Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1896
Page 7
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Men arc often wiser-than they act. They know how to be happy but sometimes they arc mis. k crablc, They know bthere.isno happiness r worth the name without health: yet they nejtlect health. They allow dyspepsia and biliousness and con. »., - Btipatibn to ,(ftl m hold on them and make' life wretched. Those three .complaints usually come to- fcther. Constipation affects the stomach •nd liver. That brings on bilious attacks •nd indigestion,'headaches, nausea, dizziness, queer sensations of weakness and pal. citation. Yiiur nerves are unstrung, your •ystcm is slunrish. You lose anibition. The fact is yovir whole constitution is bcins •lowly undermined. What you need is Dr.. PierceV Plensant Pellets. .. Thcvcure"can!itipntion, dyspepsia ant! biliousness in the "only sure, permanent way. There is-notUinjr vfolent or irritating- about them, thW work mildly though quickly. They tone and strengthen tue bowels to carry on their functions naturally. They Kntly stimuli'tr th'e.flBw of bile from the U'ver and the digestivejuicea of the stomach You don't becqme a. slave to their use as with other pills. -They make you regular and then you can leave them, rii.it is the'diffcrtuce between Dr. Fierce 1 * Pleasant Pellets hiul the something "just as tcood, which a sharp druRfrist tries to substitute. Don'tlct him do no with you. If you wmt to keep your health nnd utrentrtb without coiiaultiuK the doctor BO often, the best '-. ' thinir you can do is to write to the" World's Dispensary Mc-diccil Association. Eiii- fnlo, N. Y., for a copy of Dr. Pierce's Rrent hook-, the "People's Common Sense Mcdicnl Adviser." Send 11 oue-ceat stftmps'to cover cost of m.-iilinjr onlv. It U n l.-ir^e book of inoS pafres, with over 300 illustrdtiojis. 680^000 copies were sold ill $1.50 each. The only ilif. lerence is in the binding, which in the fr« edition -*. ^ in of strong mnnilla pa',>er. There is no other ouch complete family doctor book in the Enj;li*!i lanffuaffc. It is a vcntah.e mcdicr,! librarv, oouiulcte in one volume. Send sow before alt nre Riven mvny. They arc coins otfrapidlv. therefore, <!o not delay sending /"'• m«liatt!v\t'\n want of one.. The above gcuwo-J/ •fl«ris£imitedlOico,(x»copie». . , TIMETABLES. LOCAL TIME TABLES, Solid trains betweer; "Peorla and &aii- dusky" and "Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connections to ana from all points In the Unitet' States and Canada. L. E. & Vf. R. R Arrive 1 Leavt SOUTH BOUND. No 21 Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 a m Z-USam N"o 23 Indlanap's 'f,x SunllMOam No. 23 Mall & Ex ex Sun. 3:2a p m 8:10 p m No -9 Passenger ex Sun No. 151 Rochester Local Arrive 4:>lj p m. except Sunday. NORTH BOUND. 6-20 a m No. 20 Mall & Ex ex Sun. 10:^ a m 3 : 30 p m No 22 Michigan City tlaliy 4:45 p m 1:03 p m No 2-t Detroit Ex ex Sun No 130 Accom. ex Sun., G:45am •Does not run north of Peru on Sunday. Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Indl- R No. 20 via TIpton arrives at Eloomlng- ton at D:S2 p. m. making direct connection with C. & A. fast train arriving in Kansas City at 8:55 next morning, connecting direct at Kansas City for Denver. San Fran- clsjo and all points west. Free reclining cnalrs between TIpton and.. Missouri river o 23, connect at TIpton with main lino t,raln3 forSandnsky.Pcorla and all points cast and -west. • For ticket rates and general information call on J. J. Sltlnner ticket acent, L. E. 4i W Peru, In<3.. or C. F. Dally, general passenger agent, Indianapolis. Ind. 'Dally. fDaJly Bradford and Col.. Philadelphia & N. V Richmond & C.lnt!.. Ind'pla * Louisville Effner & Peorla.... Crown Point & Chi Klchmond & Clntl Crown. Point & Chi Montlcello * Etlnir Bradford Jt Col.... EKner local freight Ind'pls & Loulovlllo Richmond and Clr.tl / Bradford and Col.. Phlla & New Yorl:.. Montlcello & Eifner Chicago Chi & Intermediate Kokomo & Rich.... except Sunday. Leave Arrive.. ..•12:50 am * 2:45 am ..•i2:50»io •Z-.Ge.m • 1:00 am • 2:20 a m i..*12H5am '2:30am ,.•3:05 am '12:30 am ,.'2:tte.m '12:40am ..t 5:45 am tll:20pm l..-t'C:OOarn t7:SOprn ..t S-.OO a in t I:" 5 P m ..t 7:50 am t 4:13 pm ..t 8:30 am t 2:15 pm . .• 2:00 pm • 1:30 p m ..•2:10pm *l:20pm * 2:05 pm • 1:10 p ni ,.«2:03pm *l:10prn '..t 2:20 pm t 7:4') am ,..« l:35pm • l:55pm i.." 4:30 p tn . 12:30 p m .t 2:30 p m tll:00 a m ,-M:30pm tl2:20pm , Agent, Logansport. "5VEST BOUND. jr- iidili icnr .ci'll> i> fvr... l!-:HM>ni bt. If ul.i ilmllfd ilfillj-, -old iio-IU',... l(h!.4 v in Vast Mull nnliy. -old n- 47' ^" P ' Kaiunn CltyixprfM Unlly wo i o-il... . :1.1 in fuc exp".-s <.'iill> • x; tin -OKI i o •)£• ...)u iu " "' Mo. EAST BOUND. •2 N V * Boston llm d dally 'old no 42.. 2:41 a m (i yust'mnll duiiy, -o d no 4ii U;4H u 111 4 AtliKitlc iliii dftllj ex Sun 'u d i.o 4-1., 4-j2 p 7-1 Local frt, jjtconi. diillyexaun U 6U |i in EEL RTVEE DIVISION. ^ WEST BOUND. NO 35 arrive ««» » ™ No 37 arrive *• « P "' EAST BOUND. Xo «i leave "-^ » j" No M leuve J - w [> " ANDAU A IN i:Fi'£CT JOY 17,18110. TUAINS LEAVE LOGANSPORT, IND. FOR THE NORTH. No C2. Ex, Sun. 10:31 a m for St Joseph No. 5S Ex. Sun. 0:10 a m for St. Joseph •No, 54 Ex. Suu 8:40 p m for South Bend FOR THE SOUTH MO. 51Eic«pt Stinrtny 7 -.17 a. in. for TerroTlmito No. 53 Ex. Sun, 2:47 p, m. for Tcrre Haute For complete time card, giving all trains and stations, and for full information as to rates, through cars, etc., address J. C. EDGEWORTH. Agent. Loganaport, Ind. Or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent. St. Louis, Mo. inoapo • Made a well Man of " . toikriinkMojKuyi |M«t MukM''l>l OKI ^!jfcT>rlc«f CoreJiLn i* »eraorj-,.,\ gh«y Emit-' ' -^*~-^ .. >,». nbui«, glTM Tlnr nnd flu •nd gulcklr"riotnuroly reitorti ' or joung. Tiulhr.orrlod/nvefl •^^AVfaBHO^a 1H01U ur 7VM11K* «"»»MI.V»r» «•»*•' " >^' JSS"TTIo«»i;««*P»ck»Ifc •BU-ftrM.MwUk •HIUI •»»••*•• i««"» •>• "Vf *+'?£&&,„ fiaurm (Illiir(o«, t>a> luUI on'k»tfo» INIIAFV, , ind laadin«.druiKl«ti , - (Cont)aucd from FH'st Trige.) uiiiurt.'. cnu ueinocr(ii.ic jmri.v, uu't at, v-r v/andorlng forces of political chaot and disorder. "His great ability, his originality oi thought. hlH power in debate, his strong will, are known o,f all men, and are part ol •the history of the last 20 years. Hie public career Is as spc-UesB as his private character Is pure. and unblemished.. He. la 'a trained statesman fit for the heaviest task the country can Impose upon him. He commands the confluence of his party and his country. He Is a leader of men. We know It because wo have seen him lead. To those who have followed him ho never said 'go.' but always 'come,' ,Hc .la entirely fenrlera. We know--H for- We have seen his courage tested on a, hundred Holds. He h(iH been called to groat places and to great trials, and he has never failed nor flinched. He Is fit to atand at the head of'thc republican column. ' He hr'worthy to be an American president. .1 (i.ave ..this honor, the very great honor, to present to you, as a candidate for your nomination, the speaker of the nntlon'al house of representatives, Thomas B. Reed, : of.'Malne.^ • 'Mr. Rood's nomination was loudly 'a'p- plnuded, many of the delegations- rising and waving flags, amid much cheering. The nomination was secouded-.'by Charles S. Littleileld, -of Roekland, Me. Dopow r«>««iiti! Blorton. When the state of New York was called .Mr. Suthi'rland.-of Rochester, rose and said that the name of New York's favorite son would.be presented by another "favorite son of that state and of all the states, Chiiuncey M. Depcw." "We mvxn to take up the broken cord o£ niLtlonal development and happiness and link It once more to the ear of progress. With our Industries stagnant, our manufactures paralyzed, our agriculture disheartened. our artisans uncinployo.il. our credit impaired, our treasury bankrupt, onr position among the nations of the world questioned, all look to this convention and call upon Its wisdom for hnpe '"" Whoi-'vor may be nominated bv this convention will receive the cordial Kiippo-t, the enthusiastic advocacy of the republicans of X<-w York, but In the shifting con- dlt'lnns of our commonwealth Gov. Mor'on ^.,. n scftire more than the- party strength. nnd without question In 'Jio coming can- vii"s no matter what Issnt: may arise bi- twi-en now and November, place the; Km- pli-o stcito solidly In the republican col- i!mn," Mr. Dupcw closed at 3:06. The state of Ohio was reached at 2:07 p. m. COXVKNTION GOES WILD. Amid Tremendous Applau^f. [•"orakt-r rose in h|s place, iir.d delegates and spectators jumped 10 chairs and tables. Fai\s. illumes, hats. <>tc., were waved for tlu-^space of 00 sffonds. As Ohio was callc-d and Gov. 1 Forakcr- came to the front there was such eheerhiK as had not marked the proceedings of the convention al uny previous tirnu. Me char- Unlvcrslty of Chicago. - "The portrait-was In a mahogany frame, decorated with red, •white and blue ribbons and with a bow of the rnnroon-colored rlbbonw forming the colors of the university. The portrait was the work of Mr. Hans Hlrsch, and was presented by Dr. LIston H. Montgomery, of Chicago, with a letter signed by Mr. H. L. Ickes, president of the club. It was accepted by Gov. Forakcr In-dumb show. Fort&knr Allowed to Finish H!H Speech. After 25 minutes of Incessant turmoil Mr. Foraker -was allowed to resume his speech. He said from what had occurred It was evident the convention had heard of hla candidate before. Then he sketched .hU care.er,a his -war services under. Prfll 9rie¥idan.f.Mil legislative experience under James OT-ITSlalnc, and claimed for him the honor' of- ? havlnp been, when In congress, , •£••»• V the lesBer of the house of representative! and.the author of the McKlnley bill, He closed' 'an eloquent peroration by Hubmlt- tlng-ln'the name of the 40 delegates William .'McKlnley's namo for the consldera tlon'bf th.e convention. . .' ' Senator Thur»ton, ol Nebraska, was recognized by Temporaryehalrman Hepburn, and seconded the nomination of McKlnley. At the close of Mr. Thurston's effective speech.-cries of "Vote", were raised,'Interspersed with crlen for "Quay." In the midst of this Gov. Hastings took the stand and placed In nomination the name of Matthew Stanley Quay.. The Total Vote. Ohio. McKinlcy, 48.' With the vote of Ohio McKlnley had •Iff?V4 votes, which nominates him. Necessary to a choice, 4-13. There was much cheering when It was Been that the vote of Ohio made the nomination. The total result of the ballot was as foN McKlnley. raw.; Reed, S4V4; Allison, 8514; Morton, DS; Quay, Cl'/i; Cameron. L THE BATTLE CRY. Sound Money and Protective Tariff Carry Republican Convention, , Platform in Full as Adopted—Principles Upon Which the Parly Will Fight Its Campaign. St. Louis, June IS,—Follon-inff is tbe full text of the platform adopted Thursday by the national republican convention: "The republicans of the United S:ates, assembled by their representatives In national convention, appealing to the popular and historical justllication of their claims to the matchless achievements of 8)1 VUDCW of. rftnulitlnur rliU,. t,'Jr?i^\;l IV finfi AFTER THS notarized the four years of democratic administration as onr; stupendous disaster which had fallen en all alike, the just nnd the unjust. But th!s allilctlon had oni: compunsutlne advantage.- it bad destroyed the Oi-niocratle party. Their approachli-,£ national convention was an approaching nation?.! nlffhtmarc. No one kncv/ what they were going to do, and no one was seeking the nomination except a limited few who bod proclaimed their unfltnesa by announcing a willingness to stand on any kind of pl.'Ulorm, 1- the ropubllcnn party made no mistake here, it would be reestablished in control ot thu government to hold It till Provl- Oonce in Uls Infinite mercy chose again to chasten tho nation. [Laughter and applause ] The people wanted something more thfin a food business man, a fcarkiss leader a wise statesman, one -who, in addition to all these, presented qualifications which were exactly the opposite of this free-trade, dtllclt-miiklns, bond-Issuing, democratic administration. "I present to you such a .mfin," said Cov. Foraker, "in William McKinluy." I'liiufomonlum L,c*t Lo<it\v, At thin point pandemonium let loose and the convention gave up to unrestrained yelling, cheering, horn-blowing, whistling, cat-calling and all the other devices common to such occasions. A number of red, white and blue plurnes which (carefully wrapped up) had been brought into the con • veruiori earl lor In the proceedings, were un- i-overud and waved, whilst almost every fialctrate seemed to be wildly geat'.culatins with cllhfr a fan or a Rag In the air. The band tried in vain to compete with the ear-splitting clamor, but at last the strains of "Marching Through Georgia" caught the ears of the crowd and they joined in tho chorus and gradually'quieted down. 1'ortrnlt or itluKlnluy UohttflU. Then n portrait of McKlnlfty was hoisted, on a line with the United States flag on tbe gallery facing the platform, and the. cheering began over,again, to-whlch the band responded by playing "Rally Round the Flap," the convention joining in the After at least 12 minutes of this kind of proci-eUing, the chair began to nip for a restoration of. order, b«*. without avail. Gov ForaKer stood during all this scene smlllne his approval. 'Mr. Hepburn, •Sliwl had in the meantime been called • to the chair by Senator Tbureton, but lust when he had nearly restored. orde* Mrs. W. H. Strong of California,- who had presented the plume"'In honor ol Ohlo'a 'choice; made her appearance on the floor waving one of, them, and another uncontrollable outburst of temporary Insan- . Ity O'-curred. - 1 Hu«t ot McKlnUy I'rei«nted. { Durlnii" 1 the interval of 'confusion a three-quarter . face, lift-size, sculptured buat of Mr. McKlnley was presented to Mr, •E l «fa>«p bv .th*» TjAnuhJinan e.luh: of th* . i NOMINATON. connaentiy nacreas tnemseives to tno awakened InU'lligonr-c. experience and con- selcnr-.e of tllfcir countrymen In the lollow- hig declaiv.tlon of facts and principles: "For the first time since the civil war the American people liavo wltnpsswl Uic calamitous cor.sc.-fiULT.Ccs uf lull and n- i-CBtrlctcd democratic control of the t,o\- efnmur.t. It has been a record of. unparalleled Incapacity, dishonor and dlso-stei. In. administrative munaptnieiit it bus ! 'utn- lessly sao.rlllcca indispensable revenue entailed an unceasing deficit, eked out ofdl- na -y current 'expanses with borrowed money, pllod up ihe public d«bt. by W£- IXiO.W in time of poaci-, loivcd an adverse baanoi. of trad^, kept a perpetual menace hanging over, the i;cd«mpton fund, pawned American credll to alien "indicates, and reversed all the measures and results o£ successful rtpublicun rule. In the broad cll'cct of its policy it bus pre- cinltau-d panic, blighted Indus-try and irad.- with prolonged depression, closed factories, reduced work and wages, halted f.-it.-rprlsc, and crippled American production while stimulating fort I si) production for the American market. • • "Every consideration ot public safety and Individual Interest demands that the lioverrment shall be rescued irom the ha-icis 'of those who have shown themselves Incapable to comiuot it wlth&ur. disaster 'it homo and dlslionor ubi-oad. and shall be r -aiorc-d to the party which far 3D years. ailml'n sierod it with nnuciualed. success a ™ prosperity. And In this c™™^™,™ iic^i-i-iiv bidorss t n- w sdoin, tho patriot- Ism and the mcc Js or tbe administration. ot President Harrison. TlirllV. "We renew ana emphasize our nlle- I'lnnco to the policy of protection as the bul- the Amcrlca.iV work |S!!5S S^iT'^raSS « ct -if HtrVnirtn of at oil tbt strength of each. in 1 1 reasonable application it is just fa r ami impartial, equally opposed (o i«relK" uontrol and dornesric monopoly, to t>ec- tional discrimination and individual, favor"!?Wo denounce the present democratic; tarlK a» sectional,. Injurious to the public credit and destructive. to business entur- " .i e<iuliabie taj-Iff ^^ "Wo are not pledged to any particular schedules. The queatlon of rates Is a practical -Question,- to.be governed by the conditions of the "me and of product on: the f-ilanitv 'and wi- fli-mand their renewal and extension on such tf-nns us will equalize our trnrto with other nations, remove the resflctlona which now obstruct the will- of 'AmVricu.il products In the north of oilier countries, iind secure enlawd mnrl:cts for t.he products of our tai-ms, forests and factories. ••Protection and ivclproclty lire twin mcsKiires of republican policy ar.d ro.liand n hand Democratic ruin lias recklessly "truck down both and both must be re•<••;• iMishcd Protection for what we pro- duce-f roc admission far the •m'cnssnricB of life which we do not produce; reciprocal Hpreements of.mutual Interests which "'•"" t ben markets for im in return for <.pin n. __, protection h ' im outlet for our surplus. ••We condemn the present administration for not kci'pinK faith with the sucar procurers of thfs country. The republican nTirtv favors such-protection as will lead to the production .on American soil of all the "iiciirwhich the American people use, and'for which they pay ether countries more than S100,000,OW annually. Wool and Wo<il«iiB, -TO all our »roducts-to those, oJ'the woolen's- of the mlll-wc- uromlsc the ample protection. <ii.. re |i M nt Hfiirlno. istorlnpr the early American owiu'd liy Ameriflansi-mny reg ryltiB of our foreign cotn»ic-rco repeal of -The republican party is unreservedly for ••aund money, it caused the enactment o, •"'he law providing for the resumption, ot "iiecle payments In 1S70: since- then every -lollar has beer, as (jooil as xola. ' "\Ve are unalterably opposed to every mea-'ure ralculiitefl to debase our currency ir'lmpalr the credit ot our country. We am (here 'ore opposed to the free coinage of sl'ver except by International agreement with tin Ifciininpc commercial nations of the world, which we t)ledf,"t ourselves to promote, and until such agreement can be obtained the exlsilni.' BO Id standard must bo '"'v'll"our silver and D'.i;ier currency must he -Maintained at parity wirh erold, and we [\vai- 11II measures dvslpnwl to maintain Invlciliihly the oMIpatlons of the United States and all our money, whether coin or |., v per. at the present st.indard, the standard of the most enlightened nations of the i-nrlh. "Tlii? \elei"LPs ot' '.he union army deserve i-nd should"receive fair treatment and sen- erous recosnitlon. \Vhenever practicable they Mhoultf be K'.VCT. the prelerenco In the (natter of employment, nnd they are en- •Itlcd to tin 1 enactment of such laws as are bust calculate!! to secure the lul.'lllment ot the 'ulfdpes made to them in the dark days rf the eotimry's peril. ' "\Ve denounce the practice in the pension ourrau, so recklessly ,-incl unjustly carried c,n liv the present administration, of reduc- iMirpcr.slons and arbitrarily dropping namea i-om the rolls, as desiervlnj.- the severest condemnation of the American people. "Our foreign policy should be at all times firm vl/rorous and digr.illed, and all.our Interests in the westr-rr. hemisphere cure- "ullv v.-atehod and puardecl. "The Hnwnllan lsln.':ds should be controlled by the United State::, and no foreign now'e." should be permitted to Interfere wlih them. "The >"lcarasuan canal should be built, owned and operated by the Ij'niteci States: and l'-y the purchase or the Danish Islands we should secure a nrofirr und much need- ed'naval station In the AT oat Indies. __ Armenian .MiisMUcrcw, "The massacres In Armenia have aroused the deep sympathy and just indignation of tile American people, and we believe that tl-e United Stares should exercise all the intluencc it can properly exert to brlnfir these atrocities to an end. In Turkey American residents have been exposed to the cravest dunpers and American property destroyed. There and everywhere American citizens und American property must be absolutely protected at all haz- atds, and at any cost. aiunron Doctrine. "We reassert the Monroe doctrine In Its full ext«nl.. nnd we reaffirm the rljjht of Ihe United States to frlve tho doctrine effect bv responding to the appeals of any American state for friendly Intervention In case of Kurope.in encroachment, \ve have not interfered nnd shall not Interfere with '.he csisllnc possessions of any European power In this hemisphere, but those possessions must not on any pretext bo es'iencVd. "We hopefully loolt forwnrn to the eventual withdrawn! of Ihe European powers from tM.« hemisphere, nnd 10 Ihe ultimate, union of all the F.ns-lish-speiilclng part of the continent by the free consent of its Inhabitants. 1,'nlm. "From the hr-nr of achieving (hofr own Independence the people of the United States have regarded with sympathy tbe strupsles of other American people? to froe themselves from European domination. We watcli with deep and abiding interest the h("'0lc battle of the Cuban patriots lip-kins t cruelty and oppression, and our best hopes po out for the. full success of their determined contest for liberty. "The pnvni-mnent of Spain, havinc lost control of Cuta, and bcintf unable to protect the property or lives nf resident American cltlxi r.s, or to comply with its treaty obllpatlnns. we lic-Mfve ih.it the srovcrn- ment of tlv; United States shmild actively use Its Influence and good offices to restore peace and Klvc Independence to tho Island. Tho Navy. "The peace and security of the republic, and the maintenance of I'M rifi-htful Influence r-moiiK the nations of the earth; demand n. naval power commensurate with Its position and responsibility. We, therefore, fwvor the continued enlargement ot the navy and a complete system of harbor and seacoast defenses. Jr'oroitrn TininlKriition. "For tho protecUon of Ihe quality of our American cltl/,ensh!p and of the- n-niros of our workintfiTii-n uiralcst the fatal competition of low-priced Inner, we demand that the Immljrnition lavs bo thoroughly enforced, and so extended us to exclude irom entrance to the United tfttit..-s those- who can neither read nor write. Civil Service. "The civil-service law was placed on tho stature book by the republican party, which has always sustained It, and we renew our repeated declarations that h: shall be thoroughly and honestly enforced and extended wherever practicable. l-Tce Unllof.. "We demand thiit every cltlxen of tho United States shall he allowed to cast one f-ee and unrestricted ballot, and that such ballot shall be counted »)"] returned as cast. "We proclaim our -jr.quaMllcd condemnation of the uncivilized and barbarlous practice vfci; kr.ov.-u as lyi-.cliins. or killing of human hoDiKS, suspected or charged with crime, without protess of law. > T atlon:il Arbitration. "\Vc favor the creation of a national bor-rd of arbitration to settle nnd adjust differences which may arise between employers anil employed enyuaed in interstate- commerce. "We believe in an Immediate return to the free numes.cau policy of the republican party, ur.u uise -the passage by ccui- Krtss of the .^:!s:actoi-y Tree honu-siiead measure- v.'ilch I-.us already jjussed tho house ant] Is r.ow i.sr.dius In the senate. "We favor tilt- uumission of the rcrnaln- VnK territories at. the earliest practicable daie having uue rfci^ai-a to the Interests of the peoole of the u.-rr:tor!es and of the. United 'States. All the federal olllcers appointed" 'for the territories should be elected from bonu tide residents thereof, and the right of self-Bov'-ernnier.t should-be ac- cordeu as far as practicable. ""We believe the citizens ol Alaska should have representation In the congress-of the. United Stales, to the end thai needful legislation may be IntelllK-e'iitly enacted. , "We sympathize with all wise and leglt- imate'eft'orts to lessen and prevent the evlln of intemperance and promote morality. of 1voiutm.. "The republican party la mindful o for Infants end Children. MOTHERS, Do You KNOW • VI Batemo.n'a Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soolhii that Fatigorlc, . Soolhing Syrupi, Mid ttort rc;ccdir» for children arc composed of opium or morphine? You Know that opiuia .ind mon'hiuc are stu>nfyiDg Jiarcotit. poisons? p 0 yon Know that in uost countries druggists are uot pci milled losell uarcoti.j without labeling them poisons 1 Po YOB Know <h.it you ihould not permit any medicine '.o be given yourcliil* ralesn you or your physician know of whnt it fa composed ? Po You Know that Custoria Is a purely vegetable preparation, nml that «. list of 1U logredicots la puU'.ishcd with every bottle ? H O you Know that Cr.storia is the prescription oi'thc fomous 3>r. Snmnri Mtclitr. That it lias been la use for nearly thirty years, oyd that more Castoria is now sold tban of all other remedies for childrcn combined ? Do you gltow that thj Pattnl Office Department of the United States, and of other countries, ha« issued exclusive right to Dr. pilchcrnnd hi.i assigns to use the word "Castorla" oad JU formula, and that lo imiuite them is a state prison oflen.-.r!? no Von Know Iliat ouc of tlie regions -for granlingr ll.is govcnirocot protection was because Castoria bad been proven to be absolutely harmless? no Vou Know that 35 average doses of dstoria arc furnished for 33 centra, or one cent a dose? no Vou Know that when possessed of this perfect prcpanitioa, yooreidldrcnmaj tetcpt w'-U, Olid that you may have unbroken rest? •Wen, ttiose tlitirnH are worth knowinj;. They =re facts. 'IK on •wrapper. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. BEST IIM THE WORL.P I For keeping tho System Irs a Healthy Condition. CURES CURES Constipation. Act* on tho Liver and Kidney*. Purifies Blood, Dispels Colds and Fevers. Beautifies the Complexion and Plnaslnff and Rofreshlng to the Taste. SOLO BY 4U. DMQQIST9. jWA nicely niussraicd dchty-pa^e Lincoln Story Book fiT«« 10 ererj purchaser « ricltiircof LiucolcTea. Price 35c, Ask your droffzuit-nr LUKWU: TKAC&. Tort W.TM,* Tor Sale by B. F. KEESLING. ««A HAND SAV7 IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH. ;> IS THE PROPER THIN^ L-XDR HOUSE-CLEANING. TERRIBUE DISASTER. ISolli-r of Sti-nnior Kjcploclcii Kea» );HCB. X. V. IHica N. Y., June 1?.— Tbe boiler of th» -ti-onK-r Titns Shoard cxplortcil on tho canal at Little Falls Thursday afternoon. It was being used to convoy people to tn» bicvclc races. Five persons were killed, but the names of only two can be learned, as the bodies are badly maiifried. Ntoo others arc said to be missing and arc sup* posed to be at the bottom of the canal. "TRCE BLUE" FLAGS. ! in the Convention \Vhen McKln- ley Was Xomlnatcd.] tlon of American indusirlos includes ccual opportunities, CQiml pay for equal worK •i-d protection to the home. ^\ e lavor ihe •idmHsion o£ women to wider spheres ot usofu'ness and welcome their cooperation in r<-scu!iU the country from democratic L populistlc mlsnmnaKcnient and mis- rulo. Courluslon, "Such are the principles and policies ot the republican party. By these principles we will ivhlde and these policies we will ut n-to execution. We ash for them tbn ,'on«kerate Judgment of the American people ' Conllder.t alike In the history ol our ~reat party and in the Justice of our °nuse we present our platform and our ini-didates n the full assurance that tho e'ect on will brine victory to the republic^n party anrl prosperity to the people of the United States." KKW NATIOSAI- C<»IM1TTKB. len l:hc Different Suites Will Have to Kcprescnt. Them. St Louis. June JO.—Followinc Is the IK'W ati'onal committee of the republican party s announced after the adoption of tho ilatl'orm Thursday: Alabama, William Younffbloofi; Antans-i's Powell Clayton; California, J. D. Sm-'eefceis; Colorado, did not elect; Con- nee?lcut Samuel Fcsseiiden; Delaware. James H, Wilson: Florida. John G. Lens, '•i-orria J • W. T.yons: Idaho, <ila Dot lect'' Jlllnois, T.-N T . Jamleson: Indiana, W ' T. Durbin: lon-a, A. B. Cummlnss: Kansus, Cyrus Lelan, Jr.; Kentucky, J. \V Yerkes- Louisiana, A. T, Vvimberl/. riilie Joseph M. Manloy: Maryland, lA-pr-A U" Wellinston; Jlassachusetis, Georse H. Lyman: Michlffnn, GeorffC K 'la.lt?- Minnesota. I.. F. ]-Hibbard: MIssl.-- ,ii.iil '-'•'.., ..I -»»._.. — i T> /^ T."rtt-jirn; . Xlrtn. tx- nnesota. .. . -i . npl J. Hill: Missouri, R. C. Kerens: Mon'-n Charles R. Leonard: Nebraska, John - T (_ Iltir <-S »>•• 'J*-ri'11*1.1 1.1 . *.•« i "Ji ti.T-•••,*, ,, — ,,.,.[ Thiir?ton: Xevada, did not elect; New •lim'-iRhlro.'Person C. Cheney; New Jcr- iy. held for Hobart if not nominated for ,<,*» tirpxldenf New York, F. b. Gibbs; North'Carolina, James E. Boyd; North ' W. H. Kobinson: Ohio, Charles Oregon, Georco A. Stecl.-.Penn- ivlwinlH SI S- Quay: Rhode Island, Gen. r- R Pravton; South Carolina. R, A. Webster: South Dakota, A. B..KIttred«e: Tennessee, elects after convention ad- lounis; .Texas, John-Grant; Utah. O. J. sVul"bury Vermont, C.eorpe T. Chllds; Virginia Oeoixo E. Bowdln; Woshlnc- ton P C. Slilllvan: West Virclnla, N. B. Scott: Wisconsin, Henry C. Payne: vyyo- mW. WIUiK Vandcvwter-,. District of Columbia, deadlock: Arizona. l«£tpor.rd n• 11 inrrltorla! conventon; New Mexico, ilect* after convention: Oklahomw-. Benrjr B "sp- IndlB-n territory, Leo E. Ber.nctt; Alaska, deadlock. . A cloudburst in the vicinity of Wat- Kins. Ni V., prcntly f);im:i fe '.-d property. A Fossil Swan. It may not be p-ejicrnlly ];no-\vn that fossil remains of tbe vhoopcr swan and Bewick's swan have been found in tho Kiiporfici.il deposits of the Thames valley, indicating Uiat thcsc birds wer " contemporaries of the mammoMi. Unanimous Choice The New York Morning Journal recently offered ten leading makes of bicycles as prizes in a guessing c Dntest,giving the winners free choice of any one of the ten machines. Theresuitwas ALL of ths ten winners selected Columbia Bicycles The Journal accordingly bought ten Columbias, j* paying $J 00 each for them, without discount or rebate. On even terms ** few will choose a — bicycle other than the Columbia STANDARD OF THE WORLD Unequalled, Unapproached. Beautiful Art Catalogue of Columbia »nd Hartford Bicycle* i« free if you call upon any Colombia »e«>«; by raail ' rom u * for two "- ecnt itampft. POPE IM^SnJFACTURING CO. Factories and General Offices, Hartford, Conn. Brnneh Storek and Agenciea In almost' tvm city and town. If Columbiaa «re not pro' reprecented in your vitinity >»» u. know. "*!

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