The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1935
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1935 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB Edlloni MIS9 LOUISE DKON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIS MBS. EDNA K. CEABTREK MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON MO HOME-NEWS Conducted (or (his newspaper in (lie interest of i(» women readers by recognized authorities on *H ph»iet o( home m«k!n< Killed by~FLQKBNCE SKOBKCH MRS. NANCY HOWE MRS, GEORGE TfltiRN MRS. EMII.Y SI. UOTZ MUS. J, WATSON SHOCKiXY MRS KATHARINE BALDBIDCE THESE RECIPES A Smart Forerunner ol'Sunnucr Fashions Good Dishes Fvom Foreign Cooks Described by Miss Ferguson Dear Friends in Hlylhevillc: Dining tlie Cooking School sessions 1 receive many requests foi unusual foreign dishes. Some of the recipes are easily found in m> foreign cook Looks; others I beg from foreign cooks now living ir iliis t'ovmlry, still others I fhid ir Die foreign restaurants, especially three In New York., 1 am giving you the ones wblcl have been my favorites as I have tried them, with tlie sugseslioj that you use them to vary homi meals, to feature an church am club suppsr dishes of novelty i>os .slbly using » foreign theme fo the decoration and cnlcrtninmen at these group suppers. Your, lo cal library and the teachers'cai help suggest decorations, 'enter taimnent and fecture topics if you want a series of foreign evenings This first dish is from the Ba) kilns, with-(he ingredient**, adapted In our American markets:' Oysters linked :wlth -Tomatoes Two dozen oysters; three onions; live ripe tomatoes, or six or seven tablespoons nmsht-cl canned toiiialuVs: one hunch parsley; one" or garlic; two tablespoons Slice liic onions and tomatoes anil Slyicc "the onions and tomatoes and arrange them alternately on top of one another in a deep .saucepan; tu this add llic resi of me ingredients, the parsley and garlic culAlme. and onejialf cup water and boil on medium heat until tender. Then add oysters, season with about one teaspoon 01' salt and half u teaspoon of pepper and continue simmering on n slow lire, or in a iiot oven, for liflcen lo twenty minutes. Serve hot with a squeeze of lemon juice - over it. An excellent dish lo prepare in advance, all but the oysters, then ndd oysters and finish cooking in tlie oven in casseroles for serving a church or club group, Syrian Macaroni Thvcc louvths pound macaroni; ;, .'one half 'pound minced, itncooker '.- Iamb; one to one und « half ta'^ b.lcsuuons butler; the same amount of shortening; One [ourll teaspoon ground cinnamon; one teaspoon salt; one hall tcaspooi pepper. Boil the macaroni in sailed Icr unlil tender; drain, ndd th liutter and place over very lov heal until any extra moisture evaporated. Saute the.lamb in th - shortening until cooked. Season : cinnamon, salt and peppei THESE mm Canned and Dried Fniils Arc Especially Usedil at lliis Season Baked Apple Pudding bright scarf or blouse and topped with n uannimi or light Cool linen, trimly tailored, accented with felt Irat will \K n favorite Spring »«tl in the picture Is of heavy white linen, singls breasted with rounded edges and four unusual pockets. At tliis season before llic i'iirl> 'Summer trulls lire available the delicious canned and dried fruits lould be used for desserts. Have on tried this one called; 1'cachcs in Cream Nests One cun or two cups large pcnc nlve. 1 *; one half cup ninraschlno or taidie<l cherries chopped; two bn aims; diced; one grapefruit cut u mall sections, sections skinned and ceded; tivo cups whipped cream; ue half cup grided coconut; three ablcspoons .sugar. I he peaches; mix the cliev- 'ies. Uanunas und graiK'frull sec- 'Ions and !>"l two halves of peach .ogcllicr \vllh the sUilllng. Whip the cream, add the sugar mid with 11 make Individual ucsts In dessert :lishcs. place a i>:nch In each nest, sprinkle the coconut over each tuid garnish with » piece ot candled cherry.. Enough for five .servings, rozcii I'cacli ;nnl Klcu I'uddliijr Two cups canned j>eache.H, sliced and cut fine; one Imll cup rice; four cups milk; three fourths cup granulated sugar; one half tcn^pomi salt; four egg yolks; one half cup powdered sugar; two cuixs cream scalded; one fourth teaspoon nutmeg; one teaspoon lemon extract Wush llic rice, cover with cold walcr mid bring to boiling, stirring all the time, drain and rinse in coU w;Acr. [>liicc the rice In a snuvcnav ndd milk, granulated sugar and sal and cook until tender. Beat Hi yolks of the egcs with the powd crcd sugar, add cream, nutmeg an flavoring und cook until slight) thickened. Strain this over the lie and chill,, Add peaches and pac The skirt has a plcul in the center of the front, with straight lines .otherwise unbroken. Such i clothes launder cr diy-clenn U'ifh equal case and they arc as well suited to slay-at-home and oflicc Iris as to the vacation-bound htwie. Two or three such -suits with several sets (it gilcis and blouse make a summer wardrobe of enviable adaptibilily if colored ns well as white arc purchased. TM»? simple with economy. earthenware, glass. Three or'four such molds equip you for plain anp; fancy' entertaining with not only salads but mousses and frozen desserts. A JOxInjf BOH! ' We Imvo'mentioned the snlad bowls many times on irage; the «eiv ones arc of wood csiiccliijly treated so it does not absorb, tho salad oil; so ore. the spoon und fork which accompany such a bowl. It |s perfect for Iho Jeafy Brccn salad pvctcrretl by many lain- Illcs, when dressed with French dressing and served from the bowl tit the (able. And doti'l forget sharp knives, a double boiler Jor cooked dressing, (i set, of condiment, jars 1C you need that lor spices and fceasoiiy Ings help make sal/ids the intejv csllns feature of our diet tliat they now are. To make the pudding lUiulrnlcil, dk)> und b.iko in u moderate oven, use three Inrt tipples, pared nntl315 degrees, fifteen minutes until diced; two lublesixxnis lemon Juice; the apples i\cc uurllnlly cooked. Mix three cu|« water; one half cup cmlcli together the tapioca, three fourlhs cooklne tapioca; one cup light cup sngnr, the salt and iiince und brown sugur, firmly \xickc<l for sprinkle over Iho apples, mixing measuring; one teaspoon salt; one thoroughly. Add Iho molted but- fourlh teaspoon mace; three table- ler. Continue baking ten mluulcH, 5|ioons melteil butter. Then stir well. Sprinkle the rc- Coinblnc (lie water and icmoumalnlng sugar over the apple mix- juice and )»ur it. over the applcslurc and bake live minutes longer, sliced lulo a shallow baking dtshScrve hoi or cold wllii ctcam. ruubcd with shortening. Cover IhuEiiough lor six servings. J'wfccl AKcjittuuco K(t Vcars PAINESV1LL13, O. tUP) —, $Ii(. 0. ». Snillh has attended l}|b|e school at the Church of Christ hero every Sunday without missing for 20 years. • ; spinach, broccoli, cabbage in these for tlic delicious rnw combination .salnds. iUolds arc of nil sizes for Individual service or to nerve two. four or more parsons. .They arc tin, aluminum, chromium, porcelain, This New Cream Separator Bottle Give? You About One-Half Pint of Whipping Cream From Eqcfy Quart of Craig Milk. fourth cup seedless raisins; one.nn;! lay in fourth teaspoon ground cinnamon; •shor'L-"-n lc :. hree tablespoons butter; the liver oven, 350 degrees, one half hour. Cut in slices and sprinkle witli ipowikvcd sugar before serving a pan rubbed with j orange mixture with It. Mix Mb a Bake in a mwlcmlc light sponge, beat thoroughly,' cov- of the lamb or two or Ihrce chicken livers. Wipe the meat and boil in n I Delicious with coffee, large kettle for twenty to twenty- Hungarian Paprika Cliicktm. five minules, taking off the scum. In a deep saucepan place the but- :cr, fry in it the chopped onions, pistachio nuts, raisins and rice and the finely chopped liver, adding also tho cinnamon. Season Thls is the main dish of the Hungarian restaurants in New and place the spo;i;c: moderately warm place and 'let stand over night; in the morning add the salt, melted shortcninE and rest of (lie (lour. Knead until dough is siuoolh and clastic, into a wet mold or the rcfrlgcrato drawers; chill, packed in lee, or I the Freezing drawer of refrigerator for two hours. Turii out and serve with the canned pencil juice. Enough for six to eight servings. Pear I'h Two cups canned pears; one baked pic crust; two Inblcspoons corn- starcli; two tables|wons sugar; three cloves; meringue made with at least t\vo egg whites i\nd three tablo- spoons sugar; one fourth cup chopped nuts. Drain the pears York. Use a two and a cover and place in a warm 'place i baked crust. I three pound broiler cut inlo eight la loaf, place In a par i pieces. Two medium Eked onions; • shortening; let rise three tablespoons shortening; one (double in bulk, ba with a little salt and pepper, and j teaspoon sweet Hungarian paprika; gradually add one cup of lamb lone cup sour cream; one tuble- and or | to rise to double In bulk. MoUi in pan rubbed' with again until bake forty-five in a buttered baking dish iillcrnatc layers of macaroni and !umb hash. Finish with ton layer of macaroni. Heat in moderate oven, 353 degrees, until delicately r.rowneti. I.aml) Chops with Suucc This recipe is Greek, and while wine is used in the Greek sauce, it is also delicious omitting the Pour lo six chops; oitu half Ui- Wespuon batter; one green pepper; cue cnion; one eighth teaspoon thyme; two ripe toinaloex or four tablespoons mashed canned tomatoes; about one half teaspoon salt und the snruc ol pcpixir. Heat a heavy frying pun and Try the chops in their own fat. When ilone remove lo a separate dish; add lo the fat in the pan the butler, about one half cup hot water or houilUoii, and bring lo boiling; then add chopiwd grcci pepper, llic chopped onion and tomatoes, season to taste, sift in the thyme and boll all together a tuw minute;.;. Lay llic chops in a hot casserole, pour the boiling finiicc over them, set in a moderate oven. 300 degrees P., for ten to titled! minutes. 1'crsian [toast Lamb The original ol this recipe called tor a whole, small lamb, and if you want a good barbecue that is different you can Iry using _ .'.mail lamb. For u,c average family meal, buy a shouWcr roast, cf lamb; tbrcc onions; two cups rice: one fourth cup pistachio nuts; cmo Arc COOL* CUI'hJ Of Coffee In Kerry found Of Four Lc;if broth from the boiling kettle let cook until the rice is tender. Nov.- place the roast of lamb in the oven and roast until tender and browned; rub with juice of place j tin; roasting pan. let Ihc rice and itables brown and continue coking *is the roast cooks. Serve spoon Hour; cooked rice. Fry the onions in the shortening until yellowish "brown; l>roil the chicken a few minutes, not enough to thoroughly ccok. Add chicken to tlie onions and lat, one hall cup water, cover and steam tlic chicken instil tender. Add the cun ol cieam in which | fourths the /lour lias been mixed. When This , Apple Hull wholesome pastry . Czechoslavakia. To make it cooked rice. boiling, see lhat each piece chicken is well coated with sauce. Serve garnished with minutes at -109 degrees F.. or hot oven. Brush top with melted shortening when taken- from" the oven. Gingerbread Two eggs; Ihree fourths cup brown sugar; three fourths cup molasses; three fourths cup melted .shortening; Uvo and one fourths cup tlour; two and one fourth leusiwons buKing pov.der; lluee Icaspoon soda; Iwo teaspoons ginger; one and one haif of teaspoons cinnamon 1 , one half tea- ise two cups flour; one egg yolk; hrce tablespoons melted shortcn- ng; one half teaspoon salt. Work ;hcsc together adding enough wa- Icr W. make a duiisl), very iotl doughi; Knead well and set aside cuvereil lor one hour. Prepare tlic filling from these ingredients; Four or [ive ripe apples, pared ml sliced very Ihln; one half e\ip melted shortening; one fourth cup melted butler; one half cup bread crumb'.;; one halt cup brown —lidna M. Ferguson. TIll-SI! j Uons lo the maki: ^'j'j<l lunch Iras gar: I'.vo tablespoons ground cin-; spread with butter and marmalade nnrnon; one fourth cup finely, or f-oine sweet mixture. The yin- choupcd. utiuoutly, one toiutli cup ^etbrcad served tiot. \vitti ur \vilh- spoon cloves; one half leaspoor nutmeg; one cup boiling water All spires "re ground of course. Add the beaten eggs to Ihe sugar, molasses and melted shortening; add (lour sifted with the oilier dry ingredients: add ho water Itiil. Hub a shallow pai v.'ilh shortening and bake in Ihis in ti moderate oven, '.!50 degrees for fort ymimilcs. Serve warn: Makes sixteen pieces. I'oifct UinEnbrcail Use the uljovc recipe, addin i one cup strong, freshly made cof i fee in place of the boiling wale lor. Bake MS directed. seedless! raisins. Spread a clean muslin cloth on he table, .(lour it ;i>:d spread the dough on this, fiull out slightly and brush with melted shortening. Fold and roil ag»in. WHIi slightly floured hands stretch the j out u MUICC. makco a good dessert also. Orantjc IJread Four cups (lour; one lotirlli cup vmlei; our cup orange juice; gii't- ed rind t.v-o yiat:ecs; two taolf- spcons mdlcd shorlening; two tablespoons It; one Mix lay hi the cornslntch the sugar In a small sauce- add cloves and one cup of ilh in, ic pear syrup. Stir over the beat cook together for three miu- les. coal slightly, then strain ver the pears. Cover with the icringuc and sprinkle with llic hopped nuts. Brown In a slow ven, 250 degrees, eight to ten inln- les. Two I'ruric Mousse cups canned or cooked, Love Siiulb N'ctdctt iu <•BOSTON (OPi—What Lliis country needs Is a good plucc for lovemaking, Mrs. Cornelia Stratum ceded prunes; one half cup sugar; 'lie tablespoon gcluUnc; one hall up hoi water; one half cup orange nice; t-.vo clips cream, whipped; two j ups maple syrup; two tablespoons intter; one half cup chopped mils. Run [he.cooked or canned seed- ess primes through n sieve mm to Ihis pulp add sugar, gelatine dls- iolvcd in the hot water, orange nice ami cream. Mix carefully and turn into a wet mold, lay a piece ol waxed payer over llic mixture large enough to project beyond Ihc edge wtai the lid Is on, pack hi ice or sel in the [rcc/Ing compartment of Hie automatic refrigerator for three hours. i Turn out and serve with a sauce mudc by bringing the syrup and butler to boiling and cooking until the mixture forms a .-,oft tall when tried in water (or 2W degrees on candy thermometer). Stir in the mils ana keep Ihc sauce warm over hot water until served. Enough for ten servings. Shops Arc Full of Articles That • Facilitate Work of Preparation Uld you ever go salad shopping? The larger stores In the big cltl'fs have salad tables in the lioiisewarcs departments where all tlic new gad- gels for mixing salads und preparing dressings arc on display, sometimes they are being demonslrnt- cd and curious men and interested women stand about looking, sampling and 'eventually buying. On n recent shopping toiir thru these departments In New York the following things wcro spotted as Idcnl for the inspired Sprlna salad milker: Brniid new whirl or wheel egg beaters with'firm handles by which j the beater is held in the Jar or bowl. These Jiandles have colored wooden grips,' almost any^'color lo ma tell | Ihe kllclicn dccornllng scheme, i These wheel beaters should he oiled frequently to keep them working well, use olive oil; never Immerse the upper part of the beater In the dish pan, just the bentcr iwrtlon which has been in ,'thc mixing' howl. Garnishing tools, in sets of Hire; M&ur Grocers <Y^ ^ s* ^* _. j MEXENE CHILE POWDER. ^Ike Different Seaionma Flavor to the Quality Walker's AUSTEX Government TAMALES BEANS _ - w4*/t6f • •Sandwich Spreadj...; Tonight's Milk Delivered Time for Yuttr WALKER'S AUSTEX CHILE <ti Parker told members ol the Massa- cDmetls SU'lc Federation ol Wo- mcn'.s Clubs licr'c recently. "One of the worst rcsulls of thr; con- one teaspoon 'gcclion in our cillcs is Ihut Ihcrc ii? licalrn light; one is no place for people to inuko she .sni<(. dough out in all directions it is very thin. SprjiiKlc mcHcii butter generously, bread cake compre.'-Jictl .veast, crumbs, ahnonds, apples, raLsiu-s, Add tlic grilled rind and the sn?ar and cinnamon, then with orange lo (he liquid und mix. Add bullCT. again. Roll iv> bul ilo nuv sugur to lukewarm liiiuicl anil ilib- , popular in Paris for adorning roll too lightly. Brush- with re- , solve ll«j yciisl, then add ahoutiiiins of the eyes. The new (ad uains of butter and shorlcntny one luiif the flour, uddins the (for evening dress only. Siivcr-tinlcd Grease paint is is or more, strangely shaped knives lor curling celery, making radish roses, trimming a carrot so it. resembles almost anything but a carrot. The egg sliccr In which a hard cooked egg 15 sliced ([filckly and easily tvllh one motion. A cold slaw or cabbage slicer for using with'other greens, too, a new type easily gripped, efficient, easily cleaned. Ask lor such til your own .stores. Good glass jars with screw tops in wiiich French dressing Is mixed mid then kept lor future use. The dressing may be shaken in such jurs each Uinc it is used. Have a. Chopping Bowl There lire very small chopping bowls for parsley slid other ercctis, with Uttie double-edge diopphiL, knives. One bowl we saw is bordered with a line of color and the handle ol the chopping knife matches this; several colors are available, drop carrots, cauliflower of -AmeritK AUSTIN.TEXAS CRAIG'S DA1R Phone 74 Save Rose Bird Coffee Jars For These Useful Premiums u JAKS l-(i Cup Uriji-O-Liilor 1 Do/.. Water Glasses I Serving Tray 1 Siiucc Pan anil Cover 1-8 Clip Percolator Hug, IMx-IU inch Oven Serve Buvvl Double Holler Set Mixing Uuwls Ft-tiil Ktiinicr a u ti Bowl 1 Pink Howl, Cream itiul Sugar 18 JAHH 1-1 U Piece Green Cabinet Set 2<i JAHS I Radio Lanip 1 Utility Cooker I Aliiniiiunu Tea Keltic i Cliiim Huse Drip-0- Lalor . 1 Sleepy Doll I Large Di.sli -Pun 1-7 Piece Water Set :i(l JAUS 1-17 Piece Dinner Set «G JAHS 1 Aluminum Uoustcr .-18 JAMS 1-lb 1 Quart Cokl Puck Calmer Many Oilier Premiums Including. Dells, Dishes, Etc. A SPRINfi PARAD GENUINE ^Wear-Ever ALUMIHU* 1/U 4-PIECE 11 SAUCE PAN SET Silvery, pans of _ entra hard, thick N sheet Aluminum. PRICE MAY NOT BE REPEATED. SET OF 1 COVERS 7 19 I Rl • S3 ll REf S3 I '-rack- Lxitw4a U 5 Wj Uttov. DOUBLE BORERS ^' m * Speedier; uses less fuel; holds Q I more water. Extra hard, thick " I sheet Aluminum. m i PI.S1QO TO'-5139 2Q'-*1 l8«j. JI.50 iRei. SI.7J • sn 1/U DEEP-TYPE FRY PANS IT JPtCIAl IKlBOOUCIIJBt PRICES » Thsy heat more evenlyjui less fuel.Domecovers, extra 8',JOc;9',60c;10',fi3c. IUII H»HOtt iOin.Sl.85 WOOD mxaie MMJ 8 In. 51.25 »'I».S1.50 Win fl.t 3 QT. RING MOLD AT ALL GROCERS Distributed by The Crafton Co. , v ictbox calies, shortcakes, pound and fruit cakes, rice or noodle ring. FAMOUS liupk-WM COFFEE MAKERS PMSS Q8;?3 3 Cf? 6 CUP SMako dc| licious coffee. Good House- PEBHJ keeping Appd. jp 4 Cu? ACvp I^CV Jl 85

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