commuted at he-j of ihe lellera. any more Jliau .WCOn fi;lfi Anil n-d 1 , "Pha nuclcrinl I ti-niil.l ~» «..t,t~l_ «1 nnn j' ,_ tween 0:15 and 0:45. The asslsiam [anitor who dlscovereit tho hmjv lad told the officers tie had heard Mtlllcent and her employer qnar- rollng In the private office und hail Drimgold shout. "You're leard ired! . The police had starcneo tor Millicent's. shortbartd noicbook In vliich llioy reasone.l she must nave vritten Drlmgold'a confession. They had searched tn vain and nov they would bnmt? of tiitllala plncprt'. in or (?ars so(<J "from' bur irepartment." .Mllliceni frowceJ iliouglitfully. then eald. "I tbinu the parly that 1 nm fnqufrine nbotit ^voufd prob- nlily hnve a cliargo necoiint here. WonliJ [| he pnssTtilo for me to see lite* charge accounts .of persoi)?- j whose initials are 'M. O; and set- were Ihrowlng on! n drngnei fur I chased?" Millicent. a dragnet which combing the city. had heon pnr- stock ot the waa wlttimn VTILLICENT took situation. She _, unds ot her own. There wns some money fn the purse wliloh iiad tieen rftuled for hers. Frnm ilils she paid the llulr-l hill. She drier :d to use no more o[ tins noney.' She tail, she realized, hurned her bridges In n mome I -This limn I tie clerk's shake of the head was nol accompanied by a smile. "I'm sorry." she aald. "It's Im possible. In the first place, our ac- coiiots ar« confidential, nnd. In tlie second [ilace. ft would email far ion mnrh work In our tlepnrt rnoni." • - • j\fl I 1.1.1 C E N T felt strangely hntked. helpless. Slie iver woman's voice. "Yon («n tell lier t!ml H'e lust a friend colling." Alii Ik-em salu. ' Thc woman's voico said. "She disappeared late last night mnier rather peculiar She IfiH a note saying film wouldn'i lie liack. Therefore. II you'll please i II me who It Is calling. I'll . . ." Mllllcenl slid tbo receiver D.-u-k on tho hook, turned and vvali;pd rapidly from Hie department sinra. Ro the gypsy woman bad dl-ji|h j peared. Perhaps, after all. li win j tho gypsy woman who had arranged t for ihe substitution of the purges. *,, Perhaps It was the gyjisy woman \ who had none to Drimgold's titllce . . . nn. she was satisfied It couldn't have neon. The fortune lellcr might have suhsliluled nurses—thai ivaa all. , illlllicent Graves tried to comnoaa :i herself as she stepped out of Hio dcuanment store to thc sliUnv.ilk. A newsboy llirnst a paper in friint of her. ; - ,, " "' '" "Police soldi for nioider girl!" screamed at. her.' "Read alioin Milllcnui's horriJEed eyes cEiiisht sight of her picture emhlaznned unon the front page of the n*f\va- paner. She simok her head, turned tnir- riedly av.-ay, snuggled down mco the collar of coal, reeling <nid- Poodle Is Grand Champion . u — •••,*,>(:< LI] mu ndieiunnif uniiir.;! anei illnd panic. Having on™ tied from; railed n, B lea room where slie nan .no scene ot the mitrrfur. no RUirj I (ilneil thai night that she could ,,,iw lell the ,,nlice s«rln,, s fa keep «ny exilement would carry convlciIon. Tbw was j f,.,m shr.wiim in her voice she only one thing aln> could <io-tind j saw. "I'd like in speak to ihe the woman In blneh who Had sub ; gypsy fortune teller, please. Tell stiliited purses. j „„ |,- s nll , Jlporl;) ,,,,.. Jilie left Hie hold, chin up. He- ' "Who i f tbia talking?" askr-a a detily very consplnnona aiul very, very helpless. She started valklng with su-lfily nervdiiH stens. and suddenly hr-canie conscious of sleps lhat were approaching from behind her. They were long-paced, masculine, step:?, Ihe eleps of n man who ts in n hurry. Milltrrnt chocked an Iminilse to look tiacl; river her shnu'dur, •••"-•j checked on Impulse, to uvy She, allied I moved closer to Mm itisnl?.- ivin- and flows o[ the department sitire. not>-' Ing 10 reach the corner where .she could turn and he lost In Hie rrowd. The steps followed behind tier. iMillicenl quickened her eleii*. A man's voice said. "Just a minute, please." nnd a band [cinched j her oti [he shoulder. . (To Hi- Ciinliniiril) Medicine Slickers Still Find 'Victims WASHINGTON. (UP) — Polks still buy patent medicines "guaranteed" to cure everything from do» biles to varicose veins, the Food and Drug Administration reports In PocatoUo, Idn., administration inspectors recently seized a "cure-all" ointment labeled: "Defies infection. Recommended tor Wood poison, infections, removing splinters, steppln? on rusty 3' °? b l' CS ' " Ollp ' tongues, swollen glands, sore throat, rlieuma- llsm, lumbago, eczema, pUcs, bolls bums, wart*, varicose veins old funning sores, etc." Tlie Pood and Drug Administration said the alleged claims were false and fraudulent." Magazine Picks Prettiest Usherette NEW YORK. (UP)—Thc most beautiful usherette in America has been found. Six weeks n»o the moving picture publication. Universal weekly, began a search lor i the most beautiful usherette by tlie • I medium of its columns. The 'prize ' ] was the beautiful gold and white ' costume wliich Margaret Sullavan wore in "Tile Oood Fairy'" over two hundred enlries ivrr e receive:! from theaters in the United Statrs. The most beautiful usherette is , !U:ss Allt-ne l-'ransen of the Or- iphcum Theater, Omaha. Neb. M'ss Pranscn is n natural blonde with | dark eyes an^ w ith dimensions j very similar to thosn of Margaret i Sultavnn. She is live feet, °'uvo indies tali, weighs no pounds bust 34 inches, hips 30 inches, tn addlUon lo being the directorate of the Orphcnm Theater, Miss Fransen is sin-dying to become a concert pianist. So many beautiful usherettes were received, that (he Judges w«v compelled to announce three consolation prizes. went to Miss Alls L?3 of thc Mirror Theater. . Hollywood. Cahf.; .Miss Edna ftob- | inson of the Paramount Theater : Idaho Palls, Id.iho; tui.1 Miss Di- iane Logan of the Panlage.s Thea] ter. H9ll>-\vood. calif. Extra Police Posted to Halt Cleveland Bombings CLEVELAND (UP)—Aroused by an increasing number of bombings growing out of lab'or disputes here, Police Chief George Matowitz has ordered an extra force of deitc- livcs assigned to night duty in an effort to capture the perpetrators The chiefs action was taken after bombings at. offices of two coal companies. Thc explosions brought the number of hoinbin"s in Cleveland lo 12 since Jan. i."" It was disclosed (hat several ( je- Icctives hnri been detailed to trace (he source of dynamite m-ort in all recent bombings. Claims Patented Light V/ill Penetrate Fog BELLAIRE. O. (UP) —A patent (On fog lights for automobiles, nir- j planes and ships has been obtained by Martin !_,. R; c h after ninn years' ' I tedious exiKrimcntation. i : A down bits companies and scv-^-, ct'al trucking concerns, which tried -' Rich's Inmixs on their vehicle-,, \vcre !:.iid to liavc found they made fog, snow anil rain invisible to clrhvrs i or pilots. • Ricli. who developed «is idea in Cleveland, wen! to Pittsburgh to : arrange for equipment lo be used in manufacture of .smaller lights. : WR ])El,IVf?K ANY AMOUNT OF COAL as liille as MO 1|> S Try X-CKI, from Alaliama H"l lo liolil !ir<-, full of he.K THE SUPERIOR n ,h\ ! , W1 "' thc tot do « nwlrd of th(! Westminster Kennel CWbt annual show in New York, Mrs. Sherman R. Hoyt's JYench poodle, NUine Due de |. Terrace, becnnte thc grand champion of American rtogdom. Mrs. Hoyl. who Is shown vMth him after the title award, herself exhibited him In the judging rtng . or Nlghl Tajl Scn)cc FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INStlKANCK r>El"T. \otv Lorated at 101 N'orlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON- liDWAKDS, Proprietor All makes of. rebuilt Typewriters, Addtnt Maclilnes and Cal- ciiJators—Repairing —Parts —millions

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