The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1933
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 38 BLYTHEVJLLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TUUEE- Their Sun Is Setting Ludcnclorff in Eclipse and Von 1 linclenburg Only a Fieurc Head. BV MU.TON IUlONNl:ll MIA Senior siair ('(irnM^i.dent LONDON- -Gi'.'rnan lal'.ilors o<i.'n lutvu loved with the idea ol n.c tv.ilighl ol the- B'ids ;-.!in l'!c-;;i W.lsn. i i vrn -.'.'roll- :; !«- ijiuiis oj.-era OM '.lit 1 •i'ltoJL'c.i. Ijut iodr»i tic-rmans are M'eniii plaj .a ! ,,. driin:ii--ih' iwiiH'iii ol il". hisif-uods. 'Incrs :irc i»vi> ol them. (Jew-nil j Viieh l.ii(ii-ndorlT nnd President' ilintlr-nbiiiK. Tiw-thir tlay for:n- n' tl:.' mi/.'. i.-.iriKi-: ciini|::iii:<j:isn'P ..mi iKiin-uork 1:1 lli^ 1 Wuild War. ;ipp:cachcd only distantly by tliL> J i.c-ii :nicl Wiy:!iiii(l in (lie rrencn iiom pu'.M'V. p'L'J-ic worship :imi (V.i-r-m is ;is '.ingle us anything I'-i-v »i:i!Hl!ul t-y tiic immortal treat. Ilis Ia'l has been more n, The opening days of t!>--' World War loinui him in :\ c«u- • .niriiUvcly mini). 1 military rou.v ouin^ hi-, jo!) ::i Ihe Cltrman iul- \fei-.ce in'.o liel?'im'.. IHndenburg; DELAY DRAFTING ! Directs Relief For Hobo Army LIKE ELEC1IDM High School New '" '."" ut " u ^i 'Hit political sun is .-etting fov President i.iis a .soldii-r oi" o! a job. bin KM; oencral Erich Ln tchdorff (rlglm. Hlndcnburi; anil i:i Hanover as loo old for the woi'i_ Liimc. Thin '.!:<• so-called Rns-- slon sif-iim rollrr crushed into : !..«•. rrussin :i:.d :.l! Clerrnsny dismayed. \Von Iia(tlc<> Tfljcllicr Thu Kaiser. v:ho did no', like, him. dii;^ lliniji-nbur!; out of, l:i:> relin-mcni and (;ave him command in ihc &.si. As his! ihiet of stall '.Viihclm Second ;:s-' ML'iied Ludeiidorir to him. Th»j iv;o mr>n did not (.ven kno'.v e^xht ciher. To^e'.hr-r they won thcj feat,'e.''. o f [he Masurian: Lakes ami of IVnnenberg. which | nuidd^neil Germany with joy. I l.i-gcnd had it that Ihe concep-' lion uns Hiiidi-nbin-iS's. because j «-rnin° from that, part of the- v.i'rk!. he had LUidied every inch] ol the ground. Another . legendl liad it that the plan w?.s Luden-| corfi's. | Co'.ci Inuh sterns 10 b:- that' Ihe who!'- condi-plion oE the cnm-| i:uis.n had been worked out byi Civreia! Max ion Hoffman long rjeierc ihe two "heroes" arrived i n the feme. However that may be. Luden- c'c:fj and ilindenburg got thei ; lory, the .decora'ions'and the re- v.:ud^. Sonu l!'ey were in chniscj ^i I . ^-./^c Tf'c ^Imnrl^ Pln\7 ll II1CS J.I S .kJIilalL I ld\ to Sacrifice Winning Lard Wn.-|ilirvit in .\i.i. Morris hfliiiod CiiiuM will i-i:'l-i (.mil) •n'.-i "l.i.-'t l,i- ll'llli; liolll) USlllS. •-. :ilmv.i, li:i!i Ill-en I tu iniifiiiiistfr lederul ior irriii^i'Mil reliei'. Lcwitt o-i>|>i<r.ilc with slut* tifd- lo esUihiWi work-rc-lloii I'm 1 (ho liimisaiiclR Of Today's Contract Problem Soi.ib has the contract for ihis hand at three no trump. Wc-sl njiftns thc six of SJiaiit::. How should Soutli rnocwHl to jiliiy Ihis hand to maki* his comract? AS7 V A 10 ", * A 1 4 :! 2 A K 7 A A J r, VQ3 2 # KJ S issue. .28 h <! 1U S ij '2 V Q 1 (1 •> $ 10 S '2. "1 *T V K8 S 7 # K J 7 5 *QJ75 if A 1 0 I Duplicate—Boih sides Viil. OiK-niUK lead—^ i'. J A S.N.T Pass I,L the \M\ c leni lioul. Later [hey \.ei'i in .supreme command. I.udcr.dorfT. r. more positive! pnd ambitio'.r* character lhan : Himlenbmy. became [lie ivalj 1'iaslcr of Germany. When ihe! KiiLver came lUnuting iirouncl I ='''"'" J 1 ' 1 a O. H. Q.. Erich the Oretit n ,. ac . | Urns Ihrown I, ! would be inclined lo open th( • j::n^ of chibs. Bui v,'hen the hano I v:=i! played, Weit elected lo- open ' fourth best spafl^— IVi r- (t " vhich South wnii with thn nine. : A smnll club WHS svun ' «... I liinnmy's king nnd a .-.mall cliii) ---- • v i reluinvd. East went iJi with tl>c BY WM. K. nirKt.NNti ,. t . k n[ul Som |, ,,_„„' w nh .n, e ac e. H sometimes pays to gamble on j- A J!nal , cl| , b was .. re turned, to keep from Wos , ^(jpp^d ; , dimnoml and ffJoiHInurH rrnm pan* One^ . Irict; J. L. Williams and Charles! R. Colcnmn. lliird ilistrlcl; Oharlis. I/)wrance Jr.. fourth dislricl, and ; I.ex Nicholson nnd O. L. Salinnn.. nfth ilislrifl. Tin' iwriCHl for lil-1 in? closed :it midnliilil hist Hftlil., Oirii'li-.'s of ihe election ns n.itn- j cd by the commission follow: rvislrlcl One I.0:ifhu'le-Jmlfies. C. I,. Sinllli., W. IF. Hryatil, Money Honnoll:! clerks. W. 'w. Cox. Mr. Gibblns:' oinc'T John Beardi'ii. j Manila--Ji!dKCS. Joo Horncr. I Charles McWhliier. Hill Borow-! .4:>': clerks. Barnev Threlkeltl. Buil Ashabrani'.er: officer. Kid Wright.; EtO'.vali—Juilara. Steve Oortiran.; T.. S. Wilrio.y. li. II. Wllniolh: cli-rltb. Wi-.lter Mathfiniel; John I IJawson; ofiicer. Brit Shiirpr. DUIrift T*i> Ynrbio—Jmlijcs, Mose Kniilh. Dr. McUiln. Una 1'artei". eleiks. Herman Matthews, Six-new Hunch; olllcur. Monk Mullhews. Forty and EisW—indues. U.-.H Alkinson. 1'ete Humes. Herbert Hardi-stv: cli.-iks. Olilf Hiillmau. Will Hiilflcld; oilic-r, Irwln Ihir-i vlsiiii. • Ulythcvillo—Jndscs. H e n v v Reeves, Roy l.iltlc, Rnss HiiLthr-s; | j clerl:s, Mell Diwks, I^iy Welch'. ' onieer. Arch Lindscv. Dislricl Three ! Dell-Judges. K. M. Woodnrd.i.. Russell Grccnway. M. W. I^wis;|: clciks. Olio Koclik-r. R. H. Hccoy: • olliccr Jim Oill. I' l.uxoi-a—Jude« W. H. Dycss, J ,: n. Hishuiwer, Dick Porlx-s: clerks. John Cocliran. Chester Danelio'.vcr: ofiicer, Herman Spicer. Osceola—Judges, J. A. Piss. w E. Hunt. Fred Taylor .sr.; clerk',. H. D. Woodurd. Pat Lislon; officer. Hale Jackson. 1'ace's Stove—JiitlECS. Turn Ilrou'n Flovd Anderson. Snm Gnnt; clcrku Colcman. Crews, Charley Montgomery: olTicor. nat Frusier. District Four Wilson—Jud"cs, Harlev Strectcr, P. P. Jacobs. Joe Cullum Jr.; clerks, R. 1^. Roach. Arthur Hud- ion; officer. J. J. Grccr. Kelscr—Jiidses, Dob Robinson, Hajry Dunavant, Minor Taylor; clerks, DuMer Moore. J. K. Cliilds; officer, J. O. Corlev. District Five Joiner—Judges. Joe Terror, H. C. Young, J. T. Lee: clerks. .Inck Grossmun. J. B. Wllsoir, olticcr. Will Slnyton. llxnu „ 6 _. Bassttt—Judges, Randolph ncw tamhy member, tor-It GU5 Parker, A. S. Cj.tchliw: . no , Uo EOOD that you will K» b!i lerks. M. F. Winford, Calvin Wil- likeness ugain. Alter Students Staf e Snake Dance Down Main Street The students of BlyUwsvllto hlch fehool r,avc n snake dnnco Thins- dny nMil prior lo llio Pi\rnngi)ld- lllyUii'Vllic name. About 150 students p-.u'llfliMted. The- (rrouu met n( tin- Presbyterian cluireli fliu marched ilotvri Main si reel lo etc on<l nnd returned baek down Main. The street was blockM for 30 minutes. The. students wisii lo take this (pnorlunlly lo express their appreciation ii> Chief nice-anil nifni- bi'rs of HIP polirr force [or \\f\V- Imv lo' Hits ]>arnde iwisibtc, "Dope" was Clyde Wilson's subject nncl ilw prophecies he made were lin.vd on cnrofii) study or the op""Is and o\ir own Ktrcifeil). .1. I'nrlle described how a play run. (ind gave r.omi» points on ethics and conduct nl , Hie bugle corpn, and around"! nfty cars. One of U* outstand-if Ing fliwts was thtt of "Miss Pool-'-] bull Quwn" nntl !UT ntliyidann. ' general RtttUfS. Evelyn fimarl, home room prrs- j Silent, n-ail (In- 1^1 of cumtnlin-cs appointed in arrntnie (or Hie open I <;r«wn I'flncp QTOOKUOLM lUPI-CroTn Prlncfi O!«la{ Adolf r.nd Crown;! PrhiMM Louise of Sweden ore at- 1 prciscnl on a motor trip Italy, nicy arc (ravelins Incog-' nllo, and Intend to no to landon I lalor, before returning to Sweden. Andenl 8(111 W OniJIANS tuWr 31. Girls Club Meets jmacriilicat article.! nnd loou. 13 on ;exhibit nl ihc Ix>yola University. College of Pharmacy. Miss Virginia Martin Named Carnival Queen Miss VliBlnla Martin. daujOiicr of. Einstein of Princeton Poses The Cllrk' clnl) mci. Wcdne.sday, I Ociol>cv 2S, ihirint: tho aseemblyi |>erlod. Murnaret Slmver presldetl. Kll?.al>etli McLean, c-linlrinnn of the prunnnn. InlriKlucfd l.ornn Wilson, w)io i;uvr a jjlano solo. The |ini);iiim WHS conclildcd by Miss Minnie Matlhevs, who navi- n very liuciv.siliig tnlk on "Ik-auly Hints of Mr. andMrs. Torn Msttlri ori Fl1 " '» liinh Kchool Girl." Dfll Inis bci-u chosen "Carnival Til ? club il«:klrd lo have n float Queen" lo rei^n Dccftmber 8 «t i" HIP pniadi;. The prcsltlt-nt ap- aiiniml Senior Carnival, 8he [winU'il M,irv Spaym- Usrey lo CT\vas chosen bv boy.s of Ihn senior ' v <-'^ ll «' f-oat. cliif/i Mls-s Martin 1ms been vi-ry ^A' 11 " Ali-xiinder was apiwintitl Doimlnr HirougUoul her sclwil oh.ilriiiun of Hit- ye.irs. Siie wits choMli "Junior: TOimuUtce. HiBh Queen" In isao. Limt yeur] — she wv> cho-scii "Miss Blythcvlllc." Mlwi Marlin hrus chosen (ho fol- 'ii\liiB «s ln-r altiMwKH'.s: .li'tiny Wren Dlllahunly, Helene Laden, June Return Engagement HY I'Ol'Ui.All UK(JUKS'l' A'f Bell r s Dairy Bar Hiffh School liriefs '&. vA" ' ! v: '"4is^ ii KocbtiUky, Snra Jon Mtirsaret Shaver nnd Annie Mae _ ^ t . , w ,.. _ iiu Jones. Tlie rscorls arc (is y«l.un- the liUjh school campus this *crk. •Iccided. Full details, of thfi Senior ( HP ti \ M palnlod n fnce of n Cliick- IMul NiTVlns, 1B33 Rraduale of U. H. S.. painted a slun on the tsnu's dlvldlnii Haley Ficltl and will be Riven later. Tako a eood look at Princeton'* Students Regret LOM of Norman F. Moore The hiilli school. BLudcnls keenly 'eel the loss of Normnn P. Mooti:, •>ot In llu- 1 teaching of the class •oo:n subject);. «s MUs Oracri Mniws is filling his )>laco In the •xnslncs dciiartmcnl very capably, hut In his friendly contacts and -cndy assistance for the solution of student problems. Thi: following ixxni, iTltlon by \v Iiidiiin which \vfus very col- ! orful. Tin- many friends of Frank Klm- brrly, (utmtr hisli scliool siudcia, weiv \viy sorry lo hear of the accident which caused his death last MoiKloy al Shclbyvllle, Mo. Frank allcrulud tl-.e lllylhcvillc high ychoul until last February when In- moved (o Kirkville, Mo. A Header's club, wns organized Wednesday, October 25. Tills club doc.s not Imvi! u limited number of members. The club dues nrc Fiivmr. a tilnh school sin-. I1U >' ccnls per semcsler. n,e durs •len . dedicated lo Mr. Moore, ex- «° to . ^ books of ncUon that UIB ^es the fcollm o( the filudents ™ m ?* K . "J" 1 to reni1 ' Mfe wl) - -unl the rtUrcd teachc-r- '' ! Mlir -' llla11 ^ spoaior nnd Doris leL^But^;'like me'stonr, ^"^ -«' K'"o. Moore are the clouds which leave mtrnorics | mnlm «" s of despnir and woe, lint like the soft summer, and our The lied Flazzous, on organlza l '°'' for only, have been very , Solution to Previous Contract Problem Hams: officer. Shell Harrison. Frenchmnn's Bayou—Judges. ! cameramen on hla arrlfal In N«n ! York an! then again at Print*. fi. CVaik; T. W. Williard, Oliver ton, ProtcaMr Einstein conwntei Clark; clerks, W. F. Speck. Oborn to poso this onco at tie sat M-Ul rion. i desk on his first day in his n«w Billiard. Princeton offices. It'i h!« flrit mullein's follow him wherever i - -•",,. , , v ho mnv GO " cllve thls yeul '' «M«clnlly '« loot- He was a sood teacher and a J" 11 - The , M ^ wt ' re ''»ix>n.siblc liicnd to all who came with- for Ihe placards. "Beat Paru K onlil," | In his classes ' "'"'th v-ere dtsli Itailed llii-onihout; Not egotistical lidr mcrccnarj'. no" 1 ' 6 hi «'i ^ loal nn<1 also , "PWwn.! partiality, a friend to all (ho Tll «' llso sponsored the "Dog Show' Kiven Inst week. The pro r j masses; Soldier, laborer, mathematician, coeds went to buy equipment for s; officer, E. M. Morion. Wliitlon—Judges, P. In Ihe lead, v,-hicii u.i definitely know will cost you trick rubber plsy. after you have Esst won willi.the niieen. East ln:.\ll;.- to:d him to stick lo his| 5 KaLsering nnd iet the real sol- ir '" cx ' ra <Ucrs do Ihe soldiering. After-, - ., wards he interfered in internal! 11 ^* >'? rur con '' rl(Ct lllp slral " politics ioo. He caused [he dir,-j ii'ifsiil of chrii'.<el!or.<i ii'.it ministers, hi Hie winter of :!M8 he nerved all Germany up to cue supremo allad; on ihe) \usi?rn front v:hich was to briny) tiie final victor;-. It missed by!"' UK , Doa , v "'. . . „ U'lay i.H-hos. two ir-.illion Americans £outl ; , lac '« the required I , rm oici ano. exited from his hand 'with the seven of clubo to South's .ten, '• playing nnoihcr diamond r.:id North dlse.'.rdlne' a heart. ' war area j ihe game v.cro poured IIH& Hie ri'd Lucie:itiorff reali/-t : w.i£ Ion. Manned Munich -I'utnrh" In Ociobfr o: :!iat year he beg i!r tl'.c hand, and the op- •ind c ",b!i|.crtunilics for line play usually are lost. In implicate, however, you must, make every Irick. since irsSing your ccnlracl alone will no! assure you of a good score missed by i rr lhe bcavd - I ployed from dummy. East was Americans Solltl1 lacks the required I ,,, rce( j , 0 .; lscar{i another heart. i rireujth for :in original bid and j Dl;0 lo ( | lc ( a(;l t |i at E;lst vc _ nn-s: pass. Wiiilc Norlh's spade j lK;n ' c ~ A a c i u (). Oic declarer fig- i-cldiin 1a A lillle weak, he does ,„.„, him witl , \ Kl ], hciirL'and I 1.01 have the tyix- o? hand '' e - diamond kings. So lhe ace oi _ i enured for an original one no | i, c . arls now lvas | C d nnd here is Declarer then started the spade suit- by plnyiin lhe ace and •mull spade, nnossihg the jack in dummy. East dropped the -seyc-n ct diamonds ant" seven of hearts nnd, when thc ksrig.of spader' wns East the Kaisefs kinsunn. J-rincc M.i>: cf Lfcden. then Chancellor to siu- frn an :in::isticn. l.i'denciortf ^nu the final cr.nsh luniiir:. lie Ii id no stomach for '•'" consecineiices. He resigned his 11 limp bid. He can show W. R. McDnniels. R. A. lerks, W. E. Fisher. K. itficer, G. W. Brown. McMullins Buy Former Hall Home on West Main Jackson, posed photo alnc9 arrHlnfi In \'-here East- can make a \ery line ci.-rensive play. He can throw on ll'c king of hearts. Why? Uecaii.w he can see that Ihe iiixt p'.r.y the declarer Ls the s;rc'iisUi of his hand with a bid ol Hue .snude. <\cn Ihon^h thU IF :i tlilnl hatirl hid. Von nn^t romemher thai we c'c not bid a :p:idc ihird hand \],:- lu .. ( 0 throw him in with the He nerl in disguise "to Swe-i u ' w - ak l ' ards Scl:th .' s ov ' !rm » ° ( I i :ii 3 of hearts and he is going to 'two I'd trump is just a little!, x . [ Orce d to trad away from his "piimi^lic. IKH Hov.L-ver. m.iy. Ea.-t players ii::!ile lhe mistikc ol playini; liie t ;i:c. Declarer liu-n liti a si Mr. and have purchased lhe former J. T. litili l-ome on We;,t Main street rr-cjntly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John Webb. They have rrnde Ir.ipiniemenls which incluilc rcan-'.ii'slnB house so as to ir-Mude a iwo- rocm apartment which Ins b?en lOiitrd to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Andrews who came here from C:ipe Oirardeau Mr. Andrews U cun- icclcd with tlv> Hc-il Packin; com- ^nny. Mr. and Mis. K. J. Dodson have .ovcd to the Tern Wlulwmlh res- .dencc formerly ofcnpicil l:v Mr and Mrs. McVnllln. of of! ili n. icaifui <M the v/rnth thc soldiers. Thai, cm some !. f ic yili oil his ero\\n of £lory/ l.i:tnr. Jst'ina il'at noihl'v; very Urriblf was being done to ccin- little!, fair sauible. i hi- Piny ! At!»r Norlh's bid of one spade iriindirg officers. hr> returned to Grrmany and skilled in Bavaria. ile hnt;ri \IK republic and nil i:; v.ciks. Fale tbrcw him inlc ci-iilact wilh A''cll Mitlrr. To- iTthcr they the inilori- '•i's "putsch" u! 1023. When n handful of Bavarian regular sol- dicrs in the . r ,(reet.s of Jirrd at tho piirschists. ibrfl plumpri! down i"ii;l of lhe roaduay m.- v. hiziin?. Luilet.-. Tie tt ll:ei'c is lif.!c left for Luden- hiar! from dummy, throwin; state fun- ; Ecsl in willi th". king and now he ciorff but death and trni. Hiiid-:nbur.2's case i He did r.nt run away dcrtf. He rcmiiilied iroops. trusted Ihem. torci-d lo I°Eul a small peculiar, ii'oncl away from his king-jack. ifct- Luden- Dummy won v.'ith Ih? ace ant with his' r.'lurut-d a diamond, anil all lhal led them Fusl could do was to cash hi' back home and then retired lo I me. giving declare:' his four odd But in 1925 and nationalist i :n:'t:d tninciy to arrest. "Hniirt- scmc Aciolf." blijhtly voundcd in Munich dignified silen:e. Uiden- thc rcanlionaiy into tliciicrces r-.gain dug him out of his! lo escap- 1 i:omc, ran him for ri-esidcnt and! sub- i ci;clcd him. In 1M2 most of Shonyo Child Dies Hoberl Loweiy Blair. 11:111- par ->ld -:o • of Mr. and Mr.-.. !(• L- liltiir. died yer-lerrtay n:<i!iiiiir al ;he lamily hnni' ; nr-nr Shonyo. Ilis di'fttli was aitributcd to an at- luck of malaria Funeral services will be held lo- i •iay r.t Independenci-. Mis-.. The Cobb Underlakin-_! company is in har.jc of fun;-rr.l arrangements. The deceased i= survived ty his I'arenls and one brother. Ihe iirople wi:o had formerly bttn for him. \verc now against U.e aim. escap rt In ,in automo- rim. But Ihe Center party, (he i- ile mid Ilid i;i n ijavarinn vil-l Kcci.'.lisls. all Hi? Liberal cle- 'ir t i'. Ij.ter h:-. too. was i-.rresl- j iiivnlG supvorteO him In his fishl fd. The rourt dirt nothing 101 with Hitler and re-elected him i,i.'itrm!on;. '•Haml.sonir Adolf."! for another trven year term. Forms Cabinet For France the fi.tiire bos-, of Germany, .'cattnced ir.t nt was five years imprison- n (o: tress, from which The old man f:iir to te •ven ijreatcr ir ix?acc llian in "But seven months ago. was soon frc?d by one of th' :. lough the machination: ol t-encral amnesties then i>i vogue in Germany. I'it'.cr vs.- I u<!endoriY liitlei's s-t«r \vas now an ' on.-. r.mlendorfT's nn the decline. K.rly. Hitler's n iitlic \vcjltly as- was Each formed a grew. Ludeti- ':ll. He founded l*a;)cr and allack- :.b (he Jer.tiiis nnd Free r;»l cause of !,os= in his o'.vn entourage, he tcllcd Hit'er U. the office of Chancellor. H \vas looked upon i.' K teirayal by those forces ttliich hhd circled him in 1932. t'.nce tlicn hr- has gone into irpid eclipse. He spends most of his time nl his Easl Prussian es- U;li. There i.s ;Unibt wliether (lie itoo|::rs. *'ho guard his , his old friends, including Hir.dcn- buri. lam and Tile cllier u'ay the svflsl humltlatin? blow fell upon ;.::n from his oiir-time ally. Hil- iirr. A decree uns Lssn:d ban- r\\K I.udr-iulorll's Tannenterg F.cajuo en tlic ground that many Ccmniun'sls and Socialists were fclning it In th-; hope of causing uouble lo tho eovernnient. At ... . Germany's' i.tme. are 11 guard ot honor or a watch on a prisoner. He Is shorn of all real power. He. who i>v a stroke of a pen. fired Chancellors rieht r.nd let I, can no 'ttuger do" so. His writ would 101 run if ho tried it on Hlller. The Nazis are the supreme bosses ..nd Hindcnb-.inr knows it. .1^ Is No Ttar BOISE. Idaho. lUPi —Hoard of Eancation ' members may serve in Idaho regardless ol their slamimsij „_ on the intoxicating ability cf 3.2 !tailn<:i>l per cent brer. At'.orney General •• Miller's cilice had opineJ. Clttons of Atliol. In northern Tdalio. questioned the qualifications o( a beard member who sold, or con- r.Lmi-d. the beverage. Man to Itcpliicr Hulklicnil OCEAN CITY. N. J. iUP>—The city commissioners have decided ".i replace the Fourth Street bulkhead, which was swept nu-ay by the tropical storm several weeks ago. Commissioner John E. Trout announced. teacher, tnrmer and scholar, j tlll > tootiaM team. Mr. Puckelt, We 7=lsh you a fond aditu! : | Junior hi B h conch, wus under the And silently'we ray this' prnycr. Apices of the ncdnaxj.oiisTliurs- '"Evci-'inny God blew you.' 1 <|ay when he B nvc n talk on Hie Junior high team. I .The commercial geopraphy class, . I under (lie direction of MLw Hardj'. THE VrORLDS LARGESTCONE| HIHHDK^TIIfll^^^^m ISELECT YOUR fLAVORj •KaHi DLACK WALNUT CAKAMUI< NUT STRAWKRRRY CIUKRIIY CUSTARD v I'KCAN CRUNCH PECAN FRUIT CHOCOLATE . KA1NROW Mary Alice Freeman Crowned FoiBtbalJQiieetf^n 1 Ml n »"i n-u? Tucsjiay. The Miss Mary ; 'All.(!c.- -FreemBn, daughter o( Mr., nry -Vrs. .S.'. 1'. Fretman of- Dell '- wa.v chosen' -by the football' boys•-as-.-.tlie'. Foplbnll- tin- Homccomins'game. MlM Freeman's aUchdanls -wep 1 :' Ruth. Joti- klns, Mar'garel 'shaver, Ethel Dark nnd Kulhryn' Walpole. ^yron ^forse••who wns|thc.cap- tiiin for the week, crowned, the qiiecn between- hiilves. ilass ''.the .'tis Invilcd • to.enter-a float.- There were ten alfo liad a picnic Thursday. lii'ij Peppers,.one. of tlie cilve clubs In B. H. S.. the biggest football im- HOT FUDGE SUNDAKS - 10' DELUXK PACKAGE ICE CREAM Full Pint 2 for . 25° Give Football Talks j FootDatl was Ihe 'subject of a program four football boys -gave for the SB home room Tuesday. Knute Rockne was described as the greatest football figure of our day by Marshall Blacknrd. New rules were outlined by Charlie Brogdon, who also gave a very I comprehensive history of Ihe ijame. A MUSICAL TREAT A urojrrum will l>c rendered at the City Hull at 8 P. M. Sunday. October 29th by the Missouri Pacific Qimriet of St. Louis, a quartet with ;i national reputation, assisted by several other colored quartets. Spefihl seats will be reserved for the white folks. Admission 25f. Don't miss this musical treat. Bring your .friends. JESSE ROSE Sponsor. II 1 »l:ri HF In •o i lie \v I Read Courier News Wnnt HEMORRHOIDS (Pilrsl cored without the krif*. Skin cancer, varlcosed vclm, l»n- sib removed non-sur»lc.ill». DRS. NIES anil MK« Offfrr 5H M»ln Phoiw SK ELECTRICITY as easier to cook with ifWrwcffdrtfielfainily and hired thc food is ready to serve. You hive 1 •* bands Is a d»y-in and day-out more time to do the many other problem for the avenge farmer's things that add to your own and to wife. And it always takes so much the family's comfort, time and effort to get it' done. The current in an electric range is But an automatic electric range' on only about half the time thc lend makes easy work of cooking, is in the oven, the cooking operation being completed by retained heac, thus saving electricity. And you The task ot lormlDC a new French II* ll...ut.l,w... - »**B LAO A w* tu««*.w» At 80 he is a great figure-head Ctblaet to «plM« the one headed 10 whom Ihc real r»«'ors do lip l>j Edoqtra Dtl«<U«r *M«nlnnt, his twilight.. Id to Albert 8».'rtill (»bot«), Lrrvlcr. Hr U in Hi Is dolnB a nulft fadc-om. R»<llc«l-S«l»l!« Sinttor. I!l:ifksniilh and Iloile>- Work by JOHN WADE All kinds oT heavy blacksmith antl machine work. WK Rm'AIB AND lU'Y AU. KiNDS OK (JUiSS TOM HOWARD'S MACHINE SHOP There's no roaring fire to build. No fussing with the oil-can, wood-box or coal'scuttle. Just put your meal in thi oven and set the clock for the •time required to do the cooking. save on food because there is le- r ;shrinkage when cooking is done electrically. Why not get in touch You don'l have to haste your meats with our representative today and artd tend your vegetables, since thc .ix* u«d S&. be opened until find out how much an electric range wii save you in tune andjse-iey? Arkansas-Missouri Power Co.

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