The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 9
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1Q37 BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE '^Which Will You Have, White Mfcit Or Dark'?" With (in-key mid er.inbori ics. mi(i and raisins »nd a gouil s«t of carveis, you are on (lie way to a successful Thanksgiving feast. Decorate the harvest feast table uidi a grouping of .corn am! wheat wlln sprits of bitter sweet, (try Club, II). 'li, II). ^: Sptillitilil, Hi. (.'! It). Clock 20 o'/. or Regular 2 For Avondnle Halves No. 2i/ 2 Cans Kuch No. 2'/. Cans Sliwl oil. I loin/, AH K.xccnl Consomme or Chicken Ciurnlm Let tradition Plan Course; . Here "Fripperies" "Tradition wears a sncu-y bfard' according lo ihe poet WhllllM — but let's not- shave it off for Thanksgiving! For years now good American housewives have set jaw > aaainsl cluing In; Ihfi menu of on! most traditional feast. It's mrkey (or fowl of some native breed)" it's stuffing; it's grav.v: it's .cranberry sauce; it's pumpkin or mince pie or fruit cake! That's the tml-- bone of tho'TIVimksjiviu.,. feast, has teen ever since Priscilla in reeled out Die drumstick to John Mdcn. tlic bashful—and probably will t be. come 1988! Keep It thiit. way. Set down your foot and fist against changing the ancient order. But let 1937 inspire some "fancy fixings". You'll have more fun, and -so will Ihe diners, if you indulge in some modern extras —die "fripperies," They're fuu to do. start table conversation, arc (rood Jo eat. and how they do adorn tlie (note setting! . ,". Just the touch ' for (radiiion's brard are these frinperies, 1931: Cranberry Bananas 1 cup cranberries 1-2 cup cold water 1-2 cup sugar 3 large bananas 2 tbsps. lemon juice Wash berries and cover \\itli the cold water. Cook quickly ten minutes and press through a sieve. Add sugar to the hot cranberry juice and stir well. Cut peeled bananas lengthwise into halves and sprinkle with lemon juice, place in baking dish: pour cranberry juice over bananas. Bake In moderate oven (375 degrees P.) 10 minutes until bananas are .••tender. Serve hot with the meat " course. Serves 6. Florida Orange Sherbet 1-2 pkg. orange gelatin 2 cups fresh orange juice 1 cup boiling water I 1-2 cup sugar ! 3 egg whites j Pinch of salt ! 1.2 cup sugar ! 1-2 lemon j Boil 1-2 cup of the sugar and the ! boiling water "together for 10 rain- I iltes and pour over orange gelatin j lo dissolve; add orange and lemon j juice. Place mixture in freezing; tray of refrigerator and freeze to a ' ME H!1S I pin. without disturbing the glaze, • Presli salted nuts, .seldom seen at food sales, n e bound to prove a j popular ware. A mixture of wal- | nuts, filberts, and almonds, makes I an mtrigulivj combination of Ila| vors with an appeal to the nut'• Candy Expert Comes Into Own During Season Holici :av Tills is the season when church. :!iarlty, aiid civic welfare groups stage holiday sales of home-made tweets. The candy expert who can contribute something besides fudge wins local laurels since unusual varieties command higher prices. To prepare candy that keeps well. looks attractive, and packs neatly is not an art.; rather, the secret lies flREUKFIISr Till 10 TL t ' w;i • V Ml 1 hat S What YOU II If Dinner Waits After Game butler and paprika surrounded by 'smiled apples. Iliii'im-L'oiiimeal Wattles |4 large waltles) i Tivo eggs. 1 cup milk. 1-3 cup i molted shortening, 1 1-2 cups icornmeal. 1-2 cup (lour, 3 ttn- , SIWOIK baking poivdcr, 1-2 (ea- j spoon salt. 2 tablespoons sugar, 4 | slices uncooked bacon, minced.' I Beat. CKK yolks; add milk and I melted shortening. Add covnmcal. 1 Sift together flour, baking riow- |der, salt and sugar. Stir into first 'mixture; mix well; fold In bcntcii egg whites. Bake in hot wiilllc iron, sprinkling 2 tablespoons minced bacon over each wallle before closing iron. M 1 Need Until! Pnm,,,,"^ recipe and. care in the choice of in niakini Any candy-maker using a thermometer to gauge temperatures, .ind a modern range has everything The one bete noire of the amateur candy-rnaker Is sugar ci-ystal- bet begins to freeze. Serves 8 Holiday Nibbles round the I lines of a fork. Two excellent candy recipes are munching meanwhile on sweet-j meats, trulls and nuts, and the! best of these are still golden dates.! ' plain, sugared or stuffed with nut- i > meats or fondant. Fruit paste stuff- ings are also popular and the chil-! drcn like their dates stuffed with : marshmallows. Peanut butter, or-' ange juice' and candied orange' peel; glaced fruit or fruit paste' may be used. Or try: i French Glace Dales I • . 1. pkg-. pasteurized dates | -1- slice canned pineapple j .. 1 cup sugar j .''p'.wMt'e syrup . i '. 1-2 cup water ' i Stuff the dates with a bit of pine-! . apple, wrapping- the date entirely :' around the filling. Cook the susar i qualities. Both have one special Ingredient—glycerine—found by research workers in foods lo blend the ingredients, prevent crystallization, cirhance smoothness and richness, and retain distinctive flavors. Pecan Cinnamon Circles 1 1-2 cups sugar 1-2 cup light cream or evaporated milk 1 tablespoon butter 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 leaspoon vanilla 1-8 teaspoon cream tartar . 1 cup pecans, broken 2 tablespoons glycerine Ground cinnamon Pour ' glycerine over pecans and let stand while mixing together all syrup and water until the syrup be- j '"^dients but the vanilla. Bring gins to discolor (310 decrees P) • ° m1 ' adjust the namc !XntJ cock nemovc the pan from direct heni! gently until nllxlure reaches the and place In a pan of hot water so i soft bal1 stage or 234 desrees BY MKS. GAYN'OR MADDOX NEA Service StafT Writer Going to the Big O'ame—you and all the family and then home for the big Thanksgiving dinner? Then you need a breakfast that will stick to the ribs and seem [ riillier festive. Try some of these ' special breakfast dishes. i Toasted Sausage with Eggs in | Brown Butler (4 to 6 servings) . Twelve pork sausage links, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1-1 teaspoon tarragon -vinegar. 1-8 teaspoon salt, dash red-pepper, 0 .poached eggs, pars- Icy. Toast sausages. Brown butter and lemon juice, vinegar, salt ( and pepper. Stir •until well blended. Arrange toasted sausages and poached eggs on hot platter. Pour brown butter over eggs. Serve piping hot. Hominy and Stuffed Apples Wash, pare and partly core red baking apples. Jonathans or York Imperials or Wlnesaps are a few of many excellent choices. Through each cavity insert a small sausage. (If cavity is not quite large enough cut out slightly with small knife.) Place in baking pan and bake in hot oven (425 degrees F.) about 40 minutes, or until apples are done, basting occasionally with sausage fat as it accumulates in pan. In the meantime cook hominy in boiling salted water until kernels are tender—or use canned hominy.. Drain well. Serve hominy in cen-1 ter of platter dressed with melted j the rabbit out of a lmt Irick and pushing swords through a lady in a basket arc among the most ancient of magical feats. that the syrup will not- cool too i i rellheit - Remove pecans from gly- rapirtlv. Place each date on a fort- i CCImc ' llsin S il to oil a shallow- dip into syrup; let drip a moment ! f! 1 " lto , whic1 ' f ° P° ur ' he ranti 5'- and then place on a greased pan or ,' , l catuls ' c ° o1 ' bcal lmt " crfial ns'' marble slab to harden About 1 1-4 i atl(i " llts and vanilla while beating. ll, s - . When it reaches the fondant stage. Sailed Nuls divide into pieces, shape in long Sprinkle nuts cvcnlv with salt s!eildor Iolls - anci ro11 ''S'^'v '" tire " xllic proportion of 2 salt to 1 pound of Blanch ucamits or almonds before ! salting. Drain lints thoroughly and i put layer in . frying basket. Plunge I into cooking oil which has been i hea'ed to 360-310 degrees I-', cook I until nuts arc golden in color; j avoid overcooking. Remove <&om frying kettle and allow surplus oil I to drain back into the kettle. Turn I onto absorbent paper to drain. Salt while hot. Spicy Apple Relish ._„<.„„-,, » f ' cinnamon. When firm, slice to form teaspoons 01 ,,:,.,,]„„ shelled nuts, j clrcles Kris Krlngle Bars 2 cups sugar 1 cup milk 1 cup grated cocoanul 2 tablespoons raisins j 1 cup chopped filberts I 1 tablespoon candied cherries, 1 cut small : ] 2 tablespoons glycerine Qombine sugar and milk, boil I gently to very soft, ball stage, stirring frequently. Add cocoanut and Fepper lecause its so clean and OBLONG-ALUMINUM RO A5TE R i continue boiling over low flame un| til 228 degrees registers on candy 2 cups sugar 2-3 cup vinegar , . . . 6 large Rhode Island Greenings I thermometer, °r soft ball stage is 1 medium sized onion. ' ', reached. Remove from range and chopped fine [ cool. Pour glycerine over cherries 1-2 CUD chopped raisins | anij nuts; when syrup lias cooled (but is not coldl. mix all together 1 1-3 tbsps. salt w 1-2 tbsp. dry mustard V 1-2 tbsp. ginger ' 1 cup white syrup 1-4 teasp. pepper '. Core and quarter the apples; clion j coarsely. Put in saucepan with! syrup, sugar and vinegar and boil i gently for about 30 minutes, until j apples are transparent. Add re-1 malning ingredients, mix well. Doll ] 30 minutes, stirring frequently. Pour Into small sterilized glasses or i cream of tartar in a saucepan preserve Jars and seal immediately, j bring to boiling point, then continue Allow to stand 10 days before using., to boil over a medium flame until I sj-rup begins to discolor, or the 'Junk Bones" Shipped Ease j thermometer registers 310 degrees. El, PASO. Tex. (UP>-Two mil- j Do not stir, but keep sugar crystals lion pounds _ of "Junk bones"- wiped off from sides of saucepan, skeletons of catttlc from the - drouth-stricken areas of Mexico— ti»ve been shipped tlirough El Paso since Jan, 1 to eastern mar- j and beat until creamy and begin] ning to get firm, pour onto oiled i tins and mark in bars the size de! sired. j Glared Frnits and Nuts 2 cups sugar 1 cup boiling water 1-8 teaspoon cream of tartar Primes, figs, dates, apricots, walnuts, filberts. Brazil nuts Mix sugar, boiling water and bets where the product Is used for fertilizer and chemicals. The Church of England has 248 working M deaconesses, Remove syrup from flame, place in 1 pan of cold water to stop boiling instantly. Then place In pan ol hot water during dipping. Splio fruits and nuts separately with a long pin, dip into syrun to cover, remove and place on oiled l>aper or marble slab. Another pin will help & S |i p ln , frv ,u or mil off l])e nrst FOR THAT THANKSGIVING TURKEY • tfolds an 8-lb. bird or an 1Mb. roast. • Made of pure aluminum. • Self basting cover. • You'll never get a greater value. LIMIT 2 TO A CUSTOMER SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. J. W. Shouse "THE PROGRESSIVE Phone 35 STORE" Wilson Henry Tomato Juice Ii25c Pumpkin ORAHGE '"* 10 ... o...,. COCOA LIU-JVC .17c Snmll ..Do A «Kd Food Ea. J'ANCAKE KLOUR, C. C. 20 m.. Hox, :i I'm- MARSH MALLOWS 1 II). Cello.-Hag, En. ^ 15 l Al FA Kill more Hrand VI.CU ['our,,! RAISINS ' '"i^V 25 l OCTAGON SOAP •l-jji'. liars, (i l-'or UIIMKft •' )b - Cl "' t011 nUITllW a ID. Ciirton Champion Ala- ACC pie Flay,,,., MATCHES ."g, 5 C 'Z lioxes AUDI! Stamliird No. 2 VUnH Cans, 2 for CAMAY SOAP 2 liars i 11' ORANGES CRACKERS 2doz.35c n AIID '" Kin ^ 2 '' >t> bag 85c I LVUH , <S i|,. bag $1.65 MACARONI, C. C., -IAC Long CeHnithanc PkR IV CRAHAM Kloritln Thin-skin .hiiev BANANAS Uipc Jtimlin (''nut doz. 15c Delicious L)ii-)fc Size Marsh seedless Jlcd. S/. -I For 4forl5c POTATOES No. 1 Kcil Triumph, 19c SPIHACH 7° ONIONS Vc "~ 15 " CITRON, Orange and nnc Lemon 1'ccl, Hi ''"r SHELLK1) PECANS Fresh 49 l EN RUSH WALNUTS, Lli. HHNCE MEAT C. C. 8 ov,. Pktf., Ea. MUSTARD (ircens 2 Hchs. CABBAGE Ir < sh Green, |h. GLACE i:nra " ill!s ,, 39° ALMONDS Pou nil 23 C CRANBERRY SAUCE .Spray, Can .... PAH ROLLS KROGER MAKES SENSATIONAL OFFER ATV 4 Formir H«m* Otmoni*rall«n f rlcti '. .6 n«Auiitui. utiruv^iicti .. 1'utt ihkk mold*4 liutnlnum i. Sltinvtleht tovtr* .. 9i»« waik *nd full. '. Food cooked this "walencu/ low-heat" way ii richer t—.more nourishing! Flavor stay* in! ASK FOR FREE MfiMEV-SAVLNC C«D V ., ... .....TODW Kroger and Piggly TURNIPS 5 C MUSHROOMS 19 CANDIED PINEAPPLE, lb. BRAZIL HUTS 25 ROASTRO PEANUTS, Lb. FRUIT-CAKES Packed in Rum 2'/j Ihs. BACON, Fancy Sliced. 8 To C r d lb.29c PorkRoast "- 15c Weiners - 17jc Dressed Hens, Fryers, Ducks and Turkeys Pork Sausage I i 20c Sliced Fish lb. 15c Ground Beef lr 15c PEANUT BUTTER, lb 10c MINCE MEAT, lb 15c STANDARD OYSTERS.- p< 29c SELECT OYSTERS, pt. 43c Cheese Hoon Pound 175c SALT MEAT '»«•- lb. 12k;

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