The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1950
Page 11
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, MAY t9, 1900 ILtTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PA« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Em«rgency BY MERRILL BLOfiftM DON'T L6 DISSIPATE CAUTIOJ.euRMe RESORT TO MY SECRET v»JeAPOfj -Y IF W£Ce5SARV,OF«XJRS£.' <SGT OUTA THEM / OH. 6OV/ 1HIS LIOM JUMPING THRU A HOOP Of FIRE/ OH, COOLDNTVOU, MISTER? WHY, I COULP SEE IT FROM 6et?Roov\ -, EVEM; THE SEWT1.E- MAN HAS TASTE-I LIKE THE LAPV ON THE f M * ^ ft CCUKt&Q BOVGHr 7HB /SMS/8LS (KU RO DUCAMED UPTO P per SHOP/ ADMIRAL'S MA30R/ PICKEP PER HERe MATTER, M'EO 'A'eoor NO RIPPLES HBH6U HORSE GOES IM A SECRET WEAPON! TO SPREAD THAT ESKIMO LlKe /MARMALADE/ SO "WAT KlXOtX AMD HANS THEIR QUIET NEIGHBOR. we cxqwr CASH wis CHECK-'WE TbLO HIM FISH WAS A HOOP LIKE THIS--6FT OLfTA-IHEM CALLPN© EH IN FISHERY/ DEPART- MEt^T WOUND UP BY HEKMCNA BLACK WMCT Television on Monday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1;40—News Summary 1:15—MidSnutli News 2:00—Berle Olswarifer 2:30—Fashion Parade 3:00—Jr. Disc ,lnckcy 3:30—Howdy I>oody 4:00—Caclus Jim 4:30—Hello Ladies , 4:55—WresilinB literview 5:»»—Kukln, Fnin &. OIlie 5:30— Roberla Qulnlan 5:45—News Caravan S:»C—Teklhealer 6:36—Howard Parlow « «0—Lighfs Oul 30—Show Business 8:00—Jackpot Calling 8:30r-Crusade In Europe. 3:10—Sunny Side of Summer 8:15—Baseball Fundamentals 9:30—Wrestling W« oiler complete Tclevlsioi •write., supplying and install- tar General Eleclric, Motorola, ami Capthart models. 38 FREE ESTIMATES StGW br NEA SFrVKII, PNC iEVISIONS RADIO HK AND StUVICE BLYTHEVIUE ARK Rent A Cor ... Drive If- Yourself Fresh Crappie M Chicken Dinner , I'afksge Delivery Anywhert Simpson s Cafe STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 XXXIV TT was characteristic ol Syrie to make a oargain even with the fates ana expect to Ret the besi ot U. She nad promised b era elf lha> If Baba (jot well she J would make everything right oetween Clemency and Piers I*ht3 time, though, she was at least ready to keep hei share ol the bargain- She left the room, and Clemency and Piers, left together, regarded each other tor a moment In silence. Then: "What did she say to you?" Piers demandcd. "That—that you hnd been engaged before she married Jon. That after yon brought them here you two hnd still—still loved each other. That it hnd.been too strong for you, but it was oil over." "She let you believe that what Jon had told yon wns true?" She caught her breath. "U broke my heart, but how could I imagine that any woman would confess such a thing It It were not true?" His smile had a bitter edge. "It seems that neither you nor I understand a certain type of woman, though, goodness knows, I should have found out something about Syrie by now." He glanced at j Clemency** left hand. "So you | took off my ring." i She slipped her fingers Into the j pocket of her frock. "I—brought it for you." Piers took it with out a word. 'TDiL, you really think 1 was capable of—taking Jon's wife?" "That was what nearly killed me. Oh, PiersSTG * I ••»-' But he did not touch her, and her outstretched hands fell to her sides. thai once I lovecl Syrie very deeply and desperately. Second, that whatever Syne says, she is incapable ol loving anyone. "In the bectic days before the wai she was one of the most spoiled of that particular collection of young women whom society journalists christened lovelies. She adored homage, but she bad no desire to marry, and certainly none lo settle down. Then 1 met her. and 1 was—a very persistent wooer. "Also, as I discovered afterwards, she was told 1 was an extremely good catch: heir-apparent to the considerable fortune which my eccentric grandfather sessed. When war broke out i was immediately ordered lo rejoin my regiment In India, and I wanted her to marry me before I went, but she haled the idea of a rushed wedding, so it was arranged that she should follow me. have lived to be 100, but be wu killed In ace at the Laat ; V2 incidents that took place. H< left the whole of his money to Die. "Personally, I didn't cajc a dam whether 1 came throughjthe war or not ft wasn't that 1 still cared for Syrie; it was that E wis utterl? disillusioned and embittered bj the way she had behaved, land the discovery that the «ir) \ I loved never had existed except in my idealistic Imagination- Ksnember, won't you, that ft has befli nearly 10 years sine* I first met'.her, and I was very much younger-ln every way." j Clemency's heart ached[tor him She longed to go to him to put her arms about him, but jibe lelt as though she, too, had (ailed him. "Meanwhile, my eousp died nnd left me Bed Aloes It was here I came when It was ul over, bitter against Jon who had taken "It's my school teacher, mom—don't forget to sit erect, pay attention and enunciate clearly!" Corrugated Metal Culverts Slws up to 84 In. Automatic Flood Gatn Concrete Culvert Tile Slica up to 36 In. Concrele Septic Tanks MefaJ Septic Tanks Sewer B^i Prices S HE sealed hersell in one corner of a deep settee, her troubled eyes on his face. "Piers, must you talk about it? Does H matter any more?" "Yes," he said. "t*t us get tt told and over. Let us face the fundamental ^facts from which everything else has sprung. First, *tT>UT that was "hot so easy as ^* we—anyhow, [—had noped. And while she was waiting for a passage she met Jon. who had returned from America to make himself useful. He was not physically flt, and they turned him down for the Forces. He and Syrie went about a lot together. He fell crazily (n love with her, and, to be as brief as possible, another relative ol ours told her that it was Jon and not 1 who was to get the old man's fortune. This was nearly at the end of the war —I was serving in the Middle Easl at the lime, and our engagement was still hanging fire. They married, nnd she wrote and told me what she had done, Jon hnd believed that our engagement was broken. "Our grandfather, at 92, was still very alert and uncomfortably shrewd. lite had always intended finally to leave his fortune equally divided between Jon and myself (ht stated this in his will). Unfortunately for Syrie, he had taken a violent dislike to her, though he never let her guess It- He might the girl I loved—the mori bitter be ca n se I had always caied Cor him so much. \ "You see, 1 had never considered th- fact that we were half-brothers. I lost my own mother when 1 was Baba's age. My slepnutber absolutely filled her place, kut In my anger I forgot that 1 hadWiadc a solemn promise always to stand by Jon. to guard htm, it poaible. against the hereditary wealnes* which came from her ride oi the family. Her father, her grind- father, and his father before lira ha-i all been drunkards, but ^the taint had never seemed to tnsni- fest Itself ID Jon, 90 1 tuppoM ] jusi lei U go at that. \ "Just over a year ago, 1 ceived s tetter from my molhi lawyer, who Is also a very friend. He told me that J< marriage was a failure—that k» and Syrie were up to their necki in debt. Jon had mortgaged every, penny he had inherited from hfs\ mother and was badly "— * 1 'hands of money-lenders, was drinking bard. "Syria had gone her own way since the baby came, though she still lived under the same roof with Jon.. Remembering the prom- I'RISCILLA'S POI Proof Positive AL VERMEEB ( AFTER ALL, I'M A ALIGHT SLEEPER AVMYSELR.. •^* DO YOU REALIZE YOU SNORED LOUDLY LAST NIGHT THAT NOME OF US COULD REALLY, HAZEL, IT COULDWT HAVE BEEN THAT BAD! AND RIGHT THROUGH VIC FLINT The Search JiY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK ise I'd made to my stepmother to look after Jon. I felt very guilty and went to see them at once to Find out what could be done.** (Tn Br Concluded) Tnkorndi is the only decp-wnter port serving the African Gold Coast. You'll Love Our Flowers! BLVTUtVILLE FLOWER MART Mem phi* Htwaj Pbonr fOU2 A. F. (I>ee) IMeirieh, Main—Rear Cily I)ru( Blylhcvllle, Ark. "Someone oughta tell him to get an automobile loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION and hovt the ear repaired right!" SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KIND' Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 Ft. Builders Supply So. Hiwaj'61 A IETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Deafer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 BY GOUY, TNHWI A HAW. WONDCR WHAT THEVRt DON' BACK HEBE SO EARLY. THEY LOOK PLUMB tXCITED, TOO. WELL, HERE'S HOPING T IF WE DO, IT'LL- T WE CAN FINDTHE BULLET I BE THANKS TO YOU, THAT WAS FIBEO AT /BOBBY.FOR JO66INS THE BUUET PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE LODGED ABOUT HERE HOLE Of SOWr «O*T MV MSTMORV ON VJHERE IT 1 BY LESLIE TURNER THUS WMEEE THE RJGH 8OV5 BURIED HIH.EASV IF THEV CAUGHT US HEKETUEV'D STOP M WOTHIMs TO— LISTEN— SOMEONE'S COWIUG, WE'D BETTER HID6 THEY MUSTA HEARD US AM CUAVSILEDOUT OM TH 1 BCH'.MD THEM ROC If 1HEV PID, WE GOT •£« TRAfPEP AMD THIS TIME WE'LL HAFTft SlltN Hold It Thcru Awhile HOW ASOi/T OHE Or YOUR SUPER- DO PER CON5S, HERE YA ARE, KIP/ , r. ONLV *-> HAVE aum MICKEL TO 5PENO FOR A . t'O I'M CHICKI ALL TH' STORES circ HOCD rr RISHT THERE A BV V. T. HAML1N /E5...H5 \M5U-D SO. EVEN VOU TIME'S. NVITH A BAD FOOT, MACHINED \1T5 THAT AFFAJfS. '/• HOW ALLEV BACK ) Of THE GeA,ND / HE "TO KOO? / WIZENS BEA.DS.' I HIS HE MUMBLED SOMETHING ABOUT KICK ING AN OLD IKCN BOX: vou wyw 10 voo WRO\t To FOR SALE C'*ncret« cdrcrl*. 17 Inch la *» inch, plain «r recnforced. Al*u Concrete BnildlDjt Hlockj cheaper thin nmhri for b»rn» chicken *!•••«*. Mmp fcoBaem, tenant h««M« bral .hfds Wt deliver C»ll « r»r (ret wllnute. OSCEOLA TILE & CJUIVERT CO.

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