The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR f-3*-<*-fq ipltfu E&'JBSJVMV BLYTHEVILLE. (ARKJ COURIEB NEWS SATURDAY, OCTOBEK. 28, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE 'COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS 0. R, BABCOOK, Editor H. W, RAINES, AdvertisiiiK Manager ' So!c Natlonsl Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, LllUo Rock. Published Everv Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered, us second class mailer «t the post oilicc at Blythcvlllo, Arkansas, under act of Co-.igrciS tobcr 3, 1917. Oc- Scrvcd by Uie United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HrVT™, By carrier in Hit City of Clyllievllle. 15c beyond the sen. There is in America, unfortunately, enough ignorance and prejudice to provide a feeding ground for it if embers should liy our way. By re-examining the '[ueslion now, and reaffirming our delermiiialion not to let intolerance gel a foothold, we can KlrcnfiliK'ji Uic lomifiaiions of our free society. —Unite Cation. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ecr- vear siso for six months. 85c tor three by inali In postal zone.* two W six. Inclusive. »OJ>0 per year, in zones seven and eight, »IUAW per year, payable in advance. J_L - .- "" ~" ' Religious Tolerance, Mark nj Democracy During Hie next three months :i Protcstnnl minister, a C'silholic priest, and n Je\vish I'alihi will tour the Unil- cil States lordlier, to pivsiilu in :!7 cities at iiitenleniinimtiUfiniil iliscus- sions of religious tolerance. Nothing has happened in this country recently to indicate that any 1'°- vival of religious intolerance is lo be . fcaretl. But. it has h;ul ;i iVarlul flare-up across the ocean, iiml "f all menaces lo the peace of mankind if i." one of the most contagious. This lour can he looked <>n as a kind of vaccination, and it can be niadi; ,an exceedingly valuable tiling. Full religious tolerance is one ol those blessing« whose li'iiu wort!) usually is not appreciated inilil they disappear. II is a comrumtlively new thing in the world. A Us roots have nol sunk as deeply into the .substratum of civilized society as might be wished. If il is lo be preserved, we iinisl be olunuilly vigilant. We need lo reali/.e, Ino, that it is one of the essential ingredients in the democracy which we cherish. As the first nation lo make a go of demoer:-.ey, we have an especial reason for defending it. i . __ Democracy is "inon;- than (.just the .- abolition of autocratic (•tc.trninenl.' In its broad sense, it is a scheme of society under which each individual is permitted !o live liis own life as he see.-! fit. He not only lias his vole, and his free and unchallenged chcicc of occupation: IIK has the right lo worship as he pleases, and to do it without suffering the slightest di.scdmination, in any form, because of it. * i i Any infringement on iliis riglit is a denial of the very essence --f democracy. A democracy must have full religious tolerance, Ijecunsc of tin: simple fact thai the moment il cea^- ; to tlo so it ceases to lie :i democracy. All American-! who liiink their democracy worth preserving automatically must be defenders of religious tolerance. All this is worth repealing these, days, cvtn though Iher-j is MJ sign that a revival of inlolcrii'H'e Ilirealcns us. Unbridled intolerance is allamo IVhat Price Jail? Tin; county commission''!'* of a tain Ohio county Imt! ;i ilifllcull problem in human vnlurn to dfitcrniiiie this month. Home liniu KK<> a nti/un of Hint counly was arrested for murder, lie w«< Irioil, coiividfiit, si'tilunccd to dentil, and lodged in II"' death house of Hie Ohio pciiik'iilii'.ry. l''"r 22 months lie stayed there ,'iwiiiliiitr what looked like cerlaiii ilow.i, with other condemned men for his only companions. finally, another man confessed to the crime. Tht (irst in:ri WHS oxoiier- • aUiil and was tfiven his freedom, all stain removed from his name. So finally lie asked the county commissioners for compensation f"r those 22 months in the death h<u;se, and they awarded him a verdict <> r 512,000. How much money would It take to make up for HO long a "•.•journ in the shadow.of the electric ihair? Does UK- sum agreed on seen: fair to you? Bold, Bad Men The Itijr shot gangster.• of the modern underworld thrive on terrible reputations. They like to lie known as "iUiichinc-gim so-and-so," much as the Texas bail man of former days liked to be called "the terror df the plains." tint very often llieir repulations arc more blootl-aiid-llumdev-ish than they really deserve. Joseph iJ. jvUL'iiiii), assistant U;. S. itttorney general, tells a Re mi I u sub- eomniiltee Unit, the notorious George (Machine-Gnu) Kelly really is an arrant coward ^yllo had his hands on a machine guii 'only twicii in his ' whole life. When Kelly was (nipped at Memphis, says Mr. Kceuan, iie had better Ihan a 50-50 chance to shoot hi.s way to freedom. Instead, be meekly surrendered, raising his bands as high as the length of his arms would permit. U is rather imporlanl that fads of this kind be brought out. The really hold desperado moves in ;m ominous sort of glamour; Ihe cowardly rat who hide- behind :i synthetic reputation has no glamour al all. And that's the kind ot "bad man" the ordinary gangster really is. f-;:.£^. '.i!/'" ' ^F^b^'-v^l! V t -&3S3!Z?r<\. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From UM flle» of the BlrUitrlilt Dmllj Courier -- THIS -CURIOUS WORLD - Sunday, Oct. 28, 1923 No paper. Monday, Oct. £9, All records in criminal cour practice in tills city were brokei Monday when Judge Bandy eon veiled the court, impanneled th I.rand and peat juries, and entei ed upon a case before noon. C. M. Huck, lawyer, spent day in Caruthern p illc filing "You haven't been on lime once since we were married." CHURCH EXCSUES You can tpend all (lay Sunday or. Uic .stn-i- and highways and learn somclhlnir atoul Ihe way ol lik> ;.s taught nud pxpiuplincd by Jesus, hut why hot spend one linw in your church? ATTEND ClllJKCll SUNDAY Committee, Rest Is the Greatest Meed In Infantile Paralysis Case; Quite is few people nf Ihis city lejwrt jx'iceptibly feelins; an earth- iiinke Sunday morning alx)iil 11 'clcck. They fay li lasted for Kiveral seconds and Hie window;; allied in [he houses but nothing was broken in ihe nay uf Ulshus or glassware. Someone .suggested hat It was caused by a ccriain caller attending church. 'I'he Courtr editor did net hear the quake nnd Ills Sunday sermon was nol aislurbed. IS THE ZEBRA A LK3HT COLORED ANIMAL WITH PARK STUPES, OR A Q4RK ANIMAL WITH i/GHT STRIPES? BREE-DIKiO EXPERIMENTS PROVE THAT THE BASIC 8OCT/ COLOR IS LIGHT/ Indians Use Hopper 'Plague" to Raise Turkeys ZUNl, N. M. (UP)—Zuni Indian.'; lerc are casting about for a way '.o preserve a mountain of grasshoppers they captured last sum- ner. With Hie supply of 'hoppers the tribesmen think thcv have feed •noiigh lor their turkey Hocks for) 'ears if ii can be saved. When an .unusual number of the it:sccts appeared curly last summer tire thrifty Pueblo farmers added to turkey nocks to lake ad- caiilage of what the paleface [ would call n plaRuc. With Lhe aid of agency officials, "hop- were constructed IN 1KC8E ARE LAC6E RANCHES WHERE IHE UIVE STOCK NEVER. HA^ HAD A DRINK OP WATER./ THE. ANIMALS UVE ON CACTUS AND &LUS6&ASS PASTURES... THE CAC1US JUICE TAKES THE PLACE OF DRINKING WATER.. ONCLE SA/A HAS HONORED ONLY FOUR WOMEN ON HI5 POSTAGE STAMPS! /MAJP7HA WASHfHGTON, OC'fiBV /SABKiA IO-2& Ranchers in Hawaii raise [al beef cattle on aiid blue grass. Rotert Hind, wealthy rancher Glares !i diet of cactus of Honolulu, dc- thf>l lie hr.s horses that do no: know \vlia; water' is, and will not drink it. when it !s set before iliem NEXT: Wlul is the most popular wild flower in liiu Urited States 1 .' i unusual success was • • .based, was officially set ni $1,118.- .Colgradu Valuation Down i 067,503, as compared with $1.280,DENVER. Col. (UP)— Valuation ' 5^3.850 last year. mid .of the State of Colorado shewed a; '—. Courier News Want Ada. IIV lilt. MUUKIS tilltor, .lunrlial r.f the Mcilii-al A^iHi:ition, and H.vfda. (he Hciillli vcfiis uic turc American <!K- weakened After tin- patient tins recover -rt of ccu.1 :o teach him lo possible. Under The inlaulile paralysis senron considerable slrensili :uid is freed Is aboul over, since it lends lo Irom |i;ilr.. il becomes ncccss-if7 clenr up with the coniiii 1 weather. B'.ll it yon ' '.o lie :i the unfortunate parents children have been aniicled tills- dlssni-c, II is important walk. If lliil such .clrcii'm- . usrd wh'fn hOBt lake the plucc of liie .splints us°(l with for (he luticnt in bed.; At this time ihe orihoprdie su; 1 you now do evcryllilng jiossib:,- ' 30011 examines Uw tissues of ',110 to restore your child's physical . pnlicnt to find out whether .my ttienglh and his ability to niov:>» the paralysed muscles can he his paralyzed limbs. I ttrengthrned by transplanting The chief icquiicminl is rev. sh="i. and cutliiiB uf len- as much n:, ,'an te given, iis-i Sons and similar orthopedic op=r- thcre arc several other operations ! '-'ions «'!' P«mu rcco\ery, which I,., which lh= surgeon requires "-.,. |cti-erwisv could OKUV. parent's, help. They are neccss; 1 : 1 . | II h:is been found, in handling lo prevent permanent -flfformi'.; 1 | n ccnsiderabk- number of cases. It has been .shown thai «n '-. j V-,at the vast majoiity of those one scries oi muscles is parnly^xl. : v.-ho have had infantile paralysis thi, opposlnp, mu=rles nrc likely ,1 h.;,ve uot had the most that niecll- I'lill en Ihcm conitnully. The I'.i-lc-.i science cou'.d give (licm. man bcdy is buiit so thai 'h'j N'o'.hmR is more tragic tl'nn uv; wcmun who tlcscs Ihe door to her wind on the duvet" l:er iiiarrinsc. —Mrs. Curtlj U. Dall. rtimt'li- ter of President Soosevclt. Care of .s::ch patient is a long. li:r,c-cctisi;ming anil painstaking procedure, but the results in rc- I'-'or'ns •' hnndieapprd child t<i ;ositiou of self-supixirt and scll- relumce in the v.ork ol the \vorltl is well woTilu" r.ny attempt that ii may require. iu:i;i.\ 111:111: TOUAT JOAN WAIU.V<:. pretty Mvmpkl* tlrl. and HOB Wi:&TO.\, «in ot a -•VCIT Vutk niilliODnirr. raecl t» .ilrmplil* and CnU fa love. Later IMry become emmn^ed ihroDKh Hie Krbrmiuff "' j: A U H A U A <:t>UUT.\L;Y. \ifco U trrlnf to vrlm llnb for IterKL-lf. IMT WAKIXG', Joan'* ynumKCt pl.ilcr. is 1* nn automobile necl- tlrut in ivhich JHIIKY FonHUS'r- >:it. her eneurl. li killed, llonrl- Mlek. Vat r»ns awn? la Kit* Yolk. .loan foll»iv* imd bfBlnft A tearcfc fur rat noil nHu a Mecreb fur a nlfiM Hub t,M«*(l br fcandaume ILIUM:* lll.AKi;, »»•• vn><"» .MniMCll n -HtendfaHt friend. I'al Itften bur )»fc n» » mudrl. In a «undc* JOan. to move i1m». »iic npurdueat «aere h|ji »lep««olber ll\rJi tu net av her comy*Mlun. A ftburt lime latfr Jo«* flnd* l*^t ver.T ill in n uMabbr rocmlnc*. llurlnK PaCff covviileaeenfc llnrnry a»d Jua« nre 4rR^VB ct"»cr lordlier. Joan rend* lhat Bar- hnra t'wurt»ey i* in New XoTfc nnil tilll be lee bonnr ^ueHt at a ;inrl.» 'Blveu br UoV* fnlber. llar- ne7 a«kM Jean to mnrry bin* and. hc-lle-via^ ll«b i».l«Bt 1o brr. .Nhe nure<-4. ^nnic «ve«k« later Pat l>e- rcnu-s ltarne]-% HecTttary. 5k« fully in lnv« with hlM Had Dar- xrr ...Irtr.ilr rnilJ>e« It U Pat he rurc* fur inalrnri ml Joan. Ucr, wailed iiud llieu licM n brief conversaliotL "Tliat." uo said as and cjjsjs oil their plates In a tire-1 waiting tor him. He save a lense of eating, saziuy desjicratelj-. j uiiliappily into caeli otlier'B eyes. "You need a eliave," said I'at. | he put down tho telephone, "was ! "You look terrible!" | Olivo Wellicrlngton, head ot Hie "Couldn'l slecji. Conldn'l sliave. Junior League. They want Juaoio I kept thinkins atom yon. Tlilnk- • Elns at sorao cliaritj affair they're ins about us. I'at. 1 can't go i giving at a private lioinc. You can through with II." jsce how famous your sister Is "liarncy," said Pat in a fright- ( stllins." died voice, "You mustn'l sny such He added wearily. "I lold . licr things." " jjoaii would conic. Naturally 11 "I can't niarrv Joan," Uiirncy • will be sued nublielly." tntd iiulttly. "H would'lie a Uorrl-1 ,,. u ,,]„„..,,,, [aln lhc ,, 10;jt (I1 . Uo thing to do. I can't do it. lov- . t<>llsc u< .^ t ^ siu , vcri5ca j,,.,. j iiiB you tho way ! love you. I'm isoing to to!) her." "Jlarney, listen to mo!" snirl Pat. ,"Vou can't ilo liiat la Joan, fibc imislu't IMJ hurt asain. I coiildu'i bear it." "Again?" "You Kec Khc ciirerl fi;r someone xow <:<> os WITH Tin: STOUT CHAVTKU XXVII D.UtNUY, looking down at else ouce. JJ.-irjiey. And he—ivell, nothing came ot it." i "Ho didn't walk out on Joan?" I Uarney heg.iu iudignautly. His ei- lircssiion \va^ unbelieving. "It Tva3 jnal tliat bhc w:is so sure ami so happy. And then he sloiipnd i'at,! coming becansa he fell for another ' j liliug syelem which ineludcu a -. raitislaklng study of tbe old cord:i and snbslituiou o! many Dew oae.i. Siie rearranged iiicliircs and Indulged in a grand housecleauitis thai left no time for Ihe Kay banter and companionable talks with Barney that had uccn such happy iuteriiidea lierctofore. IT Loving relatives — Dr. nrown. il 1 a baby's wcr.s:. enemies. University tt Toronto. Expert Shows Clinic How i To Measure Canary muscles eve in opposite group.;, pnlliiv! again;;! each oilier. The pull o[ yrnvily. the wel<'it ot bid dollies, and the action <_•', (lions imi:-clcs opiwsing wo: !. lire all deirimcnlal (nfliiencci which, uncontiolicd. lead lo ---r 1 - formitirs nfler inUnlil: paralyj':-. Muscli- pain appeal.; m:r''.r biicli circunist.ince.s and thei:- is .soier.css. with n spasm ,v.v'. s up of Hie alVectcc! tissu-?. Tiicvf are unions ways in wiivli ROCHESTER. N' Y. lUI'j—Wlul t'ne muscles :na; In restored. Ii;i-.-llic icrn-.fci as the prop:r way lo may be drawn upon by nv <ii ! Ireal a canary was dcmoribtr'.s and f|inr.!>.-s. o;- they :ii.iv'l:erc by Dr. A. Clritier when be he'd in :i tlihinlc rof-ltlon f. :••', I conducled a [re; h:rd clinic. He ycnlly stroked the" tail feather;, o[ a !lmorhi~ canary ;iurt il soon was quiet in his hand. There is a central ncne coiuro 1 . in UK base of a canary's tali. Dr. GcHIer explained, nnri stiukins this rrsulu, in n type of inesincrii-ni that. calm. ' (!:e bird. He rcvc.iUd lint a bird ma M:[Ier from ailments similar to liijsc of humans. incUidlng rhcu- niatibm. nM-hma and diphtheria Mslnutrition. lie snid. was the cause of most of the minor ail- runls in birds brought in for trcal- I. thouglit sbe seemed more likc' ' s ' r - he is fo-.nnl ilv.n splinting tiv- iu r. pnv,:er pontioii. «illi C:i" al righl nPE'iPS to the I:;-; nnd the knee.-, .'lightly 11,-xi-d. give.-, the patient n -;icat <li-,il o:>arv rest. Tin- liack ha* (o b:- Mippor-.i ,| lile the patlenl Li in bed. .-.r. Cic rniBll oLthe hack does nni ri';wn and flatten. Soinctimrs iicecrsary In keep the anr.:; r;i an angel than ever, her hair gleam. ing like an unrcole of sold, ber ' ney spul;c slowly. [» at ] l;l( j rMn hluc eyes shining, her lips curved. I "Just exactly '.lie -sanie." said Barney waiti:i: "I'm tryius to decide," he an-1 I'at. "K.tcepl that tbey ivercn't en- ..^^ swcrcd. "Bui, auscl or devil. !; sagcd like you aud Joan. U would \ gruf n, c lou't like • to sec you ruuniiw j I" 1 a million limes worse. And "~ around with Vauce Nicbolai. Arc [her sister." you planning lo marry that duroli-; , , • bclH" '•\Yhy. we're- practical* war-11)";,"_";_-j— ,•.;;,;_--,—;•_•,-—, WAS nol easy to avoid llsr- >y'.i dark, nnliapp? gaze, nnd to avoid reference to the tincstloa that wus a tiirobbins Isauo b> . twccii them. Tliere had been only [one time when variance, the close ^uanl. hud bee 1 "; relaxed. Tlmt wa^ ouUiiOG to find for her. drive you home," he said A nnserl. wcigliing 13 .lounri;,. «-iis rrrently found in the ;lral mounlnius. By William* JUT OUR WAY OH, K0[ TllL' BULL'^ cOMiN i.MTA bOMETUlNCr" IP \/JORK BULL WILL E,\T 'VOO MUCH. ' Gtl HE'LL er. CR^BBf, PACK OW "VI-K;. JOB-- ir o avoid pull on the s One of Ihe cl'.irl ic t-.filh treat.iicnt :n (lie WLIV iu \vhich cr siijjport.s ti'.c b,x-iy. II October ^ UiijiAfrica-- in. Ntevj York harbor a-t Europ says, 'what's the a$e! A FREE.'FEED "Hut, liiirney, yon don't ned'l to. I was planning lo lake a taii." "Don't Ire a fool. Til." liaruer AKNEY was accins I hi n z s i ell - tl \ fhorlly. He readied over and clearly now. In the light, ot this . pulled her light coat closer about little time to set tlic j ncw knowledge. ThiiiBi fell into her throat. "Can't have you lak- '- and a wedding ' l|l ' acij - ''''tied. Tlic whole lalturu ing another cold," lie. said. 'w;« thcro. .Ii*u'3 sadness, tho mcl-1 They turned on Itivcnsidc llriu. aneholy qualily in her voice. U ! u nru( ,v explaining that he nccde! was tiiiil t]i:alily that had Btirrcd 1 ;1 uulo air anil a Fhort ^.- r ,- c WOU |. ; him. H bad been a long lime he- • ],„ E00|1 for - ner too j lo fs ^ E ^,fore Joan had rcsiioudcd to Iii3 dc.- [iiaj ijeen spending too much litny ried," said Tal Impis-lily. "All we ; _ necil is license, a prcacie; She innvcrt behind the desk as "When vnu talk like that it burns yunr cars, rat, t waul—" ace wliy you bave II In for Vnncc. • MB isn't eyiccially hrillimn but nsscd lionictuins. "Wo couldn't," sairt laruey, I'll sa away!" "You cqn't so away," Barney =:iid. I.ookins ueross rt Tal, sit- IIMLOJESSES Dial iiiiBht be it pomlin bis favor. - li "» »>orc with the brave look iu Whv shouldn't I marry him It I , >«cr eye?, he knew it was Ihe one vant loV lie has cvcrylliiiiB—: II|I "S ho eoulrtu I stalid-Iiaviug (aiiiily, money, a lowu house, a country place. What more, could I want?" llRTtiey was in a black mood. Pill began filling in Ino blink pauses in Uic conversation with descriptions ot Memphis, such Ixiiislful descriptions that narncy was ttirrcd iuto rejoinders. There was tho Pink 1'alacc. Pit. told him. 11 bad started out to to I'at kavr. ! ;t mygntliccnl borne, but eventually "I ^wear l'!1 te sood," ho uroro-1 i) a ,i become r. muscuro. Thero was bed. "I'll stop thinking about you. | chickasaw Gaidens and near it a She slopped then, finding it im.i Al " J ''" tee to it that Joan never ji,^ v< s|[ow I IOT)C wl ij, a ta ii ! cvcu S"ewcs tbe trulli. You and I f cl , cc an(i dcci , i, c( j K ' 0> -ivlu; tho c:l iind-ilos ro"iblo to BO ou "ib re-iehcil oul'cor her, drew lifr' vull!i Probably livo a clo;e in his arms and pressed l.U llfc auyliow." lips asaiusl hers In a lonr, 1 .,is=. I'al ki.-.sccl him back wlWly. "Oh, Harnoy, liarncy!' 1 I'al broke away from bim Ihcn. r,:n'iiey*s aruls. which bad closer] so fiercely nronml her a moment t» furc. ilroiiped lo hi? side. "Nut auy more," said Pat, jrop- l:i? fur more words and failius lo I'mil Ihem. 'Nc, nC course nol," said llarney. He vent through the.-door,;- In,; it noisily behind him. "Of rour.'O ~f.e. would," encour- | used ImfXily. ' "Joan and 1 think alike about jfo many thins?. fUnor ot seclusion. An- oilier nearby. ot gracious soullicm simplicily, and ihs Crosby lioi-JO, set in Mi own woodland. Well, you haven't General You'd mako me ' Oranl's tomb in Memphis at any miserable silwavs hanglug around | vntc." Barney ujia'wllh a.sColiiro my neck. Now,' wouldn't you?" | toward Jhc_ imposing bulk they "Yo=, Barney," faid l'«l- "I'm I""'" afr.iid 1 would. I'd alway Z EoniclhiiiE would rim over | 3l3tuc -" .braptlv "I-want 'with you, you or soracltiins would full down 1 en your head." | "Or the rarlli v.-oiil«l open ii]i nml j swallow me. Oh, I'al, darlins, 1 ' love you so! J ' ;KXT morning llarncy put his After that Miey just sal and head In tho office-an4 Eain , blared al each olicr miseraWy un- little couvcr- '"' >l>c Email l'l«« was almost it Ocl yoari |ilici) vilh olhcr cuiloracrs ' ' rbdr ! plates had been removed acd » They drove Ic a small calins ! w ^ lcr ™ a ^ apolpsolically place, it cheap rcslauranl wheie "Anjlhlns people gathered and went Pbont Ibc' busln'piis oC* E,\Usfyins Ili^ir huii.;cr. wilh no curiotltx v. haicvcr about tliclr ncisbbors' affairs. "••; :nH l.'.V r n«7 »<i< fni 1 lv V In ro have Korrc:-t'3 I'at Hashed bacV. Ton Id sco it when it's coverd! with Eir! Uarney .lauslicd and look al her. Th« sober eyei, the droop -to ber lin?, bclicil H6 gsy nole. in her voico and drove him lo sudden rccklcssncrc His aim went about licr. "I'm only human," Barney raid, "t want lh» Kotnin I love!" "We've got lo go throujb with il," Pal said. "I can't marry yon, I Barney." "You don't really love ra» lh«n.* - "No. nothing." t'at sliriccd at her « alch. Ujrnsy ; -You'd bale ras sumo day sot to his led, paid lhc j hurL .j u3a Ml;0 , uat ." anil (licy wcnl out logclber Inlo a j i, a , c tl , at ni - ht Joa1> V4S lw aV day srowc s«W«i> *''"> * uuslll '" ! ' Icncd by 1 When l'>cy i-rchcri 1'ic of;' D'.rr, le. l.:.n-iu-i loiiud s«»i« iclcph'jiic wllf ; (

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