The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY,' MARCH li 1031 BLYTHEVIU.E, tAHK.) COtlRlEU NEffS CLASSIFIED Two cents a word (or first insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count thp words and Uic cash. Phone 300 FOR SALE MORE BARGAINS • IN ISED Never B3fore Have We Offered Siicli Tremendous Values in Used Cars. Even Other Car Dealers Are Coming to Us To Buy Used Cars To Resell At A Nioj Profit. Better Take Immediate Advantage of This Opportunity To Get Yourself AI Good" Small Used Car And i Get- Jl TODAY. I •Z7 t.ATi: FORD COUPE ... S 35 •27 PONTIAC "fi" COACH .. S 90; '30 FORD "DELUXE" SEDAN S335 •27 CHEVROLET COACH .. 5 SO' '28 WHIl'l'ET COACH S110 '28 CHEVROLET SPT COUPE S135 '30 FOKU 1'UUOlt SKKAN .. S"15 '29 FOKU SPOUT RDSTER S150 •39 FORD STAND. COUL'E . S32i •28 FORD BUSINESS COUPE SIM 78 FOKU TUDOR- SEDAN .. S13S •29 FORD TOWN SEDAN .. S283 '28 FORD FORDOR SEDAN S190 •25 FORD FORDOR SEDAN' S 45 •29 DURANT 4-1)0011 SEDAN' S120 '30 -N'ABOHS Log & Lhr. Tr. S2C5 '30 FORD I',-- TON TRUCK 5285 */ lAUPA LOU BPOQKMAN cvrsv M.niimi:. KI-> 1) liTN!, K' 1 *. 1 * tit inri-1 I llf I*iHM ulilrtt AI.AX rilllSllV U ri-ni £ (nun n ) far uml n diilr . iln I'.ir |»li-f Hif KfrJ » n l».-:miirul miniati \MUliir. «:ni»li). llr hlruttllr* lirr n» M J.AMil.KY. n »lilp'« iirjiiiaruln Tun nl^Eil* liilrr Crti-h* lirr PAGE/SEVEN-' OUR BOARDING HOUSE iln-lt Mill III till' Fl.i CD u.\ u ri n 'i 1:1 CII.M'TI-:it VII an Instant s 1 <ili ul idem. Then linen. ' "Why, i.cii" —" slip Uriii!>y duelled lusul ullilt wins intended fo~ :i to'iu nniveil aside In lei liei pusa. Hiit in" i;irl illi! nut mine. "Alan!" shu cried. "Where are you Kfiin;;'.'" ^he v.-;;s down at the suit case Cros'oy was carrying "You're—yoa'ro not leaving, aie yon?" Crosby nodded. '^-loving to a pljiCL- far.hcr :ip ;:own.'' i:o siM cnrlly. He :::iuscd :;;: Ir.slai:;. "Wltal '. nifdii to sal- is i! IMS jus! I'iil slu?," ^llnn Vou feet l/ial rn.v about it loo, don't jisjp" Wliafll, Ol.vloiisly !!'e sti-a!:: J. Cro:ii>v ».is Ei "Sc/iocltojy and sctaolprl c£?mrs. waiter was boslde them. it he i:;:il!4hl'(".ho :is>ti-il (;yp~y shook her lie:'..! thought ol (find was tin "Ham sandwich r.utl (Crosby ordeccd but wjit-n •vr"* set before him 1: . • usicd .:t. • '•! Tbtt waiter !c-fJ Other Bargains To Select From. Convenient Terms, it' desired. Come in TODAY or Phone 811, 810, 777. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers FOR SALE—Baby Chicks, All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilvn Hatchery, Blytievlllc. 20-CK-TF FOR SALE—20 third shares First National Bank stock nl 25 or will buy limited amount at same. E. B. Lyman, Phone 21. 10c-kl3 FOR SALE—Good, dry ccok wood, Buclianan Coal Co., Phone 107. " 11P-CN FOB SALE—Tlwroughbrcd Light Brnrmtna CJiickens. T. M. Ricli- ard^on, Route 2, Box 31. 11P-K14 ycu'd be inieresieri." She ovei looked tho "Ahin—please." (he words L'aiue witii an inciilierent rush. "1— ". there's Mimsiiiin;: I want, to to you atiijut. 1 dirt;:'t mean I paid labt nii;lit. Vou'll beiiovo thai, won't yuu?" The yon us rnan frowned gluncin" orcr one shoulder. , K1 . ( , •"tt'hal do you waul to do?" I" 1 1 ,,i.. : af'<i'il <]iiltll.v. "HrciadcastV I'm'^', sorry hnl I've s»t to go--" I j. l]c "I!ui >:'ii can't: You've sot U • ^ near nbat 1 want to tell V"'''" | svcro ocfore—" "I've qnt to no. Gypsy." Croilii j (j ros iij. | 00 kcd repeaud tm; iiently. He put a, uaiiri on tin- dunrkiinh. uirued n i and crnssed the threshold. j Tlie cirl-caiiKht bis arm. "Not! yet!" she cried. "Ou. Alan! I Please let me tall: In you. Please I wail! .lust for live minutes ii you're In a hurry, l-et'a go some- wh'Te where we can be alo~e!" They were Both ui;!bidu the hous? now. standing nt thu lot' of the Ilight of slor.e steps Crn3- Dy reached bock and closed the door heliind ihem. Where cuff HP." Worl; O NLY a Eclf-ccnlorcd youns man, !n?:uient to bo on hlB way. would bavo 'failed to note tho misted eye-lashes, the loo-brl£ht Btnllo. Gypsy ehooli her head, ."Coodby." 3ho Bald. "Uou'l wall, fdr-n-.o. I'm —I'm not [jolnu bonio tor a while." tiroshy had picked up llio suit ! ca?c. "Sec you later llien. (live yeu la ring sonic day..t!ood nlglit!" -nil "in I'k'e be-n inl'icvii- A iialn lljte-Vft-liiiirV ihriist^nlT: 4J« ".'uncd. Sh'o wnldictl his l.acl. uir-i" rvnsv ' cx'cni-c-il "Am Hyysy'?'heart. ' Was It all :i riltilit-l wlic dis-'ipneriicd throiisli tho rt.ior. I, li<n't moan' nil I said fei «i'i.ic! Was she renlly hearing these .Afttr a «|,llo Bl:o arose and 1 dou'l kno« what w ll3 the I word-,? ' i Balked out of the store. One or two :r «-ith me. -1 wa=t eyrtled. I: Ur^Siy'j tf.ce had . bccccc ; Say you'll tui'Hl'.'c rio ni;d I clo'idy l-:r.r. .. —'. . thlnES will ha the way t'uoy I "Wiiuc arc' you soi"S. . I asl'.od ii:ir::;r,iniy b??n re- IS, spcal: with anitiirilion nnv;. The ulrl tried lo iilay the part. "Of course. Alan. I know It was Just kid stuff." lid food | "Yes, but we had grcr.t limes "barely; I'll ::crcr'. lk;m. I've ;;nt i?:!1l2 (iov:n to woii; now haiJ. Tiir.t's one reason I'm awjiy ftoui Mrs O'H.irc'3." ... ME ! *~ TJUs-r r AM ABOUT -fa BE SUEP , BV MARX.. •Ttte AMP OR ALO.Vifi DI*JIDt3^SP he: _ Tivotity-thlrd Street. I ve ?" 1 : ' ro-rn cvc-r Ihero that Isn't msn'h bill it i.'ill do. HnvliiB In »v"llh ,ui,.l!i.-i' Miovv Jroin the offlc*." " . Cio l.y. tlms lannclitd on a cmi vein, continued: "Mrs. solus to introduce Die to' who can FOB SAT.E—Alfalfa and timothy hay in car Icart lots or less. W. H. Werner. Canalou, Mo. 27P-K13 Used Car Bargains I Ponliac 2 Door Sedan, 1929, Looks new 5305. L riyinoulh 4 Sedan, 1W3 Low mik-age " 50 1 Plymouth Coupe, 1D29, a good buy S175 1 Clin-slcr 70 Couch, a good one -..: S250 See Them Now Leo Motor Co.- "Well—all riulit. Wiiere cai. v.e nT" I haven't not much time."' Tiiere ^;is nne cisoke "The corner drug rturc." tlyii^v inlrl bun. "We'll £01 Uis.-.ooiill: In tbo corner." though another scene. "Forget It!" he said stiftly. "It was ray fault loo. Just don't think about it any more." Tho IraRic look faded. Cyiisy was smiling. , ... "Then everything's all rlsht I a lot nt :ic,-plc who can luip mc- aijain?" slio asked hopefully. j |:,-o;«'n w!m have InRiier.ce. Tlist's Tlie young inriii ngrced. Tiicrc : '.:\.- wao f<jinet!iir,!T ai:onl \.'^ csin'Of-| Ym sinn that should linva ivoitiui! i;e! I.;-,; ot trouhlcs ahead. ] 1 -• Crosby toyed with the liandh: | ••'•> •}l his'coffee cup. A moment hue.-.:::: 1 lie looked up.nrxl y'M fjri-^Viv b "Well.. I'll have to us riiiiiii:!.- alonR nn\v." Th«s l''.ok ol iian.iC'In.-the ::::).face n:n?t'fiave ma&p v iiun r*40i:t. "(jypsy.- lie tsi'd. "I-:::-.': somsliiing I've bec-n moanlnK ;u lalk to you about. We. nsfcd to U i?ke: to get nliond in Kaw ELjo's been great to mo. . SiiLiraliy yon cnn cee how rli Ir.r; nlslii! Rut d'jn't worry ';;. I'm go'.;:;' to see lier tonight.' lij-: ed?e'of die ?eat (iypsy fou:u • c.vild rndui'O I lie iiala. ft!', ir.c about her." she said. * ; shade of embarrassn'i ot 'iye:l her cnrinnsly. (lyf.=y, nclthcr.i,i.-i irft nor rU;lu. out 'jitc 1 . Hie slvuct liuirnd toward tbc imnuint; hijuso K!IC lo-jk tlie opposite illrec- ttpn. ll ."Sli2 wa!i;cd until she was cold, until iiiio found herself I: u nel^h- IJorlico-J whcro she had never licen before. A policeman navn nor directions and she look the subway BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES GOOD FOR TIPPY! By MartiL 1 O KTKN In llrnos past she and Alan had slouneti at this drug More for a hasty supper or Sate ijefcre 1 went away, didn t lunch They reached Ihu place i Touk ourseivcs rreily serinufly and ontered". Dcyond iho luncb then. Tiioiiirht we were giown u]i counter and flass Hlled Lord —do you remember boo "' Ilirec iiack . again?! the .wall we:e two built-in (Jrand (1:11, only booih3 with ticnches on encb-sidi3 u( narrow laules. The corner with assorted wares were small tables. t'urlher used to artao over every toi.ic under [be sun? Oil, it was tuis FOE SALE—Trees and shrubbery. Reasonable. Will plant and guarantee to grow. W. S. Lanedoii, Highway 61. 27C-11 FOR SALE—Frigidairc, never teen used. Less than, hall price. E. G. Hankins, 123 Missouri A\e. GC-K13 I nootb. toward wbicb dypsy led the I way. was enclosed and partly con • cealcd from view. Tiie girl sat down acd Croiby pushed into the seat opposite. "Well," ho said, "ivhnt Is II that's on your mind?" His tone was cool, composed. Gypsy's dark eyes sought the man's. Her- face was colorless es- ccpl for Ihe red lips which struggled to keep [rom trembling. "I want to tell you I'm sorry — aljoirt wiiat h&ppennd last night." liefore Crosby could reply a FOli SALE—All household fuim ture and effects. Must be sold at once. Bargain if you need them. 319 E. Kentucky. P-K-H FOR SALE Late '20 Model Ford. Standard Ccupe, liody Like New. Will Trade lit Your W or 29 Model Roadster or Phaeton Company. Body. Phillips Motor It scons crazy now \\'fiat 1 mean lo siy. n[ course, is. it was just hid stuff ji!o a sketch of her. It you only knew School boy and f.ciiool ski affair. | ncr, Uypsy. you'd understand how •.vdy aLout it Leo. i .vcnutTfui she is." ; "/ire you—it: love with her?' 1 "SV::.\t it 1 v:,-s?" he ;isked. "She's j.'t cvc-ryrSiius and I haven't r, J"" Vou feel t'.iat dnri't yon'.'" "Vv'hy— yes — It w:i5 v.-hrit r.3 war.lcrl her ti oE iicr. She crept up to her room silently. afraid someone would bti.p her tn the hall. Luck v;:is nilli her aril fahc reached life lltlle foiulli Huur ioum \Tilho:i! ijiiei rnntitm. GV;'?)' firidic^cd and tot i ] Ho I'ctl out tlie sky was yrayins with tl.i\Hi livfoic she linally s!en. \Vbea sl\o or<enni Licr eyes at 7::!0 she siined slt'.i'ily. sat up In tied-and nil Irust r'islil's mcmnrlra rclnrned. ' : -'All.ui was souo. Uverytiilni; was. over. Getting dressed and gtltlim lo work was nn onleal. Somehow livpsy did both. Stic hail never realized how much she bated the Mac. Naniara Co office, bow inucu the bntcd pounding a U'oewrller. At 11 o'clock Lllinlic-ili 'I'Mille came hur.llins up lo Gypsy's dcslt. "Miss Mclirlde." tbo said. "I'm E l!:e onp v.-liu rcall} 1 got UIE [ .ifralil yon were ciudcsa with tin si I) at Thomas's. I'm" gains tc | lenors yesterday-. Mr. Itcynohh W;.E disappointed. "S!,e be!d nut two typed pages with plariim hluc r-en cllled circles. "You Eureiy cannoi espcct rae to proinnlo you on such work!" ".\o, ?.iiss Tutlle," siic said, "1 don't cxtcct It. I'm rcslsnlua—lo- "I'd have Uitd you hetorc." he ?n!d. "only [ didn't know just Imw yn'j'3 fee!. She's Gypsy .'•'o: licr two months ago in I'arls Yi".i see she's interested In urL Sl.c's sot nionoy and could spend ail V?r timi hr.viiiK a good lime, l.i.i :;Hlead she likes to h'.l;i nrl and young musicians "i'ir.e. I was sure you did only— j "; she n.nst care for you. v.'cll. I L.oucht I'd belter mention . Al::ii!" it. You're a .srcat lltlle kid. Gypsy, j Hs smiled. "Thanks for ti'.c TOIC and I like you! Gruai kid. IVe'.ty. i ol coalidence. \Vell-rc.illy I've too. Got a lot of new lieaux I'll t'Ct.i to ikish aloni;.'' Ho gh'.uccd ai his Marry a rich one some diy ar.d j wn'rli. "Twenly Tninutcs lr,lo al forb'ct all about Hi2 Mrn^Uns j i;-'.-iy! Aro you coins up the young artisl you used to kuo*." "U'Jt, my dc^r youns woaian, you Ejj'lisy v;as lialf-way lo tho door. 'No?" she nb!;eil. lurnlng. "Who's dns to stop TiicV And thcu the dcor shut sitb a bans. (To lit FOR RENT—Unfurnished flat and [ unfurnished house on Ht-arn St. Phone 678. OC-TF !I-'KKCKI,IiS FOR RENT—3 room furnished rat, garage and ccal house. Call G18-W. . i LOST AND FOUND LOST—Ladies brown Ininlng bark book liurse, n.ud Ii KENT gold double rimmed r;h3rc3 in Dr. Werts case. Finder return to ien Furniture Co. Reward. 10C-K13 ; FOR RENT — Bedroom, private bath, close in. Phone 185J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TP FOIl RENT—5 room bunso'.ow on Uougan, newly decorated, hot, and cold walcr. Appiy Ike Miller, Phone BSD. 11C-TF FOR RENT—In Dell, 3 room bungalow. $5.00 uci month. 4 room bungalow. £10.00 per month. LA Fowkr, Phono 450-J. JC-TF- r OR RENT—Four rooms, modera, fine garden spot. 122.! Holly. Phone 100. E. D. Ferguson. •• OC-K12 -t- •ALJ- KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Electric and Gas Welding done OSBROX H1.ACKSM1TH SH01 1 115 X. Franklin SI. WANTED POULTRY WANTED .— Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad S:., wtsi 'of courthouse, J. E. Flr.hcr, I'hor.c '64..' . .... WC-TF WANTED — Tamil y Washings. Washed and ironed ' by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. ,704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prl- . ces, sny fiuanlily. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. SC-TF One young man with retail s!oro| CNpcriencc. references required.: About S125 ptr monlh to s'art.i See Mr. Euffinglon between G nud' 9 1-' M todav, Glcncoe Hotel. 11C-K1 1'EUSOXAI. Vavln? l)is(rl-(s 2 [REPAIREPJ rhone -121 The Tax very short Books Utr.c. penalties and other costs will add. ^O^:, to your las. You can see tlie advantage in payinj C. J. EVRARU. I . Tlip' iliililin; .^ulpriiOiil'.cf .stenm.'.hiiV'Ariuttania Js 'suffici^it liglit a town of 100,000 p^oiilc. \ si) IHS FH1KNDS "1 , LETOSSlE DO TllE «6 TVWUSHT CF TU£ ID=A FOR. OS TO f LIKE & THIS /- DOHT -)fcO TWNX BETTER L6T OME OP US MAVCS THS SPEECH, ossie? sl ^ FK3=Xl.CS, OSCAR IS AHOUHO \U1TM TOE ID e^'p IM TUH'C. '/ tOCKN TOR. SOU Wt SttN \ OPGM. \ -SW MH.6S TO THE MISSED Vl\. :: VOI\W\> TtiF.rAr.RTU..Mi'.' T-V-Jit Tlierca[lcr

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